Making New Friends

I’m a 19 year old male who just moved to Southern California a year ago to get my college degree. I feel I’ve got pretty good looks and a certain type of charm with the ladies.

My first few semesters I managed to get with quite a few girls but I never wanted to have a girlfriend because I felt I would be tied down. In the middle of my second year of college

I finally got a girlfriend.

She was a tall brunette, with a banging, athletic body. We were going strong for a few months and things were going okay except for one thing she was a virgin and had no desire to lose her virginity to anyone anytime soon!

As a young horny male this became extremely difficult for me, but I figured that if I could bide my time I would eventually have sex with her and it would be great. Man, was I wrong! She kept her legs tightly closed and her pussy stayed pure.

One weekend when she was out of town I was introduced to a new resident that moved into my dorm. I was in lust instantly. She introduced herself as Heather, a 21 year old who was five foot five with blonde hair and one of the tightest asses I’d ever seen. A few nights after I met her my friend and I were going to a party and thought I’d invite her so she could meet some new people.

We had some drinks before walking to the party and were feeling real good by the time we arrived. There was even more alcohol there along with loud music and dancing. We started some small talk and the topic soon turned to sex.

I asked her to tell me the craziest thing she’d ever done. Her answer not only shocked me but also got my mind and dick racing. She said when she was 19 she used to be a stripper at a place back home.

Within the next hour her dance moves showed me she wasn’t lying about her stripper past and I could tell she liked the way my bulge in my pants was rubbing against her ass. I was feeling slightly guilty because I hadn’t cheated on a girlfriend ever.

Before I knew it I was walking with her to the bathroom and she pulled me in with her. As soon as the door shut she pulled my massive erection out of my pants and started stroking me off while we were making out. Before long she told me she wanted to fuck the shit out of me. Of course, I had no problem with that!

We got out of the bathroom and walked back to the dorm while making out. I pulled her tits out of her low cut shirt and they stayed exposed the whole way home.

When we finally got back to my room I threw her onto my bed and started ripping her clothes off. I instantly noticed the tattoo on her lower back and it turned me on even more. It was a small star just above her ass and I thought it was so sexy and fitted her just right.

Before I knew it we were naked and she was licking my dick like the fate of mankind depended on it. She gave amazing head and liked to look at me while she licked the tip of my dick and then stuffed it all in her mouth and down her throat.

After some amazing head I knew

I had to get inside her wet pussy. I grabbed a condom from my desk but she said that I wouldn’t need one, she was on the Pill and hated the feel of condoms in her cunt. I couldn’t wait to fuck this girl.

She got on top first and rode my dick for a while. Her pussy was so wet and inviting, sex had never felt so good. As she writhed on top of me her warm cunt seemed to grip my dick perfectly in its tight, wet grasp.

Thank God I had some alcohol in me or I would have come way too quickly. I could feel my load churning in my balls, but I held back as long as I could. She pumped up and down on me for what seemed like an eternity, until I finally shot off in her while she climaxed, screaming out my name.

After we both came we laid together for a while. Before I knew it I was hard again and ready for more of her delicious body. This time I went down on her pussy, teasing her by kissing all down her tits and flat, tanned tummy first.

She had the sweetest tasting pussy I’d ever eaten. She especially liked it when I would slide a finger in it while licking her clit. I worked her pussy hard with my tongue until she was grabbing my hair and yelling like a banshee. After she came again she wanted my cock back inside her.

This time I wanted her doggie style so I could play with her tight ass while fucking her from the back. She loved doggie style as much as I did and loved it when I would pull her hair back and rub her clit at the same time. Eventually I pulled out and shot my load all over her tattoo.

After sleeping for a few more hours I awoke to her sucking my dick again while she was stroked the base. As she moaned with her pink lips around my dick, I noticed she had two of her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Seeing her finger herself and suck me off at the same time made my cock harder than ever.

After she had me fully hard again I spread her legs and stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I got my tool wet with her juices and rubbed her clit lightly to tease her before I entered her. She giggled and begged me to fuck her hard.

Finally I slipped inside her and pounded her pussy hard. With each thrust I got deeper and deeper into her slippery cunt. Since it was my third time of the night I had much more stamina and she appreciated it as much as I did.

After quite some time I was ready to come again, but this time she said to pull out before I came so she could swallow my come.

