The Cheetah

A warm breeze blows your tawny blonde hair away from your face as you run. You maintain a moderate pace, ignoring distractions, focused on your prey. He is up ahead, where the asphalt path curves near the lake. He is completely unaware that fifty yards behind him is a cheetah on the prowl.

Your snug sports bra holds your compact B cup breasts up nice and high. You are equally sleek and enticing below the waist. You always wear a thong under your split sided running shorts. Each time you lift a leg, you show off one of the smooth, bare flanks of your ass.

You like the lustful stares you get from men. What you like even more are the glares of resentment from women. Some of them might have bigger boobs or cuter outfits than you, but none of them has what you’ve got. With your athletic build and sultry, determined expression, you radiate sex appeal like a cat in heat. A big cat.

You met your boyfriend Greg in this same part a couple of months ago. You already were living with a guy at the time. Like that mattered.

Greg was playing soccer with some friends, shirts versus skins. His broad chest and muscular arms looked so good that you knew you had to have him. When a wild kick sent the ball in your direction, you grabbed it. Instead of tossing it back, you pointed at Greg, then crooked your finger. He grinned, shrugged at his buddies and jogged over to you. His upper body was covered in a light sheen of sweat, giving him an irresistibly manly scent.

“I’m here for the hostage,” he said, nodding at the ball.

“It’s yours for a kiss,” you replied, in your best bad little girl voice. You put the ball behind your back. “And it has to be a really good one.”

Greg looked back at his buddies again, like he couldn’t believe his luck. You knew you had him as soon as he leaned forward to press his lips against yours. You opened your mouth and found his tongue. He put a strong arm around you and pulled you close. Not breaking the kiss, he took the ball and tossed it backward over his shoulder. His buddies got the message and resumed their game without him.

“What’s your name?” he finally said, his big arms till around your trim waist. His face was flush with desire. His hard on pressed against your stomach through his baggy shorts.

You wanted to keep things physical, animal, primal. You looked in his eyes and said, “How about if I tell you after you fuck me?” His cock gave a spasm.

You didn’t spare a thought for the guy you were living with as he drove you to his apartment. That would have been too civilized, too human. All that mattered was the moment, and mating with this new man. In the elevator he was all over you, squeezing your tits and putting his hands down the back of your running shorts while you French kissed. As soon as you were inside his place, both of you were out of your clothes fast.

“I want to taste this big, beautiful dick,” you said, tugging his slightly curved erection. You pushed him onto his couch and went to your knees between his legs. Then you opened wide and started sucking.

Arnie, your live in boyfriend, would be devastated later when you told him you had found another guy. Too bad. Arnie was yesterday’s fun. He was getting boring, and you were ready to move on. You were a hungry, savage pussy with a big appetite.

Greg’s cock soon was throbbing between your lips. You knew he was close to losing control. “Go ahead and come in my mouth,” you told him. “Then we’ll see if you’re man enough to fuck me when you’re done.” The words had barely left your lips before his cock began spurting. You took the first big gusher on the cheek, but swallowed the rest.

You were so hot by then that you climbed onto the couch cushions to shove your crotch in Greg’s face. Your hands were pressed flat against the wall for support. “Eat my cunt,” you said, grinding your pussy against his mouth. “Suck my pussy and make me come. Lick my clit.”

Greg slid a middle finger up and down your crack while he lapped your neatly trimmed twat. He slipped the thumb of that same hand up your snatch and worked it in and out. It felt fantastic. You needed to get fucked. You needed it right away.

“I want you inside me,” you said, squatting over his lap and taking his cock in your hand.

Greg managed to ask, “Do you want me to get a rubber?”

“Fuck, no!” You sat down hard on his stiff cock. It still was impressively hard, even though he had come only minutes before. You rode up and down on that big dick, rubbing your pussy at the same time.

Greg sucked your left tit, then your right. He used both hands to press the tips of your breasts toward each other, so your nipples almost touched. He darted his tongue between them. You turned around without lifting your cunt from his cock. Sitting on his lap with your back to him, you leaned forward and held your butt cheeks apart.

