A Restless Capricorn Finds True Happiness with a Sensual Taurus

After having experienced the dread of a failed marriage, I was reluctant to begin the search for a new mate, fearing I would once again make the wrong choice. I was so mistaken to think my ex was the one for me. Initially, we got along famously, but over time, he turned into a big time loser. I needed a new criterion to go by romantically— something more emotionally foolproof.

I bought an astrology book recommended by a good friend and decided to read it and use it as my guide to men. According to this book, with a simple birth date, I would be able to tell if a love interest was compatible based on his Sun Sign. Knowing his birth year would be extra helpful. I consulted this book when I first met Nigel.

I met him through our mutual friend, Wayne. I was immediately smitten by him. Blond with piercing blue eyes, Nigel also had a sexy British accent and a witty sense of humor. During our first conversation, I found out quite a bit about him, including the information that would help me understand him astrologically. Nigel was born April 24, 1961, which means his Sun Sign is Taurus. I’m a Capricorn. According to the wisdom of the stars, one of the strongest connections is if your Moon Sign is compatible with another’s Sun Sign. My Moon Sign happens to be Taurus, so there was our connection. I wondered if I hadn’t already felt the harmony. I was thrilled!

Nigel and I soon started to date, and as our relationship progressed, I consulted my astrology book to see if what it claimed was actually the truth. I really felt that it was! In bed, especially, Nigel was just as the author described him— very sensual. One night, for instance, after having gone out for dinner, Nigel and I returned to my place for some sex that most definitely heightened my senses!

We began by slowly undressing each other. My nipples grew hard as Nigel unbuttoned my sheer blouse. Then he lifted my camisole, cupped one of my breasts and brought his soft lips to it. He kissed my swollen nipple and swirled his tongue around it, before sucking it into his wet mouth. Then he switched breasts as I ran my fingers through his gorgeous hair.

His mouth continued down to my tummy as he eased me to the floor. I felt a longing in my pussy for that mouth of his, and he knew it. Nigel pulled off my long, tight skirt. Yanking aside the crotch of my panties with one finger, he slid his tongue between my pussy lips and licked just like a Taurus who knows what he wants. As he lapped at my hot pussy, I attended to my breasts, kneading them. It turns Nigel on to see me play with myself, so I’m sure he liked what he saw when he looked up and caught me. I absolutely love to entertain.

I guess I was really getting to him, because he stopped to strip off the rest of his clothes and straddle my torso. His breathing was hot and heavy as he masturbated himself and I continued to lavish attention on my firm breasts. He stroked his cock nice and slow as he watched me draw circles around one areola and grab at the other. Pretty soon, he was “bringing it on home.” With a heartfelt moan, Nigel blasted my breasts, neck and mouth with his hot and creamy come. I licked my lips clean as he trailed a single finger in the icing on my breasts.

Nigel rolled off and settled on his side next to me. I still felt the longing in my pussy, only this time it was for his cock. I cupped my pussy and started rubbing. Seeing this, Nigel placed his hand over mine. Together, we caressed my aching loins until he decided to take control and gently pushed aside my hand. By this time, my lover was hard again. And right in line with being a Taurus, he took his time, allowing my passion to build. He used his finger to tease me, lightly running it across my clitoris.

Certain I wouldn’t have lasted much longer, I was glad when Nigel finally mounted me. His stiff cock slid into my wet pussy as easily as had his tongue. With my legs wrapped around his back, my bull fucked me at a steady rhythm, and I used my toned stomach muscles to meet him stroke for eager stroke. So attuned with each other, Nigel and I moved as one, and as one we came. The longing that had occupied my pussy exploded into little sparks that quickly traveled throughout my body. I never felt so exhilarated and so sure that I was in a loving, long lasting relationship.

I’ve since become a firm believer in astrology. I know for sure that with Nigel, I can’t go wrong. He is the deliciously perfect match for this Cappy!

Julia C., Vermont

Celebrity Fantasy: Kate Moss

Every time I walk up Broadway I end up stopping in my tracks when I see her picture. The image of her is so arresting, and she seems to be everywhere, whether it’s plastered to kiosks or construction barriers or elegantly framed in glass in bus stop shelters. She is, of course, Kate Moss, the ubiquitous, ectomorphic model featured so prominently in the Calvin Klein ads, with or without Marky Mark.

Supposedly her popularity heralds a return to the days of ultra thin models like Twiggy, and away from the more voluptuous girls. I’ll leave that to the sociologists to consider. All I know is that I find her waif like face and spindly body a raging turn on. I’m so enamored of her that I have concocted a fantasy that never fails to inspire towering hard ons.

