Reunion Sex

My girlfriend and I had broken up in October. We realized that we weren’t right for each other and it was best that we both move on with our lives. Several months had passed and I hadn’t really given Cassie much thought. And then the call came.

I was at work one morning and my phone rang. It took me a minute to realize who it was. Cassie wanted to know if I had any weekend plans. I didn’t, so we decided to get together. The rest of the week, I planned for that Saturday night.

When I pulled up to her house Saturday afternoon, she was standing in the yard waiting for me. Her legs were long and tan, hardly covered in a miniskirt. Her tits were barely contained in a tiny tank top. My cock sprang to attention as she looked like a complete slut, and there was no doubt that she was just looking for a good fuck. And I was prepared.

She climbed into my car, leaned across the seat, and gave me a knowing kiss. Her perfume smelled terrific, and I wasted no time in driving to a nearby restaurant for a couple drinks and some food. After a few strong drinks, her desire was even stronger than ever.

She was a little confused as we left the restaurant, and I told her we wouldn’t be going to my place. Instead I took her to a local hotel, where I had already laid out the plans for a night of steamy passion.

As we got to the room, I reached into my pocket and produced a blindfold and tied it over her eyes. I led her onto the bed and pulled off her clothes. She had nothing on underneath, which didn’t surprise me. I also had to laugh when I noticed that she had already taken the liberty to shave her pussy. One less task for me that evening.

I tied her arms above her head, spread her legs, and secured them to either side of the bed. I took some scented body oil and began massaging her. She was already begging for my cock, but she’d have to wait.

After a long rubdown, I began kissing my way along her body, spending plenty of time on her neck, breasts, stomach, and thighs, purposely avoiding her dripping cunt.

Finally I couldn’t help myself, and I ran my tongue along her slit. She started fighting against her restraints as she had her first orgasm of the evening. Then I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out a string of anal beads. I lubed them up and worked them into her asshole. This drove her absolutely crazy. At this point I removed her blindfold so she could see the next item.

It was a huge dildo, which I covered in lube. I took the monster dong and placed it against her swollen pussy lips. I slowly started to work the rod into her. Once I had worked about half of the dildo into her soaking cunt the rest was easy.

She soon started screaming with another climax as I continued to work the toy in and out of her body. At the height of her ecstasy, I pulled the anal beads out of her ass, and she was in another world.

I untied her long legs and placed a pillow under her ass. With the huge fake cock still in her pussy, I raised her legs onto my shoulders, and inched my neglected cock into her ass. This sent her over the edge.

I drove into her, and within a couple of minutes I could feel the pressure of my orgasm boiling deep in my balls. As I started to shoot my hot load of jizz into her, she had one final orgasm which actually caused the dildo to shoot out of her snatch. I collapsed on top of her.

I couldn’t have planned our reunion any better. J.C., Louisville, Kentucky

Close Your Eyes

After getting in a fight with my boyfriend, I couldn’t wait to take a long hot bath. I started the bath water and decided to get some candles and wine for my relaxing time. Bringing everything I needed into the bathroom, I lit candles, poured the wine, and got undressed. I lowered myself in, closed my eyes, and relaxed.

I opened my eyes to the doorway and saw a very handsome and sexy man with brown hair, greenish blue eyes, and a body any woman would cream for, walking into the bathroom. All he had on was a towel and a smile. And all I could do was smile right back at him.

He walked up to the bathtub and sat next to it. Then he leaned in and kissed me, long and hard.

“Want to join me?” I asked.

He just kissed me again and put his hand on my breast. I looked up into his eyes and I could see he was hungry for me. I was hungry for him too.

Looking down into the water I tried to watch his hands but the bubbles were in my way. I went to move the bubbles and he said, “No, close your eyes and just feel everything I do.” I closed my eyes and put my head back and waited.

I could feel his hand cupped over my breast, squeezing lightly. His hand caressed me and pulled softly on my nipples. His breath lingered on my ear and his tongue tasted my neck. He slowly took his tongue and traced my neckline. I knew where he was going.

I sat up so just my breasts were out of the water. His tongue kept going lower and lower until he had my nipple between his teeth. He tugged a little at a time until I gasped. I heard myself giggle. I went to open my eyes and he stopped.

“If you look, I’ll leave,” he reprimanded. I kept them closed.

While he was fondling my nipple with his tongue I felt his fingers tracing an invisible line down to my pussy. I opened my legs enough for his fingers to play with my clit. He started rubbing slowly and I held in a moan. He started rubbing faster and faster until a moan escaped from my lips. The faster he rubbed my clit the more moans came out.

