Lawn Lovin’

It’s a hot, balmy July night. There’s a full moon and a gentle breeze. You can’t sleep so you jump on your motorcycle and take a ride in the country.

Once on that dark road you open it up. The vibrations of the motor gently pulsate against your groin and it feels so good. Dirty thoughts start spinning around in your head as you realize you’re driving down my street. Trying to be as quiet as you can you pull over on the side of the road, down the street from my house.

You suddenly find yourself peering into my bedroom window. It’s open to let the breeze in. By the glow of the TV, you see me laying there on my bed, ceiling fan circulating the warm air over my naked, sweaty, tan body.

I can’t sleep either, and you find me touching myself in all the right places, places you have dreamed of. You watch quietly as I caress myself, clutching and squeezing my fat round breasts, pinching my nipples. My back arches as one hand slithers down to my mound.

I cup my moist pussy and let a finger in. I use that wet finger to rub my clit up and down, around and around. I dip my finger back in for more juices, then go back to my clit. I go faster and faster, sighing and moaning.

I hear a slight noise outside. I go to the window and see you, a hand in your pants and a smile on your face. Why not? I think. I go to the door and let you in. I can see you’re all worked up and hot, the sweat is beading up on your skin. I take your hand and lead you to the deck.

I take off your clothes, slowly, one piece at a time, looking your body over with every move. I like what I see. I grab your face with both hands, pull you close, and kiss you with my damp lips. You respond with ease as your hands engage my body with the enthusiasm I’ve been dreaming of. You grab my ass and nuzzle my neck, licking and nibbling. I pull away.

I turn the sprinkler on low with just a mist of water gently falling on the grass. I lay you down and straddle you, massaging your chest and tweaking your nipples. I kiss your belly and move down to your aching, pulsing manhood. I take it and stroke it gently.

I lick your cock, first the tip, then the shaft. I can feel myself getting wetter. I take you in my mouth and move up and down, speeding up with each turn. I can sense you getting close.

“Slow it down, baby,” you say, and I do. I want to blow your mind. A little nibble here and a little nibble there, and I find myself face to face with your balls, taking one in my mouth. You can’t stand it anymore and you gently roll me over on my back. We’re muddy now as the sprinkler has wet the ground. You slowly enter me.

You go in just a bit to give me a taste. As you slowly pull out I beg, “Please, I want your cock. I want it now. Oh, please!” You enter me slowly again. “I want all of you!” I beg.

With a nice hard push you give it to me. I arch my back and moan. With a steady, slow motion you start pumping my wet pussy with your stiff cock. In and out, in and out.

The whole the time I’m pinching my hard nipples between my fingers. You can tell I’m close, so you keep pounding me, faster and harder.

I let out a scream, “Oh yes! Oh my God, oh my God!” You can feel my whole body tremble, and you continue to fuck me. Suddenly I let out one last scream, “Oh yes!” while you’re exploding. We collapse into each other’s arms. The mist from the sprinkler cools us down. You look into my eyes and we kiss lovingly. Name and address withheld

On the Job

My buddy Steve and I took a job last year at a garden superstore to save up for a fun spring break. Most of our coworkers are older women in their 40s so Steve and I get all the heavy work.

One day we had the task of cleaning out a storeroom. I had a question about something so I went to ask the boss for advice. To my surprise I saw the boss, who’s married, making out with one of our coworkers, Helen. Helen is a sexy older woman with long wavy red hair and a voluptuous figure. She’s also married.

Since they were so busy they didn’t notice me standing there. The boss had one hand up her sweater groping her large tits, while his other hand was under her dress, squeezing her ass.

My cock got hard as I watched quietly. He lifted her skirt to reveal some sexy red panties as she thrust her hips at him and lowered his zipper. Helen pulled out a long cock, which surprised me. As she jerked him off he pulled up her sweater to reveal a nice set of tits in a lacy red bra.

Helen slid down his body till she had her tits near his cock and he spent several minutes tit fucking her. She took him in her mouth and when she’d been sucking a few minutes she deep throated him to the base, bobbing her head back and forth. The boss gripped her hair and thrust his hips as he came. I watched Helen swallow most of his load with only a small gag.

But they weren’t done yet! She kept sucking till he was hard again, then he bent her over his desk, pushed her skirt up, pulled her panties down, and nailed her hard. He pumped another load into her as she came too with a loud cry of pleasure.

After they finished I hurried back to the storeroom to finish my task. All I could think about was what I’d just seen. At the end of my shift I was driving out of the lot when I saw Helen waiting for the bus.

