Restless Married Couple Discovers the Special Joys of Dominance and Submission

My husband, Mike, is 32. I’m 29, blonde, with a good figure. In four years of marriage I never found the courage to tell Mike that what I really wanted most was to strip, kiss his feet and offer myself for his every whim. I might have stayed frustrated with this desire, except that we were invited to spend a Saturday with Mike’s boss, Don, who is 37, and his wife, Joan, who is 35.

Their house was far from town, on a flat hilltop two miles down a private country road. Natural terrain plus fencing made it very secluded. Don met us as we parked and said he’d show Mike the grounds. Joan was inside. I was astonished to find her nude. She was evenly suntanned and her nakedness did not seem to faze her. She told me she’d explain.

She said that she and Don had been into S&M for years and she loved obeying Don. He had ordered her to go naked before Mike and I. What stirred me most were not her words, but her tone— it was warm, happy, content.

I followed her when she took the snack trays to the patio, and I could tell Mike had been told what to expect. He enjoyed the scene, especially when Joan used the word “Master” when answering Don. I felt myself wishing to speak the same to Mike. Later, when she spilled something, Don snapped a metal ring shut on the tip of each of her nipples. Joan thanked him. I could tell that she liked the discipline.

Mike enjoyed the presence of a nude slave and I was envious of Joan’s happiness. All my longings were screaming to be heard. Don explained to us why he liked S&M, and Joan, who knelt facing the patio, explained her reasons. I could almost feel the bond of affection between them that surpassed any man wife relationship. I wanted to throw myself at Mike’s feet, especially after I witnessed Joan being strung up on tiptoe, a leather strap used on her ass and a dildo inserted into her pussy. I was envious!

That evening, we sat by the pool in bathing suits, with Joan at Don’s feet. The three of us had drinks. Don let Joan sip form his glass as a favor. He said he was celebrating his wonderful guests.

Not once, he reminded us, had either Mike or I uttered a protest. Our expressions had revealed our approval. Don had seen something in us and had invited Mike and I to his home to enable us to find our own inner needs. Mike and I exchanged swift glances of appraisal.

Don sent Joan into the house. I looked at the lines of her buttocks and recalled how she had jerked under the feel of the strap. They seemed like badges of honor to me. She returned with handcuffs, which Don used to lock her wrists behind her. He announced she would stay like that all night. Now, he said, they were going inside. Good byes were awkward, so we just slipped away.

That night, after the most furious lovemaking of our marriage, Mike held me close as I confessed my longings. Mike said he wished we had faced our own natures years before. I begged him to enslave me and give us the life we wanted.

A month later we spent another Saturday in the country. This time, two nude female slaves carried the food out and said “Master” to their husbands. Two slaves proudly wore nipple rings and dangled on tiptoes near each other in the sun while the straps cracked across their buttocks. That evening, two supremely happy women sat at their masters’ feet and awaited the night with excitement. When Mike snapped the handcuffs on my wrists and led me to the guest bedroom, I was in heaven.

All this happened a year ago. Since then, don was promoted and transferred to another state, and Mike succeeded him. We bought their house, too. I have worked the flowerbeds, cleaned the pool and sweeped the patio, all in the nude, while Mike supervised me with a strap. I greet him naked when he comes home from work. Later, he handcuffs me and puts me through sex games outdoors and inside. I never know what my master will want me to do, but whatever it is, I know I’ll enjoy it.

Lately, we have noticed a young couple at company socials, and Mike and I now know what Don and Joan sensed about us. Before long, we will invite them out on a Saturday. I know they will react as we did.

Leslie P., Vermont

On the Scent of a Lover

The sight of a ravishing lady can set your pulse galloping. So can an erotic caress, or a passionate song. But every message from your eyes, skin or ears is communicated to your libido secondhand, after it’s been translated in the brain and linked with past memories.

