Navy Wife

My wife Patsy and I are a happy, fun loving couple. We love sex and are willing to try almost anything at least once. Patsy receives many compliments on her good looks and gorgeous body, and especially on her beautiful red hair. She has always been proud to prove that she is a real redhead.

When we were first married, Patsy was a little shy. I had joined the Navy, and after our wedding we moved into a government housing complex. Patsy adapted to being a military wife quite rapidly. She was unhappy that I had to spend so much time at sea, but didn’t really complain about it. When I was home we were invited to several neighborhood parties. Once we were at a party at which some wife swapping was going on, but Patsy wasn’t sure she was ready for that. Later, when we talked about it, she said it might be fun if so many people weren’t watching, as she was still a little shy. She also worried that it might cause problems in our marriage, but I told her that I would always love her, no matter what.

One night we were at the enlisted men’s club, celebrating my new promotion. Ben, a black sailor in my division, had also been promoted, and we shared a table at the club, complimenting each other on our good fortune. Patsy was dressed as sexily as the club rules would allow. After the club closed, I told Ben that we had some booze at home, and suggested that we go there and continue the celebration. Ben happily agreed.

Back home I broke out a few beers, and Patsy said she was going to get comfortable. She went into the bedroom and removed her dress and bra, and returned wearing a dressing gown of rather thin material. It plainly showed her white bikini panties, through which could be seen a faint shadow of her pussy bush. Ben was obviously very interested in her appearance.

Patsy and I went into the kitchen for more beers, and I asked her if she wanted to have some fun. I kissed her, then reached inside her gown and felt her pussy. It was wet. I told her she should play up to Ben, flirt with him and see what happened. She asked me if I was sure I was okay with that, and I said definitely. Patsy nodded and said I should give her a chance to be alone with him.

After another beer I pretended to have had too much to drink, and staggered off to the bedroom. But after a minute I snuck partway down again and positioned myself at a spot on the stairs from which I could see into the living room.

It didn’t take Ben long to make his move. He went over and sat next to Patsy and started kissing her mouth and neck and licking her ear. She told him he was making her hot, and thus encouraged, he unfastened her gown and went to work on her tits.

“Oh, that feels so good to me,” Patsy moaned.

“Yes, baby,” Ben replied. “I am going to make it feel real good for you.” He slipped her gown from her shoulders, and Patsy raised her hips as he slid her panties down. “Oh yeah, baby, old Ben is going to make your pussy feel good.”

Patsy lay back, her legs spread wide. One leg rested on the back of the couch while the other dangled down to the floor. Ben buried his face in her flaming red bush. Patsy was soon going wild with passion and getting very vocal. Finally Ben stood up and shucked off his clothes. “Your turn, baby,” he said as he offered her his huge cock. “Suck it, baby, suck this black dick.”

Patsy took as much of his cock as she could in her mouth, sucking and licking most of its length. Now Ben said he wanted her pussy. He knelt between her legs, and Patsy guided the head of his cock to the opening of her cunt. With a mighty thrust he slid about nine inches of black cock up inside her. Patsy cried out with delight as Ben pulled out slowly, then worked it back in.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he panted.

“Oh yes, it does,” my wife moaned. “Yes, fuck my pussy, oh yes, it’s so big!”

“You like black cock, baby?”

“Oh yes, you know I do. Give it to me!”

I jacked off, watching Ben fuck my beautiful wife. His cock pumped in and out of her cunt like a big black piston as Patsy groaned loudly. Finally they came, and thinking Ben would now go home, I crept upstairs and went to bed.

I drifted off to sleep, but some time later the shaking of the bed awakened me. Patsy was on her knees on the bed, and Ben was fucking her doggie style! Her tits were swinging like a pendulum as he fucked into her hard. I was delighted to know that my wife had now gotten bold enough to bring her lover into our bed with me. I watched as he shot a load deep inside her cunt. When he withdrew, come gushed out and dripped down onto the bed.

After that Patsy shed all her inhibitions and became enthusiastic about the swinging lifestyle. Ben was happy that he was her first black man, and he came back three times the following week to fuck my beautiful wife. The next weekend we had a party. Ben brought five of his black friends, and my sweet Patsy got her first gang bang. Now she is the first to get naked whenever we got to swingers’ parties, and she really loves to fuck, whether the man be white or black. Now when I’m away at sea she has no trouble finding guys to amuse herself with, and when I come back we spend several days fucking ourselves silly. It’s a great life!— Name and address withheld

Nippled in the Bud

I am a happily married woman in my early thirties, with a pretty face and a great body. My husband Phil is a good looking stud and a wonderful lover. We have been married for several years, during which on several occasions I have allowed my husband to show me off to one or two of his best friends.

