Disneyland Delights for a Hot Couple and Their New Friends

Shelly and I have always enjoyed discussing our sexual fantasies, but neither of us expected any of them to ever become reality. Especially the ones involving another person or another couple. For instance, the idea of my videotaping Shelly while she gave a blowjob to another man was an incredible turn on for both of us, but we never thought we’d ever be in the right situation to allow it to actually happen. Then, last week, we went to Disneyland.

After the first day, we were exhausted from all the walking and decided to spend the second day just relaxing. We went into the hotel bar to have a couple of drinks before lunch, and struck up a conversation with the only other patron, a furniture salesman from Idaho named Kevin.

As will happen in bars, the topic of conversation turned to sex, and probably because we were out of town, Shelly and I found ourselves discussing sexual fantasies with a perfect stranger. And enjoying it very much.

Kevin asked Shelly what her favorite fantasy was, and when she told him how she dreamed of sucking two cocks at the same time, I felt mine become hard. I reached for Shelly’s hand and put it in my lap. She started rubbing my cock through my pants and said, “Wow! I’m giving you a hard on, huh!” I told her she was probably giving Kevin one, too. Shelly grinned at me, said, “I sure hope so,” and put her other hand in Kevin’s lap and started rubbing him, too. “I sure am,” she said. “Look at this!”

We were the only customers in the bar and the bartender was seated at a table with his back to us eating his lunch, so we were feeling pretty brave. I told Shelly I couldn’t tell if Kevin was hard or not and suggested she open his fly and show me. a few seconds later, Shelly had my cock in her left hand, Kevin’s in her right hand, and she was stroking both of us with obvious enjoyment.

She whispered to me, “Can I suck his cock?”

Kevin chimed in, “Any time you like, Shelly.”

Shelly slipped off her stool, Kevin and I both stood up, and then Shelly knelt in front of us and took my cock in her mouth. Then she started sucking Kevin’s cock, and almost immediately he started to come, making little groaning sounds. The bartender walked over to our end of the bar and watched what was going on. He didn’t say anything, but he had a big smile on his face.

I was only kidding when I asked Shelly if she was going to blow the bartender, too, but a few minutes later she was on the other side of the bar, kneeling in front of the bartender and sucking on his cock. He came almost immediately, too.

With her mouth full of come, my sexy wife grinned at me and said, “The bartender tastes best.” She leaned across the bar and kissed me. When it old her there was no way I could tell who tasted like what when it was all mixed up, she agreed and said, “Well, we’ll just have to do it again sometime.”

And we did. The bartender got off at 7 p.m. and the four of us met in our room and repeated the experience. And this time, we remembered to tape every delicious moment of it.

Allen T., Washington

Fellatio Enthusiast Fascinated by Penis Anatomy

I am 22 years old and currently dating four guys. For some time now, I have really enjoyed oral sex. I take pride in being something of a first class fellatio artist. No matter which of my boyfriends I am going to make love with, I usually begin by giving them a really good blowjob. Recently, however, I stumbled upon something that has me curious.

I was giving my first boyfriend, Mick, a blowjob one night and we decided to leave the lights on. Mick is circumcised, and I noticed for the first time that there was a little ridge of skin running down the underside of his penis. It runs from the little notch at the bottom of the head down. I asked him about it, and he told me that it was the most sensitive part of his cock.

He seemed to want to tell me about it, and said that men like it best when you touch or lick the part where the ridge runs into the glans, just below the head. He came faster than ever before when I did as he directed.

A few days later, I was giving Paul fellatio and couldn’t wait to demonstrate my new knowledge of penis anatomy. Paul is uncircumcised, and when I pulled back his foreskin and took a close look at his cock, I found that the underside of his cock was all wrinkly. When I asked him what was the most sensitive part of his penis, he told me it was the head, where it’s skinned.

About a week later, I was out with Reggie (who is also my boss at work) and made a point of examining him before sucking his cock. Reggie is circumcised, and I saw that he had a ridge running along the bottom side. Like Mick, Reggie explained to me that this ridge is the most sensitive part, especially underneath the rim of the head.

It wasn’t until several weeks later that I gave my last boyfriend oral sex. Todd’s penis is the largest of the four and circumcised. Like Mick and Reggie, Todd has a ridge of skin on the underbelly of his cock, but his is pinker and stands out more. Under my questioning, I discovered that his most sensitive spot was at the lower end of the ridge, where it met the circumcision scar (about two inches below the head).

