A Good Dick Is Hard (To Find)

My wife Jeri is 32 years old, and we share a mutual stocking fetish. This has led to many sexual adventures, including one I’d like to tell you about.

Last year we were on vacation in Las Vegas, having a really good time. The last night there we went to a show at one of the other hotels, and then we stopped in to check out a nightclub. As expected, the place was totally packed, but we managed to get over to the bar to grab ourselves some drinks, then we went to dance.

We were both tipsy, but Jeri was still tearin’ up the dance floor. She was dressed in a black mini dress, stockings and heels, but hadn’t bothered to put on a bra or panties. When a slow song came on, I pulled her close for a dance and, since I didn’t think anyone would notice us in the packed room, put my hand under her dress to massage her bare ass for a while.

A couple of songs later, I had to go to the bathroom. I was washing my hands when a guy came up to me and told me my lady was “fine” and had “a sweet ass.” I turned to see who it was, and there was a large black guy standing next to me.

“I saw you two on the dance floor,” he said when I looked at him.

He introduced himself as Omar, and we talked briefly. I told him it was our last night in town, and he asked if we were looking to party. I don’t know what came over me— it was probably the alcohol— but I told him we were and that I’d find him after I checked in with my wife. I wasn’t sure if Jeri would go for it, but I had a feeling that my wife wouldn’t turn down a chance to hook up with a big, sexy black man. Call it a hunch.

I went back over to the bar to rejoin my wife, and we had a couple of shots. I was going to ask her what she thought about Omar joining us, but I had a better idea. When she went to the bathroom a couple of minutes later, I waved Omar over and asked him to give me his number. I told him we were going back to our hotel, but he should follow and wait at the bar there, and I’d call him when we were ready.

Back at the hotel, Jeri went into the bathroom to take off her makeup, and I told her I was going to call room service. Obviously, I called my new friend Omar and told him to come up to our room in 15 minutes. I hung up just before Jeri came out of the bathroom in only her stockings and heels. I told her that drinks were on the way, and we lit a joint while we waited.

There was a knock on the door about 15 minutes later, and I went to answer it. We were in a suite with a separate bedroom, so after I let Omar in, I told him to go get naked and then come into the bedroom. He started taking off his pants before I finished talking, and that’s when I saw his cock for the first time. It was huge! He had to be at least nine inches long, and he was thick as fuck.

I undressed and brought my wife a drink from the mini bar, although she thought it had come room service. I told her I wanted to give her a massage and asked her to lay on her stomach. As she did, I waved Omar over to the bed and he climbed naked onto the mattress. He got next to Jeri, but she had her head turned away from him and had no idea it wasn’t me. His hands went to her back, and I admired the contrast of their skin.

It was only a few seconds before Jeri realized it wasn’t me massaging her. She turned over to say something to me, and that’s when she discovered Omar. I told her he was a masseur with the hotel, and she went along with it. She saw he was naked, so she had to know I wasn’t being completely honest, but I don’t think she really cared. All that mattered to her was that his cock was hard and growing longer by the second.

No one spoke for a minute, and just when I thought Jeri was going to kick Omar out, she grabbed his cock and put its head in her mouth. She could barely wrap her small hand around his thick shaft as she tried to suck and jerk him at the same time.

Jeri was in her own world, and she bobbed her head up and down trying to stuff as much cock in her mouth as she could. I sat watching as she tried to deep throat that huge prick, but she was unsuccessful. Finally Omar reached down and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Then he rolled her over, spread her nylon covered legs and got down between them. Jeri guided his cock to her pussy entrance, and Omar began easing it in and out of her, getting her used to his size.

It took several minutes before she could take the full length inside her, and she kept writhing and moaning with pleasure as Omar tried to work his dick in there. A minute after she was stuffed with that big fat cock, my wife came. Then she started begging Omar to fuck her hard. He started to fuck Jeri right away, thrusting hard in and out between my wife’s stockinged thighs, and pretty soon she was moaning as she climaxed again.

