Cheeky Gal Loves a Good Hard Spanking from Her Boyfriend

Several months ago, my boyfriend and I were fooling around in bed and I was being a total tease. I was giving him a blowjob, and when I sensed he was close to coming, I would just stop sucking him and leave him like that, with a bad case of blue balls.

After doing this several times Frankie warned me not to let it happen again. But I did. He grabbed me by the shoulders, lifted me up and put me across his lap. The next thing I felt was his hand as he delivered the first of about a dozen hard, stinging swats to my bare behind.

Then he dumped me off his lap onto the floor and ordered me to finish sucking him off. My poor buns were bright red and hot where his swift smacks had left their mark. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed down, forcing his cock into my mouth. I wasted no time and immediately went to work sucking him dry.

A couple of weeks later, we were fooling around in bed again and Frankie asked me to give him another blowjob. “Don’t I get a spanking first?” I asked teasingly. The words were no sooner out of my mouth than I suddenly found myself lying across his lap, head down, ass up, on the receiving end of an old fashioned, bare bottom spanking.

I was expecting only a few playful slaps, but to my surprise and delight, he gave me a good, sound spanking of about two dozen swats, alternating cheeks so that each one got 12 smacks. I was so turned on that I couldn’t wait to go down on him. I slid off his lap, knelt between his legs, and ran my tongue up the full length of his cock, from the base to the tip, and then swirled my tongue around the head before taking the shaft into my hungry mouth. I was playfully fondling his balls while my lips and tongue quickly worked him to a frenzy and he spilled his come across my tongue. I swallowed every drop, then licked him clean.

My rear end was so sore that I couldn’t sit down for the rest of the day, but it was worth it. I had never seen my boyfriend so horny, and I was so turned on that I gave him the best blowjob he had ever had.

About a month later, we were over my place watching TV while my roommate got ready for a date. My boyfriend leaned over and whispered, “As soon as she leaves, I’m going to put you over my knee and give you the spanking of your life, and the more you kick, and the more you squirm, the more I’m going to enjoy it.”

My roommate’s date showed up, but my roommate was still fooling around in the bathroom, getting ready. I sat on the couch next to my boyfriend, wiggling nervously, aching in eager anticipation. “I wish she’d hurry up,” I whispered to him, “I can’t wait.”

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my roommate and her date left for the evening, leaving my boyfriend and I alone together at last. Their car had no sooner pulled out of the driveway when Frankie pulled out a straight chair and ordered me to take down my pants. I realized that he was going to give it to me right there in the living room. I undid the snap and zipper of my jeans and pulled them down to my knees.

“Pull them all the way down,” Frankie ordered. I did and my jeans dropped down to my ankles, but I kept my panties on. Then I shuffled over to where my boyfriend was sitting. “Bend over,” he ordered. I did. I felt his hand on my back as he slid my shirt up and then roughly pulled my panties down to my knees. I felt him flip his right leg up over both of mine, pinning me down. His hand moved caressingly across my backside, teasing me.

With his left hand, he pushed down on the back of my neck. As my head was pushed down, my rear end popped straight up in the air. His hand came down on my bare bottom with a resounding smack. The second swat was just as hard as the first, and the third was even harder than that. I couldn’t hold out any longer and let out a yell.

That just spurred him on and he really laid it on. I lost count of how many swats I’d taken. I lay across his lap, kicking and squirming, as his hand rose and fell on my completely exposed backside.

Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. My ass was so hot it felt like it was on fire. Frankie lifted me up and carried me over to the couch, putting me facedown over the arm of the couch. The next thing I felt was his cock as he entered me from the rear. I gasped. He quickly worked up a rhythm, and with every thrust, my clit rubbed against the arm of the couch. I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and then I came with a mind shattering intensity.

Frankie pulled out and told me to kneel in front of him and take his cock into my mouth. I followed his instructions obediently, tasting myself on him as his cock slid back and forth across my lips. He pulled my head into his crotch, flexing his ass, and I began sucking on him in earnest, bobbing my head hard and fast as I could, until he shot his load down my throat. I kept licking and sucking as his cock shrank inside me.