Right before I was about to come he slid his fingers deep inside. I felt like I would just explode. The more I screamed the harder he pumped his fingers into my pussy.

“I’m coming!” I shouted, as my climax shook my whole body.

As I started to relax I felt his hand slowly pulling away. Wondering what he was up to, I opened my eyes. He was gone.

Feeling a little upset with myself for opening my eyes I got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my body. As I blew out the candles it turned dark in the bathroom. I went to reach for the light, but someone was in the way of the switch.

His arms felt so strong I just wanted to be held by them. I caressed his body and felt the towel still around his waist. I pulled it off while kissing him and reached for his cock. It was long and hard, just how I like it.

I kissed his neck, moving down to his chest. I started stroking his dick, licking the wet tip with my tongue. He quivered in my mouth as I took my tongue and traced his shaft lovingly with the tip.

Then I pulled him into my mouth, the whole wonderful length of it. I sucked harder and faster while stroking and fondling his balls. He grew harder in my mouth and I knew he was ready to come.

He grabbed me and pulled me up to put me onto the counter. He took my legs and spread them, placing them over his shoulders. He played with my clit with his tongue, licking and sucking. While still licking my clit he put two fingers inside me, far enough to reach my G spot.

I screamed and dug my nails into his back. He pulled away and, keeping my legs spread, slammed his cock into my wetness. The harder he slammed the louder I yelled, my nails digging harder down his arms.

“I’m coming again,” I yelled.

“Me too,” he said with a groan, and we exploded simultaneously.

When we were done he pulled out and started to walk away.

“You were the best I ever I had,” I cried out.

“You too,” he said, as he turned on the light. To my surprise, it was my boyfriend. Name and address withheld

You’ve Got Me, Babe

As the sunlight begins to break through the clouds, I lay there next you, enjoying the feel of your warm breath against my neck. My body begins to tingle as I feel your fingers dance across my skin. With every touch, my body comes alive, from the flush in my cheeks to the wet warmth between my thighs.

I sigh deeply as your hands make their way to my breasts, your fingers lingering on my nipples. You softly whisper in my ear all the ways you want to pleasure me and I shiver as I picture the erotic scene in my mind.

You roll over and stare down at me with a deliciously evil grin on your face. Your hands cup my breasts and my soft moans let you know my body is craving your lips, your tongue and most of all, your cock. Feeling your fingers move down my body, my legs part with a mind of their own.

Your hand moves down my hips to my outer lips and you slip your fingers inside my already wet pussy. You begin to pump your fingers in and out of me. Oh, how you know my body, how to do just the right things.

You slide down my body and just like before, your tongue dances and flickers against my clit, causing my body to buck in pure delight. You continue to thrust your fingers in and out and move your tongue, all the while knowing how my desire to feel your cock in my pussy is driving me wild with passion.

You stop only to move your way back up my body, kissing every inch along the way. I feel your hard cock press against me. I move my hand to feel its stiffness.

You sigh and whisper, “Wrap your mouth around me.”

We kneel on the bed and I take your cock in hand and tease it with my tongue, starting at the bottom of your shaft and moving to the tip while my palms caress your balls. I begin to suck your cock, putting it deep in my mouth, moving up and down.

I can hear your breath quicken and you can’t take it anymore. You throw me back down on the bed, spreading my thighs apart as you thrust into my waiting pussy with your hard, throbbing cock.

Our hips begin to rock back and forth as you fill my pussy. We begin a slow rhythm, your cock sliding in and out of my wet heat, your fingers still playing with my clit. I roll onto my stomach and you come up behind me and kiss my neck.

You pull me hard against your cock as you enter my pussy once again. I tell you to take me hard and you grab my breasts and thrust your cock into me, making every inch of my body come even more alive.

Just as I think there’s no possible way this can get any better, you pull out, whispering to me to lie on the bed. You slither your way back down to my hot pussy and then flick your tongue against my clit. Your tongue delves deep inside of me making me arch my back.

I grab the sheets in pure ecstasy. My orgasm builds as your tongue takes control of my body. I know longer try to hold back.

“Oh God! Oh God!” I cry out, as I tumble over the edge into sweet, hot, orgasmic oblivion.

We roll over and face each other. You gaze into my eyes and smile at me. I gaze back and run my fingers through your chest hair. I lean over and part your lips with my tongue. I kiss you until I feel your body tense.

