Promotional Fuck

I’m a 38 year old guy with a good paying job for a really successful company. My boss, Lyle, is 50 and a very dominating person at work— and no doubt at home, too. When a promotion came up last year, I decided to go for it. My chances were as good as anyone else’s, I thought, but the competition was really fierce.

During the time before the promotion was announced, Lyle invited me and Yvonne, my 34 year old wife, to attend a three day conference in Milwaukee with him and his wife, Julia. Julia is about 47 or 48, and still fairly attractive, with long flowing red hair and a curvy stature.

I wasn’t crazy about bringing my wife on the trip, but I did anyway. Yvonne didn’t understand why my boss wanted her to come along, but since it was a free trip, she was happy to tag along with me.

We decided to drive, since it wasn’t far, and on the way I kept glancing at my wife, noticing how nicely she was dressed. Although she wore a conservative top, her black skirt was short and showed off her awesome legs, which were encased in a pair of sheer black pantyhose. I got aroused looking at her, but I didn’t let her know how excited I was.

After checking into our hotel, we joined Lyle and Julia for dinner. I was uncomfortable, but a couple of rounds of drinks took the edge off me. Lyle quickly moved things along in the conversation, and we all seemed to relax. My wife, who’s not a drinker, had about three drinks with dinner, and she got very tipsy. She seemed to love Lyle’s stories more and more as the evening wore on.

After a while I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Lyle had a hand on Yvonne’s upper thigh, just underneath the hem of her skirt. This was shocking, but not as shocking as my wife not pushing his hand away. I should’ve been pissed, but I’d had a few drinks too, and I was curious to see what my boss did next.

He slid his hand higher on Yvonne’s thigh and began to rub her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose. Yvonne looked at me quickly, but she didn’t stop Lyle from playing with her pussy and rubbing her leg. After maybe 15 minutes of this, Lyle stood up and without a word took my wife’s hand and led her up to his room. Julia and I just looked at each other for a moment, and then we quickly got up to follow them.

My wife gave me a quick, appreciative smile as she disappeared into Lyle’s room, and then my boss closed the door, leaving Julia and I out in the hall. But we weren’t there long. Julia cast a glance at me and then took my hand and led me to my room down the hall.

Inside the room, Julia sat on my bed and her skirt rode up, revealing her bare thighs. I turned to her curiously, and she quickly told me, “I’m not going to fuck you, if that’s what you think.”

I froze in my tracks and just stood there for a minute with my half hard cock in my pants. I couldn’t stop thinking about my wife and my boss down the hall, probably fucking, and that turned me on even more. In less than a minute I was fully hard and in need of a good, strong jerking.

Defiantly, I dropped my pants and started to boldly stroke my cock right in front of Julia, my boss’s wife. The more I stroked my cock, the more Julia looked at me, and soon I saw her squirming, obviously getting wet and aroused from watching me. I was still thinking about my boss and my wife down the hall, too, and I imagined he was buried deep in her pussy, giving her the fucking of her life right about then. And then I snapped.

I needed to get laid, and with another look at Julia, I saw that she was staring at my cock and practically salivating. She gestured me to the bed, and I pushed her onto her back as I spread her thighs and moved aside the crotch of her black panties. I’d never been so filled with lust, and when Julia looked at me and told me to “do it,” I couldn’t hold on anymore.

I was on her in a second, and I slid easily into her wet cunt. “Show me how a real man does it,” she begged, and I started to pump my cock in and out of her mature pussy.

The whole time I was fucking Julia, I couldn’t stop picturing my wife doing the same thing down the hall— with my boss! The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got, and I started really giving it to Julia. I pounded her so hard that I didn’t last long, and within less than five minutes, I was shooting my load into her pussy. Luckily, she was just as hot as I was, and she came within seconds of my climax.

We weren’t satisfied, though, and after a few minutes we decided to sneak down to Julia’s room to try to catch our spouses in the act. When we walked in the door, I was shocked to see my wife on her knees, naked, giving Lyle a blowjob. His cock was huge, and it barely fit in my wife’s small mouth, but she somehow managed to deep throat him all the same.

I stood transfixed as he pulled her off his cock and picked her up, throwing her facedown on the bed. She was begging him, loudly, to fuck her, and he obediently parted her legs and got on top of her, grunting as he impaled her with his monster shaft. I thought for sure he would split her in two, and when he started pounding into her, the bed shook violently.

