The Artist and the Whore

My name is Lydia, and I’m a Philadelphia prostitute. All of my customers are long time regulars with a few referrals from time to time to maintain a full clientele. They’re all professional men, mostly married and wealthy.

I weeded out the weirdos a long time ago except one client who I originally thought of as a weirdo but have now upgraded to an eccentric. Reggie is a rich artist, or at least he fancies himself as an artist. I always feel I should pay him instead.

He owns this huge old Victorian mansion, and he’s modified the inside so that the downstairs is almost one big room, sort of like a ballroom.

I show up at the appointed hour dressed like I’m going to one of those Southern plantation balls like in Gone with the Wind. He leads me to the middle of the room so that I’m standing in the middle of a huge piece of heavy duty white paper.

He strokes my arms and runs his hands down my sides and comments on the swell of my hips and how beautiful I am. We kiss, long lingering romantic kisses like we’re lovers on a hormone high.

Next he poses me like a fashion model. He takes a long time to do this as he keeps changing my position, and all the while he is telling me how I’m the center of the universe, how my clothes accentuate my natural beauty, how soft I am all in a very elegant and cultured manner. He makes me feel like I really am the center of the universe. Then he excuses himself and tells me to hold my position. I’m most careful to do so.

While he’s gone I always admire the room. The d cor is very expensive and tastefully done. The windows are covered with beautiful drapes that draw everything together.

The walls are hung with his artwork, many which have me as the subject, although some have other beautiful women in them. I assume he inherited his wealth, as I can’t believe he’s making a living selling his work.

Hanging from the ceiling is a very large camera. It has a huge bulging lens as big as a softball and is mounted on a rail that runs around the ceiling and down the walls, and it can rotate around and extend up and down. He controls it with a remote, and when it moves it makes very little noise.

There are dozens and dozens of lights and spotlights fixed all around the walls and ceiling. Some lights, although in the walls, are right down next to the floor. And despite their utilitarian purpose, they mesh very nicely with the d cor. I thought he was gay the first time I came here, although he’s definitely proved his interest in women since then!

He always returns with a crisp cold glass of my favorite white wine. Then, still standing in the middle of that sheet of paper, we drink and chat and he continues to admire me and compliment my body in the most outrageous ,flowery language. You can see why I feel I should pay him.

Then he helps me to undress, which we do in the slow seductive way that you see women doing in movies. Next he lays me down right in the middle of the paper and positions my arms and legs just how he wants them.

In every shot, my shaved pussy is positioned to the camera’s best advantage. He has a special pillow, which fits under my back and bulges up under my ass in such a way that it causes my cunt to be better displayed when I spread my legs.

He starts to run his hands, which he has somehow warmed, all around my cunt and my clit. When I am warmed up enough from that he starts to lick my clit, which he does with real enthusiasm. I’m most turned on by being dominated, but on occasion getting upgraded to princess is very, very satisfying. Then he begins to fuck me.

He has a big, thick, very hard cock just the kind I love to suck and spread my legs for. He rubs my clit with it and then pushes in about halfway until I begin to moan and push my pelvis forward trying to get more of it.

After teasing me until my writhing and moaning are more like begging, he drives that glorious cock into me and begins pounding my cunt. In only a few minutes he recognizes I’m starting to come and he pulls out, leaving me crying out for more. I know he does this to get my body excited and turned on for the camera.

Now comes the strange but deliciously erotic part. He does a last positioning of my arms and legs and picks up a brush in each hand. He has plastic pails of colored paint, which is water soluble and non toxic, sitting all around the edges of the piece of paper I’m displayed on. He has dozens of brushes, some of which are as big as the ones used by house painters and go down in size from there. Then using me as the centerpiece he paints an abstract picture on that paper. I must not move which isn’t always comfortable, but I know how to be disciplined.

