Frat House Frolic

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but I disagree. I’ve been lucky financially over the years, and have been able to retire at 43 and live out my fantasy. Her name is Veronica.

I met Veronica last year. She’s 24 years old, five feet eight, with very long, shapely legs, blonde hair, blue eyes and pouty lips. She has a curvaceous body and is very athletic as well, and it shows in her toned tummy.

The arrangement we have is pretty basic: I give her total financial support, and she fulfills my fantasies and gives me all the sex I desire. When we go out, Veronica wears the shortest skirts she can get away with. Her heels are high, and her newly enhanced 36D breasts are always shown off to their best advantage.

Not long ago Veronica saw a fur coat she said she just had to have. It was very expensive, and I told her it was a little beyond our agreement, so if she really wanted it she’d have to do something special to earn it. Veronica said she was game for anything, so I bought the coat and locked it away in my closet until she had lived up to her part of the bargain.

That Saturday I told Veronica I had a special task for her. Under my direction she dressed in a plain white cotton pullover blouse that had been washed in hot water. It was so tight her large breasts looked ready to burst through. I also gave her a very short white pleated skirt, with sheer white panties and white pumps. The white made her sexy tan even more prominent. She completed the effect with heavy makeup, which made her look like a total slut. I loved it, of course, and I told her so.

We drove to a bar close to the local college where I told Veronica she should do her best to tease the college guys. This wasn’t too hard. Whenever she sat down her skirt rode up, revealing her charms. When she turned around her breasts strained against the blouse. We were attracting so much attention that I thought the bar owner was about to ask us to leave, when I spotted my target.

There were four guys in a back booth, all wearing fraternity jackets. I went over to them and asked them if they were up for some fun, and if they’d like to meet me and my girlfriend out in the parking lot. Then Veronica and I left. We didn’t have to wait long for the four guys to join us. When they did I explained to them that Veronica was a little drunk, and that made her very horny. Much to their delight, I then asked if their frat house was anywhere nearby. Of course it was, so off we went to get the evening started.

There was a finished basement in the frat house, complete with a wet bar. Everyone soon had drinks, and music was playing. With my encouragement, Veronica got up and put on a sexy show for us. She gyrated to the music, her big tits bouncing crazily. Then she pulled off her panties very slowly, while bending over to give us a great view. She picked out one of the guys and beckoned him to come to her. When he did she kissed him and rubbed his bulging crotch, then took off his pants and had him lie down. Then she got on all fours, and with her hiked up skirt showing off her sexy ass, she started sucking his cock in front of all the guys.

Everyone started stripping then, including me. Veronica stripped too, and soon was totally naked. She got the guy she’d been sucking to sit in a chair, then turned her back to him and sat on his lap while guiding his cock into her pussy. She was totally wild, riding this young frat guy’s cock while the rest of us stood around her stroking our cocks in her face. She began sucking each of our cocks in turn, while jerking off two others, all the time impaled on the first guy’s big dick. It was only a short time before come was flying all over her face and her chest, as well as up her cunt. She was dotted with come. It was on her cheeks, her hair, and it dripped from her chin.

After that she knelt on all fours on a fur rug while the guys and I took turns fucking both her pussy and ass, while she sucked cock at the same time. After a while word got out, and other guys from the frat came downstairs for a turn. All told, I counted eight guys who had a turn with her that night.

We got home at sunrise, and I helped a very tired Veronica upstairs and cleaned her up a little. I then took out the fur coat and gave it to her. Veronica immediately put it on, and she was so happy with it that she fell asleep still wearing it. I have to admit that she had certainly earned it. J.F., Columbus, Ohio

Surprise Visit

It was a warm summer afternoon, and I sat alone in my apartment, reading, wearing only a camisole and panties. The doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, there was Rex. I stood there staring, surprised to see him and wondering why he was there. Before I could say anything, he gently pushed me back and closed the door behind him. We stood there in silence, until he slowly raised his hand and moved it toward me. I didn’t move, I almost didn’t breathe, as his hand went behind my head, his fingers gripping my hair gently. He moved closer, careful not to let his body touch me, but standing so close that I was aware of his breathing. As he gazed into my eyes I went weak with anticipation of what was coming next.

Gently, he pulled my head back and kissed my neck while using his other hand to massage my breast. Then he kissed me. He kissed me with such passion, rough and gentle at the same time, that I became instantly wet.

