Cheating Does the Trick

One night about a year ago my wife Jean came home from work a little later than usual, which had been happening quite a bit lately. In addition, her hair and her clothes were a little dishevelled, which was unlike her, as she is almost always immaculate.

After 17 years of marriage I knew her pretty well, and I had been suspecting for a while that something was up. I followed her into the bedroom as she was changing clothes and caught her in her panties and bra. She was wearing fancier underthings than she usually wore for her everyday routine. She hurried to cover up, but not before I spotted a huge hickey on her breast that the bra didn’t hide.

That night in bed I confronted her with what I’d seen, and told her that I was positive she was having an affair. She became very upset and started to cry, finally admitting that she had been fooling around lately with one of her fellow workers, a young guy named Blake.

It had all started when he’d told her about some trouble he was having at home, and as she was consoling him she’d suddenly found herself kissing him as he passionately kissed her back. Then, at the annual Christmas party, she ran into him coming around a corner, and before she knew it they were embracing.

Somehow he had managed to pull her panties aside, and had been inside her before she had gotten up the will to protest. They screwed quickly against the wall, standing up, something I’d never been able to get her to do. Their affair had gone on from there.

Jean was very upset, and promised to stop immediately if I would only forgive her. I told her that I wasn’t upset about the sex, but that I was really disappointed that she hadn’t trusted me enough to tell me about it. I suggested that she should now tell me everything, especially how I had failed her and made her feel that she needed someone else.

Jean was quick to assure me that it wasn’t my fault. She said I was a great husband, but that the excitement of this new person in her life had made her feel sexy, young, and daring. Blake was a few years younger than she, and a real hunk, and she had been flattered by his attention to her.

At first she said that sex with him was pretty much the same as with me, but when I pressed her a little she admitted that his dick was quite a bit larger than mine, and that she had liked it so much that she just couldn’t bring herself to stop seeing him.

When I asked her if she still loved me, she threw herself into my arms and kissed me with such passion that it made my cock go stiff as a board. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot in my entire life!

I slid into her without any resistance. She was wet, and maybe a little looser than usual, but she felt fantastic. I asked her if she had fucked Blake just before she came home that evening, and she admitted that she had. I asked if he had come in her, and she said he had twice. When she said that, I shot inside her with a blast more intense than any I could remember. When she saw how carried away I was, Jean came too.

Afterwards she said it was the fourth time she had come that day, as Blake had brought her off three times earlier that afternoon.

My God, was I ever excited, and more in love with her than ever! For the first time in years I was still hard after I came, and I just stayed inside her, as we basked in the afterglow. At that moment we were closer than we had ever been.

Jean told me that Blake had been very good at making her come with his tongue, and I asked her to show me exactly how he did it and help me improve my technique. She also said that he’d been wanting to fuck her ass, but that she’d been afraid to try that, especially as his cock was so large. I suggested that if she was tempted by the idea, I would get the lube and we could try it out.

Jean stared at me. “You mean you wouldn’t think I was kind of a slut if I did that?” she asked. I said absolutely not, but that, the idea of her being a bit of a slut made her even more appealing to me anyway.

I didn’t really know just how to go about it, but with the help of a lot of lube I managed to get first a finger, and finally my cock into her ass. I had to take it very slowly, working it into her tight rear passage. She couldn’t take all of it, but she said it felt good inside her. She started playing with her pussy and quickly had another orgasm.

I stayed inside her as she came and held her close as she calmed down. After a minute I heard her sobbing softly, and I asked her if I was hurting her.

Jean said no, not at all. She said she loved having me in her ass. She was crying because she was sorry for having been unfaithful to me, something she had never thought she could do.

I told her again that I loved her for being a little bit of a slut, and added that in fact, I knew she liked having sex with Blake too, and that I thought she should have more of him if that’s what she wanted.

Jean turned her head to stare at me. “You mean you would let me?” she asked, her damp eyes wide.

“Can’t you tell how excited I am since you opened up to me about this? It makes me hard every time I think about it.” I replied. “You’d enjoy having him once in awhile, wouldn’t you?” Jean admitted that she would, but said that she was tired of sneaking around and never wanted to do it again. “Well, now you won’t have to sneak around anymore,” I said.

This got us both so turned on that I started to fuck her again. This time she pushed back at me eagerly, and had taken almost all of my cock into her ass before we both came. We fell asleep nestled in each other’s arms and slept deeply.