I thrust inside her a few more times before pulling out and pushing my cock into her wet mouth. She took every inch of my hard cock in her mouth and swallowed every drop of my come.

By six in the morning we’d had unbelievable sex four times and we were both absolutely exhausted. We slept a few hours and then took a shower together and fucked again.

The next day I felt a little bit guilty about the fact I still had a girlfriend. That quickly came to an end within the next few days when she came back. I told her I just needed a lot more pussy than she could give me.

After the virgin and I broke up Heather and I started dating and have been together for almost four months. She’s an amazing girl who loves sex and loves it all the time.

She’s definitely a whole lot different than the virgin girlfriend who would never put out, and I’m a lot happier, even if I am tired all the time from constant fucking! Name and address withheld

Oh, Baby!

When I first met my wife Linda we couldn’t wait to start a family, but we couldn’t manage to get pregnant for about three years. We tried all kinds of techniques by various medical professionals. Finally I went to the doctor to check my sperm count and it turned out it was too low to achieve conception. We were devastated.

After a lot of arguing, tears, and heart to heart talking, Linda suggested we get a sperm donor to do the job. I wasn’t happy at all with that but since my wife was so desperate I gave in. Nothing really impressed us at the sperm bank which led us back to square one.

Finally we settled on a guy that we both knew vaguely but who seemed to have all the qualities we desired. We worked up the courage and asked him. He was naturally somewhat overwhelmed by the whole idea but asked what was in it for him.

After another big discussion we both decided that instead of having Spencer donate the normal way that I would allow the two of them to have sex in order to conceive. The idea excited me and we got things in gear.

We agreed on a date the following weekend. The plan was that I had to be present the entire time. We even had a contract written up for when Linda delivered the baby and beyond. It would be our baby exclusively.

The following week came painfully slow and my emotions drove me half insane. After all, my wife was going to be made pregnant by another man and I’d be raising the child as my own.

The day arrived and Linda got ready. She shaved her pubic hair, which she’d never done for me, and she wore white stockings with a white thong, matching white lace bra, heels, and nothing else.

Spencer arrived and I let him in as we exchanged small talk. Linda strolled in casually. Both my eyes and Spencer’s nearly popped out of our heads. She looked amazing!

Spencer was a smooth talker for sure and he buttered Linda up with compliments while he eased her bra straps off her shoulders to reveal her beautiful breasts, then sucked her hard nipples. She responded by unzipping his pants and getting his hard dick out. Linda got on her knees and after a quick glance my way began sucking his cock.

Soon Spencer stopped her and eased her up on the couch, then got between her legs and teased her pussy with the tip of his cock. Linda moaned and purred with unbridled pleasure. I almost passed out with lust, jealousy, and desire. It should have been me planting my seed in her but I was reduced to just watching.

Strangely, though, I was turned on by all of this and took out my own cock to stroke while I watched. Linda shuffled forward on the sofa so Spencer could get his length inside her completely. He slowly pushed into her and they both let out a loud moan. He began to thrust in and out of her and his balls slapped her ass. He really enjoyed himself because each time it seemed he was going to climax, he’d stop, then start again.

He looked at me and smiled. “Not bad, hey?” He looked at Linda and asked, “Are you ready for it, babe?”

She eagerly nodded. “Oh, give it to me please. Give me a baby.”

I couldn’t take it and staggered out of the room, my heart racing. But I could still hear them and in spite of myself I went back in. When I got back in they were in a 69 and didn’t notice me.

Linda was sucking away on Spencer’s cock like she was starving as he hungrily ate her wet, pink, swollen cunt. He gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her tightly to his face. Despite my mixed emotions, I stripped my clothes off and stood beside my wife.

She finally noticed me and stopped sucking and had me sit on the couch so she could suck my cock while Spencer fucked her doggie style. We all went wild as Spencer banged her back and forth on my hard cock.

Soon Spencer let out a loud groan and shot his load inside my wife. I came too and she lovingly sucked my come down her throat before collapsing in her own climax. Come leaked from her swollen pussy lips.

After a brief rest, Linda suggested another round with Spencer to help ensure the conception. All my doubts were gone and I gave them my permission with joy. They fucked twice more before he left that night.

For the next two weeks Spencer came over every other night. A little over two weeks later we learned Linda was definitely pregnant.

