Couple Discovers New and Exciting Avenue to Pleasure

Eve and I have been married for several years and have enjoyed an active and satisfying sex life. Lately, though, I began to feel we had gotten into a bit of a rut— we were both doing things the same way over and over again. There wasn’t that spark in our lovemaking anymore.

One evening we were sitting in the living room of our home, in our night clothes— Eve in a diaphanous shortie and I in a pair of very tight pajama bottoms. I was watching something on a cable station that really turned me on. As a result, I found myself with a large erection pulsating beneath the material of my pajama shorts. Suddenly I realized that Eve was eyeing my throbbing cock and that her thighs were spread wide apart as her index finger slid back and forth along her pussy lips.

I thought one of our standard lovemaking scenes was about to begin, but when I started to remove my pajama bottoms and join her on the couch, Eve stopped me. she made me stand directly in front of her, my now swollen cock was straining to break free from my pajama shorts.

“Honey,” Eve said, still rubbing herself sensuously, “I’ve had the feeling that you’re not really satisfied with the way I handle you lately, and to be honest, I’m not overjoyed about our lovemaking either. So, I want you to show me exactly how you’d like me to handle your cock, and at the same time, I’ll demonstrate how I’d like you to jazz me.” She reached up, spread the opening in my pajama shorts, and my cock stuck right out into the air, waiting to be the night’s visual aid.

Eve positioned herself on our white leather sofa and said, “I want you to show me, baby! I want you to jerk off for me. Do it nice and slow and sexy, because that’s the way I’m going to do it for you from now on!” With that, she took my hand in hers and put it around my ever eager cock. This is something I had never done in front of any woman.

My movements were tentative in the beginning, but as my forefinger rolled the soft flesh of my foreskin back and forth over the little crease in my cockhead, I began to take pleasure in my self gratification, and in a few moments I was going at it with the fury of a jackhammer, oblivious of my audience.

“Not so fast!” Eve cautioned. “Remember, I want to see all the best ways. And besides,” she murmured, “while you’re doing it to yourself, I’ll show you how I’d like you to do it to me!” Removing the wispy panties from her drenched pussy, she spread her fleshy lips and began to massage her clit.

This was almost too much for me and, pumping my hips passionately, I caused my aching prick to wiggle grotesquely in the air.

“Hold it still and make it throb for me,” Eve demanded. “Wrap your fist around the base of your cock and squeeze! Keep it up, baby, I love to see how big it gets when you just hold still like that and let it throb.” Then she said, “Fuck your fist nice and slow, I want to watch your cock slide in and out of your fingers.”

By this time, I needed no urging. I complied with her request, and a glistening drop of precome oozed out the slit at the end of my prick. Eve moaned. “I know this isn’t part of the deal,” she whispered, “but hold your cock still for me.” Before I realized what was happening, she stuck her pointed tongue out daintily to catch the glistening drop and lovingly smeared it all over the swollen head of my cock. She groaned again, flattened her tongue and rubbed it all over the tip. “It tastes so sweet,” she said, “and I love to make the head all slippery! Milk your cock, honey. Do it for me.”

I hardly needed that instruction. Already my distended penis was getting to the point of no return, and I couldn’t have kept from milking it for her if I’d wanted to. Closing my fingers around the base, I pressed my fingertips along the throbbing vein in the front and forced them upward. As my fingers slid up my cylinder of hard flesh, drop after drop of glistening precome oozed out against Eve’s hungry tongue.

I had to stop for a few seconds to keep from coming, but I took a couple of deep breaths, concentrated and was back in control. Taking the head in her mouth, Eve rubbed it sensuously with her tongue and then, allowing it to slip from between her lips with a loud pop, she sat back and began to masturbate in earnest!

“Oh, baby,” my wife gasped, “don’t shoot your load yet. I’m coming right into my own hand and I want you to do one more thing before you come.” With her hand, she smeared her pussy juice all over her breasts. “Please,” she whispered, “suck it off my breasts. Lick them and suck them and bite my nipples!” I dropped to my knees and Eve pulled my face against her wet, sticky breasts.

“Suck them nice and hard,” she commanded. “If you get me hot enough, I’m going to let you shoot your cream all over my tits and then I’m going to take your cock into my mouth and suck you dry.”