It starts when I’m standing in front of one of the black and white ads depicting her in one of the latest outfits cashing in one the “grunge” look, her unsmiling, indifferent gaze staring off into space, she slim shoulders cocked at an acute angle. I must be gazing at the ad for a long time, because I hear from behind me a thin, English accented voice say, “You must really like that photo.”

I turn to see that the apple of my eye is standing before me, an impish grin on her face. “Yes, I do,” I reply, my heart thumping strenuously. “I wish I had one of my own to put on the wall in my apartment.”

“Why settle for an ad when you can have the real thing?” she offers. Remember, this is a fantasy.

I quickly invite her up to my place. For a fashion model she’s not that tall, but so sylph like that it seems a decent gust of wind would lift her up and blow her slim body away.

Once I’ve got her sitting on my couch, a cup of tea in her hand, we get serious fast. I gaze into her sepia toned, feral eyes that remind me of chocolate bon bons. Her high, chiseled cheekbones accept the light in an amazingly flattering fashion. Her lips, two ruby red peach halves drawn tight into a bow, sip delicately at the brew. Her long brown hair falls gently over her bare shoulders. My cock stirs in my pants like a caged panther. I search her impenetrable stare for a sign. When she puts her hand on my knee, I take that as a good omen.

I kiss her and feel like I’m lost in a psychedelic rock poster bright, bleeding colors surround me in a surreal pattern. She begins to suck on my tongue, and her long, skinny fingers undo the buttons of my shirt with precision. My hands get into the action, first gripping her shoulders, then kneading her back, hips and ass. They get tangled up in the folds of her skirt. I announce that we need to get naked, and she agrees.

Her nude body, which is undeniably feminine but also curiously androgynous, makes my cock as hard as an ax handle. Her eyes light up upon seeing my erection pointing toward the ceiling, twitching with desire for her. She dives between my legs and starts running her nimble little tongue up and down my shaft. I am breathing heavily and groaning. Eventually she swallows my enlarged dick in a tiny gulp. To see her gamine like fact sluttishly bob up and down on my cock almost has me swooning. It is clear she enjoys having a hard cock filling her mouth.

After a few minutes of frantic sucking, she breaks for air and resumes giving me a loving tongue bath. She licks my balls, my inner thighs, and then, after I shift my hips upward a bit, her tongue dances along the crack of my ass. She replaces her tongue with an invading finger and inserts it to the knuckle up my asshole. In and out she thrusts, and once again my cock goes into her hot mouth. With a digit up my ass and my prick between her lips, I’m spurting like a geyser in no time. She swallows most of it, but a frosting of come coats her lips.

Straddling my chest, Kate rubs her pussy. “Now do it to me,” she says. I grab her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. She scampers up onto the bed and spreads her legs wide.

“You’ve got to be patient,” I tell her. “I’m going to lick every part of you.” And I do, starting with each toe and not finishing until I’m nibbling on her earlobes. Of course I spend a delightful period of time playing with her tiny breasts, the dark, bullet hard nipples tasting like candy in my mouth. But she wants her cunt licked and pleads with me to stick my tongue deep inside her. I intend to do just that, but I start by lightly tonguing her fleshy labia and her inviting asshole.

Could anything taste finer than an excited woman, especially a woman as sexy as Kate? Licking and lapping and nibbling on her pink essence, her thighs press against my head and her hips lift up off the bed as she comes right in my mouth.

After holding onto each other in a loving, post orgasmic embrace, my cock begins to harden once more. Kate notices and is quite pleased. “You’re ready to fuck me good, eh?” she teases. I most certainly am, and allow her to caress my organ to its full length. Then she lies back on the pillows and points her knees in opposite directions. “Come on,” she whispers hotly. “Stick it in me. I’m so wet I could slide across the room. Shove your big cock all the way inside me.”

In two or three strokes I’m all the way home, and her cunt is full to the brim with my cock. She thrust back, wanting it to go on as hard as I can give it to her. Out of the corner of my eye I see us in the mirror. Her feet are in the air, toes curled. Dangling off the bed are her hands, clenching and unclenching in time with my thrusts. In a minute or two she comes explosively, and I can literally feel the walls of her vagina tightening around me. As she’s shivering in orgasm, she bites me on the nipple.

“I want it up my bum,” Kate declares. “Are you up to giving me a good ass fucking?”

I look at that tiny rear end and my fully engorged cock and think it’s a physical impossibility. She thinks otherwise and coats her asshole with lotion. Then she tucks her head down, sticks her ass up and gives me the go ahead.

As my cock slides into her back chute I see stars. This is as tight a fit as my old friend has ever felt, and he’s delighted. The sensation is so overpowering that it only takes a few strokes to set me off, and I fire three or four rounds of jism up her clutching asshole. We fall into a heap, spoon fashion, and she turns her head to suck on my neck. “Liked that, did you?” she giggles. I assure her I did.

