Working Hard

I was about to be married and wanted to start pulling in extra income to pay off our wedding, so I got a job at a nearby casino as a social coordinator. One day the general manager came by and said he’d heard good things about me, and invited me to his estate for lunch.

After a delicious meal we sat and talked until he got a phone call that he said would take a while so he said to make myself at home. I eventually found my way by the pool, which I admired so much that an uncontrollable urge to skinny dip overwhelmed me. After swimming I took the liberty of reclining on a lounge chair. I don’t know what caused my boldness but I was having fun.

I dozed off for a while until I was awoken by Grayson’s voice. “Beautiful, beautiful,” he said huskily. I tried to cover up but he calmed me by saying that I should be proud of my body. He went on to say that I’d burn to a crisp if I didn’t let him put some lotion on my soft skin. I gave in and soon I lay on my stomach as he coated me with suntan oil.

Then he worked his way to my ass and down my asscrack and cheeks. Instinctively I opened my legs wide and his fingers began stroking up and down my swollen pussy. They went deeper with each stroke until he stopped and stood up to unzip his pants and pull them down.

Next I felt his weight on me and then his enormous cock was pushing steadily into me.

“Oh God!” I gasped. “Is this what a social coordinator does?”

He leaned down by my ear and said, “Just you,” then reached under me to fondle my tits.

I felt my orgasm sweep over me. As I settled down I realized he wasn’t done yet. He pumped a few more times and shot a hot load into me. If this is what working is like, I’m glad I got a job! Name and address withheld

Taking Good Care

I’d just turned 18 when my mom fell ill and her coworker Sarah began to stop by daily to check on me while Mom was in the hospital. Sarah was a mature woman of 34, married with two kids. We’d always gotten along well and I always fantasized about her large tits and curvy hips and ass.

When she dropped by one night, she gave me a hug and I copped a feel of her big boobs but unlike normally, this time she didn’t just giggle and turn away. After a lingering hug, we went back to our usual activities.

As I got into the shower later I was embarrassed and surprised when she stepped into the bathroom and playfully asked if she could give me a hand. Then rather boldly she grabbed the soap and went for my stiffening, wet cock.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling as she stroked me all over my body. In record time my orgasm overwhelmed me and my come shot out of my cock into the air. Some of it ran down over her hand. Sarah washed my spunk off in the water, then she smiled and left.

When I came back out of the bathroom she was gone but had left me a short note hoping that she helped me out, adding that dinner was warming up in the oven for me.

The next night she again gave me a hug and when I fondled her tits this time she let me keep going. I boldly unbuttoned her blouse, half expecting her to stop me any second. But she went with me to the couch with her blouse still undone. She stood silently as I removed both her blouse and her bra. I was horny as hell as I feasted on the big tits I’d dreamed of so often. I could hear her moaning.

When I lifted my head from her tits I saw her with head thrown back and eyes closed as she gasped. Her hips wiggled and I slowly caressed her smooth, warm legs. I marveled at the softness of her thighs. Soon I reached her panties but she quickly clamped her legs together. I felt the heat from her crotch and became desperate.

“Not just yet, stud,” she giggled. “Get me a little wetter first.”

I noticed her erect nipples and went back to sucking them. As I did this I kept my hand in place and soon felt her thigh muscles relaxing. Then when my fingers slid down between them she opened her legs and I got my fingers in her panties. After a quick search through her bush I found her opening with my finger.

I’ll never forget that feeling as Sarah let me finger fuck her pussy for the first time. She came quickly and I got on my feet and turned her around on the couch. I yanked her panties down and then stripped myself.

I looked between her open legs and actually saw a wet, pink pussy for the first time. Then I was mounting her hungrily.

Sarah lay there completely motionless as I began to stab at her with my hard cock, trying to enter her. I had no luck, however, until I reached down and found the entrance with my fingers and a second later my cock slid into her warm wet cunt. I had just started to fuck her when she cried out, “I’m coming.” Seconds later I came too, ejaculating into a woman for the very first time.

After that I fucked her at least once a day when she stopped by while my mom was hospitalized. Name and address withheld

Indecent Exposure

I’m an attractive 26 year old mother, married with a two year old daughter. Recently I was shopping after work before going home. I was walking down the sidewalk when I realized I was begin followed by an older man who seemed to be in his 30s.

Although concerned, I didn’t think this man looked dangerous and I still felt safe. I carry a noise alarm and mace in addition to having taken self defense classes for the past year.