Not so with the erotic fragrances your nose picks up. Odors go straight to the emotional core of your brain. There, automatic reflex switchboards turn simple chemical messages from the nose into powerfully seductive, primitive emotional reactions long before you realize what’s going on.

Mother Nature has been sharpening our reactions to the “chemistry of love” for millions of years. We humans aren’t as sensitive to odors and their ability to arouse our copulative drive as other animals. But odors still generate electrical impulses that travel straight from the nose to the brain and back in split seconds to set the pulse racing, rivet you to an irresistible target and harden your cock with anticipation.

All it takes for a male moth to find a female looking to mate is a couple of aromatic molecules floating downwind in the night air. He can zero in on his waiting target even if she is a mile away, when she releases her perfumed invitation.

Our sense of smell is more complicated, but we do share some things with other species, including insects, when it comes to scent, sexual behavior and mating. Twenty years ago, Martha McClintock reported one similarity when she found that certain aromatic secretions, known as pheromones, synchronize the menstrual cycles of women living together in college dormitories. This also occurs with women in the office workplace, and with mothers and daughters living together.

We’ve known for years that women are far more sensitive to odors than men, and that women and men produce different pheromones. That’s because different hormone levels control how many apocrine or odor producing glands we have and what kind of pheromones they produce. When bacteria act on perspiration and apocrine gland secretions, the result is a combination of pheromones that affect our sexual behavior.

Women have many more of these tiny apocrine glands than men for generating pheromone production. They are concentrated with sweat glands in the armpits, around the genitals, on the chest and on or around the face— places where most of our body hair grows. Hair is important because it traps and holds the seductive pheromone fragrances.

No two people produce the same combination of pheromones. Differences in pheromone production and distribution depend on gender, body temperature, eye color and the amount of chest, facial and body hair. Even the color, type and length of hair may be important. Natural blondes, redheads and brunettes, for example, each produce different pheromones. And, as you might guess, longer or thicker hair traps more pheromones.

The link between odors and sexual behavior is a two way street. When sensory cells in the nose pick up pheromones from another person, signals to the brain control a whole range of sex related hormones produced by our bodies. In turn, hormone fluctuations control the pheromones we produce to influence or attract others.

To understand this provocative phenomenon, we found Jim Kohl, a clinical laboratory scientist, quite a fascinating resource. After focusing the past six years on a search for answers, he has carefully documented a strong biological link between sex and our sense of smell, and how it evolved over the ages to help males and females get together and keep the species thriving.

We asked him about those arousing connections between sex and the nose that Forum readers might find interesting.

FORUM: So how does it all fit together then— pheromones and sexual response with hormones like testosterone?

KOHL: Men naturally have more testosterone than women, and testosterone is the main trigger for sex drive. More important, men’s testosterone levels rise faster in response to women’s pheromones than a woman’s testosterone level does in response to a man’s pheromones. I think that’s one factor that explains why men are ready for sex almost any time a woman indicates interest, while women require foreplay to become aroused and enjoy experiencing intercourse.

FORUM: Speaking of enjoyment, do pheromones have something to do with why women sometimes have orgasms— even multiple orgasms— with one man and none when they’re with a different partner?

KOHL: I’m sure a big part of the answer is that each woman reacts differently to the combination of pheromones a particular man produces. If the combination— the “chemistry” — clicks, circuits in the woman’s brain will increase the output of the hormone associated with orgasm.

FORUM: Kissing is certainly a popular prelude to sex in many cultures, and you can’t kiss someone without bringing your nose very close to the partner. Do we perhaps kiss because we’re turned on or want to be turned on even more by our partner’s pehromones?

KOHL: That’s part of the answer. Pheromones do get distributed in saliva and are carried on one’s breath. But don’t forget that the lips themselves are also very sensitive and erogenous. Sensations of touch, and even taste, also come into play.

FORUM: And what we see, of course.

KOHL: Sure, but how many of us realize that odors— even those we’re not aware of— help us figure out what we like or don’t like to see. Odor memories are deeply rooted in the emotional centers of the brain. From birth on, they influence the way we feel about what we see.