This would usually happen after an evening of drinks and dinner at a good restaurant, with me in a sexy dress and heels, with no underwear. After I had a good buzz on we would return to the house, where I would get naked and allow them to watch while I masturbated in front of them. Although I always had a good time, the whole experience was one I could either take or leave. My husband’s friends were okay, but I loved Phil and really wasn’t interested in anyone else. Phil, on the other hand, would have been perfectly happy for me to fuck one of his friends in a threesome with him, but he never pushed the issue, in consideration of my feelings.

Things started to change when Phil made a suggestion that I decided to try. I have always loved to have my tits sucked. I can often come several times from that alone. Phil’s suggestion was that I allow him and his friend Jack to suck on my nipples while I played with my pussy. After a little coaxing I agreed, and a date was set.

That evening I took special care to dress as sexily as I dared. I selected a very short see through dress with matching high heels. I trimmed my pussy, knowing it would soon be on display. I was anxious, but eager to experience this new sensation. During dinner I managed to slide my skirt up enough to give the guys several lingering looks at my freshly trimmed cunt. They were amazed at my brazen attitude, but they loved it.

When we got home I excused myself, and when I returned I was completely naked except for my hells. I walked into the bedroom, lay down on the bed and spread my legs wide, my pussy throbbing with anticipation.

Phil and Jack must have discussed things at length beforehand, because what followed was just too well coordinated to have been spontaneous. As I began my usual procedure of rubbing my pussy, they stripped and lay down on either side of me. Gently, they each took one of my arms and put them up around their shoulders. Phil then said that there was a slight variation in plans for the evening, and from under the bed he produced a vibrating dildo at least nine inches long and quite thick. Then each of them proceeded to lift one of my legs and place it over his naked body. As a result, I was spread wide and completely open. My husband assured me that they would not do anything I didn’t want them to do, but at that point I was so aroused I was ready for anything.

Each of them took one of my tits in his mouth and began to suck gently. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the experience. At first it was strange to think that another man, along with my husband, was fondling my body, but very quickly the sensation began to overwhelm me. My nipples were being sucked in unison, as if one mouth were on both of them. Fingers probed in and out of my pussy, and I no longer cared whose they were. Soon I felt my cunt begin to open as the dildo was slowly inserted. I became aware of a link between the sucking of my tits and the spasms in my cunt. The intensity of the sucking increased as more of the dildo was pushed into my pussy. A finger was in my ass now, and I began to gasp loudly and grind my hips, trying to force both the finger and the dildo further inside me.

My arms encircled the two sets of broad shoulders, pulling their mouths even tighter against my breasts. My legs were pinned between two hot, naked men, their hard cocks both humping my thighs. I had now fully accepted the nine inches of thick dildo, and my hips bucked wildly. I became aware of a sound in the room, a constant, guttural grunted. Then I realized it was coming from me. My whole body was a sexual receptor. I began to climax. Slowly the waves of lust swept over me, and I screamed with each wave, while Phil and Jack sucked my nipples harder than ever. Although I bucked and humped in my wild frenzy, I couldn’t dislodge their mouths from my tits, or the dildo from my cunt— not that I wanted to. I could only continue to come and come some more.

As the spasms finally subsided, Phil and Jack removed the dildo and released my swollen nipples, which were now glowing like ripe cherries. They were so sensitive that even the breeze from the fan caused my pussy to throb. The activity we had agreed on had been carried out but as I lay there, looking at two of the hardest, hottest dicks I had ever seen, I wanted to somehow reward them for the most pleasurable hour of my life. Still on fire from what had just happened, I slid down on the bed till my head was between their dicks. They quickly took the cue and knelt on either side of my face. My husband’s eyes were wide with the anticipation of seeing his fantasy come true as I turned my head and eagerly began to suck Jack’s large cock. I slurped it and licked it until he could take no more, and then proceeded to swallow all his jism as it spurted out into my throat. Turning quickly to Phil, I did the same for him. After a brief rest, I finished the evening by fucking the dildo while they watched.