Lying back on one elbow, I watch her scurry naked into the bathroom to clean up. Then I silently watch her dress. When she’s finished, she gives me one final, brain scorching kiss, then she’s out the door with a wave of good bye. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time standing on the streets of New York, examining her posters. They say lightning can strike twice in the same place.

Name and address withheld

The Fires of Passion Rage Out of Control in Sweet Anticipation of Her Man’s Return

It has been seven months since I have felt your seasoned cock deep inside my pussy. The phone sex we have shared has readied me for the fucking that is about to take place between us.

I am so hot when I pick you up at the airport. For months I have been coming from the sound of your voice on the other end of the line. My mind is consumed by thoughts of the sex we are about to share and the orgasms we will savor. My pussy is soaking with anticipation. We both know it is going to be the hottest fuck either of us has experienced.

I search you out among the many people and immediately feel your eyes on me. I let my eyes roam the length of your body, stopping at your crotch. Just knowing your beautiful cock is so close to me is making me crazy. I’ve really missed you and the intensity of our sex. I want to stroke, lick and suck you to the point of no return. We look deeply into each other’s eyes, and I feel you pulling me into a state of mind where only you and I exist, there is no turning back. No words describe the power you have over me. I have never been made to surrender to submit will be to receive the ultimate orgasm.

We reach my apartment and I unlock the door. I feel a melting sensation between my legs that I’ve never felt before. My pussy aches for you. You pull me tightly into your arm and your lips find mine. I want so badly to feel your hot mouth on my pussy. I press my body against yours and feel the hardness of your cock. You reach your hand under my shirt and pinch my nipples, asking me if I want more. Before I can answer, your other hand is forcing its way into my jeans. You find your way to my pussy and separate the folds, slipping your finger inside. You want me to squirm, and I do.

You ask if I want to feel your hard cock. I can hear the control in your voice as you insist I tell you what I want. You have my body pinned up against the wall. I am burning. My juices are flowing as you continue to probe my inner walls with your fingers. You take your hand away and move it to my mouth, making me lick my own juices form your fingers. My body is twitching for the attention of your hot mouth. Knowing this, you remove my shirt.

At first, your mouth is very gentle. You work my nipples until they are as hard as they can get. You haven’t allowed me freedom of movement— if you did, I’d be stroking your cock by now. You want me to show you the things I did to myself during our phone talks. You say you have been aching to watch me get my pussy ready to take every bit of your big cock. You tell me that only when you are convinced I am ready to take you will you allow me my freedom. I want you so badly I will do anything you ask.

You pin me to the floor and force my hand to my pussy. You watch my finger slide in and out. My body is aching. I want you to fuck me hard. With my other hand, I begin rubbing my swollen clit. You pull on my nipples as you bend over to take my tits in your mouth. You nibble and suck each one. You begin to lick your way down to my hot, wet pussy. I am begging for you to suck my pussy, my clit. I scream out that I am ready. You are so close I can feel your breath.

I reach out and try to direct your mouth to my pussy, but you grab my hands and pull them tightly above my head. I beg you to take your cock out of your pants so I can suck it. In one hand you hold my wrists and with your free hand, you reach down to rub my aching clit. You tell me not to move as you unzip your pants and pull out your big, beautiful cock. I can’t take my eyes off it.

You bring your cock to my lips, telling me to suck it good, to take it all the way down my throat. You grab the back of my head and urge me to take every inch as you slowly fuck my mouth. Your hand reaches down to rub my pussy. We are both so hot. You demand that I suck your cock hard, like I have never sucked before.

I am ready now to take you inside my pussy. You roll me over and raise my ass high in the air. Slowly, you insert the head and then pull it out as you again ask me to tell you what I want. I say to please fuck me, fuck me hard. You dip the head in again and I try to force myself onto your cock, but you put your hand on my back and force me down. I tell you how much I missed you, your cock, your tongue, your touch. I tell you that you feel so wonderful inside my pussy.

Your hips pick up the rhythm as you shove your stiff cock as deep as it will go inside me. My pussy muscles pull you in deeper. I am moaning. You ram every bit of your cock into me and drench my hot pussy with your creamy seed. I explode with the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. Slowly you pull your cock out of me and roll me onto my back. The wait is finally over.

Priscilla C., Virginia

First Class Office Affair Sealed with Passion in Mailroom

I had just started working for this prestigious law firm in Mississippi when I noticed this very big, attractive black man in the same office. I hadn’t been employed for more than a month and I already felt the sexual attraction between us. It started out as a flirtation and finally erupted into one of the most exciting sexual relationships I’ve encountered.

