Painter’s Passion

Pam and I have been married for almost twenty years, and in all that time she had never succumbed to another man’s advances— until this past summer.

The exterior of our house was in desperate need of paint, so we hired a paint contractor by the name of Dirk to do the job. Little did I know that Dirk would do an even better job on my wife.

Dirk was in his late twenties, tall and lean, with golden blond hair. His blue eyes dripped sex, and he walked with his legs slightly apart to accommodate his enormous package. I really couldn’t blame any woman for lusting after this guy’s cock.

When I didn’t receive a bill for the paint job, I asked my wife about it. That’s when she told me what had happened between her and Dirk.

The first day on the job, Dirk showed up wearing only painter’s overalls, leaving his tanned, hairy chest exposed. I was at work, of course, and Pam met him at the front door. My wife is a brunette in her late thirties, five feet four inches tall, with a killer figure— huge round tits, a slim waist, shapely legs and a firm tight ass, which she had never allowed me to fuck. That day she was wearing only a tube top and short cut off jeans, with no underwear. Her large, almost constantly erect nipples poked out the elastic material of the tube top, and dark thick strands of pubic hair protruded from beneath the cut offs.

She invited him in and went to our bedroom to get his deposit check. When she turned around she saw him standing in the doorway. As she went to hand him the check, he lightly took hold of her wrist. At that point, Pam told me, she knew she was making a dangerous choice, but she was so smitten by him that she couldn’t resist. She made no protest as he pulled her against him and kissed her deeply, inserting his tongue into her mouth. She soon found herself kissing him back, surrendering to the passion of the moment.

Dirk started feeling her breasts through her top and running his hands over the cheeks of her ass. Almost involuntarily, her hand went to the bulge in his pants and began rubbing his throbbing cock. Dirk peeled her tube top off and bared her ample bosom. At that point she leaned back, pulled his face into her cleavage and begged him to suck long and hard. He did just that, sucking on my wife’s tits like a newborn baby.

Pretty soon the noises his mouth was making around her tits kindled a need in her to do some sucking of her own. Gently pushing him away, she dropped to her knees, and together they manipulated him out of his overalls. Pam slid his boxer shorts down past his raging hard on, releasing it right at the level of her luscious lips. She then palmed that big twitching sausage and guided it toward her hot, moist mouth.

Dirk groaned as she took his meat deep into her mouth. He put his hands on her head and urged her to take his eight inch cock even further. Once she got it into her throat, she was able to swallow it all the way down to his balls. They soon got a rhythm going, and Dirk fucked her face with reckless abandon, commenting breathlessly on how nice it was to have my wife’s head bobbing up and down on his favorite tool. Pretty soon he had announced that he was on the verge of coming. Pam felt his cock begin to pulsate, and then he was splashing her tonsils with a huge load of his jism. Pam did the best she could to swallow all of his cream, but some of it managed to escape her mouth and spill onto her tits.

Figuring he was finished, at least for the moment, Pam got up and reached for her top. But Dirk asked her what she was doing, saying he wasn’t through with her yet. Pam was amazed and pleased to see that his massive cock was still hard. She dropped her top and slowly slid her shorts down, showing Dirk the huge tuft of pubic hair that makes her swollen labia stand out. Pam said she couldn’t wait for him to fuck her.

Dirk laid her down on our bed and spread her legs wide open. He placed the bulbous head of his boner against her swollen cunt lips and rammed his cock deep inside her. Pam was soon moaning as Dirk pumped his diamond cutter furiously in and out of her. As he did so he told her what a great fuck she was, saying he had taken the painting job with the hope of getting into her pants. Pam had several orgasms while he was fucking her.

After her third climax, Dirk pulled his johnson out of her, put her legs up onto his shoulders and lubricated her asshole with the love juices from her pussy. My wife was an anal virgin, but at that point she was so carried away with lust that she decided to let Dirk take her cherry.

Dirk slid every inch of his meat up her sweet ass. The sensation was so overwhelming that Pam damn near fainted when he began reaming out her anus with his gigantic cock. He told her what a tight, hot ass she had, and how good it was going to feel to squirt his milk inside her. Then he arched his back and plowed his monster deep inside her anus as she felt his searing hot come ricocheting like bullets off the walls of her rectum.

