A Little Game Called Tag

I’m 23 years of age and married. I’m five foot four, 110 pounds and have 34D breasts. My husband and I read your magazine every month. I never dreamed I’d ever have anything exciting or naughty to write about, but that all changed a few months ago.

It was Saturday night and hubby had three of his buddies over to watch college sports. (I always call it “beerfest.”) That night, I decided to join them.

By the end of the evening, Jim, my hubby, was out cold, and I had the guys, Tom and Steve and Jeff, help me carry him into the bedroom.

Tom is a tall, slim black guy, about the same age as me. Steve is also black, but he’s short and chubby, and Jeff is the most handsome black man I’ve ever seen. He’s a real dreamboat, very muscular and solid and tall. I’ve secretly masturbated thinking of him fucking me, and though I’ve never been with a black guy, it’s been a long standing fantasy of mine.

As Tom and Steve tossed Jim onto the bed, Jeff boldly rubbed his hard cock against my ass and reached around and massaged my tits.

“Mmmm,” I moaned with my eyes closed.

He bent down and licked my ear and neck, and I could feel my juices begin to flow as I felt what seemed to be a foot of cock against my backside. It took all of my will power to open my eyes and pull away from him.

“Come on, I’ll take Jim’s seat downstairs,” I said.

I walked down the steps on wobbly legs, but I made it and we moved into the kitchen and began to watch some of the basketball game before I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom.

While I was peeing, Jeff walked into the bathroom and came right up to the toilet where I sat.

“I knew you were a natural blonde!” he said, staring down at my pussy.

“Are you a natural black?” I asked.

He stepped closer to me and said, “Why don’t you check for yourself.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I unzipped his fly and fished out a thick, throbbing eight inch cock. Then he reached around and palmed the back of my head, pressing my thick lips against his cock.

I’d never been unfaithful to Jim the entire time we were married, but I couldn’t help myself I opened my mouth and took Jeff’s dick. I closed my eyes and sucked his cock until it filled my mouth with come. I sucked and licked up every drop. I could’ve gone on sucking forever, but he pulled it out of my mouth.

I still had my eyes closed, savoring his delicious flavor, when his dick pressed against my lips again. As I reached and took its base in my hand, it felt shorter and thinner, and I opened my eyes to see not Jeff but John standing before me.

I lifted his cock and sucked hungrily until I felt his legs tremble and his cock swell under my tongue’s caress. He gripped my long blonde hair tightly as his dick filled my mouth with his hot, ropey come. I sucked and nursed every drop from his scrotum. I never did like sucking cock very much, but sucking off my husband’s black friends really made me hot.

I glanced over and Steve, the other short, chubby guy, was watching as I consumed the last dregs of semen from John’s balls. I could tell he was eagerly awaiting a turn at my mouth.

John pulled out of my mouth and I smiled and motioned Steve over. He quickly unzipped his pants and released a nine inch uncut penis.

I’d never seen an uncircumcised dick before, and I slid its foreskin back and licked along its thick, tangy flavored crown. I could taste a hint of salt along its mushroom shaped tip, and his musky, earthy scent seemed to turn me into a raving sexual maniac. These were things that would normally make me want to puke, but instead I wanted to lick and suck him clean.

I moved my head up and down as I slowly took his thick crown into my throat and swallowed around it, almost gagging on it.

My nose was buried in his pubic hair when he moaned, “God damn, girl, you are one fine cocksucker!”

He then gripped the back of my head and I let him slip out of my throat before I grabbed the base of his dick and continued to suck. A moment later he filled my mouth with hot sperm. My cheeks bloated like a blowfish, then hollowed as I swallowed his enormous load of deliciously sweet semen.

I came with him, and it was the first time I’d ever come from sucking a cock. Then I cleaned off his dick and he left the bathroom so I could wipe my slit and pull up my pants.

When I walked into the kitchen, my face burned with shame, but I strangely enough found myself wanting to do it again.

“You guys keep watching,” I said. “I’ll be down here.

I then crawled over to the guys and sucked their cocks one by one.

Now John, Steve or Jeff stops by daily for a blowjob. I won’t let any of them fuck me, but Jeff bought a molding kit and cloned his dick for me. I fuck myself with it while he comes in my mouth.