My butt was so sore I could barely stand up. Frankie carried me into my bedroom and rubbed cooling lotion on my sore buns, complimenting me on my enthusiastic dick worshipping.

On my birthday, Frankie promised me a special treat. For a long time I had this great fantasy about being tied to a bed and soundly screwed. We discussed it and he agreed to give me what I wanted. We showered together so that we were squeaky clean. Then we went straight to my bedroom. We had the apartment to ourselves for the night. I put on an old nightie and waited alone in my room, with the lights out, anxious to experience this fantasy. My boyfriend opened the door, and entered the room stark naked.

He grabbed the belt off my robe and tied my hands together in front of me. Then he had me bend over the side of the bed and flipped my nightgown up over my head. He went to my closet and got out a leather belt. As I was bent over the bed with my nightie covering my face, I couldn’t tell where my boyfriend was— until he stepped up behind me and laid that belt across my bare bottom. The second swat was a “love tap,” but the third was a real stinger. He gave me a dozen swats, some light, some hard. Then he tied my hands to the headboard of my bed with the robe belt and tied my legs to the bedframe with some clothesline that he “found” on my dresser.

He ripped off my nightgown and began to lick and suck on my nipples. First left, then right, he gave them quick little bites. Then he moved down my stomach, until he got to my crotch. He was torturing me, tracing his tongue around and around my hot pussy, paying no attention at all to my pleading. Finally, his mouth made contact with my stiff clit and, seconds later, a powerful orgasm shook me.

Then, he was on top of me, and in me. He fucked me as fast and as hard as he could, the headboard slamming against the wall, and I came again. I was using the leverage of my restrained wrists to buck with him, giving him the ride of his life. After a few more of his strong, hard thrusts I climaxed again. He continued fucking me, banging away until he came, so deep inside me. Then he collapsed, exhausted, on my chest and we both dozed off.

It was the most intense sexual experience that I have ever had. And I can’t wait to do it again.

Melanie K., New Jersey

Concerning Cucumbers, Carrots, Well Shaped Bananas— and a Juicy Cantaloupe

My husband, Alec, loves to go to the grocery store. His favorite department is produce. He looks for big, fat cucumbers, long carrots and nicely shaped bananas— anything to put inside me and make me come.

I decided I was going with him this one time. I picked out a real ripe cantaloupe without him knowing what I had in mind. That night, I made a circle in the cantaloupe just a little bit bigger than his long, fat cock, and scooped out the middle.

Alec called me into the bedroom and began playing with my large, nicely shaped tits and sucking on my big, red nipples. I was getting so wet I couldn’t wait to use my newly discovered toy. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder.

Placing Alec on his back in the bed, I put just the head of his cock inside the cantaloupe. What a look of pleasure and surprise on his face as I began moving the cantaloupe up and down, slowly at first and then faster, until he began bucking and moaning. My pussy was dripping with excitement.

His cock was pushing all the way inside the cantaloupe now and I knew he was going to come his balls were tight up against his body. Suddenly, he shot his thick, creamy come inside the cantaloupe. Incredibly excited, I climbed on his face in a 69 position and he licked and sucked my pussy while I licked the sweet, sweet nectar off his big cock. I wound up coming all over his face.

That night I cut open the cantaloupe and enjoyed the taste all over again. Now Alec and I love grocery shopping together.

Marie S., California

Love in a Limo— Hollywood Starlet and Rock Star Do It with Style and Flair

Whenever long, shiny limousines glide by me on the crowded streets of Los Angeles, I wonder who is riding inside those flashy, streamlined cars. What kind of golden lives do they lead in the secret darkness of Californian nights? What goes on in those seductively private interiors? Not long ago I had an experience in a limo that, in part, answered these questions and proved to be wilder than any fantasy.

