My mom’s 42 year old friend Becky always turned me on. I’m 21 years old now, but ever since I was old enough to know about girls, she did it for me. When I turned 18, Becky started flirting with me more and more, and she always got me excited.
One night I was sitting alone, drinking a beer and watching some television, when out of the blue Becky called. She told me that her husband Tom was gone for a few days and she was feeling kind of lonely. She had nobody to pass the time with, and invited me over.
When I got there, her front door was unlocked, so I walked in, calling out to her. “I’m up here,” she said, so I went upstairs to find her. When I reached the second floor, I got a very pleasant surprise. There was Becky, laid out on her bed, wearing only a black garter, stockings and a big smile. “Come in,” she said seductively as she rolled over on her back.
She spread her legs as she arched her back, while her fingers played with her nipples. I noticed that her cunt was shaved smooth and her plump pussy lips were clearly visible and begging for some attention. And I was more than ready to give it.
I didn’t say a word as I quickly undressed. She laughed at my eagerness when I hopped on the bed and got between her spread legs, savoring the taste of her bald cunt with a warm, wet tongue. She let me eat her for some time before she pulled me up, saying, “Don’t tease me any more.”
“We’ll do anything you want,” I said, “but we’re going to do it my way. Turn over.”
She rolled over and got up on all fours as I admired her 42 year old body. Her hard nipples touched the sheet as she arched her back and stuck her ass in the air. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. “Do you like?” she asked. I nodded as I ran my hands over her awesome legs and ass.
I got close behind her, and, with her hand as a guide, pressed forward and entered her pussy. She rocked back into me as I did, driving me as deep as possible into her. Her pussy muscles squeezed me tightly when I entered her, and struggled to keep me inside when I withdrew. I flexed my hips as I watched her back arch, and I began to thrust in and out, happy as hell that I was finally banging this beautiful woman, my mother’s best friend.
Her moist pussy made sweet sucking sounds as I went in and out. Soon her backward thrusts met my inward thrusts and we got a smooth rhythm going. I began to fuck her hard, and I could tell that she loved it immensely. It was a turn on just to hear her cries of pleasure as I fucked her.
Suddenly I pulled my cock out and shifted a little higher. I thought she might pull away, but she actually raised her ass up for me, as if she wanted it that way. Then I entered her ass. Man, was it tight back there, but I was determined to sink it in.
I pressed harder and harder against the ring of her asshole, and slowly her muscles relaxed and gave way, letting more of my cock inside her. I slid up inside her as she gritted her teeth and gripped the bedsheets. Becky hissed over and over as I slowly got into her, and I made my final shove for complete penetration.
I pushed her down on the bed as she groaned, and I began to ride her ass. I held her down while my hips rocked hard, slamming my cock into her while she lay flat on her stomach. Becky squirmed under me, moaning and gasping as I filled her ass with cock. It was so tight that my balls suddenly exploded and I came hard while her ass bucked against me and she screamed into the sheets. I came a lot, filling her tender ass with my hot come. She came at the same time, screaming even louder.
“I’ll never forget this fuck,” I thought to myself as I thrust into her puckered asshole one last time.
When I pulled away from her, we washed ourselves thoroughly, then sat around talking for a while. I wound up spending the night, fucking her several more times before I left the following morning.
Now, whenever she calls, I’m more than ready to be there in seconds. G.T. Phoenix, Arizona


This story is about a man who I desire, the one I lust for. He’s the one that I know, for whatever reason, can satisfy me in every way. However, he’s a bit shy and reserved. That’s where the challenge comes in. I’m determined to release this animal from his cage and have him discover the true way to express and enjoy his sexual desires.
It’s a cool fall night. The temperature is just below 50 degrees, but the air is clear. You can feel the crispness of the air whipping through your clothes. I called and asked him to meet me somewhere nice for a quick drink. He agreed, and we decided to meet at a local tavern. We walked in and sat down at the bar to order drinks.