I was hardly aware of how we got to the bedroom, but suddenly I was lying on the bed and he was undressing me. Before removing my panties he tried to eat my pussy through the cloth, knowing how that drove me crazy. Then he took off the panties and began to climb on top of me, but by now my surprise had abated and my lust had become active. Sitting up, I pushed him down on his back and straddled him. I reached to open his shirt buttons, wild to feel his body. I wanted to kiss it, suck it, and bite it, every inch of it. I undid the button on his pants and pulled down the zipper with my teeth. I pulled down his pants and his boxers far enough to reveal the long, hard cock that I remembered so well.

Looking at what was before me, I had never felt such an urge to pleasure this man. Seeing the lust in my eyes, he lay back and prepared to enjoy the pleasure I was about to give him. Without any preliminaries I took him in my mouth, all the way, then began to suck him slowly while cupping his balls in my hand. It felt so good to move up and down on that hard shaft, hearing his moans of pleasure, which only inspired me more.

I was playing a sort of game with myself, seeing how good I could make him feel, but I was so wet that I needed a little attention myself. Pulling my mouth from his cock while applying a strong suction, so that it made a little pop when it came out, I quickly pulled his pants and shorts all the way off, then climbed on top of him. He smiled up at me, no doubt remembering how much I loved this.

Taking him into me, all the way in, I began to ride him, gently at first, leaning over to kiss him and nibble softly at his neck. I couldn’t believe how good his cock felt. He spread his legs to allow me to rock on him more fiercely. I moved harder and faster while he pushed me upright and grabbed for my bouncing tits.

I could hear myself moaning uncontrollably as he began to tweak my nipples. The feeling between my legs was overwhelming, and it made me fuck him harder. He couldn’t hold back any longer, and as he started to come I surprised him by pulling away, moving down quickly and wrapping my mouth around his cock, sucking it as his come sprayed into my mouth.

He was happy, but now it was my turn. He turned me over onto my hands and knees, rubbing his cock over my ass until it got hard again. When it did he entered me slowly from behind. I heard myself moaning again, louder and louder, as he grabbed my hips and began thrusting. He continued to move rhythmically inside me, fucking me gradually harder and faster as my moans turned to cries of joy and then screams of passion. It felt so good I wanted it never to stop. But it had to, because I came like an animal, bucking and howling, and his hands moved to my breasts, holding onto them for dear life as he shot his jism inside me again and again.

When it was over I lay there exhausted as he got up and dressed. He’d gotten what he came for, and in the process had given me what I needed. Before leaving he pulled the blanket over me and gave me one last kiss. Then, without a word, he was gone again. Until next time, that is. G.N., Gary, Indiana

Going To New Heights

Late on a Saturday night, the airport terminal is quiet, and the few remaining passengers are resting comfortably on chairs. I sit there, silently reading my book, occasionally glancing up, noticing your tall, lean body sitting cocked in a chair, your hair messy from the wind, your eyelids drooping from lack of sleep. Feeling my eyes on you, you smile and say, “Hello.” My cheeks turn slightly red, embarrassed that I was caught looking at you, and my voice is soft and sweet when I answer back.

You stand up and walk to the chair nearest me and sit down. Having your body so close sends waves of pleasure soaring through me, and your voice is so strong and sure when you speak. “My name is Eddie, what’s yours?”

“My name is Megan,” I say quietly, smiling up at you.

“Where are you headed, Megan?” you ask.

“I’m headed to Rome,” I answer.

“I’ve always wanted to visit there.”

“Really?” you ask. “That’s where I’m headed too.” We sit there for a while, getting to know one another as we wait for our plane to board. We sit close and you lean in when you speak to me. Your smell fills my senses. You casually glance over my body, taking in the curve of my waist, the rising and falling of my chest as I breathe. There is an unspoken passion between us, but before we can act upon it they announce our plane.

We say our good byes, wishing one another a nice trip and then board the plane. I move to my seat next to the window, the thought of what could have happened between us burning bright, sending a little tremble down my body. I lay my head back, closing my eyes, picturing you close to me, our bodies entwining in pleasure, when suddenly someone brushes my arm. Startled, I look up, and there you are, taking the seat next to me. “Hello again,” you say, “I guess you have to put up with me for a few hours.”

“I think I can handle that,” I respond, my smile widening at the thought of us together for the entire flight.

The plane takes off, and not long after the stewardess comes by, asking if we would like some drinks. I look at you as I answer for us, laughing quietly, “Yes, thank you, we would both love some wine.” When it arrives we take the glasses and begin to drink it slowly. My senses grow more alive by the minute. After several glasses we begin to open up a little bit more, chatting idly, our legs and arms brushing against each other occasionally. I let my hand fall against your thigh softly, my fingers gently running along it, worried about your reaction. To my surprise you lean over, brushing your lips against mine, your mouth teasing me, sucking my bottom lip softly as your tongue traces along it.