All of this has me fascinated. Now I wonder, does this sensitive ridge have anything to do with circumcision? Isn’t it neat that some men are sensitive at the place where the ridge meets the head, while others are sensitive lower on the ridge? And perhaps most importantly, if men know about the clitoris, why do women generally not know this little secret?

Mary Ellen O., Kansas

Wife Welcomes Her Man Home from Work with Spirited Blowjob

I want to thank you. When I came home from work the other morning, as soon as I climbed into bed, my wife woke up, smiled at me, and then went right to my cock. She licked up and down the shaft and sucked on the tip. She would swallow my entire cock and then blow on the shaft. The cool air on my wet cock felt great. She sucked on my balls for a while and then went back to my cock. I wasn’t sure what I had done to deserve this fabulous treat, but I sure as hell was enjoying it!

My wife put her mouth around the tip of my cock and, sucking hard, slid her way to the bottom of my shaft, then back up. Her wet, warm mouth felt so tight around my cock as it slid up and down. I could feel the tip of my cock pushing its way down her throat. Then, all of a sudden, I felt myself explode inside her. She continued sucking me until I was completely drained.

Later, when I asked her what I had done to deserve her fantastic blowjob, she explained that when I’m working nights she likes to masturbate as she reads Forum. She had picked up an issue last night and came across a letter that I had written to you describing one of our little adventures. Realizing that the letter was about her, she had a fantastic orgasm.

She was so happy to see a story about herself in your magazine, she wanted to reward me. So, Forum, thanks a lot for the best blowjob of my life!

Jack Y., Oklahoma

Gal with a Passion for Classic Chevys Becomes a Naked Hood Ornament on One

I’ve been a faithful reader of your magazine since I became single after my second (and hopefully last) divorce. I’ve sat down many nights to read the exciting fantasies of your readers, but I have not run across any like my own.

I’m a 26 year old female, working for a local trucking company. There is an extremely good looking man at the company who heats me up whenever I look into his big brown eyes. My fantasy undoubtedly involves this guy who I’ve nicknamed the “playboy.” He’s intelligent and sexy. I also go absolutely crazy over antique Chevys, especially the muscle car models from 1966 through 1968. Corvettes are my passion, so my fantasy takes place in a candy apple red ’67 Stingray.

My “playboy” and I are cruising down the east coast of southern Georgia on a hot July night with a beaming full moon. We pull right onto the beach line and the headlights stream across the ocean as the motor purrs to a standstill.

I open the brown bag that’s on the floor and pull out two ice cold bottles of wine cooler. The tape player blasts the tunes of Soul Asylum. A few minutes later his hand glides across the gearshift to rest on my thigh. He leans over to gently kiss my lips. The second kiss is a little harder and the third devours my entire mouth. A hard wet tongue down my mouth sends chills across my legs and up my thighs. His hand rises to the cuff of my shorts and eases its way between my legs.

He whispers, “Relax and let go,” and I get a glimpse of the huge bulge in his tight neon yellow swim shorts. With his fingers, he teases my mouth. His eyes sparkle in the moonlight, and I gently suck his fingers one by one. His kiss is hard and forceful this time as his hand pulls mine down to his throbbing cock.

He keeps my hand working with his motions as he pushes his shorts off his hips, exposing an upright cock that makes me gasp with anticipation. He then leans over to kiss my shoulders and neck, and the warm feel of his breath brings my nipples to attention. With his teeth, he pulls at the straps of my top as they slide off my shoulders, and my top ends up around my waist. All the while I’m stroking his massive cock and his hips are grinding in rhythm.

He runs his tongue once more around my nipples and looks up into my eyes, smiling as he pushes three fingers into my sopping wet cunt. I’m very near coming as his fingers wiggle inside me. The suction of my cunt envelops his fingers and he forces one more inside, and then pulls them out, just when I feel the heat come rushing across my ass. I stare at him with desperate need.

He quickly opens the car door and drops his shorts, walks around the car to my side and throws open my door. His cock is throbbing with excitement. The music is pumping from the speakers. I step out and he shuts the door, pulls off my shorts and top and boosts me onto the hood. Immediately he begins kissing my navel, hips and thighs. I lean back onto the hood of the Vette.

He probes my cunt teasingly. The waves are crashing against the surf now and my lover lowers himself to lap at my cunt. He buries his head between my legs and begins pulling my ass closer, grinding his long hard tongue deep into my moist cunt. He gently pushes me down onto the moonlit hood until I am spread eagled across it. The car’s air scoop nudges me in the back. He stands back and plays with my breasts, squeezing my nipples between his fingers.

