What a Slut

I’ve been fucking my best friend’s girlfriend, Diane, for several months. My girlfriend always calls her a slut little does she know I’ve found that out firsthand.

I’ve always liked slutty girls anyway, and my prudish girlfriend just wasn’t cutting it in the bedroom. Outside the bedroom all she does is nag and whine at me, day in and day out. It’s starting to get really annoying, but I keep her around anyway so I have someone to fuck every night.

But Diane is amazing: she barely ever wears a bra or panties, and always wears short skirts and sexy heels. Every time I’d go over to my friend’s house I’d check out her legs and wish I could have them wrapped around my head.

Finally, after months of nothing happening between us, we were having a drink at the bar and found ourselves alone. Everyone else had gotten tired and headed home, leaving us to get to know each other better.

We were talking about a TV show or something when suddenly, out of the blue, she asked if I liked her legs. She’d never asked anything like that before so I was kind of shocked, but still excited just the same. “Yes,” I said, “I love your legs.”

Diane smiled and asked if I’d like to see some new shoes she’d just bought. I said sure and we went back home to her apartment.

She went into her room and when she came out she had on a pair of patent black pumps that made her long legs look even longer.

After dancing around a little bit for me, she put one foot on my knee and lifted her skirt to reveal her bare pussy. She slid the skirt off down her legs as I just stared.

Her shirt was the next to go and she tossed it aside. I couldn’t believe my eyes: her tits were large and full, with dusky pink nipples that begged to be nibbled, and her cunt was hairless and perfectly smooth. My girlfriend always refuses to shave hers.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off too?” she suggested with a laugh, and I fumbled quickly to get out of them. Then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She lay back on the bed and motioned me closer to her, whispering, “Come here, stud.”

I came towards her and she spread her legs invitingly with a sexy smile on her lips. I started at her feet and kissed and licked my way up those sexy legs. When my mouth arrived at her pussy I reached a hand up to tug on her nipple. A moan escaped her lips.

Her slit tasted and smelled so good that I couldn’t resist licking and sucking it. She moaned louder and louder each time my tongue made contact with her pussy. I opened her lips and slid my tongue deep inside her.

Her hands gripped my hips and she gasped, “Oh, God, that’s so fucking good.” I could sense her climax was fast approaching as I frantically worked her pussy over with my mouth and fingers. Soon she quivered and cried out as she squirted into my mouth.

As she came back down from her high I pushed her back on the bed and she spread her legs immediately. After two or three short thrusts I was balls deep in her and banging away. I was so excited that I only lasted about five minutes before I shot my load in her.

We rested a little and then she rolled me over onto my back and began sucking me hard again. Her oral skills were phenomenal and I was ready quickly. Our second time I lasted much longer, giving her several climaxes before shooting again.

I wound up spending the night because my friend was away on a business trip, and I’ve been going over there every chance I get. Every time I see her she’s ready to fuck all night, and it’s always incredible.

No one has caught on yet, but whenever my girlfriend starts talking about what a slut Diane is, I just smile to myself. A.L., Cleveland, Ohio

My New Toy

After three nasty marriages and three equally nasty divorces, you’d think I was done with men for good. I’m not. I’m in my sexual prime and far from being done with men.

In fact I like to think of myself as somewhat of a collector of the fine male species, and none of the guys I take home and bring into my bed seem to mind one bit

I met my current boytoy while at the courthouse for my divorce. He was there for a small claims case and as soon as we made eye contact I just knew I had to fuck him.

I was dressed in a conservative yet sexy suit that showed off my ample cleavage and long legs. We struck up a conversation right away and he invited me for coffee when we were done with our court business.

As we talked about being in court I sensed a mutual attraction so I finally asked if he found me attractive. “Yes,” he immediately replied.

I kind of laughed and said I was probably older than him but he said that didn’t matter. Turns out he was 23 and just out of college and tired of those younger college girls.

We wound up going out to dinner that night and he was just as charming as he was when we met earlier. He was such a sexy young man that I decided to take a chance. We decided to drive back to my place.

