Shhh, Don’t Tell

My wife Laura and I have been happily married for 20 years. We’ve had a great sex life. Laura has done many exciting things during our marriage. Six years ago when a stripper at a club we were in had to cancel at the last minute, Laura took her place and did a slow striptease for a dozen guys. She removed her clothing and danced for us in her bra, panties and heels.

The most daring thing Laura ever did was act out a scene with me in front of a videocamera. We fucked in front of our neighbor as he operated the camera. The neighbor sure got to see plenty of my wife that evening.

But what happened last month I should get a medal for. Laura occasionally enjoys bondage. She loves being made helpless and having me take full advantage of her. One Sunday afternoon I had her on the bed with her wrists tied securely to the headboard.

Laura was still in her Sunday church clothes, a short pleated skirt, a long sleeved blouse, and dark stockings. I was really going to work her over. I even got a sleeping mask and put it on her. I was going to make it very suspenseful and arousing for her.

I was just running my hand above her stocking stops when the doorbell sounded. I quickly got off the bed and left the bedroom, leaving Laura helpless. I opened the door and there stood our neighbor, Andy. I didn’t want to appear rude so I invited him in and even offered him a beer.

Time just seemed to drag as I thought of my hot wife waiting to be pleased in the bedroom. I wanted to get back to her so badly. Then it hit me: Why not let Andy enjoy my wife? I’d love to watch my wife being taken care of by another man.

I told Andy what I had waiting for me in the bedroom, my wife tied, helpless, and blindfolded, just waiting to be pleased. Could I get away with it? As long as Andy didn’t say a word, maybe he could enjoy my wife. I knew I sure would like to watch.

I asked Andy if he would undress Laura, eat her pussy, and then as a last treat, I wanted to watch Laura suck his cock. Andy was all for my plan. I reminded him that for all this to work, he couldn’t say one word, and he said he understood. I then got to my feet and opened and closed the door loud enough for Laura to hear it, so she’d think that the visitor had gone home. Quietly Andy and I entered the room.

Laura looked as sexy as ever with her skirt hiked up a bit. We could see the smooth skin just above her stockings. The blindfold was still perfectly in place so I gave Andy a silent signal to start on my wife. He approached the bed quietly and sat on it.

Andy’s right hand went to Laura’s knee. Very slowly, he moved it upwards, and in seconds I could see the garter straps and the soft warm thigh above the fabric.

He kept moving up until we could see her plain white panties. Then he moved his fingers towards Laura’s crotch. I watched with excitement as Andy began to tease and move his fingers lightly over my wife’s pussy.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Laura begged. Her hips moved with pleasure as he played with her pussy. Everything was going perfectly! Andy didn’t have to be coached on what to do, and he sure was enjoying himself. He removed his hand from under my wife’s skirt and began to unbutton her shirt.

Soon her shirt was wide open and he was unhooking her bra to expose her tits. Her nipples were swollen and dark brown. Soon they were wet with Andy’s saliva as he worked her nipples over with his hungry mouth. By now I had a hard on bigger than a house.

I watched as Andy pulled Laura’s skirt down her lovely legs. She was beautiful, lying there in her dark stockings and white panties. I could just make out the dark nest of hair underneath the light fabric. Andy lowered his head and began to plant soft kisses near Laura’s pussy.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Take my panties off and really eat me out,” Laura said.

Andy did as he was asked, and down came Laura’s panties, exposing her hairy crotch.

He jackknifed Laura’s legs and opened them wide. I watched as he enthusiastically went down on my wife, licking, sucking, and flicking her clit and lips. Laura squirmed around, twisting in pleasure, moaning loudly.

“Eat me, eat me,” she pleaded. I never made my wife explode as quickly as Andy did that afternoon. Laura spasmed wildly and screamed as she climaxed in Andy’s mouth.

“It’s my turn, I want to taste you. I want to swallow your come,” said Laura. Andy got to his feet and removed his pants and boxer shorts, releasing his stiff cock. I was thankful Andy was the same size as I was, otherwise I wondered if maybe Laura would be able to tell the difference.

Now I was prepared to witness something I’ve always wanted to see: my wife giving a blowjob to another man. In seconds Laura had her busy lips around Andy’s hard cock. She’s an expert at sucking cock. She can really tease a man with her skillful tongue and wet mouth.

