An All Nighter

My girlfriend and I were just coming back from a baseball game and we had a couple of beers in us. We weren’t quite ready to call it a night yet, and my friend suggested we go find some boys to play with. I was wearing a cute pair of cutoff denim shorts, a nice little white tank top and had my hair in pigtails, so I thought I looked good. We stopped in at a local Irish pub where I’d seen some good looking guys before and went straight to the bar to order a couple of drinks.

My girlfriend and I had been at the bar for about 20 minutes when two tall, attractive guys, one with brown hair and one with blond, walked in and sat down at a table about 10 feet away from us. I made eye contact with the guy who had brown hair. He was wearing a T shirt that showed he was obviously in good shape, and he had slightly baggy jeans that left just enough to the imagination. I was definitely interested and from the look in his eyes and the sly smile he gave me I knew he was interested in me, too.

Sure enough, he made a beeline for the bar and ended up right next to me, his bicep just barely brushing my arm. I reached out and grabbed the muscle and said, “Wow, do you work out?”

He immediately turned around and faced me, and we had an intense conversation, our faces barely three inches apart. I found myself sneaking glances at his crotch often to see the outline of his cock, and I started to fantasize about what it would feel like with him laying on top of me. I felt really naughty for thinking that. . . .

After a while we decided to split off from our friends and go to another bar for a little more privacy. As soon as we stepped outside, he grabbed me with both hands and backed me up against the wall and attacked my mouth, giving me the most amazing kiss. I felt the tingles from my tongue down to my breasts and all the way down to my clit, that’s how intense his kiss was. At the same time, I knew the blood was rushing down to his cock, because I felt his bulge growing as his body pressed firmly against mine.

Right then, I knew it was on. I played it cool, though, and softly pushed him away and started walking toward the next bar. There was something intriguing about his primal instinct and the way he didn’t hesitate taking me, but I wasn’t going to make it that easy. So after some sexy making out at the bar, we walked out, leaving everyone else jealous that the two best looking people had just left!

I hadn’t been with anyone in a while, and I decided then that I wanted to get physical. I invited him back to my place, which was only a few blocks away, and he eagerly accepted. I warned him that I wasn’t going to be sleeping with him, and he gave me a smirk and look that said, “We’ll just see about that.” I knew I was full of shit, but he had no reason to think I was lying about not wanting to screw him. Men!

Anyway, we entered my apartment with our hands all over each other. Then he basically picked me up, threw me down on the bed and ripped off his T shirt to reveal his amazingly carved pecs and abs. He got on top of me and with one hand gently tugged my hair while the other hand had a firm grip on my ass. Then he rubbed his dick on my pussy through our pants.

He peeled his pants and boxers off to reveal his big, throbbing cock, and I knew he wanted release. My willpower was strong, though, and I told him to slide his dick between my perky 36C tits instead. I reached over and grabbed a bottle of baby oil, pouring it on his dick to make the process more comfortable for us both. I told him, “You’re gonna come hard,” and I knew it was true. Not even a minute after I said that, he exploded a huge load that shot out of his cock like a cannonball, landing on my tits and neck. I milked the rest of the sperm out of him and saw a huge smile cross his face.

I woke up late in the afternoon, and I expected my new friend to be gone, but as it turns out he was the reason I’d woken up. He was there rubbing his hard cock against me, and as soon as I woke up I stripped out of my clothes. He quickly followed my lead. When I reached over to feel his cock, it was really hard again— or maybe it was still hard— and I knew that I had to have him inside me.

He started to feel up my breasts, and he sucked on my nipples. He used one hand to play with my clit, too, until it was swollen, and then he started to trail his mouth down my stomach until he reached my smooth shaven pussy. He spread my meaty pussy lips and started to swipe my slit with his wet tongue. All I could do as he pleasured me was drop my head back onto the pillow and enjoy the amazing sensations he was responsible for. He licked slowly for a little, then sped up, then slowed down again. Then I felt one finger ease into me, and he started to finger fuck me while he licked me, driving me wild. When he sat up, his cock was standing at full attention, and I knew exactly what to do.