He will take a brush and starting from the middle of my tits he paints down over my cunt out onto the paper, making swirls and curlicues and other designs. My arm may be next, and then maybe a leg, all painted in different colors with different sizes of brushes. He has warmed the paint so the bristles feel very erotic as they brush over me. He paints from my head to my toes, slowly tickling me with the brush until I can barely breathe, I’m trying so hard to stay still.

Sometimes he ignores me and paints just on the paper, but the lines are there to draw the eye toward the center. About this time I am feeling absolutely, delightfully vain. He continues to compliment me, repeating over and over how beautiful and perfect my body is. It’s so wonderful being the center of attention that I quickly forget the weirdness of my situation.

Sometimes he’ll fan my hair out into and begin his next paint line from my forehead going over my hair onto the paper. He takes small brushes and starts at one of my nipples and goes around my breast, down my side, and out onto the paper. He tiptoes around me many times, deciding if more lines are needed but eventually he’s finished. Then he takes photos.

For each photo he uses different lights and camera angles that cause the position of my body to make shadows. They somehow accentuate the lines and colors he has already painted onto the paper and onto me. He also changes the camera’s lenses, some of which are colored, with his remote. It’s really quite extraordinary.

Now he undresses completely. His cock is erect and he looks me right in the eye and says, “This time, my little whore, I’m going to fuck you until you come hard.”

And does he ever. He fucks me skillfully, lovingly, and yet ferociously, until I can’t stop coming. Then we roll around on the paper, getting totally covered in paint. I laugh and laugh but he just holds me tight and rubs his hands all over my body as he moans in complete satisfaction.

We clean up in his shower, which is big enough for four people. We rub each other all over with fragrant soap, slipping a finger in here and there, playing with each other’s bodies until we’re just one big soapy, lusty pile on the floor, humping and writhing.

After we get out of the shower we enjoy another refreshing glass of white wine, and then I suck him until his cock starts to throb and grow larger. Then he holds my head in both hands and fucks my mouth.

As he gets close to coming I can sense that final, slight hardening of his cock. As he drives it down my throat I know I’ve done my usual good job and I swallow his semen, feeling the pulsing of his hard cock against the walls of my throat and tongue.

If I’m lucky, we’ll rest a few minutes, then he’ll get hard again as I whisper all the dirty things I want to do him, and he’ll fuck me one last time on the soft rug on the bathroom floor. This time it’s slow, intense, and mind shattering, the kind of fucking you wish you could have every day of your life.

I go home very satisfied. By now I’ve changed out of my hoopskirts and into normal clothes. Is this guy pleasantly eccentric or what? However, he won’t give me a copy of any of the photos he has taken of me in every character I can play, from slave to helpless young girl, even though I’ve begged him.

Although this letter doesn’t include a photo, you can see that being a whore does have its rewards. C.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fetish Photo Session

This story details how my whole world has turned upside down within the last month. Amazingly, I’ve just given birth to my third child and also became a nude model.

How, you ask? What about my husband? Well, he’s pleased about the baby and not that pleased with the modeling, but it that was really his fault completely. Let me explain.

I’m 37 years old and have been married to Brad for almost 18 years. Brad belongs to a photography club and the club often takes glamour shots at their monthly meetings. Anyway, about a month ago, the club secretary Rusty stopped by to see Brad but he wasn’t home.

We talked for a minute and he mentioned that Brad had often bragged about me and said he’d like to see me pose for their group sometime. Well, I was surprised to say the least, and told Rusty that in my condition, eight months pregnant, that nobody would want to see me.

That’s when he explained to me that lots of men have pregnancy fetishes and would probably enjoy it. I said that when it came down to it, Brad would never let me do it.

Rusty said I was wrong, but I said I’d give it a try. Rusty told me to talk it over with Brad and to let them know. When Brad got home that night we had a long talk, then finally he called Rusty and said we’d be over the next night for a photo shoot.

