High Stakes Loving: Gambling Gal Finds More Pleasure in Losing Than Winning

Ross and I are in our late 30s and have been married 18 years. Early in our marriage we decided to be open and honest with each other. Naturally, sex was one of the more important issues we were honest about. “Wild Thrills” is one of our favorite sections and over the years some fun ideas have come from Forum.

One exciting sex session occurred when I was bet $100 that I couldn’t finish a maze puzzle in less than 45 seconds. That was the best Clark, a friend of ours, had done with the puzzle. If I lost, I had to parade around naked and do as I was told. Ross and Clark both put up $50 and I “bet my ass.” It was agreed that Clark could do anything to distract me except touch me or turn out the lights. I had no idea just how far he would go to distract me, but I was intent on winning.

I was sitting Indian style on the floor in nothing but an oversize T shirt, which allowed a perfect view of my pussy. Even though losing meant winning, I was determined to show the guys I could meet the challenge and beat them. The clock started and I immediately became rigid and tense, my hands shaking uncontrollably.

I had to get five small steel balls into the center of the labyrinth in 45 seconds. I lost my concentration when Clark whispered in my ear how pretty my pussy was and how he would like to slide his tongue across the lips and suck on my love button. I felt my juices starting to flow as he crawled over to my pussy, put his mouth inches away from me and started to blow. The clock had ticked away 15 seconds and Ross sat with the stopwatch in hand, loudly announcing every five seconds that passed.

Clark continued his sweet torture with his lewd, seductive phrases and warm breath only inches away from my quivering body. Thirty five seconds passed and I only had one ball in the center of the maze. I summoned all my determination to get the three balls into the center in the next five seconds. “Damn, she’s almost there,” shouted Clark. “We’d better get serious!”

Ross and Clark were both on the floor giving me the thrill chill of a lifetime. But when the time was up, the maze was complete! The look on their faces was one of total shock and disbelief. They started laughing as I tried to stand in triumph. I felt my legs weaken, then just collapsed on the floor with them. I smiled and told them I would bet all my winnings that they couldn’t make me come all night long. It didn’t take long for the lights to be dimmed and soft, sweet, sexy sounds to be turned up on the stereo. I had two rock hard cocks ready to make me eat my words.

Clark brought out some jasmine scented body oil. He heated it in the microwave and then, starting at my toes, worked this way up my legs to my pulsating cunt lips. I held Ross’s beautiful cock in my hand, then guided him to my waiting mouth. Clark moved himself into position to mouth my cunt. His tongue teasingly drew little circles around my clit. I felt that familiar shudder and had my first orgasm of the night.

Ross and Clark won. We played in every position three people can dream of. The funny thing is, I’m not the gambling type. I only like to win. And I did!

Stacy P., Ohio

Couple Delights in Chocolaty, Minty Carnal Confections

Elsa likes to spread chocolate sauce on my balls and lick them clean. The most amazing feeling, I promise you, is being eaten like a double scoop, nut covered, chocolate dipped sundae. Elsa uses a silver opener to punch two holes in a can of Hershey’s Syrup, and then she pulls down my boxers. I love her sweet hands on the waistband of my shorts, urgently tugging, pulling, rolling the elastic down my muscled thighs, yanking it down my legs and off my feet.

“Wild,” is how I describe her to Bill, my best friend. “She just goes wild on me.”

“Lucky,” is how Bill describes me and my exciting relationship.

Once I’m naked, Elsa scoops my balls up in her little hands and drowns them in the thick, oozing syrup. It flows over the base of my cock and down between my legs. She smears the rich chocolate up the insides of my thighs, then wipes her hands clean on the flat of my stomach.

“Sticky sweet,” she smiles at me.

“My hungry kitten,” I call her.

Sometimes she completes the dessert with whipped cream, delighting in the rush of foam that spurts from the down turned can. A “Sam Supreme” with a maraschino cherry nestled in the clouds of cream.

Elsa curls herself between my legs and laps at me with her delicate tongue. She is very thorough, devouring ever drip of the rich chocolate, every sinful fluff of white whipped cream. Then she finishes the meal by drawing my bulging cock into her perfect mouth and bathing it in the delicious heat of her throat. She licks and sucks until the first clear drops of precome slide onto her tongue. She is dripping wet herself by now, and she quickly straddles me and holds her pussy lips open so that I enter her with one long thrust.

Oh, the sounds my sweet kitten makes. She moans and cries, then arches her back and presses her smooth little breasts forward for me to cup with my big hands. That really sets her off. I roll her nipples between my fingers until they’re as hard as tiny candies. I stroke her breasts, her concave belly. I hook my hands together, letting her rest the weight of her pubis against them. She rubs back and forth, creating a dangerous friction that makes her purr and her strawberry blonde ringlets cascade over me in glittering softness, tickling my chest and shoulders.

