My girlfriend, Lana, has the sweetest ass, and I love to stick my dick in it and fuck it until I come.
Last night, Lana showed up at my apartment in a short skirt and no panties, and when she bent over in front of the TV to put in the DVD she’d rented, I saw her tight ass staring back at me. I hadn’t had a chance at her ass in a while, so I jumped up from my seat and hurried over to her, dropping on the floor and kissing her ass before she even knew I’d moved.
She squirmed excitedly under my lips, her butt wiggling while I tried to cover every inch of her firm, fleshy bottom with kisses. My dick was getting harder every time I puckered up and planted one on her butt, and I could feel it straining against my shorts.
Pulling back, I told Lana to get on the floor, and she quickly got down on her hands and knees and flipped her skirt up, giving me total access. Then I pulled down my shorts, crawled up behind her and pushed my hard dick into her pussy.
I thrust in and out a few times, getting my dick nice and slick, then I pulled out completely and moved my dick up to her ass. I aimed my cock at her tight hole and started to press in.
Her butt was already loose, since I fuck her there so much, and I was able to push inside with no trouble. Then I started pumping in and out of her, really fucking her ass. Lana loved it and kept moaning as my dick moved in her asshole. When she started getting closer to her orgasm, she started calling out my name and yelling, “Fuck!” over and over again.
Then she was coming, and as her butt squeezed my dick, I felt myself start to go over the edge. I quickly pulled my dick out of her butt and took it in my hand, squirting my load onto her naked ass.
I watched as my come painted her ass white, and then I smacked her ass once for good measure before standing up and offering her my hand to help her up as well. Then we went to the bathroom to get cleaned up . . . but not until we’d fucked one more time under the spray of hot water, with Lana taking it up the ass once again, of course. She’s without a doubt the best fuck I’ve ever had!
Name and address withheld


I’m a 27 year old mother of three and a few weeks ago I began an affair with my neighbor’s 18 year old son.
His name is Ernie, and over the last few weeks he’s been practicing for a free throw competition. Ernie played on the high school basketball team, and now the team at the local college, and he was pretty good.
He practiced every day in the back yard, and this gave me the chance to watch him through my kitchen window. I loved seeing him in his shorts and sweaty T shirts, and I noticed that he often had a hard on while practicing, but I didn’t know why.
I’d take my place by the window to watch him as soon as my husband left for work, and after a few days, I had a serious case of the hots for him.
Finally I took a chance and got out my old cheerleading outfit, which consisted of a small orange sweater that stopped only a few inches under my breasts and a short pleated skirt. I put it on and saw that I’d grown a little since high school, especially around the bosom the top barely concealed my ample breasts. I didn’t bother putting on panties, and by the time I had the nerve to go out back, my pussy was soaked.
I walked up behind Ernie as he shot and yelled out, “Ernie, Ernie, he’s our man!” He looked at me and stared wide eyed as I did a cartwheel, giving him a look at my firm bottom. Then, as I jumped up and down, my skirt flew up and he got to see my bald pussy. Well, you’d better believe he had a hard on now! I gasped at the size of the bulge in his shorts and it caused my sweater to rise and my tits to pop free. Surprised, I lost my balance and fell onto the grass.
Ernie came running over. “Are you okay, Mrs. N?”
I nodded and reached up to grab his arm to pull myself up, but I grabbed his crotch instead.
“Oh, Ernie,” I said in excitement.
Ernie didn’t say anything and just looked at me, embarrassed, as I squeezed his tool. Then, finally, I asked, “How would you like to climb on top of me and fill me up with that big dick of yours?”
In seconds flat Ernie was on top of me and sliding his cock in and out of my bald snatch. My legs were already open from the fall and he slid into me easily. He fucked me right there in the backyard, thrusting urgently as he sucked my hard nipples and extremely big tits. The feel of his young, hard cock buried in me, and the knowledge that he was half my age, had me climaxing in seconds. Then Ernie reached underneath me and took a firm hold of my ass as he plunged into me, fucking me hard. My big tits flopped around wildly as he humped me.
Soon I felt his cock twitching inside me. “That’s it, baby. Fill me with your hot come,” I encouraged as he shot a number of high pressure spurts deep into my womb.
Finally he collapsed on top of me, fighting to catch his breath. It was then that I suddenly became aware of the fact that we were out in the open and I made an attempt to push him off me. He wasn’t done, however, and I wasn’t strong enough to push his bulk off of me, so I gave in and let him continue. He hadn’t softened that much and was still in me, so he began to slowly move in and out, fucking me as I lay there with my legs spread. He fucked me for at least 15 minutes before he gasped and shot into me again.