After a few moments of flirtatious talking, I could sense that the conversation was going to lead to something happening later that evening. We leaned into one other and shared a soft kiss. His lips felt velvety smooth against mine, and his mustache grazed the top of my lip with a delicious little tickle. I wanted more and I could tell he felt the same, but he was a bit quiet about it.
I decided right then and there that I’d do something about it. Jokingly, I asked him what turns him on. He said, “Watching porno movies and having sex.” I asked him if that was what he wanted to do with me and he quickly said yes. It wasn’t the first time he said he wanted to have sex with me, but, unfortunately, it’s never actually happened. Until now.
I asked him how he wanted me, and he proceeded to describe a really sexy fantasy of having me on a bed, but I quickly interrupted him. It was apparent that he was not used to having this type of a conversation, so I explained to him what I meant by the question. I asked him if he preferred to be on top of me, or if perhaps I would straddle and ride him, or if he wanted to take me from behind. He said he wanted a combination of it all. At least I knew at that moment that he wanted me, and that excited me very much.
I told him to quickly finish his drink, because we were going to have an evening he’d never forget. He was a bit surprised by my response, but he conceded to my wishes. We paid the bar tab and scurried outside. When we reached his truck, I grabbed him by the shirt and slid my tongue deep into his mouth for a moist, sensual kiss. He began to unbutton my blouse, revealing the black lace bra that cupped my breasts. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and it was a bit cold to remain outside, so I told him to get into the back seat. He climbed in and soon enough I was right behind him, closing the door.
Despite the fact that we were in his truck, it still felt a bit cold, especially sitting on the leather seats. It didn’t matter much to me, because I knew it was just a matter of time before our bodies were going to work up a sweat. He had a blanket folded on the edge of the seat, which would come in handy for what was about to happen.
He sat in the middle of the back seat and I began to unbuckle his belt, working quickly to get this delicious man naked and ready to fuck. I quickly unraveled my clothes and tossed them aside. Then I wrapped the blanket around our bodies. No one would be able to see what we were doing.
I began to climb on top of him, straddling him in preparation for what was about to occur. I felt the need to feel his bare chest, so I unbuttoned his shirt. Then, with both hands, I slid his shirt off his shoulders. I leaned into him and began giving him sweet kisses from his cheek, toward his ear, down the side of his neck and onto his shoulder. I could hear the soft moans echoing from his mouth and it appeared quite obvious he was very relaxed and enjoying every moment of my lips pressing against his skin. My lips moved back toward his mouth for another long, wet kiss.
As I sat on top of him, feeling his hard cock pulsating and throbbing between my legs, waiting to enter the very core of me, I looked deep into his blue eyes and said, “Are you ready to warm up a bit? Are you ready to feel how hot you can get if only you let yourself go?”
He pulled my face toward his, kissing me wildly and replying back to me by simply saying, “Yes.” I slid my hand between our legs and took hold of his rock hard cock.
I looked into his eyes and said, “Take this beautiful cock and stick it to me, right now.” Next, I held his cock in my hand and pushed it inside my wet hole. My pussy was so wet that there was no doubt of whether his hard cock was going to slide all the way into me on the first thrust.
He closed his eyes for a moment and moaned, just the way a cat would purr when you scratch it on the back of the head. He was enjoying every second of his cock being buried inside my pussy. He opened his eyes again and focused more on what I was doing to him. He joined in on the fun and continued to push himself inside of me.
He was a real thruster, and there were no questions about it. He shoved his cock deeper inside of me, to the point where the tip of his cock was poking my G spot. A few more thrusts like this and I knew it was going to send me over the edge.
After a few moments, I begged for him and said, “Give me what I want.” He thought that was too easy, giving in to my temptation, so he stopped moving. I looked straight at him with a puzzled look in my eyes and asked him, “What are you doing?”
He looked down at me, then smiled and said, “Oh, so you want me that bad, huh? Maybe I should just make you wait a minute or two.”