This was too much for me and, standing up again, I pointed my cock toward her and watched as spurt after spurt of creamy semen bathed her lovely breasts and neck.

Come dribbled along her heavy gold necklace and between her tits. “Let me have all of it,” Eve gasped. “Yes, yes. It’s beautiful.” She wrapped her fist around my cock, locked her lips around the ridge and pumped with her fingers while she sucked. I grasped her head between my palms— her black hair tossed about— and fucked her mouth passionately. I felt my balls contract and a shiver skimmed along my spine. Eve’s moans were muffled by my cock in her mouth as she continued to flick her clit back and forth with her wet fingers. I felt another orgasm welling at my crotch. Eve cried out and sobbed.

Both of us had the most powerful orgasms imaginable. As a result of that single evening, we both are masturbating together and by ourselves. We love to hear about each other’s self pleasure and never get bored with masturbating. My wife and I have become totally uninhibited and are constantly trying out new things.

Fred L., Connecticut

Thoughts of Him Fan the Flames of Her Desire

I’ve recently become involved with a wonderful man named Dave. He’s 23, I’m 25. Not only do we love each other deeply, we are willing to give each other exactly what is needed.

Dave understands my desires and I his. He is a wonderful, compassionate love, and I would like to share one particularly pleasurable incident with your readers so they can comprehend what it feels like to give yourself over to someone completely. It happened after an erotic phone conversation with my lover afterward I sat down and wrote him a letter describing how I had pleasured myself. This is what I wrote:

As I sit here alone, typing this, my hands are sticky and every breath I take ushers in a memory. Even now my hands ache to slide between my legs and to my sex.

I imagined that I had waited to masturbate until I knew you would be waking up and getting ready for work. I went downstairs to the recliner, which had become a luxurious settee. I draped a leg over each arm, leaned the seat back and closed my eyes. I was wearing a black long sleeved dress shirt and nothing more. Your voice urged me on, but I knew that there had to be more than just touching myself because the act meant nothing if there wasn’t desire behind it.

My desire was, and still is, to please you, so I let my mind wander to a room of endless mirrors. I sat in the very center of the recliner. Candles on tall iron scones provided the only light the mirrors multiplied it a thousandfold until the room was filled with a golden glow. Was that soft music I heard in the background or was it my own breathing? Thousands of candles and thousands of me, each mirror image running her fingers through her hair and licking her lips.

I lightly caressed the back of my head, letting my hands trail down my neck. I knew that you were watching somewhere behind the mirrors through the looking glass. You’d only been awake a short time, but you knew what I was doing and wanted to see everything. I felt your eyes on me even though I didn’t see you. I wondered if you would come to me if I pleased you, if you would step into this mirror world. A hand went to each shoulder before moving down to my breasts.

I took each nipple and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. Lightning need rushing from my breasts to my mind. I whimpered as my hips ground into the soft seat. I licked my fingers and returned them to my swollen nipples, flicking and twisting them.

It had been so long since there was someone who knew what I wanted, needed, someone who wasn’t afraid to make me give in.

I traced my lips with my right forefinger before sliding it into my mouth, imagining it was your finger instead. My left hand traced a path over my stomach, between my legs, up my left thigh, down the right. You were watching me, I knew you were, and I hoped that what you saw pleased you. My pussy was throbbing. It was moist and hot as I slid a finger between the outer lips to my clit and began to circle it lightly. It felt so good with such a light touch. My pussy was a second heart, pulsing, throbbing eager for pleasure. I wanted to watch myself in the mirrors, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I was swept away with lust.

Each feather light stroke brought me closer to the very edge. And then I stopped. I wanted this to last. I pulled my finger out of my mouth (and it suddenly felt so lonely), circled both of my taut nipples, and then slid my finger into my sopping pussy, the heel of my hand pressed against the finger that was on my clit. My finger slid in and out in time with the throbbing, at times lightly flicking my cervix.

Could you hear my pussy, I wondered. Were the candles flickering in time to the beat of my sex? I was whimpering, moaning with each thrust, trying to speak without words.

My finger plunged deeper and deeper as my other finger continued to work my clit. I pulled both of my hands away— except I didn’t go straight for my pussy. I ran my hands up my legs, or twisted my nipples or gripped the back of my neck, which was very sensitive. Pleasing myself, which was pleasing to you, meant more than my pussy alone. It was everything.

