A Good Bye Treat

Several years ago I was an officer in the army, stationed in Japan. I had a tough time while I was there: I wound up getting divorced and also spending an additional six months there for an overseas extension. Needless to say I was very more than ready to get back home. Although I had a good time with Japanese women, I really missed American women.

The day my flight was departing I went to the base for my final out process, but as I went through procedures I got hung up in red tape and had to stay over for another flight the next day, partially because a female master sergeant gave me a slight runaround. I was pissed off, but I checked into a room in the officer quarter’s overnight. That night in my room I quickly got bored and decided to go for a drink or two at the officers only club on the base to kill some time.

I sat at the bar and after a few drinks I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard a female voice ask if I wanted some company. When I turned around I saw the master sergeant from before grinning playfully at me.

“I forgot to tell you, you get a complimentary meal since you have to stay over an extra night,” she said with a sultry smile.

“Oh, really?” I replied, arching a brow. “What do I get? It better be good.” How come I hadn’t noticed before how slamming her body was, and how her full lips were just begging to have my dick between them?

“It’s very tasty,” she purred. “Come on, follow me.” She led me into an empty storeroom, where there was a blanket and a few candles on the floor. “I hope this makes up for your extra night on the base,” she said as she pulled off her dress and panties and lay down on the blanket.

“Holy shit,” I said with a low whistle. This was going to be a good night, much better than moping in my room with only my hand and my imagination. This woman was the real thing!

She lay there playing with herself a little as if waiting for me to make the next move. I walked over to her and knelt on the floor between her splayed legs and tentatively kissed her soft upper thighs. I was so crazed with lust since she was the first woman I’d had in so long that I desperately kissed and licked her all the way to her pussy. I began to eat her pussy like a man possessed. And possessed I was. Pussy possessed.

Soon she was moaning away and shaking with an intense climax. I didn’t want to waste any time, so I quickly shed my clothes as she moaned and spread her legs wider for me. Without even thinking of protection I mounted her and drove into her pussy with two or three thrusts. She was extremely tight, and I could’ve busted a nut right then, she was so wet.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me hard baby,” she grunted as I started to slam into, her taking out my frustration of an extra night stay on her. She loved it. The harder I fucked her the louder she moaned and quivered.

I felt my climax build and before I knew it, I was flooding her with a large load of sperm. Instead of getting soft and pulling out I kept going and retained my hard on, churning the sperm into a white froth as we went, covering us both in our juices.

She came over and over and shook uncontrollably as she climaxed. I held her legs up high for even deeper penetration and sucked her tits while I nailed her. We kissed passionately as I came inside her again. She literally had tears in her eyes, she had such an intense climax.

I started to pull away from her but she wasn’t done with me yet. Quickly she took my cock in her mouth and cleaned every bit of frothy sperm from my cock and balls while she got me hard again. She had the hottest mouth. It was just like a little pussy, grabbing my cock and holding it tight in its wet embrace.

After 15 minutes of her expert suction, I was ready to go again. She leaned against a box in a doggie style position and wiggled her shapely ass at me. I got the hint pretty quick, and moved behind her, my cock twitching with excitement.

I went to enter her pussy but she grabbed my cock and put it to her asshole instead. I spit on her puckered hole to get it nice and wet, and took a deep breath to prepare myself

“Okay,” I thought. “Here goes.” I tentatively pushed the tip of my cock into her unbearably tight hole, moaning when I felt how tight it was.

“Mmmm, that feels good sugar. Go slow,” she panted. I slowly worked my way up into her supertight asshole. I thought her pussy was tight but her ass was even tighter. It was a dream coming true, literally.

I picked up speed as she moaned and rubbed her clit furiously. My balls tightened uncontrollably, and soon I was yelling that I was coming. I spewed come all over her smooth ass, and this time when we climaxed, she said it was her best orgasm yet. I withdrew and helped her onto the blanket. She lay panting as I got dressed and left.