FORUM: Is there a connection between pheromones and the bonding between a woman and her nursing child? How does that work?

KOHL: Research shows that a few days after birth, an infant can recognize its mother’s breast odor, and the infant clearly prefers mom’s odor to any substitute. Mothers can also recognize their infants by odor alone within a few hours of birth. Mother child bonding may also be enhanced by hormones that give a woman pleasure when she’s breast feeding. Sucking on the breast releases oxytocin in the brain, and that hormone is known as “the cuddling hormone.”

FORUM: Desmond Morris, author of The Naked Ape, claimed the evolution of the female breast has played an important role in human sexual selection. Is this because the area around the nipple contains pheromone producing apocrine glands, just like the labia around the vagina and the rim of the penile glans?

KOHL: The entire female breast is actually a modified apocrine gland. Evidence from evolutionists and anthropologists leads me to believe that apocrine glands migrated to the chest region and enlarged when humans adopted an upright stance and began walking on two legs instead of four. It makes sense that at about the same time, as women became more “naked” of hair than men, larger breasts compensated for the loss of women’s scent trapping hair. Women’s larger breasts provided a new, improved area for pheromone production and distribution.

FORUM: Your answer suggests another question about breasts. Doesn’t it give us a clue about why American etiquette dictates that women cover their breasts? And what about shaving underarm hair or sitting with the legs crossed?

KOHL: Even though they didn’t know anything about pheromones, many anti sex cultures, including Puritan America, unconsciously developed customs that reduce the ability of sex pheromones to get into the air where they can tantalize and turn men on. You could also add that covering the head or wearing a veil over the face also reduces the spread of pheromones.

FORUM: We’ve heard some heated discussion about your suggestion of a connection between the nose and the worldwide popularity of dancing as a courtship ritual. Why do you think that pheromones contribute to the universality of dancing as a sex ritual?

KOHL: First, body heat stimulates pheromone production, and dancing can certainly turn up the heat. Furthermore, close dancing increases our ability to detect the subliminal turn ons of our partner’s pheromones. Then, there’s an evolutionary trend that makes the average man six inches taller than the average woman. When they’re dancing close, she comes into close contact with the pheromones trapped by his chest, face and underarms. On his side, there are the pheromones in the hair on her head, and her breasts— especially if she’s wearing a sexy, low cut dress. Sexy smells make for sexy dancing, and sexy dancing makes for sexy courtships. On the other hand, if either of you doesn’t enjoy that first dance because of an unpleasant odor, the flirtation and courtship may end quickly.

FORUM: do we know any ways that sex smells help us continue bonding after courtship, too?

KOHL: The “honeymoon” may be over when we become accustomed to the same pheromones over a period of time. As we adapt to a partner’s pheromones, the excitement they once provided fades. Of course, if scents were everything, we might never have any lasting relationships. Thankfully, our ancestors didn’t continue to rely so much on the sense of smell for sexual attraction as other animals do. Once we got up off all fours, other systems took over. For example, oxytocin, “the cuddling hormone,” and other natural opiates help us bond and comfort each other after the amphetamine like rush of “falling in love” begins to fade.

FORUM: Since pheromones are concentrated in the pubic area, do they have anything to do with oral sex and its growing popularity in recent years?

KOHL: I’m convinced pheromones are involved in most aspects of human sexual behavior. Take, for example, our emphasis on personal hygiene, deodorants, frequent bathing and hair shampoos. Each of these reduces the amount of pheromones our body hair traps. Still, pubic hair manages to trap a lot of pheromones, and they turn us on— what do you think? Aren’t we unconsciously aroused and attracted by the high pheromone concentration “down there,” especially after we wash all the other pheromones down the drain or neutralize them each morning with deodorants?