I offered her a ride and she accepted. As she got in my car I got a nice flash of her thighs that took me right back to what I saw earlier.

As we drove she mentioned that her husband was gone for a two week management course for work. I half heartedly said maybe I could help her spend some time so she wouldn’t be so lonely. She smiled slyly and told me to pick her up at seven that night.

When I picked her up she was wearing a white halter top, a tight miniskirt, and white heels. I got hard the second I saw her. God, she was so hot!

We went to a club where we ran into Steve. His eyes nearly popped out not only because he saw me with Helen but because of how she looked.

We had drinks and Steve and I took turns dancing with Helen. Our hands were all over her the whole night.

Naturally, we all wound up back at her place at the end of the night. As we stood in her living room surrounded by pictures of her and her husband, we cupped her tits, stroked her thighs, and massaged her tight round ass. I felt her pussy and found out it was shaved. Awesome, I thought.

Her skirt was up to her waist by then and as I sat on the couch Helen got on her knees between my legs and began deep throating me. Steve slipped her thong off and fucked her from behind while her mouth took my cock to new heights of ecstasy.

After we all came we took a quick break. Then Helen sucked us both hard again. This time I got behind her to fuck her while she sucked Steve. While I banged away at her I reached down to rub her clit. This drove her insane and she shrieked with excitement. I actually felt her hot juices shoot out around my cock.

This was too much for me to handle and I shot inside her adding not only to Steve’s load, but possibly to our boss’s from earlier that day.

She swallowed Steve’s load soon after. We wound up spending the rest of the night with Helen. She gave notice while Steve and I were on spring break and was gone by the time we returned. I sure miss her. It’s important to value your coworkers, after all. Name and address withheld

Give Him Some Sugar

It was a normal night. I got home from work, slipped off my shoes by the door, sorted through my mail, and decided not to read any of it. I was ready for some dinner and to take my evening shower, just like I did every night.

After I finished my dinner, I went through my routine. I rinsed my plate, placed it in the dishwasher, wiped down the counter top, and shut off the light. I was making my way towards the bathroom when I heard a car door slam shut outside. For some inexplicable reason, tonight I felt compelled to look.

I peeked through the blinds and noticed my new neighbor coming home from work. I’d seen him a few times before, usually after dark or before sunrise. I assumed he worked in some sort of construction. He was young, maybe 21 or 22, a few inches taller than me, and he had dark hair and dark eyes. He was hot.

I debated for a minute about pretending to be locked out of my apartment just so he could come to my rescue. I giggled, let the blinds snap back, and continued towards the bathroom.

As I showered I relaxed under the hot steam and went over my day in my head. I stepped out of the shower and dried off, went to the vanity and started moisturizing my face and body.

I found myself thinking about my neighbor again, wondering what he was doing right now. I turned my head to the right and saw my neighbor through the window. He was in his bathroom undressing for his shower. I looked away, blushing. I couldn’t help myself and I looked back. The blood came rushing to my cheeks and then coursed through the rest of my body. I was fixated on him.

He was standing in his shower, his head fully immersed in the running water. The water cascaded over his chiseled body. I watched as it ran down his stomach and off his semi hard cock. I was biting my lip as I watched him lather up and rub his strong hands all over his body. My pussy was starting to get wet at the sight of him.

I was frozen in place and time stopped while I watched him handle his cock. It swelled just a bit in his hands. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I positioned myself on the counter, legs spread, and began fingering my pussy. I slid my fingers lightly over my clit and down towards my aching wet slit. I slipped my finger inside then back out to tease my clit some more. I continued fingering myself until I nearly came.

I looked back into my neighbor’s bathroom so I could finally make myself come, but he wasn’t there anymore. I went back to fingering myself, picturing him in my head. Just as I was about to come there was a loud knock at the front door.

Frustrated, I yelled, “Be right there!” I pulled myself together, put on some panties and my robe, then headed for the door and looked through the peephole. It was him! He was at my door! My heart was pounding. I tried to gather up the strength to open the door. I took a deep breath and turned the knob.

There he stood, wearing baggy navy blue sweats and a wife beater, his hair still wet from his shower. I could feel my cheeks flush with color. I was sure that he had seen me watching him.

He smiled and said, ” Hi, I’m Nick. I live next door.”

“I’m Susan,” I almost stuttered.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a few cups of sugar I could borrow, would you?”

“Sure, come on in.” We headed towards the kitchen. He explained he needed the sugar because he wanted to make tea. I didn’t want him to leave so I offered him some tea that I had already made.

We sat in the living room and made small talk for a few minutes. I was starting to feel more comfortable around him and I decided to take a risk. He started to reach for his cup of tea and I grabbed it from him. He looked at me curiously. I smiled and said, “You can have this back, but it will cost you something.”