I never stop pounding into her this whole time. I almost pull out with each stroke, leaving only the head of my cock inside her. She contracts on me with the powerful muscles of her pussy, desperately trying to keep me inside that velvet corridor.

That’s the trick to giving her pleasure, the constant and continual threat hanging about her— unspoken, but there— that at any time I might stop fucking her and decide to roll over and go to sleep, or take care of myself with a few well known moves by my right hand.

Of course, I don’t do that to her, but I’m very good at teasing. I make her work for her orgasms. I keep the rhythm going, a powerful in and out Lambada that has both of our hearts racing for the finish line. She grasps my shoulders for leverage, moving with me, rocking her hips from side to side to help my cock find all the right places within her, those secret, forbidden places that set her on fire. When I’m about to explode, I slow down, knowing that she wants me to keep driving that steady beat and, despite her moans of protest, I pull out.

“Please,” she whispers. But I refuse her and lift her straining body off mine.

“Please, Sam, please . . . ”

I lay her down on her back and run my fingers all over her precious body, everywhere except the place she wants them the most. She squirms from the intensity of her need and from the thought that she might not get what she wants. But I just keep stroking her, and then, while she watches with wide ocean eyes, I grab a mentholated cough drop from the bedside table, unwrap it and start to suck it.

She lies so still while I finish the cough drop, barely holding herself in, knowing what’s to come. When my mouth is all tingly, I part her legs and tell her to open her pussy for me. When she spreads herself wide like that for me, her fingers slippery with her heady nectar, I go wild on her satin skin slit.

I bend forward and begin lapping at her juices with the flat of my mentholated tongue. I lick and lick and dive for each drop of luscious honey. The medicine in those cough drops does much more than numb a sore throat, it sends sparks through her entire system, currents of blue electricity that build into thick fluid lines, pulsing in the heart of her pussy, beating down deep.

“Ohh,” she moans and clutches fistfuls of my hair, driving her hips forward while forcing my face against her, getting her juices all over my nose and chin. I hold onto her hips to stay with her— she’s controlling the rhythm now, she’s thrusting to her own beat— and I let my tongue go even deeper. My breath is a cool rush against the heat rising off her pussy, a wave of mint ice that touches her sensitive clitoris.

I pull free from her demanding grasp and flick my tongue lower, press just the tip against her asshole. That makes her truly lose control and she screams like a heroine in a black and white horror movie. I press my tongue in just a little farther and she wriggles against me and screams louder.

It takes me right over the edge, and I sit back on my heels, grab her by the waist and thrust my cock so deep into her body that I feel we will both shatter with force. Elsa screams again— not a moan or a cry, but a hungry scream— and I pound my pulsing cock into her again and again, pull out and then go back in to the hilt, my balls slapping hard against her, spanking her pretty bottom.

Her legs are all over my thighs, and she arches and fucks my back, moving her body in sync with mine, clenching handfuls of the sheet beneath her. I have a second to think that she has never looked so beautiful, her blonde mane tossed back from her lovely face, her full lips drawn away from her teeth in an almost devilish grin. Her cheeks are flushed as if she’s been running, and her body seems to glow with the heat of our sex.

Then my mind goes blank and I just pump into her and fuck her until I can’t hold back any longer. Through gritted teeth I groan, “You better come now, baby.” And she moans and shudders and I feel those unreal contractions of her pussy around my cock, grabbing me, milking me. We come together, flowing on and on forever, until we are both as limp as two rag dolls. I hold her to me, my cock still deep inside her, our bodies glued together with sex and sweat. We fall asleep like that, playing starring roles in each other’s mentholated dreams.

Sam P., North Dakota

It’s a Small World But Big Orgasms for E Ticket Couple in Mickey’s Magic Kingdom

Some years ago I hung out at this great rock and roll steakhouse. The bands were great, the place was packed with fun people even on weeknights and I had my way with a number of the regular babes. One of the most striking was Joanie. You couldn’t miss her she was six feet tall and always wore high heels. She had great, long legs and long black hair. She was proud of her ample bosom and liked to show it off.

We got to talking one night just before Thanksgiving and discovered we both wanted to avoid the turkey and stuffy relatives ritual. So we made a date for early Thanksgiving Day. On a lark, I took her to Disneyland, which is only an hour away.

Although the park was quite empty in the early morning, it would fill up with young couples and families with kids later on. First we had breakfast near the park entrance. We eventually went on practically ever ride, with me enjoying the envious looks of the park employees and the male tourists. We were generally outrageous, teasing each other and acting silly.

