Take Her, She’s Mine

Several years ago, my wife Amber and I decided to add a little spice to our sex life. I have been an avid reader of Penthouse Forum for years, and have fantasized a number of times about sharing my wife with other men. She is a passionate lover, and quite sexy when she wants to be. We talked about joining a swingers club at my suggestion, and with a little trepidation we set up an appointment and attended an event after meeting the proprietor for a walk through to see if that was what we were looking for.

The club was nice and very open— it was actually quite erotic— but it was a little hard to make any real connections that evening, as we were nervous and didn’t want to jump into anything. We wanted to have fun, but with no regrets, so we just casually enjoyed the evening. We had decided beforehand to make a conscious decision about sex we didn’t want to rush or jump into bed with someone we just met.

After the first night at the club, we realized it would be easier to start with singles, as finding compatibility in two couples sounded a lot less likely. Most of the couples we met the first evening, the female was more interested in hooking up with another female. That wasn’t what we were looking for. Amber was not sexually attracted to other women. We were very comfortable in our relationship and were looking to experiment, but we weren’t on the same page as most of the couples at the club.

The club also had a website where you could view pictures and profiles of its members, chat online or send messages to those members who caught your interest. We started chatting with a single guy named Steve, and after a couple weeks, we made plans to meet him away from the club. We agreed to meet for dinner and see if there was a mutual sexual attraction, and we would go from there if we were all in agreement about the situation.

The weekend came quickly, and Amber and I made plans to meet Steve at a local pub and eatery. Amber had scheduled an appointment for a waxing mid week, and she also went to the nail salon to get both her finger and toenails painted. She wanted to make a really good impression. Meanwhile, I made a reservation at a nearby hotel in hopes that the night would go well. Amber dressed rather casually, in a racer back top and a denim skirt, but she looked very sexy. She was nervous, anxious and excited about the prospect of what the evening would bring.

We checked in at the hotel and proceeded to the restaurant to wait for Steve. He was there promptly, and we casually chatted at the bar until our table was ready. The hostess led us to a booth where I sat next to Amber and Steve sat across from us. The conversation was comfortable, and the evening progressed nicely. We shared a couple drinks, had a nice meal and got to know each other. Amber was definitely attracted to Steve, and, unbeknownst to me, she had removed her shoe and was rubbing her foot in his crotch. She later told me that she could feel his cock through his pants, and she knew that he was well endowed. She said she couldn’t help but think about what he would do to her with his cock. She later told me it was all she could think about over dinner and drinks, and she couldn’t wait to see his erection, as it felt rather impressive. In fact, she was the one who made the suggestion that we pay and move the party elsewhere.

I suggested Amber ride with Steve to the hotel, and I proceeded on to the room to get ready for our evening of lust. The hotel was only a few miles from the restaurant, and I got to the room to wait for their arrival first.

After about 30 minutes, I began to get a little anxious. Later Amber said that she was so turned on when they left the restaurant that when she sat next to him in the car and he ran his hands up her legs to her panties, she didn’t hesitate to allow him to strum her clit. When they neared the hotel, she asked him to drive past it and park in a dark alley for a few minutes. Steve followed her suggestive lead, pulling into a secluded area where he turned off the car, pulled her to him, and proceeded to caress her and tell her how sexy she was and that he was going to make her his whore. He told her he was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked before, and that he would use most of her holes, and that she would beg him to fuck her like the animal she’d always wanted to be.

As he talked to her, Amber reached for his zipper, pulled out his cock and began to make love to it. She told me she licked it like a Popsicle and proceeded to deep throat him as he fucked her mouth. She said his cock was delicious and that she was so turned on, so she helped him pull his pants down. She got down on her knees on the floorboard of the front seat so she could suckle his balls, and she began to lick his cock from base to tip, all the while looking into his eyes.

While Amber was down there, busy sucking Steve’s cock, he maneuvered his hands under her skirt, hiked it up high on her hips and then began to finger fuck her. At first he used just one finger, but he soon added a second digit, and he frigged her clit with his thumb the whole time, too. She said she had countless orgasms, but never lost contact with his cock. After 30 minutes, he stopped her before he came, saying he wanted to save it so he could come all over her face after fucking her. He wanted me to see how much she loved being fucked by another man’s big cock.

When they finally got to the room, Amber entered and I could tell that she was really worked up. As soon as the door was closed, she went to him and began to remove his shirt, kissing and licking his chest. She dropped to her knees, undid his pants and pulled out his cock, telling me how gorgeous and magnificent it was. She removed his underwear, pulled off her top, dropped her shoes and slipped out of her skirt. It was then I noticed she had removed her panties earlier. She turned to look at me, said thank you, and told me she loved the manly taste of his cock in her mouth. She wanted to make him come, she said, so I could watch as she swallowed his juices.