The next day I suggested to Jean that she call Blake and invite him over for dinner that Friday. We went out and bought her a very sexy dress, which left her back bare and showed off her curvy legs. When she put it on that Friday night she didn’t bother with a bra, and her C cup boobs jostled and swung noticeably against the tight fabric of her dress.

Jean said she didn’t think she could be so bold as to actually wear it in front of the two of us, but the thought made her so hot that her pussy juice was running down her leg. I pulled off her panties and licked her clean, after which I told her she should leave her panties off tonight too, which she did.

When Blake showed up I could see why my wife had been so impressed. He was indeed a hunk. We had dinner and more drinks than usual, and I finally broke the ice by telling him that I knew about his affair with my wife, and that she was interested in continuing it, if he didn’t mind that it would be with my full knowledge. Blake was a little taken aback, but finally said that that was fine with him.

Jean then moved over in front of Blake as he sat on the couch, and pulled her dress up to show him that she wasn’t wearing panties. She asked him to take his clothes off, and he did. He was getting hard fast, and his erection was really impressive.

Jean had him lie back on the couch and asked me to come over and help her. She mounted him, pulling up the skirt of her sexy dress, and I held her pussy lips open while she sat down on his beautiful cock. I nearly lost it right there it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. Jean then told me to go to bed, saying that she would come in shortly.

I went to our bedroom and undressed, listening to the sounds of fucking from the living room. In about half an hour my wife came in and asked me to help her take her dress off. She kissed me passionately, and pushed my face down to her breast, calling my attention to the new hickey that Blake had put there. She then pushed me farther down and told me to eat her out until she came. I could taste their mingled juices as I licked and sucked her pussy, but I didn’t mind.

After she came, Jean took a deep breath and said, “Honey, I want you to know that making love to Blake in front of you was a new high for me, and I don’t want to stop doing it. He has already made me come once, and I plan to come many, many more times tonight, with or without you watching me. What do you think about that?”

When she said that, I could hold off no longer. I mounted her roughly and rammed my dick all the way inside her with one thrust. I was unbelievably hot, and so was she. She fucked me like a wild whore, but before I could come she pulled away from me and ran back to the living room to fuck Blake some more. I wasn’t upset, instead I lay there stroking myself and imagining what they were doing right at that very moment.

A bit later she came back with Blake and led him by the hand to our bed. Lying down alongside me, she pulled him down on top of her and they fucked again. As the sweat poured off them in their frenzied coupling, Jean turned her head to me and kissed me passionately. He shot her full of his come, and as soon as he rolled off her she told me to climb back on, and while she fucked me she kissed him with her moaning, gasping mouth.

After I came inside her she told us that she loved us both, and wanted us to make love to her all night. Which we did, without a question. Who could ignore a request like that? The next morning we all took a long hot shower together and Blake and I took turns soaping Jean up and fucking her senseless.

My life has turned out so different than I ever imagined it could be and I love it. For starters, Blake lives with us now. We seldom wear clothes in our house anymore, and someone is usually getting it on at all times of the day and night.

When we tell Jean that she is in danger of wearing us both out, she says that maybe we should think about getting a third man to join us. God, I love this woman! J.S., Provo, Utah

The Balance of Power

Walking down the strip, I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I mean damn, that body! I just want to be with him all the time, fucking him. I can sense the chemistry on his end as well, although he is shyer than I am. I know I can bring this out under the right circumstances, I know I can wake this lion that’s been trapped in his cage for far too long.

I curl into his arms as the elevator goes to the top of the hotel. I lean into him and give him little kisses all over his neck. He leans down and give me a hot, lingering kiss. I can already feel the wetness from my pussy start to flow down my legs.

We reach the top floor and walk around, looking over the entire city. My thoughts are not on the glitz of the street below, they’re somewhere else. He sits in a chair and I climb on top of him, wrapping my legs around him. I’m wearing a mini skirt and no panties, and I can feel his cock starting to get very hard. I wrap my arms around him and lean into his neck and started giving him very soft wet kisses all around his ears, whispering, “I want you right here, right now.”

That familiar smile comes across his masculine face and he murmurs under his breath, “We’re in public. We can’t do this right now.”

I ignore his words and begin sliding against his throbbing dick, kissing him hard. I take his bottom lip and bite it just a little, then suck it into my mouth, rubbing my tongue against his. Sucking on his tongue is making me hornier than ever. I can feel my come flowing down between my lips to the crack of my ass.