I swear I didn’t know how Andy did it: As he came, shooting his entire load into my wife’s hungry mouth and down her throat, he never made a sound. Not a moan, not a whimper, nothing to give him away. I couldn’t believe it!

Andy removed his wet dick from my wife’s mouth. Quickly he put his shorts and pants on and left ever so quietly. I stripped my pants off and took the mask off Laura.

“Boy, you were great this time, and you tasted fabulous! Better than ever,” Laura sighed, smiling at me.

“Oh, thanks honey,” I replied, amazed that I’d gotten away with it.

“One thing though,” she continued, still smiling. “Usually you make a lot of noise when you come.”

“Oh?” I said nervously.

“Yeah, and your dick seems to have grown, too. It felt so much bigger than it usually does! And so thick! I wish your dick could always be like that, honey, every time we make love.”

I looked at her as she lay there with a dreamy expression on her face. I was shocked, and not a little bit hurt, until I saw a slow smile spread across her face and she began to laugh.

I finally I realized that she knew it had been Andy the whole time, and was just playfully getting back at me.

“You can’t fool me with someone else’s cock,” she laughed. “But maybe we should invite your friend back again next week,” she murmured, as she rolled on top of me. Name and address withheld

Hot For Each Other

It’s my birthday and we’ve gone to the pub with some friends and family. Everyone is sitting around laughing and telling jokes and stories. You’re sitting next to me, close enough that we’re touching under the table but no one else can see.

Our thighs brush against each other, while your hand caresses my thigh under my skirt. I slip my thong off and stuff it in your hand under the table. You get the hint, and excuse yourself to go to the men’s room. I slip out a minute after you and follow you there.

As I walk in you’re just finishing up. You look at me with an odd look, like, “What? Here? Now?” I smile as I grab your shirt, pull you close, and kiss you deeply. I pull you into the stall and close the door. I stand with one foot propped on the seat and the other against the door and slide my skirt up. I kiss you again, then push your head down and shove your face into my hot wet cunt.

You know what to do. You lick hungrily as I moan and tell you to suck my clit. You happily oblige me, sliding two fingers in my pussy while you’re at it. The combination of your tongue and your pumping fingers sends me over the edge, and I come all over your fingers and fill your face with my sticky sweet juice. I lick the remains off your face and suck your fingers clean.

We leave the bathroom separately and arrive back at the table a few minutes later with no one the wiser. We exchange naughty glances and giggles and smile seductively, knowing just how hot our little secret meeting was, and how much fun we’re going to have on the way home.

We say good bye and then practically run to your car. We kiss and fondle each other briefly and then set off for my place. While you’re driving, I reach over and unzip your pants. I slip my hand inside and start to stroke your rock hard cock. You can barely keep sight of the road, but somehow we manage to make it my house.

Before we go inside you pull me close and we make out feverishly. I stuff your cock in my mouth and suck it like it’s the only thing that will ever satisfy me. You’re getting close to coming so you pull away and kiss me. I giggle and stick your cock back in your pants before we jump out of the car and run for the front door.

We barely manage to make it inside before we start ripping our clothes off. I slam the door shut behind us and you push me up against it. You press your body to mine as you lick and nibble my ear. I grab your ass, grinding my hips against your erection, shivering at your touch.

I tear myself away and pull you into the kitchen. I jump up on the counter and shove my skirt to my waist as you take off my sweater. My large tits are busting out of my bra, begging for your attention. You gather them in your hands and suck them madly. I force your face again to my cunt. You lick and suck and stroke my pussy, making your greedy little slut come all over your face. I’m moaning with passion as each wave of my climax hits me, telling you how good your tongue feels in my hot, dripping slit.

I pull you up to my face and kiss you passionately, tasting myself on your lips. As soon as I can undo your pants you’re stuffing your thick cock in my cunt. You fuck me furiously as I strain to meet your every thrust. Your cock is so deep inside me, slamming me harder and harder. Nothing else will satisfy this hunger.

“Fuck me baby,” I moan.

“Who’s my little slut?” you growl in response, pumping faster.

“I am! Oh yeah, baby,” I cry out as an orgasm rocks through my pussy and all through my body. You finally shoot your load into me with a low groan.

We collapse together on the kitchen floor, all sweaty and half clothed. We’re satisfied now, happy to just lie there in each other’s arms. At least until I start stroking your cock again, getting it ready for the next round. Name and address withheld

Blonde Ambition

My husband and I like to share our fantasies with one another. Recently we talked about how to make them real. I never expected it would happen, but my husband fulfilled one for me. Although I didn’t exactly twist his arm!