In the car I let my skirt ride up my thighs until he could almost see my pussy. He tried to be subtle and pretend he wasn’t looking, but by the bulge in his pants I could tell I was having an effect on him.

Somehow my hemline rode even higher, enough to let him see the crotch of my silky black panties. His breathing got quicker and I could see he was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road. Finally we arrived at my house and went in for a nightcap.

The second we were in the door he kissed me. I let him unbutton my shirt and free my breasts from my bra. My nipples were ready for his mouth.

He cupped my tits and began kissing, licking, and sucking them as I moaned away in pleasure.

I stopped him and led him to the bedroom, but I told him not to undress yet. He watched as I stripped slowly until I was down to just stockings and my very high heels.

“Well?” I asked. “Do you want some of this?”

“Hell yeah!” he exclaimed. With that I started to help him undress. His body was superb and I almost whimpered out loud when I saw his large cock. I immediately dropped to my knees to take him in my mouth. After bringing him close to orgasm several times he told me to lay back so he could give me the pleasure I deserved.

He had the most extraordinary oral talent I’d ever felt in my entire life. His tongue and fingers made me feel like I’d never stop coming as I climaxed repeatedly. “Is your tongue battery operated?” I sighed jokingly.

He laughed and climbed up my body as I spread my legs wide. When he pushed into me all I could do was gasp and moan, “Oh, God!” He felt even bigger than he looked!

He was perfect: going slow, speeding up gradually, slowing down, twisting his hips, and generally fucking the shit out of me. He pushed my knees as high as he could and bent to suck my nipples as he thrust into me.

Finally he groaned and I felt him shooting deep inside me as I came yet again. We fell asleep not long afterwards and fucked again in the morning for a few hours before we had to go to work.

We’ve been at it ever since. Even though I’m older than him, I hope I don’t wear him out! Name and address withheld

Take a Load Off

You come home from a long day at work. I had the day off and I’m waiting patiently for you. Finally I hear you come through the front door. You look tired. I greet you, give you a big hug and a kiss and say that I have a surprise for you. You say you’ve worked hard and just want to lay on the couch and relax before dinner.

I stop you from going into the living room and instead guide you to the bathroom where I have a hot bubble bath waiting. I kiss you and leave the room to give you plenty of time to get undressed.

I come back a couple of minutes later with a glass of wine and you’re already fully submerged in the tub, almost invisible under the bubbles that are overflowing onto the floor.

I put my hand in the tub and the water comes up to my shoulder, soaking my sleeve. I lean in, kiss you deeply on the lips and hand you the glass of wine. You smile and lean your head back into the water with the most beautiful smile on your face. It makes me so happy.

I tell you to relax and take your time, and that dinner will be ready in an hour. You close your eyes as I leave, just soaking in the moment. You don’t notice the new comfy bathrobe hanging on the back of the bathroom door, or the fact that I took all your clothes except for your sexy panties with me when I left.

About 45 minutes later you come out of the bathroom wearing the long white robe, your wet hair slicked back. “What happened to my clothes?” you ask with a devilish smile.

I just smile and say I put them in the laundry for you. “Sit down. Dinner’s just about ready.”

You sit at our large dining room table, which we almost never use. I’ve set it with two lit candles and a beautiful flower arrangement as the centerpiece. You sit down looking very sexy as you give me just a quick glimpse of your panties. I start to get aroused but control myself as we eat. After dinner we go into the living room.

You lay on the couch and I sit on the end as you put your feet up on me. We turn a movie on and I rub and massage your feet and legs. I look over at you and see that your robe is open slightly and I can see the outline of your perfect breast. Again, I control the passion I’m feeling but it’s getting harder and harder to control myself.

You complain about the tension in your shoulders so I sit on the back of the couch and you settle in between my legs and lower your robe to your waist. I start to give you a deep massage. You begin to feel aroused as well, and you twist your neck as if you want to kiss me. “Not yet,” I tell you.

I ask if you want a full body massage. Without answering you jump up, grab me by the hand and we run up the stairs to the bedroom. You dive on the bed and rip your panties off and as I run through the door you playfully throw them at me. I reach into our special drawer.

