Curiosity Is Rewarded

Last week my sister had a sleepover with several friends with whom she went to college. They played some games, listened to music, and talked.

I was in my room later when my sister’s friends Kara and Elise came to my room to tease me or just generally annoy me. I pretended to be asleep as they tiptoed to my bed. Suddenly I sat up and scared them.

“What’s up, guys?” I asked.

They giggled nervously and looked at each other. Then Kara reached back and shut the door.

“We have a question for you,” Elise answered.

Then they came back to the bed. Kara stood at the foot and Elise sat next to me. Both of the girls were wearing short, sexy nightgowns that were almost transparent.

“Well, what is it?” I asked, somewhat impatiently. “Spit it out.”

“After your sister fell asleep, we were talking about penises, and your name was mentioned,” Elise said shyly. “We wondered whether yours was circumcised or not.”

I already had a semi hard on when Kara pulled the sheet off the bed exposing my quickly hardening cock. First they giggled, then Elise jumped on top of me and wrestled me flat onto my back with Kara’s help, who was sitting on my legs. Elise’s warm ass was on my stomach and her tits were in my face as we struggled playfully.

“So what do you ladies have in mind?” I blurted out finally.

Suddenly I felt Kara’s soft hand pull down my boxers and start caressing my cock and balls.

“Kara’s never seen a boy come,” Elise whispered. Kara kept stroking my shaft. She was kind of jerky and obviously not very experienced.

Then Elise leaned over and kissed me and I grabbed her nice firm ass while Kara stroked me. I mumbled that it wasn’t fair that they were dressed and I wasn’t.

They laughed, looked at each other, and then quickly pulled off their nightgowns. Elise’s tits were irresistible and I began sucking them. Kara’s hands were all over my tightening nuts and my raging hard on. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me!

Next they moved around and Elise jerked me off. I had them sit next to each other so I could finger both their pussies at the same time. Elise opened her legs wide and I had no trouble getting three fingers into her tight cunt. Kara’s cunt though, was very, very tight. I figured she was a virgin because I could only get two fingers part way into her.

Meanwhile both girls were busy with my cock. Elise kissed and licked my dick until the come was boiling in my balls. Finally I stood up and shot my come onto their tits and they both tried to catch some in their mouths. I got hard again when Kara suggested I fuck her.

“I’m a virgin,” she said with newfound confidence. “I hope you don’t mind being my first. It would really mean a lot to me.”

Did I mind? Was she kidding? She had the sweetest looking pink pussy I’ve ever seen, and there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to drill her And here she was, begging me to fill her virgin pussy with come.

She laid back and I positioned myself between her legs. I laid on top of her and rubbed my newly hard cock gently over her pussy.

She squirmed a little and asked me to go easy since she was a little bit nervous. When I started to penetrate her she squirmed a lot so Elise started to rub her pussy.

She gasped as she felt Elise’s fingers working her clit, and I could feel her pussy getting even wetter. Still, it was tough going as I worked my dick into her pussy, bit by bit.

She moaned and whimpered and then I suddenly hit a little bit of a barrier. I pushed again, gently.

“Oh God, that feels good!” Kara gasped in pleasure.

“Here we go,” I said ,and pulled my hips back before driving into her and breaking her cherry.

If it hadn’t been for Elise kissing her mouth deeply, everyone else in the house would have heard her yelp as she had her pussy stuffed full of dick for the very first time.

I started to thrust in and out as Kara moaned and moaned.

“Fuck me!” she cried, no longer shy. Elise ran her hands all over my ass, balls, and cock as I pounded into Kara. It was awesome.

Kara tightened up and climaxed, moaning and soaking my bed with a huge wet spot. Then I felt my balls churning and before either of us could stop or change positions, I flooded her tight cunt with come, spurt after spurt of goopy spunk.

I pulled out of her sloppy twat and the three of us lay there with me in the middle. We drifted off to sleep, and I dreamed of tight virgins all night.

In the morning they woke me up with both of their hot little mouths wrapped around my raging rod, coaxing me from my dreams and into a sweet new sex filled reality.

We fucked all day long and into the next night. That was a great sleepover, especially for me! Name and address withheld

Baring It All

My wife Susan and I decided to take a trip to Ibiza for vacation last year. We’re both in our 30s and the hotel seemed to be full of older people, but we found two other younger couples who were close to our age.

The other women, Heather and Teri, said their boyfriends dared them to shock the old folks by going nude around the pool and they tried to get Susan to join in. I would have loved to see her do something as daring as that but she thinks that her breasts are too small and she’s shy about exposing them. In my opinion, her tits are really lovely and they wiggle sexily when she goes braless. But she’s still very shy about her body.