Every day we would flirt with each other and make gestures to see what the other would do. One day, when the both of us were alone together in the mailroom, Calvin rubbed up against me. Nothing was said, but our glances spoke volumes. Neither of us seemed shocked. We caught each other’s smile and so it went a little further. He shut and locked the door to the outside office. My heart started pounding with excitement, though I was also nervous knowing my coworkers were right outside the door.

Calvin put his big hands on my face and slowly put his lips on mine. It felt so good when his tongue entered my mouth. Our tongues entwined with such excitement. He lifted me up and put me on top of a counter and slowly ran his hands up my thighs. All I could hear was my heart beating and our breath getting heavier and heavier.

I was wearing a dress with panties and thigh high hose. Calvin pulled down my soaked panties, taking them off one leg at a time. He started kissing my thighs, making me quiver. I felt like I was in a fantasy watching this dark skinned man against my white skin. It really turned me on!

Calvin ran his tongue along the inside of my legs until he reached my dripping pussy. Then I felt his tongue touch me it felt like fire. He moved his tongue up and down like he was a cat licking around. I thought he was going to devour me. His tongue fluttered in and out of my pussy and then came up on my clitoris. I was almost ready to explode.

I started playing with my breasts, rubbing my nipples back and forth. Calvin then inserted a finger into my sopping pussy and another finger into my puckered back hole. I couldn’t take it any longer and exploded right there on his face.

He licked up all of my juices, then stood up and unzipped his pants. He slid his suspenders off his broad shoulders and took down his pants, exposing the most beautiful black cock, in fact, the first, I had ever seen. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth.

I licked up his pre come and then gently slid my mouth around him. Amazingly, I was able to swallow his whole cock. Placing his hands on the back of my head, he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I grabbed his balls and started massaging them as my other hand grabbed his smooth, firm ass. I heard him moaning as my lips and tongue ran up and down his swollen shaft.

All of a sudden Calvin stiffened and shot his come down my throat. I swallowed every bit of it, wanting more. After I finished licking him clean, we quickly got dressed and tried to regain our composure. Together we walked out of the mailroom.

I was so nervous the rest of the day wondering if someone had heard our moans of pleasure. We both had a wonderful time and have been back to the mailroom on several occasions. God, I love this job!

Carol A., Mississippi

Married 20 Years and Still Crazy in Love— and Lust

I must confess I feel somewhat guilty when I read about women who either have never had an orgasm or have had so few that they hardly remember them. I am just the opposite, very orgasmic and very much into coming whenever and wherever I can. Thanks to a very loving, highly sexual and imaginative husband, I “get off” frequently. My best times are when we are in an environment where there are no distractions and where I can become very vocal as I’m increasingly aroused.

Some of our best sessions occur on lazy Saturday afternoons. Although the routine isn’t really the same all the time, Greg usually starts by giving me a light massage and then slowly begins to finger fuck me with his KY covered or saliva covered fingers. As he plays with my clit and slides his fingers along the length of my cunt lips, he’ll talk dirty to me by saying what a great fuck I am and describing what he intends to do to me. Other times he’ll tell me about fucking sessions with old girlfriends, real or imaginary. Within a short time I’ll have my first orgasm.

At this point, Greg knows he has me on a sexual rollercoaster and he continues on. He will move down on me so that he can comfortably begin eating my pussy. A small pillow under my ass gives him a great angle to lash away at my cunt. Greg has a tongue that is astonishingly nubile. He flicks and licks and twirls his tongue with abandon. It isn’t long before I feel an intense orgasm building, and by now I’m moaning with absolute joy.

The orgasm from this type of stimulation is extremely intense and there are times when I think I’m going to pass out. Occasionally when I’m in that state, Greg will unexpectedly slide a lubricated finger up my ass as I’m about to come. That really puts me over the top, so much so that I practically throw him off the bed with the violence of my body thrust.

Once I’ve come down from that event, Greg will start fucking me with his beautiful, thick, massive cock. I love watching it enter me, especially in the mirror on the wall opposite our bed. Greg’s heavy, athletic thighs look like they belong on a Greek god as he thrust in and out. His balls swell and his cock glistens with my pussy juice. Sometimes he is on top, other times on the bottom. I especially like it doggie style because of the depth he reaches in my pussy.

I guess you can tell we’re very much in love with each other and have been for the past 20 years. The great side benefit of all this fucking has been the visible improvement of my skin tone. There is nothing like a good orgasm to smooth the wrinkles from aging and take away the tensions of the world. It’s a lot less expensive than joining an aerobics class— and most certainly a lot more fun.

Tandy Y., Idaho