The next day at final out process I saw her in the office walking very tenderly. When she saw me she smiled and waved me inside. We exchanged contact information, and then she surprised me, as she knew I had 45 minutes before boarding. She locked her door and as I sat in a chair, she got on her knees and gave me a good bye blowjob that I’ll never forget.

Since we’ve been back in the States we’ve hooked up several times and had a great time. She’s just as good now as she was then. Name and address withheld

A Ghostly Visit

He was restless but unsure why. After what felt like hours of tossing and turning, he heard something move near the doorway of his bedroom. He called out, but there was no response perhaps it was the dog moving around. His dog looked up, whined, and turned his head from his place on the bed as he heard his master call for him. He decided it was nothing, perhaps his sleeplessness, and turned over to try to get back to sleep.

He began thinking about her and how much he missed her. She had been perfect, so kind, sensitive, loving. She was so petite and beautiful with her long dark hair, beautiful white skin, those expressive eyes, and sensuous lips. She was so delicate on the outside but so strong inside. He loved her so much and it hurt every day to not have her there with him. He had asked her not to go that day. He had a bad feeling.

“Baby, how many times have I made this trip?” she had sighed.

“I know, I know, but today just feels different!” he mumbled.

“My precious biker boy, I’ll see you at midnight tomorrow. Until then, don’t worry, and I’ll call you when I get in,” his Jojo said. That was his nickname for her. It fit better than Joan.

But the call never came. Her arrival time came and went, but there was no word from her. Her plane had crashed, and there were no known survivors.

That was seven months ago. Was he ever going to quit looking for her to walk through the door calling to him? He drifted back to sleep, dreaming of Jojo and how much he loved her and missed her.

Sam felt the soft touch of her fingers on the back of his neck. Shivers ran down his spine at her touch. They always did. Those soft, smooth, full, and sensual lips began to trace his skin from his ear down to the middle of his back, as his loins started to stir.

Her soft hair brushed across his face, neck, and back as she moved up his side with her fingers and lips. Sam felt her soft tongue and hot breath on his back as she traced up to his ear. His cock was getting hard. He felt her touch him again as she moved down to his butt cheeks. He felt her hands caressing and kneading him, and he began to moan softly for her.

Sam allowed Jojo to take the lead and she began to touch him as she pleased. Her fingers gently touched his face, his eyes, his ears, and lips. Her mouth came down and covered his lips once more as her tongue darted in and out of his mouth, searching, touching, and tasting. Sam responded in kind and pushed his lips hard against hers until he could feel her breath getting deeper and faster. His hands explored her delicious body.

First he touched her delicate throat with his fingers, then his tongue. He moved to her firm, round breasts, cupping them while he licked and kissed them one at a time.

Sam’s balls were in her hands, as she caressed and fondled them gently. He felt her tongue trace his nipples and her teeth moving over their tips just before she lightly bit them. Jojo moved her mouth and tongue to the middle of his chest, and then downward to his hard, throbbing, aching cock. She let his balls gently fall from her fingers as she held his wonderful cock in her hand. Sam’s breath was a quick, deep gasp.

Her mouth teased his cock and she touched just the tip with her tongue, licking the glistening come off. She licked him clean while her hand gently but firmly stroked him up and down. She held his cock firmly as she moved up and down, feeling his cock engorge and become harder for her. Joan wanted to take him, but not yet. She wanted him so hot and wanting that he begged her to take hold and put him inside of her.

She slid her mouth to the top of his glistening and damp cock, then with her hot lips barely caressing him, she quickened her stokes just enough to see his cock stretch out to her. As her mouth and tongue circled the tip and the ridge of his cock, her hands were busy stroking his balls and ass.

As she licked and sucked his cock, her fingers were caressing his ass. She slid one finger to the center of his ass and began to circle his cute little ring. Jojo felt Sam’s ass muscles spasm as she inserted her finger but quickly removed it. His cock shuddered in her mouth, offering her more of his precious come to swallow. Keeping her finger in his ass, she took his balls in her mouth and sucked. Her hair was in his hands as he moved and moaned. Sam begged her to let him take her before he filled her mouth with hot come.