Linda had a perfectly healthy baby boy and all was good and I soon learned that she’d enjoyed Spencer so much that she wanted more. He became a regular visitor to our place and inevitably fathered another child for us. I’ve accepted everything in stride and raise our children lovingly. L.R., Nashua, New Hampshire

Trying New Things

My wife Bianca is very pretty and very kinky. I mean, she’s wild, and she always talks me into doing crazy things. We’ve had many threesomes over the years with both men and women.

Once she told me that she’d like to see me dressed as a woman in her sexy clothes, complete with wig and makeup. I did as she asked and Bianca got so turned on from it that we fucked like crazy for hours.

After that she had me dress up more often and even began shaving my legs. Things took off after that and she talked me into letting her take pictures of me naked and tied up, as well as dressed like a woman.

Things progressed fairly normally when one night after hot sex she said she had a fantasy of seeing me with another man.

“No fucking way!” I said, and we had a fight. She wouldn’t fuck me for days until finally I brought the subject up again and told her rather reluctantly again that if that’s what she truly wanted I’d try it, but just once. She kissed me and said thank you.

Two days later she came home excited and said she had shown my pics in drag to her friend Clint at work who was bisexual. He really got turned on and wanted to meet me in drag. I sheepishly tried to get out of it but Bianca put up a fuss so I finally said okay and we set up a date for that Friday night.

Bianca dressed me in my complete get up with a wig, makeup, sexy lingerie, and a tight dress. Then she shaved my entire body until I was smooth all over. I must say that I looked pretty good.

Bianca and I had several drinks while awaiting Clint’s arrival. When he got there we were introduced and had some more drinks. Clint really eyed me up and even grabbed my butt as we turned to go to the living room. Bianca went to the kitchen at one point and he was sitting with me on the couch.

Suddenly he ran a hand up my nylon clad leg to my thigh and under my skirt. He squeezed my crotch and I jumped. This was still all so strange to me. He just laughed and told me to relax and then Bianca came back into the room.

A little while later Bianca asked me if I was ready. I nervously said I guess so and with that she took my hand and had Clint wait in the living room. She led me to the bedroom and we made out a while as she kept telling me how turned on she was. I was getting hot too but was still nervous.

“I guess it’s now or never,” I said to her quietly. She stopped kissing me and smiled, then got up to get Clint. When she returned with him several minutes later, he was totally naked.

His cock was fully hard, about eight inches long and very thick too. As I lay there I felt my own cock stir in anticipation. Clint approached the bed and got beside me as Bianca sat on a chair to watch. I saw her spread her legs and rub her pussy under her skirt.

“Just relax,” Clint said again as he ran his hands all over me. He cupped my ass and fondled my cheeks awhile before he pushed my panties down. I took them the rest of the way off and his hands went back to exploring.

It wasn’t long till I felt his fingers probing my hole. Then with a little pressure, I felt a finger penetrate my ass. Soon he worked another finger into me and I winced because it hurt a little but felt good at the same time.

Next he turned me on my stomach and his wonderful hands massaged my ass before resuming their probing. He then spread my cheeks and I felt his warm wet tongue licking my balls and the crack of my ass. When his tongue slipped inside me it felt so incredible that I almost came.

After rimming me for several minutes he got up and pulled me to my knees. Here we go, I thought.

Bianca interrupted by saying there was some lube in the nightstand and Clint retrieved it. I felt him squirt some on my ass and work it in me then put some on his cock. He got behind me and gently pressed his hardness against me.

Again he told me to relax, adding that he wouldn’t hurt me. I felt his cockhead stretch me then slide in. I squirmed a little but he held me still. He asked if he should continue and I nodded yes.

He continued working himself into me and when I looked at Bianca her hand was a blur as she rubbed her pussy vigorously.

By then Clint’s cock was buried deep inside me. I’d never felt so full in my life. His cock stretched my ass to the limit until gradually he began riding me and my breathing got heavy and fast.

As his pace increased I didn’t know how much more either of us could take. He was pounding my ass hard when he reached around to grab my stiff cock and stroke it. I was in heaven. I was about to come when I felt him tense up and thrust even harder inside me while he jerked me faster. Then I felt his hot come shooting inside my grateful ass.

He jerked violently on me and I exploded, shooting my own come all over his hand and the bed sheets. As he kept shooting his last drops he collapsed on me and we both landed face down on the bed. His cock slid out of my tender hole with a wet plopping sound.