I was so busy watching the two of them that I didn’t notice Julia leave my side until I saw her appear in front of me, joining the couple on the bed. She got behind her husband and massaged his ass before slipping her finger straight up his asshole. That seemed to send him over the edge, and with a yelp he came, shooting his potent sperm deep into my wife’s receptive cunt. She came with him, and when he pulled out, I saw her swollen pink cunt dripping juices onto the bed.

For the rest of the trip, my boss and my wife fucked like crazy, and Julia and I fucked more than a few times, too. It was the most wild weekend ever— and as it turned out, there was no conference after all. Just lots of fucking.

It should come as no surprise that I got the promotion when we got home. I don’t know if it’s because of the fucking or my impressive credentials, but either way, I definitely won a great prize!— H.W., Madison, Wisconsin

Mom’s A MILF!

My girlfriend’s mom was staying with us for a few weeks while she was in town, and we’d all been getting along really well, which was a surprise. On my day off, I went to the gym to play basketball while my girlfriend, Lynn, was at work, and her mom, Gwen, stayed home to sleep in and rest.

When I came back from the gym, I decided to take a nap after a quick shower. I fell asleep pretty fast, but I was awakened by the sound of Gwen whimpering in her room across the hall. It was almost as if she was crying, so I wondered what was going on.

I got up and went to her room, knocking on the door and asking, “Gwen, are you okay?”

Suddenly she cried out, as if in pain. Not even realizing I was still nude from my shower, I burst into her room only to find her lying across the bed masturbating, her fingers playing with her somewhat hairy pussy. And that wasn’t all. I could also see a vibrator shoved up her ass! I gasped as instantly my worry turned to all consuming lust, and my cock grew hard on sight. Gwen, it appeared, was consumed by a lust equal to my own, and she looked up at me as if she were an animal in heat.

“Oh, Mike, fuck me! Please!”

Her legs were in the air and she was totally exposed to me. The fingers of her right hand held the vibrator in her ass, while her left hand played with her cunt. Her large breasts were heaving uncontrollably as she panted with the excitement of getting off.

I’d never really thought about her sexually before then, but at that moment, I sure did. I stood watching her pleasure herself for several minutes, then went over to her. It was awkward getting on top of her with that vibrator in her ass still, but I didn’t care. My cock slid right into her hot pussy, and I was amazed how good it actually felt. She squeezed my cock with her inner muscles, and it was clear she was definitely an experienced woman.

As I fucked her, she locked her legs around me, and I pounded into her relentlessly, just like she wanted. I’d been going at it for only a few minutes when she started to cry out, announcing that she was coming. She wailed with ecstasy, and I plunged in to the hilt as she arched her back and came. She spasmed around my shaft, crying out and digging her heels into me as she climaxed. Her blue eyes beamed as I continued to fuck her, and before her orgasm had fully died down, I brought her to another explosive climax.

That did it for me, and I shouted out that I was going to come, too. “I’m going to fill your cunt!” I cried.

“Yes, yes!” Gwen shouted. “Give it to me! I want it all!”

I didn’t remember ever coming so hard before, and I thought I was going to pass out as I shot spurt after spurt into her hot pussy.

After a short break, Gwen was still horny, so she sucked me hard again before getting on her hands and knees and begging me to fuck her ass. I pulled out the vibrator and shoved my cock all the way into her butt, making her howl with pleasure. Then I fucked her ass as hard as I’d fucked her pussy, and she frantically rubbed her cunt while I did it.

I shot my second load deep into her ass, and by that time we were both exhausted and ready to call it a day. But we fucked twice more before the end of her stay, and now I find myself looking forward to her next visit. I bet most guys don’t say that about their girlfriend’s moms!— Name and address withheld

Sexy Swimmers

My sexy wife is 32 and I’m 33. She’s got an awesome body, with a five foot five, 120 pound frame, 38C tits and gorgeous long brown hair. Her curves are in all the right places, and there’s never been a time that she hasn’t turned heads when we’ve gone out. Guys love looking her over!

There’s a kid who lives down the block from us who’s 19 and going to school at the local college. He does our yard work and odd jobs sometimes. His name is Kevin.

We have a pool in our backyard with a high privacy fence. My wife and I often sunbathe nude back there, since no one can see us.

One day Kevin came over to do some yard work and it was a really hot day. I was working outside cleaning the car, and Kevin was cleaning the pool. Rene, my wife, had been sunbathing in a very tiny two piece suit, since Kevin was there, but it really left nothing to the imagination. She teased Kevin relentlessly, and he barely got anything done, he was so distracted.