Jojo placed her body just above his and began to lower herself to his straining, engorged cock. Sam gripped her hips to guide her onto his dick. She moved a bit so she could turn around and place him in her pussy with her back to him.

She dropped down on his cock as he pushed into her hot pussy. She reached down and held his ankles as she moved with him, feeling him going deeper and deeper inside of her. As Sam pushed deeper he felt her pussy respond with a burst of her sweet come covering his cock.

She pulled away from him and repositioned him above her on the bed. He once again took her deep and hard as their bodies moved together, sharing sweat and moans of satisfaction. She pulled him deeper as he thrust faster, reaching inside of her, feeling her cunt grip him, milking him with every thrust and grind. Her hands were moving furiously over his back and shoulders as she pushed and pulled against him. After he filled her with all of his pent up love juices they lay there together, holding hands and legs intertwined as they cooled down and drifted off to sleep.

Sam woke the next morning feeling tired but extremely happy and satisfied. That was such a wonderful dream. If only it had been real, he thought. It sure felt real the tension, her delicate, hot touch all over his body, just like it always used to be.

Sam got up to shower and stumbled to the bathroom, exhausted. As he stretched, he felt the red hot pull on his back. He turned to look in the mirror and there he saw mysterious fingernail scratches all across his shoulders and back!

As the steam from the shower began to cover the mirror, something appeared. On the mirror was written “I promised I would see you at midnight. Wait for me. Wait for our next midnight. Love, Jojo.” Name and address withheld

Rest Stop Rendevous

I’ve got to tell you about an amazing thing that happened to me last week. I was on my way home from Indianapolis after delivering a bunch of packages for the overnight company I work for. I had some time so I took the scenic route instead of the main highway.

I passed many small towns and stopped at a little bar in the middle of nowhere. After getting my order from the bar, I went outside and sat down at a picnic table to eat. A couple came out and sat at the next table.

The man was middle aged and looked very businesslike. The woman was maybe 30 with long dark brown hair. Her clothing was odd: a skin tight leotard and a short striped skirt.

The man had his back to me, and as they talked, the woman crossed and uncrossed her legs, then actually parted them a little, and I saw the crotch of her leotard, which allowed me to see the outline of her pussy lips.

I tried to look casual but it was hard. Meanwhile, she kept talking to her partner and her eyes never left his. After a half hour they got up to leave. The man left first and as she walked by me she smiled a huge smile and wiggled her pert little ass as she left.

As I was about to leave, she reappeared on her own, returning to the table. She stirred her drink and slowly opened her thighs as wide as her short skirt would allow. I looked directly at her captivating snatch.

She didn’t make eye contact with me but I knew she was doing it on purpose to have a bit of fun.

She then closed her legs and leaned back, sliding down in her chair to expose more tan thigh. Slowly, she parted her legs again and I saw moisture staining the fabric. My cock twitched and grew harder I’m sure she could see the effect she had on me.

Then for the first time she looked at me and said, “Nice day. Do you like the view?” She got up and walked towards me. My eyes could see her nipples pushing against her leotard and they looked great. She whispered to me, “I’ll meet you around back on the little hill in a few minutes,” then she moved past me.

I waited for a bit then went out back and up the little hill. My heart sank when I found no one there. I realized I’d been teased and fooled like a schoolboy. I turned to leave.

Then I heard, “You didn’t change your mind did you?” I looked past some bushes and there she sat with her leotard beside her, leaning on one arm as the other worked underneath her skirt. I started undressing as I dove between her legs to eat her pussy.

She twisted around, grabbed my cock, and gave me a great blowjob. Here I was eating a strange woman’s pussy in public, close enough to hear other people’s conversations on the other side of bushes. This was way too much and my cock started to twitch.