As Clint rolled away catching his breath he got up and went to clean off in the bathroom. Bianca came over and licked my come off my cock. Then she rolled me over and started sucking my limp cock back to life. When I was hard again she got on me and mounted me.

As she rode me, I saw Clint come from the bathroom and get on the bed behind her, cock in hand. He worked his cock into her ass and she moaned in delight. We all fucked each other until we came a few more times, then fell asleep in a sweaty pile.

Since then I can’t get enough dressing up as well as sucking and fucking nice hard cocks. Clint’s was the first in my ass but it won’t be my last. Bianca couldn’t be happier. Name and address withheld

Solo Swinger

I walked into the room alone. Alone and hesitant. I’d never done anything like this before. Looking around the foyer, I noticed a couple at the booth.

They were a young couple, probably in their 20s. The woman wore a short black skirt, long black boots, and a white low cut white shirt, displaying just enough cleavage to get noticed. The man with her was tall and attractive. His wavy hair fell just above his eyes, and he had a quality to him that exuded self confidence.

There were candles glowing everywhere, creating a feeling of serenity, with shadows dancing and flickering on the walls. Music pounded from one of the rooms inside, flooding the air with heavy bass vibrations.

It was clear the couple had been there before. It was my first time and I’d decided to come by myself to check things out. My husband was at home sleeping obliviously. If he only knew what I was doing at one in the morning, he would kill me. Or maybe he would be so turned on he’d strip my panties off and have to fuck me right then and there.

We’d talked about going to a swingers’ club several times before. We even drove by it once but chickened out at the last minute, using the excuse of not being able to find suitable parking.

We’re a fairly daring couple when it comes to sex. We’ve had a couple of threesomes, one with another man and one with another woman. It was exciting and it adds another dimension to our sex life.

We also experiment with making amateur videos of ourselves and role playing. We range from doing it rough to making love that is so tender and sweet that I can’t imagine not having my husband in my life.

My husband and I believe that it’s sex that makes the marriage. With all the outside influences kids, work, life in general it is the sanctity of our bedroom that provides the bond we need to come together and solve all of life’s problems.

Visiting a swingers’ club is the one thing we’ve never done. I can’t say that we need to do it, but since we’re both open, uninhibited, and not jealous, there is no reason not to try it at least once. That’s why I was at the club alone. I couldn’t sleep and my husband had just used my ass as his personal playing field.

I didn’t feel like coming earlier that night, but as I stood in the entrance to the club I was horny as hell. I called the “social club” to get some information. I figured that the more information I had about it, the more likely we would be to actually step foot inside. So there I was.

Just being there made me wet and I could feel my pussy throbbing. I wasn’t sure how far I’d go with anyone, but the excitement of being there and watching the mating dance of other people was almost too much to bear. I couldn’t wait to get inside and join the fun.

I thought I might flirt with another couple, just enough to turn them on. Sometimes the fantasy of having sex with a third person is as good as actually having that person.

I felt pretty confident as I walked into the first room. There were couples all around engaged in various activities. In the corner were three people, one man and two women.

One of the women was blonde and naked, and the other had short dark hair and was sucking on the other woman’s tits. The man watched, getting himself off with one hand and fingering the blonde woman’s snatch with the other. I decide to watch them for a bit.

Soon the brunette began to move down the blonde’s body, exercising her tongue. She paused briefly at her navel on her way to her pussy. Even in the dim light I could tell the blonde’s pussy was glistening wet. She was sitting on a chair with her legs spread far apart. I

As I watched this scene unfold before me I couldn’t help but reach down and touch my aching pussy. My hand went inside my panties, alternately stroking my clit and shoving my fingers inside myself.

The man noticed me and crossed the room. I was still watching the two women and was so aroused I barely realized he was standing next to me. Without saying a word he guided me down to the chair, split my legs apart and blew hot breath between them.

Reaching down below his belt, I felt his hard cock and began to caress it. As I kneaded it, the blonde woman joined us. Unbuttoning my shirt she removed my bra and used her tongue to taunt my nipples. He was at my pussy and she was at my tits.

The scene was surreal. I knew I was there physically but the self I knew wasn’t. I was transported to a different world, a world in which I was a completely sexual being and all I existed for was to satiate my and my partners’ desires. As my hips rocked up and back the man’s tongue found the spot. I could feel it swelling as he sucked and teased.