Steve took her head in his hands and proceeded to piston his cock in and out of her mouth, all the while telling her she was a wonderful cocksucker, and that she would be welcome anytime she wanted to come over to his place to be sucked and fucked. Now, Amber was no novice at performing fellatio, but even I noticed that she had moved on to a whole new level, and her oral talents had Steve moaning as he talked to her while her head bobbed up and down on his dick. He was constantly crying out with pleasure and complimenting my wife on the pleasure she was giving him.

After about 15 minutes, he reached down, picked her up off his cock and carried her to the bed. He asked her how much she wanted his cock, and as she pleaded for him to put it in her pussy, he lifted her legs over his shoulders, put the head of his cock at her opening, and fed his cock into her inch by inch, until all eight inches were completely buried in her. He would slowly draw out, and then forcefully push himself back in, fucking her hard. He teased her, telling her to beg for his cock if she wanted him to continue fucking her. Each time he drew away, Amber pushed her hips forward, silently asking him to fuck her harder. I could see the bliss on her face, and it was clear that she was thoroughly enjoying his fucking her that way.

Steve would alternate strokes and change positions constantly. This guy knew how to make a woman feel wanton, and he knew how to control her. He always talked to her during their fucking, exercising his control over her, but not in an aggressive fashion. It was obvious that they were both feeling extreme amounts of pleasure from their coupling— and I was enjoying it, too. I had to jerk off, that’s how hot they were together.

Amber kept up with Steve stroke for stroke, and she was very loud about how much she loved what he was doing to her. Her moans were loud and almost guttural as he went deep into her, but she continued to talk to him about how good it all felt. When they rolled over so Amber could be on top, which is her favorite sex position, Steve smacked her ass a little, and she playfully told him that she wanted to be his little whore. After giving her a chance to ride him for a few more minutes, he flipped her over onto her hands and knees so he could do her doggie style, and then he asked if she liked being his little bitch as much as she’d like being his little whore. The loud moan of pleasure that erupted from her throat told us both that she was content to be his little anything, as long as he’d keep on fucking her.

Steve fucked her for at least 45 minutes, and as he was about to come, he asked her where she wanted it. She told him to come on her tits and face, because she not only wanted to taste his come, she wanted him to rub it on her tits while they relaxed and rested up so they’d be ready for more. Then Steve pulled out and began to jerk his cock as he rubbed the head on her tits, telling her how beautiful they were. When Steve’s expression signaled he was about to come, Amber got ready, and he shot several ropes of come on her upper body, face and neck, before feeding the last few drops right into her mouth.

Things began to calm down then as Steve cooled off, but Amber wasn’t done yet. She lovingly ran her hands up and down his body as she sucked and suckled his semi hard cock. Steve told her the night wasn’t over, and if she wanted more, he had it to give.

As they both lay there in bed caressing each other, I lay down next to Amber and began to stroke her until I reached her pussy. Then I began to eat her. She was still very wet and extremely excited, and she got even more excited as I licked her to orgasm. When she came, Steve became aroused again. Amber looked at him and smiled as she played with his balls and stroked his cock to another erection.

Not only was our new friend Steve a marathon fucker, but he was quick to recover, too. Amber rolled him over, got on top, slipped his cock into her pussy, and proceeded to ride him like a bronco. This time she was in complete control, rising and falling on his cock, telling him that she could fuck him forever. This went on for another 25 minutes, until they both came.

Afterward, we all relaxed, laying in bed until Steve and I fell asleep. But we didn’t snooze for very long. We awoke when Amber began sucking Steve’s cock again, hoping to nurse him back to another erection. Her oral talents and persistence were rewarded when his cock sprung back to life and they began to fuck. Steve asked where she wanted his cock most this time, and she said she wanted to bring him to climax as he fucked her breasts. So Steve crawled up and inserted his cock into the space between her mounds while he tweaked her nipples.

As Steve fucked her breasts, Amber begged him to fill her mouth again, and he pushed up between her tits as far as he could manage, the tip of his cock hitting her shimmering lips and rubbing against her mouth.

“Come, baby,” Amber whispered. “Come for me. Fill my mouth with that cream. I want to taste you on my lips.”

Amber then looked at me, told me she loved me, and said that this was only the beginning. I’d awakened her lust, and not only did she want to fuck Steve again, but she wanted to take on other lovers as well. This was too good not to continue enjoying it, she said.

A moment later, Steve began to fuck her mouth, and Amber put her hands on his ass cheeks, pulling him in even deeper. Then she started guiding him, making him pick up the pace. That was all it took, and he buried his cock in her throat, stroking in and out. His balls hit her chin on each inward stroke, and her cheeks puffed out as she took him as deep as possible. But she was not left unrewarded. A minute later Steve fulfilled her wish, coming deep in her throat. My come hungry wife swallowed every single drop. What a wonderful night it was!— Name and address withheld

All Grown Up

Brian and I were doing so well with the manufacturing business we’d bought from his uncle that we took out a mortgage and built a new home after only two years. We built it with the intention of having three or four kids, but unfortunately we later found out we were unable to have any.