“Really, and what’s that?”

“A kiss, anywhere you like,” I replied simply and smiled.

With that he moved closer to me and pressed his lips on mine. His mouth opened and he ran his tongue over my lips. I opened my mouth and greeted his tongue with mine. As we kissed, a soft groan rose from my throat. He kissed me harder. My pussy was throbbing with anticipation.

He left my mouth and started kissing my neck. I felt his warm lips kissing right above my breasts. My nipples hardened and he slid my robe off my shoulders, exposing my breasts. He took my nipple in his mouth, sucking and kissing it. Another throaty groan escaped my lips.

As he kissed my breasts I felt his hand start to slide up my inner thigh. My legs twitched at his touch and slowly parted, wanting to feel more of him. He slid his hand up my thigh, his fingertips lightly pressing against my clit, sending a shock wave through my body. I arched my back as he kissed down further, my stomach tingling as his soft lips pressed against it. I spasmed with excitement as he kissed my inner thigh. He was teasing with his fingers on the outside of my panties, rubbing in a circular motion around my clit and down my slit.

He positioned himself between my legs and said, “Anywhere, right?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

He pulled my panties to the side and flicked my clit with his warm, wet tongue. I nearly came with that one touch. He continued working his tongue up and down, back and forth across my clit. He began to suck on it and slid his fingers inside my now dripping wet pussy.

Before I knew it I was moaning, “I’m gonna come.” He pushed harder on my G spot, smashed his face on my clit, and began to hum. I gripped the couch with one hand and with the other I grabbed the back of his head until I came. I shook with pleasure, unable to control myself.

I lay there for a moment catching my breath and enjoying what could only be described as pure ecstasy running through my entire body. He sat back on the couch next to me and watched as I breathed hard, smiling.

“My turn,” I giggled, finally regaining my senses. I knelt between his legs and helped him remove his shirt. Then I untied his sweats and pulled them off. I rubbed my hand up and down his hardened bulge. I teased his cock with my mouth, rubbing my lips up and down his shaft and over the head.

I kissed his tight stomach, kissing towards the band of his boxer briefs. I pulled at them with my teeth. Then I removed them, kissing the exposed skin as I slowly revealed his rock hard cock beneath his underwear. It was beautiful: long, thick, and hard.

I kissed it from the base to the tip, looking up at him as pulled it into my mouth. I sucked on it lightly, drawing it in and out of my mouth. I savored every last inch of it, sliding down until my lips were on the base of his cock.

I swallowed so I could feel it slide down into my throat. He seemed to enjoy this because he was grunting and his cock swelled a little more in my throat. I continued to bob up and down on his dick.

I pulled his spit soaked cock out of my mouth and began to flick my tongue on his balls. I took each one in my mouth and gently sucked on them. I tongued my way back up to the head and took it in my mouth again, sucking on it while stroking the shaft with my hand. He grabbed my head and pulled me down, making me take it all in my mouth. He continued fucking my face and I eagerly let him, taking all of that juicy cock and moving back up to suck on the head. He grew thicker and harder. Just then, he grabbed my hand and stopped me.

“Baby, if we keep this up, I’ll come, and I still really want to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my cock.”

So I stood up, slid my panties off, and let my robe fall to the floor. I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. He sat on my bed and turned me around to sit on his cock. I felt his dick glide inside me as he pushed farther into my pussy.

I began to bounce on his cock, coming with each luscious stroke. He guided me faster with his hands on my hips. My pussy tightened around his tool as he grabbed my tits and pulled himself deeper into me. I was oozing come all over his dick as I milked it with my pussy. He lifted me off and laid me on my bed, climbed on top, and then slammed into me. He sped up, pumping and thrusting into me.

His balls were slapping against my ass and I was groaning and moaning like I never had before. “Fuck me harder,” I pleaded with him.

He leaned in and said, “You want me fuck you harder, do you? Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you.”

“Yes, yes fuck me harder, Nick! I need to come all over your cock again!” Then I came, screaming, moaning, and clawing his back. His whole body stiffened and he jerked as he spilled into me. He lay there on top of me trying to catch his breath.

He looked into my eyes and said, “Thanks for the sugar, neighbor.” We laughed and decided this gave a whole new meaning to being neighborly.

Needless to say after that night, I never ran out of sugar and was willing to give Nick all the sugar he wanted. A few weeks later, I confessed I saw him in the shower and was masturbating when he came over for sugar. He admitted that he hadn’t run out of sugar, he just wanted an excuse to come over and talk to the neighbor he saw masturbating from his bathroom window.