FORUM: Taking that unconscious attraction a step further, some women like to sleep on “his” side of the bed or wear his robe or shirt when he’s absent. Is this perhaps linked with male scents?

KOHL: It seems likely that it is pheromones trapped in the bed linens or clothing that subliminally attract a woman to her lover’s essence. Maybe his scent is the next best thing to having him there.

FORUM: Do you think this same sort of reaction might explain why children often enjoy sleeping with a security blanket or a favorite teddy bear?

KOHL: Of course. It’s those pheromones that produce a sense of security in the brain. Washing a “blankie” or teddy bear removes the scent and destroys the security message.

FORUM: Does what we know about smell and sexual behavior tell us anything about why a woman’s sex drive is frequently the strongest at mid cycle, when she ovulates and is most fertile?

KOHL: Logically, natural selection favors women who want sex most when they’re most fertile— they, in theory, produce more offspring. Several studies show that a woman’s sense of smell is many times more sensitive to a specific musky, male scent, and her testosterone level peaks when she’s most fertile. This all promotes survival of the species.

FORUM: That’s fascinating and sexy all at once. Let me ask you one last question. Does the smell and sex connection teach us anything about why so many women find the sports “jock” more attractive than other males?

KOHL: I do think something can be said for the role of pheromones and the nose in the apparent “sexiness” of athletes. It’s well documented that exercise stimulates testosterone production, and we know that testosterone production increases pheromone production. The connection then is obvious. For many years, behavioral scientists have ignored the role smell plays in human sex. Our olfactory lobes are so small, it was thought they couldn’t possibly be important in sex. Besides, scientists didn’t want to admit that much of what attracts human males and females might be controlled by something as primitive as sexy odors floating through the air.

But why not? You know we humans can discriminate between the odors of mice whose only difference is in a single gene, and pheromones can synchronize menstrual cycles. Why then can’t sexy odors be much more powerful than we think in controlling our hormone levels and our sex drive?

One leading sexologist recently asked why patients with Kallmann’s syndrome, who can’t smell anything, just can’t fall in love. I wonder if it’s because they can’t detect the sexy scent signals of love, infatuation, lust and sex. We agree with Jim Kohl that in the next few years we’re going to see some major breakthroughs and electrifying discoveries about erotic odors and our sexual response.

Dr. Robert T. Francoeur is a professor of human sexuality and embryology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is the author of numerous books including Becoming a Sexual Person and also BioMedical Ehtics: A Guide to Decision Making.

Kinky English Couple Greet an Old Friend with Handshakes, Hugs and Handcuffs

After many years absence I had finally returned to London, my favorite town. It’s not just the city, but the people who thrill me.

The very first thing I did upon arrival was contact my good friends Christine and John. We made a date to meet at my hotel, and at the appointed hour there was a soft knock at my door. When I opened it I was delighted to see that they were the same wonderful and open folks I had known so many years before.

After handshakes and hugs, we got down to the subject of the joys to transpire. John suggested that Christine get into something more comfortable and she quickly retired to the loo. While she was gone, John suggested that we tie her to the chair for a little B&D. I immediately agreed, but what he didn’t know was that Christine and I had already agreed to do exactly that to him. She had even brought some handcuffs from their flat. So, when Christine returned in a revealing and sexy gown, John was sufficiently distracted for us to place the cuffs on his wrists and secure him to a chair.

Christine danced around in front of him while I opened his fly and pulled down his pants. At first his cock was limp, but with a little handwork by me, he was soon standing at attention. Christine mentioned that I was now the only one fully dressed and that perhaps I should change. In no time I was out of my suit and tie. Then Christine and I started to tease John, telling him what he was going to have to watch.

Removing her gown, Christine lay spread eagled on the bed while I dove straight into her lovely pussy, tongue first. She was delicious! I licked and sucked while she described to John how she felt. Then she said that he was going to watch while I fucked her mouth. At this, I slithered up her voluptuous body, licking all the way. As I passed her mouth we kissed passionately before I continued my upward movement until my hard cock was close to her lips. She told John to watch closely while she sucked me into her warm mouth.