We were the youngest couple in our neighborhood, but everyone accepted us and we made a lot of new friends. I’d babysit for the neighborhood kids whenever our friends needed a night out, and soon we were such a big part of the community that it felt like we had a family of our own, too.

We’d been living in the neighborhood about 10 years when some old friends who used to live next door to us called out of the blue and invited us to dinner at their new place a few towns over. We hadn’t seen them in a while, so we happily accepted.

As it turned out, it was a welcome home dinner for their son, Randy, who was home from basic training that weekend. I’d watched Randy a few times a decade earlier, before the family moved out of town, but I hadn’t seen him since. Now he was an attractive 20 year old, and I couldn’t stop myself from jumping up from my seat to hug him when he came downstairs to join myself and his parents for dinner. His hands brushed my ass as I kissed him on the cheek, and it made me blush with arousal.

After a very pleasant dinner, I went home, thinking about Randy all night long. So imagine my surprise when he showed up at my front door the next morning. He said that I’d left my purse behind, and held up the beige handbag as proof of this statement. I invited him in, as I was making breakfast, and then realized I was wearing only a short terrycloth robe, so I hurried to put on jeans and a T shirt.

I’m not what you’d call a stay at home wife, and I’ve slept with numerous men since marrying Brian. I could easily fall for a guy like Randy, too. I wondered what he would think of the nice neighbor he remembered if I followed my instincts. For a wooden nickel I’d drag him upstairs, fuck his brains out and destroy his image of me as the perfect married, middle aged lady.

He was standing over the stove frying bacon when I returned to the kitchen, and he turned around to smile at me. I thought it was very sweet of him to cook for me, and I really enjoyed watching him work. We chatted over breakfast and ended up talking for more than three hours. It wasn’t until I realized it was time for me to leave to go meet friends that we stopped. He said he wanted to check out the old neighborhood and see if any of the guys he hung out with as a kid were still around. I said he was welcome to stay at the house if he wanted to stay out with his friends later that evening. I didn’t even think about the fact that I’d be home alone as I handed him a spare set of keys and offered him use of the guest room.

After extending the invitation, I realized we hadn’t mentioned Brian once since Randy had arrived. I was afraid he was going to take my invitation the wrong way when he found out my husband was out of town, but it didn’t appear that way. Randy said it would probably be better if he got a hotel room anyway, but I said Brian would never forgive me if I didn’t insist he stay at our place, so he thanked me and took the keys.

Randy went to look up some old friends while I showered and got ready to meet my girlfriends. Brian called while I was getting dressed and I told him about my houseguest. He said I’d done the right thing by asking Randy to stay. When he went to hang up, though, he said, “I’ll call you in a couple days, Mrs. Robinson.” I knew from his joke that he would be okay with anything that might happen between Randy and I, and I was suddenly glad I’d asked him to spend the night.

I spent the day with my girlfriends and then had dinner with some neighbors who’d invited Brian and I over weeks ago. I finally returned home just after 10 p.m., finding the lights on in the den. When I went inside to see if Randy was still awake, I got quite a surprise. I found him asleep on the sofa with his pants down around his knees and his long, flaccid penis laying against his stomach in a pool of semen. He had a pair of my soiled panties clutched in his left hand.

I backed out of the room quietly and headed up to my bedroom, not sure what to think. I got ready for bed and slipped under the sheets nude. As I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, I couldn’t help but start thinking about how large Randy’s flaccid cock was, and the copious amount of semen he’d spilled on his stomach. These thoughts made my pussy wet, and I began to gently rub my slippery slit. When there was a knock on the door a few minutes later, I jumped, and I quickly put both hands over the covers before quietly calling, “Come in.” Randy entered with his head down and said he wanted to apologize for my having to walk in on him with his pants down. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to leave and go home right that minute.

I patted the bed, asking him to sit down. He did, but he couldn’t look me in the eye while I told him that an apology wasn’t necessary. “Masturbation is a natural and healthy act,” I said. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He still wouldn’t look at me, so I continued on without thinking. “I was masturbating when you knocked,” I told him. “I was thinking of your lovely penis. I would love to have had a pair of your shorts to smell while doing it. That would’ve been so erotic.” Then I held up my hand to let him smell my musk, to prove that I wasn’t lying.

I looked straight into his dreamy eyes, asking if he could keep a secret. He clasped my hand, saying I could trust him. I asked what he’d think if I was to tell him I loved seeing his cock and wondered how big it would get when it was hard. “I’ve been married 18 years, and I love my husband as much today as the day I married him, so I don’t want to hurt him, but I’d love to have you join me in bed right now. How do you feel about it?”