Dirk left his cock inside my wife’s ass for a while, taking advantage of the opportunity to play with her hard nippled breasts. He finally slid his joint out, and Pam eagerly sucked him clean. When she was finished polishing his knob, they got dressed. Dirk handed her back the deposit check, saying that he didn’t want to take her money, and would be happy to paint the house for free. Pam asked him if there were any strings attached, and he said absolutely not, he was just doing it because he liked her. Pam smiled and said in that case they should start every day in the bedroom until the job was finished.

After that my wife feasted on Dirk’s cock each morning as long as the painting went on, swallowing loads of semen and getting fucked in ever way imaginable. During the day she would walk around with Dirk’s come oozing from her cunt and asshole. I was clueless about this, until about a month later, when I asked Pam why we hadn’t yet gotten the bill for the paint job. It was then that she finally confessed her dalliance with Dirk, telling me all about it in great detail, and explaining that she was sorry, but she just hadn’t been able to control herself.

At first I was pissed at her, and a little upset, although I understood how it could have happened. But eventually my anger disappeared, especially after my wife suggested that I try fucking her in the ass. Now I’m very happy to have both a wife who loves anal sex, and a house with a brand new free paint job!— C.T., Middletown, New Jersey

Celebrity Fantasy: Ben Stein & Jimmy Kimmel

If I ever had a chance to be with any celebrity I chose, it would have to be none other than Ben Stein. That man gets me so damn hot that I have wet dreams about him. I had one just the other day, in which I was one of the contestants on his game show. I didn’t get to the Best of Ten with him, but that was all right, because I got him instead, which to me was better than getting his five thousand dollars.

In my dream I waited until the show was over, and then went to his dressing room. I knocked on the door and he answered.

“May I help you?” he asked me.

“No, but I can help you,” I told him as I walked into the dressing room. I closed the door and said, “I’ve been wanting you since I first saw your show. You make me so hot that I get off just watching you on TV.” Then I reached over and started rubbing his cock through his pants. I unzipped his pants, reached in and felt his hard, throbbing pole. He may have been surprised, but he knew a good thing when he saw it. He unbuttoned my blouse and dropped it to the floor, then unzipped my skirt and let it fall. There I was, naked in front of the man of my sex dreams.

Ben then lowered me to the floor and started rubbing my hot clit. As I lay there with his hard pole in my hand, I whispered, “I want to suck your cock.” He crouched over me and slowly put his large dick in my mouth. I eagerly took it all the way down my throat. One of his hands was on my breast the other was rubbing my clit. My juices were flowing freely. I licked up and down his cock, then stroked it as I licked his balls.

I knew my dreams had come true. I was with the sexiest man in the world, a man who could practically make me come just by looking at me. I started sucking his cock fast and hard. I was just about ready to come and so was Ben. And then the door opened, and there stood Jimmy Kimmel.

“May I join in the fun?” he asked.

“Wow!” was all I could say. Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Stein together with me, having sex! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Ben put his cock in my hot throbbing pussy as Jimmy lowered his pants and slid his dick into my mouth. I started sucking him, sliding my mouth up and down in rhythm with the stroking of Ben’s cock up inside me. Ben pumped faster and I sucked harder, until Jimmy, Ben and I all came together, and then collapsed in pure joy and ecstasy.

After it was over, we sat and talked over a few glasses of wine. I told Ben that I never missed any of his shows. Just as I was getting up to leave, Ben reached out and took my hand, saying, “Thank you for an evening I’ll always remember. Is it possible to see you again?”

I was thrilled that this man would want to see me again, but I had to tell him no. “Ben, you don’t know how much it means to me that you want to see me again, but I’m sorry, we can’t. But this has been the best evening of my life, and I will never forget it. I will continue to watch your show, and as I do I will be lying back with you and Jimmy in my mind, and my fingers in my cunt.” I gave them both a hug and thanked them one last time, then closed the door behind me with a smile on my face. As I was walking out to my car, my alarm went off and woke me up. My pussy was dripping wet, and I realized it had all been just a dream.

