Look Ma, No Hands!

I’m a 20 year old female who loves sex lots of it. I think my favorite thing is giving and receiving head, especially with a willing partner, for which my boyfriend is the best. I’d like to share one experience that has to be the best ever to date. Usually our sex life varies from comfortable to surprising. I especially like the latter.

My boyfriend, Mike, has this way of getting me all horny with sweet kisses and the best neck, which makes me weak. After this fantastic treatment, I am left nice and wet and waiting for more. One day he just left me in this state and retreated tot he bathroom to let me cool down (so I thought). Less than a minute later he came out of the bathroom with a raging hard on in one hand, and with the other grabbed me by the back of my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. The sensation was delightfully overwhelming.

As he proceeded to fuck my mouth, I couldn’t believe what happened next. I came I actually came! I couldn’t get over that fact, and it is still my favorite fantasy during masturbation.

The reason I’m so ecstatic over this is because until then, I used to believe there was no such thing as a vaginal orgasm or a non manually stimulated orgasm

Now I’ve changed my min. I’m proof. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened since, but after reading this, I’m sure Mike will make sure it will.

Ms. A.C.,
New Jersey

A Pleasant Surprise

I have been a reader of your magazine for a long time. The story I am about to tell you is true. I am in the Air Force, and for obvious reasons cannot reveal my name. It all started about a month ago, as I returned home from work one day. I found my wife still in bed, and asked her if she were ill. She simply said, “No, I’m not sick at all!” No more was said.

Three times after that I again found her in bed after four o’clock in the afternoon. One day, while reading your magazine, it hit me that maybe she was seeing someone on the side. The thought infuriated me, and I wanted to confront her with it, but decided against it for fear of being wrong.

Instead, I managed to leave the bedroom curtains open enough for me to see the entire room without being detected. That afternoon I slipped away from work early and headed for my observation post. I was right: She had a very interesting guest that day. It was a woman. The young lady was the wife of a cop who lives a few doors down the hall. They were in a very busy 69. At first I was shocked, as I had no idea that my wife was bisexual or had ever been. I watched as they continued to satisfy each other for what seemed like hours. They got into more positions than I even knew existed. Finally the young lady got up, as it was getting close to the time for me to get home. Shortly after the girl left, I made my appearance, as if I had just left work. But the sweat on me wasn’t from working! I tried to act as normal as I could, but was so excited that my 10 inch cock was about to burst. I asked her if I kept her happy. She said that she was happy with her life and with me.

Days passed, and I still didn’t know how to ask her. Last weekend, as I lay quietly reading a Penthouse, I showed her a layout that depicted two girls by the water, and asked her what she thought of it. She told me that the pictures were good and that she liked the way it was done. I said, “Would you like to be in a layout like that?”

She said, “No, but I’d like to try making it with another girl someday.”

That was all I needed, and so I told her that I knew about her friend. She sat and looked at me with her face turning red. I told her it was all right, and asked her if she’d like to try a trio. She told me that she was embarrassed and didn’t think she could handle it. After lots of talking, she finally agreed.

Our first try was very clumsy and uneasy. It was also very short. The second try was much better this time we invited a different girl, who was new to both of us. This girl works with me, and was surprised at my approach, but agreed right away. The evening started out great. Marsha arrived at the house at 8:30 or so, and we drank some wine. We drifted into the bedroom and got nice and cozy on the bed. I suggested a massage to get things going. Soon we were touching everywhere.

As I lay back I felt four of the softest hands roaming the entire length of my body. We stripped and returned to the bed. We engaged in my first three way French kiss! Three tongues fighting for contact with the others. My hands found two drenched cunts that were begging to be fucked. Marsha then told me to sit back and watch. She took my wife and eased her onto her back. She spread my wife’s legs and started to grind their pussies together so that each clit was equally attended to. The pace got faster and more heated, and they turned around so they could eat each other. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I pulled Marsha on top of me so that she was on her back. As I entered her, my wife started licking and sucking her clit again. Before I came I wanted to do some butt fucking. Marsha said okay, so I grabbed her and inserted my cock in her cunt for lubrication.

At this time she was struggling a bit, but my after I got the head in, the rest went in easily. My wife was holding Marsha’s shoulders down, still kissing her and calming her. Then my wife started licking my balls and thighs and even inserted her finger in my ass. I came very fast. The feeling of fucking an asshole was new to me, but pretty much what I expected. After cleaning up, Marsha was spent and drifted off to sleep. My wife and I then proceeded to fuck ourselves silly. I ate her four times and got two more blowjobs. After a good sleep, I woke up with the biggest hard on of my life. We continued to fuck the rest of the whole day away.

I feel closer to my wife and think we will be better off for our experience with Marsha. We plan to try again with the lady down the hall. For those of you who think your wife might be seeing somebody else, ask her. Maybe she is!