We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean, making up our own hilarious commentary, and then took a raft ride to Tom Sawyer’s Island. Joanie dragged me by the hand all over the island, trying to find a place we could hide and get something started. She had my hand up her skirt several times, or her hand down my pants. But someone was always nearby, so we had to cool it.

We wandered back over to Tomorrowland and got on the skytram thing that goes through the Matterhorn. Joanie couldn’t wait any longer, and she tore open my fly and went down on me up there in the bucket, 80 feet in the air. Nobody could hear Joanie’s slurping noises for all the racket from the bobsled ride below, and when we drifted inside the Matterhorn, she went crazy with her long tongue and I got rather dizzy. Then, just as one of the bobsleds reached the top and started its descent, the passengers screaming, another bobsled ran down my spine and I came, and did some howling myself. I could hardly walk as we got off the skytram ride.

Well, there we were next to the Small World ride, so we went on that next, finessing ourselves into the last row of seats on the boat. As Joanie hung onto my arm and nibbled my ear, I began to consider ways to return the favor. Her miniskirt had ridden up on those long, smooth legs of hers, allowing me access to her sopping crotch. As my hands slid up her thigh, she spread her legs and kept tonguing my ear.

I managed to pull her lacy panties down her thighs and left them there. Then I stuck my middle finger between her fleshy labia and wiggled it to the rhythm of the mechanical dolls singing the Small World theme song. She responded so wildly that she gave me a hickey the size of a baseball on my neck.

We went around Frontierland Lake, past the Bear Jamboree where the Indian Village used to be, and I found a fresh patch of landscaping with bushes big enough to hide behind. Giggling, we scurried out of sight. I told Joanie to get down on all fours and she did so, giving me a lustful look over her shoulder. I unzipped my fly and slowly slid my iron hard monster into her warm, dripping cunt.

We fucked each other’s brains out until I blew another humongous load as she shimmied and shivered through her own orgasmic convulsions. She had grabbed some of the long grass with each hand and tore divots out the size of saucers on both sides. We lay there laughing for the longest time to the sound of the fun loving tourists.

So that was my erotic adventure a long time ago in the Magic Kingdom. The only problem is that to this day, no matter where I am, every time I hear even a few bars of the Small World song, I get a raging hard on. So, I just want to say: thank you, Joanie, wherever you are today. And also, thanks to Walt. Wherever you are.

Nathan P., California

Passion’s the Dessert When an Old Boyfriend Comes Over for Dinner

My husband Steve and I are both 38 and have been happily married for seven years, sharing our fantasies along the way. Until recently we never did anything very wild. Last month an old boyfriend of mine, Bruce, called to say he was in town and wanted to take us out to dinner.

Delighted at the chance to renew old acquaintances, we went out to a new restaurant we’d been wanting to try. After dinner we adjourned to a nearby lounge to have a few drinks and dance. I was sort of tipsy and began flirting with Bruce, dancing a bit too close. When I glanced over at my husband, though, he didn’t seem to mind. We dropped Bruce off at his motel later and invited him to join us at our place the next night for some home cooking.

I was really in the mood for love when Steve and I got back home. He poured us a nightcap while I scurried off to the bedroom to don my shortest, sheerest gown to show off my long legs. I pranced into the living room to find Steve browsing through the latest copy of Forum. I just stretched out opposite him on the couch, feeling pretty damned provocative. Steve began reading a letter from a couple who described their first threesome. When Steve glanced up from the magazine, he found me playing with myself.

My husband put down the magazine and replaced my hand with his tongue. In a little while he stood up and undressed, exposing his body and beautiful penis, which I wanted in my mouth. Leaning forward, I took it in my hands and to my surprise, Steve asked, “Is Bruce bigger?”

I blushed. We’d never discussed anything like that before. So I just said it had been a long, long time since I’d been with Bruce and I didn’t remember. Steve told me that he’d noticed how turned on I got by Bruce and asked if I was up for anything when Bruce came to dinner the next night. I didn’t answer I was afraid. Anyway, I hardly had a chance because Steve tussled me to the floor where we made crazy, passionate love. Neither of us had been that turned on in quite a while.

Afterward we lay in each other’s arms a long time, and Steve finally said he’d often fantasized about me screwing another man. He likes Bruce and knew I was attracted to him, so he dropped a hint.

All that next day I was nervous, yet I couldn’t stop fantasizing. Could I actually go through with it? The more I thought about it, however, the more excited I became.

I set the scene with lights, soft music, good food and plenty of great wine. Bruce arrived right on time. All through dinner the conversation kept turning to erotic subjects. I would get embarrassed and blush, but Steve and Bruce seemed completely relaxed. After dinner I loosened up and really turned on.