I couldn’t believe he picked the worst time to tease me like that! My pussy was dripping wet for his cock, and I was anticipating one of the best orgasms ever. I was so close to exploding all over his prick, but I wasn’t about to let him get away with it. I knew that if I teased him enough, he wouldn’t be able to resist me.
With a slow steady motion, I began to ride him. He tried to stop me, but I was on top of him, so the control was within my grasp, not his. He realized that pretty soon, but he was still trying to stop me. He reached for my waist, but I quickly grabbed his hands and held them tightly.
I was beginning to enjoy this game and seeing the expression on his face, knowing that he was fighting a losing battle. As I held his hands against the seat, I continued riding him. I leaned down and began to kiss his neck, then whispered to him, “You can’t resist me. You want to fuck this pussy just as bad as I need it to be fucked. So instead of fighting me, give yourself to me and make me come all over that hard cock of yours.”
I could feel his bulge inside of me getting bigger and fuller. I could feel his arms weaken, but I’m no fool. My grip on his hands was still at its tightest. He said to me, “You can stop holding my hands down. I’m not going to fight you.” I ignored his words and continued riding him, rocking back and forth on his throbbing cock. I slipped my tongue in his mouth and began to moan as I suddenly felt a wave of ecstasy wash over me. I released my hold on his lips and arched my head back, yelling out to him, “Oh baby, I’m gonna come.”
As I rode his cock, he thrust himself harder and deeper inside of me. He hit my G spot so many times that my body felt like it was going through a huge tailspin. I began to lose control, and suddenly I collapsed on him.
My tight hold on him loosened and he pulled me off and laid me down on the seat. I started to regain my composure, and as I opened my eyes, I saw him climbing back on top of me. He took his fingers and spread the slippery folds of my pussy before grabbing his hard cock and sliding it back into me, as deep as he could. He began to fuck me so hard that I could feel his balls slapping against my ass.
Next thing I know, he started moaning, and then began repeating, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” One last thrust was all it took before I felt the inside of my pussy getting much wetter.
His cock began to twitch, and suddenly he stopped moving inside of me. He rested his body on top of mine for several minutes. After that, he sat up and rested himself against the seat. I sat up as well, the blanket still covering both our bodies. We remained like that, nestled in each other’s arms, until our bodies could recover from our first sexual experience and prepare for the next one! E.A.
Providence, Rhode Island


We are driving down the freeway on the way home. The sun has already started to set and there aren’t very many cars on the freeway with us. As we’ve been riding and talking, I’ve been playing with your hair and caressing the back of your head and neck. Every time I touch you, I’m automatically turned on, so it’s been incredibly hard for me to maintain control of myself.
When I run my hand down your arm to your thigh, I see you look at me out of the corner of your eye and shake your head. I just smile, and before you even realize it, I’ve undone your pants and have your cock in my hand. You’re already getting rock hard from my touch. After stroking you for a minute, I know that I just have to have your cock in my mouth.
Taking off my seat belt, I kneel sideways on the car cushion. I don’t even care that passing cars have a full view of my thong and wet pussy because of the short skirt I’m wearing. Holding your hard cock and balls with my hand, I slowly slide my tongue around your delicious cockhead. I smile when you let a moan out as I flick my tongue over the hole at the tip. I’m not ready to take your tool into my mouth yet.
As I gently stroke you, my mouth tastes all around your cock, top to bottom. Sliding my tongue over your balls, I suck each into my mouth and massage them with my tongue. No matter how many times I’ve been down on you, I can never get enough of the way you taste and feel in my mouth. Tilting my head, I look up at you and smile as I wet my lips and take you deep into my mouth. When your cock hits the back of my throat, I feel your hand in my hair. I love when you pull and hold my hair in your fist.
