Debbie and I have been married for a little over three years. She’s 30 years old, and I’m just a few years older. My wife is a very attractive woman, and she carries herself with an extreme amount of class. She has a nice figure, with great breasts and large, thick nipples. She definitely turns heads wherever we go, even though she dresses conservatively. Our sex life is only average, because of our busy and sometimes conflicting work schedules. The experience I want to tell you all began when we had a party at the camp we own.
There was plenty of food and liquor and lots of friends. Everybody was drinking and having a great time, especially my wife. I noticed that she was flirting with Paul, a friend of ours. To be honest, he’s really only an average looking guy at best, and he’s got a personality to match. Nothing really gets him excited. He does, however, have a very large cock. In fact, during lovemaking my wife and I have fantasized about her having sex with him.
My wife was pretty wild in her college days. She told me about a threesome she had with two other men. She said that she definitely got off on the experience. She has also had other men with large cocks in fact, she can best reach orgasm when she’s being filled up with a large cock. My cock is only average sized, and the only way she can climax when we have intercourse is by rubbing her clitoris with her fingers.
When my wife broke away from Paul, I asked if he turned her on. She replied, “You know he does. And all that talk about his big cock when we fuck has left me wondering.” I must have been kind of drunk myself, because I asked her if she wanted to pursue it any further. “I want to see his big cock,” she said.
Later on, I saw Paul go around to the side of the camp. I knew that he was going to take a leak, because that’s the place where everybody goes to do it. I hurried over and got there first, and as I was taking a leak, I saw Paul open his fly and pull out his cock. I must admit I was pretty turned on. His dick must have been over five inches long, and it was still totally soft. It got difficult for me to finish pissing because of the hard on I was getting. When I was a younger man I had an affair with a friend of mine. I ended up giving him head for two summers. The sight of Paul’s cock fired up that old feeling and some good memories.
I commented to Paul that he was “hung quite well,” and I asked him how big it got when erect. Paul said he appreciated the praise and that when fully erect he was nine inches long. I told him that Debbie and I had fantasized about him during sex, and that Debbie wanted to see his big cock. Paul said he would definitely take care of her if it was okay with me. I told him it was.
When we headed back to the party I couldn’t believe what I had said, but I got quite aroused at the thought of Debbie having sex with Paul’s fat cock. When I told Debbie about our conversation, her eyes lit up and a big smile came over her face.
Naturally, after a little while the party started to wind down. Around two o’clock, when there were only about six people left, I saw Paul and Debbie go into one of the bedrooms. I excused myself and ran to the other side of the camp. Everything there is on the first floor, so I was able to watch through the window. The drapes were open and the light was on.
I saw Debbie and Paul facing each other, real close. Debbie put her arms around Paul and gave him a kiss. He responded by grabbing her hips and pulling her closer. She instantly started to rub his crotch. He moaned, and his hands dropped to his side. The window was open enough for me to hear everything. Debbie opened Paul’s zipper and then pulled his pants down. I couldn’t see her face, but I heard her say, “Oh, my god. It’s true!”
I could see Paul’s cock, and really it was very impressive, to say the least. Debbie began to stroke it, and it was fully hard in just a few seconds. It was one of the most erotic sights I’ve ever seen there was my wife stroking my friend’s cock. Her hand couldn’t fit all the way around it, and his balls were hanging low and heavy. He could have been a porn star.
At this point, Debbie put the head of that fat cock in her mouth. It was all that she could take. Paul moaned as she sucked on the head and used both hands to jerk him off. Debbie took his cock from her mouth for a second and looked up at him.
“Paul, I have to tell you that you have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” she said with a slight laugh. Then she stood up and began to take her clothes off. He just stood there watching her. She was completely stripped in seconds, and I could see that her trimmed pussy was moist by the slight glint of light off her upper thigh. She finished taking Paul’s clothes off, and then went back to the job of sucking his huge cock.
My wife was rubbing her cunt with one hand while stroking Paul’s huge horse cock with the other. She came in about two minutes. While she was having her climax I heard her moan that she wished that I was hung like Paul. To say that I was aroused would be an understatement. I wanted to jerk off, but I was still absolutely mesmerized by what was happening in front of me.
Debbie stopped sucking Paul’s cock for a second and they both went over to the bed, which was good for me too because I had a better line of sight. He had her lie on her back and started to lick her pussy. She moaned and closed her eyes so she could concentrate on how he was pleasuring her with his mouth and tongue. When he was done with her pussy he started licking and kissing a wet and slippery trail up her stomach and worked his way up to her tits, where he started to suck the right nipple.
It was fully erect. “You sure have big nipples,” he said.
“And you sure have a big cock,” Debbie blurted out, grabbing the head of it between her fingers and giving it a playful little squeeze. “Fuck me with that big cock you have there,” she said. “That’s what I need. I haven’t had one for so long.”
With that, Paul went to it. He rubbed the length of his cock up and down her slit, then moved the big purple head towards the opening. The second his cockhead made contact with her, Debbie’s moans started to grow louder. He started to put the head in, but finding Debbie’s pussy was tight, he decided to take his time. After a minute or so he got the whole head inside her. He asked her if she wanted him to stop, and without hesitating she emphatically said no. She told him to give her a minute and she would begin to adjust to his size.
After a short while Debbie began to move her hips in a downward motion when he fucked her, a sure sign that she was getting ready to come since she’s lucky enough to climax through penetration. She quietly urged Paul please not to come yet, and he assured her that he would be able to stay hard all night. She said, “You’re a woman’s wet dream.” She looked him in the eyes and gave him another long and sensual kiss. My cock throbbed against the zipper of my jeans.
Finally Debbie started to loosen up, and her pace quickened. A minute later they rolled over, and she got on top. The sight of my wife fucking my friend cowgirl style was really incredible. Her legs were spread wide, revealing (to me) that she still had four inches of Paul’s rod left to take in. And believe me, she was determined to take it all! She just kept riding him a little at a time, and after something like two minutes he was fully inside her. Her pussy can still be incredibly tight, but she had loosened up enough that she was now riding him energetically. I could tell that she was really enjoying herself. I was enjoying it too.
“Now this is a real cock,” she was moaning as she rode him. “This is how a woman should be fucked.”
He then got her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. He gave her long, deep strokes, and I could tell she was about to climax. She gave a loud, deep groan and then screamed, “Yes! Fuck it hard!”
And did she ever come! She first tightened her hold on Paul’s huge cock and then went totally limp. She lay face down on the bed, breathing heavy. Paul eased his monster cock out of her, still hard and still enormous. Swollen and purple, it looked like it was on the verge of exploding.
Debbie rolled back over and asked Paul if he would fuck her whenever she wanted. He gave out a short chuckle at the idea of having a new fuckbuddy and readily agreed, and who can blame him? I sure couldn’t! Right then Debbie told him, “Now I’m going to suck you like no one’s ever sucked you before.”
She began to lick his cock along she bottom and moved her mouth across its length like she was playing the harmonica, then she took the big head between her lips. Still unable to take any more of him in her mouth than she was before, she used both hands to jerk him off while continuing to suck on the head. She must have sucked Paul’s prick for 15 minutes until he was finally ready to come. She had him stand up, and she knelt down in front of him.
She continued to work the shaft of his organ with her hands and the head with her mouth. When she felt that he was about ready to come, she stopped sucking long enough to urge him, “Shoot now. Let me have your juice. Give it to me now.” She clamped her mouth back onto the head of his cock, and with several massive convulsions Paul ejaculated in my wife’s mouth for what seemed like minutes.
The two of them lay back down on the bed and wrapped their arms around each other. Debbie gently rubbed Paul’s cock and then kissed it. Finally they started dressing, and I raced back to the camp office. Everyone was gone. I got on the couch and pretended to be asleep.
In the distance I could hear Debbie and Paul leaving the grounds. I listened as she walked him to the office door, and then I heard her kiss him good bye. After he was gone I pretended to wake up and asked where she had been. She kissed me, and I could taste Paul’s come. Then she told me what happened and added, “I have to have him again.” I figured it would be all right, as it’s an extreme turn on for me to know my wife is getting fucked the way she likes it.
Since then Debbie has fucked Paul on a regular basis. I don’t mind at all, as our sex life has improved, even if I know that I don’t fill Debbie up the way Paul does.K.N.
Pocatello, Idaho