I walked into a shop across the street and was there about 15 minutes before continuing on my way. On my way out I noticed him again so I made a plan. I ducked around a corner down a narrow alley behind a Dumpster. When the man came by

I jumped out, my mace at the ready. I asked him what the fuck he was doing following me.

The man was taken aback. He seemed ashamed and embarrassed. Finally he told me brokenly that he thought I had a nice ass and couldn’t help himself. He really wanted to see it naked.

I couldn’t believe this man. I was pissed but I must admit, men are always telling me how nice my ass is, so this wasn’t a real shocker. And he was pretty hot, to tell the truth. But, I thought, I’m married.

I shook my head and turned to walk away when he blurted out, “I’ll give you $50 to let me look at it.”

I looked sternly at him, then boldly said, “Make it $100.” I surprised myself. This wasn’t a smart idea! I was getting turned on, however.

He pulled out the money and I moved further into the shadow of the Dumpster, checking to make sure no one else could see us. Keeping a close eye on him I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down.

“Oh man,” he moaned as I stood there in black lace panties, my back arched, my ass out. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as I reached into my panty waistband and teasingly wiggled my ass and pulled them down also. Now I was getting turned on too.

My pussy was burning hot and I couldn’t believe I was doing something so bad in public. I was married with a child and acting like a total whore, but deep down I loved it.

The man’s breathing sped up and he asked how much would it cost for him to touch it.

I thought for a few seconds then said, “Another $50.” He pulled out another $50. I felt his fingers touch the bare flesh of my ass. His hands were cold but soft and smooth.

There was something so exciting about letting a total stranger touch my bare ass that I was getting uncontrollably horny. Honestly if he’d have offered me another $100, I’d have sucked his cock right there on the spot, in the alley, by a Dumpster.

Instead he offered another $50 to kiss my ass. I accepted his proposition, of course. My husband didn’t even pay this much attention to me! His kisses began as warm and tender ones all over my cheeks, then around my sweaty ass crack.

I was taken off guard when he spread my cheeks apart to lick my hole. His tongue wormed into me and I was ecstatic. Before I knew what was happening, my muscles contracted and I started to come.

Just then he slid a finger into me and set off an intense climax like none I’d ever felt before. His finger slid in and out and I almost blacked out. My husband and I had never indulged in ass play, but this was awesome.

Before I could calm down, he quickly stood and dropped his pants and in my daze of climax he leaned me forward and pressed his cock into my ass. I relaxed my muscles as he penetrated me. He began to thrust in and out and I asked him to hurry, which he did.

He was so horny that he shot his come in my ass after only a few strokes. I felt his come shoot in my ass and it tingled. Then, breathing heavily, he pulled out and pulled up his pants.

He thrust another $100 in my hand as I pulled my jeans and panties up. I pushed past him to hurry home with a stranger’s come trickling from my tender ass.

I haven’t told my husband what happened and don’t think I will, but the whole event excites me to no end. I daydream about it all the time.

I have decided to talk my husband into trying anal with me since I now know how thrilling it is. C.W., Springfield, Illinois

Double Trouble

Our family has been friends with another family for years. I’m an only child so it was always fun to have the twin boys, Kevin and Troy, to hang out with when I was little. A few years ago they moved to another state. My parents keep in touch with them through calls, letters, and visits.

Every year around the holidays, they come spend a few days with us but this year they couldn’t make it because of work, but the twins still came up anyway. They’re 18 now, just like me, and both good looking guys and always fun to be around.

One night I went to their room to see how what they were doing. As I approached the partially open door I saw them both naked changing clothes. I froze in my tracks.

Kevin saw me and laughed, then said, “Well hello, Becca. I hope we didn’t scare you.”

Troy added, “Hey, you could give us a hand if you want.” As he said that I could clearly see their penises beginning to harden.

As if in a trance I vaguely remember walking in the room and standing in front of Troy. All the years we’d been friends, we’d never gotten sexual. But I was heading to college next year and I figured now was the time! I’d had some practice with my boyfriend, but this was a new step.

I took him in my hand and began stroking his tool. Kevin stood behind me and hugged me close. He rubbed my still clothed body. He gently caressed my back, breasts, and legs. Then he started undressing me. I didn’t resist. When he had my shirt off, Troy brought his hands up to my breasts and fondled them gently, tweaking the erect nipples.