My left hand ran through the woman’s silky hair while my right hand found her navel. She had a belly button ring which I found to be very erotic. I slowly slid my hand down to her pussy. There wasn’t much hair and from the top of her muff line I could feel the wet heat moistening my hand. My fingers found their way to her clit where I gently played, squeezing it between my fingers. It grew hard and I could feel it throbbing.

He had moved up to my breasts while she made her way to his cock. She bent over, inviting me to move behind her and giving me a perfect view of her slick pussy lips. Knowing it would be the perfect combination of sweet and bitter, I ached to feel her in my mouth.

I moved between her legs and flicked her clit with my tongue. She moaned, giving me a message to keep going, so I moved further into her. I allowed my tongue to explore her inner lips before delving into her pussy. The scent of her cunt turned me on. I poked in and out of her, playing alternately with her clit and her snatch.

I have to say I was nervous, since I had never done anything like that with another woman. As I enjoyed the new experience of a wet cunt under my mouth, the brunette moved behind me and pulled my panties all the way down. With a lick of her lips, she started in on my pussy.

Now we were in a perfect chain, with the blonde sucking the man’s cock, me eating out the blonde, and the brunette bringing me off with her tongue. Soon we were all shuddering and moaning as one by one we brought each other to the edge of ecstasy.

I smiled shyly and pulled myself together to go home. When I got there I told my husband how far I’d gone, and now he wants to come back with me. Next time I’m going to fuck a stranger, and I can’t wait. Name and address withheld

The Next Step

My wife Lynn has always been adventurous and I’ve encouraged her in every way. She’s hot, no doubt, and always turns heads wherever she goes with her long, wavy, blonde hair and amazing tits. She often wears short skirts and low cut tops as a solid guarantee of attention, so I knew it was inevitable that someday she would go further than just dressing sexy and being an exhibitionist when I was present.

I had to work late one Friday and she went out with her friends. I got home by midnight and about 15 minutes later Lynn called. She said she was at a bar and told me she’d be staying a bit longer.

That’s when I heard a guy’s voice calling to her. I asked about it and she said he was nice enough to dance with her and she hoped I didn’t mind. I said I didn’t and she said she’d see me in a couple of hours.

Finally around two o’clock in the morning her car pulled into the driveway. I met her at the door and my dick automatically hardened. I’d never seen the dress she was wearing before. It was bright red and tight, cut low in front exposing most of her awesome tits. The hem was only about two inches past the bottom of her ass cheeks. She looked hot.

But the most exciting part was the pile of messed up hair and the glazed look in her eyes that told me she’d just been fucked.

“Like my dress?” she asked with a sexy smile.

“Looks like it did some good,” I answered as I pulled her to me for a kiss. She responded with fiery passion, her tongue deep in my mouth.

I grabbed her tits and she tensed up a little. “They’re a little sore,” she explained.

“Swollen?” I asked, “Did the dress do that?”

“Kind of,” she said.

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“Well,” she began, “the guy I met was named Ryan and he kept looking at my tits, which got me excited. He saw I was aroused and he began feeling me up. He squeezed them lightly at first and I got more excited so he squeezed them harder. Should I go on?” she asked, tickling my hard cock through my boxers.

“I think we better move to the couch,” I replied quickly.

I set her on the couch and when she lay back I got the next shock. Her dress had ridden up and I saw her bare pussy.

“You don’t have panties on!” I exclaimed with a laugh.

“I know,” she said. “I thought that would excite you.”

She put my hand between her legs and I felt the wetness on her thighs.

I slowly worked my hand up to the source of the flow and when I pulled my hand away it was dripping wet and smelled of pussy juice and semen.

She placed her hand behind my head and gently pulled me to her soaking crotch. I got my head between her thighs as she spread them wide. I heard her gasp with pleasure.

I ate the come from her legs and pussy lovingly as she described how Ryan fucked her in her car in the parking lot and how his big tool stretched her cunt and made her climax.

“Honey,” she whispered as she came down from a fierce orgasm, “I may want to do this again sometime. It really excited me to be this slutty.”

“By all means,” I said. “You know I love you no matter what.”

“Oh, thank you, honey,” she exclaimed and we spent the rest of the night fucking like teenagers. C.D., Davenport, Iowa