Finally, I decided to take a swim. I asked Kevin if it would be okay with him if I swam nude. He said it was, so I stripped down and hopped in the pool while my wife continued to sunbathe. Kevin tried to keep working, despite the distractions, but I could tell he was having a hard time. After a while, I swam over and invited Kevin to take a break and join me. He said he didn’t have trunks, but I said he could swim in the buff too, since I already was. He glanced at Rene and asked if it was okay with her, and she said it was.

Nervously, Kevin took off his shorts and hopped in the water. We swam around a bit, and eventually Rene got up to join us. Kevin froze when she started to remove her bikini, and she made sure to be as seductive as possible as she stripped. When she was fully nude, she dove into the pool with us.

Kevin had a very nice hard on, and I asked if my wife had turned him on. “Well, I . . . ” he stuttered.

We all laughed, and I said, “I agree, she is pretty hot.”

Rene then asked him how big his cock was when it was hard, and he said he wasn’t sure. “Maybe seven or eight inches,” he replied.

Rene was really close to him by now, and I could tell she was impressed by his cock. Her hands went under the water then, and I could tell by the way her arms were moving that she was stroking him. He nervously looked at me and I told him to relax, it was all okay with me.

Rene had him sit up on the edge of the pool and I sat on the opposite edge, watching as her head bobbed up and down on his hard shaft. Kevin looked like he’d won the lottery, and in no time at all he threw his head back and groaned, shooting his load of come down my wife’s thirsty throat. She swallowed every drop then looked at him and smiled. It was my turn next, and Rene came over to me and did the same thing she’d done for Kevin.

While she sucked me, I saw Kevin getting hard again as he watched us, and I motioned him over. He swam toward us and stopped when he got behind Rene’s gorgeous round ass. He got in close to her and with a little adjustment of their positions, he started to enter her pussy from the rear. Rene squirmed and moaned as he began fucking her hard. We all came more or less at the same time, then fell apart and floated in the water.

Kevin dressed soon after, thanking us and heading out. It was probably the best day of work he’d ever had.

Kevin comes by a lot now, asking my wife if there’s anything that needs to be done. More often than not, there is— much to his enjoyment!— B.V., Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Watchman

I met Mike and Alice when we all moved into the same duplex. They had just moved to town, and I had rented the place while I looked for a house I wanted to buy. Mike was a truck driver, and I found out that he would be on the road for weeks at a time, traveling across the country.

The duplex we moved into was really just one older home that had been divided into two large apartments. The place wasn’t bad, but the bathroom had a lot of faulty pipes, and the only air conditioner in the place was a small window unit in the living room. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but we moved in in the middle of August, and it was one of the hottest summers I could remember.

Mike left for a couple of weeks about three days after we moved in, so he wouldn’t have to deal with the heat, but Alice was still around, and their apartment was no cooler than mine. She and I would bump into each other most nights on the small back porch, where we would escape the heat by sitting in the shade with cool drinks. Conversation came easy between us, and over the next couple of weeks, we got to know each other better than I thought we would.

The walls separating our apartments were paper thin, and I could hear Alice in her apartment washing dishes or running the water in the bathroom. I could always hear whatever shows she was watching on TV, too.

When Mike had been gone about two weeks, I began to hear Alice taking a shower every night at nine o’clock. One night I went out onto the back porch to try to get some relief from the heat, and when I felt the slight breeze, I decided to lay down on the porch. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was, but I soon realized I was directly under Alice’s kitchen window.

I closed my eyes, letting the breeze cool my body, but I opened them again when I heard movement from Alice’s house. The window was open and the blinds were up, and when I looked up, I saw Alice in the window, scraping food off a plate into the garbage. She was no more than a couple of feet away from me, and she was wearing nothing but a see through teddy.

Sheer panic took me, and I tried to become invisible by closing my eyes tight. I worried that I’d be in big trouble if she saw me laying beneath her window. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, simple as that, but I had no doubt that she’d panic, and think I was some sort of peeping Tom. Thankfully, she didn’t see me laying there, looking practically up her gown.

I stayed there, frozen, afraid she could even hear me breathe, but then she moved away from the window. She went to the sink to finish the dishes, and after a minute I decided I needed to get another look at her. I twisted so I could see better, and I looked in the window. I could easily see her in her pink nightie, and her body was clearly visible underneath. She had no panties, no bra, nothing. Just that sheer teddy.

From there she went to the living room, and because of the setup of the house, I could see straight to the couch. She began looking through some magazines that were sitting nearby, and then abruptly threw them aside. I thought I’d been caught, but then she went to the bedroom and came back with a bottle of lotion. She started rubbing the cream into her arms and legs, and I couldn’t help noticing how gorgeous she was. I thought of looking away and crawling back inside, but I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her.

