My Wife, The Tease

After work one afternoon Jerry and I went to the neighborhood bar for some beers. Two hours later we ended up at my house.

We found my wife Sheri in the living room still dressed in her work clothes: a tight black skirt, yellow blouse, and dark nylons. Sheri had kicked off her shoes and was relaxing on the couch.

“Do you boys want a bite to eat?” she offered.

“Nah, we had a burger at the bar,” I replied, slurring my words slightly.

Jerry and I sat across from Sheri on the sofa. Immediately something caught my eye. My wife was sitting with her legs crossed and showing plenty of leg. Jerry could see the same scene: Sheri’s bare thigh above a dark stocking top and a long black garter strap leading towards heaven.

When Sheri uncrossed her legs to get up from the chair, her legs separated just enough to show us her white panties. While Sheri was in the kitchen getting Jerry and I a couple of beers, I quickly moved over to the chair that Sheri had been sitting in. That way Sheri would have to sit down on the sofa next to Jerry.

She returned with the beers and sat by Jerry, barely noticing that we’d switched seats around. As the three of us shot the shit, Jerry nonchalantly put his left hand on the back of Sheri’s neck and started gently rubbing it. Sheri moved her head side to side slowly before finally speaking up.

“I’ll give you an hour before you have to stop that,” she murmured, closing her eyes and obviously enjoying the massage.

I guess I was somewhat upset with her for letting Jerry rub her neck, but I certainly wasn’t going to make a scene. It was too exciting watching her receive such pleasure from someone other than me. The room was deathly quiet no one said a word as I watched Jerry and Sheri on the sofa.

Then it happened: Jerry reached out with his right hand and placed it on Sheri’s knee. Her eyes opened quickly but she didn’t react in any other way to his touch.

You wouldn’t believe what was going on right in front of me! Jerry was slowly sliding his hand up my wife’s leg under her skirt and Sheri wasn’t objecting one bit, at least not physically.

“You better stop,” Sheri muttered unconvincingly. She squirmed slightly in her seat, a sure sign that her pussy was getting wet.

“You like it, and you know it,” Jerry replied. “Your husband even likes watching.” Maybe Jerry was right, because I felt my cock twitching a little in my pants. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by this, but it felt so good that I stayed quiet.

Suddenly Sheri jerked unexpectedly. I could tell from the movement under my wife’s skirt that Jerry’s hand had reached her crotch.

“Don’t, please stop,” Sheri half heartedly protested, but her words fell on deaf ears. “Oh God!” I watched with excitement as Sheri opened her legs a bit more.

Sheri’s body began to move and writhe with excitement, and suddenly she was jerking uncontrollably. I knew she was climaxing, and I couldn’t believe that Jerry had brought my wife to a wild and hard orgasm finger fucking her through her panties.

“You’re both assholes,” Sheri said as she left the room. I thought she was mad until I heard her say, “Now get to the bedroom, both of you!”

Jerry and I just looked at each other for a second, before jumping up and racing to the bedroom. Sheri was already naked, lying on the bed with her freshly fingered pussy bared to us.

“Come here, honey, and clean up the mess your friend made,” she ordered me.

I flew to her pussy, cleaning it and licking it with my tongue. Jerry stood next to the bed and let Sheri pull his pants down.

“I’d like to return the favor, Jerry,” she giggled. She pulled out Jerry’s cock and stroking it to get it even harder than it already was, which was pretty damn hard.

I picked my head up as she spoke so I could watch as she stuffed her mouth full of Jerry’s big dick. His thick cock was so huge it pushed out her cheeks like she was a greedy slut, stuffing herself with the tastiest cock ever. “Mmmm,” she mumbled a few minutes later, spit running from the corners of her mouth.

I licked her pussy furiously until she clamped her thighs around my head while she climaxed. Soon after that, Jerry pulled out of her mouth and shot a huge load of cream all over her face and down her tits.

