Just Not Julie

When I came home early one recent afternoon and heard the sounds of my wife having sex with another woman, I naturally thought it was Julie. Karen had often told me that Julie was the only woman she could have sex with, because Julie wasn’t really into women. I didn’t try too hard to understand the logic of this, because if you knew my wife you would know that logic isn’t exactly her strong suit. Sex, that’s her strong suit. So okay, Julie” was the only female she could make it with. Except Angie, of course.

Angie had been her college roommate, who had introduced Karen to girl girl sex. I had never met Angie, but Karen had often described her to me in such detail that I felt I knew her intimately. And from what Karen told me, I wished I had. Karen would give me lengthy descriptions of her sexual sessions with Angie, in graphic detail, and Karen had a hell of a good memory. Her stories would get me so hot that I would fuck her for hours, in every position we could think of. When she told me how Angie would eat her pussy, I would try to do it the same way, and she would close her eyes and pretend I was Angie. And sometimes when I fucked her I would pretend she was Angie, because even though I never met Angie I could picture her big firm tits and her long shapely legs and her long blonde hair. I would pretend that I was the first man Angie ever really wanted to fuck, and Karen would go along with this fantasy. We both had a great time fucking the ghost of good old Angie.

On the other hand, Karen would never tell me about her sessions with Julie, even though I had known Julie even before she had.” Julie was a doll, with shoulder length dark hair and piercing blue eyes, and I had always been hot for her, even though she was married to a friend of mine. Karen said Julie wasn’t really into women, but the two of them had done it several times anyway and had both enjoyed it. But Karen wouldn’t tell me any details.

Anyway, when I heard the sounds coming from our bedroom, I naturally thought the other woman was Julie, like I said. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the action, I snuck quietly upstairs and stood outside the bedroom door. ”

Moans and groans and gasps and various other sounds of passion greeted my ears as I stood there, and as my cock rapidly hardened I had an overwhelming desire not only to hear, but to see what was happening behind that door. Visions of Julie naked danced in my head. I would have peeked through the keyhole, except the damn door didn’t have a keyhole. So when the sounds got so loud that I figured the two of them would be too caught up in passion to heed any distractions, I slowly and carefully turned the knob and pushed the door open a crack, just enough for me to see inside.

What I saw was my sweet little wife with her head between another woman’s legs and her face buried in her crotch. I couldn’t see the other woman’s face, but her legs were sticking straight up in the air, and I assumed they must be Julie’s legs. But then I looked again. Those weren’t Julie’s legs. I had studied every inch of Julie’s legs every chance I got, in a bathing suit or in shorts or when her skirt hiked up while she was getting into a car. I had fantasized about running my mouth along Julie’s legs, and about feeling them around my body as I fucked her. So I knew Julie’s legs, I had studied Julie’s legs, and these were not Julie’s legs!

Not that they weren’t damn good legs.” They were. Just not Julie’s. So whose were they? For a moment I wondered if they could be Angie’s, coming back from the distant past. But no. The legs began to kick and spasm as the mystery woman went into climax, and a moment later she rose up to bend over my wife, apparently eager to do unto Karen as Karen had done unto her, and as she did I saw her face. It was Gretal.


“Gretal?!” I said. Oops, I had been so startled I had said it out loud. Oh shit.

“Oh shit,” my wife said.

“Oh, Jesus,” Gretal said. She tried to pull the sheet over her naked body, but it was too late.

“Nice body, Gretal,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say. Of all the people I might find my wife having sex with— male or female— about the last person I would have expected” was our eighteen year old au pair. She was Dutch, Gretal was , with short reddish hair and a fascinating overbite. She was supposed to help out around the house, and evidently that’s just what she had been doing.

“It is a nice body, isn’t it?” Karen said. She may have been taken aback at first by my sudden appearance, but nothing unsettled Karen for long.

“Yeah, but I thought Julie was the only woman you could make it with,” I said. “Except for Angie, of course.”

“Well, she is,” Karen said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Except for Gretal.”

“Of course,” I said. “I should have thought of that.”