Now Omar began to fuck my wife really hard, clearly wanting to reach his own climax. Jeri sensed his need to come and started bucking against him with almost as much force as he was using. When it looked like he was ready to blow his load, Jeri made him pull out of her pussy and stick his dick back in her mouth. His cock was covered with her creamy juices, but it didn’t bother her, she just sucked him in as deep as she could. Before I knew it, Omar was popping a wad in my wife’s mouth, and she sucked down as much as possible, only a few small rivulets running out of her mouth and down her chin. She swallowed more than she had let escape, though. I was pretty impressed with how much come she drank from Omar’s cock.

When Omar finished coming, somehow he was still hard, and he rolled my wife over to fuck her again. He spread her legs and started to eat her out from behind, even rimming her asshole. When he started to really eat her ass, though, I knew he wasn’t just going to fuck her pussy this time around. Jeri and I had only tried anal sex twice in our eight years of marriage, but it was clear to me that that’s what she was going to do with Omar any minute now. He pulled her up on all fours and put the huge head of his cock against her tight asshole.

Jeri gasped as he entered her, and she fisted the sheets in her hands. He held her hips as he pushed deeper into her, and I saw my wife’s eyes go wide at how much he was stretching her asshole out. He was only able to get about six or seven inches into her, he was that big.

Once he’d gone as deep as he could go into my wife’s asshole, he began to fuck her slowly. It took a little while for them to work up a steady rhythm again, since Jeri’s asshole was so damn tight, but eventually Omar was giving my wife a steady fucking. Within a few minutes, Jeri had her hand between her legs to play with her clit and help get herself off.

It was so hot to see my wife getting plowed in the ass that I couldn’t resist taking my cock in my hand and jerking off. I wasn’t sure how I’d managed to watch so much live sex without jacking off earlier, or avoid coming without even touching my dick— the action was definitely hot enough for that to happen, believe me— but I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to get a piece of the extreme sexual pleasure being shared in our hotel room.

A few minutes later, Omar started to grunt, and he shot a full load of come into my wife’s ass. I could see her body shake as he filled her, and when he pulled out of her butt to clean up, I saw the come start to leak out of her puckered hole. My wife collapsed onto the bed, panting and gasping for breath, while her play partner went into the bathroom to wash up.

When Omar came out of the bathroom, he said he should probably get going, but my wife grabbed his cock and sucked him hard one more time. She pulled him onto the bed with her, and then climbed on top of him. She impaled herself with his stiff dick and they both moaned in pleasure. My wife rode Omar’s dick like a bitch in heat, and she didn’t stop riding him until she came again. She made Omar come again, too, and this time when he freed his dick from her grasping cunt, he said he really had to go.

As soon as he was gone, my wife had me drop my dick and get between her legs to eat his come out of her. At first I wasn’t really into it, but while I replayed everything that had just happened, I got more excited by the idea, and eventually I started to really gobble up the come. Soon I was so turned on by what was happening that the come I was eating actually started to taste pretty good, like a salty, tangy treat. I greedily ate the come out of her pussy, and I did such a good job of it that I made her come again. At that point I’d lost count of how many orgasms she’d had, but it was definitely a record number for her.

After she came twice from my eating her pussy, I climbed on top of her and slid my hard cock into her stretched hole. She was looser than I’d ever felt her, and it took a minute for us to figure out the best way to fuck when she was so wide and wet. Once I’d found just the right angle to fuck her warm, sloppy pussy and create the best sensations for both of us, it didn’t take long to work up to really pounding the shit out of her. But even with that cunt so loose, it still only took a few pumps before I shot my load right up into her already messy slit.

Jeri was spent after that, and we went right to sleep. All night I dreamed about her fucking Omar, and when we woke up in the morning, I had to fuck her immediately. She let me fuck her in the ass that time, and let me tell you, after taking Omar’s giant shaft back there, she had no problem taking my cock all the way. Once I was in, I was able to fuck the shit out of her ass until we both came.

When we got home from our Vegas vacation, Jeri couldn’t stop talking about what a thrill it had been to fuck Omar’s big, black cock. She went on and on about how great the surprise had been and how much she liked taking his unfamiliar dick all night long. After we talked about it, we decided to try to find another black guy to fuck her, but one closer to home. It went so well that we’ve started bringing guys home for her to fuck on a pretty regular basis. But no one can compare to her first time with Omar!— S.J., Chattanooga, Tennessee

Once You Go Black . . .

My husband Stephen and I like to read Penthouse Forum every month as a way to get aroused and learn new things to help improve our sex life. We both especially enjoy the wife watching and stepping out or cheating letters, and they’ve inspired us to try new things in our own lives.