I never dreamed I would get off so much sucking cock. I think it’s because of the taboo. But you should see how they try to get Jim drunk so he’ll pass out and I can suck their dicks on Saturday nights!

S.O., Indianapolis, Indiana

Teasing You

As we sat on the stools at the bar, having a few drinks, I leaned over to you and grabbed your crotch. You nearly jumped out of your seat, but fortunately no one was sitting near enough to see what I was doing to you, and the bartender was occupied at the other end of the bar. Good thing, too, because I wasn’t about to let you go, even if the people nearby had been able to see us.

My grip tight on your crotch, I whispered in your ear, “Do you have any idea how badly I need this cock of yours to fuck my wet pussy?”

Suddenly your cock grew into a massive hard on, and when it did, I started to stroke the outline of your cock with my fingertips, then rubbed up and down your entire shaft with my hand. You tried to squirm away from me, but I said, “No you don’t. You can’t get away from me. This time, your ass is mine.”

Then I asked, “So how does this feel right now?”

“How do you think it feels?” you replied sarcastically.

A moment later, without any warning or indication of what I was about to do, I stood up and pressed myself against you, grabbing your crotch just before heading to the restroom. When I returned, I stood directly in front of you, caressing your crotch, then said, “Do you want to fuck me? Because if you do, now’s your chance!”

With that, I placed my money on the bar to pay the tab and started walking out the door, not bothering to wait for you to catch up. I knew you wouldn’t be far behind.

As we headed toward our vehicles, I turned to you, pulled you by your shirt to draw you closer to me, then grabbed the back of your neck and slid my tongue in your mouth. You wrapped your arms around my waist and pushed me against my car, where we continued kissing like mad.

I quickly unzipped your pants, got on my knees and pulled your pants and underwear down to your ankles. As I knelt in front of you, I looked up at you while I took your cock in my mouth and sucked on it feverishly. I wrapped my mouth around your shaft and continued licking and sucking it, feeling my saliva drip down the sides of your thick rod. You were enjoying every second of it, holding on to the back of my head and forcing me to deep throat your cock, tickling the back of my mouth as you did. I jerked you off for another moment before stopping. I wasn’t about to let you come only to find an excuse to end the evening. My pussy was more than ready to be fucked, and I’m definitely a girl who gets what she wants, especially when it comes to sex.

After I stopped, I came back up to your face and said, “That’s enough! If you want more, you have to take me back to your place.”

You quickly put your clothes back on and began to unlock the doors to your truck. We were obviously going to leave my car in the parking lot, so I proceeded to climb into the passenger’s seat of your truck.

During the short drive to your house, I massaged your cock through your pants, feeling your hard on grow even more as I did it. As I began nibbling on your ear and kissing the side of your neck, I whispered to you, “Your cock is just inches away from my wet pussy. Do you want to fuck it? Do you want to fuck my pussy?”

While driving with one hand, you began to undo your pants with the other so you could whip out your hard cock. With your free hand, you took my head and brought it down to your crotch and had me suck on you. This was turning me on even more and I felt as though I was about to explode. All this foreplay was making me even hotter for the wild sex that I knew would follow shortly, and I began sucking and slurping your cock with even more enthusiasm.

We arrived at your place and you put your cock back in your pants long enough for us to get into your house. I wanted you to leave it out, but you didn’t want anyone to catch us with our pants down, so to speak.

We scurried inside and, after closing the door behind us, went at each other like animals in heat. You were giving me sloppy wet kisses and I did the same to you. You pulled my jacket off and began to unbutton my blouse while I quickly undid your pants and let them drop to the floor.

You got my blouse off and I could feel your arms behind me, unfastening my bra. Your cock was getting its own personal massage from my hand, which was stroking you up and down, letting your balls dangle in the open air. You pulled down my pants and underwear and I quickly kicked them off my feet and began licking the front of your body, making my way down to your hard on.

I took you in my mouth and began licking and sucking you, playing with your balls while I stroked you with my tongue. I couldn’t get enough of your cock no matter how much I sucked it, and I started to think I was addicted to that giant sausage that hung between your legs.

You pulled me back up toward you and slid your tongue in my mouth, kissing me wildly while I jerked you off with my hand, gliding up and down your hard, meaty shaft. Your hand reached down to my moistened pussy and you slid your finger inside me, fingering me, playing with my juices. You were driving me wild and getting me even wetter than before!