That’s the end of the story, which is actually the beginning. We’re still together today. K.M., Montreal, Canada

Doing Hard Time

I was getting dressed to go out to a strip club with my boys for the first time in a long time. My girlfriend of two years, Jennie, moved in about six months ago and I’ve been a hermit ever since.

I can’t go out with my friends, watch the ball game, or drink beer before noon. You know, the things that single guys take for granted. However, I was able to get out of going to see her parents by telling her I had an important project due next week and I couldn’t leave for the weekend.

So I got all dressed up in my best clubbing clothes which had been stowed away deep in the closet in favor of numerous pastel colored tennis shirts and khaki pants. I had on my pair of designer jeans and a pretty expensive dress shirt.

All those old memories came back and it felt good to be me again. I adjusted my belt, took one last look in the mirror, grabbed a handful of singles and started walking out the door.

All of a sudden a neighbor of mine came running down the hallway, screaming and clutching a pan with a little blood on it. She was crying, “I had to do it, I had no choice, he would have killed me!”

“Stacy, calm down, what happened, what’s going on?” I said.

She frantically replied, “Bud caught me having an affair with a coworker and if I didn’t do it first he would have killed me. He’s beat me near to death for less.”

“What!” I said, “Are you telling me you just killed your husband?!”

“No,” she said as I breathed a sigh of relief. “But I did hit him pretty hard with this pan and he’s unconscious. I don’t know what to do!”

Stacy was a gorgeous girl, the kind of girl it takes all your courage just to speak to when you see in an elevator. She had dirty blonde hair and smallish tits that fit her body perfectly. And what a body she had! Tight all the way down, with a round ass to die for. The kind of butt a guy would trade his left nut for.

This was all in the back of my mind as I sat there with a hysterical woman who’d just smacked her huge boyfriend unconscious.

So I thought to myself, Okay, okay, what do I do? Do I call the cops? But to be honest, I didn’t blame her. I knew Bud treated her like shit. I always saw her hiding the bruises on her beautiful face with huge sunglasses. I thought that if I had a girlfriend like that I could never hit her.

“I’m really hot and gross from fighting with Bud, can I use your shower to calm down?” she asked.

I decided to let her take a shower and relax. This would give me time to think. I took the pan and stuck it in a potted plant on my balcony and sat on the couch with my head in my hands, thinking of how to get her out of this.

Then Stacy yelled for some soap so I went into the bathroom, trying not to look even though I was dying to take a peek. As I handed her the soap, she pulled me into the shower, clothes and all. It was an intensely surreal experience. I was soaking wet in my clothes, covered in Irish Spring and water, making out with my dream woman who had an unconscious husband.

“You’re my hero! I hope this is enough to pay you back for helping me out,” Stacy whispered huskily. She kissed me and began to unzip my pants. I was trembling and she assured me that she had sucked a lot of dick in her time and every guy said she was the best. I let her go to it.

It was amazing. I mean, amazing.

Remember the first time you had your dick sucked? It was like that: Knees trembling, eyes rolling in the back of my head, balls quivering.

I came really quick, embarrassingly quick, on her beautiful pert breasts. She smiled and handed me the soap to scrub it off myself. I gently massaged her chest with the suds covering my hands. Then I went down her back until I was soaping up her ass, her beautiful, amazing, apple shaped butt, the curvaceous rump of my numerous daydreams.

I couldn’t wait much longer so I threw open the curtain and whisked her towards the bedroom. We didn’t even make it there, we just sat down on the living room floor instead. We were still full of soap as she ripped off my clothes in a flurry of lust. She began to stroke me already hard cock, until just before the point of climax.

Needless to say I was harder than I had ever been before. She proceeded to mount me, going back and forth on my rock hard dick like I had only seen in pornos that my buddies and I used to steal from our older brothers.

I was feeling intense pleasure and it felt like she was doing all the work. In the heat of the moment I garnered up some unexpected bravery and flipped her over and started pounding her from behind.

She was screaming my name at the top of her lungs. I felt like Ron Jeremy or Evan Stone, a complete stud. It was so amazing I started to come inside of her but then I pulled out in enough time to come all over her luscious ass.

Then, to make sure she came too, I started eating her out, slowly and gently, yet with force. She moaned and all of a sudden a torrent of juice squirted all over my face. We embraced each other and made out one more time before we fell asleep. All night I dreamt about Stacy.

When I woke up I expected to see Stacy but instead I saw a crowd of Philadelphia’s finest. They told me I had the right to remain silent and I was being charged with the attempted murder of Bud. I yelled, “What the fuck! I never touched the guy. It was Stacy!”