It was a hot summer day so I was dressed in a flirty little sundress without underwear, and sexy sandals. Earlier that morning my husband had asked me to meet him at home for lunch for some afternoon delight. I was hoping for a nice little 69, since we both love oral sex.

I arrived home a little early, anxious to fuck. I was hoping to beat him home so I would be waiting for him in our bed naked. However, when I walked in the door I immediately heard loud moaning coming from upstairs. Chills ran up and down my spine.

I slowly crept up the stairs as I continued to listen to what sounded like two women and my husband moaning in ecstasy. The door was cracked open about an inch so I could see what was happening without them seeing me.

When I peeked into the bedroom there was my husband with two gorgeous blondes with luscious breasts. I was frozen in place, as quiet as I could be, as I stood there spying.

One of the blondes was on her back while my husband was on all fours, his face buried between her legs, pleasuring her with this mouth, tongue, and fingers. I could hear how moist her pussy was as he lapped every inch of her up with his tongue.

The other blonde was on her back at the end of the bed with my husband’s cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. She held his tight ass, pushing and pulling his dick into her mouth. I could see his oozing juices running down the side of her face as they spilled out of the corner of her mouth.

Soon the blonde my husband was eating began to scream as he brought her to orgasm. That made him come too with a big thrust into the other chick’s mouth as she rubbed herself off. It was a frenzy of flowing jism and pussy juice as all three of them came at the same time.

Part of me was shocked at what I was seeing, since I’d never imagined my husband actually going through with fulfilling the fantasies we had talked about. The other part of me was totally turned on. I felt my pussy juices running down the inside of my leg.

After they collapsed, my husband looked up and saw me standing there. He didn’t seem that surprised, and he held out his hand, inviting me to come and join them in bed. He gave me a look as if to say, “This is okay, right?”

I smiled, reassuring him. I was welcomed with open arms by the two blondes as they began to remove my dress and panties and massage my breasts and pussy. The three of us made out in a hot, wet, three way kiss. It was better than I’d ever imagined!

I could taste my husband’s come on the cocksucking blonde’s lips as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. The other blonde spread my legs apart and proceeded to lap up the flowing juices that had built up during the show. My husband moved off the bed to get a better view so he could watch.

It wasn’t long before his cock was at attention again, waiting to get more action. While the ladies smothered me with attention, my husband climbed up on the bed and got on his knees. He stuck his cock deep inside the blonde that was eating me out. Every time he thrust, her mouth would push against my pussy.

The other one kneeled above my face and lowered her snatch onto my mouth. She told me to lick her, and not to stop until she came. As I ate my very first pussy and was getting eaten at the same time, I couldn’t hold my climax off anymore. I came with a loud wail, and at the same instant, my husband shot his load deep inside the blonde with her face still in my cunt.

While we all recovered, my husband crawled over and planted a big kiss on my lips. I pulled him close and whispered into his ear, “So, what fantasy should we fulfill next?” H.C., St. Paul, Minnesota

Party, Orgy, Same Thing

I’m one of “those” girls. You know, the ones who actually enjoy sex, in all its colors, smells, tastes, and beauty. Some might call me a whore, but I prefer to think of myself as an experienced connoisseur of fine sex.

I’m a professional woman by day, 25 years old, with large, perky tits. I have long, dark auburn hair that reaches the crack of my ass, and a petite, slender build. I look damn good in a pair of thigh high boots. That’s what I was wearing last weekend.

I went to a sex party to meet up with some friends of mine, and boy, was it fun! I wore this slinky little red dress, thigh high fishnets, and the sexiest pair of black leather boots you’ve ever seen. I was so wet, thinking about all the guys whose cocks I would be sucking and fucking later!

When we arrived at the party, Philip and Kristy met us at the door. They were some of my favorite playmates. They told us the wet T shirt party was just about to start. We got there just in time! Kristy helped me strip and gave me the tiny white tee that would soon be soaked.

She took one of my rosy pink nipples in her mouth, and I let out a moan. It was so early in the night, and already I couldn’t wait to get my pussy pounded! She briefly slipped a finger inside my hot, quivering twat before smacking me on the ass and sending me over to Philip.