We rested for a while, and then spent the rest of the night in an insane threesome sex romp. I didn’t know Sheri could be so kinky in bed, but now I do. Here’s to old wives learning new tricks! Name and address withheld

Fucking Frank’s Mom

I’m 20 years old and find I’ve been spending a lot of time at my friend Frank’s house. You see, for the last two years, I’ve been fucking his mom. Lena is 42 and a very sexy older piece of ass. She’s got big tits, a plump, fuckable ass, and long sexy legs that she shows off whenever she can.

When I got to be about 17 I noticed her sneaking peeks at me occasionally. I noticed her style of dress got more provocative also but I didn’t say or do anything.

Two years ago we ran into each other at the store while I was doing some errands for my mom. She greeted me warmly with a peck on the cheek. We chatted and she casually mentioned that Frank and her husband went away on a day trip and wouldn’t be back till late that night.

“You could come keep me company when you finish your errands,” she said half jokingly.

“Sure,” I replied, excited at the thought of what might happen when we had the house to ourselves.

After finishing my errands in record time I darted to Frank’s house. Lena greeted me at the door wearing a white shirt, skirt and white heels. It was a warm day so we sat out by their pool and had a nice visit. I saw her cross her legs and immediately I was as hard as hell. I’d known her most of my life but never found myself feeling like this before.

“You’re quite a handsome young thing,” she said, looking at me in a funny way, sort of like she wanted to eat me for lunch. “The girls must just go crazy for you.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I guess they might,” I said shyly. She laughed.

“Am I as pretty as those girls your age?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” I stuttered.

“Tell me, have you ever been with an older woman before?”

“No,” I replied.

By now she was rubbing her thigh seductively. Knowing she had me she stood and walked into the house, looking back at me over her shoulder. I jumped up and followed her like an eager little puppy.

She led me to the bedroom where she turned and embraced me, kissing me ravenously. Overcome with lust I began feeling her tits and ass while she moaned. She pulled out my very hard cock and stroked it in her hand as we began to undress each other.

When I was naked she still wore her nylon stockings and heels. We fell to the bed and I crawled on top of her as our tongues explored each other.

I then worked my down her body to her awesome pussy, which I made a meal of. I’d never licked a woman’s pussy before, but I must have been doing something right. She wouldn’t stop jerking and crying out, and finally I felt something wet hit my lips.

“That was amazing,” she whispered as she looked up at me. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” I said with a laugh, proud that I’d done well.

After that I crawled back up her body and looked deep in her eyes as I rubbed my cock over her pussy lips. Still looking in each other’s eyes I entered her. Her pussy sucked me in, inch by inch, with a sweet slurping noise. As soon as I was in I started pumping fast, jamming my dick into her as far as I could.

She let out a quick gasp at the penetration followed by a long moan. I was so turned on that first time that I knew I wouldn’t last long. I was right!

As we kissed deeply and my cock slid past her wet, warm pussy walls, I suddenly soaked her insides with come. She quivered and clenched me tight as her own strong climax ripped through her.

We did it again before she chased me out and we’ve been doing it ever since, whenever we get a chance. I love it! Nobody else knows, till now. Please keep my secret!— Name and address withheld

My Favorite Fuck

I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s the type of person that can make you feel like the two of you’re a thousand miles away and no one else is around. He can make you relax and forget about all your problems and worries. Making love to him is one of the best things I do in my life.

He has those eyes that you just get lost in, a shade of blue that’s as clear as Hawaiian surf. The way he thrusts his large, thick dick inside me drives me wild. I love it and if we were filthy rich and didn’t have to work we would probably be doing it all day, every day. It feels that good.

He grabs my ass in a way that tells me he wants me right here, right now. I’ve never had any man wrap his arms around me from behind the way he does and kiss my neck and back softly, lingering over each inch. When he starts to kiss me like that I lean my head down and slowly roll it around to allow him to kiss every inch of me.

