Helping Hand

I was over at my buddy Benny’s house and he and I were watching sports and having some beers. His wife Daria was in another room watching TV.

A commercial came on that was kind of sexy and Benny and I got to talking about sex. He confided to me about his and Daria’s fantasy of her having sex with another man but they never got the courage to do it.

I told him my wife and I had acted on fantasies like that before we got divorced a few years ago. This led into several more questions until finally Benny said, “Hey, go in there and see if Daria will let you screw her.”

“I don’t know about that, man,”

I replied slowly. “It might be kind of surprising to her, you know?”

“Come on, she’s loosened up from the wine she’s been drinking. I bet she’ll let you. She always said you were cute.”

I still wasn’t convinced but Benny assured me it would be okay. After another drink I decided to go in to see what would happen.

When I went in there, Daria was lying on the couch watching TV. When she noticed me standing there she looked up and smiled.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I said back, standing there at the foot end of the couch. Daria was wearing a long nightshirt and no shorts. She looked at the TV a coupled seconds then she looked back at me as I stood there.

Without a word she placed one foot up flat on the couch and let her other leg fall away to show me that she was wearing black panties.

She ran her fingers through her hair as she looked up and smiled again. I felt my hard on grow.

She unbuttoned her shirt and removed it, baring her tits to my gaze. “Oops,” she sighed.

My cock was rock hard now. As she lay back I stepped forward and unzipped my jeans and pulled out my dick. She deftly took it in her hands and stroked it. I leaned ran my hand up her leg to her wet panties so I could rub her pussy. She leaned up and took me in her mouth.

When she reached up to softly caress my balls and run a finger down towards my ass, she sent me over the top and I shot my come in her mouth. She was ready for it and swallowed every drop and didn’t stop. She kept sucking until I got hard again.

I pulled her up and positioned her on her knees facing the couch with her back arched and round ass out.

I rubbed her ass and crotch before I pulled her panties down to her knees. I got up behind her and entered her from the rear. She yelled as I fucked her. I’m sure Benny could hear all this and was probably watching the whole time.

I took Daria through a couple of climaxes before I mounted her on her back until I came inside her soaked pussy. Then I pulled my pants up before going back out to Benny.

Nothing has been said since that night and I’ve been over to their house twice. I keep wondering if there will be a repeat. Name and address withheld

Substitute Fuck

I had to spend a few weeks in the hospital this past summer and it sucked. At least I had my own room.

My lovely wife Dana came to visit every day. She told me that since the weather was so nice, she’d decided to concentrate on her tan and get the garden into shape.

“I think I got sun today,” she smiled and lifted her shirt to show me her wonderfully pert little breasts.

“Were you topless?” I asked.

“Well, no one can see me out there except Hank next door,” she replied.

My heart skipped a beat and I asked her to explain. Dana slid her hand under the bed sheet.

“I was starting to think this thing wasn’t going to work again,” she whispered. I’d been so worried about the damn operation that I’d neglected our sex life lately. She teased me by saying, “I hope a bit of excitement won’t do you any harm.”

Hank is our next door neighbor. He’s older than us and married but his wife was away at the time. I’ve often teased Dana about him because he was always checking her out.

Dana said her fun with Hank began a couple days earlier. She’d been shopping with friends and came back with some cute outfits, which she brought to the hospital to show me. One of the blouses was see through and I asked her if she would wear it without a bra.

“Maybe,” she giggled. “Do you think I should ask Hank what he thinks?” she joked. At the time I didn’t think any more about it, but when Dana said what followed it all added up for me.

It was a sunny day so she went to the garden to work and get some tanning in. Then she laid down to sunbathe and read a book, her skin glistening from the lotion she’d put on. She knew Hank had been watching but she was still surprised when he walked through the gate with some lemonade.

“I could feel his eyes moving over my body as we drank the lemonade,” she said with a shiver. “Then he said, ‘You look very pretty in your skimpy bikini. I saw your tits fall out a few times when you bent over.’”