“I need you now,” you moan.

I whisper back to you, “And you can have me,” as I straddle you and slide your dick into my awaiting pussy. I rock slowly back and forth, savoring the feel of your hard cock rubbing against every inch of my pussy. I clench around your dick, forcing your climax out of you at the same moment mine leaves me. We cry out as the pleasure washes over us, leaving us limp and satisfied. E.P., Madison, Wisconsin

Love in an Elevator

I look up slowly as you hurry to catch the elevator before the doors close. I gasp softly when I realize it’s you and my legs become jelly. I turn slightly away to hide my cheeks, which are quickly turning red. Not from embarrassment, but from an intense arousal that only you make me feel.

Of course, it doesn’t help that you’re all hot and sweaty from a jog outside and I can smell your masculine aroma. I would love to bottle your scent and just sit in my bedroom sniffing it while I masturbate.

My eyes close, savoring your smell and the sound of your ragged breathing. I sigh softly and I know what I’ll be doing as soon as I get back to my apartment.

My eyes fly open at the sound of the elevator stopping. It’s not the normal sound of it stopping at each floor, but an abrupt stop which can only mean one thing. Being stranded in an elevator with the hunk next door had never even occurred to me in my wildest fantasies.

Not that anything would happen, I think to myself. He’ll never notice me. I dress to conceal my flaws, just as any other woman, but my friends tell me my clothing is too proper. I roll my eyes every time they say that. If they only knew what I wore underneath!

I sigh again and glance at you out of the corner of my eye. I finally notice that you’re not wearing a shirt and I take it all in greedily, every ridge of your stomach, the dusky color of your nipples, and the sprinkling of hair across your chest and leading down towards heaven. I slowly lick my lips, imagining what’s hidden below.

I blush even harder as you catch me staring at your cock and I glance away, not noticing a sudden rise in said area. I turn towards the back of the elevator, desperately trying to calm my breathing.

With my head bent, I feel a tickle against my nape, making me shiver. Out of the corner of my eye, I see your shadow hovering nearby and feel your body heat seeping through my blouse. I glance up and over my shoulder and I see you staring down my blouse at my deep cleavage.

I turn around quickly and you step back, startled. I pursue you until you’re backed against the wall of the elevator and my hand slowly reaches up to caress your hard chest. Our breath mingles as I rise on my toes and bring my lips closer, barely brushing against your jaw.

My kisses slide across your jaw and up to your mouth, slowly sucking your bottom lip into my mouth. Feeling no resistance from you, my hands hold your head still while I kiss you passionately, my tongue slipping slowly between your lips.

I feel your arms come around my waist and pull me closer against your hard body, my breasts and hips molding against you. I moan softly and rotate my hips against yours, feeling your hard cock pressing back.

One of my hands travel down your chest, stopping to pinch a nipple before reaching for the elastic band of your shorts. Your breathing stops and you wonder if I’ll go any further.

A second later, you have your answer when my hand slides in your shorts to slowly trail down the length of your dick. I feel your hands come between us to quickly unbutton my blouse and suddenly I’m standing in front of you wearing only a lacy bra that barely conceals my nipples.

Seeing the lust on your face, I fall to my knees and yank your shorts down around your ankles and slowly, oh so slowly, take the head of your cock into my mouth while I stare into your misty eyes.

Your hands tangle in my hair, making it come loose from the clips. Still looking into your eyes, my mouth slides up and down your cock, stopping at the head to suck.

You pull my head off of your cock just before you explode, pulling me roughly to my feet and pinning me against the wall. I feel your hand glide up my thigh and between my legs and hear your breath hitch in your throat when you realize I’m wearing crotchless panties. I lift one leg and wrap it around your waist, pulling you closer to my soaked pussy.

Your hands go to my ass and lift me, making me completely helpless against your assault. With my hands in your hair, I kiss you passionately and wrap both legs around your waist, knowing you’ll keep me from falling. With my dripping pussy so close to your straining dick, you lose control and I feel you probing me.

I gasp loudly as you enter me, my head thrown back in ecstasy. Oh God, your cock is so big and hard inside me and I feel my pussy muscles tighten around you.

Your thrusting increases until we’re both gasping for breath, sweat dripping down our bodies. You feel me tense and my breath stop and you know I’m very close to coming.

My scream echoes in your ears as my body thrashes against yours wildly, my pussy tightening around your cock. Seeing the ecstasy on my face, you let yourself go and my pussy milks the come from your dick.