The more I touched, the more I wanted to be touched, and it came faster and faster even when I tried to slow down. I couldn’t stop as I slid two fingers into my pussy and started to pull my nipples. The first wave rushed out from the center of my sex to my head and then down to my toes. It hit me again and again. My climax rocked me in the chair as my back arched and I began to scream, my fingers thrust all the way inside myself.

I slumped in the chair, ripples of pleasure sending aftershocks through my body. I pulled my fingers out, rubbing them together, feeling how wet they were even as my juice soaked the cushion. I sat there alone in the room of endless mirrors in my mind. You stepped into my imagination from behind and put your arms around me as you bent down to kiss my ear. You whispered my name over and over. I felt safe and loved.

Carolyn W., Ohio

Do It Yourself Gang Enjoyed Sensational Living Arrangement

Reading letters in Forum on the subject of masturbation is always enjoyable for me. It brings back such delightful old memories.

When I was in college we had very good living arrangements in which six of us, three guys and three girls, shared a house off campus. Believe it or not, masturbation was not only accepted and indulged in openly, but at times the six of us really preferred masturbating in front of one another to having sex with another person. It was a time of free love and we explored our sexuality. How the six of us got together is a long story, but my point is that it was really beautiful and erotic. We were almost always naked, which in itself was a constant turn on.

If we were studying and I got horny, I could just start masturbating right in front of everybody. It usually worked like a chain reaction. One of the girls would look at me and she would get turned on and start in, and so on and so forth.

One girl, Joan, was really into vibrators and watching her do herself to the sound of a whining vibrator was terrific. Joan had a small dildo she carried around inside her during classes, and when she got home, we would all gather ’round in the living room and watch her furiously relieve her sexual tensions. David had a unique talent, something I tried but could never do. He could fellate himself.

The whole scene— watching three beautiful females do themselves in their beds while holding a conversation with one of them until she excused herself to come— was an unbelievable turn on! It was like the effects of a love drug. Our self sex was such a beautiful trip.

The two years we all lived together were terrific and erotic, and loving and free. The experience loosened my sexual hang ups— both physically and mentally— and today the memory serves as both a turn on and an inspiration to future relationships.

Clarence H., California

Incredible Seductions: Super Bowl

I’m a huge football fan and every January my wife throws me a Super Bowl party. The year before last, Carolyn invited all my friends and their wives to a lavishly catered lunch. After we’d all eaten, she excused herself and took the wives antique hunting out in the country, leaving us alone with our ball game and an endless supply of beer. We were especially surprised when six stunning hookers arrived at halftime, dressed in nothing but high heels and football jerseys. In the 12 minutes between the first and second halves, every one of us scored.

Well, last year my wife really outdid herself. She planned Super Bowl Sunday to include our four closest friends, two couples with whom Carolyn and I had dabbled in group sex. She told me that she and the two women, Sheri and Patricia, had discussed the entire surprise scenario and that we gentlemen, Jeff, Vince and I, were to just sit back and enjoy the game— and whatever else came our way.

I woke up Super Bowl Sunday to breakfast in bed. Carolyn left me to eat as she prepared for our little party. She had rented one of those jumbo screen televisions and set it up in our living room, having moved all the furniture aside and replacing it with giant, fluffy throw pillows. The room looked ready for an adult size slumber party.

In the adjoining dining room, the table was laden with every imaginable Sunday in front of the TV food: popcorn, pretzels and chips, lunch meat, cheeses and assorted breads, salads, garnishes and crudit s, and a big chocolate cake decorated to resemble a football field. In the center of the gastronomic extravaganza was a party ball full of ice cold beer, which I’ve always said is the major ingredient in a successful Super Bowl party.

Our guests were due to arrive any minute— a half hour or so before kickoff— and Carolyn was massaging my neck, planting firm kisses wherever her hands weren’t and purring sensuous imitations about our impending afternoon of fun. “I want this to be your most exciting Super Bowl ever,” she whispered, transferring her massaging fingers from my neck to my crotch. She ran her tongue around and then into my ear as her hands worked the growing bulge in my pants.

“Do we have time for a quickie before everyone gets here?” I panted, already wound up by my wife’s few minutes of touching and the secret promises of the coming afternoon.

“Well, I suppose we could get in one fast one,” Carolyn replied, raking her nails along my erection, “but I really think you should save your energy for the game.” And with that she turned to add her finishing touches to our Super Bowl spread.