People walking by us just add to the arousal. Do they know what’s happening? Probably, but I don’t really care right now. We’re in public and I want him. I stand up just a little, so he can slide his hand in between his dick and my drenched pussy. He starts to gently rub my clit with the growing wetness from my cunt.

He moves his fingers around and plays with the folds of my pussy. He slides a finger deep inside and wiggles it. I’m fighting the urge to moan at this point. He looks straight into my eyes and says, “Just try to resist it. I know you can barely stand it anymore. You want my big cock to be stuffed deep inside your pussy, don’t you?”

The whole time he’s whispering in my ear, he’s thrusting fingers in and out of my love hole. Then he runs his finger along the crease of my pussy to my ass. He starts to very slowly penetrate my ass with his wet finger. I can’t hold back now. I press against him and beg him to unzip his pants and shove his thick long dick inside of me and fuck me.

“Just take me right here on this chair, overlooking the entire city,” I plead.

He smiles and says, “That’s too easy. That would be giving you what you want. This isn’t about you it’s about the control I have. You will receive it when I feel you need it and not a moment sooner.”

Damn! What have I turned him into? Part of me is angry, but part of me is so insanely turned on that I had to see what he had in mind next.

“Get up and clean yourself off,” he commands. “You have three minutes and you better be back right here. Do you understand?”

He says it in a stern, powerful voice. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a drill sergeant I’m dealing with and he knows what he’s doing.

“No,” I reply teasingly. He gives me a look that shoots right through the core of me, and I find myself getting up and heading to the bathroom. After I clean myself off and compose myself, I come back out to where he is.

He just looks at me and says, “Move.” What the hell? This is very strange but like I said, I’m turned on by his forcefulness, so I decide to go along with it.

He grabs my wrist and leads me into the elevator. I try to snuggle up to him like before, but this time he pushes me away and puts some distance between us. Then leans in and says, “Did I tell you that you could do that? You will only do what I say, when I tell you to do it. I don’t want to have to tell you again! Do you understand?”

I nod, and he leads me to the tram to head to the south end of the street. We walk into a secluded area of the tram and sit down. He takes the sweatshirt I had wrapped around my waist and puts it over his lap. He unzips his pants, pulls his cock out, and grunts, “Grab it.”

I take it into my soft hands and begin stroking the shaft with my thumb. He leans his head back on the glass and just closes his eyes. I continued to stroke it and rub it, and lightly graze the crease of his balls. This playfulness goes on for a couple minutes until our stop loomed up ahead.

Although there were no people in our tram car, the other car in front could see what was happening. But this time he’s horny, and he doesn’t give a shit.

“Suck me off before our stop,” he orders me. I go down, lift the sweatshirt and take his entire cock into my warm wet mouth, and slowly suck it until I reach the head. I roll my tongue around the head a couple times, and then slowly pull it out of my mouth so we can get off the tram.

He’s starting to lose his composure. He’s smiling as we walk through the casino, until we reach our room. Then the serious look is back.

“Get on the bed and don’t move,” he says sternly. I sit on the bed, and he tells me he’ll be back in a minute, and walks out the door.

I’m ready to explode, but I decide if he wants the power, he’s going to have to fight for it. I’m not just going to give into his game. I want to play along, and add some spice to add to it.

I wait until he comes back into the room with a bucket of ice. No drinks, just ice. He looks over and says, “Take off your shirt.”

“No!” I say, pouting.

“Take off your shirt,” he says again, slowly and forcefully.

“No!” I repeat.

He climbs onto the bed and gently pushes me down and climbs on top of me, saying, “You have one more chance. Take your shirt off now!”

Yet again I shout, “No!”

He looks at me and his body relaxes for just a moment. Then out of nowhere, he grabs my shirt at the collar and rips it all the way down to my breasts. I playfully fight him as he rips the rest of the shirt off my body. I wrestle with him for awhile, until he flips me over, grabs the shirt and ties my wrists up behind my head. He gets off me and proceeds to strip his clothes off. He gets back on the bed with the ice bucket in hand.

He looks at me and asks, “Are you going to be a good girl for me?” I just shake my head, with the tiniest hint of a smile on my lips.

He unties my wrists, then holds the ice chip in his hand and lets the melted water drip onto my body. Then he takes the ice and places it on my neck, running it down to my breast. He rubs the ice in a circular motion around my nipples, then teases me with his warm breath brushing across them. He runs his tongue around them and nibbles my nipples. Oh fuck, did it feel good! The cold sensation combined with the warmth of his mouth was insane. And the nibbling, I can’t begin to tell you the chills that caused.

