Slave for a Day

My girlfriend Susan and I always read Forum, and because of your magazine I just had an incredible experience. Susan and I read a certain letter in the Open Forum section, and she noticed how hard my cock was. She started joking about my cock being larger than normal. I got embarrassed a little by being so turned on by such a kinky letter, and Susan saw that and she just kidded me even more. After that she put her red lips around my cock and gave me the best head she has ever— that indicated to me that she was just as turned on by this letter as I was. When I came in her mouth she greedily sucked down every drop.

A couple of days had passed and I figured that everything had been forgotten about the letter. Friday night came and Susan told me that she was too tired to fool around that night but if I came over to her apartment early Saturday, she would make it up to me. I was over at her place at an early hour Saturday morning.

Susan answered the door wearing nothing but a robe that was slightly open at the top, exposing most of her luscious tits. On closing the door she turned around and opened her robe to expose her lovely body. When I came forward to kiss her, she slapped me and said if I wanted to kiss her I must first kneel in front of her and ask her permission. This surprised me a little but excited me even more. I knelt down before her and asked for permission to kiss her. She replied that I may only kiss her feet. I bent over and kissed and sucked her painted toes.

Susan then told me to get up and go into her bedroom, undress and wait for her on my knees in the middle of her floor. I quickly responded and went into her bedroom and undressed. I noticed that my cock was at full attention, sticking straight out form my dark patch. After I was kneeling there for about five minutes, Susan came in carrying her dog’s collar and leash. This was the first time that I realized that her golden retriever was not there. When I asked Susan where her dog was she said that her brother was dog sitting today so we would not be disturbed.

She placed the collar and leash around my neck and pulled the leash through her legs, pulling my face up to her blonde bush, which I greedily started to lick and suck. After a couple of minutes she said that there was plenty of time for that and she pushed my head away. Leaving me in the middle of the floor, Susan walked over to her dresser and opened up one of the drawers. She removed a pile of clothes that she already had set aside. She then turned to me and said that since I like to wear her silky panties on occasion when we are fooling around, and since I was so turned on by that letter the other night, that she had decided today I would be her sex slave in drag, her maid Michelle.

Susan then set the clothes on the corner of her bed and ordered me to get dressed. I knew that there wouldn’t be any problems with fit since we both wear about the same size clothes. I started by putting on the front hook black bra, then the red garter belt. Sitting down, I carefully pulled on the seamed black stockings that she had worn so many times to turn me on. Now I was wearing them to turn us both on. After I fastened the stockings to the garter belt, I put on her black silk panties. I had a little problem with the panties since my cock was so hard.

Susan then came over to me, apparently pleased with what she saw. She handed me a long, sheer black nightgown that I’d bought her a couple of years ago and I put it over my new black ensemble. She then took the leash and led me over to her dressing table, sitting me down in the chair. She apologized for not having a nice pair of high heels for me to wear, and then started to apply a dark blue eye shadow to my eyelids, followed by mascara, eyeliner and bright red blush to my cheeks. She applied bright red lip gloss to my mouth, saying that she should shave off my mustache but she loved the way it tickled her clit when I ate her.

After she finished my face, Susan applied false fingernails to my hand, saying that a proper maid has a well manicured appearance. Once the nails were applied and painted a bright red, she took a pair of big gold dangling earrings and clipped them on me.

With the transformation complete, Susan stepped back to admire her work. I could tell she was pleased by the way she was fingering her cunt. I too was pleased and excited, and I thought my cock was going to split the panties at the seam. She then told me to go into the kitchen and start to do the dishes. I couldn’t wait any longer, and I stated to rub my cock through my new clothes. That’s when I felt a sharp crack on my ass. I turned around to see Susan standing behind me with a belt in her hand. She said that I was not to touch myself unless told to do so.

She grabbed my leash and took me into the living room, sitting down on the chair and pulling up the skirt. She propped her legs up on the coffee table to give me better access. I greedily started to lick her wet cunt with long strokes, starting from her lovely asshole and going to her enlarged clit. After a few moments of this, she pulled my head in tightly to her cunt. I thought I was going to suffocate, but I kept right on licking and sticking my tongue all the way into her. Of all the times I have eaten her, this was the first time she actually squirted.