Over time, my wardrobe’s gone from mousy to sexy, and Stephen loves it. One weekend while he was away, I went out to a local bar all dressed up in one of the outfits I’d recently bought. While I was at the bar, I saw this young guy I sort of knew. He was helping to remodel the house next to ours. Tyrone is a young guy, maybe 21, and is black. As for me, I’m 36 and white.

I had some drinks with Tyrone, and we shared a few dances too, but nothing really happened when we were at the bar. At closing time, however, we decided to go back to his place, which is a room in the back of our neighbors’ house. Once we were in his room we started kissing, and pretty soon my skirt dropped to the floor. In seconds we were both naked, and I lay down on the bed and slid one of Tyrone’s pillows under my butt.

Tyrone felt huge as he entered me, and he stretched me wider than I’d ever gone before. He made me come faster than I’d thought I could, and my climax was strong. When I regained my senses, I noticed he’d paused, waiting for his urge to come to subside. When it had, he started thrusting in me again, fucking me until I came a second time. At that point, he withdrew and turned me over so he could fuck me doggy style. Entering from behind stretched me even more, and it didn’t take him long to bring me to climax again. Then it was his turn. When he said he was going to come, I told him he should pull out. His dick slid out and he shot all over my ass and back. Then we kissed and went to sleep.

I was awakened the next morning by noises downstairs in the kitchen, as Marge got started cooking breakfast. Tyrone was up next. He rolled over and immediately entered me.

It was sheer bliss, and I closed my eyes and let him fuck me. It felt even better than the fucking he’d given me the night before, if you can believe it. I was so overwhelmed by his cock that I allowed him to shoot several spurts of come inside my pussy.

As we came down, I realized there were two cups of coffee on the bedside table, and a minute later there was a quiet knock at the door. Then Marge walked into the room. With a sly smile and a quick wink she told me she had brought me a change of clothes. She said nothing else as I changed and then followed her downstairs, my pussy full of Tyrone’s come. In the kitchen, her husband John was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading the paper. He said good morning to me as if seeing me in his kitchen at eight o’clock in the morning was completely normal.

After breakfast, I sat and talked with Marge for a while, but she never once asked me about Tyrone.

Later that weekend, when Stephen came home, I told him everything. This excited him, and he fucked me senseless that night.

I saw Tyrone several more times before he finished working on Marge’s place and went home. My husband didn’t care, though. He actually encouraged me to do it! Now that Tyrone’s gone, we’re thinking of finding someone for me to do on the side again, maybe an Asian man this time. . . . — N.O., Passaic, New Jersey

She Jerks Me Around

It all began after my mom’s friend Janice caught me jerking off one morning late last summer when she was staying with my family at a rented beach house down by the shore.

I was horrified at being caught, but that horror didn’t last long. I don’t remember what my reaction was, but Janice shocked me by approaching me and taking over what I’d been doing: She started jerking me off!

Her hand moved slowly and sensually up and down on my cock, and she complimented me on how well hung I was. I was so excited by having someone jerk me off that it didn’t take long until I was shooting my come over her hand and her tight jean shorts. I looked in her eyes when I was done.

“That was way too quick,” she said. “Let’s see if you can last any longer this time.” With that, she lowered her head and took my 18 year old cock between her warm, wet lips. Then she started blowing me slowly and deeply.

She had me hard again in no time, and when my dick was pretty stiff, she pulled away. She removed her jean shorts and panties, and then she lay on her back and spread her legs, revealing her 35 year old pussy for me. Then she let me mount her.

I don’t think anything ever felt as good as when I put my hard cock into that sexy woman’s pussy for the very first time. Except maybe fucking her. I really pounded into her, giving her everything I had, and eventually I made her come. I came again, too, but this time I shot my load inside her. That in itself made it a really hot experience, since the other times I’d had sex I’d had to wear a condom.

This wasn’t a one time only thing, either. Janice took my cock between her legs several more times that week, and each and every time we fucked, she let me fill her cunt without making me wear a condom. Of course, this led to a small problem— she got pregnant. We weren’t sure if it was mine or if she’d been knocked up by one of the other guys she’d fucked around the time of our trip, but that wasn’t really the focus of my attention when she started to show a few months later. I was more concerned with how sexy she looked as her stomach swelled, making her bigger and rounder.

