The Heat of the Moment

After college, I moved back to my hometown and rented an apartment not far from where my parents lived. My dad’s friend, Tom, owned the building, and he was nice enough to give me a break on the rent.

Having Tom as my landlord wasn’t so bad, either. I’d been worried that he’d be checking up on me all the time and reporting back to my parents, but he rarely stopped by at all and when he did it was usually with some official landlord business, like fixing a broken stove or mending a leaky pipe.

Last week, Tom came by to install an new air conditioner in my bedroom. I already had one in the living room that was a permanent fixture, but I needed a window unit for the bedroom so I could sleep.

When he brought the air conditioner by, it was already 85 degrees outside, and he was wearing a pair of jeans and a sweat soaked T shirt. He carried the giant unit like it was nothing, but I could see his muscles straining through his clothes. For a 40 something guy, Tom’s still pretty young looking, but since he was my dad’s best friend and I’d known him since I was born, I’d never thought of him in that way. Now, though, seeing him all hot and sweaty, I started to see him in a whole new light. In fact, I started to think of Tom as sexy!

As soon as the air conditioner was installed and whirring away, I offered Tom a glass of iced tea to help him cool off and to thank him for his hard work. He’d been so busy working that I don’t think he’d noticed me at all until then, but when I returned a minute later with his drink, he got a good look and I watched as his eyes nearly pop ped out of his head.

I was wearing a pair of short shorts that covered only a bit more than a pair of granny panties would, and I had on a tight tank top that stopped well above my belly button. I hadn’t dressed that way to be seductive, it was just too hot outside, but seeing the effect my outfit had on Tom was definitely a great bonus!

He whispered, “Hot,” under his breath, and when I turned to look at him, a smirk on my face, he started to blush and tried to cover up his slip, saying that he meant it was really hot outside. I knew what he was thinking, though, and I made sure to let him know I’d figured him out.

As I flirted, I could see Tom’s eyes getting dark as they traveled the length of my body. He wanted me, I could tell, and I was going to give him just what he wanted.

When he finished his drink and put the cup down on the table, I walked toward him as if I was going to take the glass away, but at the last minute, I turned and sat right down on his lap. He kept his hands down at his sides, not knowing what to do.

“It’s getting a little chilly in here now with that air conditioner on,” I said. “Are you cold?”

He didn’t respond, so I continued.

“If you are, I know a great way to get you warmed up again.”

With that, I leaned in and started to kiss him on the neck. It took him a minute to respond, but when he did, my god, was he a good kisser! His hands moved over my body in just the right patterns and his lips and tongue, well, it was like he knew exactly how I liked to be kissed. I wanted to do more than just kiss, though, so when Tom hadn’t made any moves, I made a move of my own.

Sliding from his lap, I got down on the floor and started to unzip his pants, freeing his dick. When he popped out of his boxers, I was surprised to see how well endowed he was. He’d felt big, sure, but not that big. He had to be at least seven inches long. My mouth started to water at the sight, and I dove right in, sucking and slurping his beautiful cock.

Tom moaned while I gobbled him up, and the low sounds echoed in the near silent room, the only other noise coming from the air conditioner. I continued sucking him hungrily, enjoying every second I spent with his cock between my lips, my tongue tracing the veiny shaft.

After a few minutes, I tasted a drop of precome ooze from the head, and I decided to give up my sucking— even though I really was enjoying it— so I would have a chance to ride that cock before Tom came. Tom groaned when his dick fell from my lips, but when I stood up and started pulling down my short shorts, he immediately got excited again.

As I kicked off my shorts, Tom slid his boxers down his hips, and then I climbed back into his lap. I sank down onto his cock then, and I felt my pussy stretching more than it ever had before. When he had pushed half of his cock into me, I felt deliciously full, and as I sank down further, the pleasure only increased.

Finally I had his full length in me, and I immediately started bouncing up and down. Tom didn’t even have to move as I pumped my body on his cock, but he held my hips and guided me along his shaft.

With his help, I was able to pick up my pace. It wasn’t much longer before I was felt the start of a climax, and I got even more excited. Now Tom was thrusting up into me, and when I felt him start to throb inside me, I knew he was getting close.

Tom came first, and I swear it felt like a fire hose was spraying my pussy with come, his explosion was so strong. Then it was my turn, and I shook hard as I came.

Now I find every excuse to call Tom up to fix things around the apartment. He takes good care of me, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

L.H., Toledo, Ohio


My gaze lifted as a soft shadow fell across my lap. I’d been sitting in my living room chair dozing when she walked in. She was breathtaking. The long waves of her hair caught the sun’s dying rays, making the ends look as if they were on fire. Her eyes glinted darkly with desire. She had a seductive, slightly cocky smile on her lips. My first thought should’ve been, “Who the hell is this woman and how did she get into my apartment?” But all I seemed able to do was stare.