I was about to chase after her and convince her that I had plenty of energy for the game and for a fast, furious fuck on the kitchen counter— and whatever else she had in mind— when the doorbell rang. “Matt, can you get that, please,” my wife called to me from the kitchen. “Sure, honey,” I shouted back, reaching for the doorknob.

It was all four of them and they hugged and kissed their way into the living room. “Wow, what a setup!” Vince complimented as he eyeballed the wide screen TV.

“Yeah,” Jeff added. “This should be almost as good as being in the stadium.”

Sheri and Patricia disappeared into the kitchen to see if they could give Carolyn a hand.

“So,” Jeff said, punching me playfully in the arm, “any idea what the women have on tap for us today?”

“Coors Light, I believe,” I deadpanned

“No, seriously,” Vince whispered, “what’s Carolyn got planned?”

“She hasn’t given me a clue,” I answered, shaking my head. “It’s my big day. It’s supposed to be a surprise. But, how terrible could it be?”

Jeff laughed and added, “I don’t know how the hell Carolyn’s gonna top that hooker halftime show from last year.”

“We shall see,” we mused, and laughed out loud.

“Shall we make ourselves comfortable?” I asked my guests as we moved into the living room.

We became mesmerized by the pre game patter, as we positioned ourselves on one of the big pillows. That is until a more mesmerizing distraction arrived: our wives, clad in nothing but spike heels and football jerseys, just as last year’s hookers had been. They sauntered into the room carrying frozen mugs of beer, the frothy heads dribbling down the frosty glasses.

“Anybody thirsty?” queried Patricia, the shortest of the three, her tiny aerobics rounded ass peeking out from below her jersey. Pat’s a natural blonde and her pubic hair is practically translucent. When she leaned over and offered me my beer, her pale pussy was just about at eye level. I licked my lips and replied enthusiastically, “I am!”

Sheri, who is Vince’s wife, was handing Jeff his cold one. Her mesh jersey was definitely an extra large. Sheri is a zaftig five foot nine brunette who looks like she could be a successful exotic dancer. Her tits are full and round, and every shirt I’ve ever seen her wear becomes a twin peaked tent on her bountiful chest. Her entire body is upholstered in soft pink flesh that feels even better than it looks. It’s just the kind of body you’d expect to feel if you were to fall into a Rubens oil, comfortable and womanly.

Jeff reached up, playfully tweaking Sheri’s nipples under her tented jersey. “Danke shoen, fraulein,” Jeff slobbered appreciatively.

Bitte shoen,” she replied, turning and giving Jeff a quick flash of her full buttocks as she exited.

My beautiful wife was delivering a frosty Coors Light to Vince, winking at me as she stood over him, her dense black pussy right in his face. “Your beer, rookie,” she said, looking down at him. “Let’s see if you can catch this pass.” And with one hand Vince gingerly relieved her of the slippery mug while his other hand gamely reached between her parted legs.

He dragged his fingers back and forth along the folds of her pussy a few times and said, “I’ve been practicing real, real hard, coach.” He slipped a finger into her hole. “I hope I don’t fumble.”

Carolyn quickly moved off his hand and laughed. “Executing the plays before the coin toss! Typical rookie!” and she joined the other two women back in the kitchen.

Jeff, Vince and I looked at each other, all three of us bearing visible evidence of the effect the ladies’ little “pre game show” had had on us. It was only five minutes till kickoff.

As the ball spiraled into the receiving team’s end zone, the women returned with platters of sandwiches, salads and bowls of munchies. Then, after refilling our beers, they plopped down onto their hands and knees, one gal beside each of us. Carolyn said, “Don’t mind us, gentlemen, we’re just gonna be nice and quiet while you watch the game.”

Now, I don’t have to tell you that it’s just about every guy’s dream to have a naked babe blowin’ him. And here we were on our backs in front of the biggest game of the year with three bare pussies staring us in the face. It was ingenious!

I took a bite of my mile high sandwich, washing it down with a big gulp of beer. I held my fingers against the side of the frosty mug a few seconds, dipped them into my beer and then quickly slipped them into Pat’s proffered cunt. “Ooh! That’s cold!” she exclaimed, almost toppling my beer. Jeff and Vince followed my lead, munching and sipping, poking and tweaking as we watched the first quarter tick away.