I went down on him, slobbering on his cock and driving it back until I felt it slip past the ridge of my tongue and hit the back of my throat. He was very assertive, and he helped guide my head until I was sucking his dick at the tempo he preferred. After sucking him for a little while, he threw me down on my back and mounted me, spreading my knees as he positioned himself between my legs. With one deliberate motion, he slid his cock inside me and just started thrusting away, grabbing the headboard with one big hand to get some leverage. As the headboard smacked against the wall, I thought to myself how lucky it was that my roommate was spending the weekend at her boyfriend’s place.

I was so damn horny that a minute after he’d started fucking me, I told the dude, “You’re going to make me come so hard!” A minute after that, he actually did. I let out a huge moan and my eyes rolled backward in my head as he fucked me even harder, all through my orgasm. I felt the sensations from my climax wash through my entire body, and when I had finally calmed down, he told me to flip over. I was so turned on by his confident, commanding manner that I did just what he said.

He bent me over and quickly stuck it in. With one hand he played with my clit while the other stayed firmly on the headboard.

“I want to feel you shoot your load inside me,” I told him.

He replied, “Oh, you’re not getting off that easy.” But he’d already made sure that I got off. . . .

His head was now right behind mine, so close that I could feel his hot breath on my neck and smell his sweat. His pelvis was perfectly matched to my ass cheeks too, so every time I moaned he pounded into me, making my ass cheeks jiggle. I felt wonderfully naughty as I backed up against him, taking it even harder.

I turned around then to get a good look at this horny guy who was in my bed, and I saw a look of lust on his face and sweat dripping off his body. It was so fucking hot!

I knew I was about to come again, and he rubbed my clit faster and faster, as if reading my mind. I lost it then, and I screamed out with pleasure. Hearing me scream really got him going, and he started to totally pound my pussy. Then I felt his dick pulsate as his come shot up out of his shaft and explode from his thick head into my cunt.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming! I’m coming!” he cried. My pussy squeezed him as hard as it could until I’d milked him dry. Then we rested a bit as we came down from our climaxes.

All I could think was, “Wow!”

Later, after the guy finally left my place, I called my girlfriend up and said, “You are never going to believe what happened. . . . ” — A.N., New York, New York

If the Van’s A Rockin’ . . .

I’m a 30 year old married mother of three. I’d like to tell you about an incident that happened to me when I was a freshman in college.

I was plump back then— not fat, just plump. I had long, wavy brown hair and a pretty face that guys liked, but I was still pretty embarrassed by my chubbiness. My boyfriend and I did a lot of experimenting back then, and one night he talked me into letting a friend of his watch us having sex. I was a bit reluctant because of how ashamed I was of my body, but the thrill of exhibitionism far outweighed the embarrassment, so I agreed. His friend wasn’t going to touch me, he said, he’d just watch and probably touch himself.

We drove out into the woods in my boyfriend’s van— we all still lived at home at the time and we didn’t have a lot of privacy— and we took some beer to help us all loosen up. My boyfriend and I started kissing and he felt me up, and the other guy sat in the front seat, watching us.

My boyfriend got my big tits out of my dress and started sucking them while his hands went to my wet crotch. As he played with my tits and my pussy, I unzipped his jeans and took out his cock so I could start stroking it. I was kind of embarrassed to have a strange guy looking at my tits and crotch, but I was too turned on to care.

Robbie, my boyfriend, got me out of my dress then, and his friend couldn’t take his eyes off my big tits when I bent over to suck on Robbie’s cock. I sucked him to his full length, then lay down on the backseat so he could mount me. Robbie quickly climbed on top of me and slipped his cock into my fat pussy. He rammed it home, my moans filling the rocking van as the windows fogged up. I heard the guy watching us unzip his pants while Robbie fucked me, and I figured he was so turned on watching us that he was going to jerk off. The thought of that happening thrilled me! It was such an awesome self confidence booster to have a guy jerk off to my fucking. I felt so sexy!

My pussy was gaping and my legs were up in the air as I cried in ecstasy. I was moaning heavily when my boyfriend leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Do you want two at once?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, even though I already knew.

“Do you want us both to enjoy you, baby?” he asked.

I thought about his proposition for maybe two seconds before nodding yes. My boyfriend looked at the other guy and said, “She’s cool with it.”