The next morning Heather and Teri ran bare naked around the deck chairs before diving in the pool. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we all had a good time in the pool. That evening two men came over and awarded the girls with a bottle of Champagne as a prize for entertaining everyone all day.

The two men introduced themselves as Chad and Marcus and they joined us all for a drink after dinner. I went to get drinks from the bar and when I returned, Marcus had asked Susan to dance. I can’t dance very well, but Marcus and Susan moved very gracefully together.

Just then the DJ announced a dirty dancing contest and Susan dashed to my side and asked if I minded her dancing with Marcus. She was so excited that I didn’t admit my jealousy and told her to go ahead.

Soon Marcus’s hands were roaming all over Susan’s body and it was very hot to watch them dance as their movements got dirtier. Chad watched my reaction and he smiled knowingly when he saw me adjust my aching erection in my pants.

Susan and Marcus were winners by a long shot and the crowd went nuts when the results were announced. Susan was delighted with her Champagne prize, and she told me that Marcus and Chad had invited us for a midnight swim at their villa.

When we got there, Teri, Heather, and their boyfriends Ryan and Ted were already there. Marcus and Chad gave us a quick tour, and we gasped in delight at the lovely secluded pool. Marcus poured us all Champagne as Chad gave Susan a personally guided tour of the villa. Heather and Teri shrieked in laughter as they stripped and splashed around in the pool, groping each other playfully.

Marcus asked me if I thought Susan would join the fun, but just as I was about to reply, Chad and Susan finally returned after at least a half hour absence. Susan was wearing a short white cotton robe and she blushed when she saw me staring at her.

“Come on, show your hubby you’re no prude after all,” Chad told Susan.

Susan gave me a shy glance as she walked to the pool and slipped off the robe. She stood still for just a split second before diving in the pool to join the others. Teri’s boyfriend Ryan was standing behind Susan as she threw a beach ball and he reached around and cupped her tits in his hands. Susan squealed playfully and pulled away but he still got a good feel.

Chad opened more Champagne and Teri and Heather poured it all over Ted’s chest and playfully licked it off. He had an arm around them both and was feeling their tits as they crawled all over him. Ryan moved behind Susan and put his arms around her as she watched Heather and Teri taking turns stroking Ted’s big cock. Susan was mesmerized as Ryan snuggled up behind her and kissed her neck.

Chad nudged me as if I didn’t see what was happening. We watched Ryan slowly move his hands over her tummy to her breasts, cupping them in his hands and rubbing his cock in the groove of her ass cheeks. Susan was still holding her Champagne flute and Chad walked over to grab it.

As she leaned towards Chad with the glass, Ryan seized the opportunity to slip his cock up into her perfectly positioned pussy. She gasped in surprise as he thrust his cock into her and held her tightly as they began to fuck slowly against the side of the pool.

I almost came in my pants as I watched my lovely wife being screwed underwater. She looked so hot as she relaxed in his arms and pushed back onto his cock.

Chad and Marcus were stripping and they urged me to do the same. I watched in confusion as they slid into the water and waded towards my wife with their cocks bobbing expectantly. Ryan was gasping in pleasure as he fucked her hard and Marcus reached out to fondle her breasts as Ryan came inside her pussy.

Ryan gave a few more thrusts as if to make sure she got every drop of his sperm in her cunt, then he led her over to Marcus and Chad.

It was amazing watching my wife be sandwiched between two men. They each took a breast to fondle and took turns kissing her. Marcus bit her hard nipples eagerly as he picked her up. Susan seemed to know what he was going to do with her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as he lifted her onto his rock hard tool. His cock moved gently into her.

The look on her pretty face was amazing as he cupped her cute little ass. He bounced her up and down on his cock, her mouth slightly open and her eyes shut as he fucked her gently before he shot his sperm into her to join Ryan’s.

Chad quickly took her in his arms next and led her to the side of the pool facing me. He slid behind her to penetrate her from the rear as she looked up at me. His big hands squeezed and pulled at her tits while he pumped away. Her mouth hung open slightly as he banged away before he too came inside her.

After a few more hours of hedonism we went back to our room for some much needed rest. The remaining two days of our vacation went pretty much the same as that night did, and Teri and Heather joined in too for an all out fucking and sucking orgy.

We’re planning our next trip, and this time we’re staying with our new friends, Chad and Marcus! Name and address withheld

The Pool Guy

This past year my dad had some work done on our pool and Kelly and Todd, our neighbors, said we could use their pool till ours was fixed.