I’m a 23 year old actress who’s always cast as an ing nue, the perennial virgin, because of my long blonde hair and baby face. But even Hollywood would be shocked if it knew the real me. Had they filmed my first limousine ride, I could have made the silver screen sizzle.

I had just begun dating a well known rock star. I’ll call him John. For our second date, John invited me to a rock concert and suggested we make it an extra fun evening by renting a limousine. Neither of us had any idea how much extra fun this extravagance would be!

The limousine that arrived to take us to the concert would have pleased even Cinderella. It was a polished, dark maroon “stretch,” an extra long model with every luxury you can imagine: Moon roof, red velvet interior, full bar with crystal decanters and glasses, stereo and TV. Most important, the windows were tinted black so that no one outside could see in. And there was a soundproof velvet partition that we could raise or lower electrically to separate us from the chauffeur.

I celebrated the special occasion by wearing a new lilac outfit with a flowing skirt so sheer that the outlines of my long legs were visible up to my lacy bikini panties underneath. The backless top was extremely low cut in front as well, and it draped revealingly over my large, firm breasts. I looked and felt like a starlet.

I felt as if I were in a Hollywood movie when my rock star walked me out to the waiting limousine and the chauffeur obligingly opened its heavy doors. I couldn’t help but notice that Rick, as his name turned out to be, cast an appreciative glance as I dipped into the back seat. John slid in beside me and we sped off into the night, toasting to the adventure ahead.

The concert was so much fun! We spent most of our time backstage carousing with the various record executives, celebrities and band members. I couldn’t stop staring at John, though, who stayed close by my side. It turned me on to look at him and think of the hot, deep kisses we had shared on our first date a few days earlier. I knew I couldn’t wait much longer to fuck the daylights out of him.

John must have had similar thoughts, because he wanted to leave the concert as soon as it was over. We piled back into our luxury car, and Rick swiftly maneuvered the limo through traffic. The moonlit beach seemed the ideal follow up spot, so John told Rick to head for Santa Monica, and then raised the partition.

The cab of the limo was softly lit, like the seduction chamber of a miniature bordello. John slipped his strong arm around my shoulder and nuzzled my neck as the magical mood began to envelop us. I answered his first tentative kiss with an open, hungry mouth, and he responded with a series of deep, plunging kisses. His tongue alternated between exploring the edges of my lips, biting and teasing, and darting inside my mouth.

John’s hand slid up under the loose folds of material comprising the outfit’s top and began to fondle my breasts. Lightly he traced the perimeters of my soft, lax nipples, pinpointing my attention immediately. My nipples tightened and sent a coded impulse down my spine to my cunt. Already my juices were flowing, and we hadn’t traveled a mile yet! I lifted my top higher, exposing my milky white breasts with their delicate pink rosebuds, which were now standing erect, as hard and tempting as sugar candy. John’s eyes opened wide, and he took each of the nipples, one after the other, into his succulent mouth. His hard sucking made my head swirl as my pussy continued to melt in heated anticipation.

I rolled over on top of John and straddled one of his thighs, feeling his sinewy leg press against my damp panties. I wriggled around until I was no longer sitting on my skirt, but had only my lacy bikinis rubbing directly on his tight jeans. The roughness of the two materials chafing against my engorged clit produced an electric sensation. I was dying for the cool touch of John’s hand, but wouldn’t allow it yet, as I had another pleasure in mind.

Earlier I’d noticed two looped cloth handles, one hanging directly beside the ceiling light above the passenger door on either side of the car. I gave John a promising kiss and winked. At the same time, I slipped between his legs onto the carpeted floor and removed his shoes. Then I lifted his left leg and carefully placed his foot in the long loop, using it like a stirrup. I did the same with his right leg, which had to stretch far and wide to reach the loop on the opposite side. But this athletic stretch was obviously not too uncomfortable for John, who gazed down at me with a mixed expression of disbelief and lust. Bondage in velvet!