“Oh, what are you going to do?”

I pull out the baby oil and say I’m only going to give you a massage. You huff and lay on your stomach. I straddle your ass and pour the oil on your back. You tense momentarily as the cold oil hits your back. Then I go to work rubbing you all over.

My hands slide all over your body, touching you in all the right places with the right pressure and intensity, deeply rubbing your shoulders and sliding two fingers down your spine. My body is positioned just below your beautiful butt. I lean over and you feel my chest on your ass.

You try to spread your legs but I stop you. I take off my shirt and lean onto your back so you can feel my naked chest on your back. I kiss your ear as you tell me you want me inside you. I just go back to massaging you, working my way down. My oily hands slide down your ass cheeks and start rubbing each leg.

You spread your legs slightly and I can see your glistening pussy. I want to taste it so bad but I refrain. I’m so hard right now but I don’t give in. Then finally you roll over and command me to come up and kiss you.

I slowly slide my body up yours, my hand grazing your pussy and your tits as I do. I place one hand behind your neck. I firmly gently cradle your head as we kiss passionately. We’re both already very close to orgasm.

You force me onto my back, fumble at my belt buckle, and pull my pants off, leaving me in my boxers. You see my rock hard cock outlined beneath my boxers and you rub your hands over my bulge.

Then comes my favorite part you slowly tug my boxers down, exposing my cock. I feel so vulnerable. You take one hard lick up my shaft with your tongue. Before you take me deep in your mouth, I grab your hair and pull you back up to me.

“No,” I say. “This is about you.”

I kiss you and slowly settle down on top of you. I pause and you can feel the head of my cock nudging against your pussy and you want it inside of you. I want it inside you too, but I pause as I see the anticipation building in your eyes. Then, ever so slowly, I slide my cock home.

You feel every millimeter of my cock enter you. It seems to take an hour, but I don’t want to go any faster. I love feeling my cock enter your pussy. Finally I have my whole length inside you. I pause for a second to revel in the feeling of your pussy contracting around me.

I kiss your neck and gently squeeze your nipple and breast, then I slowly pull my cock out again. You want me to fuck you faster and harder, but I refuse. The mood is way too passionate to hurry.

I repeat my slow movements several times. It takes me a minute just to get three full thrusts in you until finally I’m filling you up. I make sure I shove it in as deep as possible.

Then I start to fuck you faster. Your nails dig into my back as you drag them down me trying to force me to fuck you harder but I can tell that the feeling of my cock slowly penetrating you is driving you almost as crazy as it’s driving me.

With a quick, hard bite on your neck I thrust my cock in you deeper than ever before. Your nails dig deep into my back, drawing blood as you feel my come shoot into you.

You climax with me, coming with me over the edge. I collapse onto you, your sweaty body against mine. We kiss passionately and I run my fingers through your hair as I look into your eyes. I’m falling even deeper in love with you.

As I slowly pull out of you our combined juices pool on the sheets. We’re too exhausted and relaxed to mind.

My hand runs up your thigh, over your pussy, and grazes your clit with enough force to make you jump. I continue sliding my hand over your smooth belly, then over your breast and into your deliciously wet little mouth.

We roll towards each other in a tight embrace. I reach down and pull the comforter up and we fall asleep. When we wake up in the morning we’re holding each other just as tightly. C.J., New Orleans, Louisiana

Pleasure Play

I stand outside the door to his room for a few moments, debating on whether or not I should go in. We’d barely met, but I know what he wants, and I want it too.

I step inside and take a seat on his bed. Uncomfortable silence follows and neither one of us wants to make the first move. But then he slowly walks over to me and covers my mouth with his, tasting and caressing me at the same time.

He pulls back and looks into my eyes, seeing that I want more. I grab him and toss him onto the bed, crawling up him like a tiger. I kiss him deeply, holding his hands above his head while I inch lower so the torture can begin. My nails graze gently across his abdomen and I lick softly until he moans. I nibble his chest and stomach in between soft kisses.

He grabs me suddenly and flips me onto my back, putting himself in control. He kisses me and moves down to my breasts, taking my nipples into his mouth. My back arches in pleasure as he bites my soft flesh, making his way down my body.