It was wonderful. I saw John straining at his bonds to see every inch of my stiff cock as it disappeared into his wife’s hungry mouth. He watched as I eased my penis in and out of Christine’s eager throat. We continued until I was close to coming, then I pulled out, rolled her over into the doggie position, and stabbed her slit with my fleshy sword. I knew I would not be able to hold off for very long, and as Christine was describing how it felt to have me inside her, I shouted, “I’m coming!” and filled her with come. It felt great, and after my last jolt I fell, weak kneed, onto the jumbled bed.

John was beside himself, and I knew that soon we were going to have to satisfy him. Christine went over to him and told him to lick her pussy clean. I joined her and, guiding his head to her crotch, watched him lick her.

When he was finished, she told him that he was to do the same for me. That really surprised him, but she held his head as I guided my cock into his mouth. Christine was delighted and encouraged him to suck me off. The very idea was such a turn on for me that I began to get hard. I started a fucking motion as John deep throated me. Christine was so excited that she began to finger herself.

I was enjoying all this tremendously, but I knew that I would not come very easily after the large load I had given Christine. So I suggested that maybe it was time to reward John for his patience. Christine agreed and told me that she had always wanted to see me go down on John.

I knelt down in front of our willing captive and started to fondle his cock. John wanted to know if I was really going to suck him off. I told him to watch and enjoy. Soon he was stone hard and it was time for me to get busy. Opening my mouth wide, I slid his cock down my throat. With John moaning his approval, I slid it out, then back in, over and over again. And when he said that he was about to come, I paused for just a moment to tell him, “Go ahead, come in my mouth!”

He jerked as a stream of hot come shot down from his twitching cock. I gulped down as much as I could, but a little dripped down around the corners of my mouth. Christine, having enjoyed our show to the fullest, applauded, saying that she wanted us to do it again soon.

We released John from his bonds and after cleaning up, the three of us got dressed and went to a nearby restaurant. All during dinner Christine and John kept mentioning my “turn” in the cuffs. The thought of being handcuffed to that chair, as John had been, kept me bone hard all during the meal. I was so eager to return to my hotel room that I passed on dessert. As it turned out, John and Christine were the dessert!

Elliot Y., Washington

Virile Bodybuilder Wows the Lady with Awesome Display of Strength and Agility

I want this letter to promote sexual enhancement through weight lifting. I am 26, six feet tall and 242 pounds. I have been bodybuilding— or power lifting, as we say— for many years and have developed truly awesome muscle mass and power. As my body got stronger, my sex life got better and better. I can last for hours. This all adds up to dynamite sexual encounters.

I can control and flex muscles that most men don’t even know they have and most women have never felt. Women go wild over this, and that turns me on even more.

Last Friday night I had an extremely intense workout that left me “pumped up” and horny as hell! So I decided to go to the South Beach strip and into one of the clubs, and try to find girls in a party mod. Many girls tell me that my muscle size scares them at first. I love to watch their anxiety melt away into pure, undisguised lust.

Well, I ordered a lite beer and got comfortable. My skintight polo shirt showed every contour of my body.

Soon a brunette beauty sat down on the stool beside me. She was a babe with large, firm tits inside a light blue sweater. The babe had on a short, tight skirt with blue high heels. She ordered a drink, looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and saw her eyes dart down to my chest.

We talked and got to know each other. Her name was Karen. She was getting friendly and started touching my forearm as we talked. “My goodness, your arms are like steel,” she gasped, as she gripped one of my biceps.

I laughed and said, “The better to squeeze you with, my dear.” A few minutes later she invited me over to her apartment for a swim.

When we arrived at her place, Karen went into the bedroom to change and I went into the bathroom and stripped down to my tight fitting red briefs with white stripes. I loved walking out of that bathroom and seeing that beauty’s mouth drop as she stared openly at my body. I felt like a giant as I did a biceps pose and flexed my thigh. My prick was starting to get hard.