I was home on summer break and was using their pool one day when I heard Kelly yell hello to me. I looked up and there she stood with some bags from the store. She’s about 35, with curly brown hair and a medium figure. She’s not ugly but neither is she a beauty queen. She’s a typical, healthy American woman.

She was wearing a short off white T shirt that showed her entire, smooth, tanned tummy. She also wore a pleated skirt that ended just at the knee. She looked nice but not slutty.

“Hi, Kelly,” I said. “Can I help you with your bags?”

“No, thanks!” she replied as she went into the house. “I’ve only got the one to deal with.”

A few minutes later she came back out as I did laps and asked if I’d mind her swimming with me.

“No, not at all. It’s your pool after all,” I said with a laugh. But when I looked up I got a shock. She had stripped off her shirt and skirt and was standing there totally nude.

As I tried to act nonchalant I took in the sight of her body. It was nicely tanned all over with not a single tan line, and her skin was smooth everywhere as well including her bald pussy, with just the lips poking into view. I was instantly excited despite the cold water.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said as she looked at me. “I always skinny dip. I just hate swimsuits!”

“No,” I stammered, “I don’t mind.”

She hopped into the water and we swam some short races and then played around for a bit. We splashed around and hit a beach ball back and forth. Her tits looked good bouncing in the water and I got some very nice views of her heart shaped ass as well.

She could definitely see my hard on and she laughed about it every time it popped above water.

“I didn’t think I could still affect a guy your age like that,” she giggled.

“You definitely have an effect on me,” I blushed.

She then swam over to the side of the pool and hopped up, reclining on the deck lazily. She looked at me and parted her legs with one knee bent, putting her shiny, shaven pussy on display. Although we didn’t speak a word, we both knew what was going to happen. I got out of the pool and knelt between her legs.

I ran my hands up her smooth, firm thighs, then dipped my head between her legs. I kissed and licked her pussy and she lay back and moaned, running her fingers through my hair.

She had a strong climax after several minutes and I quickly took action. I dropped my trunks and climbed up between her legs and slid my cock right in. I began kissing and sucking her nipples, which were very stiff by now. The feeling of her cunt tightly clutching my cock was amazing.

I fucked her hard and she loved it. She moaned and yelled, not caring if anyone nearby could hear. We fucked for several minutes before I felt my climax approaching and I shot my come inside her. When I pulled out I saw my sperm dribble from her and we both got back in the water to wash off.

In the pool I ran my hands over her soft skin and I got hard again. This time I penetrated her from the rear as she leaned on the side of the pool. I lasted long enough to give her another climax before I pulled out and shot my load on her ass.

I hope next summer our pool is still out of commission! Name and address withheld

Alley Cat

I’m a single woman, 28 years old, with an excellent figure. Men are always telling me how hot I am, but even so, I don’t have a boyfriend or a steady relationship with a man.

On warm nights a kind of compulsion comes over me. I put on my tightest, shiniest nylons and my shortest skirt with sexy high heels and go out to explore the darkest, hottest recesses of the city.

I know I shouldn’t do it, but I love going into dark alleyways and deserted areas. I love the thrill it gives me. And though I’m not a prostitute, I like to pick up strangers and fuck them. Sure, it’s dangerous, but that’s part of what makes it so thrilling.

Just last night I ran into this guy in an alley, a rough looking dude but handsomer than most of the men I find. He thought I was a whore, and as he was asking me how much, I stopped him short by wrapping my arms around him and grinding my body against his until his hard on rubbed my belly.

He pulled up my skirt and put his hand on my butt, a finger stroking my asshole. I stepped back a little and sat down on the steps of a fire escape, hiking up my skirt and letting my legs fall open. We didn’t even speak.

He dropped down and his mouth found my nylon covered crotch, licking me like mad, sucking my pussy juice through the taut fabric. I let him continue for a while, then I turned over, pulling my pantyhose down over my butt so he could kiss and lick my ass and pussy from behind.

He was like a man who was both starved and possessed, and if I hadn’t been so fucking turned on myself I might have laughed at him. But soon I was hit by a strong climax that nearly made me pass out. I grasped the fire escape railing and bucked hard against his face, trembling, while biting my lip to keep myself from screaming.

Then this wonderful guy eased up in just the right way, licking me so softly it was incredible. His hands slid up my legs then grasped my waistband of my pantyhose and pulled them off. He turned me over again, and I lay back against the steps, watching as he dropped his pants, exposing his hard cock. Next he got between my legs, lifting them high.