I drag my nails down his back and he moans in pleasure. He presses his thumb onto my clit, moving in circular motions. I never knew I could feel so good. I cry out and he presses harder, moving faster and faster.

My body is on fire and I know I’m going to explode any second. When I come, I come hard and I shudder and pull him against me.

I lay there for a moment and then he’s on me again, covering my body with his own. I don’t think I can possibly handle any more pleasure, but he looks into my face and grabs the waistband of my pants.

“May I?” he asks huskily. I nod and they’re gone in one swift move. He pulls me up against him then abruptly pushes me into the bed. He begins kissing my thighs and hips, warming me up for the pleasure to come.

He covers my pussy with his mouth and I’m in ecstasy. I cry out as he flicks his tongue in and out of me, causing such intense pleasure I think I may explode once more.

He pulls his head away and slides his fingers into me, moving them in a maddening come hither gesture that drives me crazy.

When I can’t possibly take any more, I move on top of him and slowly unzip his pants, freeing his member. I’m surprised to see a shiny piece of metal adorning his hard on. He’s pierced, and now I want him even more.

I kiss him and lick him and move up against him, rocking my hips on his until he’s begging me to stop. He pushes me back and then he’s on me, removing his pants. He places his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I glance up at him and he senses my uncertainty.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asks me. It’s such a simple, loaded question. I stare into his eyes, the eyes of a complete stranger who I’ll probably never see again. I want it, even though I know I will never forgive myself for allowing it to happen.

I take a deep breath and nod. “I want it,” I say with a smile.

“Good,” he murmurs, kissing me lightly. “Because I want it too.”

He gently pushes inside me, slowly, letting me adjust to his thickness. Then he’s sliding back out, then in again, quicker and harder. I can’t stop moaning, and suddenly I’m coming harder than I ever have before.

He groans along with me as my pussy tightens around him. His hips jerk erratically, once, then again, and I feel him releasing his seed inside me. He pulls me close and as our breathing returns to normal we fall asleep.

Name and address withheld

Private Dancer

I didn’t know who to tell and I have to share this moment. You see, last night I was very, very naughty.

I went with some friends to a nightclub and as usual was dressed in a scandalous, attention getting outfit with the sole purpose of flaunting my wares to the most attractive bidder. And I found him.

He was tall with a great body and he wore a gorgeous, perfectly tailored black suit that gave him a look of complete self assurance. He oozed charm, style, and sex and I could practically smell it from across the room.

This guy looked like he’d not only be good on the dance floor but he’d be phenomenal in bed. Ordinarily I’m not attracted to guys with facial hair but his stubble made him look somehow rugged despite the suit. It was such a huge turn on.

Our eyes locked from across the dance floor and I felt his gaze rake over my curves in subtle approval. A surge of heat flowed through me as I melted under his gaze.

Usually I play cat and mouse with guys who show interest but there was something about this man that instantly cut through all those silly mind games. All I could think about was how much I wanted him.

Instead of waiting for him to approach me I felt myself pulled towards him. I’d barely managed to speak when he put his arm around me and led me to a dark corner of the bar.

The music pulsed frantically, surrounding us, echoing in my ears. We didn’t speak. We didn’t have to. We both wanted the same thing. He pulled me close and unzipped his pants with his free hand. My eyes widened at the wicked suggestion but I was all for it.

I turned away from him, my eyes wildly searching for the disapproving looks of my friends, but I couldn’t see them anywhere. I was now facing the dance floor as I felt him smoothly lift up the back of my skirt.

No one noticed me grinding against him, no one noticed my eyes rolling into the back of my head as he entered me. As we moved together, I was so overcome with the sensation of his cock inside me that I came over and over again. My orgasms were swallowed by the darkness of a crowd moving together to the rhythm.

Finally he pulled away and spun me around to distract anyone watching us as he quickly zipped his fly. He kissed me as passionately as someone he’d been involved with all his life. Then just as suddenly as he’d entered me, he left me there on the dance floor as he disappeared into the crowd. K.J., Baltimore, Maryland