It didn’t take him very long to come around back and open the door by my head. My boyfriend kept fucking me as the guy got in the back of the van. As soon as Robbie came in, he pulled out and let the other guy have me. First the guy put his cock in front of my face so I could suck him and get him rock hard, and my boyfriend started yelling, “That’s it. Suck him! Suck that cock!” I didn’t stop until the guy had pulled away from me, and he only did that so he wouldn’t blow his wad before he got a chance to fuck my pussy.

He went right into my fat cunt as soon as his dick was out of my mouth, and he shoved his dick all the way into me, balls deep. He fucked me really hard while my boyfriend watched, and it was like he couldn’t get enough. That seemed crazy to me, since I’d never really imagined any guys other than my boyfriend thinking of me as sexy. But this guy just pounded into me like there was no tomorrow, and I thought it was the hottest thing ever. Robbie was really eating it up, too. He couldn’t stop cheering us on as we humped on the backseat of the old van.

After that, I pretty much got over my body issues. It was such an ego boost to know that there were guys out there who wanted to fuck me and watch me fuck— and not just my boyfriend was on that list. It got me wet just thinking about it. For the rest of the time Robbie and I dated, we experimented with other guys— and girls— regularly.

Now that I’m a married woman, I don’t hook up with other guys or do anything crazy like I used to back then, but I still love to relive those memories every chance I get!— Name and address withheld

Stepping Out

My husband had told me to go out with my girlfriends and enjoy myself because I was working so hard lately and had earned a night off. I thought about what he’d said as I stared at the sexy six foot four naked man whose cock was in my mouth.

I’d tried not to want him, but after a couple of drinks, I couldn’t deny myself. Now, the more I watched him fuck my mouth and the more I tasted his dick, the more I needed to have that cock in between my thighs.

I watched him as if I weren’t the one sucking his dick, but with the heat between my legs and the ache in my pussy, there was no denying that I was involved. My friends were there, too, though. One was on the floor with a big guy pumping her pussy, and the other one was with her guy on the bed across from ours.

Anyway, the more I sucked him, the more I moaned— and the more I needed to be fucked. I looked up at the guy whose cock I was licking and smiled at him. That was when he called his friend over. This guy was big and black, and he shoved his long rod deep into my hole as soon as he approached me. He went so deep that it felt like he’d hit the bottom of the well and still had more cock to cram in there. I screamed out with delight.

The big stud in my mouth was swelling as he approached his climax, and he just kept pumping. Then, there it was, and with each thrust he shot a big load of come down the back of my throat. I eagerly accepted every drop, then swallowed it all, not letting a single drop of it go to waste.

Between the spunk shooting into my mouth and the giant rod fucking my cunt, my pussy was really going crazy. The dick in my twat had started pushing deeper and deeper, and I felt like I was in heaven! That’s when the guy in my mouth pulled his dick out and said to his buddy, “Hey, man, wanna sandwich this gal?”

“Fuck, yeah!”

I looked at the guy in front of me. I had no idea what he was talking about. I’d never heard that term before. So he asked me, “Baby, don’t you want both your holes filled, front and back? At the same time?” It sounded like a fantastic idea, and I quickly said yes.

So the black guy in my pussy pulled out of me and lay me on the bed, and that’s when I first saw his giant cock. It was the longest cock I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t believe that it had been inside my pussy, and that I was going to take it in my slit again. He pulled me on top of him and slid his shaft into my cunt, filling me all the way to bursting before I’d even sunk down to the base.

The big dicked black guy started to fuck me hard, pulling me flat against his chest so I was laying against him. He was in mid fuck when the guy I had been blowing, also a fat dicked dude, got behind me and stuffed his big shaft into my ass. It took him a minute or so to work his pole all the way inside me, but he was still slick with my spit, so it went in quicker than it would have if he hadn’t been all lubed up. I felt really fucking full. I’d never had two dicks in me at once, and I thought I was going to come just from the initial penetration. I didn’t think I’d last long enough for them both to fuck me.

But luckily, I did last, and the two of them started to fuck me in the craziest rhythm. I had this big, long dick fucking into me from underneath and another one coming at me from behind and filling my ass. It was the sluttiest thing I’d ever done, and I loved it! I didn’t know which way to thrust, whether I should go forward or backward, so I writhed spastically between them until I started to feel my pussy tingling.