Gretal had given up trying to hide her body— which was quite spectacular— and was now, I couldn’t help noticing, staring at the bulge that

was now straining the front of my trousers. Karen noticed this also. “Yes, my husband has a nice big one,” she told Gretal. “Why don’t you show it to her, honey? She obviously wants to see it.”

“I want to know one thing,” I said, as I unzipped my fly and took out my pecker. “How come you don’t mind me fooling around with Gretal— as you obviously don’t— and you don’t mind me fantasizing with you about Angie, but you don’t want me to have anything to do with Julie, or even to think about her? And you know I have a thing for Julie.”

“That’s just it,” Karen said. “You want Julie too much. It makes me jealous. Besides, Julie doesn’t go for women.”

“But she fucks you,” I said.

“Well yes, of course,” Karen said. “Anybody would fuck me.”

“Speaking of fucking,” Gretal said, “can I fuck your husband?”

“Well, sure, sweetie, and while you do that you can eat me out,” Karen said. “Won’t that be nice?”

Well, it was nice for me, anyway. Gretal got up on her hands and knees, and I got behind her and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and put my hands on her firm Dutch tits and commenced to fuck her fine body, while she lowered her head between my wife’s legs and efficiently ate her pussy, with many a moan and sigh and soft passionate outcry from both of them.

After Karen came, she said, “Oh boy, this girl has got a really talented mouth. You should try it, honey.”

“How does it compare with Julie’s mouth?” I asked, pushing myself deep into Gretal’s clutching cunt while tweaking her hard nipples with my fingers.

“It’s almost as good as Angie’s,” Karen said. “Except Angie had a longer tongue. I remember when she— ”

“Yes, I know all about Angie,” I said. “And I would love to meet her sometime, but Angie has disappeared in the mists of time, whereas Julie lives just down the block.” Gretal was groaning now, and I speeded up my movements. “Julie

of the long luscious legs and the high perky tits and that full lipped, cushy looking, sensuous mouth. That’s who I was asking about.” The thought of Julie and her mouth and the rest of her was doing almost as much as Gretal’s squirming body and tight sucking cunt to hurry me towards


“Yes, I know,” Karen said. “I was thinking of making a pot roast and potatoes for dinner.”

Well, that did it, because there is nothing more delicious in the world than my wife’s pot roast. I shot my come up inside Gretal, who responded by coming herself, twisting and bucking, and then collapsing on the bed with me on top of her.

“That’s nice,” Karen said. She rolled onto her side and kissed Gretal’s panting mouth, then kissed mine. I could taste the remnants

of Gretal’s juices on her tongue. “My husband’s a pretty good fuck, isn’t he?” she said to the girl. “Julie doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

“Well, why don’t you tell her?” I suggested.

“She’s not interested,” Karen said. “She loves her husband, and she has me. Even though she doesn’t go for women.”

“I give up,” I said.

“Good,” Karen said. “Why don’t you get Gretal to suck you hard again, and then you can fuck me and pretend I’m Angie.”

“Ah yes, good old Angie,” I said. “Whatever would we do without her?” Gretal turned over beneath me, and I moved around till we were in a snug 69 position. I spread her creamy thighs and stroked my tongue over her pink and swollen clitoris. Her moan of pleasure was soon muffled when she found my cock with her mouth. I gave her two howling orgasms, but though I hardened quickly under her flexible tongue, I held off on coming until I was able to fuck my wife. Or Angie. Or whoever. Just not Julie.

L.K., Bridgeport, Connecticut

Topless and Torrid

My wife Carrie and I heard about a great topless beach that we wanted to try out, so we took a week’s vacation for a little fun in the sun. Carrie had bought a new string bikini and was hot to try it out on the beach— the bottom half of it anyway.

We flew down there and checked into the hotel, then decided to hit the beach. Carrie tried on her thong and pranced around the room, showing off her tight ass and big tits. Pulling her long blonde hair back into a ponytail, she strutted over to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed with a hard on. She stuck her big tits in my mouth, and as I sucked her nipples she said, “So you think I’ll wake some people up on the beach with this body?” I told her she would get a lot of people up, for sure.