As the last tremors go through my body, I slowly lower my legs to the floor and rest my forehead against your sweating chest. Suddenly, the elevator is back in motion and we both scramble to put our clothes back on.

After my clothes are on and my proper persona back in place, I lean up and give you one more kiss, wishing we had more time to explore. You look down at me, slightly dazed and disoriented as the elevator stops at my floor. I smile seductively up into your sweat streaked face as I’m about to step off of the elevator.

“Same place, same time tomorrow?” I ask innocently.

The smile on your face says it all. I make a mental note to give the custodian some thank you cookies for stalling the elevator and making my fantasy finally happen. K.L., New York, New York

Fantasy Fulfilled

My girlfriend Mona has always talked as if she would like to do something outside of the sexual norm, but then she gets too shy and talks herself out of going all the way with it.

She thinks of a hundred reasons why not to, and the big one is she isn’t confident in the way she looks and the way she performs. I tell her that she’s more than adequate in both departments, with her beautiful 38D tits and dime sized areolae.

I love sliding down her soft, flat tummy to her perfectly clean, waxed beaver with a hard clit and a love canal that’s so juicy and wet it seems to never go dry. How I would love to see that beautiful slit of hers filled with another man’s big hard cock, to see her please another man the way she pleases me.

To see her with her mouth shoved full of bursting manhood would be so hot. But that is where the fantasy ends, Mona’s never been with anyone but me, so she’s a little nervous. So I thought I would trick her into making her fantasy come to life.

One of the ways we had talked about doing it is that I’d have one of my friends that we trusted come over and I’d pretend to leave. Then I’d sneak back in to make sure if Mona couldn’t go through with it that she would be safe. This seemed to give her more confidence. I don’t think she thought that I would ever go through with it, but I did.

It was the day before her birthday and I thought, what a great gift that would be, to make her fantasy come true today. I had already arranged for a friend of mine to come over and put the moves on my girlfriend for her birthday. He was set to come over that afternoon.

Luke was a friend that Mona admired, and we had talked about him before. He’s been over a few times to help with some carpentry work and I always got laid as soon as he left. So if any man could break down her walls I thought it would definitely be him. Luke was tall and had a hard body from working at the sawmill. He was cut and golden brown from working in the sun all day.

Mona and I had a few margaritas to loosen her up to the idea that I was about to spring on her. I told her that Luke was coming over for her birthday with a wink to give her an idea of what was going on and without a word she smiled back at me as if to say okay.

Luke came over about two that afternoon and I said I needed to go get some more to drink and left the two of them alone. While they were in the kitchen making small talk, I drove once around the block, parked my car, came back through the side door, and snuck upstairs. It sounded like I was just in time because I could hear them kissing near the stairs below me.

He had already pulled Mona’s top down to expose her beautiful, milky white globes. He was caressing them and pinching her rock hard nipples softly. She had his shirt pulled off, caressing his hard upper body. She could see his tan line as his jeans were pulled down against his hips and she wanted to see more.

He laid her back on the steps and she got a good look at the bulge that she had made in his pants. She was a little shaky as she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and let his dick loose.

“Oh my God!” Mona exclaimed, as his nine inch snake was unleashed.

It was huge from my point of view, not to mention very thick. She could barely get her hand around it as she stroked it into her mouth. Taking little more than the head of his cock, she accepted the challenge. As she began to relax, I really began to enjoy watching the both of them.

As I could see them both getting into each other I could just imagine how dripping wet her sweet pussy was getting as he hungrily sucked and kissed on those big pink nipples.

He then reached down with his free hand and began to rub and press on her cunt through her tiny denim shorts. The legs on them were a little loose so he could slide his hand up the side of her thigh and reach her honey hole with no problem.

As he was rubbing her aching pussy, every few strokes he would push up hard against her clit, letting her know that he could give her pleasure at a moment’s notice and making her whimper every time he applied more pressure.

I knew Mona’s hands weren’t idle because he was making his fair share of sounds, and it was all I could do to keep quiet as I had my cock in hand feeling the moment through them.

Watching her work his meat like a master potter works clay, every stroke was a masterpiece as she gripped his pulsating muscle tight with slow, hard strokes. Then she’d loosen her grip and give him some short fast stokes from the middle of his massive fuck stick to its head, every so often reaching down and dipping into her own sweet juices and giving his cock a taste of what it was getting ready to get into.