I reached for the phone and dialed the number of Win Ben Stein’s Money. When the operator answered, I said that I would like to be a contestant on the show. Who knows, I thought. Maybe this time my dream would come true.— V.L., New York, New York

Celebrity Fantasy: Andrea Parker

I am a nineteen year old college girl who likes both men and women. One of my favorite fantasies is about Andrea Parker, who plays Miss Parker on The Pretender, and it goes like this:

I arrive home from work one evening and notice that I need milk for breakfast the next morning, so I decide to walk the four blocks to the local Seven Eleven store. After getting my milk and a few other things I leave the store and start home. I’ve only gone half a block before I hear thunder, and then the sky opens up and the rain pours down. I am getting soaked, so I start to walk faster. Then over my shoulder I hear someone calling, “Why don’t you come onto my porch until the rain lets up?”

I turn around and there is Miss Parker, standing on her porch and motioning for me to come over. I run to the porch and thank her heartily. Seeing that I am carrying milk, she invites me to come in and put it in her refrigerator. I am shivering from the rain, and she asks me if I would like to take a warm shower. I gratefully accept this offer, and she gives me one of her robes and shows me to the bathroom.

After showering, I put on the robe and go out into the kitchen, where Miss Parker offers me some hot chocolate and invites me into the den. After some small talk, she tells me how good I look in her robe. When I make no move to stop her, she kisses me on the neck, then lowers her head to suck my breast.

Her warm mouth on my nipple makes it hard. After a moment she lowers herself to her knees and positions me so she can lick my pussy. She slowly moves her tongue up my slit to my clit. I start to grind my pussy into her face as she licks and sucks at my clit.

After a few minutes of this she gets up and tells me to wait right there. When she comes back she is completely naked, except for a strap on dildo. As I stare at her with lust, she asks me to get on all fours so she can fuck me doggie style. When I do, she plunges that dildo right into my wet pussy, playing with my tits with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. I am having the fuck of my life, and I am in heaven. As I start to scream in orgasm, she grabs my hips and bangs me hard, shoving the dildo in deep.

After my orgasm has died down, Miss Parker pulls the dildo from my pussy and begs me to “suck her cock.” I have never tasted my own pussy juice before, but let me tell you, I suck that dildo clean, loving the taste of my own sweet nectar.

She now tells me it is her turn. But instead of the eight inch dildo she has used on me, she has me put on one that is at least ten inches long and two inches around. Before I start, she asks me to lick her asshole and stick my tongue up her ass. She moans and squirms with pleasure as I lick her ass and finger her pussy. Then she tells me to fuck her ass.

I stick the dildo in slowly at first, but soon pick up speed as I fuck her harder and deeper. She is groaning with ecstasy and begging me to fuck her faster. I am amazed as her asshole opens up to take all ten inches of the dildo. After a while Miss Parker is rubbing her clit and screaming, “Yes, yes, I’m coming! Oh god, fuck me harder!”

What with all her screaming, and the sight of that dildo going in and out of her ass, as well as the friction of the strap on as it rubs against my clit, I suddenly explode into the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. As soon as it dies down, Miss Parker goes into a shuddering orgasm of her own, which in turn sends me into yet another one. Finally I pull out of her and collapse onto the floor. She then jumps on top of me in a 69 position, and we eat each other out until we both come yet again.

After holding each other for what seems like an eternity, we get up and notice that the rain has stopped. I get dressed and get my milk from the fridge. Miss Parker kisses me good bye lingeringly at the door, and I go home a very happy girl.— K.T., Saginaw, Michigan

Celebrity Fantasy: Natalie Portman

A recent fantasy of mine begins fairly normally, with me attending the first night of a well hyped new movie. But afterwards, thanks to an unlikely chance meeting, I find myself walking and talking with one of the lovely young up and comers in show business, Natalie Portman.

We begin our conversation by trading critiques about the movie we’ve just seen, and then go on to speculations about the next Star Wars entry, and to things in general. I find myself venturing the opinion that if The Phantom Menace is anything to go by, she has shown enough potential to play in any sort of movie. I tell her that I admire the fact that, at the tender age of nineteen, she’s holding her own in the business with people much older, and has already made a bit of a name for herself.

Natalie seems pleasantly flattered. “Is that all you like, though— only my work?” she asks with a grin. “Just out of idle curiosity.”