He just laughed as she scolded him for spying on her and he said since he had seen her lovely tits anyway, she may as well take her bikini top off and be more comfortable.

“Well, did you take it off?” I asked her excitedly.

“No, he did,” Dana said. “He reached out and hooked his finger under the material then jerked it up over my breasts.”

I groaned in delight as she described the look on his face as he took in the sight of her lovely bare tits. My cock stirred and Dana stroked it under the sheet. She continued:

“When I tried to cover myself, he pleaded with me to stay as I was for a few minutes. He kept saying how beautiful my breasts were,” she said with a sigh. “Eventually I became less self conscious about him looking, so when he reached out to cup one of my breasts, I just closed my eyes and let him do it.”

My cock jumped and twitched.

“Did you give in to him?” I asked. She looked at me to gauge my reaction then slowly nodded. I was shaking with excitement.

“I enjoyed feeling his hands stroking me so I didn’t stop him as he laid me back on the grass,” she admitted.

“He kissed me and my will just melted away,” she said. When he tugged at her bikini bottoms, the sexy little bitch arched her back to make it easier for him. Dana said it felt strange to have another man climbing on top of her.

“He pushed down his shorts and rubbed his growing cock over me. Then he maneuvered me into doggie style and mounted me, cupping my tits and massaging them.”

“He fucked me urgently and desperately, and we didn’t use a condom,” she almost whispered. “When I came I felt him shooting deep inside me.” As she told me this I came all over her hand and inside the sheet.

Once I calmed down I asked her what was next.

“Well, Hank wants to introduce me to his friends, and he’s waiting for me in the parking lot.” She giggled at the look of shock on my face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything,” she promised me as she left.

I didn’t see her for another two days and she seemed exhausted when she told me her story of meeting two of Hank’s friends. She told me that when I got better I could watch them all in action.

The doctors were amazed at how fast I recovered and returned home. K.W., Ormond Beach, Florida

One Plus Two Is…

I’m a mathematics professor at a small university in the Northeast. My husband teaches history at the same university and up until three months ago we lived a basically boring home life and had sex maybe twice a month.

One afternoon after class I had noticed a dirty magazine left behind by one of the students in the back row. I browsed through it and was shocked initially, but as I read some letters I got pretty excited. Just as I got deeper into reading a janitor interrupted me and I stuffed it in my attach case and hurried out.

At home later that night I read the issue from cover to cover and got so aroused that I brought myself to a nice climax. I was especially intrigued by all the letters of cheating wives, husbands watching, and older women with younger men.

It was all I thought about for several days. I made up my mind to act on my urges. Just once, I told myself.

I had plenty of young men all around me. I began wearing shorter skirts, stockings, and tight sweaters. Several young men did notice but were seemingly too shy to act. I had to be more brazen, I thought.

Fate worked in my favor not long afterwards when I made an appointment to tutor a male student in my lecture room one night after class.

I wore a dark plaid skirt, a tight white shirt, black stockings, white garters, white panties and bra, and heels. I still wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it.

I couldn’t contain myself as I waited for my student and got so hot that I began rubbing myself right there in the room. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t even notice him arrive. I saw he wasn’t alone either a friend of his had given him a ride and had tagged along.

I immediately saw their pants beginning to bulge in the front as their cocks grew hard under my gaze.

“Well, come in,” I stammered as they came in and closed the door behind them. They stood quietly staring at my exposed thighs and then I noticed they could see my panties from the way I was perched on the desk. I smiled enticingly at them and that was enough to make them brave.

One young man reached for my breasts as the other dropped to his knees as I parted mine. As he skillfully kissed his way up my thighs his friend began to unbutton my shirt. He pulled my tits out of my bra and sucked on them while a tongue worked its way inside my panties to eagerly lap at my moistening pussy.

After a quick strong climax I was offered a hard cock to suck briefly before I was turned around on the desk and entered from behind. Now I had a cock in my mouth and my pussy. This was beyond my wildest dreams and I came again and again.

