Wife Gone Wild!

My wife Inez has a body that has stayed young looking even after bearing three children. She’s 43 years old, but she still measures 37 26 36, and she loves sex. When we go out, she always dresses conservatively, and she’s very family oriented. But in the privacy of our bedroom, she’s a totally different person.

Two weeks ago we went to Atlantic City for a weekend of fun and sin. When we got there on Friday afternoon, we went to one of the buffets for dinner, then went to change before hitting the slots. Inez decided to really go all out, and she put on a low cut black dress, black thigh high stockings and a black thong. She claimed it was to keep me turned on while we gambled, and let me tell you, it worked.

While we were playing slots, I got into a conversation with some guys who were visiting from the Midwest. Inez would come over to the group of machines we were sitting at once in a while to get some tokens from me or steal a sip of my drink, and each time, Dan and Tim would totally undress her with their eyes. They complimented her on her looks and kept telling me what a lucky guy I was to have such a hot wife. I was really proud of my beautiful wife, and seeing the guys ogle her was turning me on.

At one point, I decided to order my wife a drink, and I asked Dan to bring it to her. He sat talking with my wife for a long time, obviously flirting with her, and he even got her a second drink before coming back to where Tim and I were sitting.

After about an hour, I noticed my wife was getting really giggly talking to another woman at the slots, and I knew she must’ve had another drink or two after Dan left. She seemed pretty tipsy, and whenever she drinks, she gets horny. Considering how giggly she was, I had a feeling she was really horny, and I had a pretty good idea of where the night would take us.

I went over to see how my wife was doing, and she said she was hungry, so we decided to hit the bar and grab a bite to eat. We invited Dan and Tim to join us, too.

We sat in a corner booth and made some light conversation while we waited for the waitress to come by. While we talked, I put a hand on my wife’s leg and slowly slid it up her thigh. She began to purr like a kitten, and Tim, who was sitting on her other side, noticed. After a couple minutes, I looked down to see Tim tentatively putting his hand on my wife’s other knee. Inez looked at me and her eyes got really wide, so it was clear she was surprised by our new friend’s bold move.

I felt my wife spread her legs ever so slightly, and I watched from the corner of my eye as Tim ran his hand slowly up and down her nylon clad thigh, inching closer to her cunt each time. All the while, we kept up a normal, friendly conversation, as if nothing unusual was happening under the table.

Soon Inez had inched her legs open a tiny bit wider, and Tim was lightly rubbing her through her wet panty crotch. I kept my hand away from his, but I kept a close eye on the action under the table.

At the most inopportune moment, I had to get up to use the bathroom. Reluctantly, I hurried off, and when I came back, I found Dan had taken my spot next to Inez— and he was just as busy under the table as his buddy Tim was. Both guys were whispering to my wife, and she was giggling and nodding her head at everything they said. When I rejoined them, I sat across from the three of them in the booth. I couldn’t see a thing that was happening, but I had a clear view of the lusty look on my wife’s face.

After about 10 minutes, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I suggested Tim and Dan come back to our room with us. When we got in the elevator, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t left our waitress a tip, so I gave Dan the room key and told them I’d be right up. I found out from Inez later that the second I stepped out of the elevator, both guys had their hands all over her, rubbing her ass, tits and cunt like mad.

When the elevator stopped at our floor, they went straight for our room. I was less than a minute behind them, but by the time I got in the room, the guys already had my wife’s dress off. Giving them the go ahead, I simply sat to the side to watch as the three of them had a wonderfully sexy time.

Soon all my wife had on were her stockings, and both men were fingering her cunt, giving it one hell of a pre fuck stretch. Inez turned toward Tim and they made out and fondled each other as Dan undressed, revealing an enormous cock. He got behind my wife and rubbed his big cock all over her ass, using his free hand to reach around and grab her tits.

Inez reached back to feel Dan’s cock, and she was very surprised. She turned around to look at it, and it was clear that his big dick was turning her on even more. She was so aroused that she pulled away from Tim and got down on her knees in front of Dan to suck his big cock.

As she sucked Dan, Tim finished undressing and then got down on the floor behind my wife to lick her ass and cunt. Between the excitement of sucking Dan’s big dick and having Tim licking her cunt, Inez came pretty quickly. She wasn’t done sucking Dan’s prick, though, and she kept at it, even sucking his dick while Tim repositioned her so he could start fucking her hot pussy from behind.

Inez moaned as Tim slid into her, but he held her hips tight and started thrusting in and out of her. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for Tim to climax, and as soon as he pulled out of my wife, Dan took his still hard dick from Inez’s mouth and got down on the floor to take his turn fucking her. Dan mounted my wife and hammered her long and hard. She came several times before Dan finally exploded with a shout, filling her cunt with his seed before pulling out again.

Right away Tim pushed his cock into my wife’s mouth, and she sucked him completely hard. As soon as he was stiff again, he rolled my wife over and slid into her cunt for a second fuck. This time he pounded her much longer, giving her a really strong orgasm before he finished with her.

The guys wound up fucking my wife four times before they went back to their own room, leaving my wife totally exhausted and her pussy and cunt hair a sloppy mess. Then it was my turn. I was too excited to last, and I came rather quickly, adding my own seed to my wife’s messy cunt.

And that was just the beginning of our lustfully wild weekend. It was a weekend that we’ll never forget— and one that we’re anxious to relive soon!— M.R., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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