“Finger my ass while you fuck me,” you said. That was something one of your first lovers had taught you. He was very into ass play, with his fingers, tongue, toys and cock. You thought that was nasty at first, but you developed a taste for it in a hurry.

You felt Greg tentatively massaging the puckered rim of your anus. “Give me more,” you said, bucking up and down on his dick with your pussy. “Go deeper.” One of his long fingers probed inside your sphincter. Then he slipped it out and inserted two fingers at once. Deep.

“Ohhhhh,” you moaned, loving the sensation. You didn’t know his name yet, but you knew he was going to be a keeper. At least for a little while.

Impulsively, you raised yourself off Greg’s cock and thrust your pelvis forward. Holding his slimy prick in your hand, you placed his swollen dickhead against your asshole. The only lubrication on his big cock was your pussy cream. That was fine with you. You really wanted to feel this fuck.

You took the first two inches of it up your ass without much trouble. But you had to wiggle around like a real slut to wedge the rest of his massive cock inside your tiny asshole. The feeling was so overwhelming that you opened your mouth to cry out, but you couldn’t make a sound.

You kept frigging your clit with one hand while you bounced up and down on Greg’s dick with your ass. Tears rolled down your face as you whimpered through a pair of back to back climaxes.

“Jesus, your ass is tight,” Greg groaned. “Goddamn, it’s tight!” He gripped your waist as he pumped in and out of your clutching, burning ass. It wasn’t long before you felt the telltale throb that meant he was ready to come again. Then he was doing it, shooting off a hot load inside your bowels.

Arnie called you a goddamned cheating little bitch when you told him you were moving in with Greg. But you aren’t a cheater, you’re a cheetah. Cheetahs have to hunt to live. They are the only cats who never retract their claws. Just like you.

Your latest prey, that guy on the path up ahead of you now, is as black and chiseled as an ebony god. You put on a burst of speed and easily sprint past him, but not too far. You can almost feel the heat of his stare on your long, white legs and your trim, upturned ass.

You can’t wait to feel his cock inside you. It’s been a long time since you had a black guy. Greg will be pissed when you tell him it is over between the two of your, but that’s too fucking bad. You have feasted on his body long enough. Time to leave that used carcass behind and move on to some fresh meat.

The black stranger is picking up speed behind you, closing the gap. He definitely wants what he sees. To keep the upper hand, your next move will be tricky.

You stop abruptly in your tracks. He is running too fast to avoid a collision. You roll sideways with the impact, making sure he winds up on his back in the grass. You quickly straddle his body, your crotch against his. You can feel through his tight spandex shorts that his cock is upright and hard, just as you hoped. You scrunch your pussy up and down a couple of times against that thick bulge.

He looks up at you with a mixture of suspicion and desire, but doesn’t say a word. You set his mind at ease by collapsing against his massive chest and shoving your tongue in his mouth. Then you put your lips against his ear and breathe, “Do you want to fuck me?”

Seconds later, you are leaning over and holding on to a tree behind some bushes. Your running shorts are on the grass. Your thong has been yanked aside, baring your crack. The stranger is holding the cheeks of your ass apart so he can see your pink anus and your stretched wide cunt. You are on the receiving end of a vigorous, sweaty stand up fuck, like a beautiful animal in the wild.

You close your eyes and rake your sharp claws down the smooth bark of the tree, practically purring with pleasure. You know you will continue screwing around on every lover you bring to ground, including this latest one. Each of them will feel betrayed, hurt and angry because of your endless cheating.

But to a hungry cheetah like you, that’s just the law of the jungle.

Italian Stallion

My wife Karen and I are in our mid thirties. We have been married for ten years, and have always been very open with each other about our sexual fantasies and desires. Karen is a five foot five inch short haired brunette. With perfectly delicious breasts and gorgeous legs. Her ass is so hot that the mere sight of her bent over naked inspires me to drop to my knees and give her sweet little pussy a tongue lashing. She has always been on the wild side, and in college earned quite a reputation as the campus cocksucker.

