Baby Business

I read Mr. D.S.’s letter in your Open Forum section in August 1983. He mentioned that he was having a difficult time getting rubber pants that fit. I solved that problem by going to a hospital supply store or drug store that handles incontinence supplies. There I have found large rubber pants both pull on and snap ups and adult size disposable diapers. There is something incredibly safe and warm about wearing some soft diapers next to your skin, and I am glad to have found some that fit me as they should.

I have been an adult baby for about two years now and enjoy my newfound infancy to the hilt. In the evenings I enjoy a bath using a popular baby bath then I rub down with baby lotion and powder myself. When getting ready for bed I wear triple cloth diapers, an adult disposable diaper and rubber pants. I found that his combination prevents me from getting the bed wet when I mess in my diapers. I then warm eight ounces of baby formula and take this feeding at bedtime. I generally sleep with my teddy bear and a pacifier until early in the morning when it is time for my change and another eight ounce bottle of formula. Later in the morning I have a bottle of strained baby juice and baby cereal. I get to do this about twice a week, which is about all my wife can stand.

I must admit that after a rough day in the business world, an evening in the soft baby world is the answer to releasing a lot of tensions I face day in and day out.

Mr. J.B.,

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