When he was done, we hurriedly composed ourselves and then I walked, on wobbly legs, next door and back into my house.
The next day Ernie was out there again, but I stayed in the kitchen, watching him from the window. He practiced for about an hour or so and then quit. I thought that was it, but an hour later I heard a light tap at the kitchen door. I answered it to find Ernie on the other side. He said he wanted to tell me something, and we stepped out into the garage to talk.
The second we were in the garage, Ernie grabbed me and kissed me. I told him we couldn’t do that, then asked what he wanted to tell me.
“Only that you’re all I can think about,” he said before grabbing me and pulling me close.
I was having a hard time fending off his wandering hands, and then, suddenly, he spun me around and bent me over the nearby meat freezer. Before I could utter a word of protest, he’d reached under my sundress and yanked down my white panties.
Giving in to the incredible temptation, I leaned over and put my face flat on the freezer with my butt sticking out and felt Ernie quickly push into me. I gasped at the penetration and told him to hurry, which he did, urgently thrusting into me for several minutes before shooting several spurts into me and withdrawing.
I quickly yanked my panties back up, pressed the crotch to mu pussy to keep the come there and hurried him out just as my husband called out for me.
Ernie’s been back again every day since, and though I fear we might get caught, it’s definitely worth the risk!J.N. Davie, Florida


‘m one of those married women who cheats on her husband, which makes me fairly average, since I think most married women cheat at least once.
I get mine from a 19 year old who lives down the street. Lucas is in his sophomore year at a local college, and he’s been coming to my house for special visits every afternoon since his freshman year. Now that school’s out for the winter break, though, we have lots more time together.
This affair isn’t purely physical, either. The mental aspect turns Lucas on, too. He gets a sense of power when I let him know how much I love fucking him. He knows there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. I even let him be the first to fuck my ass, something that thrilled him to no end and proved to him that I really did desire him more than any other man. Now I take his cock in my ass all the time.
Having him behind me with his dick in my ass is my greatest turn on, and I get a special kinky thrill knowing how much he loves nailing my ass.
Lucas doesn’t fuck me only during the day, either. I often meet him at night, while telling my husband, who stays at home, that I’m running to the store. Instead I meet Lucas somewhere and we fuck in my car.
One evening, while my hubby was watching TV, I called Lucas and told him to meet me at the corner in 20 minutes. I told my hubby I was going out, but he didn’t seem to care.
Lucas was waiting for me in his car and we drove to a secluded spot outside of town. As soon as we stopped, we hopped into the back seat and got busy. He fucked me good, bringing me to an intense orgasm as I writhed and squealed. Then I got on my knees with my ass facing him and he quickly entered my butt and hammered away.
He spent the next half hour nailing my ass before coming explosively.
When I got back home, my hubby was sound asleep, and I giggled to myself as I went upstairs to shower before slipping into bed.
I love my sexy secret life!B.V. Mission Viejo, California


As Adam pinned me to the side of the truck, I could feel his long, hard cock press into me through his jeans. Then I slowly kissed his neck as he opened the door to the truck and we both climbed into the dark abyss. He was trembling, my heart was pounding and the only thing I wanted at that moment was to be with him.
He slid his tongue deep into my mouth and his hands went up my skirt and pressed against my clit. I let out a slight moan and screamed in my head. He began to rub my pussy more and more until he inserted his long, thick fingers deep inside me. I couldn’t help but moan once again. I was breathing hard as he finger fucked me, but I managed to keep quiet so I wouldn’t alert anyone who might be nearby. Then it was my chance to return his generous favor.
I reached down to unbutton his jeans and his throbbing cock bulged out at me. I began to massage his tool and he thrust his fingers so far inside me that it sent shivers down my spine. Then the unexpected happened.
Taking his fingers out of my pussy and away from my clit, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. Without another thought I took it from him and slid it on his cock. Adam took it from there.
I could feel his hard on slide into me like a snake going into his hole. He thrust into me again and again until I couldn’t help but shout out my release as Adam did the same. Then he pulled out, leaving me utterly satisfied. I collapsed against him, exhausted, and he whispered to me to be quiet.
Just as he said that, I saw a cop car cruise by, without a doubt noticing our steamed up windows. When he stop ped, my heart began to pound loudly and I was sure he would be able to hear it. Then, as I was starting to panic, the officer, who was obviously feeling generous that night, pulled back onto the road and drove away.
Finally I climbed off Adam and we got out of the car and climbed back into the front seat before driving the last few miles to my house. Once the truck was parked, Adam opened my door and then walked me to the front of my house.