I lean in closer, aroused by your kisses and your touch, nibbling slowly down your neck, your advances driving my passion. Your strong hands lift my face to yours, kissing me gently as you whisper, “I think we need to take this further. Would you like to follow me to the bathroom?”

My intense green eyes look deeply into your dark brown ones as I answer, “I’d follow you anywhere.” I watch as you stand up, making your way towards the restroom, glancing back at me over your shoulder. I wait a few seconds, not wanting to draw suspicion, and stand up and move slowly, stopping just outside the door. I knock quietly to let you know it’s me, every sense in my body heightened at the thought of what’s to come.

You open the door, not speaking, but forcefully taking my hand in yours, pulling me quickly into the bathroom. There’s no time for words. Your mouth covers mine, our tongues twist around one another, and our bodies desperately press together.

Your hand covers my breast, caressing it though my shirt then slips inside, wildly teasing my nipples with your fingertips. You push me back against the sink, then lift me to the edge, my legs wrapping around you, feeling your rod harden as it brushes along my wet slit. You push my skirt up and then send your fingers sliding over my pantie. Meanwhile, my hand seeks out your skin, longing to touch your cock. I arch my back and unbutton my shirt, unfastening my bra as quickly as I can so your hungry mouth can devour my ample breasts.

I grind my hips, pressing myself against your bulge, and pull your shirt aside so I can kiss your warm chest. Your mouth moves over me, your tongue teasing my nipples, then your teeth gently nibble them as you suck them into your loving mouth. Your hands explore my body along with your mouth, taking in every curve, feeling my silky skin under your touch. I can feel your cock growing harder as you tease me, until suddenly you reach under my skirt, ripping my panties from me. My pulse quickens and a soft moan escapes my parted lips. “Oh God, you know just what to do to me,” I say breathlessly.

Your strong hands push my back closer to the wall as your skillful fingers spread my awaiting pussy. You suddenly undo your pants, then quickly pin my arms to my side and thrust your cock into me, my body rising to meet yours. Your mouth covers mine to stifle the urgent cries of pleasure escaping me, your tongue probing deep into my warm mouth, mingling with mine. I move my hips slowly, trying to meet each of your desperate thrusts, my body quivering with unbridled pleasure as you move deeper within me. I tighten my muscles, holding your cock firmly within me as I smile up at you and ask eagerly, “Would you please fuck me in the ass?” Without any words you grip my arms, pulling me from the sink.

You turn me suddenly, my body pressing against you as your hand moves to the small of my back, shoving my chest closer to the cold steel of the sink. You move quickly between my legs, spreading them far apart, boldly pushing your manhood into my tight ass. My hands grip the sink tightly so I can steady myself, my breasts swaying as I rock my body back, meeting each urgent push of your hips. Helplessly my body quakes, and my sweet nectar flows down your shaft, allowing you to enter me more easily. Relentlessly you slam within me, your strong fingers probing deep within me, searching out the one rough little spot that will make me cry out yet again.

I feel your urgency building, your hand now moving up my back, gripping my shoulders tightly as you pull me against you. Your teeth graze my shoulder, and your hot breath cascades down my skin. The pulsing of your cock signals the closeness of your impending orgasm.

Working feverishly, I slam back against you, meeting your thrusts equally, waiting for the moment your semen flows into me. I grip your arms, feeling your muscles flex as your hold on my shoulders intensifies. “You want my come inside you baby?” you ask.

“Yes, oh God, yes, I need you to fill me with every drop of that sweet juice,” I moan. With one final demanding thrust you explode within me, your hand covering my mouth to muffle my screams of ecstasy as your come flows down my trembling legs. I come once more, my juices starting to flow down and mingle with yours.

Panting and breathless I turn to you, kissing you deeply then whispering softly into your ear, “You’re amazing. No one has filled me with such pleasure before.”

You smile as you begin dressing, speaking softly to me, “Maybe in a little while we can slip back here and meet again.”

“I’d love to, but I need to rest,” I say, laughing. You kiss me once more before leaving the bathroom and returning to your seat. I dress quickly after trying to clean myself up, then pull the door open and walk out. Suddenly I notice everyone watching me, my face reddening as I realize we were not as quiet as I had thought. I quicken my step to get back to my seat, unable to control the smile spreading across my lips.— H.B., Los Angeles, California

Silent Lover

In my fantasy I’m lying asleep on my bed in the warm southern night. A man is standing outside my partially open window. Suddenly a playful breeze moves the curtains just enough for him to see a flash of naked skin, radiant in the dim twilight of the muggy evening. He silently pushes the window open all the way and climbs in as quietly as possible.