“You’re magnificent,” she said. I put one foot forward and flexed my leg. Karen straddled my thick thigh and climbed up on my hip.

Suddenly she grabbed my prick through my briefs. My hard on was beginning to bulge now. Then she slid off my body and onto her knees, and helped to free my cock from my tight briefs. Karen sucked my prick for all she was worth. She went wild, licking and biting my cock as she continued to give me great head.

Still standing, I pulled Karen up and onto my throbbing cock like a rag doll. I fucked her as she squealed and moaned. My prick was so hard it was like iron. Finally, I came as I flexed my glutes and raised her entire body into the air in rhythmic strokes. She came, too.

We fell asleep, exhausted. I woke up early the next morning and told Karen that I was going to the gym, and that I’d be over later for that swim she promised. Bodybuilding is my sport.

“Bruno” Z., Florida

Sports Minded Woman Devises Fun Games for Her Husband/Slave

My wife/mistress is an avid sports fan and she has devised several sports related ways to give me pleasure/pain. She dearly loves to tease and excite me, and refuse me release. Sports events are perfect for such dominance/submission games.

Golf: Evelyn will pick her favorite golfer for a particular round. As the round is covered on TV, every time her favorite makes a birdie, I get to feast on her supreme womanhood until she is satisfied. For a par, nothing happens. For a bogey, my mistress puts clothespins on my nipples until the next hole’s score is posted for a double bogey, the clothespins stay on for two holes.

If my mistress’s favorite player has the day’s low score, I am allowed to come in my hand if my mistress’s player wins the tournament, I am allowed to celebrate and come inside her. Sometimes, to make the day more exciting, my mistress will whip me according to what club is used on every shot.

Golf events can take all afternoon, so sometimes I am in bondage for practically the whole day. When not in bondage, I have to proceed with my servant duties as I am called by my mistress, only to receive my earned teasing. A few hours of this treatment followed by well earned relief has formed me, she says, into a pliant slave and ideal lover.

Basketball: Evelyn also enjoys a good basketball game. Here is how she watches a college basketball game: With her red polished fingernails, she reminds me about the state of my insufficiently trained nipples. Whichever team scored last, that nipple is rewarded with a clothespin. The clothespin stays on until the other team scores. When a team scores, my mistress will release the nipple clamp and watch me squirm, then pinch it onto the other nipple. If my mistress’s team wins, I am rewarded by being allowed to come in my hand. If my mistress’s team loses, I receive no reward. As points are scored, I receive one stroke per point with whatever device my mistress has selected it might be a wooden paddle, a leather strap or the riding crop.

For every foul called, Evelyn delivers a firm tap to my sensitive balls. For any traveling violations, my mistress gives my dick a sound stroke. Sometimes she invites another mistress to watch a game, in which case each mistress will take a team and deliver the appropriate strokes. With two mistresses, I do not receive the end of game reward instead, the winning mistress gets to have me fully satisfy her with my mouth while the losing mistress takes out her frustrations on my ass with a strap on dildo.

Football: Evelyn loves a nice three hour professional football game, but at the end of three hours, I can barely stand up. And with football, there are plenty of teasing punishments and plenty of time to administer them. A parachute harness is affixed to my balls, and a half pound weight is affixed for each quarter. The fourth quarter of play is agony, to say nothing of overtime.

For all sports events, my mistress employs a variety of bondage and sensory techniques. Imagine being draped over a bar stool, your feet in high heeled shoes, and firmly tied to each of the stool’s legs with your stomach pressing down on the seat. The TV is in front of you, which puts a terrible strain on the neck if you try to watch the game, but the sound you hear, via a headset, is a bondage and discipline tape.

Evelyn has told me to close by saying that she would very much enjoy hearing from other mistresses about new sports game treats for their frisky slaves.

Orson L., Ohio