Soon my clit was throbbing and my pussy was tingling like crazy, and it was obvious the guys could tell how hot I was getting. They started to fuck me even harder, really going deep, and I tried to hold on as long as I could to enjoy it. I only lasted another couple minutes before I exploded, my pussy and ass spasming as I came, my juices all gushing out of me like a geyser. The guys climaxed after me, filling my pussy and ass so much that it felt like I was leaking their jizz for days.

All my friends were done fucking by that time, so they were just hanging out and watching the show we were putting on. Like I said, it was crazy. And then it was over, and after everyone got washed up and dressed, the guys took off and my girlfriends and I headed to the motel parking lot to get our car and head out.

When we were driving home, I asked my friends, “Does this happen every time you have a girls’ night out?”

They just laughed and one of them turned to me and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing happened tonight.”

I knew from that statement that the crazy sex party we just had was something of a regular occurrence for them, and when they invited me to join them again the next time they went out, I couldn’t say no. As my husband said, I deserve a night off— or a night of getting off— every once in a while!— U.T., Davenport, Iowa

Suck A What?!?

Ever since I turned 18 I’ve been blowing my older brother’s friends. Even now that I’m 24 and married, I still do it. Henry and Mitch were the first guys I blew, but there are others, too. Sometimes one or two of the guys will drop by to see me while my husband’s at work and the baby’s napping, even.

The first time I gave head I was pretty naive. When Henry shot his come, I nearly threw up because I didn’t know how much would come out or how it would taste. We’d been having a party to celebrate my 18th birthday and our folks were away. I ended up in my bedroom “fooling around” with first Henry and then Mitch, who’d stumbled in to use my bathroom and ended up making out with me instead. Henry wanted to fuck me, but I was still a virgin at the time, so I wouldn’t let him. Instead, I offered to blow him. Mitch wanted in on that deal, so I blew him, too.

After that, I was hooked. There were times when we’d get home from classes before our parents got home from work, and Henry or Mitch— or sometimes both— would stop by. I’d pull their pants down and give them head until they came, then switch to the other guy. They always begged to fuck me, but I denied them. Sometimes I’d let them finger me, and a couple times I had let them lick my pussy, but for the most part I just blew them.

There were times when I’d be watching TV and one of them would walk in and ask me to suck him off. One time I was naked and about to get in the shower when Mitch walked in, naked and with a huge, hard erection pointed at me. I was home alone, so I just sat on the side of the tub and began sucking him while I kneaded his ass cheeks. Then my brother’s friend Larry showed up out of nowhere, dropped his pants and jerked off as he watched us. When he moved close enough, I reached over and started stroking his dick for him. He got very excited and came all over my shoulder, hair and neck. As soon as he was done, he left and I continued sucking Mitch. Finally, Mitch came, and I swallowed his come. Then he left and I got to take my shower.

After my shower, I went to my bedroom and was surprised to see not only Mitch and Larry, but also Henry, Ray and Paul. I couldn’t believe they’d all come by for blowjobs! At first I was a little disgusted by their assumption that I’d be willing to blow them all, one after the other, but as I thought about it, I started getting turned on. I got so horny thinking about it that I couldn’t wait to get the first cock in my mouth.

The guys all got around me in a circle and I went from one to the other, sucking them each in turn. Then, as I continued going around the circle, they took turns crawling under me and eating my pussy and ass as I blew the others. I was terribly excited by then, and I had several climaxes, but I still wouldn’t let them fuck me. After I’d sucked them all for a while, though, I lay down on the floor and they stood around me and jerked off while I finger fucked my excited snatch. Then they came on me, like dominoes, one after the other. At the end of it all, I was covered in sperm practically from head to toe, and I had to take another shower.

Since then, I’ve had lots of special visits from those guys. I’ve sworn them all to secrecy, and they’ve done a good job of keeping quiet. And they’re the only guys I suck off, there’s no one else. Even after all this time, I still haven’t fucked a single one of them. I saved my virginity for my husband, the man who popped my cherry on my wedding night. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about losing my virginity. . . . — B.D., Westminster, Colorado

Hot, But It’s No Bother!

I thought it was my lucky day when I met a woman at the grocery store and we hit it off instantly. Then I asked her if she wanted to come over for dinner, and she asked if she could put some things in my fridge so she could just follow me home. Wow! I felt like I’d just won the lottery or something!