My wedding night was sheer ecstasy. My new husband Eddie, the best, most imaginative lover a girl could ask for, saw to that. Having limited our lovemaking to oral sex and mutual masturbation from the time we began dating, I was still, technically at least, a virgin when I made my wedding vows. So when the big night finally arrived, we climbed into bed ready to explode: Eddie with a monstrous hard on and me with a completely dripping wet pussy. Our patience would finally be rewarded and I was going to be fucked no doubt more than once!
Although eager just to ram it home, Eddie forced himself to go slow, warming me up even more with a lovely pussylicking. Whimpering with delight, I squirmed on the bed as his magical tongue slid over my wet folds and danced on my excited clit. Soon, with my hands on his head, holding it in place, I cried out and came. Eddie sat up and smiled, his handsome face coated with my juices.
It was his cock, however, that my eyes feasted on. Swollen and throbbing in readiness, it protruded defiantly from his body. Yes, I wanted that beauty deep inside my pussy, filling me to the brim, but first, I needed to have myself a little taste. As if he was reading my mind, Eddie stretched himself out on the bed. Once I got myself positioned between his wide spread legs, I plunged my mouth onto the fullness of his gorgeous erection. And then, as is often the case when my mouth is stuffed with his cock, I got carried away, sucking more passionately than intended and eliciting a moan from Eddie as he came. Even before I had finished gulping down his creamy load, he was apologizing for having come too soon.
But it wasn’t a problem. The night was young, and we were nowhere near finished celebrating our union. In no time my virile guy was rarin’ to go again, and with surprising ease he pushed into my ready and willing pussy. There was pain, just a little, but nothing compared to the fabulous feeling of having my husband inside of me. As soon as the initial nervousness subsided, I told Eddie I was fine and begged him to fuck me. Soon he was pumping into me.
Oh, what a great first fuck that was! Holding tight to Eddie, I urged him on with some very unladylike language, acting even more sluttish when he ordered me into the doggie position so he could bang away at me from behind. Right away I knew this would be my favorite position, because it made me feel so deliciously wild. I came twice while Eddie was fucking me that way, and I climaxed a third time just when he blasting his seed into my sopping pussy. But we still weren’t finished!
We fucked again that night with me on top, bouncing joyfully up and down on my guy’s amazing cock and coming some more. And then Eddie said he wanted to fuck my ass. I thought it would be really wild to try it all. Face down on the bed with a soft pillow bunched up underneath my hips, I felt Eddie grease my anus and then begin pushing his prick inside me. I shut my eyes, anticipating the pain I’d always heard about with anal sex, but he got all the way into my bottom with relative ease. And soon thereafter, with Eddie plunging repeatedly into my tight asshole, I was lost in the savage pleasure of my first fanny fuck.
By the time we finally called it quits, I was one happy, well fucked bride.V.L. Canton, Ohio

