Recently, two close friends informed me that my wife of 25 years had been unfaithful to me. They didn’t want to go into details, but they assured me that if I looked into it, the truth would come out.
When confronted, my wife, Susan, initially denied any indiscretion, but eventually she broke down and admitted to a tryst with a young man who is a good friend of our son. The incident apparently occurred outside a neighborhood bar on karaoke night.
Although angry and hurt at first, I was surprised to find myself both excited and somewhat proud that a young man as handsome and popular as Jake would want to have sex with my lovely but older wife.
Susan is in very good shape for her age and has always been a bit of a flirt. She’s five foot four, well proportioned and, because she works out regularly, has a toned body and flat tummy. She enjoys wearing somewhat skimpy clothes that show off her body. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect her to have sex with a twentysomething kid outside a bar. After all, we were married for several years before Jake was born, and I had no prior indication of extramarital sex on Susan’s part.
I didn’t press her for details at first, but later that night it occurred to me that the bar she had gone to the night she’d slept with Jake had security cameras and a well lit parking lot. I told Susan that we needed to talk a bit and take a ride.
When we pulled into the parking lot behind the bar a few minutes later, Susan admitted that she’d had sex with Jake in the front seat of his pickup truck. Responding to my questions, she told me where Jake’s truck had been parked and so I pulled into the same empty space.
We walked into the bar, and although Susan was somewhat relaxed, it was obvious that she wasn’t prepared for what she saw. Behind the bar there are three TV monitors, one on each end of the bar and one in the middle. There are several other TVs tuned to sports, but the three behind the bar are tuned constantly to show the images captured by the four security cameras. Two of those cameras are set up inside the bar and film the busy front room as well as the small back area. The other two cameras are outside and continually focus on the side and rear parking lots.
As Susan and I watched the monitors, we saw an image of our parked car in the same well lit space where Jake’s truck would have been parked. When she saw the images flicker on the monitors, Susan’s face became ashen and she exclaimed, “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing!” At that point I began to press her for details.
The night of the incident, Susan had decided to go to the bar with a girlfriend, since I was playing poker with the guys.
The bar was packed that night and Susan and her friends were having fun. After a lot of drinking, dancing and karaoke, Susan felt kind of playful, so she flashed her firm, attractive tits to the other people in the bar. Her girlfriend followed suit, as did several other girls in the bar. Their exhibitionism led to a real sexy vibe in the bar, and soon things were going farther than she had ever expected.
Our son’s friend Jake was at the bar that night, and Susan had danced and talked with him several times throughout the night. He had always gotten along well with my wife, so it wasn’t very surprising. Then, at some point after Susan had flashed the men, Jake took my wife by the hand and gently pulled her through the crowd, toward the back of the bar and out the side door. Susan explained that she wasn’t sure what was happening, but she stepped into the parking lot ahead of Jake anyway.
He guided her the short distance to his truck, and as he stood behind her at the driver’s door, Jake began to slowly run his hands up and down her sides from her breasts to her hips. At that point Susan admitted that she was becoming very aroused, and she closed her eyes as Jake ran his strong young hands up and down her tits. They started kissing as she leaned against the side of his truck and he continued running his hands along her body.
Jake then reached to Susan’s right, opening the truck’s door. Then he gently but firmly turned my wife to face him and lifted her onto the seat. As he reached forward to undo her tight jeans, Susan leaned back slightly and lifted her butt so that Jake would lower her jeans to her knees.
Susan’s body was on fire and her pussy was getting very wet. She explained that the combination of doing something bad and the anticipation of having sex with this strong, handsome young man was almost more than she could bear.
When Jake undid his pants, Susan leaned forward and pushed her jeans down to her ankles, spreading her legs. Jake then pulled his penis out and guided it forward to my wife’s waiting pussy. Susan leaned back onto her elbows, a position that would allow her to watch Jake enter her body. Susan is very visual and she likes to watch as she’s getting fucked. She always says that watching gets her excited, and she admitted that watching Jake’s young dick enter her pussy was incredibly arousing.