It turns out that hooking up with Janice after she had gotten knocked up was even better than it was before. I loved laying next to her and rubbing her swollen belly and fondling her fat tits while she stroked my prick after a hard fuck. The sex was great, too.

During the first few months I was banging her, I could still fuck her missionary, and that was cool and all, getting to feel her belly under me. But when she started to really round out, I had to fuck her doggy style, or else on my knees while she was on her back. I liked that one the best, because it let me look at her big belly and huge tits. I especially liked playing with her huge pregnant tits while we fucked because they were extra jiggly and they felt real good in my hands. And her nipples? Holy shit! They were huge and so damn tasty I couldn’t keep away from them.

One time we had a threesome with one of the other guys who thought he might have knocked her up. Believe me, there’s nothing better than having hot three way sex with a horny pregnant woman. She couldn’t seem to get enough cock!

Janice had a little girl five months after that threesome. Janice and I still fuck a lot, and she hooks up with other guys all the time, too. And she’s pregnant again. I don’t know if this baby is mine— it turned out that the last one wasn’t— but her pregnant belly and crazy horniness are the only things I’m thinking about right now.— Name and address withheld

Seducing Stacia

Nora and I have been married for five wonderful years, and we have a beautiful sex life together. And while we have verbally shared all of our many wild and crazy sexual fantasies, talk is all it’s been. But about a month ago, we stopped talking and actually acted on one of our long held fantasies.

When Nora and I decided to explore a threesome, she wanted it to be with another girl, and the only one she had in mind to join us was her best friend Stacia. While Nora was sure that Stacia would jump at the chance to be with me, she wasn’t sure if her friend would want to be sexually involved with her as well. So she was understandably excited when we found out that Stacia had accepted our invitation to join us in a threesome on Saturday night.

On Friday, I had a dozen red roses sent to both Nora and Stacia at work. I was excited about being with both of those beautiful blondes, but I was even more excited about seeing the two of them playing around in our king size bed together.

On Saturday, the three of us went out for dinner and then stopped for some drinks. When we got back to the house, Nora and Stacia went into the bedroom to put on the sexy outfits they’d bought for the night. The blood rushed straight to my cock when they returned to the living room and stood before me in their red garter belts, black stockings, and red heels. While I took in the sights of their small, beautiful, round tits and rock hard nipples, it was the gorgeous surprise between their legs that really struck me. Both women had shaved their cunts clean. It was the first time Nora had done something like that since we’d gotten married. I couldn’t wait to get started!

“Oh, wow! Those are the two most beautiful shaved pussies that I’ve ever seen,” I gasped excitedly.

Nora and Stacia took off my clothes and had me sit down between them on the couch. They stroked my cock together as they each shared a kiss with me, then they shared a long kiss of their own, and it was incredibly sexy to watch them making out. A minute later, when I was really hard, Stacia got up and Nora knelt on the floor in front of her. My wife stuck her tongue out and lapped her friend’s cunt lips, getting her first taste of another woman. Stacia noticed me staring and asked if watching my wife lick her pussy was making me hot. I told her it was making me very hot, and I couldn’t wait to taste her myself. But when I saw my wife suck Stacia’s clit into her mouth, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem waiting to take my turn.

“Oh, yes! Suck it, Nora! That feels so good!” Stacia cried out.

The scene of Nora gently munching Stacia’s cunt was incredibly hot, and it got even hotter when Nora pressed three fingers up inside her friend’s wet fuck hole. Within a few minutes, Stacia was crying out her happiness as she released her juices onto Nora’s fingers and hand.

“Oh wow, baby! That was just delicious!” Nora gasped as she licked the remaining drops of Stacia’s juice from her cunt, and then cleaned her own fingers and hand.

After sitting Nora back on the couch, it was Stacia’s turn. She went down on my wife and hungrily ate her cunt until Nora reached a powerful, wet orgasm. As Nora came on Stacia’s face, I urgently jerked my cock, spurting a huge load of white cream up onto my chest and stomach. Then my wife and her girlfriend licked the sticky come off me, sometimes stopping to kiss each other and share my sperm.