I’m lost in what I’m doing when I suddenly feel your hand on my ass, holding firmly at first and then spanking me the way you know I love it. I can’t help the sounds of pleasure that escape my mouth as I feel your hand move under my thong and your fingers caress my extremely hot, extremely wet pussy. Rubbing my clit with your thumb I can’t help but grind against the fingers sliding in and out of my hot hole. After just a few minutes, you tell me to sit up. You’re taking the first exit off the freeway!
Right off this exit there’s a park, and you pull up to the curb, quickly turn the car off and open my door. Taking me by the hand, you lead me to a picnic table that’s pretty much secluded from the rest of the park. Not that it matters, because there’s no one there at this time anyway. Bringing us face to face, you pull me close and give me one of those kisses that always makes my knees weak. Pressing your body firmly against mine, you back me up against the nearest tree.
Taking your lips from mine, you lock eyes with me and slowly drop to your knees. I hold on to the tree so I don’t fall as I feel your hot tongue flick across my swollen clit. Spreading my legs for better access, you slip your tongue into my increasingly wet pussy. Just when I think I can’t take any more, your fingers replace your tongue. With your fingers deep in me and your mouth sucking my clit, your tongue flicking under its hood, I come instantly, shuddering uncontrollably from the waves of pleasure you give me.
When you’re sure I can move, you pull me over to one of the picnic tables. Sitting on the bench, your hard throbbing cock pointing straight up, you position me over your lap and look me in the eyes. I lower my lips to yours and come down perfectly on your cock, taking you deep inside me and causing us both to moan, though our mouths never part. Slowly bouncing up and down on your lap, I move so that your cock is almost all the way out of my hungry pussy before I slide back down and grind against you. I know you’re about to come when you buck your hips so that I can take you as deep as you’re able to go. Tightening my pussy muscles, I milk your cock as you fill me with your hot come.
Finally taking my mouth from yours, we both smile, totally satisfied and knowing this is a ride home neither of us will ever forget. A.H. Springfield, Illinois


I opened the door to his patio and felt the cool breeze whisk through my hair, sending chills across my neck and chest. It was cool that evening, so I had draped my sweater across my shoulders, trying to keep my body warm. There was a scent outside of a wood burning fireplace. I could only imagine the crackling of the flames as others nestled in front of their warmth.
Nothing lay in front of me but large, bushy trees swaying side to side in the wind. As I stood there, staring out into the open air, a glass of wine in my hand, he came out to join me. His hands slipped under my sweater and he wrapped his arms around the front of my body. He leaned toward the side of my face and asked me what I was looking at.
“Nothing,” I said. “I was just admiring the view of the trees as they swayed back and forth.”
The wine was getting to me a little, and I was feeling a bit restless. I leaned back and rested my head on his chest. I glanced up at him and was amazed at how sparkling his blue eyes appeared that night they were captivating. He smiled at me and then we kissed. It wasn’t one of those wild, passionate kisses, but the kind that couples share on first dates. It was soft, sensual and caressing. I could have melted in his arms from the way he had me nestled in his embrace.
Carefully, he took the glass of wine out of my hand and placed it on the patio table next to us. I wrapped my arms around his as he held me tight, giving me baby kisses on the side of my neck. I could feel his hardness grow even bigger along my backside. He whispered to me, “Why don’t we go inside? It’s getting too cold standing out here.” I quickly agreed, and he took me by the hand and led me back inside, making sure that he took my glass of wine with us.
We walked into the living room, where the fireplace was lit, the flames serving as the only source of light in that room. It was serene. The reflection of the flames was bouncing off the walls, creating a three dimensional sparkling effect. We laid down on a warm, cozy blanket in front of the fireplace. I took another sip of my wine and placed the glass to the side. He leaned over and looked into my eyes just before he softly planted his lips on mine. I reached out to caress his face with my hands, feeling the soft, supple skin across his jaw. While feeling his tongue slowly swirl in my mouth, I moved my hands to the top of his head, stroking his hair. The feel of his skin against mine made me so excited. I knew I wanted him on top of me, his strong hands embracing my arms while I held him close. I was yearning to feel him touch me, almost as much as I was yearning to touch him.