I lowered the sheet, revealing my breasts and making his eyes nearly bug out of his head. Then I told him to get undressed. He said nothing, but he started to strip with his back to me. When he turned around again, I cast the sheet aside, revealing my slim body. My eyes were locked on the perfect erection jutting from a curly nest of dark brown hair above his ball sack. Meanwhile, his eyes didn’t leave the curly triangle of bright red hair pointing the way to my pink pussy. I spread my legs for him, exposing my pussy lips, which bloomed open like a pink rose, my entrance winking as I contracted my muscles.

Randy moved onto the bed with me, kneeling near my feet. Looking up at the six foot three, 190 pound man made of pure muscle— with at least seven inches of rock hard cock poised to enter me— I no longer felt like I was the experienced, older woman who was controlling the situation. My body was his, and I was waiting for him to ravish me in any way he pleased, and he was well aware of it.

He looked up into my eyes as he lowered his face between my thighs, inhaling deeply and savoring the rich aroma of my highly aroused cunt. I felt his nose slip between my labia to burrow into my wetness as his tongue swirled around my tingling asshole, then slowly licked the tender area between my ass and snatch. Next he licked and sucked on my long, fleshy labia while continuing to inhale the natural, musky scent that was being emitted by my mature womanhood.

His hands slipped up to gently fondle my breasts as he proceeded to give me some of the best head I’d ever had. He didn’t stop until I’d had three lovely orgasms. I was still in a trance from the pussy eating when his body covered mine, and his cock easily found the slippery entrance to my cunt. He penetrated me slowly but steadily, so we both were able to savor the sensations of our first coupling.

At last his surprisingly large testicles rested against my ass, and he was literally buried to his balls in my hot, wet pussy. Our lips met then in our first kiss as lovers, and it was long and tender, with his tongue invading my mouth and doing a tango with mine while his long, thick cock remained buried inside my tight pussy.

When our kiss ended, I thrust up gently, causing his thick cock to surge another inch into my cunt. It was like jump starting a jackhammer. Soon his cock was practically banging off my cervix and hitting the back wall of my vagina as he threw my legs over his broad shoulders to achieve even deeper penetration. I was amazed at his stamina and ability to hold off on ejaculating until he’d made me come. His thrusts stimulated my pussy and swollen clit until I reached a mind blowing orgasm. Moments later he had his own burst, sending millions of lively sperm gushing into my cunt with the rest of his creamy release.

Randy and I must have fucked six or eight times before Brian came back home two days later, and even my seasoned pussy needed a break after all that. I barely had time to rest before my husband got home, and once he heard all the stories about my fucking Randy, there was no stopping him. He hurried me into the shower where he put about a mile of cock up my pussy, “reclaiming” his wife, he said. He just couldn’t keep his hands off me!

Brian talked Randy into visiting us again when he was on leave, and for nearly eight months, every time Randy had a day off, he’d come over to fuck my little snatch. It’s a good thing both guys like sloppy seconds, because Brian rarely let me fuck Randy without first putting a load of come in my pussy, and Randy did the same.

About three months before Randy moved on, I had a brief six week fling with a new tennis pro at our country club, and he was hung like a horse! My affair excited Randy just as much as Brian, and I didn’t have dry panties the entire time I was screwing the tennis pro— not that they had been very dry before that anyway!

Since all that has happened, Randy has unfortunately moved on, and so has the tennis pro that I was sleeping with, but Brian and I had such a good time while I was having my affairs that we’ve decided to look for some new men who I can play with and maybe even bring home so Brian can watch. At the very least, my husband wants the chance to give and get some sloppy seconds again. He says it’s the only way he’ll eat leftovers!— R.V., Chicago, Illinois

Always a Bridesmaid?

Six months ago I received a wedding announcement from an old girlfriend, Lindsay. We were pretty serious for several years, but my career in the Air Force was priority. Still, I hadn’t been home in several years, so I figured I’d go to the wedding and visit my parents at the same time.

I arrived several days before the wedding and, after seeing my parents, I went out to meet up with some friends at our old stomping grounds. There I ran into Lindsay, my old girlfriend and the bride to be. She introduced me to some of her new friends, and then she also introduced me to one of the bridesmaids— her sister, Maria. I didn’t remember Lindsay having a sister when we were dating, but I fell instantly in lust. Maria was five foot five with a tight hourglass shaped body. She had long brown hair that fell down to her waist, firm 36C breasts, and a nice round ass. When she smiled and said hello, I fell in love.

Maria and I talked, drank and danced for hours, until Lindsay and her other friends were ready to call it a night. Maria wasn’t ready to go, though, so I told Lindsay I’d give her sister a ride home. She said okay, then told Maria, “Be careful. Dave will show you a good time, but he’ll always break your heart in the end.”

Lindsay looked at me with a wicked grin and said, “You know, it’s too bad I’m getting married or you might’ve gotten lucky with both sisters tonight.” Then she laughed and left with the rest of her girlfriends.