What neither Susan nor Jake realized was that anyone inside the bar not engrossed in the karaoke action could have watched the action in Jake’s truck on any of the three security monitors behind the bar. Undoubtedly, some did. I know that if I had been there, I wouldn’t have been able to take my eyes off the couple.
Susan told me that Jake rode her hard, holding her hips and sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Knowing my wife, I’m sure she met his every stroke with one of her own.
When Jake was finished, he pulled his dripping dick from Susan’s soaking wet pussy and adjusted himself. Then he held his hand out, helped my wife from the truck and said, “We better get back inside the bar before anyone notices we’re gone.”
At this point I figure the die has been cast. I have an unfaithful wife who I still love and I get a stiff dick every time I think of her and Jake, so we’ll just make the best of the situation.
In other words, Susan has agreed to let me watch the next time she gets her pussy pounded by some young stud, and I can’t wait to take in their sexy show! Name and address withheld


My wife Ann and I took a trip down to Florida two weeks before Christmas to visit an old Navy buddy of mine. It would be my first visit to see Nate since his marriage to Karen. This was also the first time Nate had met Ann. We all seemed to hit it off well. Nate and Karen had a very beautiful home and were very hospitable. Karen was an attractive woman, very short, only about five foot four, but one thing you quickly noticed about Karen was her big boobs. Her ass and legs weren’t bad either.
It was in the middle of the week that Ann and Karen took off for the local mall. Nate and I, meanwhile, began to play some pool. It wasn’t much of a contest he had beaten me in three quick games. Nate was a pool shark. It was during the fourth game that Nate surprised me with his question.
“You and Ann ever do any swapping during your marriage?” he asked. I don’t think I even had to answer Nate’s question. He could tell by my facial expression what the answer would be.
“Karen and I were wondering if maybe Ann and you might be interested in having a night of fun. Karen’s already told me she’d like to see what you’ve got in your pants, and I’d love to screw your wife,” he said. “Tell me, does Ann suck cock?”
I couldn’t believe Nate was talking to me like this and asking me the questions he just did!
I was very honest with Nate. I told him there was no way that my wife would take part in a swap.
“Let me ask you one question,” Nate said. “Would you be interested in getting into Karen’s pants?” I just nodded my head up and down enthusiastically, giving a sign of approval.
“Let me handle it, and I’ll have your wife in bed with me and you’ll be enjoying Karen,” Nate said.
Right after dinner, Karen and Ann threw the dishes into the dishwasher and joined Nate and I in the den. Karen, who was in a short sundress, sat across from me and crossed her legs so I got to see plenty of thigh. Ann was seated with me on the sofa. I was nervous waiting for the show to start. It was sort of unfair there were three of us in the room who knew what was about to happen. Only my wife was in for a big surprise.
I thought it would be Nate who’d start the action, but actually it was Karen. She got on her feet and came over to me, and then, without saying a word, she sat right on my lap. I looked at my wife and her mouth was open in surprise. Then Karen kissed me on the mouth. I couldn’t see Ann during the long kiss, but I sure could feel her eyes burning into Karen and me. After the long kiss, Karen cuddled into me. That’s when I noticed Nate get to his feet and approach my wife. There wasn’t a sound in the room. Nate took hold of Ann’s waist and gently pulled her to her feet. Then, with some slight tugging and persuasion on Nate’s part, he began to lead Ann over toward the doorway. She really wasn’t very cooperative, but she didn’t fight or even object verbally as she was being led from the den.
It was when my wife and Nate disappeared from our sight that Karen kissed me long and hard again, and this time I kissed her back. When we broke apart, I watched as Karen began to unbutton her sundress. There, inches from my face, were Karen’s large, firm tits. Her nipples were hard and swollen, and it didn’t surprise me at all that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
One of Karen’s hands went to the back of my head, and soon my mouth was drawn to her breast. My mouth automatically opened, taking in a swollen nipple. I sucked and nibbled at the very hard bud. I swear it was the size of a pencil eraser. The top of Karen’s dress was wide open, allowing me to kiss and mouth her tits. Soon I had those great knockers completely covered with my saliva.