The cop slowly explained, “It was Stacy who turned you in, buddy. She said you guys were having an affair and Bud found out. So you said you were going to kill Bud and you two were running away together. It was mighty dumb of you to stay in the same building after you beat up the guy upstairs.”

“Look, I didn’t do it!” I yelled. “Are you going to believe that whore instead of me? I barely knew them!”

The guy looked at me with exasperation. “Be honest with us. The weapon in the pot on the balcony has your prints on it and swabs from Stacy match your DNA, proving a sexual relationship between you two. Plus, we have a witness in Ms. Stacy. To be honest, the deck is stacked against you.”

“Yeah, we had sex last night, but I honestly never said more than, ‘Hello, how are you?’ to the woman.”

He smiled and said, “Okay, it’s time to go. You’re going to do some time, guy. At least you got to fuck one hell of a piece of ass, because it’s the last time you’re going to for a while. Well, a woman’s ass, at least.”

Now I’m just sitting here in a cell, waiting for my lawyer to come. What the fuck am I going to tell Jennie. I never should’ve let her in the apartment. I should’ve just called the police. But damn, that sex was amazing! B.W., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Picking Up a Treat

One Saturday afternoon my girlfriend Meredith and I were sitting around wondering what to do. We decided to get dressed up and head into Los Angeles for what would eventually become the best night of our lives.

My little minx is unbelievably hot with her sultry mouth, firm thighs, and curvy ass. And to add to all that, she just had her breasts done. In fact, she’s so hot that other chicks dig her too.

That night at a popular club, my woman started making eye contact with another devilishly attractive girl. You could’ve fried eggs on her body, she was so hot.

After making small talk over a few drinks we asked if she wanted to join us for a nightcap in a hotel room and she readily agreed. Once we got in the room, I peeled off Meredith’s black shirt and cupped my hands around her new, perky breasts as I kissed her neck and mouth passionately.

You could see the other chick squirming as she watched us, especially when she began to move her hand down her stomach to outline what was slowly becoming a very wet patch in her jeans.

Then I just decided to go for it. Since I sensed that she was getting hotter, I motioned her over. As I continued sucking on my girlfriend’s tongue, I saw that she wanted to join us. I continued rubbing my girl’s hot tits and moved my hand down the front of her skirt and over her thong.

I began to kiss the other chick with the same fury, until somehow they ended up sucking on each other’s mouths as well as mine. Then we both began to suck on Meredith’s hard nipples as she moaned in ecstasy.

Sensing an incredible stroke of luck, I decided to see how far this could go so I pushed Meredith by basically daring her to reciprocate by licking the other girl’s nipples. Not only did she do so, but as she sucked them feverishly she looked at me from the side. I was amazed! But since I’m a horny devil, I decided to push it even further.

I gently guided my girlfriend onto the bed before pulling and sliding the little skirt from her quivering legs. Then I began to lick and kiss the area around her red cotton thong that was already soaked. I sucked on her hot mound through her thong before I pushed it aside to expose her sweet pussy lips.

I teased her clit with my tongue until her heavy breathing turned into a light moan. I could see that our guest was also getting turned on since she had already pulled her jeans off and was left just wearing heels while she played with herself standing up.

As I buried my face in Meredith’s dripping snatch, I asked the other chick if she wanted to share my snack. Without hesitating she parked herself next to me. I took one side while she took the other. This drove Meredith absolutely crazy! I licked up while she licked down. We even swapped pussy juice from each other’s mouths while we were busy eating out my girlfriend.

Two minutes and a few fingers later, Meredith gushed in volcanic proportions as we continued licking, slurping and rimming her tight hole. I thought she was gonna explode. Then I decided to go for it all.

“How would you like me to bang you from behind with my cock deep inside of you?” I asked. “And while I’m doing that, how would you like to taste some of what we just had?”

She was stunned but curious at the same time. So as our new friend spread her legs wide on the bed and fingered herself, I bent Meredith over and teased her creamy pussy with the tip of my throbbing cock.

I dared her to kiss the other chick’s pussy while I worked my cock deeper and deeper, slapping her ass as I went. Before I knew it, Meredith had her face fully buried in the other girl’s cunt, using her tongue as a fuck tool. It was incredible! The chick moaned with her hands on the back of Meredith’s head as she came in buckets.

Just before I blew my wad, I had them kneel in front of me with one tongue on the other as I blew my jizz all over their faces in what can only be described as an eruption. The three of us collapsed in a heap afterward. C.F., Los Angeles, California