Mr. K.S.,

Lesbian Love

I am a 19 year old black female who loves women and who loves reading the hot ‘n’ juicy stories in Forum. The only thing I dislike about Open Forum is that there are not many letters from other gay women. I guess there aren’t many lesbian readers.

On with my story. I just met this lovely lady from France who moved into my town. I wanted her the first day I laid eyes on her. I asked around town about her because I knew she was straight, but I found out that she liked to party.

So one day, a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was walking my little girl, and I saw her coming toward us. She stopped to see the baby and chatted with me for a few minutes. Then she asked if I’d like to come over and smoke a few “doobies” plus she thought I ought to lay my baby down, since she had passed out on her little stroll.

So we got better acquainted and I was being very open and bold. I asked her what she thought of gay people. She said she accepted them as she did anyone else. So she got curious and asked me if I was gay. Of course I said yes. She said that it was kind of hard to believe because I had a child, but the way I kept looking at her, it wasn’t hard to notice.

As we were smoking, I asked if I could give her a “French shotgun” (without using the joint). She freaked out, because I teased her luscious lips with my tongue. The next time I gave her a kiss, I got some feedback. We paused and looked into each other’s eyes. I grabbed her hands and asked her if she could ever make love with a woman. She said yes, because she had been fantasizing about it, but she’d never thought she’d ever do it. Naturally, minutes later we were making passionate love. It was so beautiful. I went down to explore that beautiful cunt, and she spoke French as she reached her utmost in climax.

After we finished, she told me I turned her on more than any of the guys she had ever been with. She also asked me if I could fall in love with a woman. I told her yes I have had several lovers. She asked me to make love to her again, and I did.

Afterward, I asked her if we could become lovers. We’ve been going strong ever since. Two women together can really express themselves well, especially sexually. They know how to satisfy each other’s needs. I’m so happy with her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope to see more stories about other ladies. Lesbian ladies, that is.

Ms. C.C.,

What a Silly Mistake

The funniest sexual thing that ever happened to me was anything but funny at the time! My husband, Kurt, and I have been married for 11 years, and still enjoy a wonderful sex life. I love Kurt dearly and would do anything for him, almost.

You see, one thing that Kurt has always wanted to do is go to one of those peep show places with me and get turned on, then come home and have wild sex. I’ve always objected to the idea it seemed disgusting, those places and I never went with him. I just couldn’t.

Well, Kurt’s 38th birthday rolled around, and he said he didn’t want anything except for me to go to the peep show with him. What could I say? It would truly make him happy, so I went. It was just as filthy and awful as I thought it would be row after row of unspeakable films crudely advertised with blurry pictures. I tried to hide my disgust and quickly chose a film to view. Kurt was noticeably excited.

I closed the door of my booth behind me and sat down in the murky little closet. I put a quarter in the slot and watched as a man and woman began energetically making love next to a backyard pool. I watched in awe and didn’t even realize that the booth next to me had become occupied. I heard the clink of the quarter dropping into the nearby slot and the rattling of the projector. As I watched the movie, I started to get turned on, and began to squirm in my seat. As if by request, to my surprise, I saw Kurt’s penis emerge through a small square hole in the wall! I was at first repulsed, but I figured it was his birthday and I ought to go ahead and make his fantasy come true. Besides, I was pretty horny!

I took his cock and gently teased it with my tongue and gradually sucked him to a gloriously explosive orgasm. I lapped up every drop of his love juice and kissed his wonderful rod. Just then, there was a knock at the door. I thought the owner wanted me to drop another quarter or get out, so, to avoid embarrassment, I pushed Kurt’s cock back into his little room, straightened up and opened the door to explain that I was just leaving. I turned the knob and light spilled into the room, and standing there was Kurt, looking confused. I realized what had happened, bolted up, grabbed Kurt and dashed out the exit.

I was terrified! Hurrying home, I told him in a tearful rush what had happened. He said nothing, then burst out laughing and you know what? I did too. Some wonderfully hung stranger got Kurt’s special birthday present!

Every time I think about it, I start laughing again and Kurt laughs along with me.

Ms. K.O.,

Talk to Him

My wife and I have never been into erotic literature of any kind. However, one night while my wife was buying groceries, I picked up a copy of Forum, and that night we became regular readers of your magazine. We are approaching middle age, and are both college instructors. We both have master’s degrees and consider ourselves to be above average in intelligence. We have been married for over 20 years and have enjoyed sex together.

I think there is a secret desire in every man’s heart to have his wife talk to him about sex. My wife is usually very verbal on every subject except sex. However, after starting to read your magazine, she has begun to loosen up a little.

I also like for my wife to talk to me while we are making love. She is normally a quiet person during sex and this is difficult for her, but she has been practicing for the first couple of years and has reaped the benefits of it by having a more turned on husband. I think that a lot of women might be embarrassed to do this, just as my wife was. If you’d try it, I’m sure you’d like it. So all you women out there who are reading this, talk to your husband tonight while he is screwing you or going down on you.

Mr. F.W.,