The cock in my mouth jerked and began spurting as I pulled it out and sperm splashed my hair, face, and breasts. At the same time I felt come shooting deep inside me from the rear. As they withdrew I thought that was it. I was wrong. They had me suck them both hard again for round two, which lasted even longer.

Since that night I’ve changed dramatically and many a young male student has had my “special tutoring.”

Although my husband is a very intelligent man, he hasn’t even noticed. Oh well. Now I have my students. Name and address withheld

Vacation Vixen

My husband and I have just returned from an amazing vacation to the Caribbean. While we were there we met two guys who were staying in the condo next to ours. Vince and Brandon were in their early 30s and both very attractive.

On the third night at the hotel bar we ran into them and sat together. Vince asked me to dance. A slow song came on and he held me very closely. I could feel his hard on grinding into me and a bolt of sexual energy went through my entire body.

Vince told me that he and Brandon had enjoyed watching me dancing throughout the night. He said I was very sexy and as he said this he ground into me even harder. I enjoyed it and spent the next two songs encouraging him.

At the last song he told me he was going to fuck me before the vacation was over. I chuckled at his confidence and actually felt my pussy dampen.

“My husband may not approve, you know,” I shot back with a grin.

“He doesn’t have to find out,” he replied with a big smile.

The following day I was swimming in the ocean when an unknown creature pulled my top off. My husband was dozing on the beach close by.

I turned to see Vince and Brandon grinning ear to ear then I saw my top and quickly swam to grab it. When I swam over to them they said they had no idea how it happened.

Just then my husband woke up and I went to join him.

Everything started to happen quickly the next night when the four of us shared an elevator to our rooms.

The elevator was crowded. Vince was behind me while Brandon and my husband talked. In seconds I felt Vince’s hand slide up my bare leg, under my skirt, and inside the crotch of my panties.

His fingers slid inside me and I froze as he teased my lips gently. Then he was inside me, finger fucking me fast and furiously. My knees buckled as I came and I leaned against my husband, feigning fatigue.

The elevator opened on our floor and both Vince and Brandon wished us a good night as I cast a nervous but happy look their way.

The following day we all rented a Jeep. Brandon and my hubby sat up front and once again Vince’s fingers worked their magic on my eager pussy. He was even so bold as to get his cock out for me to stroke, and I did, making him come all over my hand and the seat as we bounced along the road.

It was my husband who changed things infinitely by offering the guys a farewell drink in our room the last night we were there.

That night I wore stockings and a low cut short mini dress for their cock hardening pleasure.

By the time we’d left the lounge to go back to our room we were all more than tipsy. I put on some music while my husband made us all drinks.

As I sat down, not only were my legs on display but also the top two buttons of the dress were undone and showing lots of cleavage. We talked and Brandon mentioned how lovely I looked and Vince added that I had the body of a stripper.

Brandon said I probably was a dancer in the past and Vince asked if I’d give them a dance. A striptease. I looked for my husband’s reaction and after a pause he told me to go ahead.

As I nervously moved with the music the three of them cheered me on. I stepped out of my dress and stood only in panties and stockings.

I danced close to them as they fondled my tits and my husband removed my panties. I moved out of reach while still dancing. I ran my hands up and down my thighs and then up to my tits. Lust overtook me at that point and I pulled Brandon to his feet and put my arms around his neck as I rubbed up against him.

I pulled off his belt and pants. As they fell to the floor I stood stroking his hard shaft, then began rubbing his tip up and down my slippery slit. In seconds, hot sticky come shot all over my pussy, which I rubbed into my hair and skin. Then I moved to my hubby.

As he sat jerking his cock, I straddled him and sank onto it. In seconds he shot his come inside me as I came again with a shiver.

As I recovered I realized Vince was walking toward me naked, his big cock bobbing as he walked. He led me onto the balcony.

He kissed me as his hand spread the combined juices over my entire tummy and cunt. He turned me around and leaned me over the balcony. I spread my legs and arched my ass toward him.

I jerked as I felt the tip of Vince’s cock against my lips. Tensing as he found my entrance, the bulbous head entered me, slowly sinking inside. Not only were my husband and Brandon watching but people in the next room were also. They even cheered Vince on as he thrust into me.