Finally I stopped kissing you, looked you in the eyes and said, “I need you inside me right now. Please, fuck me and make me feel good!”

You responded quickly to my plea, and a second later you were hauling me into the bedroom for the second act of our seductive play.

What happened next was even more incredible, if you can believe it, but you’ll have to come out with me again if you want me to finish telling our sexy story! Rest assured, though, it is most definitely a story you’ll want to hear the end of!

Name and address withheld

Jealous Guy

A few months ago my husband came home from work saying he’d finally gotten the sales manager position with his company, but he admitted there was one condition: His boss wanted to have sex with me before making the promotion official.

Aaron said he thought it was a joke at first, but when he realized his boss was serious, he admitted he was getting excited about finally experiencing his fantasy of watching me have sex with another man.

I’d always resisted because I was convinced we would ruin our marriage, but he kept nagging me, so I finally agreed just to shut him up, saying I’d do it if we were sure the situation would benefit our marriage. Now he was calling my bluff. I was sure that was all it was, at least.

He told me that the promotion would bump his salary up to six figures, allowing me to quit my job and start a family, and it got me thinking.

I knew that Aaron’s boss found me attractive, but I never told my husband about my strong attraction to Jason. Now he was green lighting me fucking his boss while at the same time helping him land his dream job. I asked Aaron if he was sure this was what he wanted, and after assuring me it was, I told him to set it up, making it clear that this was a one time offer.

We were convinced that what we were doing would have no effect on our marriage, but as it turned out, nothing could’ve been further from the truth.

When Jason came over, it was Aaron who suggested we go upstairs after a few drinks. From the moment we entered the bedroom, Jason’s kisses and gentle touches had an effect on me and I soon forgot about my husband. Jason removed my dress, slipped off my bra, and after he tenderly kissed and massaged my breasts, I couldn’t wait to shed my panties and get into bed with him.

As soon as we got in bed, Jason went down on me, licking and sucking on my pussy. I love when a man goes down on me and does everything just right, and Jason was an expert at pleasing me orally, resulting in a very satisfying and powerful climax.

Jason was still fully clothed while he ate my pussy, but after I came, I helped him strip out of his clothes. When I took off his jeans and saw the size of his cock, I couldn’t wait to have it inside my pussy.

As he pushed into my opening, the sensation was incredible. Then he slowly began fucking me, pushing deeper every few strokes, and I heard myself groan as he continued banging me wonderfully.

While I adjusted to his size, I told Jason how great it felt to be completely filled for the first time in my life, and he took this as a signal to resume fucking me. We moved together almost gracefully, and after a few thrusts, a climax ripped through my body. To my delight, however, Jason stayed rock hard inside my pussy. After giving me a moment or two to rest, he fucked me hard and fast until he shot his load. That triggered another orgasm for me, this one so intense that my entire body started convulsing, something that had never happened with Aaron.

As we held each other, still breathing rapidly and covered in each other’s sweat, I told Jason he’d just given me the best fucking I’d ever had. Then, remembering that my husband was in the room and that my comment had no doubt hurt his feelings, I quickly turned to where Aaron was sitting only to find an empty seat.

Putting on my robe, I went to look for him, but he wasn’t anywhere in the house. When I realized what’d happened, I started to get upset, and Jason sat me down on the couch and put his arms around me, trying to comfort me. He told me it wasn’t my fault and that I’d only done what Aaron had wanted. Then he kissed me, and without any hesitation, I kissed him back, all thoughts of my marriage and husband vanishing.

I offered no resistance as Jason removed my robe and positioned me on the couch so he could mount me from behind, and I was soon experiencing the first of several very satisfying climaxes.

When Aaron returned home, he was upset, convinced after seeing me with Jason that I’d never again be satisfied with him as a lover. I had to admit to enjoying myself while fulfilling his desire to see me with another man, but then I asked Aaron to make love to me. He quickly took off his clothes and pushed his cock into my pussy. He could tell after the first few thrusts, though, that I wasn’t getting much pleasure, since I was still stretched and swollen from being with Jason a few hours before.

For the rest of the weekend, Aaron was miserable despite my assurances that everything was fine between us. Then, after he started working again, now in his new position, he finally stopped worrying about his ability to please me sexually, and that resulted in some of the best sex of our marriage. Then he realized that while I had good sex with his boss, what he and I shared was much more important, even if it wasn’t always as hot as it could be.