So the next night we headed to the club. I was dressed in high heels,

G string, and a short dress that made me feel even fatter than I was. When we got there, there were a bunch of men waiting and they all complimented me on how good I looked. I was led into the studio and told to get comfortable on the bed.

They started taking pictures right away and I was asked to take my dress off. When I removed my bra the atmosphere really changed. More of the men started asking me to open my legs for shots and, although I still had my panties on, I got extremely horny.

As the men went wild, Brad said I’d gone far enough but was met by boos and complaints. They all said I should make up my own mind and under the circumstances, my arousal took over.

I told Brad a few nude shots couldn’t hurt, and that if he hadn’t wanted other men to see his wife, he shouldn’t have volunteered me for the photo shoot in the first place.

So, there I was, open legged with my gaping cunt on display to these horny men. Suddenly there was someone on the bed with me, naked and sporting an enormous erection. I heard Brad shout, “No!” and looked up to see him pushed to the back of the group, held there by his friends.

I laughed and then sighed as the nude man began to stroke my huge pregnant belly before licking my nipples. I lay back and opened my legs wider, allowing this stranger to kneel between then and tongue my clit. It felt amazing as the cameras clicked away and lightning bolts of ecstasy shot through my body.

I reached down to tug on his cock teasingly as he continued to lap away at my cunt. He rubbed the flushed lips of my cunt between his thumbs and forefinger and thrust his tongue faster. I was in heaven.

I still heard Brad’s complaints but they weren’t as stern any more. Getting bold, I leaned over and got between his legs so I could suck his cock. It was a beautiful cock, too big, pink and long, with thick veins pulsing all over it, and a musky smell that was different from Brad’s.

As I ran my tongue over him I noticed some of the other men in the room were stroking their own cocks, and the cameras were going wild. I got about six inches of the man’s cock in my throat before I gagged and I heard the guy gasp.

Someone urged him to fuck me, so I took his cock out of my mouth and he turned me around, then nudged his cock gently into my receptive hole. My cunt swallowed his manhood entirely. I could hear and feel it, hotter than ever and sopping with my juices as he built up speed. He was fantastic and I was certain that Brad could see my pleasure.

Grabbing hold of my hair, he rode me, slapping my ass gently as I gasped for breath and cried out. I came loudly and then seconds later, I felt his cock explode inside me.

Before I could recover, another man took his place and a third offered his prick to my mouth. I was frenzied and accepted both, taking it at both ends for the first time in my life. Six more men fucked me that night before it was all over.

Finally, Brad grabbed me and took me home. He was in shock but I didn’t care. I decided it was as much his fault as mine. Anyway, now I’m hooked and I’ll do it again soon. Name and address withheld

Time of Our Lives

It’s been so long since we last got together. This month and a half have been the longest in my life. I know we’ve had our obstacles and things have been rough for us, but it’s made flirting and foreplay with you all that much more intense. We have unfinished business and it’s been building up now for weeks.

Phone sex and e mails are not going to cut it anymore, and you’re finally coming to see me. I’m waiting outside for you. I can see you just as clear in my mind as when I see you in person. It seems like forever since you called and said you were on your way.

I have a huge erection straining against my jeans. I can feel pre come dripping down my leg as I experience the longest wait of my life. Finally you arrive at my house. I casually walk over to greet you and when you step out of the car I’m just blown away.

You’re more beautiful than I remember. You look great and you smell wonderful. You have a fresh coat of gloss on your wonderfully kissable lips. I reach my hand out to you as your rise from the seat of your car. You’re smiling and I know from your eyes that you’re just as turned on as I am. We are in for the time of our lives tonight, because we’ve both wanted this for so long.

As you stand up I pull you close, and you give me a look like you’re just begging me to kiss you. Our lips and tongues meet head on, sparks fly, and time stands still. We share so much passion when we kiss and our lips fit together perfectly. I don’t want it to end and our kiss lingers and lingers. Our lips finally break apart from each other and I take your hand and lead you into my house, headed straight for my bedroom.