My gaze lingered on her face for a few moments, taking in her sweet features and soft pink lips. She was wearing a short red dress, the lacy hem barely reaching her tan, well defined thighs. It wasn’t a tight dress, but the flimsy material clung to her supple breasts, barely covering them. I noticed her nipples were hard, easily jutting against the fabric of her dress. The low cut front allowed me a view of her deep cleavage. I wanted to get an even closer look. I felt my cock rise in my pants, and a familiar dull ache began in my balls.

The woman smiled, seeing the look of desire in my eyes.

“In case you’re wondering, I was sent here.” Her voice was soft and richly feminine, with a husky, airy quality to it. It seemed to jar me out of my trance. I met her amused eyes with an inquiring look of my own.

“Sent here?”

Instead of answering, she leaned forward, instantly hushing me. I saw that her nails were long and painted a deep crimson. Just the thought of what those nails could do sent shivers up my spine. She slipped into my lap, one long leg on either side of my hips. Her dress slid up her thighs, and I could smell the musky scent from between her legs. I glanced down in time to see a dark patch of pubic hair before she leaned close and pressed her lips to mine. God, those lips! They were moist and soft and parted easily when I pressed my tongue to them.

I closed my eyes, groaning softly as her tongue swirled wetly around mine and then went on to explore every inch of my mouth.

My hands went to her slender waist, holding her body to mine. I could feel her warm breasts pressing against my chest. I pulled her even closer, loving the feel of them nestled against me. Her hands came up, one on each side of my face, and her nails softly caressed my cheeks. Her eyelashes fluttered softly as she moaned. Her heart began to pound in her chest, matching the rhythm of my own.

I slid my hands to her hips, my fingers massaging her through the satin dress. She began to rock her hips against mine, her bare slit rubbing against my cock through my pants. My hands searched for the hem of her dress, pulling it up to cup her cheeks. I dropped one hand between her legs and slid a finger into her warm curls, her lips already wet and open. She trembled against me and slid down instinctively toward my hand. Two of my fingers caressed her slit and then slowly dipped inside of her. She was warm and welcoming, spreading her thighs eagerly. Her leg muscles flexed, her pelvic muscles contracting around my fingers.

My other hand came up and pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She shrugged out of it, her small, rounded breasts exposed for me to see in all their glory. Her nipples were pink and firm. I cupped one round breast in my hand and brought it up to my lips, which eagerly closed around one nipple. I began to suck her.

Her fingers deftly undid my pants. Her hand slipped into my boxers and curled around my hard shaft, stroking it slowly. Her smooth fingertips ran over my cock, feeling me throb. Her thumb rubbed over the head of my cock and began to rub my come into my skin. I moaned, my teeth biting down on her nipple.

My mystery lover’s eyes twinkled with mischief as she placed one of her fingers into her own wetness, placing her now come covered finger into my mouth. I suckled slowly, highly aroused. She watched me intently as my tongue rolled around her finger, tasting every last drop. She then withdrew her finger and rose in one smooth motion to her feet. I gazed up at her, wondering if she was just going to tease me and then leave. With a wink she pulled her dress up, revealing a perfectly trimmed patch of red pubic hair, curled wetly around her slit, and a small tattoo of a butterfly over her hip.

She continued to pull her dress off, revealing a flat, muscular stomach. She pulled the dress up over her head and tossed the flimsy garment to the side, her breasts coming free.

Then she knelt in front of me, positioning herself between my legs. My cock stood straight up, hard and pulsing. She leaned forward and pressed her open lips to the head, her tongue softly flicking out. My hips arched, aching for her to take me into her mouth. She closed her eyes, languidly bathing my shaft with her wet, warm tongue. Her nails ran down my thighs, causing me to pump against her lips. Her tongue fluttered softly around the base and then swirled up my erect cock, the tip running over the ridge.

My hands slid through her long red hair, holding her mouth in place between my legs. Slowly she took me between her lips, lowering her mouth onto my cock, inch by inch. She started to suck on my length, coaxing my warm come from my balls. My hands reached down, my fingers rubbing back and forth across her nipples, massaging them while she worked my cock over. I cupped each breast in my hands, squeezing them.

When she ran her teeth lightly up my cock I thought I was going to come, but she pulled back before I could. She looked up at me and winked, and then slid up my body, letting my penis run down her lips, her chin, her neck, leaving a wet trail between her soft breasts and down her stomach. She climbed back into my lap, wrapping her long legs around my waist, and positioned her wet curls against the head of my cock. She ground her hips against mine, her moist slit rubbing teasingly against me.