Off the Menu

It was Friday night and I was looking to get out of the house after a long week. Garrett, my husband, promised he’d take me out someplace fun that night if I dressed up nice and sexy for him. When I looked at myself in the mirror I knew he’d be happy with my sexy dress, even if it was a little bit on the slutty side. But if Garrett wanted a hot wife, that’s what he’d get!

When he walked into the house, he froze. “Wow, you look amazing,” he said. “Who are you?”

I laughed at his reaction, knowing he was used to seeing me in work clothes or sweats. But I’d gone all out for our date. I’d bought a new little black dress, got my nails done, found some sexy stilettos. . . . I’d even shaved my pussy. I did everything to make sure I felt as sexy as I could.

“Honey, you promised to take me out tonight,” I reminded him.

“Yes, yes I did, and we are going out. We have reservations at eight.”

When we walked into the restaurant, Garrett told the hostess our name and she quickly escorted us to a corner booth. The dining room was amazing, and the dark d cor and dim lighting gave it a really romantic vibe. It started to feel like we were the only couple there, and I loved it.

As we sat at our table and enjoyed an amazing feast Garrett and I got completely lost in each other, reconnecting after the long work week. Then, when the waiter cleared our table, it was time for the next part of my plan. Excusing myself, I kissed my husband on the cheek and headed to the bathroom to “freshen up.”

When I returned, I held my hand out and said, “I’ve got something for you,” before handing him my thong.

Garrett’s face turned red and I could tell he was on fire. I was feeling the same way walking back to the table without my panties on had been a rush. I wondered if anyone in the restaurant could tell that I was naked underneath my dress.

We talked some more while sipping our drinks, and then, out of nowhere, some guy walked up to our table. Garrett apparently knew him and stood to shake his hand. They made some quick chitchat and then Garrett introduced me to his friend. After our brief introductions, Barry sat down with us.