I still can’t get the experience out of my mind. It was all my husband promised and more, and our sex life is better for it. I have now agreed to let Phil and Jack both fuck me at the same time in the near future, and the thought of two hard cocks inside me makes me wild. Phil doesn’t know it, but I’ve been fucking myself in the ass with increasingly larger dildos so I can be ready when the time comes. My husband and his friend are in for the fuck of their lives!— T.F., Phoenix, Arizona

Second Opinion

I’ll be this is a new one for you. My new boyfriend can only make love in the car. He gets incredibly passionate and fucks me like a champion in the back seat, the front seat, wherever we can cram our sweaty bodies. But at home, in bed, on the couch, on the floor, he simply loses it. No passion, no interest, no erections. So as you can imagine, we do it in the car a lot. But that’s become too limiting for me, not to mention uncomfortable. What should I do? Please don’t suggest breaking up with him, because otherwise we have a great relationship. And besides, if those interludes in the car are any indication, the man has a sexual gift I’m not giving up without a fight!— A.H., Lincoln, Nebraska

First Response

Get a bigger car. Put a steering wheel on your headboard. Dab a little thirty weight behind each ear. Learn to imitate the sound of a well tuned engine while deep throating your boyfriend’s meat piston. Seriously, what you describe isn’t as unusual as you think. Right of the bat there are two explanations that could make sense. His first powerful, positive sexual experience may have involved a car, and the memory is burned so deep that he can’t separate cars and carnality. This is a type of fetish. Or there may be a negative association with more mundane areas for sex, like the bedroom. Maybe his last girlfriend had no sense of adventure and he’s afraid that if you want to have a plain old time he’ll end up wasting his one and only sex life. Either way you won’t be able to change the situation without his cooperation. The main thing you’ll need is information. He’s not going to want to talk about being impotent and will probably blame it on all sorts of other things— maybe even you. Make sure you’re feeling secure with yourself before you open this can of worms, because this experience will test you and the relationship. As a rule of thumb, the more specific a fixation is, the deeper it goes and the harder it will be to work it loose.

Second Opinion

Definitely find out about how he got into this car thing in the first place. And as my colleague says, steer carefully through what could wind up being pretty touchy territory for your boyfriend. Meanwhile, have some fun with your man’s predilection for the auto erotic. Maybe you two could go to dealerships and take cars— big, roomy cars— out for test drives, then bone yourselves silly on Cadillac’s dollar. But I have another suggestion that might do more than just help your boyfriend break free from his somewhat tyrannical fetish. It sounds like he craves excitement, exotic places, possibly the thrill of being spied on. So why not suggest a few places that you’d like to make love, like a park, the fitting room at a department store, the bathroom of your favorite restaurant. Maybe you need to develop a “fetish” of your own for, say, cheap motels. (At least they have beds, so there’s the possibility of some more physical comfort.) If your boyfriend doesn’t go for it, you lose nothing, you’re just back to square one. But if he does take the bait, suddenly you two are going to have as much fun coming up with new places to screw as doing the deed itself.

My wife and I were in a local sex shop, just browsing to satisfy our curiosity. When we laid our eyes on the strap on dildos, we didn’t have to say a word. We both knew we wanted to try one. The glance we exchanged said it all: She’d wear it, she’d fuck me in the ass, it’d be great for both of us. But now that we’ve brought it home, we’ve been too embarrassed to use it. One of us will say something like, “Well, let’s try the ‘thing,’” but then my wife suddenly gets all shy and giggly trying to put it on. And personally I’m a little shy myself about getting on all fours, butt cheeks up, and asking her to insert the “thing,” you know? Still, we both want to try it out. What can we do to get the ball rolling here?— C.J., Austin, Texas

First Response

Remember how strange sex felt when it was new? What you want to do isn’t strange in the sense of being weird or sick, just in the sense of being new. You’re way ahead of most curious couples because you actually bought the thing instead of just spoke about it. Sex shop workers tell us you could heat your home with the blushes they get from some of their customers, most of whom chicken out short of the purchase. What makes the strap on adventure more difficult than the same old is that it takes some fairly elaborate preparation. Anyone who’s ever fumbled with a condom knows how easy it is to break the rhythm of fantastic foreplay. So do as much advance preparation as you can. The next time you folks get ready to boogie, lube up in advance and put the harness in bed next to you. Then forget about it. Go ahead and do whatever you do, go where the mood takes you. Maybe the strap on won’t come into play the next few times. But one night your wife is going to get the urge. Don’t talk about it, just relax and let it happen. Half the fun is letting her be in charge. You can talk later.