She began to nuzzle her lips against my neck, her cunt sliding down onto my cock until just the tip was inside her. My head fell back, letting her tongue explore my warm pulse. After a minute, she lowered herself more onto me, my shaft ever so slowly sliding another inch deeper.

Her wetness ran down my cock, making it glisten. With a soft cry, she slid down completely onto me, taking all seven inches into her small hot body. Her tongue began to run up my neck to my earlobe, her breath warm and damp. I started to pump into her, my hands grasping her hips, guiding her. With each thrust, I drove myself deeper. Her head came up, her tongue running over my lips, nibbling. I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, her exquisite lips parted in a silent moan.

I continued to labor against her, filling her, letting her warm inner walls caress my cock. Sweat began to form on our bodies, making us slippery as we fucked. A tiny trickle of sweat ran down between her breasts, and I leaned forward, pressing my tongue between them to catch it.

A sudden cry pierced the air, and I felt her body shudder against me, her chest heaving as she began to slam her hips towards mine, a warm wave of her come running down my shaft. I raked my fingers across her ass, pushing myself fully into her as I came, too.

I closed my eyes, panting, as I reveled in our lovemaking.

Her soft lips brushed my ear. “I’ll be back,” came her breathless whisper.

When I opened my eyes again, she was gone.

Savannah, Georgia


Madalyn, my masseuse, is an angel. A sexy, luscious angel, that is. You may remember Madalyn I’ve written about her before. At about five foot three with blue eyes, dark hair and a tight, feminine body, she has lots of guys looking at her.

I met Madalyn several years ago, after a friend recommended her for my chronically sore back. Following her into her studio that first time, I couldn’t help but notice gorgeous long legs and a really great ass under tight, gray shorts. Her 34C breasts were firm and perfectly formed under a V neck top. Like I said, you may remember her.

I visited Madalyn at her studio almost monthly after that first meeting, and we slowly became friends, exchanging copies of our favorite songs burned to CDs (we had similar tastes), and often sharing a bottle of good wine during our 90 minutes together. As she became more familiar with my body, and I became more comfortable with her presence, it was easier for me to relax and totally enjoy her massage without thinking so much about other feelings I had.

This might sound weird, but being naked in front of a beautiful but untouchable woman was a little disconcerting. Her massages were wonderful, however, and I didn’t think it could get better.

And then one evening, in the early fall, it did. Madalyn had mentioned several times that some of her male clients got erections during their massages and that this was okay with her. Of course, I couldn’t relax enough at first to let my inhibitions go, so I kind of forgot about it. But that evening on her table, after a few glasses of wine, I was keenly aware of her hands as she massaged my body.

First she worked my back, then my ass and my legs. I loved feeling her hands on my ass, kneading my muscles deeply. It was therapeutic, but it really turned me on! When I turned over, she started at my feet and worked her way north, up my legs to my thighs. As she worked my inner thighs, her fingers came closer and closer to my manhood, which was tucked loosely under the towel, and I started feeling hot, aroused. And then I couldn’t control it my cock slowly but steadily got hard and rose, tenting the towel.

Madalyn smiled as she pulled the towel completely off, saying that there really wasn’t a use for it anymore. She was right. I couldn’t have hidden my hard on if I tried, so I decided just to relax and enjoy knowing that she was looking at my cock in all its glory. She commented that it was a beautiful cock. I felt proud, as I was sure she had seen quite a few during her years as a masseuse. I was a little disappointed, though, as the session was more than three quarters over.

I never wanted the 90 minutes to end, but the night had been so erotic that I had even more pangs of regret. I soon discovered that my regret was unwarranted.

As she finished my chest and began on my face and neck, as was usual, she leaned over to whisper in my ear, “We have a few more minutes. Which head would you like me to do now?”

I opened my eyes, looking at her, and smiled. She knew. Moving to my side, she dipped her head and let her hair trail down my chest, over my stomach and then over my very stiff cock. It was intoxicating. I felt her warm breath on my stomach and cock as she leaned over me, and after pouring warm oil into her palms, she took me in both hands. It was electric! The combination of the warm, slippery oil on my cock and the firm fingers of my beautiful masseuse, gently but firmly caressing my penis and balls, was intoxicating. With her left hand she encircled my shaft as her right hand gently kneaded and squeezed my balls. She stroked me expertly, her hand sliding up to the head of my cock and back to the base over and over, gripping and my shaft firmly and sliding her hand up and down. Her hold on me was complete.