Before I can stop myself, I’m telling her that I’ve always had a thing for brown haired, brown eyed girls, and that with that wonderful smile of hers, she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

“That’s kind of sweet,” she says, giving me one of those very smiles. “And is there . . . um . . . anything else?”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well,” she says mischievously, “I thought you might be thinking about some pictures of me you might have seen in a magazine.”

Well, the truth is that I do have some rather vivid memories of a very revealing magazine spread showing her topless at some beach or other. Though I try to keep cool, my discomfort must show in my body language or something.

“Are you okay?” she wonders. “You look all hot and bothered all of a sudden.”

“No, I’m all right,” I say. “It’s nothing, really.”

“Whoa, your hormones must be going haywire,” she says. “Those pictures must have put some pretty wild ideas in your head, huh?”

I try to say something, but nothing comes out.

“Well, maybe we’d better just go and do something about that,” she says. “I don’t want to end up like my character in Where the Heart Is though, so I’m going to have to insist you use a rubber.”

Okay, I know I must be in a dream now. But one thing leads to another, and before long we’re in a small out of the way motel room, getting down to business.

We sink down onto the bed in each other’s arms, our lips meshing slowly. Working her way on top of me, she slips her tongue into my mouth and slowly swirls it around. Breaking the kiss after a bit, she sits up and unbuttons her shirt, then spreads it open. “Look familiar?” she jokes as her breasts come into view, unobstructed by a bra and as perfect as I remember them.

She leans forward and kisses me again, and I tentatively slip a hand beneath her open shirt, softly touching one breast, then cupping it more firmly. A muffled chuckle escapes her, and I feel her hands sliding under my T shirt and slowly moving over the front of my body, their soft touch really starting to make me hard. She lowers a hand and touches my cock through my pants, and then unzips my fly to take it out.

I’ve been told by many a girl that I’m quite well endowed, and judging by the appreciative once over Natalie is giving my hard on, she is of the same opinion. “Hmm . . . nice and big,” she murmurs. “I can see I’m going to like this.” Stroking my throbbing rod with one hand and playing with my balls with the other, she swiftly works me up to full rock hard erection.

“Want to have some fun, guy?” she says in a near whisper. “Come on. Let’s have some fun.”

If I have had any reservations at all about this— which I haven’t— the feeling of Natalie stroking my steel stiff member has destroyed them completely. What I do have is an overwhelming desire to conduct a thorough exploration of her quite incredible body. She backs off slightly, opening her jeans and taking them off, while giving me a torrid look that plainly says, “Take me, I’m yours.” And she’s not wearing any panties.

A minute later I am as naked as she is— nakeder, since she still hasn’t doffed her wide open shirt. I reach for her eagerly and start to play with her breasts, kneading and cupping them, my fingers stroking and tweaking the nipples. Moving downward, I tease one with my tongue tip, taking it into my mouth and softly sucking on it. As my lips and tongue bring her nipples up to full stiffness I slip a hand up between her legs and start a little finger action, softly stroking her moist pussy, then finding her tight opening and starting a slow in and out thrusting.

After a few moments I begin kissing my way down Natalie’s nice flat belly after all, my exploration wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t lick her out a little bit. Kissing the inside of a thigh, I move up to her crotch and replace the finger fucking with some tongue action. I set to work on her sweet tasting sex with all the skill at my command, alternating slow motions of my tongue with quicker ones.

It’s not really my intention to get her off like this, so it’s with a sense of pleasant surprise that, after a minute or two of using my tongue in her juicy snatch, I feel her clutch at my head and press herself to my face, trembling against me, groaning with pleasure as my oral attentions bring her to a shuddering climax.

“Well, that was a bit of a surprise,” I remark as I move up again, licking her stiff hard nipples on the way.

“For me too,” she says, with a satisfied grin.

“So— has that made you want to return the favor for a little bit?” I tentatively enquire.

“Oh, you’re naughty,” she says teasingly. “But, okay— I suppose that would be fair.”

A thrilling sensation runs up my spine as Natalie moves down and takes me into her mouth, then sets to work with a slow, steady motion. Her lips tighten and loosen rhythmically around my dick, her tongue teasing the head, then swirling around it. She releases me long enough to lick my balls and roll them around in her mouth a little, then takes me in again. I let myself go with it, shutting out everything but the feeling of her mouth and the sensations it’s giving me. Natalie gives me head until I’m a step and a half away from the point of no return, then slows and stops.