After that, Aaron and I came up with an agreement. I could keep on fucking Jason as long as I only did it when my husband was away on business trips, and we had to use protection. If I would follow those two conditions, he said it was okay.

Now I have the best of both worlds. I get to make love to my husband as we try to start our family, and I get to have down and dirty sex with Jason whenever Aaron’s away. Both men are amazing lovers in different ways, and I love that my husband has been understanding enough to let me have everything I want. Of course, if he ever tried to stop me, I’d just remind him that it was his idea that I sleep with Jason to begin with. Not that he’ll ever make me stop. We’re both as happy as ever, and nothing about my relationship with Jason is going to change that.

P.S., Flower Mound, Texas

Down on the Farm

Over the last few years, Donald, my husband, has been battling an impotence problem that even Viagra can’t help. It’s been very tough, especially since I’m still very much interested in sex and can really turn men’s heads when we go out.

The past few summers we’ve hired college kids to help out around the farm, but it wasn’t until this summer that I got my bright idea. I had a whole wardrobe of sexy clothes that I’d bought in hopes of stimulating Donald, but it hadn’t worked. Instead, I thought I’d wear them around Sean, the kid we’d hired to help on the farm. I thought if he reacted well, I might get the relief I needed without having to chance a scandal in our small town.

One afternoon, about a week after Sean’s arrival, I put on a pair of nylons, a garter, a short skirt and an ultra sheer blouse over a pretty lace bra. During dinner I pretended not to notice the way Sean was looking at me, but I was excited as hell.

After dinner, Donald went to bed early, and that just left me and Sean. We went to the living room to watch some TV, and I sat in the big easy chair and curled my legs under me so my skirt rode up and revealed my stocking tops. I squirmed around throughout the movie, and by the time it was over, I could see an obvious hard on forming in Sean’s pants.

That night, when I went to bed, I woke my husband and told him about what’d happened. I suggested that if he knew and approved of my fucking Sean, it could be just the stimulus he needed. And at least it would help me, I thought to myself. Donald agreed and the next day he took a trip into town while Sean helped me cleaning garbage out of out the cellar.

When Donald had gone, I led Sean to the dimly lit cellar, and as we worked, we talked and I flirted. I told him I thought he must’ve had lots of girlfriends, but he said no. He even admitted that he’d only ever been with two girls and he mostly jerked off.

When he went upstairs to get a tub to wash things in, I took off my bra and popped a few buttons on my shirt. I knew this would give him a good view of my 34C tits while we cleaned. Shortly after he got back, I saw the bulge growing in his pants again, and I knew my plan had worked.

As we finished up about 30 minutes later, I boldly asked if he’d ever fucked an older woman. He stammered out his answer, a no, and I told him that lots of younger guys preferred older women because they fuck like it could be their last piece of cock. “Besides, women my age don’t have to worry about getting knocked up like all those young girls do,” I added.

He flushed three shades of red at that one, but it seemed like he finally got the hint because he walked around the tub and put his arms around me. Then his mouth covered mine and we kissed.

My knees nearly buckled when he slipped a hand in my shirt and squeezed one of my breasts, and I had to grab him to help steady myself. With my other hand I undid the zipper on his pants, and soon we were hurriedly undressing each other.

When I was almost naked, I moaned softly and pressed my tits against his chest while I stroked his organ. Then he hooked his fingers in the waist of my panties and started sliding them down over the curves of my hips. Once they were off, he sat me down on the edge of a low table and stood between my spread legs. In a second he was pushing into me, penetrating me deeply. I moaned, spreading myself as wide as possible.

His hands held my hips like a vise as he pushed his jerking cock into me. My tits jiggled and bounced from the force of his hard thrusts, and I whimpered and moaned and dug my nails into his arms as he made me come.

My juices were trickling down my slit and toward the crack of my ass as he rammed into me, his balls banging against me.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Oh, yes!” I screamed.

Then suddenly he grabbed my ass and pulled me up as he rammed into me with all his strength. I screamed again as his hot juice blasted into my depths, and then he fell against me, completely spent.

When I told Donald all the details later that night, he got so excited that he got a hard on for the first time in ages and we could finally have sex.