My husband cleared the dishes while Bruce and I danced to slow music in the living room. With his hand, Bruce gently felt my ass through my dress. At that moment Steve came into the room and, without a word, led us into the bedroom.

They started to kiss and fondle me. Soon I was lying across the bed naked, watching these two beautiful men undress. They joined me and we fell into a three way oral grope, with Bruce’s penis in my mouth for the first time in years while my husband ate me out.

Geez, it was great! For hours our three way lovemaking went on. They taught me the “sandwich.” I rode Bruce from above, his penis in my vagina then Steve lubricated my anus and slowly entered. Accepting both cocks was the most exotic, sexually mind blowing thing I’ve ever done. I just had one orgasm after another until finally Steve and Bruce came inside me.

That evening was a truly beautiful thing.

Gretchen W., Kansas

A Night of Pleasure with My Hot Husband and My Well Hung Sensual Black Friend

The moon was full and I was restless. I felt excited and a bit naughty. So, I decided to bring James home from school with me that night. Dick, my husband, was home watching one of his favorite John Wayne movies. I could see Dick’s eyes light up as I introduced a new friend from my community college.

James was a handsome African American man in his late 20s. His complexion was striking. A radiant brown, it actually seemed to glow when the light was just right. His eyes were wonderfully brown with hazel flecks and his physique was strong. His smile revealed a certain shyness that caught my attention.

The very first time I noticed his smile was when I caught him staring at my legs during a class. As the semester progressed, it seemed to me that he never took his eyes off me. At first, this made me a bit uncomfortable, but I soon became aware that I, too, felt the magic and before long, I was returning his stares.

He was sexy in his mystical sort of way and I was curious about so many sensuous things. I had never seen a black man naked. I wondered about the texture of the hair around his balls. Above all, I wondered about his cock. Would it be the same luminous color, and would it be as large as I had heard? People told stories about black men knowing how to please a woman, and I was eager to find out.

After I introduced James, Dick fixed us all drinks and we started talking casually. After a while, I could sense that Dick was very comfortable with James. I could also tell that he approved of my choice. As we continued to talk and drink, I began to imagine what it might be like to have both of them fuck me.

All this time, I was getting wetter and wetter as I stole several glances at James’s crotch. His jeans were tight and my gaze was drawn to the bulge in his crotch. I asked Dick to please fix us another drink while I slipped into something comfortable. James piped in that I sure looked comfortable to him. Dick got the cue, too. I saw that sly smile creep across his lips as he watched me leave the room, knowing that his new acquaintance was in for a delightful scene.

In a few minutes, I returned to the living room dressed in a tight little hot red teddy. I must have looked like a real siren because James’s eyes widened more than I thought possible and I noticed his lips had parted. Feeling bolder than ever, I waltzed over to James and asked him if he would like to taste me. Naturally, he looked over at Dick, who slowly nodded in approval.

Eagerly, and without a trace of nervousness, I lay back on the couch right beside James and used my fingers to open the lips of my pussy for his view. After a moment of hesitation he lowered his face to my pussy. Soon, his mouth and tongue were exploring me, licking and sucking me to orgasm after orgasm while I played with my breasts. I realized that Dick was undressing and that his cock was huge, larger than ever before. Then, Dick came over to me and sucked me while James got undressed.

The difference between the two men was stunning, although it was hard to focus on anything other than this strange new cock coming into view. As soon as James was fully undressed, he moved over my face and gently lowered his marvelous cock to my lips, softly saying, “Suck it, baby.” Dick stopped sucking my pussy and sat back, slowly stroking his cock, watching me while I sucked James’s long brown shaft.

Yes, he was bigger than I could swallow easily. Finally, I could take no more— I had to be fucked. Dick sensed this and told James to stop a moment. I quickly turned over, got on my hands and knees and looked back at James, my eyes telling him what I needed.

James slipped his cock into my wet pussy. It was wonderful: hard, strong, probing. I wished that it could go on forever. Dick was massaging his own cock and watching while James fucked me. I came and came, but I still wanted more.

James was good he fucked me for over an hour until I knew he was ready to come. But I wanted him to come in my mouth. I pulled away from him and his cock slipped out. It was covered with my juice. I took that big cock in my mouth and sucked and licked until finally he exploded, almost choking me with wad after wad of his hot seed.

Dick immediately moved over to us. His cock throbbed and I knew he wanted to fuck me more than he ever had before. He took me from behind, hard, fast, and as he penetrated me his cock seemed to reach a place that had never been touched before. I came so hard I thought that I was convulsing. I felt his cock contracting and shooting, one, two, three times before he finally loosened his grip on my body.

Afterward, I felt a satisfaction I didn’t know was possible. The three of us casually touched and talked. We had shared each other in a way most human beings never imagine.

Elizabeth T., Louisiana