When Susan recovered she led me to the bedroom, telling me that I was such a good slave that I deserved a reward. She then told me to lie down on the bed on my back and to pull my gown up and my panties down just far enough to expose my cock and balls. I quickly did so, expecting the fuck of a lifetime. I expected the wrong thing. Susan sat down across from me on the chair and said that I had her permission to masturbate. This was not what I had in mind, but at this time, any relief for my aching cock was appreciated. I started to rub and pump my cock with long strokes while she played with herself using a vibrator. She just watched me, and timed her climax with my own, so we both came with a shudder.

After a minute or so, Susan looked at the globs of semen all over my stomach and yelled at me, calling me a cheap whore, and ordered me to clean myself off.

All of this took place before noon. We spent the rest of the day in much the same way. That day I fucked her in the ass and had a golden shower— we had never done these things before. Since that day Susan has been reading all about domination and becoming quite good at it. Her dominatrice wardrobe has grown and so has my female attire. We are now thinking about adding another person. Perhaps a dominant transvestite from one of those swinging magazines could be my new master. I can only hope so.

Mr. R.P., Pennsylvania

Good Things Come in Small Packages

I am writing in response to Mr. N.H. of Illinois, who is concerned about his five inch penis. I am a beautiful, blonde 20 year old woman. I love sex and think about it every minute I’m not having it. Unlike those crazy women who say thy love a big 10 inch cock, I go for the shorter men since they usually have the smaller cocks. I have talked with my girlfriends about size, and they agree that a smaller cock feels the best and is easier to handle.

One of my friends got up and left a man in bed when she saw that his cock was too big for her liking. I dislike big cocks they are sometimes very ugly and they hurt like hell when they hit my cervix. It is a real turn on to be able to fit the whole thing in my mouth during blowjobs. While fucking, a smaller cock can go all the way in without hitting the back of my vagina and gives the added pleasure of his balls touching my ass. I love to put my legs up and put my feet on my man’s shoulders so he can lick my toes and with a large man, this is out of the question.

I adore a small cock, and the little ones always satisfy me. The man I fall in love with, marry and have a family with will definitely have a bite sized penis.

Ms. J.B., Germany

Big Hilda

I got a kick out of Mr. J.C.’s letter in the August Forum, “A Raging Animal.” I can relate to it because I have had the same experience with my own wife. Hilda is a big Nordic blonde to whom I was married 10 years before we made a startling discovery.

Hilda had gone form 140 solid pounds to about 160 or so and her doctor told her to take it off. She joined a local spa to get some exercise and began to jog and reduce. As she lost weight and became more physically fit, our sex life, which had been somewhat on the wane, began to pick up. She started at the spa three afternoons a week, but then began to go on Wednesday evenings. It was the Wednesdays that were the most interesting.

When she came home those evenings, she would literally drag me into the bedroom to fuck my brains out. I found this a big turn on, and a bit perplexing because she had never been the leader in sex. This went on for weeks. I didn’t ask questions, I just enjoyed myself.

Then one Wednesday she came flying into the house, yanked me out of my chair, rushed me to the bedroom and tore off her leotard and shorts. She pulled my robe off me and began to suck my cock into hardness. She then impaled herself on it and began to pound her body on me like a madwoman. Then I noticed that she had a black eye and had red welts on her body. As we came to an earthshaking climax she yelled, “I did it! I’m the champ! I’m the greatest!” Then she fell on me, exhausted.

It seems that at the spa she met a female instructor who was into the martial arts, and had started boxing and wrestling classes for the women. Hilda had taken up boxing. They had trained with 16 ounce glove and no protection. From what Hilda told me and what I heard later it was a knockdown, drag out affair. They fought seven two minute rounds. Finally one minute into the seventh, Hilda had her opponent on the ropes, helpless, and was battering her badly when the ref put a stop to it. As Hilda related the story to me, she got all worked up again and we had another very satisfying session.

The upshot of this whole thing was that we took up boxing as a form of sexual foreplay. I got a set of 16 ounce gloves and we tried them out on the following Saturday. She was a good fighter and I had trouble defending myself that night. We have put a padded shag rug on our rec room floor and we go a few rounds three or four times a week with great sex following our workout. She goes to her boxing class once a week, but I don’t want her fighting for keeps anymore there is too much a chance of getting hurt.