Barry was a charmer and very confident, and it didn’t bother me too much that he was checking me out, as it’s nice to know that I can still arouse other men. Then he made a comment about my panties.

“Oh, these?” Garrett reached down and picked up my panties. “Well, they’re a present from my wife,” he said, holding them out to Barry.

“Wow, very sexy,” Barry replied, nodding his head in approval.

“Not only that, but she shaved her pussy, too,” he blurted.

“Really? Have you checked?” Barry asked.

“No. Would you like to do the honors for me?” Garrett responded.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Barry said, moving closer to me and putting his hand on my leg.

He went higher on my thigh, and I started to get turned on. I opened my legs, giving him access to my very wet pussy. I was soaked, and that only encouraged him, who added a second finger. Then Barry pulled his fingers out and licked my juices off his digits.

Next he moved closer and started to work his hand under my skirt again. I couldn’t believe I was letting this stranger touch me, and in public no less, but my body was on fire, and it had been a long time since a man other than Garrett had touched me.

Once my arousal coated his fingertips, Barry started to tease my clit, drawing small circles around it and making me want him more. All I could do was groan with pleasure. That man sure knew how to use his hands!

“Don’t you love how she feels, her pussy so hot and wet?” my husband asked then.

Now I started to get suspicious. Why was Garrett encouraging this guy? Sure we’d talked about threesomes in the past, but I never thought that we’d actually do it, at least not in a restaurant! But with Barry’s fingers buried inside me, I couldn’t control myself.

I’m pretty vocal in bed, and Barry was definitely doing everything right. I tried to stay quiet, too, but the more I tried, the louder my whimpers became. Oh God, I needed a hard cock! I looked at my husband and murmured, “We need to go home, now!”

“In a few, baby,” he said. “Aren’t you having fun? I know Barry is.”

As he said that, Barry shoved another finger deep inside me and I lost it. He pressed his fingers against my opening, swirled them to touch all those nerve endings and then pushed his digits against my G spot. Right then and there, I came.

When I finally came back to earth, I looked down at the table. Garrett’s friend still had his hand on my crotch, still had two fingers in me, and I was wondering what we were doing. Had anyone seen? Was I too loud? What did we just do?

Before I could freak out, Garrett grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. His cock was stiff and he whispered, “Baby, I almost came in my pants. You’re amazing!”

After that, Garrett took care of the bill and the two men escorted me out of the restaurant. As we walked to the car, I felt my arousal dripping down my legs, my thighs slick from my juices.

When we reached the car, Garrett obviously wasn’t ready to call it a night yet and he said, “Baby, why don’t you show him your pussy?”

I couldn’t believe what he was asking me, but when I saw how hard his cock— and Barry’s— was, I couldn’t resist doing what my husband asked. I let Garrett pull up my skirt and run his hand over my pussy, showing me off to his friend. Then he ushered him closer and had him feel my pussy and ass again. That was too much for me and I warned my husband that I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed a cock inside me immediately.

Barry obviously heard what I’d said, and he pulled down his zipper and walked closer to me, pushing his cock between my thighs. He felt good pressed up against me, and I started to crave his touch. He knew what I needed, too, but he wouldn’t give it to me yet, instead running his dick along my pussy but never penetrating me.

As he teased me, I turned my head to look at Garrett.

“Baby, you look so beautiful,” he said. “I’ve never thought about how you look when we have sex, but you look really hot!”

He kissed me hard on the mouth and at that moment Barry shoved his dick between my pussy lips. As he entered me, I felt the walls of my pussy slowly adapting to him, and I enjoyed the feeling of a foreign cock in my pussy for the first time since Garrett and I got married.

Barry started thrusting in and out slowly, and as he pumped his dick into my cunt from behind me, Garrett reached around front and felt my wet pussy. He started rubbing my clit and teasing my gaping lips while his friend plowed me— and it was incredible. I couldn’t believe I was in a parking lot, getting nailed by one of my husband’s friends, while my husband watched, but it was great!

Barry was fucking me with abandon, touching my body all over, and I was at his mercy. All I could do was take every thrust, feel his hard cock in me and enjoy the pleasure this stranger was giving me. Then it happened. Barry grunted and pushed himself into me. The tip of his cock pushed deep inside, and then I felt it expanding as he filled my pussy with his come.

