A Loving Substitute

I feel I must share this story with you to relieve my conscience, since it has been bothering me for a very long time. I am a woman in my late 50s, and I have kept this huge secret for nearly 40 years.

It all began when my newlywed husband, Harry, was sent away for duty in Vietnam. He was captured by the North Vietnamese and held prisoner for two years. We were only married three months before he left, and I was only 19 years old at the time.

When we got the news that Harry had been captured, I was so distraught that his best friend, John, persuaded me to move in with him and his wife Ann, so that I would have people to talk to and not be alone. After the first year I was so worried, and at the same time so sexually frustrated, that I could hardly bear it. John and Ann couldn’t help noticing my distraction. At one point Ann came to my room and asked me if there was anything she could do to help me. All I had to do was ask, she said. How could I tell her that all I wanted was my husband’s big cock between my legs?

Another three or four months went by, and Ann’s concern seemed to deepen. I think she was worried that a young and attractive girl deprived of sex would soon find it one way or another, perhaps with strangers. I will admit that I was seriously tempted, but I just couldn’t do it.

Then one cold winter night I was lying in bed, thinking about Harry and quietly rubbing myself into a frenzy, when suddenly there was a knock on my door. “Are you awake, Diane?” came a voice. It was John.

“Yes,” I said. “Come in.” He did so, and I saw in the dim light that he was totally nude, with a very big hard on. I gasped in surprise, and could hardly breathe as he moved toward me.

“I’m sorry, Diane,” he said. His words were apologetic, but I could hear the lust in his voice. “It was Ann’s idea. We’ve been so worried about you being without Harry that she said I should see if I could help you.”

He paused, waiting for a reply. If he could only have known the sudden twitch my aching pussy gave as I looked at his massive tool. I just lay there, unable to say anything. And then I nodded slowly.

And slowly, I slid the blanket down, revealing my rounded tits with their hard nipples. John stared at them, then leaned forward to kiss me. As soon as I felt his mouth move down to my breast, my cunt began throbbing and my juices started flowing. As if in a daze, I reached up to take his cock in my hand and began stroking it. I heard him moan softly. He was still sucking my nipples, so I moved to the middle of the bed and opened my legs as wide as I could, continuing to play with his cock. It got him so excited that he came, shooting his jism across my tits, and I rubbed it into my skin.

He started to apologize, but I told him not to worry and brought his cock to my mouth. Actually it hadn’t really gotten soft even after he shot, and after a minute in my mouth it was harder than before. I soaked the bedsheet with my juices as I sucked on that wonderful cock. After a brief time he climbed onto the bed to mount me.

I gave a sigh of anticipation, and then a moan of pleasure as the head of his cock forced my pussy lips apart. Then I was whimpering with joy as he worked himself further into me, going deeper and deeper, filling me as I had ached so long to be filled.

I couldn’t believe that I was being fucked by my husband’s best friend, but I wanted him never to stop. He pulled back and thrust into me again, and I cried out, “Oh yes!” He grunted and began thrusting in and out. I felt my juices flowing out of me everywhere as I climaxed very hard. He continued, and I had one more strong orgasm before I felt him stiffen and shoot his hot sperm up my belly with one final thrust.

After that, with Ann’s full knowledge and approval, John fucked me two or three times a week, right up until the day that Harry finally came home. Harry and I were happily married for the next 40 years. I lost Harry six months ago, and until the day he died he never knew that his best friend had kept my happy while he was gone. D.R., Stockton, California

The Glory of Glory Holes

I am a man in my 50s. Back In the early ’80s, when there was little or no AIDS to worry about, and sex was easy and free from danger, I made a discovery. I had been straight all my life. Born in the mid ’50s, I had never thought of sex in any but heterosexual terms. Then, in the ’70s, I began to watch porn movies a lot, and I found that the ones that turned me on the most were those featuring oral and anal sex. I found myself watching the cocks, not the women. It seemed that big hard cocks really got me hot.

One day early in 1980 I went to an adult bookstore to rent a movie to watch, because my wife was cheating on me again. I had been there before to rent movies, but had never gone into the area at the back, where the video booths were. On this day, for some reason, I felt curious and decided to check it out. I bought five dollars worth of tokens from the clerk behind the counter. He gave me a wink and suggested that I try one of the middle booths, as they had the hottest movies. I thanked him and went back.