I sleep on as he creeps noiselessly across the room toward the bed. He stops briefly as I stir, but moves on as he realizes that I am still asleep. Reaching the bedside, he gazes at my slumbering form. His hand reaches out, his finger traces over my body, feeling every curve, every inch of skin. He encounters warmth as he reaches my mound, a slippery warmth that means I’m dreaming of him. My eyes flutter open as I feel his cool touch.

My eyes spring wide with surprise when I see his form standing over me. Before I can utter a sound, however, he covers my mouth with his, and I melt in the passion of the ensuing kiss. I pull him up on top of me and fumble for his zipper, only to find that he is already naked.

I take his hardness in my hand and guide him into my secret heat. I feel his hard rod inside my inner folds and writhe in ecstasy. Cries of passion escape my lips as he hits home again and again. We come to climax at the very same instant, and our primal cries rend the night with the intensity of our passion and our love. He rolls off me, panting, and exhausted we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Who is he? That’s for me alone to know. And, perhaps, him to find out. Name and address withheld

The Preacher’s Wife

I work all day and have to do my shopping at night. That’s fine, because the grocery stores that are open that late are pretty empty at 10 in the evening.

Two weeks ago I was shopping at the local 24 hour store when I ran into Marla, our local minister’s wife. Marla is about 33 years old, and she and the minister have two children.

Marla is a very attractive woman with a medium build, long brown hair, a very nice face, and a great figure. That night she was wearing a purple skirt and a blue blouse with a floral print. We chatted as we walked through the store aisles, and I sensed something was up with her by the way she looked at me several times. Finally it dawned on me that maybe she was flirting with me. I didn’t mind at all, as I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and it had been a while since anyone had expressed any interest in me. And honestly, although Marla was the preacher’s wife, she was still a woman, and a very sexy, hot one at that. I decided to test the waters.

I managed to steer the conversation toward relationships, and mentioned that I had been pretty dry lately. She replied by saying jokingly that it was always dry for a preacher’s wife. We laughed. She then asked me what I was looking for, and I said a nice woman who was proper on the street but a tiger in the bedroom. Marla blushed, but she laughed again. I then added that, since I was getting older, it would be ideal to find a discreet woman, maybe even someone who was married, who was looking for some no strings attached fun.

Marla said nothing to that. We went through the check out line, and as we headed for the parking lot I gathered up my courage and asked her where she was going next. Before she could answer I told her that if she wanted to, she could stop by my place for a little while. Marla didn’t respond at first, and when she did she just smiled and slowly shook her head.

Figuring I had messed up and feeling kind of embarrassed, I just shrugged, told her I was sorry and headed off to my car. As I got in I looked up to see Marla walking toward me. I rolled down the window, expecting a lecture, but she just looked nervously around, then smiled faintly and asked if the offer still stood. “Yes, of course,” I stammered, very surprised. She then said she’d follow behind me in her car.

Once at my place, she asked me not to say anything to anyone about her visit, and I promised I wouldn’t. We both knew what she was there for, but it was still a bit awkward. We sat on the couch for a while, trying to make conversation. I looked down at her bare legs, which were untanned but nicely shaped. Her skirt had risen high on her thighs and she looked very sexy. At one point as we were talking, I patted her leg with my hand, then left it there. She said nothing. After another minute I started to caress her bare, pale thigh. Slowly I worked my hand upward and moved it under her skirt as she sat motionless. I continued toward her crotch and felt her stiffen.

I turned to face her then, and with my free hand I reached out to take her chin in my hand, turning her toward me, then leaned forward and kissed her. She was still very stiff, but soon she warmed up and opened her mouth, kissing me back. The hand under her skirt slid up to her panties, and she jumped a little at my touch. After pausing a few moments, I began to massage her pussy through the fabric. Marla started moaning, almost purring. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, revealing her black lace bra. Her tits were very nicely shaped, and I fondled them lovingly through the blouse. Then I slid my fingers under the crotch of her panties to touch her hairy pussy.

Marla jumped again as I started to finger her very wet vagina. Soon I had her lying back on the couch as I fingered her pussy with one hand and unbuttoned her blouse with the other. After all her buttons were undone she removed her blouse for me. I figured her shapely tits were maybe a 36C. She was very shy about them, and she covered them with her hands, even though she still had her bra on. I convinced her to relax, and she let her hands down so I could feel them as I kissed her, still slowly fingering her pussy under her skirt.