Karen slid off of my lap and began to tug her dress down, and soon she was sitting by my side in white see through panties. The material did nothing to hide her thickly covered snatch. Once she was undressed, Karen began to help me out of my shirt and pants.
Then it hit me: What was going on in Nate’s bedroom? Did Nate have my wife out of her clothes? Was Nate about to enjoy my wife as much as I was going to enjoy his? The biggest question was whether my wife was going to enjoy Nate. My fantasy has always been to see Ann being taken by another man, and now that it was happening, I couldn’t watch.
Instead of being upset, I got excited about everything that was happening and returned my attention to Karen. I finger fucked her to an orgasm, then mounted her missionary style and really enjoyed her. I took my sweet time before emptying my load into her pussy. Then, naked and tired, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I woke up during the night and headed down the hall for the washroom. As I passed the bedroom that Ann and Nate were in, the door was closed, but on my way back, the bedroom door was open. I peeked around the corner. There was enough light coming through the window to see Ann on her hands and knees. Nate was behind my wife, and he was giving it to her doggie style.
Nate was slamming his cock deep into my wife. I watched with a hard on as my buddy fucked my wife and shot his come into her cunt. Then, not wanting to waste my hard cock, I raced back to Karen and once again took Nate’s wife missionary style.
The sun was up when I headed for the washroom. When I neared the room my wife and friend were in, I knew Nate had purposely left his bedroom door open for me to watch the action again. As I got closer to the bedroom, I wondered if Ann and Nate had gotten any sleep, since Karen and I hadn’t. When I looked through the door, my wife was on her back, Nate’s head between her thighs. I watched for a good five minutes as Nate ate my wife’s pussy and made her climax.
It was much more exciting watching my wife suck Nate off and swallow his load. When I got back to Karen, we took turns satisfying each other with our mouths. I was very surprised to watch Karen gulp down every drop of my come only moments after I ate her come filled vagina.
When we all met up later, Ann showed no signs of guilt. She seemed calm and relaxed. In fact, two nights later, I spent the night with Karen, and my wife again slept with Nate, though I bet they didn’t sleep much at all!
D.B. St. Charles, Missouri


My wife Sarah and I are in our late 30s and were on vacation in the Florida Keys. It was our fifth day and we were relaxing on a secluded beach when I noticed two young guys about 100 yards away. I didn’t tell my wife about the two men. Instead I said she should get an all over tan, and after some more coaxing she gave in. Then I undid her bikini top and freed her 36Ds for her admirers to see.
I applied suntan lotion to her body and her nipples stood out prominently from her pale flesh. Then I massaged her breasts awhile before running a hand up the inside of her thigh to rub her moist pussy through her barely there bikini bottoms.
A few years ago she would never have let me do anything close to that, but now, thinking we were alone, she freely let me push my fingers under her bikini bottoms and poke her vagina. She even parted her legs wider and moved her hips in rhythm.
“Pull them down,” she whispered, lifting her hip to allow me to do so. I threw the bottoms over my shoulder and briefly glanced at our visitors to see if they were still there. They were. I leaned forward and started to lick her hot pussy, and it didn’t take long till she climaxed, coming with a shout.
I glanced at our audience and they smiled and waved, then they disappeared just as Sarah pulled her bottoms back on.
That evening we went out drinking and Sarah wore a skintight white mini dress that accentuated her tan perfectly. It was so short that it revealed the entire length of her long, lovely legs, and nearly every man in the bar admired her sexy body. I got very aroused, as did she.
We bounced around to several clubs until we found one that was advertising a weekly wet t shirt contest, and I quickly talked my tipsy but very horny wife into entering.
A couple of girls went before my wife, but when it was her turn, the crowd went insane. My wife wore only the very revealing wet t shirt and a barely there G string. She danced around while the host poured water on her and the crowd cheered.
Sarah was called back to the stage several times before it was time to announce the winner. It was no surprise to hear Sarah had won, but it did surprise me to hear that some lucky guy in the crowd would be picked to do a shower dance with her. I was extremely aroused as the winning guy made his way to the stage. It was then that I realized it was one of the guys from the beach that day.