Most of the booths had red lights glowing above their doors, indicating that they were occupied. I managed to find one in the middle of the row that was not, and I went in. It was very dim, with just enough light to see by. I sat on the little bench, put a token in the slot and sat back to watch the movie. It was all about oral sex, and I quickly dropped my pants and started to stroke my average size cock.

I could hear the sounds of the movies running in the booths on either side of me, and when I happened to look to my left I was surprised to see a large hole in the wall, just at crotch height. I looked to my right, and there was a similar hole in that wall as well. Moving closer to it and looking through, I could see a man stroking a long seven inch cock. Seeing me, he stood and moved toward the wall. I thought he was just giving me a better look, but to my surprise he slid his cock right through the hole!

This was a pivotal moment in my life. Had I not responded, I would probably have lived out my life as a normal guy. But what I did was to lean forward and, with no forethought, slide that cock into my mouth.

Now I had broken a barrier and was sucking on another man’s cock. And I loved it! I just did to him what I enjoyed having done to me. I focused on the underside of his staff, below the head, while trying to get all of that staff into my mouth. I moved my head up and down on his cock and just gave him a great blowjob. I sucked him for about three minutes before he came. This was another milestone, swallowing a man’s jism, but I didn’t think about that either. I just sucked harder and felt his come pump into my mouth. I let it sit on my tongue for a moment and then swallowed. I discovered that I truly enjoyed swallowing come.

As he pulled out of my mouth, I noticed another cock sticking through the hole on the other side. I slid over there and opened my mouth and sucked in a fat five inch cock. I did it with even more enthusiasm this time, going after this stranger’s come like a man on fire, pulling at his cock with my mouth, sliding my lips up and down while swirling my tongue on his sensitive underside. I was soon rewarded with several spurts of his come, and again I swallowed it all.

After his cock was gone I sat back and took stock. I had just committed a gay sex act, and I had loved it. I would have to think more about this, I told myself. And then came what was probably the most important moment in my journey toward becoming a cock addict. Another cock appeared in the hole on the right side of the booth, a really enormous one this time. I got hot just looking at it. It had to be over 10 inches long. I knelt in front of it and took that amazing shaft into my mouth. He pulled back until just the head of it was between my lips, and then began fucking my mouth, plunging that stiff pole all the way in again and again. This was the first cock to enter my throat. I was getting fucked in the face and totally loving it.

Then suddenly his cock was gone, and I heard him say through the hole, “Open your door, I’m coming over.” I did as I was told. He came into the booth, a large man with dark hair, and without saying a word placed me on my hands and knees, facing the hole on the left side of the booth, from which yet another cock was protruding. Without having to be told I took that prick into my mouth as the dark haired man knelt behind me. I knew I was about to get 10 or 11 inches of cock in my ass. I placed my hands on the wall for support as he started to fuck my asshole. I was getting double fucked taking one cock in my mouth and one up my ass. I knew I was being used, but I had never known such complete and utter bliss.

Then the man I was blowing pumped his come into my mouth and pulled out as I swallowed it all. I then lowered my head and placed it on my arms on the ground, focusing on giving the man behind me the best fuck I could, shoving back at him and begging for his come. He held onto my hips and fucked me with everything he had, changing tempo, moving from side to side, riding me like a rodeo cowboy. I wanted him to be happy, I wanted him to remember this. He started to slam into me, fucking me so hard his balls slapped my legs. And then he was coming in my ass, pumping spurt after hot spurt into my previously virgin bunghole. After he finished he pulled out and turned me around, and I cleaned his cock off thoroughly with my mouth.

He still didn’t say anything he just left. I collected myself as best I could and finally left the store. I went to a bar nearby and had a few beers. Thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that I had been living a lie most of my life. Maybe the reason my wife had cheated on me was because neither of us ever really satisfied the other. Now I had found that for me, true satisfaction lay elsewhere.

As I ordered another beer I saw that the dark haired man with the 10 inch cock had come in and was sitting at a table, talking with three friends. He saw me, smiled, and motioned for me to come and join them. As I picked up my beer and walked over to him my heart was pounding in my chest, for I knew I was walking into a whole other life. F.G., Chicago, Illinois

Thinking of Kevin

My memories of Kevin are still so fresh in my mind. We had the best times, in and out of bed on the floor, in the kitchen, on the front porch. When I remember it all my longing grows, the yearning builds inside me, and yet there is no bringing back that love. It is cruel to remember the sweet taste of his languid lips, and not be able to kiss them. Feeling him so close, like a phantom of my own erotic opera, and still having nothing to touch but myself. And so I make do.