About two years after the birth of our first child, Karen’s old college friend Greta asked if she would join her on a two week tour of Europe. When Karen told me about this, I could see that she wanted to do it, and I also suspected that she looked at it as an opportunity to fuck other men. We had talked about this before, and the idea excited both of us. When I asked her if that was her plan, her wicked smile told me that my feeling had been right. I asked her to promise that she would tell me all about her adventures, and she happily agreed.

On the night Karen returned, I joined her at the hotel room I had reserved near the airport, only to find her half asleep with jet lag. I climbed into bed with her and asked her hot her trip was. With a tired but sexy smile she said, “Great!” Then she said she had something to tell me, and she hoped I wouldn’t be upset. Of course she knew I was dying to hear it. When she revealed that she had indeed found some extra marital action with a man in Venice, I did feel a twinge of jealousy, but at the same time my cock stood up. I smiled, kissed her deeply and begged her to tell me every detail.

As it turned out, much of Karen and Greta’s trip had been spent traveling on a tour bus, and Karen had been immediately attracted to the bus driver. His name was Angelo, and he was an Italian stud of about twenty five. Karen said that as soon as she saw him she felt she had to have his cock in her mouth.

On the fourth night the tour arrived in Venice, and the whole group had dinner together at the hotel. Throughout dinner, Karen made eye contact with Angelo, making her sexual interest in him obvious. When the group began to break up, Angelo asked if the two girls wanted to join him for a drink at a nearby pub. Greta declined and retired to bed, while Karen jumped at the invite.

Karen soon put to rest any uncertainty Angelo may have had about where the night was going by stroking his ass as they strolled down the street. As they sat in the bar, she removed her shoes and rubbed Angelo’s crotch with her toes. Soon they were kissing with the passion of sex starved animals. Karen described it as the most sexually exciting moment of her life she said her shaven pussy was dripping with need.

After one drink they bolted from the bar and hurried in the direction of the tour bus, which was only about half a mile away. But Karen couldn’t wait to get there. She pulled Angelo onto a dark bench by a picturesque canal, unveiled his cock and sucked it with fervor. It was her first uncircumcised dick, and she delighted in the novelty. This went on until Angelo’s fear of discovery caused them to resume their rush to the bus.

Once on board, Angelo locked the door, and my deliciously sexy wife stripped naked, dropped to her knees and resumed sucking the cock of her new friend. After she had swallowed his first load, Angelo led her to the back of the bus and sat her down for her first Italian oral exam, sucking my wife’s clit like a sweet piece of candy.

By this point in her story, Karen and I were naked ourselves, and as she continued, I enthusiastically licked that same sweet twat that Angelo had enjoyed.

The sucking and fucking on the bus had continued for hours before they got dressed and retired to their hotel rooms. Greta said very little about Karen’s absence, though it had to be obvious to her that something was going on. Any doubt was erased the next night, when Angelo made a late night visit to their room, with the hope of having his cock sucked again. Greta was asleep (or pretending to be), but Karen shamelessly invited her lover to join her in the bed. Again she sucked his penis like a possessed whore, and then, lying on her stomach, she peeled away her panties and accommodated Angelo’s rigid member. After he brought her to climax that way, she blissfully sucked him dry again.

Angelo spent the rest of the night in their bed. The next morning things turned even wilder. With Greta still asleep, Angelo arose to shower and Karen joined him. As the warm water caressed their bodies, Karen once again dropped to her knees to worship her lover’s stiff rod. Next, Angelo had my wife lean against the shower wall and arch her back, exposing her succulent ass. As he buried his erection deep in her pussy, the bathroom door opened and Greta came in.

Karen was in the throes of ecstasy at that moment, and when Greta smiled at her and asked if they wanted company, Karen waved her in. Angelo, of course, offered no objection. Greta quickly stripped her hot little body and joined the two of them for a morning romp. As Karen orgasmed, Angelo slid his dick out of her pussy and Greta got her first taste of an Italian penis. Soon Greta found herself assuming the same position Karen had, as the happy stud banged her from behind.