I opened my eyes and looked down, transfixed at the way my cock looked in her hands as she stroked me. I couldn’t help it and reached to caress her ass, firm under her shorts. She seemed to enjoy it herself as I slipped my hand under her shorts and rubbed her beautiful ass. I wanted to touch her warm, soft, moistness, but I managed to hold back. I massaged her ass and closed my eyes again to enjoy having her hands on me. After minutes upon minutes of this extraordinary pleasure, my cock getting hotter and hotter, bigger and bigger, I started bucking, my pelvis moving slowly at first and then more urgently. I moved in tandem with her hands and she urged me on, whispering huskily about how sexy my cock looked.

“Come, come, come, baby. Shoot it. Shoot it all over. Let it out,” she almost moaned.

Up and down, over and over, as time stood still for me, her hands and fingers moved. She paused now and then to squeeze a little harder, then softer, stroking and massaging me underneath my balls, cupping them gently, and then picking up the pace again. I felt my precome oozing from my cockhead, which was now large and swollen. She dipped a finger in it and swirled it around the tip. Then she continued stroking and squeezing, gently but firmly urging my come up from deep inside by balls. And then, with pulses that seemed to begin at my toes, I came in torrents, blowing thick, creamy come over her hands and onto my stomach. She kept stroking me and squeezing my cock until every drop had been spent.

Finally her hands slowed to a stop. Then she kissed me on the forehead and left the room for me to dress.

What we’d shared was beautiful, and it couldn’t get any better, I thought. But, as I found out later, I was wrong.

Daly City, California


I walked up the stairs to hunt him down like an animal seeking its prey. I searched the rooms until finally he was found. As I stood by the doorway, I stared into the room, watching him as he was lying on his bed, on his stomach, sleeping peacefully. I didn’t want to disturb him as he remained still, but I was sure he wouldn’t resist me and would welcome the feeling of my soft touches on his delicate body.

I approached the side of his bed, standing still and just watching him for a moment. Shane must’ve sensed that someone was in the room and was suddenly awoken by me standing over him. He turned to his side and lifted the bed sheet that covered his body, inviting me to join him. I slithered beneath the sheet, enveloping myself in his arms, and my backside rested upon the front of his body as I lay there in just a shirt and black lace panties. I could feel his hand drift inside my shirt, teasing my breasts. His gentle touches on me were awakening my senses and my pussy was coming alive. I came to him in the night to seduce him and that’s exactly what was happening.

I turned to lie on my back as Shane told me to remove my shirt. While I did, he began to slide my panties down my legs. My body remained still, naked, waiting for his touch. Slowly he began to climb on top of me and slide his pole inside my pussy. A soft moan escaped my lips as he made his way further inside my channel. The feeling was sensual and erotic. His movements were so smooth and gentle that they could’ve continued on for hours. I wanted to enjoy every move he made, so I wrapped my legs tightly around his backside, forcing him to go deeper. As he did, my feet slid down his calves, feeling his muscles flex with every gentle thrust inside. It felt so fucking good having his cock buried deep inside my wet pussy.

As he continued to pump into me, I could hear his breathing becoming a bit labored. He was doing most of the work, but I felt that it was time I returned the favor.

I told him to lie down on his back and relax. He conceded and slipped his cock out of my pussy, just for a brief moment, while I turned and climbed on top of him. Then I positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy and guided it inside of me. I closed my eyes for a second as I devoured every inch of his dick, taking him further and further inside my walls. When I had his dick completely tucked away in the confines of my aching pussy, I reached out to take both his hands as I began to ride him.

The sensation was out of this world. I stared into his lusty blue eyes as I continued to squeeze my pussy muscles over his meaty pole for a sensuous massage. He was overcome by all this, just like I was. I clamped down on his hands even tighter than before as I leaned my body back and felt him pull me toward him. We were rocking back and forth in unison and our bodies felt like one.

I leaned forward and snaked my tongue in his mouth for a sensuous kiss. He then whispered to me, “How do you want it now?”

“Whatever way you’re willing to give it to me. I’ll take it any way you’re offering,” I replied.

He knew that I was ready for just about anything and he asked me, “Do you want it in the ass?”

This aroused me even more. I wanted to feel his cock in my tight, puckered ass, and I was prepared to maneuver myself appropriately to accommodate the position. I slowly eased off of him and then turned around so that my back was facing him. While I positioned myself over his cock, he held it and slowly eased it into my ass. I lowered myself onto him, and the feeling was indescribable as his cockhead pushed into my tight hole. With my body leaned back and my long hair tapping lightly on his stomach, I began taking his cock as deep as I could handle taking it. I’ve never had any other man fuck me in my backdoor, but Shane’s dick was the perfect size to satisfy my asshole.