As I remember how he taught me to touch, my fingers linger in his favorite spots. The soft place on the small of my back, the inside of my elbow, the crease of my thigh, now damp with my juices. He would paint my body with his tongue, and I still feel its damp sweetness, cold against the night air. On a good night I can feel his breathing deepen with each stroke.

No one else has even come close to fulfilling me the way he did, with such fervor, care and attentiveness. My nipples harden like tiny bits of pink stone at the thought of his breath on my neck, his fingers running through my hair. The heat burns between my soft thighs and I can’t stop myself I slip one finger inside my panties, searching for my wonderland, and my hips rock back and forth, swaying with the memory of him the way he rocked me, rode me, pounded me. As my finger plunges into my depths, I feel it as his. How well his hands knew how to please me! I use two fingers now, moving them in and out slowly, immersed in visions of how it used to be when his hands fucked me. I can hear our sighs and moans as he pleasured my tight hole. As my fingers move faster I writhe and sway, ready to come at a moments notice. But I force myself to stop, as he would stop, moving on to further delights.

My top comes off in a slow, sensuous motion, just the way he would remove it, leaving a small bit of purple lace restraining my ample breasts. The satin crumples to the floor, along with my inhibitions. My breasts remember, too, how he loved them, caressed them. They miss his rough hands manipulating them this way and that, lifting them to his wanting mouth. They rise and fall, heaving with anticipation of what is to come. Oh darling, stroke them, bite them, make me feel something again. We miss you. My nipples expand almost painfully, aching for him to graze them with his fingers and lips. My areolae spill over the top of my too tight bra, imploring me to release my breasts from their satin and lace cage. As my small hands struggle to cup them, I wish they were his, groping me from behind, with his cock hardening against my backside. He knew how that turned me on. I let my fingers trace over my nipples until they throb with joy, and I pinch them to remind them that it’s only me.

It’s unfair that I have only myself to touch, when it is Kevin that I truly long for. I remember the way his skin came alive when I kissed him all over. Does he too, I wonder, miss the way I would wet his small nipples with my eager tongue, and then blow on them until they stiffened like tiny cocks in my mouth? Does he recall how it felt when I bit him on the sensitive inside of his thigh, making him instantly hard? Oh how I loved to tease him, watching his hips undulate out of control. I miss controlling his body with mine, and relishing his remarkable stamina, how he could hold off forever until I was ready. No one else I have known has had that kind of dedication.

Our games worked the other way too. He always knew how to tease me, to frustrate me, to torment me so wonderfully, stopping me on the brink, holding me there. I stop touching myself. Oh taste me, Kevin. Lick my sticky fingers! How he loved the smell of my pussy, the taste of it on my fingers. As I loved the taste of it on his cock. How we both loved it when I would slip my soaking cunt onto his long, hard dick, pump it slowly once or twice, then go down on him and suck all my juices off. Oh, why can’t I suck your cock now, Kevin?

Yes, I still talk to him in my mind. I miss talking dirty to him. There was a time I could make him come all over himself by just talking to him, with no touching at all. Whispering in his ear, telling him all the filthy things I wanted to do to him. We didn’t make love, Kevin and I. We didn’t have sex. We fucked. And oh God, it was hot! I’m touching myself again, stroking my clit now, and I can feel myself getting close, but I must pace myself. I’m not finished with my memories yet.

I remember the first time I rimmed his ass with my tongue, he really came unglued. Moaning, screaming, barely able to breathe, unabashedly bucking against my face, grinding his ass against my wet mouth. He couldn’t believe the sensation of my warm tongue darting in and out of his most secret place. I can still hear him begging me to slip a finger inside, then two. His tight anus was stretched to capacity, squeezing my fingers, loving each and every stroke, my fingers fucking him as my other hand stroked his dick. I’ll bet no one has ever made him come so hard.