Inspired by this tale, I began to fuck my wife doggie style as she went on to relate the rest of their carnal adventures. Each night for the rest of the tour the three of them would retire to the girls’ room for a long night of sucking and fucking. And Karen told me all about it.

My horny wife certainly had the time of her life, and I am thrilled that she let herself experience such an adventure. I feel very fortunate to have a wife who is completely uninhibited about sex, and I’m sure this episode will open up our relationship to future erotic adventures.— H.V., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Aural Sex

One night last September my wife Phyllis had to go on a business trip for a few days. We decided that this would be a great opportunity for us to make one of our fantasies come true, and boy, were we right!

On the first night Phyllis called me to report that she hadn’t found the right man yet, but she was working on it. When she called the second night she was outside the hotel bar. She told me she had met someone and was wearing his cowboy hat. As she was talking to me, her intended lover came over, and I heard him ask her for his hat. Phyllis told him no, he would have to come to her room to get it, because her hair was a mess and she didn’t want to take it off. Good girl, I thought. Then she told me she was going to her room and would call me back later.

After we hung up I needed relief badly. I went to bed and began to masturbate. Thirty minutes later the phone rang again. Phyllis was panting on the other end. She told me the man she had picked up was eating her out, and she held the phone down by her crotch for a minute, so I could hear him lapping at her sweet honeypot.

I suggested to her that she should touch her clit while he sucked on her pussy. Phyllis moaned, “Oh yes. . . . ” Then I said she should rub her nipples hard with her other hand while she kept playing with that swollen nub of hers. Her lover was really getting a face full of her love juice I could hear him lapping her now, even though the phone was at her ear. Phyllis was moaning loudly. I was jerking myself off. I told her to imagine my cock filling her mouth while this man was eating her. Phyllis moaned louder, and then she was coming, and so was I.

When she caught her breath Phyllis told me that the man had inserted a finger in her asshole as she was coming. Now, she said, he was going to put his cock in her mouth. I heard the sound of gulping and lip smacking as she sucked him off. I heard a wild grunt and a moan as he shot his wad down her throat.

Phyllis thanked me then, and told me I was in for a real treat when she got home. I can’t wait!— I.Z., Tucson, Arizona

Pregnant with Passion

My husband can be a real asshole sometimes. He knocked me up seven months ago, right after we were married, and then he stopped having sex with me as soon as he learned that I was pregnant. He said he was afraid to hurt the baby. He doesn’t want me to orgasm because he thinks it could be dangerous, so he won’t go down on me, and he sure as hell won’t fuck me. He will let me suck him off, if I’m horny. Nice guy, huh? I’ve shown him books and had him go with me to the doctor, but he refuses to believe it’s okay to have sex while I’m still pregnant.

Well, what did he expect would happen? I got so fucking horny that last week I invited Larry, a coworker of mine, home for some lunch. Once we got to the house I wasted no time. As Larry sat on the couch I sat between his legs on the floor.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“What does it look like?” I shot back as I opened his belt and slid his zipper down. I tugged at his slacks and he raised his hips to help. His pants were soon at his ankles. I pulled the elastic of his underwear back and his stiffening boner sprang free.

“Honey, I’m old enough to be your father,” Larry said. “Besides, you are newly married, and pregnant, and I thought you were a virgin when you got married.”

“That’s true,” I said. “I’ve never seen any dick other than my husband’s. But he won’t screw me while I’m pregnant, and we only fucked three or four times before I got knocked up. Now I want cock, but he won’t give it to me. Don’t you want my tight little pussy?”

Larry was rock hard now and eager to bang my near virgin cunt. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and slurped up and down a few times. But Larry knew what I really wanted, and soon he had stripped me nude, his experienced hands wandering over my body.

Larry laid me on the couch and took my place on the floor. I never felt anything like the way he ate my cunt. I soon shivered in orgasm, then lay breathing hard as Larry lined up his pecker. I watched over my big belly as he eased it into my cunt.

“Oh god, that feels good!” he said as he sank in up to his balls.