After that, Donald made sure I had at least an hour alone with Sean every day for the rest of the summer. Then, at night, I’d tell him all the details and we’d have sex. By the end of the summer it seemed like Donald’s problems were over, and I was definitely happy.

But summer is over now, so I think I’ll talk to Donald about finding some part time help for the fall. After all, a woman’s got to be happy!

L.E., Nampa, Idaho

The Perfect Stranger

One of my secret fantasies has always been to have a stranger come into my bedroom and do with me what he pleases. I don’t want him to be rough or anything, I just want him to fuck me senseless, without any of the usual foreplay and without ever knowing who he is.

I’ve never told anyone my fantasy, not even my husband, because I don’t want anyone to judge me based on one silly little daydream. But somehow Bill, my husband, found out about the fantasies that had been following me for so long, and one night he brought it up while we were reading in bed.

It started out innocent enough, him asking if I had any fantasies I’d like to make real someday. He even shared a few of his with me, like his Princess Leia fantasy (the same one every guy has about her in the gold bikini) and the one where he gets to watch me with another woman.

When it was my turn, I told him about wanting to maybe try some light bondage, and about wondering what it would be like to sleep with a black man. He seemed very accepting, but then he started asking if there was anything else I fantasized about.

“Are you sure that’s it?” he asked.

“I think so,” I replied. “There’s not really all that much that I want to do that we don’t already include in our lovemaking.”

“Really? There’s nothing else that you think you’d like to do?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Maybe you want to sleep with another man. A stranger, perhaps.”

I didn’t know what to say. It sounded like he knew exactly what I wanted, but I wasn’t sure how he would react to me telling him outright, so I didn’t say anything at all.

“I think that’s what you want,” he continued when I remained silent. “I think you want to get fucked by a complete stranger, someone you don’t know and who you’ll never have to see again. Am I right, Ellen? Is that what you want?”

He’d hit the nail on the head. The only thing I could do now was nod my agreement that yes, that was exactly what I wanted.

“Well, why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

I shrugged, unsure. “I don’t know, it just seemed silly, I guess.”

“Would you want to do it? Sleep with a stranger, I mean?” Bill asked, looking right at me.

“Oh, it’s just a silly fantasy,” I said, trying to brush it off. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I would never cheat on you, and besides, how could I sleep with someone I don’t know?”

“I wouldn’t mind if you did it,” he said. “Of course, I’d love to watch if you did. And I think I know just the stranger to help make your dream come true, if you’re interested.”

I stared at him in disbelief. Was he really offering to let me cheat on him? While he watched? But the more I thought about it, the hotter it sounded. Maybe my number one fantasy could finally come true after all.

I told Bill that I was interested, but I wanted to be sure that he wouldn’t get mad later. He assured me that he wouldn’t, and that watching me with someone else had always been one of his favorite fantasies, so we’d both be getting what we wanted. Something about the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes told me he was telling the truth, and I said that if he was 100 percent certain, then he could go ahead and set things up whenever and with whomever he wanted.

About a week later, my husband came home after work and told me that we were going to be making our wildest dreams come true the very next night. I asked him what I had to do and where we would go, but he told me to just relax and leave everything to him. I had no idea what he had up his sleeve, but I decided to just go with the flow.

The next night, around eight o’clock, Bill told me to go up to the bedroom and put on the outfit he’d picked out for me and then lay down on the bed.

“And don’t forget the blindfold,” he yelled as I headed up the stairs.

About 10 minutes later, after I was dressed in the lacy lingerie and had on the blindfold he’d left for me, I heard Bill and someone else coming up the stairs, talking in hushed voices. The voices stopped before they got to the bedroom, though, so I never got a chance to figure out which of Bill’s friends the mystery man was, though I guess that was the point. Then, when they entered the bedroom, Bill told me that his friend was there with him and that Bill had given him permission to do with me whatever he liked, as long as I had no objections. His friend wasn’t going to speak, though, because he didn’t want me to have any more clues than necessary as to who this stranger was. Then he said he’d be sitting on the trunk in the corner, watching me the entire time, so there was nothing for me to worry about. I should just have fun and enjoy having my dream come true.

A moment later I felt the bed dip as the mystery man joined me on the mattress. He started caressing my body, running his rough hands up my arms, down my chest, along my bare legs. For a split second I thought about trying to figure out who he was by his touch alone, but that endeavor was given up instantly, his touch too enjoyable to be wasted on a woman who wasn’t going to lay back and savor it.