My pussy is so hot now. I drag out my plastic vibrator, my substitute lover. Holding it against me, I shut my eyes tight and remember him nudging the tip of his prick against my wetness. Inserting just the head inside me, moving it in and out oh, such a fucking tease. Of course his cockhead was bigger than most. I remember its velvety smoothness against my cheek, rubbing it all over my face before taking it into my mouth. I’m writhing now, working myself onto the fake cock that is no substitute for him. But I continue to fuck myself, letting desire wash over me until I’m so near orgasm that it’s almost too late to stop. But I force myself. Not wanting to reach climax just yet, I pull out and clean off my vibrator with my mouth, savoring the flavor of my juices, wishing it was Kevin’s rod I was sucking on.

My breasts are aching, and I pull at them rabidly with my free hand. Bringing them up to my mouth, grazing my teeth over my nipples, sending an electric current through my whole body, as my plastic lover, as if with a mind of its own, moves down to my pussy again. Buzzing over my clit, moving inside me. Kevin, yes. . . yes, my darling, my sweet lost love. . . yes. Name and address withheld

Watching From a Window

I am a 32 year old married man living in the suburbs with my wife and three kids. The people who live next door to us have an 18 year old daughter who just started her first year at the local university. Carrie is a very cute, petite girl with short brown hair and a sweet, bubbly personality.

Two weeks ago my wife and kids were gone for the day, and I was doing some work in the backyard when I heard voices from the other side of the six foot high fence that separates our yard from that of our neighbors. One of the voices was Carrie’s. She seemed to have two male friends with her, and they had apparently been drinking. I heard Carrie say that her folks would be gone all weekend, and she had the run of the place.

I continued working and hearing bits and pieces of their conversation. After a little while I went upstairs to our bathroom, and happened to look out the upstairs window. From there I could see over the fence, into the next yard. I could see Carrie, in a very short gray skirt and a flimsy rainbow colored summer shirt. She sat drinking a beer with two guys her age. Her skirt was high up on her bare legs, exposing lots of thigh. I couldn’t hear their conversation clearly, since the window was closed, but I could see perfectly. As I was watching, one of the guys calmly got up, went over to Carrie and leaned down to kiss her. As they kissed he ran his hand up her thigh and under her skirt. She playfully brushed it away, only to have him do it a few more times before she gave in and let him continue. When she uncrossed her legs and parted them, seemingly at his request, I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and that her little pussy was definitely shaved.

I continued to watch as the guy played with her cunt while they kissed. Then he took her hand and put it on his bulging crotch. Carrie got the hint and began rubbing his bulge through his jeans.

Then the second guy got into the act. He walked over and pulled the thin straps of her shirt off her shoulders to expose her very small breasts with their cute pink nipples, which he began fondling and sucking.

The first guy now had his cock out, and he pulled Carrie’s head to him in order to feed it to her. She opened her mouth to receive it, taking the head inside, and he started fucking her face, gradually getting her to take more and more of its length. The second guy pulled out his cock as well, and soon Carrie was alternating between the two. As the second guy turned I got a good look at his size. He was huge! His cock must have been at least eight or eight and a half inches, and really thick. While Carrie struggled to take it all in, the first guy got between her legs and started eating her pussy. He must have been pretty good at it, as she really seemed to enjoy it.

After a few minutes the second guy said something to her, and she got out of the chair and lowered herself to the grass. Her skirt was up around her waist, and below it she was totally naked. It was quite a sight. The first guy got her to lie on her side, then got behind her in a spoon position and worked his cock into her that way. Although his dick was not as large as his friend’s, it looked pretty big in her little pussy, and it took several minutes for him to fully penetrate her. Carrie was soon gasping and moaning loudly as this young man went to work. Soon he was pumping into her with full, powerful strokes, and she got even louder. The guy with the big cock now knelt over her head and slipped his prick into her mouth. She couldn’t take it all, but she was obviously doing her best. It was amazing to watch this very small young woman taking on those two very large cocks.

Finally the guy fucking Carrie began to gasp and shake, and I figured he was shooting his sperm inside her. Sure enough, he soon stopped moving and then pulled his softening cock out of her. Her little pussy looked red and swollen as she lay there panting like a dog in heat.

Now it was Mr. Big Dick’s turn, and he laid her back and got on top of her missionary style. His large frame covered her whole body, so that all I could see were her legs. When he began to penetrate her I thought he’d split her in two. Carrie moaned and cried out, but they were cries of pleasure, and even when he began fucking her really hard she never protested or told him to stop. At the end he grabbed her little legs and pinned them back against her breasts so he could penetrate her even more deeply. It was truly fantastic to see her take such a pounding, and I realized I had an enormous erection of my own as the guy finally groaned and shot his load deep inside her tiny frame as she moaned in pleasure.