We decided to go out separately, to see how many guys tried to pick her up. About half an hour after she left I went out on the beach. I spotted her lying on her stomach down by the water, with two very well built black guys rubbing oil on her back and ass. As they massaged her she spotted me, blew me a little kiss and gave me a wink. I knew I was in for a great show, because my wife can’t resist a couple of big black cocks.

She lay in the sun for about an hour, flirting and letting them run their hands all over her suntanned ass and back. Then she caught my eye and made a motion with her head toward the hotel. I got up and went back to the room, stripped off my bathing suit and stepped into the closet with a raging hard on, leaving the door open just a crack so I could see the bed.

About five minutes passed before Carrie came through the door with her two black studs. She lay down on the bed, looked down on her sweaty, oily body and said, “I don’t think I’m messy enough.” The two guys stood over her with their bottles of suntan oil and squirted her from head to toe. She rolled back and forth, alternately lying on her back and her stomach as they drenched her in oil.

Finally they knelt beside her on the bed. She took one of their massive cocks in each hand and rubbed them on her oily tits. Her nipples seemed to get harder and longer each time one of the cocks slid over them. Then she started sucking first one, then the other, continuing to rub whichever one she wasn’t sucking over her slick bosom.

At one point she paused and looked over at the closet door, saying, “Don’t you love to watch these big black dicks sliding all over my sexy tanned body?” The guys got wild, thinking she was talking to them, and I had to make an effort not to shoot my wad all over the closet door.

Now Carrie had one of the guys lie on his back while she got on top of him and slowly took his black cock into her dripping pussy. The other one got behind her and eagerly buried his huge dick up her ass.

With that her body went crazy. “Oh god, fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck the hell out of me!” A minute later she was coming. The guy behind her pulled out and squirted a huge load of come onto her back and ass. She got off the other guy and laid his black dick between her oily tits. After a few strokes he threw his head back and screamed as he blew his sperm all over her breasts.

They stood over her with their dwindling dicks in their hands, and Carrie proceeded to lick each of them clean in turn. In fact, she licked them so well that they got hard again, and she happily sucked each of them off until they came down her throat.

That was it for me I shot off like a cannon, my come rolling down the closet door as I leaned against the wall. Finally the guys left, and as I stepped weakly out of the closet Carrie grinned at me. “I’ve been a very bad girl,” she murmured.

“Hell,” I said, “you looked pretty goddamned good to me!”

B.D., Savan nah, Georgia

Watching a Wank

I am a young woman currently attending graduate school in New York. I was recently invited to the wedding of a friend from college, which took place in Baltimore. Since I don’t presently own a car, I called our friend Lou, who lives in Boston, to see if he could pick me up on his way down to the wedding. Since neither of us is making a lot of money at this point, we also decided to share a hotel room for the two nights we were going to be there, even though our friendship is entirely platonic.

This arrangement worked out fine, at least through Friday night. Satur day night was different.

About four in the morning I awoke to some strange noises. Lou was mumbling unintelligibly in his sleep. The bathroom light was on, so when I looked over at Lou I could see that he had kicked back his covers and his erect penis had found its way through the opening in his boxer shorts. He was sweating and breathing hard, apparently having a sexual dream. Although I felt embarrassed for him, I was too curious to look away.

I watched for several minutes, anticipating that he would soon have an orgasm. But suddenly he awoke with a jolt, sat up and covered himself. I closed my eyes so he would think

I was asleep.

Lou just sat there for a couple of minutes, apparently sorting out his situation. Then he slowly stood up and quietly walked to the bathroom, carefully closing the door so as not to awaken me. I became suspicious when I didn’t hear him open the lid on the toilet. Then I heard him drop something, which I later discovered to be the cap from the little bottle of hand lotion provided by the hotel.

I’m not normally a voyeur, but I

just couldn’t resist this temptation. I crawled out of bed and crept silently toward the bathroom. Lying on the floor, I peered through the inch or so of space under the bathroom door. I could see Lou’s boxer shorts on the floor next to the toilet. Other than that, all I could see was his feet. Lou was evidently standing in front of the toilet, facing the mirror on the back of the bathroom door. He was only about two feet away from me.