We continue to kiss as we undress and lay on the bed. He gives me everything I want and more and of course I would do the same for him. As we lay there on the bed he proceeds to leave a trail of kisses from my neck down my chest to my other wet and throbbing lips. He kisses around them very softly, teasing me just a little. He kisses the inside of my thighs until he makes his way to the center of my love spot.

He starts out very gently but I come within a few seconds. The way he moves his tongue makes me arch my back and grab his head. Within 30 seconds I’ve just become even wetter than before. He comes up to my neck and whispers in my ear.

“I want you,” he says, rubbing his cock around my soaking wet clit, getting ready sink it into my tight pussy.

“Mmmm,” I moan, writhing beneath him as he slides into me. My pussy tightly wraps his dick in a way that drives both of us crazy. My hands clench the sheets. He grabs my hips to pull me closer so he can go deeper.

I can feel my climax approaching, and as he thrusts deeper and harder I arch my back, letting my come run all over his hard dick. While he’s still firm inside of me I wrap my legs around his waist as he lifts up and pounds my pussy as hard as he can.

He strokes in and out, making my toes curl and my pussy drip with excitement. Without pulling out he flips me over to take me doggie style. As he penetrates me I start to play with my clit. By now I’m so wet he decided to enter my ass, so I relax enough to let his cock pop inside my tight hole.

After I start to come again he slips all the way in, giving me his entire hot, hard dick. I feel him pumping furiously, reaching a part of my body with his beautiful cock that no one else has ever touched.

If only you could feel how hard and thick he is you would understand. As he thrusts deeper in me I let out another moan. He buries himself completely inside my ass and unloads his spunk. His come is hot and wet as it runs out of my ass. As he slowly pulls out he just kneels by me.

I rotate my body so that my head is now in between his legs and start to lick off the extra juices that the two of us have left behind. I stuff my mouth with his cock making sure I try to get it as clean as possible.

Finally we fall asleep, at least for a few hours, before we do it all again! Name and address withheld

Hospitality At Its Best

Right after I graduated high school I got a job in a town 200 miles from home. My mom had a friend who lived there and worked it out so I could live with her and her husband temporarily till I got my own place. Teri was a gorgeous, tall, 44 year old redhead with large tits and big, wide hips. I’d always thought she was hot.

I got settled in and after a few days Teri began to flirt with me casually, so of course, I flirted back. Just the sight of those perky tits bulging from her sweater was enough to fuel my masturbatory fantasies for a week.

I worked the late shift, from midnight until eight in the morning. Teri’s husband left at six o’clock in the morning and didn’t get home until eight at night. This meant that Teri and I were alone all day. Her flirting got steadily more obvious until one day she flat out told me she thought I was a very handsome young man and if we could keep it between us only, she’d like to have sex with me.

At the time we were in the kitchen and it was after breakfast. Teri only wore a thin robe with nothing underneath. I only wore a pair of shorts. I put my arms around her as we stood and kissed. My hands slid down to her butt and I squeezed and fondled it.

When we finally came up for air, I slid her robe off and it dropped to the floor. I backed her to the refrigerator and dropped to my knees in front of her. I licked her pussy while exploring her with my fingers. She ran her fingers through my hair as I basked in her musky scent.

After a few minutes she started shaking and moaning, climaxing like she’d never had an orgasm before. I jumped to my feet and pushed my shorts down. When she saw my steel hard dick pointing right at her she got even more excited.

I backed her up to the fridge again and she instinctively parted her legs. She was my height so her cunt lined up perfectly with my cock. When I pushed into her she moaned and gasped in pleasure. Her arms went around my neck and she held on as I fucked her against the door. I held her ass and gave her long, slow, deep strokes that brought her to her tiptoes with each lingering thrust.

I began pounding her like I was possessed. Just as I came she did too, nearly jumping over me as she shrieked in climax. When I pulled back she sagged to the floor, gasping. I picked her up and carried her awkwardly to the living room where I laid her on the floor and kissed her tenderly.