When he pulled out of her I could clearly see his fluids running out of her pussy, down over her ass and onto the lawn. Then finally the two guys dressed and left, leaving Carrie lying there panting, clearly out of breath and apparently too weak to move.

Just as I was about to turn away, she looked up and, to my horror, made eye contact with me. In spite of my embarrassment, I was unable to look away. She held my gaze for what seemed an eternity, and then, to my astonishment, gave me a little smile and motioned to me, as if inviting me to come and join her!

In three seconds I was down in the yard and going through the gate, with a cock as hard as steel. Carrie had me help her up, but instead of sitting down again she walked over to a little patio table and bent over it, presenting her sweet little ass to me. I quickly went down and kissed her firm smooth butt before I dropped my shorts and got behind her. Then I entered her already well reamed pussy and fucked her with all the strength I could muster.

The fact was that I didn’t last too long, due to all the excitement that watching her had aroused in me, but it was still pretty damn good. Carrie moaned and gripped the glass tabletop as I shot my load into her. Then I patted her cute little butt and went back to my side of the fence.

I hope her parents go away again very soon. C.K., Atlanta, Georgia

Three To Tango

I had always wanted to take dance lessons, and my husband Darren thought it would be exciting and fun too, so we decided to do it. We found a local dance school, and made an appointment, and pretty soon we were off to our first lesson.

The school was on the third floor of a renovated downtown building that had a beautiful view of the city. We had signed up for a private evening class, so there were no other students there when we arrived. In fact we didn’t see anyone when we first went in, but as we looked through the windows at the view a masculine voice from behind us said, “You must be Angie and Darren. Hi, I’m Dominic.”

As we turned to face him I was overwhelmed by the instructor’s striking appearance. He was about six feet one and 180 pounds, with black hair, a dark golden brown complexion and rugged good looks. He was wearing black dress pants and a loose fitting white dress shirt which he had just put on. “You can call me Dom,” he told us, smiling. “I’ll be your dance instructor this evening.”

I tried to concentrate on what this man was saying as he commenced the lesson, but I couldn’t help thinking that I would love to have him get into my pants. I didn’t think he was the kind of guy who would disappoint a woman, either, if you know what I mean!

Once the lesson started I thought I could definitely feel a little sexual tension emanating from Dom as well. When he demonstrated a movement with Darren he always kept their bodies about four inches apart but with me he would close the gap and hold me so tight that you couldn’t have wedged a piece of paper between us.

As the lesson came to an end Dom said, “Well, you both did fine. It’s been a good start, and I’ll see you on Friday, same time.” I was elated at the thought of going back for a second session.

By the fourth or fifth lesson, both Darren and I were becoming very proficient dancers, and Dom seemed very pleased with our progress. The sexual tension between us was still there, although I didn’t really think anything would come of it. I especially enjoyed the times when Darren and I were practicing the tango, and Dom would step in from behind to help with my hip placement and leg extensions. He would always pull me close against his front, pressing his rock hard cock between my ass cheeks, while at the same time Darren was pressing his cock firmly against my pussy. I usually wore black spandex tights and a white tank top with no bra, and at times like that I knew they could both see my very hard perky nipples standing out against the top, just screaming to be sucked practically saying, “I love the way you guys are pressing your cocks against me!” Darren would get so turned on that he would fuck the hell out of me as soon as we got home, and I was pretty sure Dom would have liked to do the same thing.

Then one Friday night, when it was time for us to leave for our lesson, Darren told me he wasn’t feeling very well, and suggested that I go ahead to the studio, and that he would catch up with me later. I hesitated for a moment, then put on my usual dance outfit and headed out the door. On the way my heart was pounding just a little bit faster as I thought of being all alone at the lesson with Dom.

When I got to the studio, Dom was still in the dressing room getting ready, so I began to do some warm up stretches. After a few minutes I heard the front door of the studio open and close. But whoever had come in did not enter the practice room. There was a little office off to one side, through which the practice room could be observed through a window, and though no lights came on in there, I was pretty sure the new arrival had gone into that room. And then suddenly I knew who it was, and I smiled to myself. It seemed that my husband had shown up after all, but for a show rather than a lesson. It excited me to know that Darren was just a few feet away, evidently eager to watch what might happen as I did the tango alone with our instructor. Well, I hoped he would see something that was worth seeing.