Next to go was the skirt. But once she had removed her blouse, the skirt wasn’t a big deal. She stood and unzipped it in the back, then lowered it, revealing a nice round ass encased in a pair of panties that were black and lacy, just like the bra.

Her tummy was flat despite her having had two children, and you wouldn’t have guessed how nice her body was from the conservative way she usually dressed. I ran my hands all over her thighs, tummy, ass, and tits. Her skin was soft, smooth, pale, and very sexy. I was very turned on by her. She lay back on the couch and we kissed as I roamed her body with my hands. Her pussy was soaked and her nipples were very hard. I kissed her from her neck to her belly to her crotch until I had her moaning and panting like a lust filled crazy woman.

Next I got her on her knees with that round ass sticking out. I ran my hands all over her thighs and ass, planting kisses everywhere. I really admired her ass, and she loved the attention. Next I put my hands on the waistband of her panties and eased them over her buttocks, down her thighs to her knees. Then I kissed and licked her bare ass and pussy from behind, as shivers ran up and down her body. She parted her legs to give me more room, but her panties limited her. She stopped me then while she stood up and removed the panties completely, and as she did so I reached up and quickly unhooked her bra.

Finally she was naked and totally on fire. She sat on my couch and put her feet up on the cushion, bending her legs and holding them apart. I got on the floor in front of her and kissed her inner thighs from her knees to her soaking pussy, then started licking and sucking her very hairy twat. As I ate her out, I squeezed her tits and pulled at her nipples. In no time at all she had a succession of strong climaxes that racked her body as she shook in the throes of passion. My face was covered with her juices, and the sofa cushions were soaked.

She reclined on my couch then and watched me as I stood up and undressed. I had a roaring hard on, and her eyes opened wide when she saw it. Her head turned as I leaned toward her, and she took my cock in her hand and stroked it briefly before kissing the tip, then licking it, and finally, at my urging, opening her mouth to suck it. I encouraged her as she sucked hard and took it as deep into her mouth as she could. She was not exactly an expert I learned later that was one of the first times she’d sucked cock but it still felt wonderful. While she blew me I reached down to finger her quivering pussy and rub her clit.

I knew she wasn’t going to make me climax orally, but I let her go on for a while, because it did feel good. But finally, I stopped her and moved to mount her. I rubbed my hard cock up and down her pussy lips while she moaned and spread her legs wider, hooking one over the back of the couch and letting the other trail to the floor. She felt incredible as I slid into her smooth, warm, and very tight.

She cried out as I penetrated her with two firm pushes, and when I started to fuck her she became so vocal that I covered her mouth with mine so she wouldn’t scream too loudly. I slowly picked up the pace, not knowing how long I could hold out. But in a minute I felt myself coming. I thought maybe I should pull out before coming inside her, but I couldn’t stop myself. I shot two or three spurts inside her before pulling out and shooting the rest all over her thick pubic hair.

I pushed back into her then and kept fucking, never even going soft. Marla was moaning and wailing, and she came again with a violent quiver. As she still spasmed, I reached under her and slid a finger into her ass. Her climax intensified, and she screamed and shook as though she were having the time of her life. She was covered in sweat and tears ran down her cheeks. It was awesome! I fucked her this way for about 15 minutes or so, then I got her on the floor on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. I grabbed her hips and really pounded into her. It was great, but I wanted to go even further than I just had. I wanted that ass.

As I felt her approaching orgasm again I pulled out and put my cock at her asshole, pushing gently. Marla gasped and asked me what I was doing. I told her to relax, saying she would love it. She’d never been ass fucked, but at this point she was so turned on she was game for anything. It took a while, but after loosening up her puckered hole with my fingers and tongue, I got my dick all the way up her and started to fuck her ass. She was panting, gasping, and moaning, but she obviously did love it, and as we got into a rhythm she told me to do it harder. She ended up coming twice more before I exploded deep inside her asshole.

Marla was exhausted, and she collapsed on the couch. She rested for a while, and when she noticed the time she quickly got dressed and left. She went home with my come still leaking from her pussy and ass and matted in her curly pubic hair.

I haven’t run into Marla around town since then, and I’ve avoided going to church, not particularly wanting to see her husband. Maybe I feel a little guilty about having fucked a preacher’s wife, but man, it was awesome. If I get the chance again, you can bet I’m going to do it even better! K.H., Cherry Hill, New Jersey