He brushed my hair away from my ears as he kissed his way down the side of my face to my neck. His gentle touch on me was sending shock waves throughout my entire body. He knew his gentle touches would make me crave more. As he continued to kiss my neck, he paused for a moment and whispered to me, “You know how much I love you.” He knew very well how much I wanted to hear the words. With those soft lips on my neck, I would have done him anything and everything for him. He knows sweet talk is my weak spot and seizes every opportunity to take advantage of it.
As he continued showering me with kisses, I said to him, “Baby, I want you right now. I want you to make love to me.” With that, he reached down and slid my skirt up toward my waist.
He began stroking my inner thigh, causing me to moan in anticipation of what was going to happen. He had no idea how wet I was between my legs, but he was going to find out soon enough I didn’t have any panties on!
As his fingers made their way to my upper thigh, I began to spread my legs, welcoming his advances. He looked at me with a coy expression on his face after realizing that I didn’t have panties on. I could feel his hand gliding over my pussy, flickering his fingers over my clit, and I couldn’t help but gasp at the sudden movement. My pussy was throbbing, and I was desperately waiting for his fingers to be replaced with his hard shaft. I pleaded to him, “Baby, don’t tease me anymore. I need to feel you inside of me. Please, baby, do it now.” But instead of him conceding to my desperate request, he continued to torture me, slipping his fingers inside my folds.
My body moved to the rhythm of his fingers dancing inside of me. His fingers slid out of my pussy and rubbed my clit, sending jolts throughout my legs. He continued to play with my pussy as he slid his tongue inside my mouth. The sensuality of the evening had turned to lust.
I needed him so badly, and I wanted to come with his cock inside of me, pumping me over and over. I pulled his fingers out of my pussy and, with a steady look on my face, said, “That’s enough.” I sat up, forcing him to pull back. I told him to stand up, and he did. Quickly, I got on my knees and began to undo his pants. I took hold of his pants and underwear and slid them down to his ankles. He kicked them off and then proceeded to pull his shirt off, dropping it onto the floor. He stood completely naked in front of me, waiting for what he knew was going to happen next. As I knelt in front of him, I was feasting my eyes on his manhood, wondering where to begin first. Thinking of his cock throbbing inside my mouth had me licking my lips from side to side.
Just as badly as he teased me, I was about to return the favor. I ran my tongue up one thigh and down the other, licking my way to the bottom of his shaft, but then stopping at his balls. I could hear him gasping. He thought I was about to devour his cock, but he was sadly mistaken. He clearly underestimated the power of my control as I continued to tease him. I ran my tongue up his thigh and underneath his balls, feeling them dance on the tip of my tongue. I brought my face even closer to them, then took his balls and juggled them in my mouth.
Once I was done teasing him, I embraced his cock in one hand while I continued to massage his balls with the other. I gently squeezed his cock, pulling his skin toward the head, and then I eased his cock into my mouth. As I ran his cock between my lips and my hand, I could hear him moaning. He placed his hands on the back of my head and I could tell that he was enjoying what I was doing to him from the way he began pushing my head further into his manhood. It was turning me on, and I wanted him to experience the best head he ever got. I pushed his hands to the side, giving me full access to his cock.
As I looked up at him, I opened my mouth wide, extended my tongue out as far as I could and gently rested his cock on my tongue as I began to slide him deep into the back of my throat. His cock disappeared until just the base of his shaft was exposed. He arched his head back, reacting to what felt so good. I continued to slide his cock in my mouth, all the while massaging his balls in the palms of my hands. He was amazed at my talent of deep throating him over and over.