He then takes the ice into his mouth and slides down between my legs. With a very cold tongue, he licks my pussy. He swirls his tongue around my clitoris, rubbing back and forth with a frigid tongue all around my pussy. I come hard when he slides his chilly tongue deep inside me. And with that, he knew he had all the power.

I had to have his cock inside of me. As much as I want to taunt him by teasing his cock in my mouth, I can’t wait to feel the glide of that giant cock in me. I beg and beg. He has an evil smile, and with one quick thrust, he slams his dick deep inside of me, takes it out, and says, “That’s enough.”

I almost scream with frustration, as I grab his ass and pull him into me. I get just the head of his dick in before he pulls out again. He lays on top of me and says, “Tell me you want it!”

I remain silent. He thrusts once, quickly. This time I push him away when he tries to kiss me. He grabs my hands and holds them above his head, and starts fucking me hard.

“There, is this what you want? You like that? You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I finally scream. “Fuck me hard, baby! Please fuck me!”

He starts fucking me even harder, flipping me over to screw me doggie style. His hard cock slides deep into my dripping wet pussy, and I can hear the smacking of his balls against my clit. He reaches for a vibrator and turns it on, still fucking me. He buzzes it up against my clit.

My orgasm hits me hard, and I yell as my pussy clenches over and over again on his dick. With the vibrator still on and drenched in my come, he slides it into my ass. He continues to fuck my pussy and starts moaning.

He chants, “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” And with one last thrust, he shoots his load deep inside me. I feel his dick twitching off and on for about a minute. Then his body falls limp on top of mine, and we fall asleep in each other’s arms. I guess we both had the power this time. Name and address withheld

As Seen On TV

My girlfriend invites me over for dinner and there’s a great meal in the works: a pot of spaghetti sauce that’s been cooking all day, garlic bread in the oven, and a nice fresh salad. She knows I love Italian food before a marathon fuckfest. We open a bottle of wine and have a drink in the kitchen with a few passionate kisses, just enough to get things started.

We sit down on the couch, anticipating what’s coming later. It doesn’t matter what’s on TV now, just as long as I get to look at her nice cleavage in her tight white cashmere sweater next to me. We make it through dinner with some laughs, kisses, and casual talk.

My seven inch dick is semi hard through all of this, just waiting to spring into action. As we finish cleaning up, she puts a DVD in the player and starts it up. My favorite pornos are made by gonzo directors they have the hottest bodies and sex scenes anywhere. Lo and behold, it’s a gonzo flick!

She hardly ever wants to watch porn, but tonight is different for some reason. As the first scene starts up, one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen starts undoing a guy’s zipper, pulls out a huge schlong, and takes it in her mouth instantly. Suddenly, my pants are at my ankles and my big dick is getting sucked as well.

It’s great watching it on TV and seeing it live too, and my girlfriend has a special look in her eye. It’s the one that only women who truly love sucking cock have. I’ve only seen it a couple of times, but you’ve never been blown until you get that special look, the cock craver’s hungry gaze.

Now, one of my favorite things to do is be in a 69 while watching porn. I love being just on the brink for an hour, while the people on the TV get fucked, licked, blown, and jizzed on. After she gets done getting me hard, I stand her up and take her clothes off, exposing her 36Cs, thin waist, and perfectly shaved pussy.

I pick her up and put her in a position where we can both see the TV, and suck each other off. I start licking her smooth pussy lips she’s obviously worked up, because she’s already starting to drip. It tastes so good, a sweet, tart, special smell that is simply indescribable. At the same time I can feel her tongue licking my pole and gently sucking on my balls.

Suddenly, the guy on TV sprays a girl with a load I thought only a horse could unleash. I feel a moan around my cock. As I start to lick harder and deeper it doesn’t seem like I can get enough. I’m sure I have that same hungry look in my eye that she has.

Her ass is starting to pump and she’s starting to forcefully rub her clit on my chin and face, almost out of control. I feel her juices really start to flow now and run down my face. With every ass pump there is an identical moan that I can feel around my cock.

At least an hour of this pleasurable torture goes by, still licking, still sucking. The chick on TV has some huge tits, she’s riding cowgirl on a guy and has another dick in her mouth. I can feel my own come start oozing. I’m so hot and full of come that it really just doesn’t have any other place to go, but I’m still desperately holding on.

I have my finger in her ass now. She’s so wet and lubricated it just slid right in, I’m not even sure she felt it right away. As I’m probing with my tongue and fingers I know she is really starting to lose control.