Finally he tensed and I felt hot jets of sperm pump into me. I tingled inside as another climax ripped through my body.

The flight home the next day was a little uncomfortable because my wet, swollen pussy was a little bit sore.

I didn’t mind though. It was all worth it, and Vince and Brandon might even come visit us in a few months for more fun. L.F., Indianapolis, Indiana

All Together Now

The cloudy light soaked my apartment, staining it yellow. The heated glow danced like a torch in the corner of the room. I dragged my feet across the carpet to the couch to finish watching the fight on television.

“Do you like it? We spent forever figuring out what to get you.”

“I love it.” My eyes never left the fight on the screen.

“We were worried you wouldn’t,” smiled Monica sweetly.

“As long as it was from you girls I’m sure I’d love it,” I replied.

“No,” said Tami, “that’s not true. We know how picky you are.”

“Yes, but the two of you have excellent taste,” I said.

Tami and Monica were best friends and they lived together in an apartment downtown. They were friends at Ohio State, until they both dropped out and moved in together.

They met me when my roommate at the time, Marie, brought Monica to the apartment for tea. She came back the next day with Marie. Then the following day Monica came alone and stayed for an hour smoking menthol cigarettes and tugging at the tangles in my hair. The day after that she came over again and she brought Tami. That was the way we met.

Monica and Tami visited me at my apartment every day that spring. They arrived together dressed in skirts or dresses. Sometimes they brought me beer, and they always would hang around the apartment and smoke weed with me.

Monica would say, “We have to leave, baby, but we’ll come by again tomorrow.” And they always returned, sometimes without panties.

I was working out everyday in the gym at school and I looked good. After school I could expect to see Monica and Tami. Tami was slim and blonde with an innocent look about her. Monica was more assertive, and also a blonde but dirtier with streaks bleached in it.

Other women always seemed impressed by the way they pranced around me as if I were important, not caring if it looked like I had hired them to accompany me everywhere.

It made me feel a little less lonely when they would show up, sometimes just to see me. We would go places together and they would both sit in the front seat as we paraded through town dressed like movie stars and smoking weed in public.

One evening they surprised me and showed up with a copy of the new Woody Allen movie and some microwave popcorn.

“We know you love Woody Allen. We thought we could have little a date. Just the three of us, unless you’re busy,” said Monica. She always did the talking.

The movie was a documentary style film about Django Reinhardt. Simply the notion that two girls so young would be into a movie about jazz made me think for a passing second that the world wasn’t purely evil.

I explained this to them using all the big words it takes to seduce a woman and Tami kissed me. Then I kissed Monica and then Tami again. We watched the rest of the movie cuddling closer than before. Tami unbuttoned my pants and blew me while Monica watched.

When she was finished we went to sleep. The girls left early in the morning, but they came back again that night with another Woody Allen movie and more popcorn.

When the movie was over Tami gave me head and Monica supervised, commenting on technique. That was the beginning, and it was beautiful. Woody Allen has a lot of movies, and we viewed them each with precise critical attention and kissed and discussed which one was better than the other and why. Tami would give me a world class blowjob and Monica always watched.

It was my 19th birthday when they showed up with a bamboo lamp that they had bought for me.

“Do you like it?” asked Monica.

“I love it.” I focused my eyes to the fight on television.

It was a good fight and I was drunk. Monica had bought me a fifth of gin for my birthday and it was that bottle that marked the beginning of the end.

“No Woody Allen tonight?” asked Monica with a pout.

“Nope,” said Tami. “It’s a holiday.”

“What holiday? It’s just another day,” I said.

“It’s your birthday, silly.” Tami was doing all the talking, which was very unusual.

“Monica, could you make me a drink, baby?” I handed her my glass.

“Make me one, too,” said Tami.

“Don’t get all fucked up and pass out on me, Tami,” snapped Monica.

“Whatever. I passed out once.”

“Yeah, Monica, don’t be so uptight,” I said.