The woman thrust her mound toward me and shot juice over my face as I pumped my load down her throat. Then she got pulled herself up to my face and stuck her tongue down my throat so I could taste my own come, and she could taste hers.

My hands found her full tits and soon I was hard again. She pushed me on my back and knelt over me, then sank down, impaling herself on my cock. She rode me furiously, climaxing several times before I came again, this time deep inside her.

She climbed off me and got dressed, and then she told me to wait a few minutes before I snuck out so her husband wouldn’t notice.

As I came out I saw the two of them leaving in an expensive car while I made my way to my delivery van. Then she was gone, but I could still taste her juices on my lips. H.M., Springfield, Illinois

Two For One Happy Hour

A while back, I stopped at my favorite fishing spot on a very hot summer day. The owner of the lake has a house where I park my truck so I stopped to ask permission to fish. I knocked on the door and a few minutes later, a blonde woman opened the door in the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever seen. I stared, barely able to talk, but managed to ask for the owner of the house.

“Oh, that’s my dad. He’s out of town for the weekend,” she replied.

I kept my composure and told her who I was and said I was hoping on fishing, if it was okay. She smiled and said. “Sure, whatever.”

I heard a second voice and then her sister appeared in an even skimpier bikini. I couldn’t help myself.

“Wow,” I sighed.

They introduced themselves as Missy and Becca and said I looked like I had just seen a ghost. I stammered out, “You two look better than any ghost!” The suits they were wearing barely covered them at all I could clearly see nipples and it was apparent that were both completely shaved.

“Come on in,” Missy said.

“Yeah, have a beer!” Becca added. “We’ve been drinking all day.”

I gladly took them up on the offer, and we sat and talked for a bit.

“You sure looked surprised when we opened the door!” Becca said, teasing me.

“Well,” I replied, “I wasn’t expecting to see two beautiful women standing there half naked.”

Missy giggled and said, “You should have been here a few minutes earlier, when we were totally naked!”

“Wait, what?” I asked.

She told me that they have a private deck that they were sunbathing on nude when I rang the bell.

“I wish I’d seen that,” I sighed.

They looked at each other, then Becca asked, “Would you like to see us like that right now?”

“You bet!” I almost yelled.

“C’mon,” they said, taking my hand and leading me to the upstairs bedroom and out onto a nice deck. It was covered on all sides and there were two chaise lounges.

“Are you ready?” Missy asked.

“Of course,” I replied, not thinking that these two ladies were about to strip for me. But then, wonder of wonders, they slowly took off their tops. There was not a tan line to be seen.

Their tits were small but perky, and anyway, I am not much into chests, so I was anxiously awaiting the true prize. They showed no embarrassment as they both slid off their bikini bottoms and stood there naked for me. Both were completely shaved and I was immediately painfully hard.

“The rule of the house is that if you’re on the deck, you have to be naked,” Becca said, grinning.

What the hell, I thought. They helped me out of my clothes and I stood there as they stared at my naked body. It was unreal. Too good to ever be true, except that it was.

My fantasy was happening right before my very eyes. In a flash, I felt my cock slipping into one warm mouth as another kissed me deeply. I had my hands all over Missy’s body as her sister sucked my cock. They switched places after a few minutes and I managed to get Becca down on the chair to bury my head in her pussy.

I licked and sucked her clit while Missy attacked my cock. I was so close to coming, and let them know. They got on their knees and began sucking me together. I couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded all over both of them. My come just kept spurting all over them. They cleaned me up and Missy walked into the house.

I went back to eating to Becca’s pussy and had her squirming. She lasted about five minutes before she squealed out that she was coming. I love to make a woman come with my tongue and I licked up her sweetness.

Missy returned and took her place on the chair. I began licking and sucking her clit as it was her turn to come. She was moaning as I ate her pussy, holding my head and thrashing around. I felt my body being turned and looked up in time to see Becca easing herself down onto my cock.