At the break, when the between quarter commercials came on, we were in need of further refills, but the ladies had other ideas. Although we’d all maintained hard ons throughout the first quarter, we’d been so intent on the game we hadn’t minded not putting them to use. All of our probing had gotten the girls pretty pumped up. They were more than ready to change end zones.

No sooner had the first Nike ad come on than they were madly tugging at our sweatpants, shimmying them down our outstretched legs and begging for attention. I eagerly complied, climbing onto Patricia’s back and still facing the TV. I winked at the other guys as they moved into position while I slowly teased my cock around Pat’s pussy.

Jeff was the worst. Vince and I watched as he dragged the head of his hard on back and forth across Sheri’s plump behind, purposefully avoiding her cunt. “You’re driving me crazy,” she wailed, and she rotated her hips to follow his meandering cock. “Put that into me, for God’s sake!” And with a pop, he did, sliding back out slowly and then back in again, just as slowly. “Ooh, that is nice,” Sheri cooed, leaning down onto her elbows and pushing her ass up into Jeff’s crotch. Sheri looked back and said, “Just do it.”

Vince was at work on my wife, looking as though perhaps he hadn’t been paying as much attention to the game as Jeff and I had. He was wildly pumping away at Carolyn, with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist and his hips slamming into her tiny ass in short, sharp thrusts. Then he groaned and threw his head back, his ass flexing in that familiar post orgasm pose.

My cock hardened as I watched Vince and Carolyn fuck. And after a few minutes of slipping in and out of Patricia’s accommodating cunt, I spewed my load seconds after Vince’s, crying out shrilly as my orgasm peaked. Somehow we had lost a good portion of the second quarter, but at least our team was ahead! The ladies excused themselves to clean up and refill our beers while the three of us lay on the carpet, somewhat spent.

The ladies came back in as the second quarter ticked down to halftime. We had thought their football jerseys were tantalizing, but, boy, did we love their halftime ensembles! They each wore the Cowboys’ team colors, but they were more like watercolors. Their tiny T shirts were see through blue, their miniskirts were a diaphanous silver and they carried blue and metallic silver pompoms. “Now, for your halftime how!” Patricia chirped. “Ready girls? Let’s get to it.”

They positioned themselves in front of the wide screen TV and performed an enthusiastic and not too badly choreographed dance routine. Their pompoms weren’t the only things they shook. It ended in a flourish with all three women sliding down into splits, their pussies resting on the carpet. We applauded and asked what we could do to show our appreciation.

“Well,” suggested Carolyn, “you’ve all come. I would say it’s our turn, wouldn’t you?” We nodded in agreement and crawled across the carpet to their spread legs. I slopped hungrily at one pussy, my cheerleader leaning back, her legs still open wide. Judging from the sounds on both sides of me, Vince and Jeff were doing the same. Within minutes Carolyn, Pat and Sheri were shouting “Go! Go! Go!” as we worked our tongues into them, lapping like nursing kittens at their dripping cunts.

First, Sheri’s legs started shaking uncontrollably and she wailed, “Oh! Ooh, yesss!” followed by Carolyn’s sharp cries of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and then Patricia’s comparatively timid “Oo! Oo! Oo!” We congratulated them on their well timed orgasms as they collapsed into a pile of giggles and pompoms.

We washed down the lingering flavors of the ladies’ juices with more cold beer and slapped each other high fives. Our halftime show was definitely more entertaining than anything David Wolper could’ve come up with. We had our own pyrotechnic display right here in t he living room! All six of us settled in with sandwiches, snacks and beer to watch the second half of the game. If I was gonna lose 100 bucks on this, I wanted to see it. We were all naked by this time and we must have made quite a tableau, six oversexed football fans side by side, bare buns pressing against bare buns.

As the last few minutes ticked, the Cowboys were ahead 52 17, a done deal. No money lost. But how were we going to celebrate our victory? “First, the warm up,” Sheri stated in a take charge tone of voice. She asked the three of us to stand while the ladies crawled up to us on their knees and started sucking us off, right out of every man’s blowjob fantasy. We sipped our beers, slid our cocks in and out of our wives’ mouths and wondered what the closing ceremonies would feature.

