Restless Married Couple Discovers the Special Joys of Dominance and Submission

My husband, Mike, is 32. I’m 29, blonde, with a good figure. In four years of marriage I never found the courage to tell Mike that what I really wanted most was to strip, kiss his feet and offer myself for his every whim. I might have stayed frustrated with this desire, except that we were invited to spend a Saturday with Mike’s boss, Don, who is 37, and his wife, Joan, who is 35.

Their house was far from town, on a flat hilltop two miles down a private country road. Natural terrain plus fencing made it very secluded. Don met us as we parked and said he’d show Mike the grounds. Joan was inside. I was astonished to find her nude. She was evenly suntanned and her nakedness did not seem to faze her. She told me she’d explain.

She said that she and Don had been into S&M for years and she loved obeying Don. He had ordered her to go naked before Mike and I. What stirred me most were not her words, but her tone— it was warm, happy, content.

I followed her when she took the snack trays to the patio, and I could tell Mike had been told what to expect. He enjoyed the scene, especially when Joan used the word “Master” when answering Don. I felt myself wishing to speak the same to Mike. Later, when she spilled something, Don snapped a metal ring shut on the tip of each of her nipples. Joan thanked him. I could tell that she liked the discipline.

Mike enjoyed the presence of a nude slave and I was envious of Joan’s happiness. All my longings were screaming to be heard. Don explained to us why he liked S&M, and Joan, who knelt facing the patio, explained her reasons. I could almost feel the bond of affection between them that surpassed any man wife relationship. I wanted to throw myself at Mike’s feet, especially after I witnessed Joan being strung up on tiptoe, a leather strap used on her ass and a dildo inserted into her pussy. I was envious!

That evening, we sat by the pool in bathing suits, with Joan at Don’s feet. The three of us had drinks. Don let Joan sip form his glass as a favor. He said he was celebrating his wonderful guests.

Not once, he reminded us, had either Mike or I uttered a protest. Our expressions had revealed our approval. Don had seen something in us and had invited Mike and I to his home to enable us to find our own inner needs. Mike and I exchanged swift glances of appraisal.

Don sent Joan into the house. I looked at the lines of her buttocks and recalled how she had jerked under the feel of the strap. They seemed like badges of honor to me. She returned with handcuffs, which Don used to lock her wrists behind her. He announced she would stay like that all night. Now, he said, they were going inside. Good byes were awkward, so we just slipped away.

That night, after the most furious lovemaking of our marriage, Mike held me close as I confessed my longings. Mike said he wished we had faced our own natures years before. I begged him to enslave me and give us the life we wanted.

A month later we spent another Saturday in the country. This time, two nude female slaves carried the food out and said “Master” to their husbands. Two slaves proudly wore nipple rings and dangled on tiptoes near each other in the sun while the straps cracked across their buttocks. That evening, two supremely happy women sat at their masters’ feet and awaited the night with excitement. When Mike snapped the handcuffs on my wrists and led me to the guest bedroom, I was in heaven.

All this happened a year ago. Since then, don was promoted and transferred to another state, and Mike succeeded him. We bought their house, too. I have worked the flowerbeds, cleaned the pool and sweeped the patio, all in the nude, while Mike supervised me with a strap. I greet him naked when he comes home from work. Later, he handcuffs me and puts me through sex games outdoors and inside. I never know what my master will want me to do, but whatever it is, I know I’ll enjoy it.

Lately, we have noticed a young couple at company socials, and Mike and I now know what Don and Joan sensed about us. Before long, we will invite them out on a Saturday. I know they will react as we did.

Leslie P., Vermont

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