As they worked their way out of their clothes and to the top of the stairs I just had to get a better view so I went down the back stairs and into the front door. My office was right across from the stairs so I had a great view of her pussy.

As I looked up Mona was on the top step laying back, her feet on the next step down. Her beautiful wet pussy shone and I could see her nectar running down the crack of her ass for a moment. Then Luke was there to lick it up, making long, soft strokes at first, not wasting a drop of her delicious love oil.

He used his tongue very well, planting it as deep inside her as he could then pulling it out, making a swirling motion around her perfectly swollen pussy lips. He was careful not to go right for her clit. Luke could feel Mona urging him in that direction but he knew what he was doing and it was sending her into ecstasy as she awaited his next move.

That move was a direct hit. As he put the pressure to her engorged clit her back arched so hard it lifted her upper body off the floor. She grabbed his head and smashed it into her cunt.

“Suck me hard, you fucker!” Mona yelled, which he did. But only for a moment before he moved his tongue from her wet folds to stuff two fingers in. His mouth moved to her clit, flicking her button fast, then slow, then taking all of it in his mouth and sucking, alternating hard and soft. All while he was fucking her with his fingers at a nice slow pace.

Luke had Mona right where he wanted her and Mona had Luke exactly where she wanted him. He had her on the verge of orgasm many times, pulling back just before sweet release, thinking that just when she couldn’t take any more he would tease her again.

Mona was ready to explode and so was I. Luke stayed one second too long sucking on her clit and she wouldn’t be denied what was rightfully hers. Her back arched one more time and she exploded with a huge gush of come in Luke’s face.

I had never seen her come like that before. I knew she was a gusher but never like this. Watching her come seep from her cunt and onto the steps was more than even I could handle.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot one the biggest loads of my life all over my office door and my hand. And Mona still had to get Luke.

In the midst of my orgasm Mona had laid Luke on his back at the top of the stairs. Mona was at the top of the stairs by his side, leaning over and sucking his huge prong. Luke made the saying “hung like a mule” come to mind. I couldn’t get over how it filled her hands and mouth. I wanted to see it fill her with come.

Mona was giving Luke one hell of a knobjob, taking him as far as she could in her mouth then using her hands, stroking his balls and cock at the same time and hungrily licking up and down the full shaft. Then she’d take him back in her mouth with quick easy strokes, then long, hard ones, as if she was trying to suck down a thick malt. She twisted her head from side to side, giving him everything he had and more.

Luke was groaning a little louder and with each passing stroke he was getting to the point of no return. She could’ve made him come in an instant, but suddenly she stopped.

“You’re going to plunge that big fucker deep inside my pussy, and fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before,” Mona said sweetly.

Luke had been rubbing and playing with her sweet, drenched cunt while she had him in her mouth, so she was ready to go.

The moment I had been waiting for all day and all of the seven years that Mona and I were together was finally going to happen.

Mona kept Luke flat on his back, and as she faced him she gently lowered herself down on his enormous, rock hard dick.

I could feel myself begin to swell as her slippery wet cunt began to be split apart by this perfect fuck missile ascending into her dark abyss. I could see her swollen pussy lips slowly begin to engulf his massive pole. The head slipped in and then Mona’s pussy began to stretch to its limit.

It was so beautiful seeing her slit spread apart by such a perfect specimen of cock, watching it ever so slowly disappear into the sweet, wet folds of her aching cunt. Mona made sure that she took every inch of Luke’s cock before she slowly lifted herself off then back down again.

Every stroke she made was a stroke I made on myself. Watching her gave me such indescribable pleasure. Just as if she was becoming a well oiled machine her strokes became progressively faster as the sensation of pleasure began to fill her body.

She could no longer hold it in and cries of satisfaction filled the air from both Mona and Luke. Even I was groaning out loud a little, although never taking my eyes away from her cock filled cunt.

Mona still was not finished. I think she wanted to make sure I was there so she rotated around and faced the down the stairs. As she looked down our eyes met and I gave her a little wave with my come soaked hand.

Without saying a word she turned back toward Luke and not many strokes later they were two piles of limp orgasms as Luke left one of the biggest, sloppiest loads I’ve ever seen on her cunt.

Mona and I talk about and still fantasize about Luke, and he still comes over every now and then. For now that seems to be enough.

It’s been three years since one of the most exciting experiences of lives and we’re very happy know that our fantasies can come to life whenever we want them to. P.S., Santa Monica, California