I opened my eyes then and looked at Garrett, who was totally lost in the moment. It took Barry a minute to finish, and then it was another minute before he finally pulled out, and when he did, I felt empty. Reaching over, I felt Garrett’s hard cock through his pants, the wet spot at the front of his trousers giving away his excitement.

As I stared at my husband, I heard Barry zip up his pants and then disappear without a word. Then it was just Garrett and I, and I knew we were finally going to go home and enjoy our own roll between the sheets.

Since then, that restaurant has become a regular stop on date night. At brings back so many good memories, though we have yet to make it into the dining room a second time!

L.H. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Last year my wife and I were on vacation when we stopped for something to eat in a small town in Georgia.
After we ate, we walked up the street to look around. Since it was warm, Lisa wore a sundress and sandals. At the end of the street we came to a large abandoned house with a big backyard. As we rounded the property, we saw an overgrown garden area. In the center was a fountain with several statues. All four statues were nude male figures.
I sat and watched as Lisa strolled over to stroke all four cocks in turn. When she returned to sit, she was somewhat turned on, and soon I was standing behind her, her dress down to her waist, stroking and fondling her big tits. I moved to the front and opened her dress as she sat forward and spread her smooth, creamy thighs. I inserted first one then two fingers into her wet cunt. I thrust them in and out while I stroked her clit with my thumb, and the noises she made were driving me wild.
Lisa came very quickly, and then, still kneeling, I opened my pants and leaned forward so I could get my cock in her. I was so excited that I filled her cunt in a minute or two.
As I recovered, I looked over to see two young guys watching from the bushes. They quickly turned to leave, but Lisa stopped them. Then they slowly came over to stand in front of my nearly nude wife. Her legs were spread, and as they looked at her, it was obvious they were excited.
My wife reached out and took out the older guy’s hard on and stroked it. She pushed his pants down and pulled him forward as she lay back on the bench and spread her legs wide. Glancing at me, the guy quickly got on her, and I saw his prick disappear into her cunt. He thrust in and out and they both moaned as they humped each other. Then his ass cheeks clenched and he shot his load into her before withdrawing from her gaping hole.
The younger guy had already undressed, and he laid on my wife so he could push his stiff dick into her. No sooner had he started thrusting then my wife came strongly. She shook so much that he lost control, but before he finished coming he slipped out and shot the last three or four spurts all over her thighs.
Since I was hard again, I mounted Lisa for another go. After looking down at her messy cunt and come soaked inner thighs, I pushed into her and fucked her hard for several long minutes before I came gain.
After a while I pulled out, noticing our two friends were gone, and we dressed and left.
I’m hoping our next trip to Georgia will be just as exciting!
R.G. Clarksville, Tennessee


Last year I found out my husband of 12 years was cheating on me with his secretary. It’s not really important how I found out, but how I reacted is what this letter is all about.
I felt maybe I wasn’t attractive to him or something. I just didn’t know. I was trying to cope with it one day while soaking in a hot, relaxing bath, and I decided that if an opportunity arose, I’d act on it. When I got out and was drying off, I noticed the window washer was there and could see me toweling off, and although he tried to act like he didn’t notice, I knew he did.
We made eye contact and smiled nervously at each other. I’ve known him for several years. His name is Jeff and he’s 25 and fairly handsome.
Then the idea struck me. Here was my chance! Brazenly, I stood and went to the window, opened it and invited him in. The moment he was inside, my hands were on his crotch, and we kissed like teenagers while his hands roamed over my body. When his hand slipped between my legs, he definitely knew I was excited. We went to the bedroom and I stretched out on the bed while he undressed. His cock was totally hard as he approached me, and I spent a long time stroking and fondling both his dick and his balls.
Eventually I took it in my mouth to suck it. I really got into it, and then Jeff quivered and I tasted fresh semen spurting in my mouth and down my throat. After that he stretched me out on the bed and went down on me.
“You taste great,” he said. “I could eat you all day.”
“I’d rather have you fuck me all day,” I said as I pulled him on top of me and he began to enter my pussy. I came quickly since I was so excited, and Jeff took me from one climax to another before I felt him stiffen and shoot inside me. After his second or third spurt he pulled out, and the last few spurts went over my pubic hair and thighs.
Jeff left soon after and I kept my distance from him for a while, but I couldn’t stay away for too long. I’ve been fucking him ever since.M.I. Olathe, Kansas