My face was eye level with his hard, bulging cock, which strained against the zipper of his pants like a caged tiger waiting to escape. I undid his belt buckle and slowly unzipped his fly, following the opening trail downward with my slick, dancing tongue. I gently lifted John’s throbbing cock from its hiding place, lovingly caressing it like a newfound treasure. John raised himself up a bit and I slid his pants down as far as his widespread legs would allow.

I kissed the nest of dark pubic hair surrounding his erection and kneaded the well developed, supple ass resting in my upturned palms. I slowly moved down further and explored the musky dampness of his warm balls with my wildly flicking tongue, taking them one at a time in my mouth, then easing them both in together. His cock was throbbing with frustration and, even in the dim light, I could see a glistening drop of semen forming on its swollen purple head. I couldn’t wait any longer and traced a slippery line up the long shaft with my eager tongue. I licked and kissed and teased its mushroom shaped top, anticipating the moment when I could take the whole thing into my watering mouth with one swooping dive.

John was writhing and gasping, trying with great effort to postpone his orgasm. I gradually worked all of him into my drooling mouth, moistening each delicious inch as it slipped past my devouring lips. I sucked his rock hard shaft, swirling my tongue around the engorged veins and firm, fleshy tip. My cunt was sopping wet with ecstasy at the sight and taste of John’s sumptuous organ.

I pulled back slightly and rubbed John’s cock, which was dripping with my own saliva, all over the contours of my face I lapped at it hungrily as it passed within reach of my mouth. Then I knelt forward and cupped my breasts on either side of the gleaming cock, moving up and down its length and enjoying the fantastic feeling of being fucked between my two bobbing tits.

John suddenly couldn’t take any more tantalizing and pushed my head back down hard onto his cock until my lips and teeth were nearly pressed against its very base. I had the whole shaft in my mouth, the sensitive tip in so deep that it had forced its way down into the silky softness of my throat. With his weight anchored in the looped stirrups, John pumped fiercely as I sucked the whole length of his great cock and stroked his taut, heavy balls with my hand. His member stiffened and quivered in the final moment as he let out a strained cry and convulsed in a huge, all consuming orgasm. Thick, hot spurts of come hit the back of my throat and flooded my mouth. Swallowing the entire load of syrupy come, I sucked his cock dry and gradually let the softening cock slide out of my mouth.

John collapsed back in the seat and kicked one foot free of its stirrup. I helped him unhook the other just as the car came to a crunching halt on the loose gravel of a dark, deserted parking lot. The chauffeur’s buzzer rang, and Rick informed us we had arrived at the beach.

John was too spent to go for a stroll, so I lowered the closest window, inviting in the smell of the night beach air and the roaring ocean. Then John watched as I fingered myself to an explosive orgasm, my ecstatic cries becoming one with the crashing waves.

When it was all over, I knew this wouldn’t be our last ride with Rick!

Name and address withheld

Online Seductions: Truly Personal Computing

He ::sliding my arm hand between your legs, caressing your labial folds:: She ::throaty moan, shifting my hips, squirming in response:: He ::softly parting your slit with my finger as I kiss you deeply:: She ::gasping against your lips:: He ::tracing with exquisite gentleness, my finger circling your clit::

That exchange is happening between a man and woman sitting at personal computer keyboards, hundreds of miles apart, as each types a line of text to the other. They indicate sexy actions as opposed to direct “talk” by enclosing them inside double colons (::). Yet despite the distance and seemingly awkward means of interaction, they are experiencing something that is both immediate (or, in jargon, real time) and as personal as their erotic imaginations. A friend of mine is fond of referring to what occurs in the computer world— also known as “cyberspace” — as “2D” and what appears in the normal, everyday world as “3D.” The man and his lady friend are engaged in the 2D equivalent of 3D sex, an activity that is variously called computer sex or compusex.

Our amorous couple have their computers linked, via telephone lines, to an online service. Such a service, or host, charges its subscribers for supplying them the means to interact in ways that go far beyond mere typed communication. The online service becomes, in a sense, an electronic village with the commerce, utilities, infrastructure and activities of an actual community. The cost of living within this village is a subscription fee.