I was in my own world. So much so that I didn’t notice Kevin pushing my leggings and panties to the floor so I could step out of them. He started rubbing my pussy in a circular motion, and I thought I’d fall over. Troy held me up while Kevin got me off with his hand. Finally we moved to the bed so we could really get down to the business of fucking!

I was kissing Troy and fondling his cock and balls while Kevin went straight back to my pussy. This time he buried his face in my folds and licked me all over until I was shaking again with pleasure. Meanwhile, Troy’s dick was growing even bigger in my hand.

After a few minutes I managed to ask if they were identical in every way. They laughed and nodded then traded positions. I fondled Kevin while Troy ate me just as well as his brother.

Then Kevin asked me if I was ready for even more fun. I said, “Yes, but since I can only do one of you at a time, the other will have to wait.”

“Not true, Becca. You have two doors for us to enter down there. You can do us both at once,” suggested Troy hopefully.

I had never had anal sex before although my previous boyfriend and I did talk about it, before we never quite went totally through with it.

“I’m not sure,” I said.

“Let me convince you,” said Kevin, and put me on my side and we got into a 69 position. I enjoyed that a lot, and then I felt Troy working lube into my ass. He probed me with first one then two fingers. By the time he got three in me I was moaning, so he withdrew them and began to work his cock into me. The feeling was very strange to say the least.

I squirmed around a lot trying to get used to the wonderful fullness, and they both told me to relax and it would be better. He continued pushing into me as his brother worked on my pussy and I shuddered in my first anal climax.

Troy began to lovingly pound my ass, then suddenly Kevin pulled away from my mouth and started to enter my wet pussy. This was an experience I’d never felt before. Fucking from front and back at the same time was absolutely amazing. Their hands roamed over me while they went in and out.

Then Troy asked Kevin if he was ready and he said, “Yes, whenever you are.” With that, they both pushed deeper and more forcefully as they began to unload their come deep inside both holes.

I can’t describe the feeling that hit me as I screamed in my own climax. I gasped and gasped and went totally limp. After a long while they both popped out of me and we lay there. I had come leaking from both holes and it felt wonderful.

After I regained my strength I got dressed and went to the bathroom to clean up before my parents got home.

We had one more encounter before they had to leave but I assured them that they didn’t want to wait till next holiday season before a visit, that they could come up anytime they wanted. I hope they do very soon. Name and address withheld

Cock Craver

My name is Melissa and I’m cock crazy. I’ve had the occasional fling while my husband is at work but I never had sex with two men at once. At least not until last week!

It began when I bought a new skirt that showed off my legs and butt perfectly. As I walked down the street I heard a loud wolf whistle and when I looked over my shoulder I saw two young guys about college age.

I bravely walked over to them and thanked them for the compliment. As we talked they told me their names were Brian and Davis. They had a camera with them and told me they were taking pictures around town for a photography project.

Since it was a somewhat chilly day out, they asked if I was cold in such a short skirt. I told them that male companionship always warms me up. An idea flashed in my mind and I told them that my husband and I lived on the 16th floor of our building and they could get great pics of the skyline from up there. They said that might work and off we went.

We got to our place and the boys took several pictures from our large window in the living room but I could tell that their real focus was on my ass and long legs.

“Hey,” I said playing the game, “our bedroom is on the corner of the building and you can see downtown from there.”

They followed me into the bedroom and took a few more shots. I bent down to pick up a pair of socks off the floor and allowed my skirt to ride up, revealing my ass, covered only by my black thong.

Davis said, “Oh shit,” and I heard his camera whizzing as I glanced back to see him shooting a picture of me.

I giggled and asked if he’d like more shots like that and he quickly nodded. I began a slow seductive striptease. When I was totally nude, it was Davis who came to me first.

He laid me down and then got on me, straddling my chest with his zipper inches from my face. I reached up and unzipped it, then pulled out his cock. As he pushed my tits together,

I allowed the head to pop in and out of my mouth.

Meanwhile Brian was undressing too. He came over and got between my legs and started licking my pussy for a few minutes before I felt him slide into me.

It was so exciting to me to have two guys at once that I went wild. In only a few minutes my climax arrived and my muscles contracted around Brian’s cock, which caused him to shoot. I felt several spurts inside me before he realized he wasn’t wearing a rubber. I made him pull out to shoot the rest on my tummy and tits.

Davis lost it at the same time and his sperm shot down my throat, making me gag slightly. We took a break and I let them both fuck me once more before I chased them out so I could clean up before my husband came home.

I hope their pictures turned out all right. R.Y., Boston, Massachusetts