“I want it inside me now,” she says, taking a rubber out of her shirt pocket and putting it on me. “Then afterwards, if you’re good and hold it in till I’m done, I’ll give you some more of this. I’d like to have you shoot it into my mouth, and also over my breasts. How does that sound?”

“Perfectly okay with me,” I say as I gently roll on top of her. She’s pretty wet with her own juices and my saliva, so I enter her with relative ease, drawing a gasp of pleasure from her lips.

I fuck her slowly at first, then gradually faster. By the expressions of arousal flickering across her beautiful face, and the soft little sighs and moans she’s letting out, I can tell that she’s very much enjoying our little encounter. We roll around together, taking turns being on top, and also do a little doggie style for variety. After taking it from behind for a few minutes she pulls me down and plants herself on top of me, straddling my hips and riding my dick quicker and harder than before. I feel the tension building in her body as my hands move all over her, kneading and rubbing.

Natalie’s up and down grinding continues, until she stiffens and arches herself backwards, trembling all over as her orgasm washes through her. I listen to her cries of release with a certain satisfaction, knowing that in no way can she be faking this.

After recovering sufficiently Natalie takes the rubber off me, takes me into her mouth and gives it to me quick and hard, sucking me hungrily, almost fiercely, showing no sign of letting up until at last I gasp out that I’m going to come. “Yeah, give it to me,” she whispers, holding her breasts together and opening her mouth in preparation for it.

“Oh, Natalie!” I blurt out as one hell of a climax hits me. I arch back, shaking and moaning as it ripples through me. Two warm gobby spurts of come shoot into her open mouth, and then I pull back and aim the rest at her waiting tits. When I’m empty, Natalie massages my come into her breasts like lotion, swallowing the last of the jism in her mouth before smiling happily up at me.

I love imagination. In its realm, anything can happen at any time— even things that would never actually happen in a million years, like having Natalie Portman smiling up at me with my come all over her tits. But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.— L.G., Topeka, Kansas

Condomology 101: Protection with Pleasure

Don’t be shy— raise your hand if you’ve ever braved a truck stop’s vile bathroom just to buy a condom. All because the drugstore checkout gal would know you were about to get laid, right? Now raise your hand if you think that rolling one on both disrupts and desensitizes the hot, wet action steaming before you. C’mon, my hand is up! But today it’s different. Now you’re buying ‘em by the truckload over the Internet or at fun sex shops. Why, even the drugstore gal now scans condom boxes like bars of soap. That’s because protected sex with a condom is now a symbol of social consciousness. Better, the condom has become part sex toy.

Step right up!

You want flavors? Try chocolate, strawberry, banana, orange, mint and cola. Need ribs, ridges, spikes, spirals or knots? How about colors for seasonal occasions like Valentine red and pink, Halloween black and orange, or Christmas red and green? There are even glow in the dark condoms now. And they’re all FDA approved!

It’s a playful new world out there, and specialty stores like Condomania (the first U.S. condom store to open its doors, ten years ago this month) have seen the condom revolution go from protection to protection with pleasure.

Unfortunately, up until the late eighties, condoms hadn’t changed for decades. There were few sizes, no extra girths or lengths, no pleasurable features. And what about that lab coat white? That looked cool, eh? In short, condom manufacturers and the FDA, which routinely inspects batches of condoms before they’re sent to retail, weren’t worried if having protected sex felt good or not. (And sex is supposed to feel good!)

From the FDA’s view down the microscope, the focus was safety from unwanted pregnancies and from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV, herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B virus (HBV), Chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae. (Lab and epidemiologic studies have shown that the passage of HIV and HBV is blocked by latex and polyurethane condoms but not by natural membrane condoms, made from lamb, which contains small pores.)

“I can’t feel anything,” I would routinely complain to my high school girlfriend about those thick old condoms. She chafed a little from the friction and our lack of lubrication knowledge. But she never got pregnant.