Second Opinion

Maybe you’d be embarrassed to have your wife see you enjoying an act that, let’s face it, is generally considered the ultimate in humiliation amongst most heterosexual men. Maybe there’s a fear that she’ll like fucking you more than you like being fucked— and then you’ll have to write us a whole new letter. Like my colleague says, you kids probably need to take small steps in order to get to the big moment here, but I’m guessing that you’re so shy the necessary steps are even smaller than he envisions. So here’s my prescription: The two of you should take turns with your new friend— but you should do it separately, without the other one anywhere in sight. You grease up your bum and work that acrylic stiffie in and out until you get a feel for it. Some other time she can practice strapping it on, checking herself out in a mirror and learning her strokes. That way, you’ve let your bodies— and your minds— gain some familiarity with this new endeavor without having to do it in front of each other while you’re feeling all giggly and vulnerable. Then the next night— and no more waiting, guys— you both climb into the same bed and make it official.

I’m a twenty four year old woman, and my partner, with whom I have a monogamous sexual relationship, is a wonderful woman of twenty six. We’ve both been with men in the past, but we both found we prefer having sex with other women. Here’s our dilemma: I get off masturbating to the women in Penthouse Forum. Cindy says that you present a total male fantasy and she can’t believe I find your magazine sexy, but I’m sorry, to me a beautiful girl is a beautiful girl. Frankly she doesn’t look like a Penthouse Pet, and I thought she was just jealous, but she says that’s not it. So who’s right?— W.D., Tupelo, Mississippi

First Response

Is beauty still in the eye of the beholder or did we throw that one out too when we decided, as a society, that Instant Messaging was the only value anyone needed to embrace? Your partner’s concern seems more in the nature of a personal, political statement: Since Penthouse Forum is most popular among males, and heterosexual males at that, then somehow you’re damaging the integrity of other lesbians by finding our women attractive. You might want to point out a couple of things to her. First, not all straight men are turned on by the women we feature. You choose your fantasy, they choose theirs. Second, the letters we get from our readers every month show that a substantial number of gay and bisexual men and women enjoy the unabashed erotic joy which we tirelessly advocate. And third, some of the women in our magazine that you find attractive ain’t so strictly heterosexual themselves. Meanwhile, you might consider sending us a picture of yourself. We’re always looking for new talent. And the pay’s not too shabby.

Second Opinion

We waste a lot of lifetime worrying about how we “ought” to feel. So your girlfriend thinks you’re attracted to the wrong sort of women? What does she want you to do about it? I’m assuming she’s too smart to tell you to stop finding our Pets attractive— we don’t decide what turns us on. She just wants you to stop dipping your digit while you look them over. Well I’m sorry, but I have a real political objection to that. I’ll discuss what we do in bed together with my lover until the cows come home, but no one gets inside my head and tells me what to do all alone when she’s somewhere else for the night. My time, my body, my call. On the flip side, I doubt that you’re going to change her feelings on this matter either. I see no reason to doubt that she’s sincere in her objections regarding your attraction to Penthouse Pets. So the question is, is your relationship big enough for the two of you? Can you be separate, different people who agree about some things and disagree about others and still carry on a satisfying relationship, or is it only good as long as you both love the same things? That’s the difference between a mature love affair and mutual dependency.

The information in this column is not intended to be medical advice. You should always consult a healthcare professional. But if you have a question about sex, write to

Her Boyfriend’s Back

This is another episode in the ongoing story of how I secretly watched my wife share he bodily treasures with another man.

Tess had been seeing her ex boyfriend George for several weeks, inviting him to our house and having sex with him while I watched from the closet. On this night she had once again arranged to see him, telling him I was on an overnight business trip. George arrived at eight o’clock, and I waited upstairs while he and Tess sat in the den and talked for about twenty five minutes. When I heard them coming up the stairs, I quickly hid in the closet. I was able to see the bed through the crack in the closet door.

When they came into the bedroom I saw that George had already removed his pants, and Tess’s skirt was off also. They lay on the bed and started kissing deeply. George slowly unbuttoned my wife’s blouse, then pulled her bra down to get to her tits and started sucking on them, one after the other.

Tess raised her body so he could open her bra at the back. He fumbled with the bra snap, and Tess started teasing him, saying, “I thought all men could do that with one hand in the dark.” Finally he got it unhooked, and as Tess lay back he went back to work sucking her tits. Soon her nipples were hard, and she was rubbing his cock through his shorts.