After that, we all moved to the bedroom, where I finally got to taste Stacia. I pulled her down on top of me in a 69 and sucked her scrumptious cunt while she sucked my cock back to its full eight inch length. When I was hard enough, the sucking stopped and Stacia rolled off me. That’s when I noticed that I had some competition in the cock department. Nora was standing at the foot of the bed wearing a thick, 10 inch strap on dick!

My wife buried the full length of the rubber cock inside Stacia’s cunt from behind and gave her friend a fucking that I don’t think I could have competed with. It was the wildest fucking I had ever seen before, and I couldn’t get over the fact that my wife was the one doing it!

Both women came from the strap on sex, then it was Stacia’s turn to wear the rubber cock. As Stacia strapped herself into the harness, I saw my wife reach for the nightstand. I had a feeling my wife wanted something a little different, and when I saw her pull out a bottle of lubricant and hand it to her friend, I knew it was her way of saying she wanted to be fucked in the ass. Stacia quickly greased the 10 inch rubber cock and gently pressed the full length of it into my wife’s ass. This sent Nora into a wild frenzy, and I could tell she was enjoying it.

“Oh my god, yes!” Nora screamed as she thrust backward to meet her friend’s strokes. “Come on, fuck that asshole, Stacia! Fuck me hard!”

I wanted to be part of this hot scene, too, so I got up and stood behind Stacia, burying my dick fast and deep in her wet cunt from the rear. I fucked her in rhythm with her thrusts into my wife. The overall scene was full of unbridled lust and passion and raw sexuality. We went at it for nearly 15 minutes before all three of us had climaxed, practically at the same time.

We continued our lovefest late into the night and have since shared many exciting and satisfying threeways.— Name and address withheld

X Rated Inspiration

My life as a 34 year old divorcee with two children isn’t simple. It rarely gives me the opportunity for fulfilling sex, something I missed out on during the last year and a half of my crappy marriage. Knowing this, a coworker had set me up on a date.

The guy she’d set me up with was really nice, and we spent a cheerful but unexciting evening together. He knew the date had been unimpressive, and apparently he wanted to make up for it. When he brought me home, he walked me to my door. As we stood under the dim porch light, I thanked him for the nice evening and searched my bag for my key. I was about to push the key into the lock when Charlie grabbed my arm, spun me around and kissed me passionately. I was startled at first and wasn’t sure what to do, but then I kissed him back with a hunger that bordered on starvation.

I began to feel my body hum, and I pressed against him. I felt the hardness of his body through both our winter coats, and I began to heat up from the stimulation. It was a powerful, long missed series of sensations, and when we finally broke from that soul searing kiss, I could see in his eyes that he wanted to come inside. But it wasn’t going to happen. Even though it was Friday night and I didn’t have to work on Saturday, I had my two kids home. I explained the situation to him, and he said he understood. He was looking forward to the next weekend, though, when my kids were with their father. Then he gave me one last kiss good night before walking away.

When I went inside, the living room was lit only by the glow of the television. Libby, my neighbors’ 19 year old daughter, had been sweet enough to give up her Friday night so I could go out. Now she was fast asleep on the couch, with some dirty movie playing on the television. I saw the VCR was on, and assumed she’d brought the porno tape with her from home. Surprise, surprise, Brenda, I thought. Your daughter has raided your porno stash and brought it into my home. Great job with this one.

I shook my head, remembering Libby was an adult, and watched the movie for a minute. The couple on the screen were grappling while bad music played in the background. Their naked bodies swirled together on a large bed, with close ups of their genitals cut in. The overall effect was arousing, and it compounded the effect of my front porch grope. It was getting hot in there, and I unzipped my jacket and hung it on the back of one of the chairs.

I looked over at Libby again, and I noticed that her jeans were unzipped and lowered, exposing her panties. Her hand rested on her pussy, and she was breathing deeply, clearly asleep. She’d apparently exhausted herself by masturbating along with the tape’s events.

I tiptoed upstairs and checked in on the kids. They were both dead asleep, and after tucking their blankets tighter around them and shutting their doors, I went back downstairs.