With later girlfriends, in the early nineties, I felt closer to the action with the ultrathin Kimono condom, which is still on the market today. Then, thank God, manufacturers added sizes: Trojan’s Large and Magnum at one end of the scale, and the politically correct “snugger fitting” models at the other end. In the mid nineties came two back to back revolutions in thinking outside of the, um, box: the female condom and polyurethane (plastic) condoms. Though the female condom was a commercial disaster, it expanded the theoretical horizon. However, polyurethane, first introduced by Avanti, hit the scene as a genuine alternative to latex. The door to condom innovation opened.

Latex condoms (average price a dollar each) are stronger today, because the way they’re dipped, cured and packaged is far more advanced than ten or even five years ago. But as condom use has entered the social mainstream, the product itself has received closer scrutiny, and while latex is considered durable and safe, it does break down quickly if used improperly. The chance of breakage increases greatly if latex is used with any lubricant other than water or silicone based. With baby oil or Vaseline, a latex sheath may break down in seconds. Also, if you’re allergic to the proteins used to make latex condoms, they can cause rashes for both men and women.

Polyurethane condoms (average price two dollars each) are thinner, are made wider for girth, generate no known rashes, and can be used with nearly any lubricant on the market. In the matter of thickness, the popular Crown is .047 millimeters thick, compared with .07 millimeters for the average latex condom. (Even today, condoms cannot be sold in the United States under .04 millimeters. In Japan, there are condoms thinner than .02 millimeters, but U.S. manufacturers haven’t proven they can make a condom that thin and meet the FDA’s standards.) What’s more, polyurethane actually creates a sensation of heat being a plastic, it conducts. Latex does the opposite. It’s an insulator, and therefore keeps heat in instead of spreading the love, which is why men sometimes say we can’t feel anything.

Keeping FDA’s prevention issues in the forefront, manufacturers delved into anatomical condoms to maximize sensitivity. The Pleasure Plus and InSpiral condoms were born, and are today among the market’s top five sellers, according to many retailers. Both were devised by the Indian born surgeon A.V.K. Reddy, who took advantage of thinner, stronger polyurethane to create a looser fit around the penis head, so that nerve endings at the skin’s surface aren’t deadened, there’s more wash over the skin, and the curves of the plastic produce more sensation for both parties, straight or gay. Bigger name brands took the hint. LifeStyles introduced its dome like Xtra Pleasure condom, and Trojan its slightly roomier Ultra Pleasure.

Spermicides, once all the rage in the condom industry, are slowly being pulled from the market, in lubricants as well as condoms. While excellent at killing sperm, spermicides have been linked to vaginal ulcers among women and rashes among men. In addition, medical researchers have lost their former enthusiasm for nonoxynol 9 (N 9), widely used in spermicides, for AIDS prevention.

As AIDS reached crisis proportions in the early nineties, lab tests held out hope that N 9 might prove effective against HIV and other STDs. But studies with prostitutes determined that N 9 was ineffective in fending off STDs, and has potential adverse effects that may actually increase the risk of infection. It has been shown to create microscopic lesions and sores in the vaginal and anal lining, though this seems less likely at levels of use lower than those in tests.

Effectiveness of condoms varies with their care and proper use, including how to put the thing on.

First, make sure the condom is not expired. Like batteries and medicine, condoms have a shelf life. Store them in a cool, dark place— not next to a radiator or stuffed in your wallet. Prolonged pressure and heat are their natural enemies. They’re made to withstand heat for a limited time, like during sex! So save your heat for then.

Now follow these simple tips:

Open the foil wrapper carefully— no teeth, nails or scissors, please!

Remember, with latex condoms use only water or silicone based lubricants, never oil based ones.

Before you begin to roll the condom on, pinch the air out of the reservoir tip. This air creates added pressure that can break the condom, and it leaves no room for ejaculation.

Be sure to roll the condom all the way down to the base.

After you’ve finished, withdraw immediately, pinching the base of the condom so it doesn’t slide off.

Take these precautions, and condoms’ effectiveness rate is near total.

Cream of the Crop

Trojan’s new Extended Pleasure has a climax controlled lubricant and a male genital desensitizer said to increase stamina for longer lovemaking. For now, my picks for the most innovative and pleasurable condoms on the market are (in no particular order): Kimono Micro Thin, Pleasure Plus, InSpiral, Crown, Avanti and Supra.