They began dancing in the shower, rubbing against each other, and the guy kept cupping my wife’s tits and squeezing them as she ground into him erotically. The crowd went fucking wild, as did I.
After the competition, I stood outside the dressing room waiting for Sarah. When she came out, I couldn’t believe my ears as she told me she’d invited her dance partner back to our hotel room. She told me no, asked me to let her come back to the room later that night in order to give her time to get to know him first.
I lay on the bed, beside myself with nerves, as I awaited her return.
At 2 a.m. I heard her enter, and there they both stood. “We’ll need the bed, honey,” she said to me.
Awkwardly, I got up, and they got on the bed as I moved myself over to a nearby chair.
I watched jealously as they kissed. After a few minutes, Sarah removed her dress. The first thing I saw was that her panties were gone, and then I noticed that her chest and neck were spotted with hickeys. She spread her legs wide as he got between them and ate her pussy, very loudly. She came quickly and shouted, “That’s it, suck your come out of my pussy.”
It hit me like a ton of bricks. Not only had she let him fuck her already, she had let him fuck her without a rubber, and he came in her, too. My cock burst the second I touched it. I came all over my belly.
By then he was on top of her, fuck ing her as she cried out. The whole bed shook as he drove into her relentlessly. His thrusts were urgent as they built to a strong climax together. With a sudden shout, they both came, and she received another load inside her.
The young man spent the night with us and nearly every other night for the rest of our stay. Sarah came home quite content as a result of that vacation. So did I.
We’re planning another trip as soon as possible. M.H. White Plains, New York


My wife Marci and I are always looking for people to have some fun with. After 17 years of marriage, we’re trying to put that little extra spark back in our sex life. I enjoy watching her sucking cock and getting her pussy fucked by someone else. To me, there’s no better feeling than when Marci’s wet, sloppy, fucked out cunt is wrapped around my hard cock.
When Paul, a friend of ours, was working nights at the local jail, he’d come over for a bit during his break before he had to report back to work. I told Marci, “I should tell Paul that if he wants to get laid, something can be arranged. I know for a fact that he hasn’t gotten fucked in two months.”
After making sure that I was serious, she said, “I haven’t had any stray cock in a while, and I know you’d probably enjoy watching me on another man’s dick, right?”
When I asked Paul about it the next night, he said, “Hell yeah! I’d love to get laid! The sooner the better! And both of you are okay with this?”
I smiled and told him that this wasn’t the first time we’d done something like this. Then I said, “Okay, Marci’s in the bathroom taking a bath. Go in and tell her to hurry her ass up, you want to fuck her.”
Paul disappeared down the hall to the bathroom, and when he came back to the living room, he had a big smile on his face. “She said she’d be out in a minute,” he explained.
I’d been watching some porn before Paul showed up and I turned it back on while we waited for Marci to finish her bath. A few minutes later, my wife walked into the room wearing only a short see through nightie.
Marci grinned at us. “Okay, so you want to fuck? You better get naked if you do,” she said. Then she walked over to Paul and pulled him to his feet. “Let me help you out of those clothes,” she said, smiling at him.
In no time at all, Paul had shed his clothes and stood there naked, his cock standing at attention.
“You’re his right now, baby. He can do whatever he wants with you,” I told my wife, but Marci was already on her knees in front of Paul, and his cock was already in her mouth. If there was one thing that Marci knew how to do, it was suck a cock.
After removing my clothes, I returned to my chair and watched as Paul had Marci suck him off. It always makes me rock hard to see Marci with someone else’s cock stuffed in her mouth. Paul came after only a few minutes, shooting a load of come down her throat. Marci kept sucking until Paul’s cock was hard again.
“Turn around and get on your knees,” Paul told her, getting ready to fuck her doggie style. Marci’s eyes opened wide when Paul buried his cock in her pussy with one swift move. He started to jackhammer his cock in and out of her, his balls slapping against her puckered asshole as he fucked her. By this time, I was slowly running a vibrator up and down the shaft of my dick.