His fingers danced along my skin for several magical minutes, teasing me, before he finally leaned down to kiss me. While his hands were rough, his lips were incredibly soft. Each brush of his lips against mine brought me more pleasure than expected, specially since I didn’t know who was kissing me.

When we broke for air, I sucked in big gulps of it while he continued kissing me, his lips burning a trail down my chest, then stopping for him to lift my nightgown before continuing down my belly and all the way to my bare pussy. Like before, though, he merely brushed his lips over my mound a few times, leaving me wanting more.

From his heavy breathing, I could tell he wasn’t going to leave me alone for long, and I was right. Less than a minute passed before he was on top of me again, this time with his dick aimed at my now dripping hole. I could only feel the head, which was brushing against my nether lips, but I could already tell he was much bigger than Bill, and that excited me. Part of the fantasy had always been for the stranger to have a large cock, and I was glad that part of the dream was being delivered.

When he pushed into me, I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his formidable shaft. He felt even bigger than I’d expected, so long and wide, and since he was pushing so slowly into me, I thought I’d have to wait an eternity to have him all the way inside me. But eventually he made it, his balls resting against my ass as he gave me a moment to get used to his size though I don’t think a lifetime of sex with him would be enough to get used to how big he was.

Then he started thrusting in and out of me, slowly pulling himself all the way out before slowly entering my pussy once more. He began picking up the pace, and that’s when the real fun started. His balls started hitting my ass rhythmically as he pumped into me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist and started lifting my butt off the bed to meet his thrusts.

We were really going at it now, and the stranger with me was grunting loudly as his cock flew in and out of my pussy. Still, I could hear my husband’s low grunts over the noises we were making in bed, and I suddenly remembered that Bill was watching us. I was glad he was there, and I made sure to do everything I could so that he and the mystery man would know just how much I was enjoying the coupling I was involved in. It was, after all, because of him that I was able to fuck the strange man pounding away at my pussy, and I figured I owed him for it. The least I could do was let him know how much I appreciated his gift.

For the next 10 minutes, the mystery man and I fucked each other senseless, our bodies sliding and slapping against one another, while Bill jerked off in the corner, his grunts the only thing giving him away. Then, finally, I started coming. I could feel my pussy tingling, and then it started clenching and unclenching the stranger’s dick. That set me off, and suddenly I could feel my juices flowing out of me. As I came, my body trembling, I heard Bill groan loudly, the way he does when he comes, and I knew that he’d brought himself off while he watched us.

Now the only person left to come was the stranger, and a moment later I felt a hot load of semen shoot into my clenching vagina. He must’ve shot into me four or five times, maybe more, before he collapsed in exhaustion, his warm, sweaty body pinning me down against the bed.

When it was all over and we’d caught our breath, all three of us, I felt the stranger climb off me. Then I heard the rustle of clothing as he dressed. Then Bill told me that he was going to walk our guest out, but he’d be back in a moment to take off my blindfold.

Within five minutes, my blindfold was off and I could see again. When I looked down, I could see my still gaping pussy, my juices clinging to my lips, and I smiled. Bill caught the look and told me how happy he was that I’d enjoyed making the fantasy a reality, because he’d enjoyed it, too. He was even hoping that we’d do it again sometime soon.

I quickly nodded my head, telling him I would love to do it again.

“Will you have the same ‘stranger’ come along next time?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said. “He wouldn’t be much of a stranger then, would he?”

I smiled at that, Bill’s logic making complete sense to me even though he would still be a mystery to me, since I had no way of knowing if it was the same guy unless we did it in the exact same way. But I was so happy that Bill was okay with our adventure that I wasn’t going to argue about who could or couldn’t be the mystery man in our story.

Since then we’ve recreated that fantasy about a half dozen times, but I’m no closer to figuring out who the mystery man or mystery men could be. Each time Bill goes out of his way to keep the sexy secret, and I’m always too lost in the experience to do much sleuthing. Not that the stranger’s identity matters much to me. All that matters to me is that my husband and I get to bring our favorite fantasies to life every now and then, and that we both get extreme pleasure from our adventures with the stranger.

I.M., Phoenix, Arizona