He poured an entire pitcher of water over my chest, rendering the T shirt see through. That water was cold! My nipples stood at attention like a couple of sailors, and they were just as wet. Although I was a crowd favorite, I ended up taking second place, and I was a little disappointed. But not for long.

As a consolation prize, Philip and Kristy led me into the orgy room. There were several couples going at it already, and the room was a tangle of writhing, panting, naked bodies on the beds that they had pushed together.

I sat down on the edge of an empty bed, and Kristy knelt between my thighs. I took her husband’s thick, nine inch cock in my mouth. He groaned and started slowly fucking my face. Kristy’s tongue made little circles on my pussy as she flicked my throbbing clit. Some guy stood against the wall, stroking himself as he watched us.

It wasn’t too long before Philip began to speed up, and I tasted his salty, gooey wad as he exploded in my mouth. I kept sucking him, lapping up all that jizz until he went limp. Kristy had sped up as well, and I began coming, grinding against her mouth.

I lay back on the bed as other men surrounded me, each one taking a ride. I had six or seven total, I think. I kind of lost count. But each one of them took me hard and fast and when they finished another guy was right there to take his place.

I got the best pussy pounding I’d had in a long time. What a fuck tastic night! R.F., New York, New York

Be a Good Boy

My wife and I are avid erotica readers and have had many a hot night with ideas we’ve gleaned from books and magazines. We love to explore our sexual boundaries often, and are very open with each other about our fantasies. A recent evening brought together so many of our fetishes and fantasies that I have to tell you all about it.

On a note taped to the bathroom mirror she instructed me to shave my genitals nearly clean, leaving a patch above my cock. After shaving I was to put on a new pair of women’s panties she had bought for me: a very sexy little pink thong with cute bows on the front. Then I was to go into our bedroom for my next surprise.

Upon walking into our bedroom I noticed another note and a small bag. The note was another set of instructions that told me to open the bag and put on the lipstick inside. Then I was to put on the blindfold and lie in our bed and wait for her to come home. Lipstick was a new twist for us, but dressing in women’s panties had long been a fetish of mine.

We’d often go to a club and exchange underwear once inside. I’d get so horny feeling her silky panties rubbing my cock all night, sliding tantalizing over my sac and shaft. When we got home we’d fuck like crazy.

I’d never worn any makeup before, though. A number of scenarios ran through my head as I laid in our bed. Was she dressing me up like this to show me off? Was she finally going to use a strap on on me? Would she spank me for using her lipstick on myself? Or was she going to do something completely different?

I can’t say how long I waited, but by the time I heard the front door open, I was so sexually charged I was ready for anything. Then I heard three voices, my wife’s, another woman, and a man. My wife told them I was upstairs in our bedroom and they should head up there. She said she would get the camera and drinks and be right up.

Now I was nervous, because I didn’t recognize the voices. While we had swapped several times, none of the couples we swapped with had ever seen me dressed like this. Before I could figure out if this was a good idea or not, the other couple walked into our room. The woman smelled incredible and the man appeared to be big based on the sound of his footsteps.

“What a great idea this is!” the woman said to her man. “We’re all going to have so much fun.”

“Definitely,” he replied. “And he looks like he’s up for anything, just like his wife said.”

Then my wife walked in and said to me, “Tonight, you’re to do everything I say.” Then she quickly corrected herself and said, “Actually, honey, tonight you’re to do everything any of us tell you to do. Do you understand what that means?”

“Yes,” I replied submissively.

“Now you just lay there while my new friends and I get undressed and ready for the night’s fun,” she said.

“No, I think he should take our clothes off for us like a good little slave,” the man piped in.

“Oh, good idea!” my wife exclaimed, ordering me to get up and start undressing them.

I started to take off my blindfold but the woman stopped me. “No! That would ruin the fun!” she laughed.

So I moved unsteadily off the bed toward the sound of their voices. The man took my hand and told me to start with my wife. “I can’t wait to see her naked again,” he said with a laugh.

Again? My wife and I had always swapped together. My mind started to race but I had my instructions, so I began to undress my wife. She was wearing a tube top and a very short skirt and nothing else. As I lowered her skirt my hand caressed her thighs and I discovered they were slick with what felt like come. Apparently she had already had some fun without me this afternoon while I waited for her.

Then I made my way to the other woman. She was dressed just as sexily, with no panties either, and her thighs were just as wet as my wife’s. That left the man. He moved me in front of him and directed my actions.