Later that night, not only did I wind up making out with Maria, but I also sucked her beautiful size C tits and she sucked on my cock and played with my balls. I came hard in her mouth because of her cocksucking skill, and she swallowed my entire load, sucking me dry. Afterward, she reapplied her lipstick as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened, and she had me drop her off at her hotel. As she got out of the car, Maria gave me a good night kiss and whispered in my ear that she was pretty sure she had a crush on me.

That night I tossed and turned. I couldn’t get Maria out of my mind. All I wanted to do was have her suck my dick again, and then fuck her.

On the day of the wedding, Maria was in her bridesmaid gown. It was a long purple halter dress that showed off her breasts perfectly. Lindsay was beautiful in her wedding gown, of course, but I was awestruck by Maria.

At the wedding reception, I danced with Maria several times. I became intoxicated with her beauty and her scent. When she pushed her breasts up against me and suggested we go somewhere, I was incapable of saying no. She lightly stroked the bulge in my pants as we walked out of the reception hall, and when we found a hidden corner she quickly started to kneel down. I grabbed her arms and stopped her, telling her I wanted to make love to her instead. She seemed nervous and started to pull away, but I held onto her arms and said, “I want to be with you, Matt.”

She looked shocked, but I told her that I remembered that Lindsay hadn’t had a sister— she’d had a brother, one who was always spying on us. And, honestly, I didn’t care that Maria was really Matt. I still wanted to fuck her. Him. Whoever.

I kissed Maria then, and the next thing I knew she was bent over a chair that was in the hallway where we were hiding. She had her long gown pulled up around her waist, and I got behind her to pump my cock into her ass. I fucked her as hard as she’d let me (which was really hard), and she moaned in pleasure as I pounded her ass. She came first, and then I came, filling her ass with my seed.

When we were finally finished, Maria straightened her dress, reapplied her lipstick and took my hand, leading me back to the reception. We got there just in time to say good bye to Lindsay and her husband. I pulled Lindsay close to me and whispered in her ear, “I took your brother, I mean your sister, to the moon.” Then I gave her a peck on the cheek before turning to Maria and giving her a long, passionate kiss on the mouth. Lindsay just smiled and waved as she walked out of the building to the waiting limo.

I spent the next three nights fucking and making love to Maria. I wasn’t turned off by the sight of her cock at all— in fact, Maria’s dick was kind of a turn on for me!

End of the story? Not quite! About a month after meeting, Maria moved into my apartment off base, and I gave her an engagement ring. Like they say in the military, don’t ask, don’t tell. Maria and I are happy, so the rest of it isn’t really an issue.— Name and address withheld

A Night of Passion

After a delightful dinner we arrived back at our room to find a chilled bottle of bubbly waiting for us. I offered to pour you a glass, and you moved to the window to gaze at the lights across the harbor. The room was only dimly lit, and I couldn’t help but think how beautiful you were as I filled your glass and watched your reflection in the big picture window.

Your hair was up, your eyes sparkled in the night light and a string of pearls draped around the contours of your neck, appearing to glow against your succulent, tanned skin. The black dress you were wearing was elegant yet sexy, and it perfectly accentuated your ample cleavage, small waist and shapely legs. A pair of matching black stiletto shoes and a glossy black clutch bag finished the ensemble perfectly. You looked absolutely radiant.

I took off my jacket, picked up the glasses and walked toward you, stopping immediately behind you and offering you a glass. As we gazed out into the night sky, I gently kissed you on the nape of your neck, taking in the sensuous fragrance of your hair and perfume. “A toast to us,” I proclaimed, then swallowed the contents of my glass. Turning away, I placed my glass on the sideboard and then moved back to where you were standing.

You turned to face me and we embraced each other passionately. Moments later I pulled away slightly, cupped your beautiful face with both hands and leaned in to peck you on the lips. Then I whispered in your ear, “Now it’s time to make you come,” and with that, I reached behind you and lowered the zipper of your dress. In the reflection in the window, I could make out the lines of the contrasting colored lingerie against your skin.

Being careful not to spill your Champagne, I eased the dress’s straps off your shoulders and let the garment fall to the floor. I stepped back to admire your natural beauty. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” I said, letting my eyes wander all over your immaculate body. Before my eyes was a goddess oozing sex appeal. Your beautiful, soft, tanned skin was clad only in a pure white silk and lace half cup bra and matching panties, a wonderful pearl necklace and high heeled shoes. I asked you to spin around for me, and you complied, slowly and seductively turning, allowing me to feast my eyes on your unbelievably beautiful body.

I moved toward you eagerly, pushing you slightly so that your back was against the window. Then, without hesitating, I told you I loved you and kissed your lips, your neck and your breasts as I sank to my knees in front of you. With my hands on your hips, I kissed your stomach, belly button and the top edge of your panties. A little sigh of pleasure escaped from your lips. Looking up, you smiled lovingly at me and took a sip from your glass. Then you said, “I have a surprise for you, my darling, but you will have to wait to find out what it is.”