George now took hold of my wife’s panties and slid them down to her knees. Tess lifted her legs to allow him to pull the panties off. George started to massage her cunt lips as he continued to suck her tits. My wife began to moan, moving her hips as her lover rubbed her pussy lips. I could see her juices glistening on his fingers. This went on for several minutes, until Tess sat up and took off her blouse and bra, while George removed his shirt and underwear.

Tess eased George back on the bed, then reached down and took his cock in her hand. She guided it to her mouth and started sucking it hard, running her luscious lips up and down over the staff. When he couldn’t take any more, George rolled her over and spread her legs, then positioned his large cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. My own cock was stiff as I watched his tool disappear into my wife’s cunt. But he only took a few strokes before he pulled out and moved down to eat her hot pussy. He began licking her cunt lips up and down, and was soon driving Tess wild. She arched her hips and grabbed him by the back of the head, pulling him harder into her cunt. She was moaning louder and louder, and I knew she was approaching a climax. Tess flung her hands over her head and grabbed the top of the mattress as she arched and bucked her hips against George’s buried face. Within two minutes she was coming, moaning with each breath. Only gradually did she settle down, her body still shuddering from time to time in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Finally Tess sat up, pushed George back on the bed and mounted him. Raising one knee, she took hold of his huge cock and guided it to her wet pussy. I had a perfect view as she lowered herself slowly onto it, and I almost shot off in my hand as I watched my wife stuffing herself with another man’s dick. Tess moaned as George’s cock slid into her all the way to the balls. She leaned forward to kiss him as she rode his big tool. I had to stroke my own dick as I watched that pole slide in and out of my wife’s wet pussy.

George moaned that he wasn’t going to last long as Tess fucked him. His hips rose to meet her downward thrusts as she moved faster. In a minute she was moaning as she started to come, rocking back and forth on George’s cock. George stiffened and gave a hoarse cry, and in a moment I could see his come running out of Tess’s pussy and down over his balls.

When Tess stopped coming and pulled herself off George’s cock, it fell out of her like a wet dishrag. My wife rolled over on her back with her legs spread wide and come oozing out of her open cunt. They lay there for a minute before George got up and went down the hall to clean up.

Tess got up then and came over to the closet, where I was still holding my cock in my hand. We started to kiss, and I slid my hand down between her legs and fingered her wet cunt. Knowing that a strange dick had just been in there, and that part of the wetness was his come, turned me on even more. My wife knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. Then she got up and kissed me and went to check on our guest.

They came back into the bedroom and got up on the bed. George went down on Tess again, licking and sucking her pussy until he had her coming again. Then she pushed him back and took his limp cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked it for several minutes, but he could not get it up again. After that they talked for a while before George got up, dressed and left.

After Tess got back from seeing George off, we kissed each other passionately, then got on the bed and made love. It was great. Tess was still wet from her round with George, and it only took a few minutes before we both climaxed. I asked Tess when she was going to see George again, but she said she was getting tired of him and was thinking of trying someone else next time. I’ll let you know.— J.F., Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Double Pickup

I had been wanting to watch my wife Alyssa get it on with another man ever since we were married two years ago, but she always said she wasn’t interested. Then one night, while we were having sex, I asked her again. This time she asked who I had in mind. I told her that I’d rather have her choose the lucky guy. Alyssa then replied, “Why don’t we just let it happen naturally?” As she said this my cock got harder than it had ever been, and I shot my load inside her hot, wet pussy.

One Friday night a month or so later we decided to go out and do a little drinking and dancing. I asked Alyssa to wear my favorite outfit, which consists of a short skirt, black thigh high stockings, a push up bra with matching panties and a low cut blouse that shows a good portion of her beautiful 38B tits. She looked good enough to eat right there, but she said I should wait till later.

We got to the club around nine, and it was pretty full already. I got us a table and ordered some drinks while Alyssa excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. I watched all the guys looking at her as she came back, and I wondered if maybe tonight could be the night.

A few minutes after Alyssa sat down with me, these two young guys came over and asked if they could share our table with us and buy us a couple of drinks. Alyssa looked at me, and I just gave her a shrug of my shoulders. She said it was all right, and the two young guys sat down and introduced themselves. They were both in their early twenties. Adam was about five feet eight with brown hair and blue eyes. He sat down next to Alyssa, while his buddy Roy sat across from her. Roy was at least six foot one. He had blond hair and blue eyes and looked like he definitely worked out.