“First the shirt,” he commanded. I removed it clumsily and discovered my initial thoughts were true, he was a large man with strong arms and a broad chest. I should tell you that my wife isn’t the only one who is bisexual. I’ve been with a couple of men in the past, much to my wife’s pleasure.

“Now the pants, slave,” said the man. As I lowered them he lifted his legs out of them and I came within inches of his cock. I could smell my wife’s come on it. He laughed lightly after catching my reaction to this.

“Oh, can you smell her on me?” he asked. “Smells good, doesn’t she?’

“Yes I can, sir, and yes she does, sir,” I replied meekly.

At that the three of them giggled. “I’m sorry you weren’t there to see my man fuck your wife,” said the other woman. “But if you behave as well as she did, you might get your chance.”

My wife told me to get closer. “Bury your nose in his crotch and rub that huge cock all over your face now!” she yelled. “Smell my come on his cock! God, it was so good. He fucked me silly, better than you ever have.”

My wife had never said anything like that to me before. She had always said how much she loved the way my cock looked and felt. But her words, while biting a little, were turning me on even more.

I shoved my face in his crotch, only to have him grab the back of my head and push it closer. “Smelling it isn’t enough,” his wife purred. “Suck your woman’s juice’s off his cock, now!”

“Yeah, suck your woman’s come off my cock, you panty wearing little cocksucker,” the man grunted. “I think I’d like that, and if you’re as good as your wife says you are at sucking cock, maybe I’ll let you swallow my come.”

Then I was sucking his cock for all I was worth, using my hands to massage his sac while the women commented on my technique. “Go get the camera honey,” he said to his wife. “Let’s get some pictures of this white man sucking a big black cock.” So he was black. It seemed that quite a few fantasies were going to be fulfilled tonight!

I sucked his cock for what must have been 15 minutes until I felt him start to tense up. “I’m close,” he yelled. “I’m going to come!”

“You should get ready to swallow a lot of come,” his wife said to me. “He always has huge loads.” Just then he started to spurt into my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and held it there while he sent shot after shot of hot come into my mouth.

“Damn, your man can really suck some cock,” he gasped. “Hold that come in your mouth, slave,” he instructed. “I want the ladies to taste it fresh from your mouth.”

My wife was first, kissing me while snaking her tongue into my mouth and scooping out some come, then the other woman did the same until it was all gone. “Don’t worry, panty boy, it won’t be the last load of my come you get to taste tonight,” laughed the man.

Then I was told to stand up and finally take off my blindfold. Standing in front of me was a very good looking black man that I recognized from my wife’s office, and his equally hot Cuban wife that I had fantasized about often after meeting her at a company picnic. I had no idea before then that they were in the lifestyle or that he was bisexual as well.

My wife then told me about her afternoon. Apparently, she had been flirting with Seth since he came to her office but had never done anything with him. Then a couple of weeks ago she found pictures of him and his wife on a lifestyle website we were on and got an idea. She approached him about swapping with us. He told her that he’d be very interested and then shocked her by saying he was bisexual and asking if that was a problem.

That’s when she got the idea to set tonight up. I’ve got a big thing for Latina women, my wife loves watching me with other men, and I’ve always wanted to see her with a black man. It was a perfect trifecta of fantasies. As an added bonus, she decided to play into my submissive side, and Seth and Sofia were only to happy to help.

For the rest of the night I was to be the sex slave of my wife and her two new lovers.

“Well now,” Sofia said, “since we’ve established that you’re ours to do with what we want, and seeing as though we’ve firmly established that you like my man’s come, I think we’ll continue with you sucking his come out of my pussy.” Of course, I was only too happy to oblige.

She laid on our bed and I began to work my way up her thighs to her gorgeous, come filled cunt. There’s something about a Latina pussy that turns me on. Maybe it’s the slightly cocoa color of it, or maybe the different taste just lights a fire in me. Whatever it is, I love everything about it, and I happily committed myself to my task.

When I looked back I saw my wife on her knees trying to bring Seth’s monster cock back to life. Turning back to my job, I began to eat the come out of his wife’s pussy as my wife told me about their activities earlier that day.

They were all over at Seth and Sofia’s house going over what they wanted to do tonight, when Sofia couldn’t take it anymore. She was too horny to wait. She had to have some of Seth’s cock right then and there. When my wife saw Seth’s tool she couldn’t control herself either, and said how hot it would be to start off my training by having their pussies filled with Seth’s come. As she talked I swirled Sofia’s clit in my mouth and brought her through two orgasms.