I began to hear the rhythmic squish squish, squish squish sound of Lou’s well lubricated hand sliding back and forth on his cock. Soon I also heard heavy breathing. As the pace of the stroking quickened, Lou’s breathing became frantic and his toes started to quiver and twitch. Finally, with a groan he seemed to be trying to muffle, Lou pushed up on the very tips of his toes and came. I heard two resounding splats as he shot hard against the back of the door. I could hear him gasping. Then I actually saw several squirts of his sperm land on the bathroom floor. By now the first eruptions had dripped down the door and were so close to my face that I could actually smell the stuff!

I heard Lou breath a deep sigh of contentment, then quickly set about cleaning up. I silently returned to my bed and appeared to be sound asleep by the time he emerged from the bathroom.

B.Y., New York, New York

Hooter Hoopla

One beautiful, sunny winter day in the South, my sweetheart calls me up and says, “Let’s take a ride on the wild side.” Already feeling super sexy, I decide to dress the part. I choose a sweet, pink button up sweater, tight short skirt, thigh high black fishnet stockings, heels, and pearls but no bra or panties. Soon we’re in the car cruising down the road listening to the music and talking junk. I lay my head in Bob’s lap with my legs draped over the back of the passenger seat. He unbuttons my sweater and begins to fondle my breasts, gently rolling each nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making them rock hard. As he is pulling and gently tweaking each nipple he asks if I’d like to give the trucker up ahead of us a “hooter” shot. As I murmur my okay he pulls alongside and I see a black driver do a double take when he sees my bare breasts being teased. I catch his eye and reach down to finger myself, spreading my legs wide so the truck driver could see my wet, shaved pussy. He had to turn off but as he did so he gave us the high sign as if to say, “Enjoy yourselves, I sure did.”

I’d never really been into exhibitionism before but I was definitely enjoying turning someone else on without his or her participation except for watching the action. Bob quickly spotted another trucker, this time a middle aged white guy who looked more than ready for a good hooter shot. I waited for eye contact and he grinned at me, mouthing “I’d sure like some of that.” My lover was finger fucking me to a climax while

I pulled and played with my full breasts. My legs were spread so the driver and now his partner had a clear view of my wet and coming pussy. What a wild ride this was turning out to be.

A little farther down the road we spotted a motorist in trouble and we stopped to give him a lift to the nearest service station. As he got in the backseat he couln’t help but notice my unbuttoned sweater and wrinkled skirt. He asked Bob what was up and for an answer my lover reached between my legs and withdrew a finger dripping with come. Well, that turned the motorist on and he said he sure would like a piece of the action if we didn’t mind. Bob and I thought it was a great idea and decided to oblige him. I laid the passenger seat all the way back to give him full access to my breasts from the backseat. He took one in each hand and began working on them. I love to have my breasts rubbed, pulled on, the nipples pinched but especially sucked on. It turns me on so much I swear I can almost come when Bob is working over my tits. So I turned around, got on my knees and offered each breast for him to suck. He went to town on them, licking, kissing then sucking hard. This, combined with the outrageous feeling of Bob fingering me in the front seat was almost too much to handle. I was in complete ecstasy.

We spotted another trucker and pulled alongside. He’d been getting an eyeful of my hooters being devoured by a passenger while the driver was fingering my pussy, which by then was coming so hard it was dripping down his hand. The poor trucker nearly wrecked just trying to keep up with us and watch the whole show. We finally pulled off the highway into the service station and the motorist thanked us profusely for the ride and the feel.