As he lowered himself onto me, he positioned his crown between my pussy lips. Then with a quick movement he rammed into me to the hilt and began pumping away forcefully. We were like dogs in heat as I bucked my hips to meet him. I came again, digging my fingers into his ass cheeks. He growled but continued on.

This guy was great, and he lasted a long time. His cock was amazing inside me as he slammed into me so hard I thought I’d rip in two. I climaxed again and again, not even trying to be quiet. Then, with no warning, he came, emptying his sperm into me.

As we fell apart, gasping, I realized that he had filled me so full of jism that it was already trickling out of me. I lay there weakly, catching my breath as he quickly zipped himself up, then turned and left without a word.

I know my game is dangerous, very dangerous, but I’m addicted to the thrill and I can’t stop, especially after something like that. I keep telling myself I’ll quit tomorrow, and maybe one of these days I will. V.O., Miami, Florida

Sloppy Seconds

It all started with a copy of Penthouse Forum. I picked up a copy at the little neighborhood market, and my wife and I got very excited as we started reading through the letters and looking through the pictures.

I started making comments to her about how I’d always dreamt about her making love to another man, then coming home afterwards full of his come for another round of hot, kinky sex with me.

I told her how badly I’d like to taste her pretty pink pussy full of another man’s come and her love juices mixed together and how I’ve often jacked off to those exact thoughts. I’d always run my fingers through my own come afterward and bring them up to my mouth and lick the sweet taste of spunk off of them.

“Don’t you ever fantasize about me with another woman?” she’d ask.

I’d say of course I did, but the biggest turn on was thinking of her with another man, whether it be the two of them alone or with me watching. Well, it wasn’t long before we found a local swingers’ website and had many, many men to choose from.

Not long after that, we found the perfect man to play with. He was someone passing through town on business: a big, tall, athletic, black man who told us he could go all night. He was multi orgasmic, which meant more pleasure for all of us. The thought of my wife with a black man got me more excited than ever.

We invited him over, and after a few drinks and a bit of small talk, we went upstairs and put on some porn. My wife went into the bedroom to put on a sexy little outfit she had bought earlier in the day.

When she came out in her skimpy little outfit, boy, did she look hot! She sat right next to our new friend on the edge of the bed and I came over and sat next to her.

“Well, if you want to fuck, don’t be shy,” he said.

I quickly pushed her face towards his cock and then slid her panties down and started licking away. Her pussy was freshly shaven and soaking wet. Meanwhile, they were struggling to get his pants off so she could suck away at his big black snake. And let me tell you what a beautiful sight that was, watching my hot, sexy wife bobbing up and down on that big cock.

I soon got up and started slowly fucking her from behind, while she continued sucking away, obviously very much enjoying her first time with a well hung black man.

After a few wonderful minutes we switched positions. My wife was now going have her pussy stuffed full of this huge prick while I fucked her face. Although his cock was much bigger than mine, I knew she would have no problem taking him in, as she was becoming wetter than ever.

As I guessed, she did take him right in. He quickly picked up the pace, fucking her harder and harder, and even slapping her ass a bit. That was a beautiful sound and my dick got even harder in her mouth.

My wife and I have always had a great sex life, but I could instantly tell it was about to get much better. He continued pounding her and spanking her, and she was absolutely loving it. I had come in her mouth and was finally just taking it all in.

Watching my wife get the fucking of her lifetime was definitely hotter than I ever could have imagined!

I got down underneath her so I could suck on her clit a bit, and I couldn’t help but be tempted to tongue his fat rod as well. I slowly started licking his cock as he slid in and out of my wife, not even knowing whether he was aware of it. At one point he pulled completely out of my wife and I took him deep into my mouth.

As they continued fucking, and I continued my thing, my wife started convulsing with orgasms. He started pumping even harder and faster, making even louder grunts and moans. I couldn’t wait for him to fill my wife up with his come.

“Come inside my wife! Come in her pussy. I want it, I want it!” I cried out.

Their moaning escalated until finally the moment arrived and they were climaxing together.

“Give it to me!” I yelled to my wife. He slid out, and she knew exactly what I wanted, grinding her pussy all over my face as I lapped up every bit of juice I could. There were globs of his thick, white come sliding past my tongue and down my throat into my stomach. I was in heaven.

I can’t even tell you how great that was. If you’ve never eaten another man’s come out of some hot, wet, just fucked pussy, you’re missing out on one of the best things in life.

As he had told us, he was an all night man. My wife not only had her pussy filled with come that night, but also her tight little asshole, and all down her throat as well, before crawling into bed with me.

We’ve played with a few other men since then, but never have we had a night quite like that. Name and address withheld