Adam bought a round of drinks. As we were chatting I looked at Alyssa and saw that she had a rather odd look on her face. A minute later she said she wanted to dance with me. When we got on the dance floor she told me that Roy had been playing footsie with her, and was rubbing her leg beneath the table. I asked if she wanted to go, and she said, “No, the problem is that he’s so good looking, he’s making me all hot and bothered.” I didn’t say anything. Just then the song ended and we went back to the table.

As we were sitting down, Roy asked me if he could dance with Alyssa. I said it was up to her. Alyssa hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Sure, I would like that.”

Roy took Alyssa’s hand and led her out to the dance floor. I watched them for a little while, until Roy steered her to a far corner. Adam and I talked a little, and I found out that they didn’t live very far away from us. When Roy and Alyssa returned, Alyssa grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s dance.” When she got me on the dance floor she told me how Roy had been rubbing up against her and feeling her ass as they danced. She also said he had asked her if she would like to fool around.

“That sounds like fun,” I said carefully. “What did you tell him?” She replied that she had told him she would let him know after our dance. It was pretty obvious to me that she was aroused by the idea, and my heart beat faster.

When we got back to our table I asked Adam and Roy if they would like to come to our house and continue the party there. They jumped at the invitation. We finished our drinks, and out the door we went.

When we got to our house, Roy and Adam sat on the couch as Alyssa turned on the stereo. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, telling them I would get them all a drink. As I was in the kitchen getting the drinks, Alyssa came in to help, and I couldn’t help but notice that her face was flushed and her blouse was partially open. I asked her if she was starting without me, and she groped my hardening cock through my pants as she replied, “Don’t worry, you’ll get yours.” She then grabbed the drinks and told me to wait a while before coming into the living room.

I waited about fifteen minutes, and when I walked into the living room I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Alyssa, kneeling on the floor between Roy and Adam and sucking each of their cocks in turn. Roy’s dick had to be at least nine inches long and about two inches in girth. Adam’s was about eight inches, but not as thick. Alyssa could only get about half of Roy’s cock in her mouth. As she sucked their cocks they played with her naked breasts.

I sat down in my recliner and watched the action. Soon Adam got up and pulled Alyssa’s skirt and panties off. Then he got on his back and buried his head between her legs. I could hear him licking and sucking on her hot, wet pussy. It didn’t take him long to give Alyssa her first orgasm of the night. After that he got undressed and positioned himself to take her doggie style, while she continued to suck off Roy. Adam guided his long hard cock into her, pushing deeper and deeper until he had all of it inside her. He fucked her nice and slow, letting her feel every inch of his cock.

As Adam fucked Alyssa, Roy started to groan, and a minute later he arched his back as he shot his load down Alyssa’s throat. She tried the best she could to swallow it all, but there was just too much, and some of it spilled onto her tits. Adam picked up his pace. His hands clutched her breasts and he rolled her nipples between his fingers as she moaned and told him she was going to come. He told her to hold on and he would come with her. After a few more strokes he shouted, “Now, baby, here it comes!” And Alyssa cried out her climax as he shot his load deep inside her pussy.

It didn’t take Roy long to get hard again. He asked Alyssa to lie on the floor and put her stocking covered legs over his shoulders. Then he asked her to put his cock into her pussy. As Alyssa guided his hard pole to her cunt, her eyes got very wide, and a moan of passion escaped her lips as his massive cock slid into her love tunnel. Roy took it nice and slow, letting her get used to his cock. Soon Alyssa was pushing up with her hips, trying to get more. He kept moving into her until finally his balls were resting against her ass. Alyssa was gasping and moaning and begging him to fuck her. He started to pump her with long, hard strokes, and Alyssa shuddered as she came again. Roy couldn’t hold back, and a minute later he shot his load into her, mixing his jism with Adam’s.

After a few minutes Roy got up, and he and Adam got dressed. Before they left Roy gave me his number and told me to give him a call if we wanted to get together again. I walked them to the door and said good night.

Alyssa was still lying on the floor, with her legs spread and come running from her freshly fucked pussy. I got undressed and got between her legs, guiding my cock into her come filled hole. As I fucked her she pulled me down to her and gave me a passionate kiss. I screwed her until we both came wildly, and I added my come to that of the two other guys my beautiful wife had fucked that night.

I helped Alyssa up and embraced her, thanking her for making my dream come true. But she told me that she was the one who should be doing the thanking, and added that I should be sure to hold onto Roy’s number.— F.V., Tampa, Florida