To understand the context in which compusex occurs, think of the electronic village. Let’s use the host network on which I spend the most of my online time it’s a good example of what’s going on.

Before I can become a citizen of my particular electronic village, I need to gain access by first installing certain software in my computer, which comes with the membership fee. This particular service uses the concept of a “windowed” environment: The screen has special bordered areas. The windows contain buttons that can be selected by using a mouse or the keyboard.

The first thing I see when I call the host and enter my password is a window welcoming me by my chosen pseudonym it contains a list, or menu of special events that may be of interest. If I’ve already decided where I want to go, I may use a keyword or special combination of “hot keys” to get there. Or I can simply browse the service.

If I choose to browse, the selections include news and finance, special interest clubs and hobby boards, entertainment, reference and education, travel services and shopping. These choices make for a rich online environment at a reasonable cost, though many subscribers avoid direct interaction with others altogether, making full use of facilities of interest to the individual alone.

For players such as myself and my friends, however, the main focus of our online activities is the chat area. I get there with a simple combination of keystrokes that lands me in a special window called a “room.” The room concept in 2D is directly analogous to a 3D environment: Several people can be present and there’s even a maximum capacity. Rooms are central to the erotic relationships that develop online.

Within the room, people may chat with one another. To do this, they type their statements into a preparatory text area at the bottom of the room window, then press ENTER to release the text into the room.

Each person within the room has an identifying name, a pseudonym they’ve chosen. One of mine, for example, is “Sam Hazard.” As each person “speaks,” everyone within the room can see the comment and respond in kind. To let others know more about me, I can create a profile, which may be factual or not. That saves a lot of trouble during introductions.

Besides chatting in the room, I can also send private messages— like whispering to someone special— on electronic mail.

Any number of rooms may exist within the chat area, created by any person who wants to chat. Room names are arbitrary and can be created to deal with such subjects as politics, lifestyles, romance or nearly any other category imaginable.

The rooms described so far are “public,” which means that their names appear on the room roster. Public rooms are policed for offensive language and behavior for the benefit of all present. The erotic potential of this room system, however, is the opportunity for subscribers to create private rooms.

A private room shares all the attributes of a public one, except that its name doesn’t appear on the roster. The only way to know about the existence of one of these rooms is to be told of it or to stumble across it while trying to create a private room with same name and landing in the middle of an ongoing chat. Private rooms are the ideal setting for seduction.

Before friends go private, they will likely first meet in a public room. Several public room names are quite popular and appear day after day. Over time they become adopted and supported by the host. My favorite of these sanctioned rooms is a watering hole dedicated to free form role playing, particularly of the “sword and sorcery” variety. Derived from the popularity of fantasy board games, this room is modeled after a medieval inn and contains a mix of people who take on identities of their favorite fantasy characters. Characters need not be medieval, though, and so may hail from any time and circumstance.

People of a wide range of ages are involved in this role playing, but most of the women whom I’ve met and courted here are in their late 20s or early 30s. The fantasy environment makes for intriguing situations. Because the storylines are both intricate and inventive, this room tends to draw fascinating people.

One of my online names in this room has become well established as a romantic figure of larger than life proportions. In all modesty, I must admit he’s widely known as a lady’s man. He’s a landed nobleman and often seen taking four or five girls (individually, of course!) to the fur lined boudoir of his castle— a private room, naturally. I’ve never opted for the magical skills many others use. I prefer to handicap myself, as it were, by being fully human and thus I am challenged to excel. It’s the actor in me, and I work hard at my roles. The fantasy aura in which I play allows me to woo ladies of interest with flowery semi Elizabethan dialogue:

“Dear Lady, thine eyes are as the boundless sea, so blue and so deep! A man might well drown within them! And those lips! So full and succulent, Madame, they are as the spring of life itself! Wouldst suffer me to drink deeply of them!” and so on. We play out the romance in words and gestures as (hopefully) she becomes intrigued.