My cock slipped into her wet pussy, as I was now on my back with Missy getting a mustache ride while Becca fucked herself with my cock. She bounced up and down on my cock as I sucked her sister’s clit into my mouth. She started screaming that she was gonna come, and she did. I could feel her pussy walls shaking as her orgasm took her. She had to roll off of me as it was too much for her. I sat up then and pulled my cock out of Becca and turned her onto her knees.

I once again slipped my cock into her slit and held her hips as I pounded away at her sweet bald pussy. Missy had recovered a bit and was looking lonely. I told her to assume the same position as her sister. I switched girls and slid my cock into her pussy. Her sister wasn’t happy that I wasn’t fucking her anymore, but I did manage to finger her while I slid my cock in and out of her Missy’s pussy.

We switched back and forth until I finally came again, this time deep inside Becca’s pussy. I fucked each of them so many different times and positions that afternoon, when it was finally all over, we lay back all hot and sweaty in the sun, exhausted.

Eventually we got dressed and I kissed them both good bye and they asked if I had plans for the next day. You can imagine my reply. Name and address withheld

Spilled Milk, No Crying

I’m a senior in college. My best friend Vince and I constantly talk about the hot chicks and women at our school. Our favorites wear short skirts and have nice legs.

My dad remarried after mom’s death and my stepmother is smoking hot! She’s young, with long sandy hair and greenish blue eyes. Her best attributes are her long legs and round butt. Vince is infatuated with her. He’s always checking her out.

My stepmother was so used to Vince being there that she would unknowingly be flashing him all the time. Her short dresses always helped show off her legs and butt. Once while we were studying I accidentally spilled some milk on the kitchen table. It got on Vince’s pants and my stepmother’s dress. While I cleaned up, my stepmother had Vince stand up and blotted his pants with a towel. Then she took him to the bathroom but she still couldn’t clean it so she took him to the laundry room to wash their clothes. She told me to go back to studying. I waited until they went down to the laundry room then sneaked downstairs behind them.

When I peeked into the room my stepmother had her dress off and was standing there in her matching white bra and panties. Vince was in his underwear and instantly had an erection. She said he’d have to take off his underwear because it was wet too. “Here, let me help you out of those,” she said as she knelt down in front of him to remove his briefs. Soon his naked hard cock was bobbing right there in front of her face.

Surprisingly, she acted like she didn’t see it at all. She gathered his clothes, and as she stood up she brushed against his cock, then threw the clothes all in the washer.

“Oh my, I forgot my dress,” she said, and bent to retrieve it, giving Vince the greatest ass shot of his life. Vince immediately grabbed his cock and started pumping it in full view. Suddenly he moaned and stepped forward, and started rubbing his cock against her ass. “What the fuck? Oh my!” she said when she realized what he was doing. His free hand began to feel her legs and ass as his hand pumped his cock furiously.

My stepmother reached back and took hold of his cock. “Oh, this is very nice,” she said.

Then she parted her legs a little and rubbed his dick down over her crotch. She let go of Vince’s cock and leaned over the washer and Vince dropped instantly to the floor and started kissing and squeezing her ass and crotch. He was going wild with lust and so was she.

“Oh yes, you naughty boy,” she yelled, “lick me.” Vince quickly stood up and hooked his thumbs into her pantyhose waistline and pulled both her hose and panties down to her ankles. She parted her legs and he positioned himself at her wet hole and penetrated her tight pussy. I couldn’t believe it: Here was my best friend fucking my stepmother! Wow, I thought, this is better than a porno!

Vince was so worked up that he didn’t last long and shot his come inside her in less than a minute. I came too, all over the floor. I hurried back to studying and they soon came upstairs acting calmly. Vince wasn’t too convincing and was very excited the rest of the night.

We didn’t talk about it ever, and my stepmother and Vince always acted a little weird around each other after that. Vince and I are in some classes together now at school and everything seems normal enough, although we don’t study together anymore, but I’ll always have the memory of the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Name and address withheld