My cunt was as tight as the first time I’d fucked, since I’d been without cock for so long. Larry filled me up as he began to pump me harder. Soon I came again, this time the way I’d wanted to for so long, with a nice stiff dick up my tight little cunt. Several more orgasms followed, and my pussy got wetter and wetter as I begged him to fuck me even harder.

“I’m going to come now, sweetie,” Larry announced. “Do you want it on that nice big belly?”

“No way!” I said. “Fill me up, Larry. You know you can’t get me pregnant, so why not? I can’t wait to feel you come inside me.”

A warm sensation filled my cunt as Larry’s cock spasmed in my pussy, and his cream invaded my already knocked up womb.

Larry and I now fuck daily, either at the office or after hours. My husband is too stupid to notice, since he won’t go near my cunt anyway. I sure hope the baby is late.— S.J., Lincoln, Nebraska

Old Fiddles, Sweet Song

If my husband reads this letter in your magazine it’s going to make him crazy. Not with jealousy or anger, but with frustration, because he didn’t get to see what happened to me.

For years Jerry has been asking me to have sex with a couple of guys, and to allow him to watch. I had to admit that having sex with two men sounded great, but to do it in front of my husband, letting him observe— well, no thanks. Sorry, Jerry.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Jerry and I took a two week vacation in the Virgin Islands. We stayed at a condo in a big beautiful vacation resort. While there we got to know our next door neighbors very well. They were two couples from California, both about twenty years our senior, which would make them close to sixty. But they were still kind of attractive, especially the two men, Barney and Lou, who were both gray haired and very distinguished looking.

One night our neighbors got into a rather heated discussion. It seemed that the wives wanted to go out dancing that night, and their husbands didn’t. Finally my husband settled the argument by volunteering to be the ladies’ escort that evening. I decided to stay home and take it easy.

It was six o’clock when Jerry left to pick up the two neighbor ladies. About half an hour later there was a soft knock at my door. It was Barney and Lou, coming to visit me with a couple of bottles of booze. Barney mixed the drinks while Lou and I sat across from each other, making small talk.

Suddenly I became very aware that Lou was spending a lot of time staring at my legs. I was wearing a rather brief sundress, and I guess I hadn’t been too careful about how much of myself I was putting on display. When Barney handed me my drink I thought it was rather strong, but I didn’t say anything as he sat next to me on the sofa.

At one point, as we were talking, Barney slipped his left arm around my shoulders. I didn’t object in fact, it felt rather cozy, and I found myself moving closer to him. At the same time I recrossed my legs, seeing Lou’s eyes glued to my thighs as I gave him a good long look at my white panties.

I had almost finished my drink when I felt Barney’s arm pulling me to him, and then he was kissing me on the mouth. I was surprised, but the feeling of his mouth on mine was not unpleasant, and I allowed him to kiss me long and passionately.

As we kissed, I felt Barney’s free hand on my knee, and then it was moving up my leg. I thought that Lou must be in heaven now, since my dress was hiked up over my bar thighs, exposing my bikini panties. Barney broke the kiss, and I heard myself moaning with pleasure as he touched my pussy through the panties, and I watched as if hypnotized as his fingers played with the lips of my vagina.

Then Lou was kneeling in front of me, his hands reaching for the waistband of my panties. I lifted my hips as he pulled them down, revealing my black bush. Lou lowered his head, and I felt his warm breath and wet tongue moving toward the target. It felt good, and then I was squirming as Lou’s tongue and lips worked at my twat.

As Lou expertly ate my pussy, Barney undressed. I had to admit he was pretty well hung for a sixty year old. Between the sight of Barney’s hard cock and the feeling of Lou’s tongue up my pussy, I got so aroused that I climaxed. Still excited, I helped Barney to remove my sundress and bra. He got on top of me and we fucked for nearly twenty minutes. Then I got Lou to lie on his back and I gave him the blowjob of his life, finally swallowing his salty load.

My dear husband, I’m sorry you didn’t get to witness this. But keep trying. Who knows— maybe, just maybe, someday you’ll get your wish.— G.C., Detroit, Michigan