I enjoyed the sight of Marci being penetrated and listening to her moans of pleasure as she came a number of times. For the next half hour, I watched Paul fuck my wife in a variety of positions before he was done with her. What he lacked in endurance he made up for in quantity, depositing two more loads of come in her pussy before he had to leave. I had counted at least six times that my wife had reached a boisterous climax.
As Paul got dressed and prepared to leave, Marci got down on the floor between my legs and began sucking my hard on.
“I sure wish I could have some more of that,” Paul remarked.
I told him that he could have more any time he wanted. All he had to do was ask. Marci took my cock out of her mouth long enough to agree with me.
As the front door closed behind Paul, I took my cock out of Marci’s mouth and turned her around. I then proceeded to drive my own eight inch cock into her pussy and fuck her doggie style. I could feel her excited pussy faintly throbbing from getting fucked good and hard by Paul.
The pleasure of ramming my cock in her wet and sloppy pussy was intense. I unloaded my balls deep inside Marci’s clutching hole, giving her another orgasm. It wound up being two climaxes, back to back. They moved over her body, making her twitch and quiver as she lay there riding the waves of pure bliss.
We both enjoyed ourselves so much that we look forward to doing this again. We can hardly wait until Paul has time off and can spend the whole day and night with us. We’re hoping that he’ll invite one of his friends along to join us, too! O.S. Bend, Oregon


I have a job that requires me to get up around 4 a.m. most days of the week. Sadly, this also means I’m in bed pretty early most night as well.
One night, my wife, Tina, and I were invited to a party. I couldn’t go, so Tina went with her horny little friend, Lucy. She’s about five foot two with a shapely figure. She’s a very good looking black girl. I knew that there was a chance of Lucy leading Tina astray, and when I heard them return to our house at 2 a.m., I knew something was up.
I heard several voices coming from the living room as I made my way downstairs, and Lucy met me and said, “Don’t go in there,” before she took me to the kitchen.
She poured me a nice stiff drink. “Here, I think you’re going to need this,” she said.
“Where’s Tina?” I demanded. She gave me a wicked smile, then nodded her head toward the living room. I peeked in to see Tina sitting on the couch between two huge black guys. One of them was kissing her while the other had a hand inside her blouse, fondling her tits.
I could barely breathe and I felt a mix of shock, anger and excitement. Part of me wanted to rush in and stop them, but Tina looked like she was having fun, so I swallowed my heart and kept quiet. One of the guys took out his fat black cock and put my wife’s hand on it. It was such a monster that Tina almost couldn’t get her hand completely around it.
Lucy was now beside me, and she whispered in my ear, “It’s not the biggest one she’s had tonight, but it’s probably bigger than yours.”
She giggled as she grabbed my hard on. I looked at her in horror and she grinned.
“Don’t even pretend that you’re not turned on,” she said. She took out my cock and told me, “It’s cute. Not at all ugly like the ones your wife has been enjoying tonight.”
I nearly fainted, my heart was pounding so much.
Lucy added, “My brother and his friend will be fucking her next, but she’s already been fucked three other times tonight.”
I was dumbfounded, but she went on. “What did you think she’d get up to hanging with me?”
Then she led me into the living room. Tina tried to jump up when she saw me, but the guys didn’t let her. They smiled and nodded at me. Lucy sat me in a chair opposite my wife and kept playing with my cock as the two guys stripped Tina down to her stockings and heels. One guy put the head of his cock at the edge of her cunt. I watched in awe as he pushed into her and she took it all. He looked over at me and grinned. Just grinned.
Tina’s pretty eyes rolled in pleasure as he began to fuck her, picking up the pace as he went. Tina’s moans filled the room. Her mouth was hanging slack and the other guy got his cock out and fed it to her. She began sucking him.
The first guy soon pumped his load inside my wife as Lucy swallowed every drop of come that I shot out. I kept my eyes glued to the scene in front of us.
For the next two hours I watched these guys fuck my sweet and sexy little wife any way they wanted. I was up so late watching the action that for the first time ever I was late for work, though it probably won’t be the last! L.D. Middletown, Ohio