When Dom came in and asked me where Darren was, I explained that he was not feeling well, and that it would be just the two of us that night. I saw Dom’s eyes light up, and I knew he was as excited as I was.

Dom put the music on, then grabbed me by the small of my back and pulled me tight against him. We both knew this was going to be no ordinary tango night. As we spun around the dance floor the sexual tension grew palpable between us. Whenever his hand brushed over my breast in the course of the dance, it did so more and more slowly. Each time he got behind me I could feel his throbbing cock pressing into my ass. He pressed so hard that I could almost imagine what the head of his cock looked like, and I couldn’t help thinking about sucking it.

Then, about halfway through the dance, Dom began kissing my neck from behind. His mouth moved to my ear, slowly licking and sucking it, while his hands fondled my breasts. I grabbed those strong manly hands and shoved them down the front of my blouse as I arched my back, feeling his hard cock digging between my ass cheeks.

He spun me around then and began kissing me passionately, sucking my tongue and lips, while he danced me over to the mirrored wall, placing me with my back to it. The dance ended as he ripped my shirt open and started sucking my tits and licking my hard nipples. I was breathing hard, almost panting, partly from the dancing, but mostly from knowing that I was going to be fucked by my dance instructor right there in the studio.

Dom went down to his knees and quickly hiked up my skirt. Then he pulled my panties down to the floor, and I gladly stepped out of them. He began kissing my legs and thighs and quickly made his way to my pussy, where he was treated to a mouthful of my hot juices.

I brought my hand down to my throbbing cunt lips and spread them open so that Dom could get his tongue inside me. He licked me slowly, sliding his tongue from left to right and then darting it in and out of my pussy as though it was his cock. It was driving me wild! I could see myself in the mirrors on the opposite wall, my skirt pulled up, my tits out in the open as my beautiful dance instructor gave me mind blowing head. I also knew that my husband was only a few feet away, enjoying the show.

I grabbed Dom by the hair and pulled him up, then dropped to my own knees. I greedily undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants, and after momentarily fondling his cock through his briefs, I pulled out that massively swollen member and took the head of it into my mouth. It was exactly as I had imagined it, smooth, round and well defined. I took the whole shaft in my mouth several times before taking it out and making my way to his balls. I kissed, licked and sucked them gently, then made my way back up to the head of his cock and hungrily swallowed him again.

Dom tangled his fingers in my hair and slid his cock into the back of my throat. I quivered with passion as I realized that he was fucking my mouth. He was doing it delicately, however, and I reached around to grab his ass and pull him even further into my throat. I could feel that cock twitching and becoming even more engorged with blood, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he exploded and shot off like a Roman candle.

Before he could do that, however, I slowly slid my mouth off his rigid pole and started kissing my way up over his stomach and chest. As I reached his mouth Dom grabbed me and turned me around to face the mirrors. I bent over and held onto the balance bar as he slid my dress up from behind, then bent over to lick my ass and lick it very well he did! After getting my asshole very wet with his saliva, he slowly put his huge swollen cockhead into my anus, working it in until I could feel his strong thighs pressing against my buttocks.

I moaned loudly with this new sensation, arching my back to better accommodate him. His cock felt so huge, completely buried in my ass. He started to move then, slowly at first, but gradually increasing the speed of his thrusts until he was just slamming into me over and over again. My body was quaking as I rocked with him, and then I was coming, screaming with joy as wave after wave of intense pleasure overwhelmed me.

Dom stopped moving for a moment, but I knew he was on the verge of coming. I quickly drew away, then turned around and went to my knees again, grabbing his throbbing prick and jerking him off into my mouth. He cried out as he spurted again and again, and I swallowed it all. Then I sucked him clean and slowly put his cock back in his pants.

When Dom went into the dressing room to clean up, I deliberately walked around the studio with nothing on but my dancing shoes and a big smile. I knew Darren would still be watching. When I started putting my clothes on, I heard the front door open and close again as he left.

When I got home Darren was in bed, pretending to be asleep. “How was your night off?” I asked him.

He turned over and smiled at me. “Guess what,” he said. “I had the hottest dream about you and Dominic.”

“Yes,” I said walking to the shower. “I’m sure it was very hot.” A.V., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania