My favorite fantasy involves coming home to find you in bed with another woman. But you’re not cheating on me, it’s a surprise that you planned just for me, something you know I’ll absolutely love.

When I walk in the door and see you in bed with her, I feel my pussy start to drip. Every time we share our bed with another woman, we have such a good time, and I can tell that our newest playmate is going to help make this time as memorable as all the others.

Without even asking you what her name is, I signal for you to continue what you were doing before I got there as I strip off my clothes. Part of the fun is watching you with someone new before I finally join in, and you and this woman seem to have a lot of chemistry, which I know will make watching you even more exciting than usual.

You and the woman start playing again, rolling around on the bed as your hands explore each other’s body, and I lean back against the wall for a moment to watch you. But I don’t want to just watch, so after a minute or two of observing you both in action, I decide it’s time to join in the fun.

I clamber onto the bed and interrupt your play, but a second later, I’ve joined the action. Now the three of us are all hands and lips and intertwined legs as we strain to touch and kiss every inch of available skin, which, with three people, is a lot of work. But none of us seem to mind all the effort that goes into our play.

We continue rolling around on the mattress for a while until we end up all wrapped together, with you in the middle of us girls. We take turns teasing you, then, one of us kisses you all over while the other strokes your cock or kneads your butt cheeks. You’re hard already you have been since you and her got into bed earlier but all the extra attention to your dick makes you perk up even more.

Soon my hands wander to your cock, hers go to your ass and we lean in over your body to kiss each other instead of you. Her tongue darts in between my lips and I open wider to accept it. Her kiss is demanding but soft, a perfect combination, and I find myself getting lost in her. You don’t seem to mind, though, and your cock grows even more as you watch us.

As we move around you, trying to get closer to each other, you roll on your side and start stroking us, one hand on each of our bodies. I feel one hand on my thigh while your other hand brushes against me as you try to fondle one of her soft tits. You obviously succeed and she moans into our kiss, the vibrations teasing me, making me want more. You’re pressed up against my back, your stiff cock nudging against my butt, and I quickly roll over to be closer to you. Now she’s pressed against my back and her hands are roaming wildly over my body while your cock presses between my thighs.

I grab you and aim you at my slit, drawing you inside me. You push further inside and start fucking me slowly while she moves her hand down my body to play with my pussy and toggle my clit. It’s a strange feeling, having so much happening to me at once. She’s kissing my neck as you fuck me, and I have hands all over my body, sending gloriously wild sensations from my the top of my head to very tips of my toes.

The three of us are a writhing mass now, and I feel myself getting closer to orgasm as the two of you tease me. I start wondering if either of you are ready to go over, too, but before I can get too far in my thoughts, I’m distracted by the action. I feel myself falling, and I call out as I explode. I see fireworks in front of my eyes and feel my body quiver and shake as I finally get my release.

I’ve been waiting for this moment, and now that it’s come, I’m sad that it’s over. I only hope you’ll read this and make my fantasy come true!

Memphis, Tennessee


After moving away, my best friend, Chuck, came into town for one of his semi annual visits. Hillary and I have been married for over 10 years, and we’d talked about a threesome many times, but she’d never been too intrigued by the idea.

Chuck and I had often talked about how much fun it would be to have a threesome with my extremely attractive wife as well, and after convincing her to go out with us, I found a sitter for the children and Hillary went upstairs to get ready to go out on the town. Chuck and I started drinking and talking about how much fun we have when we go out drinking together and that it would be fun to have a hot redhead go with us tonight.

When Hillary was ready to go and came downstairs, I watched Chuck and his eyes grew big and he got a huge smile on his face as he said to her, “You look hot!”

Hillary had on a tight pair of jeans to show off her perfectly shaped ass and a tight, low cut top to show off her great tits.

During dinner, I noticed Chuck enjoying the view down Hillary’s shirt. Obviously she’d noticed, too, because she kept leaning over to give him a better look.

After dinner we decided to go play pool. It was a huge turn on to see my wife and best friend getting so excited, and every time Hillary walked by us to make a shot we would both squeeze her butt and she would back up and rub it on our hard cocks. After drinking some more, she would lean way over while shooting to give us both a look down her shirt. Knowing we both liked what we saw, she stepped into the corner, pulled her shirt and bra off, showed us her rock hard nipples and told us she was just as turned on as we were. Then she said we needed to leave after she went to the restroom.

When she returned, I told Chuck that Hillary had the keys and he needed to find them. After a quick pat down, she grabbed him and pulled him into the corner and they started fondling one another. She then said we needed to go home immediately.

After arriving home, we sent the sitter home, got some drinks, and then we all sat on the couch under a blanket and began talking. Hillary quickly laid her head in Chuck’s lap and I slid my hand down her pants and started rubbing and fingering her wetness. She told me not to finger her in front of my friend, and I told her that maybe he wanted to watch it. Without hesitation Chuck said he’d love to watch and would join in if he could.

With that, Hillary threw the blanket off us, grabbed his hands, put them on her tits and began to make out with him while I ripped off all her clothes.

That was the beginning of a very wild night. Hillary couldn’t get enough cock in her mouth or in her tight, shaved pussy, and she kept begging for us to fill her with more come.

It was a great way to fulfill all of our fantasies!

Bridgeport, Connecticut


My best friend’s mom is the hottest lady in the neighborhood, and all our buddies always talk about what a MILF she is. What they don’t know, though, is that I’ve already fucked her.

Michelle had John when she was only 16, so even though we all just turned 21, Michelle’s still pretty young.

Anyway, one night when I went by to pick up John to go out to the bar, Michelle was home alone, and she told me John had gone out with some other friends earlier. I figured he was already at the bar, and I was about to go out to head over there myself when Michelle stopped me.

She asked me if I’d mind helping her open the window in her bedroom. She’d been using the air conditioner all summer and hadn’t needed to open the window, but now that we were having some cool weather, she wanted to get some fresh air and the window wouldn’t budge.

I followed her into the bedroom and looked around, trying to remember everything so I could tell the other guys what her bedroom was like. Then Michelle pointed to the stubborn window, and I went to her side to try to figure out what needed to be done.

I decided to try opening the window first, to see just how stuck it was, and when I pushed up on the glass, it immediately slid up and opened.

“My, what a strong fella you are, opening that stubborn window like it was nothing,” Michelle said. I detected something different about her voice. Was she . . . flirting?

“Um, yeah, I guess it wasn’t stuck too bad,” I said.

“Well, for all your help, you deserve some sort of reward,” she whispered.

I figured she’d give me 10 bucks or something, but it seemed Michelle had a very different reward in mind. Pushing me backward until I fell onto the bed, she climbed on top of me and started to kiss me. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and I reacted quickly, wanting to enjoy every moment in case she suddenly realized what she was doing and pulled away.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, Michelle started pulling at my clothes, trying to undress me, and I started to undress her as well. Then, when we were both bare assed naked, Michelle started to slither down my body, leaving a trail of kisses in her wake. When she reached my cock, which was already pretty stiff, she took it in her mouth and started sucking. I’d fantasized about her blowing me, but I never believed it’d really happen, and now that it was, I couldn’t help but notice that she was 1,000 times better than I’d ever imagined. She even deep throated me at one point, and she didn’t even gag. She was amazing!

Michelle was a very talented cocksucker, and even though I tried not to, I ended up coming from all the attention her mouth was giving me. She swallowed every drop, just like girls in porn movies do, and then kept sucking, getting me hard again in record time.

As soon as she had me standing at attention again, she jumped on top of me and started fucking me. I hardly even realized she’d impaled herself on my dick before she started riding me, and she rode me just as skillfully as she’d sucked my dick.

Michelle bounced up and down on my dick excitedly, her tits bouncing right in front of my eyes. I reached up and grabbed them, tweaking her nipples and squeezing her tits while she rode me. She had great tits, too, firm and perky and big, and every time I tugged at one of her nipples she’d moan louder, enjoying it.

Her fucking was getting to be too much for me, though, and I dropped my hands from her big tits and moved them to her hips, helping her ride me harder. After that, it wasn’t long before I came again, spraying my load deep inside her cunt. When she came a moment later, her cunt started squeezing my dick, and the tightness of it made me come some more, really emptying my balls. It was over far too soon for me, but Michelle made sure I knew it wasn’t a one time thing.

“Mmmm, even hotter than I imagined,” she said. “And I bet next time will be even better.”

Since then, there have been a lot of “next times” with Michelle. I can’t get enough of her, and she seems to feel the same, so I have a feeling we’ll be fucking for a long, long time.

I haven’t told any of my buddies about it yet. Even though they’d all think I was the man for fucking the super hot MILF, I don’t want to do anything to screw up the good thing I have going.

Besides, while they’re all busy fantasizing about Michelle, I’m busy fucking her for real, and that’s all that really matters to me!

Name and address withheld


Another Monday, another flight. So where did my weekend go?

Sitting in my seat, I started to drift into my own little world, listening to my music and relaxing to the beat of my favorite songs while I waited for the rest of the passengers to board. But someone rudely bumping into my seat pulled me back into reality. When my eyes opened all I could see was this beautiful being. She had a great smile and I could tell she was in shape.

The stranger looked at me. “I’m sorry, did I wake you?” she asked.

I didn’t want to say anything rude and could tell she was sincere. “Oh no, I only had my eyes closed.”

“I’m normally not such a klutz, but this guy bumped into me,” she said, still obviously worried about having bothered me.

I just chuckled as she rolled her eyes. “How do you do? I’m Katrina, but you can call me Kat,” I said.

“Nice to meet you Kat. I’m Tia.”

Tia was dressed to impress, and I instantly found myself attracted to her. Luckily, our row had only two seats. We talked for 20 minutes as we waited for everyone to board the plane, and it wasn’t long before we were chatting like old friends.

She had long brown hair and I swear she could pass for Jennifer Lopez. Every now and then I would take a quick glance to check her out. Tia’s tits were probably 36D, and all I could think about was how excited my husband would be when I told him about her. As we talked, we sat even closer and my eyes were drawn to her legs and her calves. This girl was toned! Somehow we lost track of time and soon the captain came on to tell us we were cleared for takeoff. As the plane rumbled down the runway, Tia reached out and touched my hand. “You know, I hate to fly and normally I’m very nervous, but having you here has made my day,” she said as our fingers interlaced.

Then suddenly, as the plane took off, she kissed me. Her lips were soft and I loved her taste. If anyone was watching, the kiss looked innocent enough, though it was anything but, and for the rest of the flight we talked and kissed. Then the captain came back and told us to get ready to land. As we descended, we exchanged numbers and made a date for Friday. Then all too soon our flight was over.

The next week I couldn’t stop thinking about my new friend, but every time I tried to call her, something came up. Life was kind of crazy.

A couple of days later I was sitting at my desk when my cell phone rang and brought me out of my trance. I looked down at the screen but I didn’t recognize the number. “Hello?” I said tentatively.

“Katrina? It’s Tia! How are you?”

“Oh my god, I’m so glad you called,” I said. “I’ve been thinking about you.”

“Oh really? And what have you been thinking? I hope it’s something hot and sexy!” she giggled.

My heart was racing at her bold statement and I had no idea what to say next. Luckily, Tia broke the silence, saying she wanted to make sure we were still on for Friday night.

“Absolutely!” I blurted. “Why don’t you come over for dinner?”

“Really?” I could hear the excitement in her voice. “I would love to come over for dinner.”

“Great. I have a new bottle of wine I’m dying to try and we can chat a little while I cook.”

We talked for a couple more minutes and I gave her directions to my house. I was excited to have her come over, and I knew my husband, Dustin, would be as in lust with her as I was.

The rest of the week flew by as I shopped for everything we’d need and got everything ready. On Friday night the house was spotless and the food was ready. I decanted a nice bottle of wine and lit some candles. Right on time, the doorbell rang, and as I went to the door, Dustin turned on some soft, sexy music. Dustin followed me over to front door where I warmly greeted Tia and then introduced her to my husband. Tia was wearing this sultry black halter dress that tied in the front with a swooping V neck that highlighted her luscious cleavage. She looked . . . well, words just cannot describe how hot she looked. But I tried!

“You look amazing,” I said.

“What, this old thing?” She spun around.

Then we all walked into the kitchen and Dustin grabbed the decanter and poured three glasses of wine.

As Tia sat down, she perked up. “Thank you for having me over. I hope you didn’t go through too much trouble,” she said.

“This is no trouble at all. I’m just glad you could make it. Cheers!” I said as the three of us clinked our glasses.

Within minutes we were all chatting like old friends. There was a connection between us and we all felt it. Conversation flowed like fine wine, and so did the wine, for that matter.

Once dinner was ready, we moved into the dining room. Tia sat across from me and Dustin was at the head of the table. As we ate and drank, what seemed like 10 minutes was actually two hours.

Tia helped me clear the table while Dustin found a nice bottle of port, and as we kept bumping into each other in the kitchen, the air was becoming charged. She openly flirted, as did I, and I could tell she wanted to share more than dinner with us.

“I hope you like dessert,” I said, finally breaking the silence.

“Girl, I can’t. I’m stuffed. But that cake looks delicious.”

“Thanks,” I said, “but it doesn’t look nearly as good as you. I’m so happy you came over. And, girl, with that dress, you could be dessert.”

“Really?” Tia flushed and looked very nervous for a moment before she boldly said, “Then maybe I should be dessert.”

It was time to call Tia’s bluff. If she wanted to be dessert, I wanted some! I moved some things off the counter and grabbed the whipped cream.

“I double dog dare you to be dessert!” I said. She pulled open her dress, exposing her firm breasts. Then she looked at me and shook her head.

“Don’t want to get this dirty,” she said, and with that she untied her dress and tossed it to Dustin.

Tia appeared clean shaven through her sheer thong. She’d gone to great lengths getting ready, and we weren’t going to disappoint her. Tia moved up onto the counter and waited for me to make the next move.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said, excitement in her voice.

Dustin’s eyes were glued to Tia, but I wanted to play with her first, so I told him, “Dessert’s not ready yet, but if you bring me the fruit maybe I’ll let you have some.”

Looking rather disappointed, he left the kitchen to get the fruit from the pantry. He’d be getting his dessert soon enough, so I wasn’t worried about him. Then I walked over to Tia while taking the top off the tub of whipped cream. She just smiled and waited for me to undress her.

My fingers went to her sides and I pulled down her thong. “Girl, you don’t want to get your panties full of cream,” I said, not really thinking about what I was saying.

Tia laughed and lifted herself up so I could slip off her panties. Then she crossed her legs, but I could see that her pussy was bald. Just as I got a whiff of her musk, Dustin returned, but I sent him off again to get more wine.

After dipping my fingers in the whipped cream, I started to cover Tia’s body with the sweet confection. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool sensations.

“That feels kind of nice,” she said as I continued coating her with the cream, starting at her stomach and working up to her breasts.

I knew the sensation from my fingers and the cold cream would tease and arouse her, and I covered her nipples as she started to squirm on the counter, her hands tightly gripping the smooth tile.

“You’re driving me nuts, you do know that, don’t you?” she asked.

“That’s my goal.”

“Think Dustin will like me dressed up like this?” Tia asked.

“Please, I bet he’s counting the seconds in the other room. He’ll walk in with serious wood any minute now.”

“You think?”

“Please, he’s been hard since the moment you walked in the door,” I said. “We both find you incredibly attractive.”

She smiled. “Really?”

“Oh yeah, look at you. You’re a beautiful woman, smart, you’ve got your shit together and you have an amazing body.”

“A hot, sticky body.”

I applied some more cream to her breasts as I replied, “Yeah, but don’t worry, we’ll clean that up.”

“Oh, please do,” Tia sighed.

“I can’t wait to eat your cherry,” I said as I placed a cherry on each of her nipples and made a little smiley face on her pussy. Then I called out to Dustin, “Honey, dessert’s ready!”

Dustin walked into the kitchen and, boy, was he beaming.

I kissed my husband and said, “Dig in, baby. She’s very sweet.”

He moved over to the counter and leaned down to Tia. His tall body hovered over her and I blew a kiss to Tia as she uncrossed her legs and arched her back. She knew this was just the beginning. Dustin stared at her belly button and started to lick up the cream. I moved closer to them and placed my hand on Tia’s thigh. She responded by opening her legs a little more. I could see she was aroused and her pussy was very wet.

Dustin was in his own world and didn’t even notice me unbutton and unzip his shorts. Slowly I worked on his shirt and he helped me by wiggling out of it. Now he was only wearing his underwear. Tia looked at me and I just smiled as I pushed Dustin’s boxers down. Then Dustin started to lick her left breast. He worked the cream off her breast and nipple as he teased her, causing her to moan loudly. I reached for her hand and placed it on Dustin’s hard cock. I wanted her to know that everything was all good and that we were here for each other. Tia looked up at me and then closed her eyes as she gave Dustin a nice squeeze. I could tell Dustin wanted to do her, and I was fine with watching, holding and kissing her.

The cream was running down between Tia’s legs and all over the counter. I moved up and kissed her, starting to lick the whipped cream from her pussy. Tia’s free hand touched my head and she started to run her fingers in my hair. I could see her stroking my husband, at least until Dustin leaned back down and started to lick the cream from her other breast. Then I dove in and licked her wet cunt lips. She tasted sweet and sexy and I said, “I told you I’d get your cherry.”

In a sexy, deep voice she moaned, “Oh god, that feels so good. Don’t . . . don’t stop!” Slowly I licked some cream and then her. I didn’t want to push her over the edge just yet, but Tia wanted more and her legs came up so that I would have more access to her. I knew exactly what she wanted, but that would have to wait a bit.

I started to get up and looked at her. “Come on, baby, let’s go and get you cleaned up.” “No, you have to finish me,” she whined.

“Not yet,” I said as Dustin carried her to the bathroom and I grabbed some towels.

I love watching Dustin when he’s in an aroused state, the way his legs flex and how his cock moves as he walks. Oh, how I wanted to walk in front of him and let him take me doggie style. No time for that yet, though. Dustin carried Tia to our shower and slowly started to put her down. I moved up next to her, my hands cupping her pretty face, and kissed her while Dustin stood behind her. She was a little weak in the knees, but she quickly became engrossed in our kiss. I knew she could feel Dustin against her back and would easily take all of him. Then I reached down to feel her as warm water trickled down our bodies.

Dustin wasn’t in her yet, and she reached for my hand and guided it to her pussy.

“Feel what you’re doing to me? I’m on fire,” she said.

I felt how wet she was, and it wasn’t from the shower.

My tongue darted deep in her mouth and she just accepted me, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me into her. Dustin held us, supporting us till we were ready to come up for air.

When I broke the kiss, Tia looked confused. But Dustin’s hands were on her hips, and as I winked at him, he bent his knees to properly position himself to slip his cock between her legs. I reached down and felt his hard cock as I helped guide him to her wetness. I pushed his cock between her lips and felt the tip enter her. Slowly he filled her, working more of his cock into Tia.

“He feels so good,” she sighed.

“I know,” I said, moving the hair out of her eyes.

Slowly they worked up a rhythm against each other. Tia was on fire her body needed relief after being teased for so long. For what seemed like hours, the two of them pushed and pulled, their bodies slapping against each other, my husband’s cock pushing deep into my friend, giving them both pleasure. Tia’s chest was red, her nipples hard and her breaths shallow as she grunted and moaned.

Dustin was panting and groaning and trying to hold on a little longer, but he was about to blow his load.

I moved in and kissed them both. “Please, I want to see you come.”

They both lost it and Dustin started to come as Tia screamed in passion from feeling his cock explode in her. I could imagine that thick mushroom cap expanding as he started to pump his cream into her, and I watched as her body shook with pleasure. Tia looked so sexy as she came.

Finally the two of them came back to earth, and then my shower.

Tia slowly opened her eyes and said, “That was amazing!”

“I know,” I replied.

Then I turned off the water, dried off Tia and then wrapped her in a towel.

Once I dried myself, I reached for her hand and led her to our bed. The night was still young, and there was more messy fun to be had!

Austin, Texas


My wife is a nurse for a major hospital in a metropolitan area. She’s in charge of continuing education and conference scheduling for the health care professionals within her group. She recently set up a conference on patient care following plastic surgery, and she was excited to have landed two speakers from a well known plastic surgery practice for the event.

My wife, Rita, is a petite 42 year old. She’s attractive with small tits and an ass that’s still fairly tight. Her stomach protrudes slightly, too, also due to childbirth. She’s never really mentioned plastic surgery, but I always thought that with a little work she’d easily be considered a MILF.

One day I opened a pamphlet that had a picture of the two doctors speaking at the conference. They were both very attractive and appeared to be in their 30s.

On the last day of the conference my wife informed me that she was going to a happy hour once everything wrapped up. The doctors weren’t scheduled to fly out until the following morning and had suggested the end of conference party.

About 10 o’clock that night I received a phone call from my wife. When I picked her up, one of the doctors, Marc, offered to drive her car back to our place since we couldn’t leave it at the hotel. Rita announced that she would go with Marc to show him the way and that Gene should come over, too, so they could discuss the possibility of another conference next year. She also said that she wasn’t ready to call it a night yet. On the way home, Gene said that Marc and Rita had been getting a little friendly at the hotel bar.

“To be honest with you, your wife was coming on to us pretty strong. It was almost like she forgot she’s married,” he said.

I told him that we’d talked about it a few times and that she actually had the okay to go ahead if everything was feeling right.

“I think everything’s going okay tonight, then,” he said. “She practically jerked us off through our pants, telling us how much she loves sex.”

Gene and I arrived at our house first, and Rita and Marc arrived shortly after. When we went into the family room, Rita started talking about getting a boob job.

Gene spouted, “Well then, let’s see them.” Rita had her blouse and bra off in a matter of seconds.