I am five feet ten inches and 150 pounds. Hilda and I have some very good bouts but we are not out to hurt each other, just have fun. We’ve heard that other women box with their husbands and say they get good sex afterwards. One little girl, 105 pounds, gets on with her 150 pound man. He uses 16 ounce gloves and she uses 12 ounces. She beats the hell out of him and then fucks him into oblivion, much to his amazement. Hilda says that it seems to loosen her inhibitions and gives her a sense of power she never had before she took up boxing. But leave that for the psychologists to work out. All we know is, it is fun to have a boxing match. The sexual results for us are wonderful. This happened four years ago and is still a big turn on.

Mr. (Name and address withheld by request)

Hitting the Books

My husband Gary and I read your magazine every month. We would like to share our recent experience with your readers. I just had a wonderful experience with a black man that I want to tell you about. I am 24, blonde and am a graduate student at a local New York City college. Tom, the man I had my affair with, has been my friend for about six years. He had always been friendly but never tried to come on to me.

About two weeks ago we planned to study together for our upcoming tests. That day I dressed simply— a plain gray skirt that was just above my knees, a matching sweater, no bra, pink panties with lace trim, white knee socks and white sneakers. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I met Tom at the campus library, but it was closed. We waited for our classmates but they never showed. Tom then suggested that we go to his apartment and study. Since it was only a few blocks away and we were planning to study anyway, I figured, why not?

It was a two room apartment. He made some coffee and we hit the books. After three hours of studying we took a break and Tom got us more coffee. I sat on the floor next to his chair.

As we talked I rested my head against his legs. Tom is about six feet three inches, and is in great physical shape. At one point he started to pet my hair. I closed my eyes it felt so good. Then he started to tell me how nice and soft my hair is and what a pretty face I have. I felt my nipples grow hard. Tom then told me that I had the sexiest legs that he had ever seen. I looked down to see that my skirt was up to my crotch. As I started to pull it down he grabbed my hand and told me to leave it, as it turned him on. I turned to protest, but before I could say anything he cupped my face and kissed me.

I felt myself getting wet. When I sat back I noticed the bulge in his pants. He sat down next to me and kissed me again. This time he placed his tongue between my lips and our tongues made love. Without a word he led me to the bedroom. I could feel his cock, stiff and hard against me. He undid my hair and let it fall free. He started to rub my tits under my sweater. He took it off and made love to my breasts.

I must say that no one, not even my husband, sucked them like Tom. When he took off his shorts I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was at least 14 inches and hard. As I sat up on the bed, his cock was inches from my lips. He placed his hands behind my head and slowly I took that beautiful cock into my mouth. He worked it in and out until to my great surprise I had it all in my mouth. All this time Tom kept telling me how great it felt. He came and came, and some of the semen dripped down to my breasts.

Without a word he knelt down between my legs and started to make love to my pussy. Tom kissed my inner thighs, licked my pubic area and tongued me all over. As I felt myself come, Tom lapped it all up.

We rested for a while. I called my husband and told him that I was going to be late because we were studying hard. When I entered the bedroom Tom was hard again. This time we both knew that he was going to fuck me.

As we made out on the bed I told him, “I want that big black cock inside me.” We kissed and he said, “I’ve been waiting a long time to fuck your white pussy.” I got on my back and spread my legs. Tom mounted me and we made love.

That night when I got home I took a shower. As I lay in bed I felt guilty, so I told my husband what had happened. To my surprise this turned him on. We started to make love. As Gary ate me I told him all the details of me fucking Tom. The next day Gary made me promise to fuck Tom again, as he had long fantasized about me fucking a black guy.

Now I have the best of both worlds— a black lover and a husband who permits me to.

Ms. R.C., New York

Adventurous Couple

For the past several years, I have been reading your magazine and have always enjoyed Forum. Up until several weeks ago, however, I never thought I had anything to contribute. My wife and I have enjoyed a very nice marriage together for the past few years. We have never cheated on each other, probably because we enjoy, respect and truly love each other so much. Besides, my wife is truly beautiful and turns many heads as she walks down the street, so I have no need to look elsewhere.