Lynn was incredibly beautiful, which made my sense of accomplishment even greater. She had curly blonde hair that hung halfway down her back. She had a deep tan, and her body was the best I had ever seen. She was fit and trim— except for the amazing double Ds tits on her chest, which were huge on her slim frame. She even had six pack abs, which were visible because of her short, tight tube top. She had a smokin’ hot body, and I couldn’t wait to get her home.

As we walked into the living room, I directed her from behind, and I watched her firm bubble butt sway left and right as we walked. When we settled in, we started talking, and then, for no apparent reason and without any warning, Lynn decided to take her tube top off. She pulled the small shirt off over her head and then went back to chatting as if nothing at all had happened. My jaw dropped as I stared at her pierced nipples, and I was so distracted that Lynn had to repeat a question she’d asked me several times before I realized she was still talking at all. She let it go, though, and stayed silent, watching me as I watched her. It wasn’t until several minutes later, when she stood up, that I blinked and remembered that it wasn’t a dream. There was a gorgeous, half naked woman in my living room.

Lynn complained about the heat in the room as she stood up, and then she proceeded to slide off her skirt. Picking up a magazine, she started to fan herself, and then sat back down in only her little thong panties.

“Can you turn on the air conditioning?” she asked as she fanned herself, either still hot or else putting on a good show for me.

I told her I’d get to it in a minute, but she insisted it was too hot and asked that I get up and turn it on immediately. I told her I couldn’t get up just yet. After looking at me for a minute, obviously confused, she burst out laughing, which made me blush. She teased me as she realized that I had an erection because of her near nudity. She said she’d lived with a gay guy for a few years and had gotten used to walking around the house naked all the time, especially after she got breast implants. Lynn said she felt bad for teasing me then, and she walked toward me, saying that since she’d caused my “situation,” she’d take care of it for me.

As she stepped directly in front of me, she leaned down and said in a stage whisper that she’d really come over to blow my cock anyway, as she’d broken up with her boyfriend last week and hadn’t tasted a drop of come since. Shocked, I asked if she really liked the taste of come. In response, she wrinkled her nose and said that at first she didn’t, but she’d acquired a taste for it over time, and she swore she got high off the taste now. As she spoke, her tits swung only inches away. I think I expected her to just bust out laughing, put her clothes on and leave at any moment. Instead, she grabbed a pillow off the couch, set it on the floor at my feet and got on her knees.

She undid my belt and unzipped my shorts, pulling them from under my ass until she could free my cock. When my dick was finally revealed, Lynn stopped what she was doing and stared wide eyed at my erection. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking, but when her tongue darted out to lick her lips hungrily, I had a pretty good idea. “Wow,” she said, breaking the silence. She looked at me with a smile and said she’d never seen one that big before.

She dove right in! Her hair cascaded down over my lap, almost completely blocking her face from my view. Up and down her head moved, taking me deeper and deeper each time. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes, her lips finally reached my balls, and she held that position for a moment before she pulled slowly back from my lap. She stopped with the head of my cock still in her mouth, and she pulled her hair back, revealing her face once more. Looking right in my eyes, she went down on me again, going all the way to the base in one slow movement.

My jaw dropped in amazement over how hot her blowjob was. I moaned loudly many times, voicing my appreciation. She let her head slowly rise and fall in my lap over and over, her eyes never leaving mine. It seemed like it went on for hours, but it couldn’t have been more than 10 or 15 minutes. As I got closer to coming, I grabbed her head with my hands and attempted to make her go faster, urging her on until she was flying up and down my shaft.

I moaned louder than ever before as she started working her tongue around my dick, and I couldn’t take it anymore. All of a sudden I exploded, blowing my load deep into her mouth. But she didn’t stop when I came. She just kept sucking my cock until I got hard again. And then she kept going after that, sucking and sucking. She was such a good cocksucker that she brought me off a second time.

After I came the second time, the chick from the grocery store just kind of got dressed, grabbed her groceries and walked out before I even got my pants zipped again. When I went to the kitchen a few minutes later, I found a note she’d left me on the back of her grocery list, saying she’d be doing her shopping again the same time next week. I made sure I was there at the store, right on time. You can imagine what happened next!— P.V., Elizabeth, New Jersey