With enough persuasion, she often consents to go to a private room, where we may merely converse or get caught up in the passion of the moment and have sex. Whether we do or not depends on many factors. She may be in the inn strictly to socialize or she may be there to meet someone else. She may even avoid flirtation because a sweetheart is leaning over her shoulder at the keyboard. I’ve learned from long experience that there should be no expectation that all will be roses, moonlight and swordplay. While most of my encounters charm the lady in question, some have chosen not to play. The essence of online relationships is communication sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t.

But let’s return to the opening flirtation. The give and take of the role playing is as old as the mating dance: showing off one’s plumage, so to speak. I send out intellectual feelers and test responses, looking for a resonance in the lady. The degree to which a pleasurable resonance occurs hints at the degree of potential for a satisfying friendship. The next step might easily be more intimate flirtation— displaying one’s prowess, reassuring the other.

In some cases where there seemed real compatibility, I’ve been unable to progress beyond these non private stages the mere fact that a woman is insulated by a computer link up and anonymity doesn’t prevent her, perhaps, from being shy about expressing her sexuality fully.

If all goes well, however, milady and I will enter the next stage by going private— usually to a room named after my “castle.” What happens there varies from person to person. We may engage in a little more intimate play and lovemaking, perhaps, or we may just whisper together. We might talk before playing or we might talk after we play, in or out of character. That’s up to my “guest,” and I have to feel her out without making her uncomfortable by interrupting the flow— not an easy task, mind you.

Let’s say she isn’t obvious about what she wants. Still she’s likely to be responsive to a little romance, so I ease into it with a walk to the main room of the castle, say, to throw a log on the fire and fix some drinks. There are the small caresses, the body language and the innuendos.

For example, as I hand her the goblet, I may lightly pass my hand over hers in the process. I’ll gaze down into her eyes with my warm blue ones. I’ll comment again on her charm and beauty, caress her cheek as I speak, and so on.

Her actions may involve crossing her legs and exposing some thigh, leaning over for a kiss or touching me in some suggestive fashion. If none of these displays yield clear intent on the part of my companion, I’ll become more and more forward until the intent is inescapable.

The most common occurrence is that we both wind up in the master bedchamber undressing one another while engaged in foreplay, working into heavier and heavier petting and finally bringing our characters to orgasm.

To my great delight, I’m told that I have no small skill at online seduction, which I can say, with a broad smile, pleases me, no end. With the assistance of an ever growing reputation, I’ve accumulated girlfriends and mistresses all around the country, and we’ve shared an intimacy of spirit that his hard to achieve through 3D interaction. But is role play and sexual dialogue all there is to compusex? Hardly!

Computer seduction is a far richer endeavor than mere sexual fantasy it’s a unique form of communication that manages to caress the breadth of the human psyche. Online erotic exchanges are highly focused, and it’s a powerful experience when two minds “click” online. It can lead to an unprecedented intimacy. You get to know each other from the inside out, and the results can be remarkable. In every single case where I’ve met friends from 2D in 3D, there were no surprises and no significant hurdles. It’s always been a smooth transition. Of course, one forms a mental image of how the person on the other end of the conversation may look, and that image is often times wrong yet appearance is found not to matter very much at all— for you know that person in a more significant sense.

You may be wondering at this point what these people are actually like. Anyone with experience will tell you that the popular image of two lonely folks madly typing out lusty fantasies with each other while masturbating is simply not accurate. I find online lovers tend to be highly literate and adventurous spirits who are pioneering and conquering yet another frontier. The essence of seduction is defined by how well and how quickly one communicates actions, nuances and feelings in the written word. And lest you fear online suitors look like geeks or extraterrestrials, I must say I’ve been rather impressed. Having not particular expectation, I’ve found the women from 2D whom I’ve gone on to meet in 3D are warm, witty, intelligent and attractive.