I am well prepared and I lit some candles and have on soft music. I want everything to be perfect for us. I know it always is, but I want you to feel special, like you’re the only woman on the planet. We kiss and embrace more, you can feel my hardness pressed against your leg and I can feel the heat coming from between your thighs.

You reach down and grab me as I put my hand between your legs. You’re already wet, and I can feel the moisture. I’m so ready as I start undressing you. I want you naked except for your bra and wet panties. You surprise me by wearing my favorite light pink bra and panties. Just when I thought I would get no harder, I can feel my erection throbbing.

You’re driving me crazy, you’re so beautiful wearing only your undergarments. I undress and lead you to my bed, never breaking contact with you. You get in bed and I follow. We lie next to each other, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. I start kissing your soft neck and ears, whispering to you how excited I am to be with such an exquisitely beautiful, sexy woman.

I can’t contain myself as I start a trail of caresses and kisses to your heaving breasts. The bra will have to go. I need to suck your hard nipples into my mouth. I pay attention to each one of them and I’m reluctant to leave them but I need to explore more of your body. I give you a quick kiss before I make it down to your tummy. I love your belly and your belly button, kissing and licking it for as long as you can stand. I look up into your eyes. I can see from the way you look that you want me to travel down farther.

I put my head between your legs and you smell so good. Your pussy is so wet and your lips are shiny from your flowing juices. I gently kiss all over them and when I find your clit, I take it in my mouth and suck on it. You’re squirming under me and your breathing gets harder and louder.

I can tell that you’re going to come so I don’t change what I’m doing. I want your juice on my tongue and face. You come hard and I rest my tongue before coming up to kiss your lips. You get to taste your own juices as I stick my tongue in your mouth.

You roll me over and start kissing trails down me from my head to my cock. You tease it with your tongue and lick the pre come that has formed at the tip. I beg you to please put it in your warm, inviting mouth. I have missed you and the joys you bring me, and now we finally have all the time in the world to enjoy each other.

Finally unable to control yourself you ease up and without the use of either of our hands you wiggle your tight wet pussy down onto my cock. I’m in your control now and we both lay still, enjoying what’s happening to us. I can’t wait any longer and I grab your ass with both of my hands and lift you up and down on me while you lean over and stick your breasts into my mouth. You’re so hot, we feel so good together, but I need to be in control.

I need to be on top of you with your legs on my shoulders and me on my knees so I can be inside as deep as I can go. I want to really pound you hard, but I have other things in mind. After you come a few more times, I’m ready for some unfinished business. I climb out of bed and give you a moment to catch your breath. I go to my dresser drawer and pull out a bottle of anal lube. You have a look of hesitation in your eyes because you haven’t done this before. I assure you that I’ll be gentle and go slow, and that I’ll quit if it hurts, and you agree because you trust me.

I have you lay on your stomach and I crawl between your legs. I lick your ass and you’re enjoying it. I put a little lube on my finger and insert it into your ass, asking if you’re okay. You tell me you are. I want you now, and I’m going crazy. I put lube on your ass and some on my cock and nudge the tip against your asshole.

With the help of the lube my cockhead slowly starts to disappear inside of you. I stop and let you adjust to this and in a moment you tell me that you’re ready. Oh God, you’re so tight and it feels great as I stroke in and out slowly a few times. Not wanting to hurt you, I don’t stay in you long.

By this time I’m ready to explode, but I want to do it on your huge breasts. I start pulling quickly on my cock and you tell me to come all over your tits. I can’t take it anymore and I come all over you.

We both smile and laugh a bit and then we lay down side by side holding each other while we kiss. I tell you how happy you just made me and that you’re the most gorgeous and sexy woman ever.

Lingering caresses, naughty whispers, and sweet kisses cap a perfect night of passionate and intense lovemaking. We fall asleep finally, cradled in each other’s arms.