Not knowing what this was, I looked back down and kissed your pubic mound through your silky panties. I moved in closer and lower, and I ran my tongue over your crotch, making your body jolt in pleasure. I went to do it again, this time inhaling first, the musky scent of your womanhood intoxicating me. Surely I have died and gone to heaven, I thought to myself as I hurriedly nuzzled your labia. I needed better access, so with my right hand I reached out and lifted your left leg, placing it over my shoulder. I helped support you by putting my hand under your shapely buttock, as well. Eagerly, I pushed my face into your groin and started to try to eat you. The flimsy fabric of your panties got in the way at first, but with my tongue I managed to slide the crotch to one side so that I could truly taste and feel the warmth of your pussy.

It was then that I discovered, to my surprise, you were soft and smooth. . . not a hair to be found! Realizing my discovery, you asked, “Like it?”

Not wanting to stop licking, kissing and munching on your pussy, I quickly replied, “Love it.”

By now you were getting extremely turned on, your hips gyrating in time with my tongue’s deep thrusts. You lifted your right foot from the floor and placed your leg on my shoulder, your left hand on the back of my head, trying to force my face deeper into your pussy while your right hand was still holding your glass and trying to keep you steady against the wall.

You started to become more vocal, your moans of pleasure coming more regularly. “Yes, that’s it. Don’t stop.” Your breathing got heavier, and your movements were more rapid, more urgent. So eager to please, I continued to eat you, darting my tongue as deep into you as I could and then licking along your pussy until I found your little bud of joy and flicked it gently. Suddenly and without warning, your whole body tensed, your breathing stopped momentarily, and you came all over my face. Quickly I darted my tongue back into your pussy, savoring the taste of your passion. As the tension gradually dissipated from your body, I eased you back onto your feet and picked you up, carrying you over to the bed and laying you down. Then I took the Champagne flute from your hand to put it on the bedside table.

You watched me intently as I started to undress, and your left hand moved inside your panties where my tongue had been only moments before. As you played with yourself, the intensity of your passion started to rise again, and soon you were pinching your nipples with your right hand.

Now naked, I climbed on the bed beside you and we began to kiss and embrace passionately. You reached down and grabbed my penis then, saying, “I want it now.”

“Soon,” I said in reply, “but not quite yet, my love.”

With you still laying on your back, I moved to the foot of the bed, facing you, and told you to put your hand back in your panties and play some more. You did as I asked immediately. While you were doing this, I was watching intently as your hand disappeared under the now wet material, how your hips started to move in rhythm, how your nipples enlarged as you pinched them. There was a look of absolute pleasure on your face, your eyes closed while you intermittently bit your lower lip. I lifted your leg and gently removed your shoe, resting the back of your leg against my torso. I softly ran my fingers down both the inside and outside of your leg and thigh at the same time, teasing you.

Leaving your leg in the air, I lifted your right leg and repeated the process, making sure to pay particular attention to the sensitive areas near the back of your knee. Telling you I wanted a better look, I quickly reached down to grab the lacy sides of your panties, tugged them toward me and removed them. Now you were only in your bra and necklace, and I told you to keep playing with yourself. I lowered your right leg, then bent your knee gently so I could suck on your toes. The moment I ran my tongue between your toes, you let out a loud sigh. I took my right hand and ran it down the inside of your thigh, gently caressing your hand and the folds of pink flesh your fingers were covering.

Again you moaned with pleasure and anticipation, and I slowly inserted one finger and then two into your tight, wet pussy, stroking slowly in the rhythm of your hips while I continued to suck your toes.

I could tell by your breathing and thrusting that you were getting close to orgasm again. You looked at me anxiously. “I have to have you inside me now,” you insisted.

“Not until you come again,” was my hurried response before I went back to sucking your toes.

Your eyes closed and your back arched as your body convulsed uncontrollably, your second intense orgasm engulfing your body as I sucked your toes and stroked your pussy.

“Happy with yourself, aren’t you?” you asked me.

“Delighted,” I said.

Your body was still moving slowly as the final waves of orgasm subsided, and I supported myself above you, my penis at the opening of your pussy. I inched forward gingerly as I felt the tight, warm, silky soft folds of your pussy begin to engulf me. The sensation was so indescribably fantastic that I couldn’t stop. I kept entering your glorious body until I couldn’t go any further. Now fully inside you, I felt like we were one and the same, and I was overcome by my love for you.

We kissed passionately, and our bodies began moving in rhythm with each other. We moved slowly at first, and I pulled out most of the way before diving back in, your hips pushing against mine. Then suddenly you took control of the situation, rolling us over so that I was on my back and you were straddling me. You sat upright, still slowly moving up and down, and I could see my cock entering your bald pussy over and over. Next you reached up to release your hair from its clip, letting it fall down to your shoulders. I reached up to caress your face and you kissed my hands. I grabbed the shoulder straps of your bra and eased them down along your arms, giving me perfect access to your breasts and allowing me to pinch and tease your nipples without interference.