“I just don’t want to take care of her when she’s passed out.”

“Just make the fucking drink,” said Tami and I think Monica made the drink strong when she said that, because within the hour Tami was passed out on the bathroom floor.

“What’s the matter with Tami?”

I asked Monica.

“She always passes out and then

I have to babysit,” she replied.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked. “Don’t get up. I’ll make it for you.”

I mixed the lime with the gin and tonic and then added extra lime to make it tart. When I brought it over to her she just set it down on the table and pulled me into the bedroom by the waist of my pants.

I undressed her starting with her shoes. She giggled and kissed the back of my neck. We made love on my futon and as it ended Tami woke up and drunkenly asked Monica to take her home.

After that night our relationship wasn’t the same. Tami and Monica came over everyday, but not together and they never brought movies. The visits were brief compared to the way they used to spend the night or spend hours philosophizing and getting high. I wanted to go back to the way it was before, but it would never be the same.

It was two years before I saw Tami and Monica together again. They both moved out of state. Then one day Monica called me out of the blue and said Tami was in town and they wanted to get together with me.

The thought of seeing the two of them again sent a shock through my mind. I pictured all the possibilities. My imagination was running wild.

“We’ll be in town on Sunday, so we should go out to eat and then go downtown,” Monica suggested.

“Sounds good,” I said.

“And then we should go to a strip club and rent a room at that great hotel so we can all go back there,” she continued.

“Okay,” I said.

Once again my imagination cut loose. Every freaky fantasy I had ever had suddenly seemed a step closer.

The next day was the longest day of my life. I spent it drinking at a bar, replaying my conversation with Monica in my head. I fantasized about exactly what might be in store for me.

I realized that it was getting late and everything closes early on Sunday. I was nervous, because this wasn’t one of the stories where the hero gets the girl. I remembered that there was nothing heroic about me and asked the bartender for my tab while collecting myself.

I thought about how my last girlfriend left me because I had no ambition and that she wanted someone who had a great job.

But Monica and Tami understood me, and they knew that I was nothing more than myself. They were different than anybody I had ever met and I was in love with them more than ever.

I could hear my answering machine when I walked into my room. It was Monica listing their hotel room and telling me to get there right away, so I took a cab.

When I got to their room they were drinking champagne and smoking some killer herb. I sat down between them and made myself a drink. We sat there getting high and talking and laughing, just like old times.

The television in their room had cable, and Annie Hall was playing on a cable channel.

“I haven’t seen this one before,” Monica said.

“I’ve seen it, it’s one of my favorites of his,” I said.

“I’ve seen it too. It’s a love story,” Tami chimed in.

“You know my boyfriend wanted to come tonight?” Monica said. “But

I told him he couldn’t.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Totally. We’re a threesome.” She sounded proud of herself.

“Hey, Tami,” I said, lifting Tami’s hair to expose the back of her neck, then I kissed it.

“Kiss Tami right here,” I told Monica. “This is a very tender part of her body.”

Monica kissed the back of her best friend’s neck. Then I lifted Monica’s hair to let Tami kiss her neck.

“Oooh, that is tender,” said Tami.

“Of course it is. Each of you is a delicate, sexy little dish.” They drank more Champagne and I drank vodka.

We talked and kissed and played games that consisted of clever attempts on my part to get them to touch me, or each other.

I dared them into action until finally Tami was sucking on Monica’s pussy and I was banging Tami doggie style. It felt so good to be balls deep in Tami while Monica moaned under her mouth. Finally I pulled out and came all over Tami’s back, and Monica shouted as she climaxed.

Then we switched positions until we’d all touched and fucked every inch of each other.

At about four in the morning we crawled into bed. We kissed and cuddled until the sun rose. Then I curled up between them and tried to sleep.

“Did you come in my hair?” Tami whispered softly.

“No,” I sighed, half asleep.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said. “Good night. I love the both of you.”

“I love you too,” said Tami.

“I love you too,” said Monica.

I guess this time the hero got both the girls. Name and address withheld