Now my dick was hard as a rock and I wanted some release. I moved up to mount Sofia, but she stopped me, telling me I might get my chance.

“First, however,” she murmured, “you’re going to get fucked well before you get to fuck anyone.” Just then I felt a pair of hands on my ass. My wife was right behind me and she was wearing a strap on dildo. Sofia looked up at her. “Fuck him good,” she said.

Then she grabbed my head and told me to keep eating her while my wife fucked my hot ass. I felt the tip of the fake cock pushing its way into my ass, filling me up.

“This is so fucking hot,” Seth said with a moan. “If you think that fake dick feels big inside you, wait until I stuff my fat black cock up your ass,” he whispered in my ear.

I gasped at the thought of him sticking his huge piece into me but didn’t get long to think because my wife began to really fuck me hard. Seth and Sofia cheered her on, shouting for her to fuck me harder. The dirty talk was really turning me on now.

“You’re a little fuck toy,” taunted Sofia. “You like to be used.”

“My little white panty boy,” chimed in Seth. My dick was rock hard and sticking straight out. I just wanted to come, but I didn’t dare ask.

After a relentless pounding from my wife, Sofia shifted away from me and Seth slid in front of me.

“Now, suck Seth’s cock while I fuck that pretty white ass,” she said, as she took my wife’s place behind me with her strap on. Sofia’s strap on was bigger than my wife’s and she was more ruthless with her strokes. She smacked my ass while she fucked me and kept going on about how much she liked watching me suck Seth’s cock.

“You’re going to enjoy his cock in your ass too,” she yelled. “And I’m going to love watching him fuck your slutty wife.”

Seth told us he was going to come again, then promptly pulled my head off his cock, much to my disappointment. Then I realized what he was going to do next. My wife slid in front of me while Seth got behind me and spit on my asshole to lube it up some more. He pushed the tip of cock slowly into my asshole, gradually stretching it.

“I don’t know if I can take the whole thing,” I gasped to my wife, slowly adjusting to the incredibly full feeling in my anus.

She playfully tapped my cheek. “You can and you will. It’s incredible, when he was fucking me with it I felt so full I couldn’t stop coming,” she informed me. “I plan on fucking him as often as Sofia will let me. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you watch and eat me when we’re done.” I groaned in pleasure at the thought of his fresh come.

“Now,” she continued, “eat his come out of me while he fucks your ass with that huge, beautiful, black cock of his.”

God, my dick was hard. I could feel pre come running down my shaft as Seth slowly inched his cock into me.

“Do you know what a hot, nasty piece of ass your wife is?” he said, as his cock filled my hole. “I’m going to fuck her again, when I’m done flooding your ass with jizz.”

Sofia snapped picture after picture of me getting fucked by her husband, telling me that the pictures were for us to enjoy later.

“I’ve got plans for you two for my next party,” she said. It would be a rainbow party, where all the women wear different colored lipstick and put rainbows of lipstick on each other’s husband’s cocks.

“You can come to the party,” she added, “but not as a receiver, as a cocksucker. By the time I’m done with you,” she laughed, caressing my balls, “you’ll be known as one of the best cocksuckers in town.”

“That sounds like a great idea to me!” my wife giggled.

Just then, Seth tensed up and filled my ass with come. The feeling of his hot spunk shooting into my ass was incredible, all I could think of was when I could feel it again. I was truly turning into a cocksucking come bucket.

After Seth pulled out, I did a complete fashion show for them, modeling every pair of women’s panties I had and even trying on Sofia’s. Then I got to fuck both my wife and Sofia, and sucked Seth off a couple more times.

The highlight of the night was getting to watch my hot wife get fucked by Seth’s monster cock. It truly made me feel like a bad fuck in comparison.

When everyone was fucked out, Sofia and Seth moved to our guest room for the night and my wife and I relived the night’s highlights alone in bed. I told her how turned on I was that she had made so many of our fantasies come true in one night.

“Good, sweetie,” she sighed, curling next to me. “I was worried that you’d be mad, since I fucked Seth when you weren’t there.”

I stroked her hair reassuringly. “I’m not mad, but promise me that I can be there the next time you’re thinking up surprises,” I said.

“Of course, honey, I’ll do anything you say,” she replied. And the next time, it would be her doing whatever I said. Name and address withheld