Her screams are muffled because of my massive cock in her mouth. Her screams vibrate my cock to its own boiling point. As I start to really work her clit over, a gush of come sprays me. I’ve never seen anything like it it’s like a garden hose was turned on inside her, and it lasts for what seems like minutes. She’s screaming so loud I’m sure the neighbors across the street are calling the cops.

After the soaking she gave me, I’m ready to explode, but I realize I haven’t even fucked her yet. So I put her in a kneeling position for doggie style. Since I want to make this last more than 10 seconds, I start slowly, almost painfully, to stretch her tight pussy with my cock. As we get into a rhythm, she reaches back and starts fondling my balls. That’s it. I pull out of her and she instantly knows what to do.

She turns and grabs my dick and stuffs it in her mouth. Load after load shoots into her mouth, her hair, and on her tits. She has that look that she had earlier I can’t believe she wants more. I almost feel inadequate as she tries to get every last drop and starts all over again. It’s going to be a long night. H.J., East Orange, New Jersey

Just Being Neighborly

It had been a rough Friday and I was happy to be getting home. My wife would be working late, so I was on my own schedule. Since it was an unseasonably warm afternoon, I decided to go for a run before fixing dinner. Just as I was going out the door, the UPS man was knocking at my neighbors’ door. I knew that neither of them was home, so I told him that I would sign for the package and see that they got the delivery. I put the packages in my hallway and went off on my run.

After my run, I went next door and rang the doorbell. There was a slight delay, but after a short while, Rita answered the door. Rita is a gorgeous redhead with long legs, big tits, and a very pretty mouth. She was often the subject of my masturbatory fantasies.

When she answered the door, she appeared to be a little flushed and out of breath. I also noticed that the buttons to her blouse weren’t matched up right, like she had dressed in a hurry to answer the door. I explained why I had the packages and asked where she wanted me to set them. She said they needed to go under the bed in the master bedroom, and asked if I would mind carrying them in there for her.

As I entered the bedroom, I noticed a black lacy bra draped at the foot of the bed. I felt my cock jerk as I envisioned her huge tits hanging free under the thin blouse she was wearing. I glanced her way, and saw that her nipples were erect and poking against the fabric of her blouse.

I knelt down to slide the packages under the bed. When I was eye level with the top of the mattress, I saw an open issue of Forum on the bed. Then as I turned to get up, I spied a small vibrator on the bedside stand.

Feeling a little bold, I looked at the vibrator and then at Rita and said, “Hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

Rita stammered, “Nothing that can’t be restarted anytime.”

I was surprised but I knew this was one of those “Now or never” situations, and decided what the hell, if I was wrong, I could always move to a different neighborhood.

Stepping close to Rita, I circled her waist with one arm and leaned down to kiss her as my other hand found one of her soft, huge tits. I was pleased when she hungrily returned my kiss and slipped her velvety tongue deep into my mouth.

Emboldened by the urgency of her kiss, I unbuttoned her blouse and worked my hand over her tits. I lightly tweaked her left nipple, then rubbed it gently with the palm of my right hand. We worked our way over to the bed and collapsed onto it.

The next couple of minutes were a blur as we exchanged several deep passionate kisses. I had her blouse off in no time and worshipped both her breasts with my mouth.

After awhile, I slipped my hand into her pants and discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties. I found my way to her warm, wet slit, and ran my middle finger along its length, sliding two fingers into her pussy. She was soaked! It was the wettest pussy I’d ever felt.

My thumb found her clit and I rubbed it in a rough circular motion as two of my fingers flicked in and out of her cunt. Soon her hips began to buck and her pussy clamped around my fingers. My hand was soaked with her juices as she violently orgasmed.

As she broke our kiss, she told me she needed me to fuck her hard, doggie style. She pulled off her pants and got on all fours at the edge of the bed. I dropped my running shorts and stepped up behind her. My cock was rock hard and easily slid into her sweet pink cunt.

In no time we were in a rhythm, and my cock was slamming in and out of her as my balls slapped against the back of her thighs. She was moaning and urging me to fuck her harder. My hands were on her hips, steadying her body as my dick slid in and out of the warmest pussy I’ve ever felt. I felt my balls start to contract, signaling I was close to shooting my load.

I let Rita know I was close and she told me to give her my hot load. She came again as my dick erupted with a big load of spunk into her pussy. We both collapsed forward onto the bed. It took a few moments to catch our breath. I pulled out of her and she rolled over and cleaned my cock with her mouth.