Our sex continued as the six of us made passionate, friendly, familiar love to one another. We were a chorus of squirming, groaning pleasure enthusiasts, a complete sensory overload of sex. We continued late into the night and well beyond the post game analysis. I completely lost track of who was eating who and who was fucking who and how many times I came. It was just a never ending flow of orgasms and groans and gropes, the smell of sweat and semen and female secretions hanging heavy in the air.

When I woke up it was Monday morning and the six of us were still sprawled in a tangle on the floor. We spent the rest of the day recovering from our sex marathon and nibbling on the leftovers, chattering about how the previous day had definitely been the best Super Bowl any of us had ever experienced. I can’t wait to see the extravaganza Carolyn has in store for us next football season.

Name and address withheld

The Gemini Twins and the Water Bearer Find Harmony in Motion

He’d been on more blind dates than anyone I knew. “So, what’s wrong with him?” I asked Staci, my devoted friend and newly proclaimed matchmaker.

“Nothing. He’s just picky.” So am I, I thought to myself, but I was still somewhat hesitant. “C’mon, Lori,” Staci urged. “Your sun signs are harmonious. You guys are in sync.”

“Right,” I said, like you’ve got to be kidding me.

Joking aside, I was just a little curious about the whole astrology thing, so I borrowed a book on the subject from Staci. At home, I read from the book’s pages. “Gemini and Aquarius will not always see eye to eye when it comes to the truth. Gemini continually avoids it, and Aquarius constantly seeks it.” I skipped to the next paragraph.

“These two signs are compatible most of the time, because they function on the same wavelength they understand each other’s moods and needs.” This, I thought, was of major significance.

Saturday night arrived, and so did Scott. He was better looking than I had expected. Staci didn’t say he wasn’t I had just assumed he would be ordinary. Scott had friendly brown eyes and dark wavy hair, the kind I like running my fingers through. Earlier, on the phone, he had told me he was a lawyer, but he looked too honest.

We had dinner at a cozy French restaurant in the city, then went back to my apartment. Scott and I got along famously and, I have to admit, there was a lot of flirting going on, both at the table and in the car. Gemini women are natural flirts anyway (or so says Staci’s book).

As much as I wanted something physical to happen between us, I didn’t think I’d allow it— not yet. But when Scott kissed me at my front door, my fortress crumbled. I don’t normally lose my senses just like that, but our connection was anything but ordinary.

We stumbled into my dim apartment. I took a deep breath and, almost as soon as I exhaled, Scott’s mouth was on mine again, this time kissing me softer and slower. I ran my French manicured fingernails through his hair, like I had wanted to do all night long. His hands stroked my back through my ribbed shirt.

I felt my body heat rising, and I kissed Scott harder. He reciprocated, pulling my shirt out of my pants to snake a hand up to my breasts. He undid the clasp of my bra and gently kneaded one breast, then the other. I remembered reading in Staci’s astrology book that Gemini and Aquarius find romantic fulfillment in each other. I had a strong feeling the same could be said for sexual fulfillment, even if he had my Gemini twins to fulfill.

Scott held up my long hair with his other hand, and his mouth moved from my lips to my jaw to my neck. His mouth felt so good there that I started to squirm a bit. I was sure my panties were wet by now.

He lifted my shirt, and his lips found my erect nipples. He spent just the right amount of time kissing and sucking them. Then he traveled back up to my mouth, where I greeted his roving tongue. I was just as hungry for him and undid his button down shirt. Buttons undone, I pressed my naked breasts against his warm, slightly hairy chest, eliciting a moan from him.

From there, I reached for his cock, which I guessed would be nice and hard. My guess was right, and I rubbed it through his pants for a short while. Scott breathed heavily into my mouth, and moments later I broke away, sinking to my knees. Through the shadows, I detected the lust in his eyes as I unzipped him and pulled down his pants and underwear.

Scott had a nice, circumcised cock, and I wrapped my lips around it. I heard him gasp at my touch, and smiled with my mouth full of him. As I sucked, Scott started to work his pelvis forward and backward. I didn’t want him to come yet, so I kept the pace slow. When I thought he was getting close, I stopped.

Scott sensed my need and helped me off with my pants. Easing me down onto the floor, he climbed on top of me and slid his big cock inside my wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around him for what I knew would be a long and passionate round of lovemaking.

When I started trembling with my own orgasm, Scott joined me— in perfect harmony.

Lori D., New York