As I continued on, I reached below and began rubbing my pussy, feeling the wetness spread all over my clit. I could feel my pussy throbbing while he insisted on giving me a good fuck in the ass the way any woman should get fucked.

For several minutes I took pleasure in getting fucked by him, then I started to feel a wave of chills spread throughout my body. I realized I that was about to come. He was pushing me down hard and I was loving every second of it as I bounced on his cock repeatedly, taking all he was able to give me. When the time finally arrived, I begged him to go as deep as he possibly could.

“That’s it, grind that fucking cock in my ass,” I commanded, and he did just that, thrusting every inch of him further inside my now stretched hole.

He was making me come so good, and after several more thrusts, he let go, shooting a heavy load in my ass. I spent the next minute enjoying the feeling of the come that so generously filled my hole.

It was now around 5:30 a.m., and we were both exhausted. I slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and collapsed on the bed alongside him. I rested my body against him with his arm draped across my chest. It felt good having him so close and being able to drift off to sleep by his side.

We slept together for several hours, but then I woke up to use the bathroom. I could’ve gone back to sleep, but I was still feeling pretty horny and wanted him again. I started out by asking him to roll onto his stomach. When he did, I began massaging his neck and made my way down his backside. I spent the next several minutes pressing hard on his back, smoothing out the kinks in his muscles. It didn’t seem as though he was able to fall back asleep from the pressure I was putting on his back.

One last stroke on his backside and he then turned around to lie on his back. He looked at me with a boyish smirk on his face as he began to remove my top. After tossing it aside, he reached below and took hold of my panties and began to slide them down my legs. As he sat up to turn around and face me, I quickly pulled my panties off and threw them off the edge of the bed. I waited patiently for him as he slithered his way on top of me. Suddenly he reached below to grab his dick and then he slid it inside my wet pussy. It easily slipped in and he quickly picked up the pace and was pumping his rod deep inside my pussy.

I could hear him whisper to me, “Baby, that feels so good.” He was absolutely right. It did feel good.

I wrapped my legs tightly around his backside as he thrust inside of me. He was hitting my G spot, and before I could even let out the tiniest moan, I was coming.

“Oh baby, I’m coming. Oh! Oh yes! Oh, it feels so fucking good. Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!”

He mastered the moves and fucked me with everything he had. Seconds later, I heard him calling out, “Oh fuck, I’m coming! Oh! Oh!”

At that moment he creamed my pussy to full satisfaction. When he was done filling my pussy with his sweet load, he slid his dick out and collapsed on the bed.

We were lying there in each other’s arms for a couple of minutes until we realized that we had to get up and get ready for another day. We weren’t sure at the time what we planned on doing later on, but if it had anything to do with getting fucked by him again, I was ready, willing and able.

Portsmouth, Virginia


I’m 25 and my wife, Edie, is 24. This summer we went on vacation to the Caribbean, and we spent a lot of time on a secluded beach that allowed nude sunbathing.

One afternoon we were laying on the beach when I noticed two men in their 30s watching us while they relaxed nearby. When I told Edie, she seemed to get excited. She soon began parting her legs to give them a really good view, and they didn’t miss it, that’s for sure. After 20 minutes they got up the courage to approach us and strike up a conversation.

As we talked I noticed that both men had raging hard ons. Edie noticed, too, and when she looked at me and smiled, I merely nodded and smiled back I knew exactly what was about to happen. Reaching up, she put her hand on one guy’s cock while continuing their casual conversation. No one said a word or acted any different as she stroked him, and it was as if nothing was happening at all. Several minutes later he followed suit, putting his hand between her legs to rub her wet cunt while we talked.

The other man was now openly stroking his cock as he watched the events transpiring. Then, the guy who was rubbing Edie moved between her spread legs and, after looking at me for a reaction, he started rubbing his cock up and down her slit. After doing this for a minute or so, he slid smoothly into her, and a long purring moan escaped my wife’s lips. The first guy began fucking Edie, and his friend moved so she could suck his cock, which she did eagerly. I stroked my own cock as I watched.

Only a few minutes passed before Edie’s head stopped bobbing back and forth and I saw come running out the sides of her mouth and dripping off her chin. Then his friend moaned and pulled his cock out of Edie’s pussy to shoot his load all over her pubic area and her tummy. I came then, too, harder, in fact, than I could remember. The two guys then casually walked away, telling us to have a nice vacation. Edie then got up and went into the water to wash off.

Later in the week we saw the men again. This time, however, they were both with their wives and kids. We just smiled and nodded as we passed. I don’t think their wives would’ve been happy to find out how we knew them.

West Corina, California