I am quivering with lust now as he guides his cock to the lips of my cunt and holds my thighs firmly. The head of his cock is just barely inside, but he pulls out and lets it rest on my cunt, throbbing. Several times he does this, and each time I get another inch, another quiver, another moment closer to that wave that’s pushing me down to him.

I am nearly frantic now as I reach to grab the rim between the hood and the windshield for support, hoping I can stop his teasing and get all of his cock inside my pulsing cunt. Just as I have a grip, he leans heavily against me, shoving every single inch inside.

I’m sucking him all in now, and my cunt is filled to the hilt. The heat waves wash through my body, causing the front of the car to shake. His thrusts are coming faster and harder and he grips my thighs to immobilize me. I open my eyes to see his, big and brown and sparkling in the night. He’s pumping me full force and the car rocks with our rhythm and the heels of my bare feet bounce off the Stingray’s fiberglass fenders.

We both come with such intensity it’s like the first time all over again. And I imagine I hear the rev of the Corvette’s engine, the squeal and smell of spinning tires as the sudden speed pushes me into the leather bucket seat.

I open my eyes to see a bright full moon, and one hell of a man whose eyes are shining with ecstasy. We smile jokingly as we attempt to slide off the hood, sticky and wet from our come.

Anne B., Georgia

The Seductive Dance of a Bold Temptress Makes It Really Hard on Men Doing Time

I used to read all sorts of erotic books when I was younger. I would get in bed with a flashlight, snuggle down under the quilt and read some steamy porno. It always got me so hot I ended up having to masturbate. I guess I got in the habit of solitary pleasures, because even now, when I have a terrific lover, I still crave those explosive climaxes that come after I’ve fantasized something unbelievable. Sometimes I feel like a drug addict who’s trying to kick the habit. Ordinary sex won’t do the trick— once I had six orgasms with my lover and still could hardly wait to get home and play with my fantasy! I lock my bedroom door and prepare myself for it. It’s very elaborate and sexy.

First I put on plenty of musky perfume, especially between my legs at the pulse point in the groin. I rouge my nipples until they’re as rosy and luscious as strawberries. Then I get into my “costume.” Usually I just take two film scarves and make a sort of harem outfit. I drape one over my hips so it hangs just below my navel, or sometimes I draw it up and under my crotch like an oversized bikini bottom. The other one I tie into a halter. I wear it loose, so that it barely confines my breasts and I can feel them swaying and bobbing together against the soft fabric.

I have lots of mirrors in my room, and I arrange them so I can see myself from every angle. I also replace all the lights with red or amber bulbs. Then I put on some music— modern dance stuff with just a drum, or maybe some sampled techno with mega bass. Then I start to move very slowly to the beat, and before long I’m dancing hard and fast, losing myself in the music and my fantasy.

I picture myself in a jail or detention camp for men. They are all sex starved, desperate, and they have been brought from their cells to watch me dance. Each man is stark naked, and a guard with a loaded weapon is standing by to protect me. The point is this— the first man who gets an erection is sent back to his cell for a month. The second gets 29 days, the third 28 days, and so on. Only the man who holds out the longest will be freed. My job is to excite them as much as possible.

It makes me hot to see all those naked bodies, to know each one of them would sell his soul to get inside my pussy. Right away several men are disqualified— they can’t even look at me without getting stiff. The guards drag them off and order me to do my best.

I am slowly undulating to the beat of the drum, thrusting my breasts out at them and allowing my hips and ass to revolve like round pearls greased in butter. I throw my head back and dance toward them, almost brushing their bare bodies with my nipples. They are groaning with unbearable desire helplessly, their cocks become engorged and rise to stiff, throbbing poles of lust. Some of them are almost in tears. There is one man whose body turns me on so much I can hardly bear to look at him. He is gritting his teeth, staring straight at me defiantly. So far his cock is limp, by a sheer effort of his will. He clenches his fists.

I want him to last! I want it so badly I slow down my dancing, making it less erotic, but the guard snarls at me to remove my clothes and get to work. Slowly, I undo the halter and let the material tease down over the swell of my breasts. It catches on the taut ledge of my nipples before it drifts down to my feet. Four more men gasp at the sight of my gorgeous breasts and are instantly removed.

I remove my sarong— I am wet with lust now— my dancing has excited me so much that I am aching to come. I moan in excitement and all the men are dragged away, except the man I want so badly.

“Let him have me!” I plead, arching back in an acrobatic bend to meet the now erect cock of my fantasy lover.

I can come 10 or 12 times just from the dancing alone. When I finally allow myself to actually masturbate with my fingers or with a vibrator, the orgasm is more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced.

Grace S., New York