I could feel that I was getting close to orgasm, and I told you, “We had better slow down,” to which you just smiled mischievously.

You started grinding yourself harder on me, and I grabbed hold of your hips so I could push myself as far into you as possible. Then I erupted deep inside you, filling you with my come.

I lay there breathless, convinced that I was in heaven as you kept slowly grinding yourself against me. I could see my come starting to drip from you, and I closed my eyes for a moment to catch my breath.

You leaned forward then and whispered, “You can’t sleep yet, I haven’t finished with you.” Then you sat back up and started slowly sliding your pussy up my torso. You held onto the headboard and stopped about three inches from my face. “Eat my hot, bald pussy,” you demanded.

Who was I to argue? I put my hands behind your buttocks and slid you onto my face. You were obviously enjoying the attention from my lips and tongue, and it wasn’t long before your body started moving to the rhythm I have come to know and love. I moved my hands to your breasts, caressing them firmly and pinching your erect nipples. You became more vocal, more frenzied. “Oh, that’s so good!” you cried. “That’s it, don’t stop!”

Within minutes, your whole body was engulfed by another intense and glorious orgasm, and you cried out in pleasure as you exploded, your juices getting everywhere. Your body now moved gently as I tried drinking the last drops of your delicious love nectar.

“So, you want it rough, do you?” I asked playfully. Without waiting for a response, I pushed you to the side of the bed, rolled you onto your stomach, grabbed your hands and put them against the headboard. “Don’t let go,” I ordered.

I was at your side, your whole gorgeous body stretched out in front of me. Your skin was still glowing from before, with tiny beads of sweat now forming on your back. I ran my hands over your neck and across your shoulders, my touch getting firmer as I moved down your back to your shapely backside. I looked over my shoulder and saw that your left hand was no longer against the headboard, so I lightly spanked your right buttock. You moaned in pleasure, but I pretended to scold you, telling you to keep your hands on the headboard, “or else.”

I straddled your legs, leaned forward, tangled my hand in your silky hair and pulled back slightly. My hard dick was nuzzling the entrance of your dripping pussy as I demanded, “Tell me what you really want!”

You growled, “Fuck me! Fuck my tight pussy! And fuck it hard!”

With that, I thrust myself as deeply as I could into your glorious, waiting body. I pulled out slowly and then hurriedly thrust back in. As the tempo increased, you started to tilt your pelvis and push back against me, forcing me even deeper into your perfect pussy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to slow down, but then you shouted, “I’m coming!” You begged me to come with you and fill your cunt.

That took me over the edge, and I withdrew before plunging back into your pussy and grunting blissfully as I came deep inside you. I collapsed momentarily on top of you, holding you tenderly, and I kissed the side of your face before rolling off you and onto my back.

You slid up to me, rested your head on my shoulder and draped your left leg over my waist. I rested my left hand on the small of your back. We fit together perfectly.

With a blissful yet tired smile, you looked at me and said, “Thank you, darling.” I reached up to turn off the light, then placed a light kiss on your forehead before drifting off to a content and undisturbed sleep. I truly do love you, my special lady.— S.G., San Angelo, Texas

The City of Sex

It seems like a great time to share this fun episode with other sexual people, as it’s been three years since I’ve had such a fun, sexy time with a guy half my age and I’ve just been dying to tell someone about it.

I was 40 years old at the time. I was living in London, spending my weekdays in France working then returning home on the weekends whenever possible. My husband and I had always enjoyed a pretty relaxed relationship, sexually, and we were both into exhibitionism and voyeurism, as well as selective swinging. When I reached the big four oh, my husband (who is 14 years my senior) explained that this was the very best time of life for a woman. Older guys (like him) really enjoyed women of my vintage, but young guys were ripe for the plucking by a sexy older woman too. Well, that sounded just fine to me!

As I mentioned, I was intrigued, and I was still spending most of my days in Paris, the sexiest city in the world. My husband and I devised a very naughty game where, if I was sitting in a hotel bar, my husband could impose a rule that said I had to fuck the first guy who hit on me. It only applied if the rule was in place before the guy tried his luck, so there was a definite risk element. But I didn’t care about the fucking. I was more interested in seeing young Parisian hunks hit on an older woman!

Well, one Thursday evening in April about three years ago I was feeling so horny that I was ready for anything. I had bought a new casual suit that was a light cream color and was comprised of a very short skirt that was slit at the sides and a fitted jacket. I decided to find a fun place to eat, and with the help of the concierge I booked a table at a club that had great food and a packed dance floor. Dressed in my sexy suit, I headed out at about 8:30 p.m., and I enjoyed teasing the cab driver on the way to the club, giving him flashes of my glossy stockings and letting him get a peek up my tight skirt.