As soon as our passenger was out of the car we headed for the back of the station. All the attention from other strangers had me so hot that I just had to be fucked, and all the attention I was getting had turned my lover on as well. We climbed into the backseat and it wasn’t long before we were naked, the windows were steamed and we were in heaven. Bob is not only the best breast lover but also the best pussy eater too. He couldn’t wait to eat out my pussy with all the come from my sideshows with the truckers, he ate and ate and I came and came again. By this time his big cock was so hard and swollen from all the excitement, he was about ready to burst. He told me he’d been waiting all day to fuck me, what with watching me teasing the truckers and all, and he was going to start now. He knows how turned on I get when he talks sexy and tells me

exactly what he’s going to do to me. He is so good at everything. He enters me slowly, giving me time to tighten my pussy muscles around him. Then pulling out to the tip and slowly entering again, each time almost pulling out completely. We continued thrusting, picking up the rhythm until we were rocking the car in a furious fucking frenzy. We both started coming together and were being real vocal about it too. When Bob is fucking me it’s almost like nothing else exists, and the moans and wails that escape from my lips I don’t even recognize as my own.

As we finally slowed our rhythm down, and calmed our breathing, we became aware of our surroundings. We were surprised to see our car surrounded by men from the station, applauding us for the show. We bowed, got dressed and into the front seat. We left the station full of grinning males as we made our way home from one hot, wild ride on a cold, beautiful winter day.

W.B., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Janitor’s Jollies

It was on a slow rainy Friday last month that I had one of the biggest surprises of my life. I work as a janitor in a government office building. One night as I was cleaning, I heard noises coming from the other side of the floor. I thought this was unusual, since I was the only one who was supposed to be there at that time of night. As I worked my way to that side of the building, the noises became louder and clear er. I could hear moans and groans.

I quietly made my way to the office where the noises were coming from. The door was partly open— I guess they thought it was late enough so that they would be alone— and I peeked in. There was Mr. Jarvis,

the section supervisor, along with Miriam, one of the receptionists.

Miriam was a married lady who had always maintained a very proper and professional demeanor at work, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her sitting on a chair, completely nude, with her shapely legs wrapped around her boss’s neck as he was eating her pussy.

As I watched through the door, his tongue darted in and out of her pussy and over her clit. She began to shake, moaning and clutching his head. She came hard while he tongue fucked her.

While she caught her breath, he stood up and removed his pants and briefs, exposing a hefty ten inch dick. He stood her up and turned her around. She held onto the back of the chair, and he spread her legs apart and held her hips as he started snaking his cock into her pussy. She was literally purring when he started pumping it into her.

Miriam was getting hotter by the minute. She started pushing back against him, trying to get as much of his pole inside her as she could

hold. He was getting hotter too, and started fucking her faster and faster. His cock was so wet from her juices that it glistened in the light. She started rotating her hips as she jerked them back and forth to meet his strokes. As their pelvises smacked wetly together, he started to moan and his strokes became even deeper. Sud denly he stiffened, pulled out of her and came all over her ass.

By then she was completely out of control. Jarvis was spent, so he sat down on the chair. Miriam immediately knelt down in front of him and took the head of his cock in her mouth, cleaning off all the fluids. As she did this I could see her fingers working furiously over her mound.

When he was hard again she stood up and sat on his lap, facing him, and took his cock about halfway up her cunt. She started bouncing up and down, faster and faster. Finally she moaned loudly and sat down hard, taking all of his cock. She was laughing wildly now and begging him to fuck her, which he did gladly. She started shaking uncontrollably again. She was almost hysterical with passion as her body moved faster, twisting in his lap. They came together, making so much noise that I could only hope no one else was around to hear them.

Come dripped from Miriam’s pussy as Jarvis helped her off his lap. She knelt down and cleaned off his cock again. This time it took about twenty minutes of patient work to get him hard once more. When she did, she took at least six inches of his cock down her throat.

Suddenly, he stiffened, moaned and came. Miriam swallowed every drop. By now I was so turned on that I came without even touching my cock.

When they had both recovered their breath, they gathered up their clothes and went into Jarvis’s private bathroom to clean up. I took the opportunity to hurry away, thankful that I hadn’t gotten caught spying on them.

I went straight home and told my wife what had happened. Recounting the scene excited me so much that we made love all that night. I had a hard time keeping a straight face around them the next day. But I have never let on that they treated me to one of the most exciting sexual performances I’ve ever seen.

Name and address withheld