“I could do wonders with these,” Gene stated as he held a breast in each hand. “You’re so petite that I wouldn’t go very big at all.” Rita smiled and said thanks, then lifted up her boobs and asked how the new ones would feel. Gene again took the opportunity to fondle her breasts from the front, and then he went around the back of her and fondled them from behind.

At that point my cell phone went off it was a coworker requesting my assistance. I left the room to take the call and I wondered how Rita would react if I left her alone with the guys, so I made up an excuse about having to run to the office. I gave my topless wife a kiss and told her to behave, though I obviously knew what was going to happen if I left her alone half naked and horny with two men who were far from home.

I left in my car, parked on a nearby street and went back to my house. We have an entry from the garage and I used that to get back inside, undetected. There was still laughter coming from the room and I took a spot near the door to watch the action.

Rita was complaining about her slightly protruding midsection and the doctors instructed her to take her pants off so they could see just what they would be working on. Rita dropped her slacks and stood in just her panties. Gene sat on the couch and Rita moved in front of him. He made comments about the problem being very minor and easily improved. He continued to run his hand over her body as he began to make a serious move on her. I wondered how often these two “gentlemen” used this method to get women undressed.

Rita, obviously comfortable with her nakedness, stated, “I think I should get the chance to evaluate your bodies now.”

Gene told her that was fair enough, since she was standing there nearly naked. Then he got up and dropped his pants and underwear, exposing a nice sized cock.

“Very nice, Doctor,” Rita said and began to stroke it.

It was a sight I never imagined I’d see. Then Rita brought the cock to her mouth and began giving the doctor a blowjob. She ran her nails across his nut sack as she sucked and pulled on his shaft. Gene told Marc to get his dick out and get in on the action, but to my surprise, Marc declined and told Gene to enjoy her.

Gene pulled Rita up and had her kneel on the couch and lean over the back. Then he pulled her panties to the side and worked a couple of fingers into her. She let out a moan and he replaced his fingers with his cock. Gene fucked her with long, deep strokes as Marc continued to watch. Finally Marc couldn’t take any more and he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out as he walked to the back of the couch. He’d obviously changed his mind about participating. He brought his long cock to my wife’s face and she immediately started sucking on it. He looked down at her as she slid more and more of it into her mouth.

Rita moaned with approval as she was skewered between the two of them. Marc put his hand on the back of her head to keep his cock from coming out of her mouth. I thought I was watching a scene from a porno, except that my wife was in it. Gene would drive her a little further with each thrust and would have to stop every couple of minutes and pull her back to the edge of the couch.

“Don’t come in her. I changed my mind and I want to fuck her, too,” Marc said a few minutes later.

“Good thing you didn’t wait any longer, ‘cuz I’m about to bust my nut in her,” the other doctor replied. With that he slowly pulled his dick out of Rita and it bounced forward, coated with fuck juice. “Looks like I need to get it cleaned off by the nurse,” he said before walking around the couch and feeding his cock to my wife, who eagerly went to work on it.

Marc helped Rita slide her panties over her ass, down her thighs, and then off. He then started to fuck her.

Rita let out her familiar grunt as Marc pumped in and out of her. He grabbed her wide hips and fucked her hard by pulling her back into him and at the same time thrusting forward. Marc asked Gene if he wanted to fuck her anymore because he thought he was going to come pretty soon. At that point Rita began to moan excessively and everyone knew she was about to climax. She let Gene’s cock fall from her mouth and buried her face in the back of couch. She continued to moan through her orgasm as Marc continued to drive in and out.

“There you go, Marc, buddy,” Gene said. “Bury that cock in her. You’re getting her off.” “Oh fuck, I’m going to come in this cunt,” his friend responded as he let out a few grunts and filled my wife’s pussy.

Gene moved around to the other side of couch and got behind Rita. He’d obviously changed his mind about fucking her again and was soon driving his manhood back into her. Rita came back to life and started responding to Gene’s pecker. Gene seemed possessed as he fucked Rita with reckless abandon.

“That’s it, lady,” he said. “Get ready to take another load of come in your twat, ‘cuz you’re gonna get a nice one real soon.”

He was in a frenzy now and began repeating over and over, “Take my come, take my come,” as he finally came inside her.

Marc was already half dressed when Gene regained his composure. He looked at Marc and said, “I think we’re doing this again next year.”

As soon as they were gone, I ran out to get my car and then flew back home to find my well fucked wife fast asleep in our bedroom, her pussy still leaking the doctors’ come. I can’t wait till the next conference she plans!

Name and address withheld