At the restaurant, I was shown to a discreet table, and I was delighted to be served by a gorgeous mixed race guy of maybe 19 or 20. He was friendly and flirty from the start, and after a couple glasses of Champagne, I was feeling very naughty. I’d caught him several times staring blatantly at my legs or stealing a glance down my suit jacket to try to catch a glimpse of my bare breasts, and I decided to call my husband. I told him the situation and asked if it was okay with him if I took things a little further with my young friend. I also asked him for help on getting to the next stage. He suggested that I just ask him where the best club was to get a drink later, as my next day was free. It wasn’t true, but what the hell, that wasn’t really important.

Sure enough, when I asked for my bill and raised the question of where to enjoy a nice late night drink, my young waiter said he would love to show me some local clubs. As he cleared my bill and clocked himself out, I texted my husband and just said, “Bingo! I’ll call you later.”

We spent the next couple of hours enjoying a few drinks at several different clubs, slowly moving toward the moment I’d been waiting for. In the end, it was so easy. Andr , my young hunk, said, “So what do you do when you’re in your hotel at night?”

I teased him a little bit by saying that I enjoyed watching some of the local television channels, but then immediately changed tactics and asked him, “Would you like to come back with me tonight?”

His hesitation was very sweet and cute as he said, “But you are a married woman, no?”

We sat close in the cab to my hotel, and I was feeling very horny— and very fulfilled. The hunk next to me was 20 years old at most, and gorgeous! And he was about to enjoy sexual favors from me for as long as it took to satisfy us both.

I slipped my hand onto his thigh as we headed toward the hotel, and I was delighted to encounter a thick ridge of muscle reaching down his thigh. Hours later I remember thinking that I never did see or feel him flaccid. Don’t you just love young lovers?

As soon as we entered my room, Andr led me to the bed and pushed me down, then leaned over me and opened up my jacket. I had no shirt or bra on underneath, and he was soon squeezing and pinching my nipples. I threw off my jacket and lay back so he could fully enjoy my breasts. As he sucked on my nipples I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my thigh, and I felt the sudden need to get my hands on it. I pushed him off me and told him to take my tights off and undress himself. It was delightful to see him follow my instructions. He pushed my skirt up to my hips and then gently peeled off my pantyhose. When he saw my Brazilian wax I heard him moan in delight. Then I felt his tongue diving into my flesh, eating my bald pussy with a rough and inexperienced, and yet still very eager mouth.

After a few minutes of pleasure, I gently pushed him off me and told him to undress. Watching this young man undress for me was one of the most erotic things I’ve experienced. His body was delightfully tight and tanned. And his cock, when it sprung loose, was beautiful. It was so hard that it stood almost straight up to his navel, and it bobbed in anticipation. I told him to lay next to me on the bed, then mounted him in the classic 69 position. I think he was a little taken aback by me spreading my thighs right over his face, but as soon as I took his wonderful cock deep in my throat, he joined the party and started to eat me like there was no tomorrow.

I was amazed I came first, because his cock was rock hard and throbbing in the back of my throat. However, when I rolled off him and lay with my legs wide open, it was delightful to see him mount me. His cock was so black compared to his lighter skin. I couldn’t wait to feel him deep inside my pussy.

Our first coupling was a little brief, but so enjoyable. I was ready to fuck, and having had my mouth around his cock already, I knew Andr was ready to unload a pussyful of semen in me. Sure enough, after three or four minutes of incredible fucking, he gasped, “I come!” and spurted deep inside me. I just love that feeling of a man filling me with his come, especially for the first time, and it was no different with my young French lover.

I was still incredibly horny, and I was ready to fuck again even before Andr ‘s cock slipped out of me. I slid down his body and took him in my mouth again, sucking my juice off him and savoring the last drops of his creamy semen. The ultimate thrill was that as I sucked gently on him, he was already hard and ready to go again. I took advantage of my position and climbed on top of him, sliding his cock quickly into my wide open pussy. This is definitely my favorite position and riding my young stud like this was just too much. His hard, curved prick was doing some incredible things to my G spot, and I came so hard that I just fell on top of him, still impaled on his cock.

As I returned to normal, it occurred to me that I was still wearing my skirt. It was a mess, to say the least, but Andr wasn’t finished yet.

He put me on my front and placed all the pillows under my hips. I just love getting fucked in this position, and I offered him my gaping pussy with no reservations. I always enjoy the doggie position combined with really aggressive thrusting, and my 20 year old lover didn’t disappoint. He fucked me with long, rough strokes, parting my ass cheeks wide and obviously enjoying the view. I came as he thrust deeper and deeper into me, and to my delight, my pussy’s contractions milked every last drop from Andr , and he cried, “I come again!”

As I lay in bed calling a taxi to take my young lover back to his flat, I was amazed to watch him carefully pushing his still hard cock into his tight jeans. As he left, I marveled at his incredible staying power.

It was now about 4 a.m., but I just had to phone home and tell my husband that my sexy young waiter had just left my room. He loved the story, and he masturbated furiously as I told him every detail. It was a great night!— O.G., New York, New York