One winter evening I decided to take her out for drinks, dinner and an after dinner treat that she really enjoys. There is a male strip joint in town that never fails to get her very excited. When we get home after several hours in there, we have the best sex because she is so turned on. On this one night, however, the owners were redoing the place so they could accommodate a place with female strippers as well. There were girls dancing onstage, and we were about to get up and leave when one of the male strippers came over and began talking with us. He said that ever since they started having female dancers, the regular male dancers have been, in fact, out of work, the only money coming from drinks and tips. While they were fixing the upstairs, things were pretty slow.

He also mentioned that we could go upstairs and smoke a joint with him if we so desired. Instead, we invited him to come and out to our car in the parking lot and share some with us. We adjourned to the parking lot, but decided to drive around a little because of the cars drifting by. After a while, we all decided to go to our place and try some out in a bong. After a few bowls and some more drinks, we were all pretty laid back listening to the stereo and watching a movie on TV.

Bert was sitting next to Ann, my wife, who had on a black blouse and skintight black pants that did a lot to accent her magnificent body. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and ducked around the corner for a few minutes. I peeked back and saw that Bert had put his left arm around my wife’s shoulders and they were kissing each other.

I had always wondered what it would be like for two men to make love with another woman, especially when that woman was my wife. It would be kind of like watching the two of us making love in a mirror or a movie. Besides, from our few trips to the strip joint, I realized that Ann had always smiled a lot whenever Bert did a table dance for her.

I slipped back behind the corner, went into the bathroom, and made it evident that I was coming out. Sure enough, when I came back, they were both sitting very properly on the couch. After another bowl from the bong, Ann excused herself to go to the bathroom and freshen up. I took this opportunity to act out a fantasy of mine. I told Bert in what was probably a timid voice not to be afraid of her. He asked what I meant, and I made a motion like I was touching her breasts and thighs. When Ann came back in the room and sat between Bert and myself, I could tell that she indeed did freshen up. Her bra was off and I could see that her nipples stuck out. Instead of the black pants, she had on a loose fitting skirt without pantyhose.

I got up and made everyone a fresh drink, and when I got back, Bert had his arm around her shoulder again. Soon, I noticed that his right hand was slowly massaging her right breast. After a few minutes of this, Ann threw back her head and closed her eyes like she always does when she’s extremely turned on. Seeing that neither of us raised any objection, he began fingering her right nipple through her blouse, and then opened up the buttons and exposed her breasts.

I began kissing her neck as Bert was kissing and licking her right breast. Then I began doing the same to her left breast. Ann was in ecstasy. Bert then directed her right hand to his crotch, which I thought was going to burst out of his jeans. He then unfastened his belt and pulled down his fly so Ann could get a better feel for his problem. Soon, she had his cock exposed and began kissing and sucking on it. All the time, we were both massaging her breasts, and I’m surprised Bert could hold back so long with Ann humming on his organ like that.

I stepped back and just stared for a few minutes. There was my lovely wife giving head to a virtual stranger in our house with me present. It was a long time fantasy come to life and I just wanted to savor the moment. When I finally regained my composure somewhat, Ann was down on her knees in front of Bert, so I got on my knees in back of her, pulled her skirt over her hips, and took out my own bursting cock.

I began rubbing up and down Ann’s moist slit with the tip of my cock, and as she was busy sucking on Bert’s cock, I slowly entered her from behind. I could hear her moaning heavily as I pumped in and out of her, and finally she let out a muffled cry as Bert shot his load into her throat and her warm cream engulfed my cock. We then adjourned to the bedroom where we both took turns screwing her and getting sucked by her. We tried about every possible position imaginable: Ann would lie on her back while one of us ate her pussy and the other straddled her face with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, one of us would fuck her doggie style while she sucked the other one off, and at one point she alternated sucking our cocks, making us kneel side by side so she had easy access. All three of us finally came at the same time in an orgasm that had us screaming at the tops of our lungs.

After Bert left, Ann and I talked about it for a while. We have an understanding that if we ever do this again, we would look upon it as if we were playing with a “toy.” After all the apprehension, I felt a great relief when it was all over. We still have no desire to cheat on each other, and we have both agreed that whenever we want to have another adventure, we will always do it as a couple.

Mr. (Name and address withheld by request)