Before leaving, he pulled me close, gave me one last kiss and said, “Good night, babe. And thanks. I really needed that tonight.”O.W. Akron, Ohio


I’m sitting in the restaurant with a bunch of my friends when I look up and see you walk in with some of your boys. Automatically I get butterflies in my stomach, which you always manage to cause. Looking around the restaurant, your eyes meet mine and I think to myself that you’re getting the same feeling.
As your group walks past, your eyes remain on mine and we both smile. You end up sitting where I can see you out of the corner of my eye and it takes everything I have not to turn around and stare at you. But I can see you watching me, too, and it gives me chills of excitement.
After about 15 minutes I have to get up and have a minute to myself to get control of the butterflies. I head for the restroom, which is off a long hallway near the pay phones and hidden from view of the diners. When I feel like I’m in control, I leave the restroom, but when I near the pay phones, I feel a hand reach out and grab mine, pulling me into a hidden area. Turning around, I am only inches away from you.
No words are needed. Your eyes lock onto mine and in seconds your lips follow suit. Your kiss makes me melt and you pull me close until our bodies are pressed tightly together. Even though it’s been a long while since we’ve laid eyes on each other, that fiery passion is still there. When you take your lips from mine I can feel my cheeks turning pink from the heat you cause in me.
I tell you how much I’ve missed you and you say that you feel the same way. Then we quickly make plans to meet in two hours and reluctantly separate, but not before one last kiss. My knees are weak as I walk back to my friends, who, thankfully, don’t notice how flushed and pink my cheeks are. As my group gets up to leave, I take a quick look at you and see that you are looking back at me with desire in your eyes, a look I know is reflected on my own face.
I quickly go home and change into the shortest skirt I have, a pair of sexy boots and a sweater so thin that my braless tits are clearly visible through it. My erect nipples press against the sweater and I don’t even bother to put on panties, knowing they’d only be taken off soon anyway.
Just as I finish getting ready, I hear you knock at the door. When I open the door you look me over and smile, and after I close the door, I turn to find you standing right in front of me. I lean back against the door as you move closer to me, my heart racing. I love the way you smell and am lost in your scent, but your arms around my waist and your mouth on mine bring me back to the moment.
At first your kiss is tender and sweet, but the passion that we both feel can’t be held back, not that I’d even want to try. As I wrap my arms around your neck, our kiss intensifies, your tongue seeking mine. I can feel your hard cock pressing against my stomach and I’m already wet from your touch. Then your hands are on my ass, working their way under my skirt. Still kissing me, you smile when you discover I’m not wearing any panties.
Taking my arms from around your neck, I slide my hands down your chest, caressing your nipples and unbuttoning your shirt. Pulling away just enough to let me remove your shirt, you notice my own aching nipples pushing out through my shirt. Quickly you lower your head and begin sucking each one through my sweater. Then you move down and kiss your way up my stomach and back to my straining nipples before finally pulling my sweater up and over my head.
Before I realize it, my skirt is off, too, and your hand is sliding down my stomach exploring my hot, wet pussy. You rub my swollen clit with your thumb as two of your fingers find their way deep inside me. When I tell you that I’m about to come, you use your free hand to caress my face while I shake uncontrollably and soak your other hand with my juices.
When I’ve recovered, I put my hand on your chest and gently push backward until you feel the couch behind you. Before you sit I pull your pants down your legs and throw them across the room. As you lay down you tell me how much you love that I have on only my boots and nothing else.
I position myself between your legs and work my mouth on a delicious trip from your lips to your hard stomach. Then I kiss down to your thighs, your stiff cock only inches away and pointing straight up, waiting for my attention. I love the way your balls feel when I suck each one into my hot mouth and I listen intently as hear your soft moans of pleasure.
I take my time on as I work my magic on each one of your nuts, caressing them with my lips and tongue. Slowly I kiss and lick all around the bottom of your cock, careful not to touch it yet. Then, making sure my lips are wet, I look into your eyes, smile and take the head of your cock into my mouth.
Your hands are in my hair as I slide my tongue all over the deep purple head of your cock, flicking the hole that’s dripping with the most delicious precome I’ve ever tasted. Holding your balls in my hand, I take your prick deep into my mouth and massage your balls, scratching lightly with my nails as you slide in and out of my mouth.
Suddenly you pull me up and position me so that my pussy is just above your throbbing cock. Then, keeping our eyes locked, I sit as you arch your hips and your cock thrusts deep into me. There are no slow, teasing movements as I bounce up and down on your cock, and you grind into me every time our bodies meet. When you tell me that you’re finally going to come, you again have your thumb resting firmly on my clit and almost immediately I’m coming, too.
Without sliding off of you, I lay my head on your chest and you wrap your arms around me. No matter how much time passes, the fire is always there.Y.G. Manchester, New Hampshire