Her mouth felt fantastic on my dick, and I wanted her to continue, but she pointed out that her husband would be home in about 20 minutes. I pulled up my shorts and she walked me to the door, still naked.

As we exchanged a good bye kiss, she assured me that this would not be our last encounter. Name and address withheld

Bring the Sex To Work

The morning sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon when he awoke. He looked next to him and she was still sleeping as peacefully as a baby. What a wonderful night of lovemaking they had, he recalled, as he replayed it in his mind.

He was happy that she was home. But damn, he had to go into the office for just a couple of hours to catch up on some work. He rose quietly and got ready. He knew the sooner he got into the office, the sooner he would be able to get home, maybe before she woke. He tiptoed out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and out of the house.

He made it to the office in record time. He got right down to doing what needed to be done, but he had trouble keeping his mind on the task at hand as he thought about her, still sleeping in their bed, and how badly he was aching for her. Just thinking about her got him hard. He got up and walked to his office door and closed it. Although he was the only one in the building today, he wanted to make sure no one happened to walk in to interrupt him.

He sat down again. He couldn’t keep his mind off her, and his cock was starting to throb. He unzipped his pants and let his manhood out. He began stroking himself, all the while thinking about making sweet love to her, when he heard a soft tap on the door. He quickly put himself back together and just in time, as the door slowly swung open.

Was he ever surprised! There she stood in the doorway to his office, dressed in a black raincoat and high heels. He didn’t remember the weatherman predicting rain. She walked in, closing the door behind her. She stood in front of his desk, and his eyes were glued to her as she slowly unbuttoned the raincoat.

When she got to the last button she let the raincoat fall to the floor. She had nothing on now but the heels. No words were spoken as she walked around the desk, pulled his chair back away from it, and straddled him. He had never been so turned on by her as he was at this moment, with her sitting on his lap in his office, naked.

She reached down and rubbed him through his pants. He groaned as the pulsing grew in intensity. He brought his hand up between her legs and let his fingers do the walking. He began gently rubbing her and inserted his finger. Her juices were flowing over his hand. She was moaning and arching her back, wanting more.

She finally unleashed him from his pants and started rubbing his member up and down with gentle squeezes in between. He brought his mouth to her waiting breasts and tenderly kissed and sucked her nipples.

He lifted her off his lap, pushing everything off his desk, and laid her gently on it. He continued kissing her breasts, moving slowly down over her stomach, towards her pussy. He ran his tongue down the inside of her thigh and then back up, crossing over her sweet spot, stopping only briefly to tease her, and continued on his way down the inside of her other thigh and then back up again.

She was moaning and reaching for him, pulling his face down into her. She loved the special attention he paid to her there. He began licking and sucking at her, all while his fingers played with her, moving slowly in and out. Her moans escalated, and she started to quiver as he applied a little more pressure to bring her to orgasm. He held on to her tightly as her body convulsed, her legs wrapping around his head, pulling him into her. Only after the quivering subsided did she release his head from her thighs.

He was still hard, and aching badly. He needed to get off and she was only more than happy to oblige. She pushed him back into his chair and crawled on top of him. She kissed him with such a fierce intensity that he could feel the fire down in his loins. She nibbled at his neck, moving her way slowly down to his chest where she kissed and sucked on his nipples. Her hand found his crotch and she began fondling him and toying with his cockhead.

She continued working her way down his stomach towards his cock. She was now on her knees, kneeling in front of him. She ran her tongue down the inside of his thigh and then back up again, teasing him and blowing warmly on him, but never letting her lips touch his dick, and then ran her tongue down his other thigh and back up again. She could feel and see him pulsing, growing larger by the second.

She wanted to tease him some more, but he would have none of it. He directed her back to his manhood, and she took him into her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the underside and around his tip as she nibbled gently on it.

He was groaning and moving in and out of her mouth, begging for more. She started sucking on him, drawing him all the way into her mouth until he was tickling her tonsils. She applied a gentle pressure, tightening up around him as she continued to suck on him.

She could tell by the way he was pulsating that he was getting ready to come. She increased her pressure and with the assistance of her hand, quickened her motion. He began to quiver and grabbed on to her as he began to spurt. She took it all in until he was finished and spent.

She then got up, put on her raincoat, and walked out the door, closing it behind her. He just sat there in utter amazement wondering if this was only a dream. Would she still be in bed sleeping when he got home? He’d find out soon enough! L.C., Santa Fe, New Mexico