When she was finished applying the lotion, she sat down on the couch, facing out toward the window, and began slowly, sexually caressing herself. I was turned on watching her, but I felt guilty for invading her privacy. There was nothing I could do, though, only watch. She rubbed her hands across her breasts and tummy, and then her hands went to gently stroke her thighs. Then she started to slowly take off her teddy. Oh my God!

Without hesitation, she lay down and began to stroke herself between her legs. My view was unobstructed as I watched her fingers glide between her folds, up then down, slightly entering her sex before moving to gently massage her clit. Her legs were spread so wide, and she was beginning to moan. Her free hand was fondling her breasts, pulling on her tiny nipples. I couldn’t look away.

She leaned over and pulled a box out from under the couch. She pulled out a bottle of lube and then grabbed a sizable dildo. I almost choked, I was so shocked to see that. She quickly lubed up the toy and pushed it into her sex. Slowly at first, and then faster, she pleasured herself, thrusting the toy in and out. She was moaning and sighing, and climbing to what I knew was going to be a fantastic orgasm.

When she screamed and climaxed, I went stiff as a board, and I shot a load of jizz into my pants without ever touching myself. It was the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed, and I wasn’t even supposed to be there!

As soon as Alice went into her bedroom for the night, I snuck back to my apartment and jerked off wildly, thinking about the show I’d just taken in.

I haven’t had the chance to watch Alice like that since, but every now and then I hear her pleasuring herself in the shower, and I always make sure to jump into my own shower and join in!— R.D., Scottsdale, Arizona

Baby, I Need to Get Laid!

Several years ago, my best friend was about to have her second child, and she asked me if I’d come stay with her for a while to help take care of her young son and her husband. My husband was reluctant for me to go, but I told him it would only be for a few days, so he finally gave in.

Well, a few days turned into a week when she went past her due date. She finally went into the hospital in the middle of the second week, but my husband was already upset. He called every night, telling me how much he missed me and how horny he was without me there. I was getting hornier myself, but I felt especially bad for Ben, my friend’s husband. He hadn’t had sex in several months by then.

That night, after my friend went to the hospital, I accidentally walked in on Ben masturbating in the bathroom. The sight of him stroking his eight inch cock was more than I could take. I’d just gotten off the phone with my husband, and I was very horny.

I started to back out of the bathroom, but suddenly froze in place as I stared at Ben’s erection. When I snapped out of it and looked up, our eyes met, and we held our gaze for what seemed like an eternity. Instead of leaving, I went to Ben and took his wonderful cock in my hand, slowly stroking it. As I stood next to him, he slid his hand up my skirt and stroked my pussy through my wet panties, and I moaned.

We didn’t speak a word as Ben took my hand from his cock and led me to his bedroom. There we undressed each other before falling onto the bed, caressing each other’s body. He nibbled my nipples and fingered my pussy, driving me crazy and making me beg him to fuck me.

I rolled on my back and spread my legs as he mounted me. He drove into me with one strong thrust, and I cried out, coming instantly. I was so horny that was all it took. But he didn’t pay any attention, and he started banging away. He was bigger than my husband, and I felt each thrust as he drove into me over and over.

When I felt him begin to tense up after a few minutes, I knew he was getting close to coming, and my second orgasm was building up as well. I reached around to grab his ass, and I dug my fingers into his flesh. Suddenly he let out a yell, and he shot into me like a volcano of sperm. He spurted hot semen into me again and again, and it set me off, making me come just as explosively as he was.

Ben collapsed on top of me, and I felt his cock still twitching inside me until he finally went soft and slipped out of my sperm filled hole. He thanked me profusely for the fuck and said that he’d never thought of cheating on my friend, but when I took his cock in my hand, he couldn’t resist.

As we lay there talking, his cock got hard again, and he rolled me over on my belly to enter me from behind. He teased me a little, pushing just the head of his cock into my pussy and then withdrawing, but finally he slammed all the way into me and thrust away. He pumped into me with hard, fast strokes, and I screamed and gripped the bedsheets in my fists as my juices dripped to the bed.

We both climaxed again, and after that we were totally exhausted. I slept with him that night, and in the morning we fucked again.

My girlfriend delivered a little boy by C section the next day, and Ben and I were right there next to her when they introduced her son. She probably wouldn’t have been as happy if she’d known what had happened between me and her husband, but that’s our little secret, and she’ll never find out.— Name and address withheld