My hand slid down her body and went to her sloppy cunt. After fiddling with her messy pussy awhile, I slid a finger in her ass. Apparently no one ever did that before since she jumped almost completely off the floor. She shuddered as my finger penetrated her ass and told me to be careful.

I probed her ass for a few minutes until she asked me if I was going to fuck her there or not. I nodded, and then got her on her hands and knees, ass in the air. I got behind her as she begged me to go slowly and be gentle. My cockhead pushed into her and I felt her start to relax slightly. After her resistance gave in a little I slid in and she let out a loud gasp and hissed through her teeth. I worked it in as she wiggled and moaned. Finally I was all the way in, and my balls rested against her swollen pussy.

I humped her ass with long smooth strokes while she rubbed her cunt. She came twice before I erupted deep inside her tight ass. I pulled out of her and she fell to the carpet with my come dribbling from her ass and twat.

We got together many times after that and even now, since I have my own place, she visits me often. I’m willing to go along with this affair, as she wants. I hope that’s a long time! Name and address withheld

Do Me a Favor

My wife Jen and I have a great sex life and are very adventurous. I drive a delivery truck locally and often in the summer peak time, I hire a helper.

The last helper I had was a college kid named Eric. He was shy but definitely a good worker. One night we were getting hungry so after work we stopped by my house for a bite to eat. We had an early start the next day so I told Eric he could stay over at my place and we’d go in even earlier for the next day’s deliveries, since we were pretty tired already.

Jen wasn’t there when we got home so I made something to eat while Eric took a shower. He was watching some TV when I came back into the living room and to my surprise I saw that he’d discovered some videos Jen and I had made of us having sex. He became very embarrassed and after an awkward moment I told him it was okay and not to worry. I went to shower and told him he could finish watching the tape if he wanted to.

Jen came home while I was in the shower and she was a little drunk since she’d been out with some friends after work. I could hear her talking to Eric but I didn’t know if she knew that he’d seen the tape of us. I went out to join them not knowing what to expect from my wife. When I got there I saw she was indeed tipsy and flirtatious, so I rolled with it.

As we all had a drink the topic of vacation came up and Jen said she bought a couple bikinis for our next trip out of town, but that she wasn’t sure if she liked them or not. I told her to bring them out and Eric and I would judge for her.

When she brought them out we told her she’d have to model them for us. She giggled and went behind a recliner pretending to hide herself as she stripped. She called to Eric to help her and after a nod from me, he went to help her remove her clothes.

When she came out from behind the chair she turned around and gave us a great view of her tits. She asked Eric if he liked them and if she should go topless on vacation. He quickly nodded and said he likes to see topless women on the beach. I told him to touch them if he wished and very slowly he ran a hand over each tit. Jen soon encouraged him to suck her nipples and after looking to me for approval, he did.

Now, breathing heavily, Jen sat in the recliner and parted her legs and told Eric to take her stockings off. Then Jen stood and slowly pulled her panties down, bending over to show off her nicely trimmed pussy. Then, looking directly at me, Jen told Eric to strip. He was nude in seconds.

Jen sat in the chair and cupped his balls, then ran her tongue along his shaft, stopping to lick the head before putting it in her mouth. She sucked furiously, sliding her head back and forth. Eric came within a minute and Jen greedily swallowed his load.

Jen sat in the chair with her legs spread and ordered Eric to eat her pussy. He willingly obliged, diving into her muff with the enthusiasm of a dying man having his last meal.

By the time she came, Eric was hard again and Jen commanded him to fuck her. He didn’t refuse, of course, and the sight of my beautiful wife with her legs wrapped around a 20 year old was too much for me. I creamed all over my hand as I sat on the floor stroking myself.

The rest of the night was just as fun and Eric and I were totally exhausted the next day. It’s a good thing there were two of us! Name and address withheld