A different couple was on the screen now, and they were still wearing their clothes as they fondled and groped and kissed each other. It was obviously the beginning of their scene. I stood and watched them, touching myself where the man in the porn movie was touching the woman. The dormant fire in me flared up beyond the spark Charlie had caused on the porch earlier, and when I looked at Libby, I had a randy thought. I wondered what her sex life was like. Probably as uneventful as mine, considering she was baby sitting for me instead of out on a hot date. She was watching her parents’ porno tape and fingering herself to get off instead of riding some half drunk frat boy she’d met at a club.

I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and fingered my breast through the lace of my cup. It felt so wonderful. I wanted Charlie— or anyone, for that matter— to be playing with my breast, but my own fingers were a decent substitute. The more I played with myself, the more I started to fantasize, and soon I was involved in a fantasy about some man, a fellow like the one in the movie I was watching. In my imagination, he was tearing my clothes off my overheated body, smothering me with kisses and touching every inch of my body until I was worked up into a sexual fury. Thoughts of him on my mind, I reached under my skirt and found my panties were damp. I slid a finger into my long dormant pussy and gasped at the sensation.

My breath came in short puffs as my finger slipped in and out of my pussy. The couple on the screen were shedding their clothes by now, and I admired their figures. She was exceptionally attractive, while he was almost objectionable— except for the size of his penis. When I saw what he had down there, it inspired me to further explore my crotch and breasts.

I had one hand on my left breast, squeezing my nipple, and the other hand on my pussy. When a third hand touched my thigh above my knee, I almost had a stroke. I looked down to see that Libby had awakened, and she was watching me.

“It’s kind of fun, isn’t it, Janet?” she asked me in a whisper.

I pulled my hands away from my sizzling parts and tried to rearrange my clothes. She and I had known each other since I’d moved next door to her family five years earlier. I had watched with pride and a little envy as she had ripened into a very pretty girl and now a young woman.

Libby didn’t remove her hand from my thigh, but rather put more pressure on it. “Come over and sit with me,” she coaxed, turning around and sitting back against the couch cushions without bothering to first fix her pants.

“I don’t think— ”

“Oh, please, Janet,” Libby pleaded. “At least tell me about your date. I’m so glad that one of us is going out with a man.” Her smile was radiant though slightly ironic, and I couldn’t say no, so I sat down at the far end of the couch.

I reached for the remote to turn off the VCR, but Libby stopped me. “Let it play, Janet” she said. “This is one of my personal favorites.”

I shrugged and placed the remote down. Libby scooted closer to me and placed a hand on my quivering thigh. I felt the heat of her palm even through my skirt. “So, where did you go, what did you do?” she asked, drawing me back to the conversation.

I told her about the dinner and dancing, and she told me she loved dancing almost as much as she loved sex. This piqued my curiosity, and I asked how much experience she had with sex. “Not as much as with dancing,” she laughed, and her laughter calmed me.

She started telling me about the last date she’d been on, and then we started talking about sex. When I felt more comfortable with where the conversation was going, I asked if she watched a lot of porn. She said she did, and that she’d learned a lot by watching the movies, but she didn’t have a guy right now to practice on. Then she shrugged and said that sometimes she even got more turned on by the girl girl scenes. “But I’m not a lesbian,” she insisted when I looked at her curiously. She said that she thought there were only two kinds of sex anyway: good and bad. The kind of sex you had depended on your partner’s feelings, she insisted, not their gender. I was slightly stunned by this revelation, but Libby seemed comfortable with it.

“I bet it’s been a while since anyone’s had their way with you. Am I right?” she asked.

As I admitted that she was correct, the action on the TV screen caught my eye. The man in the scene was aggressively screwing some blonde woman doggy style while she chewed on the muff of a brunette girl I hadn’t seen enter the picture. The sight of the two women lip to lip, so to speak, startled me, but all the action on the screen intrigued me, too.

“See how great that is?” Libby said. “Would you like to try that? I’m game if you are. . . . ”

She looked at me longingly and touched my thigh again. I took her hand to remove it, but instead I impulsively pushed it against my crotch.

“That’s the spirit!” Libby said.

She pushed my skirt up and suggested I take it off. After just a few movements I was sitting on the couch in only my bra and panties, and Libby was kneeling between my legs with her mouth against my panty covered pussy. She teased me through the lacy fabric for a while, and then had me lift my pelvis so she could slip my panties off. As soon as my panties were discarded, she went back to licking my labia, but more directly this time. I started to say something to her, but the words wouldn’t come out. I could only moan in a more animal like way than I ever had before.