A moment or two had passed, and it was obvious that he was very close to shooting his load, but he pulled back, forcing his cock to spring out of my mouth and dangle in the open air. He knelt down, gently pushing me onto the warm blanket. I laid there on my back, my legs parted, hoping that he would do what he does best, and do it over and over. I parted my pussy lips with one hand while rubbing my clit with the other, waiting for him to penetrate me and to satisfy me in every way. He came closer, his hand clutching his cock. The stern expression on his face told me that he was going to get what he wanted, and I was not about to deny him the unbridled pleasures that I was yearning for myself.
I hiked my skirt up as far as I could, preparing for what was going to come. He climbed on top of me, and, without any hesitation, smoothly sunk his cock into my pussy. He was slowly making love to me. That rhythm lasted just for a moment or two, then it turned into a fast paced fuckfest. With his steady rhythm, I was rocking my hips and digging my nails into his broad shoulders.
He slid his tongue into my mouth and we kissed with such passion and lust, it was no wonder that we easily melted into one another.
He plunged himself deeper inside of me after hearing me begging him for more. I gasped for breath with each thrust. He was hitting my G spot, giving it the attention it so desperately needed. I could feel the tidal wave of tingles ripping through my insides. I was about to come, and I made sure he knew that. I spread my legs as far apart as I could, and my pussy muscles tightened around his cock, devouring every inch of his skin. As I was climaxing, I could feel his legs stiffen, and at that moment, he released a loud groan. Suddenly, I began to feel his warm liquid pour inside of me, showering my pussy walls. After a few short strokes, he began to slide out of me and collapsed to my side. We embraced tightly and exchanged a loving kiss.
Only a short time had passed before we began to feel the desire for each other again. This time, we added another blanket and snuggled ourselves between the two. In a short while, we were going to head down the path of ecstasy again. It just keeps getting better and better. N.Q.
Lowell, Massachusett


It was the weekend before Christmas and I was on my way to a family holiday party when I received a call on my cell phone. The caller was one of my best friends, Amy. I answered to hear her say, “I need it, now. Come over now.” Then the phone went dead. She had hung up. I turned my car around and headed to Amy’s house. On my way there, I grew more and more aroused, knowing that she was going to rock my world.
When I walked to the front door, I noticed it was cracked open and there was a note taped to the doorknob. The heart shaped note only read, “Come in.” I slowly opened the door to find Amy sitting on the steps, completely nude. She was leaning to one side, her free hand slowly gliding over her soft, perky breasts. She never spoke a word, just reached out for me and placed her hand in mine. I slowly pulled her up until she was standing directly in front of me, then I took her hands and wrapped them around my waist.
I softly began kissing her plump lips. She was growing more excited by the moment. Her head arched back as I began kissing her neck, and as my right hand was caressing her perfectly round ass, she forcefully grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands. With one quick rip, the buttons popped and it was off. I placed both hands on her ass, and as I picked her up, she wrap ped her legs around my waist. I carried her to the top of the steps and sat her down as we were kissing. I made quick work of my pants as she turned over, placing her ass in the air. I could see that her pussy was dripping wet as I knelt behind her. I took my very hard cock and began rubbing if against her hot, wet pussy.
She looked back at me and said, “Fuck me hard.” At that instant, I slid my cock inside her. She gasped, as she didn’t expect it to be so large. Her legs slowly moved farther apart until she found the perfect angle to give her extreme pleasure. I placed both my hands on her hips and continued slamming her pussy onto my cock.
Amy has always been able to have multiple orgasms, but this time there was no pause between them. She started to come and never stopped. She loudly screamed with pleasure as she climaxed over and over. I couldn’t believe what was happening between us. She wasn’t able to speak when I told her to call out my name as she was coming. I fucked her as hard as I could while focusing on keeping her coming. I told her to tell me when I could have an orgasm with her, and she said, “Come now.” She had one final orgasm with me as she felt my cock spurt inside her pussy.
We laid there for a few moments and caught our breath. She didn’t have to say a word. I knew my place. I got dressed, and, after a quick hug, I left. Her boyfriend was on his way home. D.B. Sioux Falls, South Dakota