You’re a wonderful, exciting woman and you show me how much you love me when you give yourself to me. I’m the luckiest man alive. R.L., Cleveland, Ohio

Swinging Keeps It Spicy

My wife and I have been married for almost 10 years, and the sex has improved throughout our marriage. However, recently it has improved by leaps and bounds.

For the first four years my wife was fairly conservative, sexually. She gave and received oral sex and would try different positions, but she was dead set against using sex toys.

Around the fourth year of our marriage, I brought home the first vibrator, and initially she just was not having it. All that changed though after she broke down and tried it. After that, everything changed. It’s now been six years, and my wife is what I call my little slut. Our sex life is through the roof. We have purchased the Cadillac of all vibrators, shaped like a rabbit, and best of all, the love machine.

This is where it starts getting really fucking crazy. I found out that watching my wife getting fucked by the love machine and teasing her clit with the vibrator while she is sucking my dick really turns me on. In fact it turns me on so much so that I went out and bought a DVD series about two guys and one girl, just so I could see if my wife would get turned on by it.

I’ve talked about threesomes with my wife before, only to be told no. I knew it was a long shot but after having a glass of wine, my wife and I sat down and watched it, and to my amazement she damn near squirted in her panties.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting there rubbing my dick, horny and ready to bend her over the coffee table, but she decides she wants to watch more. Whoever is the director of those movies, thank you, because since then my wife and I have been having the time of our lives watching them every night.

I still remember the first night my wife and I went out to an alternative lifestyle club, which was a huge leap. That night we arrived kind of early. There were only about 10 couples there when we showed up, along with a few singles mingling around.

I remember seeing one gentleman that I thought was a handsome dude, but I kept quiet wondering if my wife would notice him. Not more than 15 minutes had gone by when my wife summoned up the courage to tell me that she thought he was sexy and that she was thinking about how hot it would be to have his cock in her mouth while I was fucking her. With those strong words of encouragement, I decided to go over to introduce myself to this handsome gentleman. The guy’s name was Ben.

Ben was a single, 40 year old businessman from Chicago. I asked Ben if he would care to join my wife and I at our table. He said he had a little confession to make. He explained to me that since my wife and I had walked into the club he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. We laughed and went to our table. I could tell that my wife was getting horny as hell, but at the same time very nervous. After introducing my wife to Ben I asked if he would please sit next to her.

As we settled in and had a few drinks I noticed Ben was running his hand up and down my wife’s bare leg. I couldn’t believe how my cock was tingling in my pants as I was watching this happen. Finally my dream was coming true.

After finishing that round of drinks I told our new friend that I was going to use the restroom and get us another round of drinks. Upon returning I did not see them immediately, but when I looked in the back corner of the club I saw them sitting together. This time my wife was sitting on his lap.

When I set the drinks down I noticed my wife’s silk panties were lying on the bench where she had been sitting. When she noticed that I had come back, she leaned over and said she was ready to get the hell out of here with our new friend and go to a nearby hotel.

As we left the bar we agreed on a hotel and said it would be best if we drove there separately. On the way over my wife sucked on my already hard tool until we arrived. Once we checked in we wasted no time getting to our room. We had a few drinks from the mini bar, and then without a word my wife walked over to Ben, got down on her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his throbbing penis, and started to lick it with pure lust.

With that I rose to my feet and went over to push her miniskirt up over her perky little ass and guided my aching cock into her juicy little hole. In the 10 years we’ve been married I’d never known my wife to go without panties, and I’ve never known her pussy to be as juicy as it was on that night.

We both took our turns at each end of my wife that very special night, enjoying every minute of it. When she was sucking me off, Ben was fucking her from behind, and when she was sucking Ben’s cock, I was fucking her wet pussy.

That night my wife must have come 20 times or more. By the morning we had completely lost count of how many times we had penetrated my wife’s swollen lips, but I could tell by the look in her eyes that she’d enjoyed every single one of them.