Still, compusex can be marvelously arousing at times, particularly if a favorite fantasy is being acted out, you have a responsive partner and the imagery is good. Of course, there’s a craft to it. Certain agreed upon shorthand phrases can denote feelings. See how :D looks like a laughing face on its side? And :) is a smiling face. And ) can be a winking smiling face with horns, that sort of thing. And there’s the challenge of creating a compelling scenario, of saying the right thing at the right moment and creating unforgettable plot twists and variations. Two people engaged in this sort of play are bringing their whole experience and skill to task. You allow your partner to involve herself in your actions.

I would never say “You writhe and gasp as I bring you to climax.” In the first place, the choice to moan or squirm and the timing are up to her. It’s my place to describe my own actions and responses, timing myself at a pace she dictates. Like the physical rhythms of great sex, compusex has its rhythms, too. For it to work well, each partner needs to grow attuned to the other, applying both knowledge and intuition at just the right moments. Is it any wonder that it’s such an irresistible tool for communication?

In the 3D world, sex involves a special blending of bodies. In the online world, sex is a blending of minds, and it’s a central theme when I talk with my online lady. Powerful relationships have been built in this manner after only a few nights together.

Just recently I went private with a new partner and we engaged in such a beautiful compusex lovemaking experience.

Afterward we “talked,” got to know one another as real people and discovered that we lived less than 100 miles apart. It didn’t take long before we decided to meet. Within a week of first meeting online we met in person, and the transition from 2D to 3D was seamless because we already knew each other so deeply from the inside out. As it happened, I also found her wonderfully attractive from the outside in.

Of course, not all romances result in happy endings you might expect the same to be true for 2D, and you’d be right. The pleasurable immediacy of the online experience doesn’t always work out in 3D. Sometimes shared fantasies may be no match for hard realities. Let me tell you, I’ve learned to take extra special care of psyches exposed by online intimacy. There are many, many stories online. I’ve heard several. I’ve lived a few.

With effort and luck, online relationships provide you with better insight into yourself and others, expose you to the richness and diversity of humankind, and teach you balance and patience.

They may even lead to special friendships that will last a lifetime.

Hearing All About His Wife’s Affair Drives Him Wild with Lust

About three years ago I found out my wife of 16 years was having an affair. Instead of being steaming mad, I got rock hard just thinking about some other guy with his hands up my wife’s dress and playing with her slick, shaved cunt.

It seems this fling had been going on for about six months. Once I found out about Betty and Mac’s rendezvous, I couldn’t think of anything but Mac’s cock sliding in and out of Betty’s pussy.

I began making her tell me, detail for detail, everything that happens when they’re together. They would usually go out at lunchtime and he would fuck her in his car. She would tell me all about it later as we drove home from work. I learned that they would pull off on some side road and Mac would start kissing her. His hands would slowly move up her tanned thighs and start rubbing her pussy through her panties. My wife said her panties would be already very wet by the time his finger made it inside the leg band. Betty told me that Mac’s cock was very long and very thick. She said she liked how tight it fit in her cunt.

The other day, right after she returned from lunch, I picked her up just so I could play with her pussy with Mac’s come still oozing from it. Of course, I had to fuck her, too, giving her pussy a double load of semen for the day.

Now, every day after work, I finger my wife’s pussy as we drive home while she tells me how Mac fucked her at lunch. Her pussy and panties are always still wet and the smell of fresh semen fills the car when I have her panties down around her ankles.

Our sex life is so good now. It really made a difference, her getting fucked at lunch and me knowing about it.

My wife could never make me come while sucking me off, but with Mac, she says he comes in her mouth within five minutes of sucking him. All of this turns me on greatly. My wife says Mac doesn’t know she’s telling me all the details. He thinks that I think the affair is over.

Next, I want to have a front row seat at our house and just watch as Mac fucks my wife 10 feet in front of me. I’d love to see the expression on Mac’s face if he looked up during one of Betty’s suck jobs and saw me standing in the window watching, pumping at my own stiff cock. God, just thinking about that gets me harder than a brick.

Lewis E., Ohio