My hands flew to Libby’s head and I pressed her face into my burning cunt. I imagined Charlie down there, but I didn’t think he’d be as gentle or knowledgeable as this little dirty movie fan was. Pleasurable electricity shot from her lips, through my pussy, and up into my stomach and along my legs. The feeling was sensational!

Libby seemed to stay down there for hours, licking me and probing the depths of my hole with her fingers. She found spots that had never been stimulated before. I trembled and arched my back and slammed my butt against the couch cushion. I pushed my bra up and watched as my breasts popped out into the dim light. My nipples were distended and aching for attention, and I twiddled them with my trembling fingers. I marveled at the size and softness of my own breasts. I almost wanted to take one of my own tits into my mouth, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I could, however, ask Libby to do it for me. . . .

Over the top of her bobbing blonde head I could see the threesome on the television. The two women were swapping places so the man could fuck the brunette from behind while she ate out the blonde. The scene was a bit blurry, though, the tears in my eyes from the sheer joy of release clouding my vision. There’s no substitute for a properly wielded penis, of course, but Libby’s fingers were doing a good job of making me forget all about cocks.

I reached down and grabbed her head, pulling her face to mine. I pressed my lips against hers with the same passion Charlie had expressed earlier. As we kissed, I tasted my pussy on Libby’s tongue and lips. Her arms wrapped around my tender neck and our mouths pressed more firmly together. I pulled back after a minute and lay Libby back on the couch. I pulled her pants and panties down, and for the first time in my life, I tasted another woman’s slit. It was electrifying! She tasted sweet and musky at the same time. She’d already come earlier, by her own hand, and there were remnants of her orgasm clinging to her thighs in the form of drying drops of her juice. It only made me want to make her come that much more. I set out to make that happen.

I slid my hands under her shirt, which she promptly pulled off to reveal her tits. Her breasts weren’t as big as mine, but they were still breasts, and I felt myself instinctively reaching for them. I was thrilled that Libby was letting me touch them, and I tweaked and teased them as my lips and tongue continued to investigate the folds of her pussy.

Libby loved it. She guided my hands over her breasts and stomach, and she wiggled her hips to get her pussy closer to my mouth. I wasn’t as good at eating pussy as she was, granted, but I was certainly trying my best.

It must have been good enough, too, because soon she gasped excitedly and stopped squirming. She pushed me back onto the carpet and once more attached her mouth to my pussy. I arched and rocked against her, and finally I asked her to turn around so I could play with her, too. I fondled her tits and stuck my tongue in her pussy, licking and slurping. Her pussy was wet, and I knew that I had caused that. It was such a new experience, and I felt like I would never come down off this sexual high!

Things got even more intense when Libby pushed one of her well lubricated fingers into my virgin asshole. Not even my husband had ever put anything back there! It was another new sensation, and it set me off and had me twitching and gasping for breath. Having Libby finger fuck my ass had a fabulously energizing effect on me. It felt like a giant turbo charger had been strapped to my engine.

Neither of us spoke much during all this. That was fine with me I was willing to keep my tongue and lips busy doing more important things. Libby, it was obvious, felt the same way, and she moaned encouraging words to me between nips and slurps of my own pussy. Her hands played up and down my thighs, and after one more orgasm, I finally fell back to the floor, exhausted. I’d climaxed more times in one evening with this young girl than I had in a whole year’s worth of sexual play with my now ex husband.

But Libby wasn’t done, and as soon as I’d caught my breath, she started lowering her dripping pussy lips to my gasping mouth. I lifted my head to get closer to this appetizing morsel, and I licked, sucked and nibbled at her until she exploded. Then she collapsed on the floor next to me.

The movie ended as we lay there, and the television cast a deep blue glow across the room. As Libby and I gently caressed each other’s body lovingly, I wondered if we’d ever have a repeat of this scene. I wasn’t a lesbian, I was sure of that, but making love to the nubile young woman had been an eye opening experience.

A moment later, Libby leaned up and kissed me before leaning back on her elbow. “About payment for baby sitting tonight, let’s just call it even,” she said. “And please, call me up anytime. Whether you need me to watch the kids or not. . . . ” — J.C., Livonia, Michigan