That morning after we said our good byes to Ben we got in the shower where we fucked and sucked each other for another hour or so before going out for breakfast. By the time we finally arrived home we were totally exhausted, but not so much so that we aren’t looking forward to the next time we have a night like that.

We’ve already got a few parties on our calendar, as well as a date with Ben, so we’ll keep you posted. Name and address withheld

Road Trip Romp

Three years ago a group of friends and I took a road trip to Charleston. We’d just checked into our hotel and I lagged behind a bit checking out the lobby and the bar and got separated from everyone else.

I went to my room to put my stuff away and as I was walking down the hall I saw this woman who was unbelievably beautiful. She appeared upset, but I paid it no mind and went to my room. I got my things situated and headed down to the bar to meet my friends, who had already introduced themselves to a few female guests.

I was in there for about five minutes when that same beautiful woman came through that door. As soon as she got to the bar our eyes met. A few minutes went by and I asked the bartender what was she drinking and ordered two of them.

I brought the drinks over to her, and out of nowhere we began an in depth conversation. I found out that she was with her husband in Charleston and that they were swingers, and he had left the hotel to go to an all night swinger party without her.

She gave me her room number and told me that she understands that I came down to Charleston to have fun with my friends but if I wanted to have an even better time, to stop by her room after I went out. It didn’t matter what time.

It was hard to leave her side, but my buddies wanted to go out to some bars. At the night’s end, we got back to the hotel about four in the morning. We were all extremely drunk but I still remembered her room number.

I only knocked on the door once and she was there before my knuckles could hit for the second time. She had on lingerie and had the room decorated for a romantic evening. She grabbed me by my belt buckle, pulled me over to the bed, looked into my eyes and said, “If you want me to, I’ll show you how sex is really supposed to be done,” and like a shy boy, I said sure.

She pulled my lips to hers and kissed me so hard it almost hurt. She stripped me and licked me like I was the world’s biggest lollipop. She took off her lingerie as I sat on the floor looking at her, a beautiful view of Charleston in the background.

She walked over me and put her perfectly formed pussy lips in front of my face and said, “Lick me.”

The smell of her twat was the epitome of how a woman should smell, and I was mesmerized by its sweet scent. She sat on top of me and hugged me as tight as she could while slowly grinding on me and told me to whisper dirty things in her ear.

“I want to fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before,” I said in a low, growly voice as she moaned. “I’m going to shove my hard cock in your wet little pussy like the slut you are.” The dirtier I talked, the hornier she got, and before I even penetrated her I felt a gush from her pussy. She’d already had an orgasm, simply by me talking to her and holding her tight.

She got up and gave me the best blowjob I think I ever had. It was almost as if she knew exactly how I liked it. When I finally came in her mouth, she swallowed and licked her lips like it was the tastiest thing ever.

“Now honey,” she cooed at me, “I’m going to give you something money can’t buy.” She straddled me, sank down on my cock, and started riding me like I was a bucking bronco.

After awhile I jumped up, turned her around and pushed her up against the window overlooking the city. I drove my dick in her for the remainder of the morning. She had the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt, and it stayed that way the whole time.

Later while we were lying in bed she mentioned to me that she had been married to her husband for 12 years and she’s noticed that at the swinger parties they attend that her husband fucks the other women harder than he does her. Because of this she stopped fucking him as much as she used to, and her reason for giving it to me like she did was simply to prove to herself that she still had some good pussy.

She also told me that she was a big time lawyer in Los Angeles and that if I needed anything while I was in law school I could contact her. We kept in touch over the years, and a month after I graduated I was in California visiting my family and I decided to call her. She asked if I was okay and if I needed something, I told her money to pay back my school loans or a good job would make my life easier. Now this same lady is my boss and she made my life easier because I made hers easier.

To this day I’m her favorite lawyer, and we have a late lunch every Friday. She’s still happily married and I will soon be engaged, but she still will be my first and best partner in making love. C.R., Burbank, California