Better Than a Toy

All I have known for the past several years now was having the companionship of my faithful toy to give the pleasure I needed in the morning (twice) and in the evening (at least three times). Today was no different. Unbeknownst to me it was going to be different and the best day I’ve had in a very long time.

As I was lying in the bed, with the music in the background, bare and unaware of what surrounded me, I began moving my hands up and down the length of my body, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples and slowly making my way to my clit. I was completely wet before I even got started. My nipples were hard as a rock and my pussy was drenched with desire. Closing my eyes, I could only imagine the man I desired watching me get hotter with every move I made.

I opened my eyes and to my surprise and total delight, there he was. This time it was real. Or was it? He was standing at the foot of my bed between my legs, which were spread open for only him to see. I closed my eyes again and I could feel his soft, gentle hands slowly moving onto my thighs so he would be better able to see that I was just about wetter than I’d ever been. I tried to edge my glistening pussy closer to him, but his hand forced me to stop. There I could feel his fingers inside me and his thumb rubbing my clit.

I immediately exploded just like the ocean rushes to shore. I came so quickly and so hard there was barely enough time to give him warning. And as he felt my pussy pulsating on his fingers, his tongue moved inside me as deep as he was able to go. I could feel him moving his tongue throughout my whole body. The soft gentle flickers sent me soaring and begging for more and wanting anything he could give me. As he attempted to lick me dry, I came again, all over his face. This time he finger fucked me as hard as he could. I wasn’t getting enough and I knew that I needed more.

All it took was the look in his eyes, so blue they paralyzed you to an extreme, and the word “No” didn’t exist. He knew exactly what I wanted and what I needed, just as if he had known his whole life.

Slowly he moved closer, my juices dripping all over his face. As I took him closer to my body I began tasting the juices from my pussy off of his delicious and drenched lips. That smooth, creamy, familiar taste placed my sexual drive into high gear. Slowly he spread my legs farther apart and up as high as they would go. Gently he placed his large hard dick inside me. I could feel the head make its way past my wet clit and slide between my glistening lips. He would make his way in deeper, moving up and down and going deeper and deeper each time. So deep I could feel his massiveness pounding at my cervix. The deeper he went the harder he pounded. I knew he couldn’t last long, but I wasn’t going to waste his best inside me. I was only getting hotter just thinking of him coming inside my mouth. I wanted to taste him and me together. I hardly had any patience left and my desire was only getting stronger.

At this thought, I came again this time was larger and longer. The intensity was so strong that just as he squeezed my nipples I was able to come again. I could feel his hard dick getting ever harder as the walls of my pussy collapsed all around him.

Just then he pulled himself out of me, and placed his firm, soaking wet dick close to my lips. Opening my mouth slightly, I raised my tongue up and moved it gently from the tip all the way down to his balls. The enjoyment he received from this caused him to arch his back with the attempt to force himself into my mouth. I slowly moved my hands up and down the full length of his dick. My lips met with the head, oozing with juice, letting me know his orgasm was almost near. As my lips passed over his dick, it found its way to back of the mouth, and without any hesitation, beyond my tongue and down my throat he went. Not giving it up, I slowly moved my head back and forth, all the way up, putting my lips at the tip and going back down again. This continued on for several minutes, and the more I sucked on his dick the harder he got.

Just as I went back down on him one more time, he exploded in the back of my throat like a waterfall hitting a flat rock. As he came, I came too and I slowly moved my mouth up the length of him, tasting every bit and not wasting one drop. As I moved further down I could feel his throbbing in the back on my mouth and around my swollen wet lips. His taste was thick and as sweet as anything could be imagined. He thought he was done, but I wasn’t finished. . . M.T., Tacoma, Washington

Living in Tight Quarters

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a really hot day, maybe even over 100 degrees. I had recently turned 30 years old. Looking back, 30 was not old, but for some reason I thought that I was probably too old now to ever have a threesome. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, I had been having a casual sexual relationship with a girl who lived next door. I’ll call her Marie. Our apartments truly did have a shared wall, we were that close. And then there was this new girl who had recently moved into the apartment building across the way. She was hot. I’ll call her Cleo. Actually both girls were hot. If only I had photos. At least these images are forever burned into my memory.

Anyway, Cleo lived with her boyfriend. Even though I had met her, I

really didn’t think that I had much of a chance to be with her since she had the boyfriend and all. Getting back to the main story: Marie was over at my place for a drink, and I assumed perhaps a little fun later that evening.

Well, lo and behold, Cleo comes knocking on my front door. This was somewhat of a shock, as she had never knocked on my door before. Of course I invited her inside quickly, as I really didn’t want her boyfriend to see her over at my place. Once inside, she informed me that her boyfriend is in jail! Oh, the poor woman! Of course I had to offer her a drink.

So after a little while, this hot neighbor says, “I dare you to take off your shorts.” I think my shorts hit the floor before she even completed the sentence. And next thing I know both women are taking turns sucking on my rock hard rod. Wow, 30 is turning out to be a great year!

Well of course we moved into the bedroom. This is where the story gets a little different, but maybe this is more normal than I might expect. Both girls seemed to be very interested in me, but not in each other. I tried to coax them into kissing and feeling each other, and they did a little touching and kissing. But it was not the full on lesbo, crazy sexfest we might all dream of. At first I paid more attention to Marie. I gave her a good fucking, while Cleo sucked Marie’s tits. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, until I moved off of Marie and penetrated Cleo. Well, that sure as shit didn’t make Marie very happy. I could tell, because she got up and stormed out of the room to go sit on the living room couch and pout, stark naked.

Shit, now what am I going to do? Here I am trying to have the best time of my life, and it’s coming unraveled. Well, I managed to talk Marie into coming back in the room. In the end, I fucked Marie until I came. I think this made her feel a bit better about the whole scene.

Thinking back I probably should have tried to convince them both that practice would make perfect. But soon after this evening Cleo’s boyfriend got out of jail, and they moved away.

All in all, this threesome was a wonderful experience, although it wasn’t as picture perfect as many letters I have read in your magazine. Next time I’ll have to share my elevator story with you, which was a pretty good one too. I have to admit, I’ve had some pretty good times living in apartment buildings! Name and address withheld

Coffeehouse Confessions

Every day after work I would go and have a cup of coffee from this local shop just outside my apartment building, and then one day these two girls started showing up.

These girls were the two most beautiful girls I have seen in my life. One was blonde with huge tits, while the other was a shorter redhead, with small, perkier breasts. I never really got the nerve to talk to them, except the occasional question, like could I borrow your sugar. I did however love to eavesdrop on their conversations. It was the highlight of my day. Well one day I hit the jackpot and they started to talk about their fantasies. While I listened I could feel my cock start to throb. The redhead’s fantasies were pretty common, like being tied up and whatnot.

When it came down to the blonde, I almost fell off my seat she started going into this fantasy about a stranger just grabbing her and having his way with her. I couldn’t stop thinking about the blonde’s fantasy. I started to imagine myself fulfilling her dream screw for her. I never thought of myself as one of those creepy guys, but the idea was really turning me on.

One day, the redhead stopped showing up with the blonde at the coffee place. At first I just thought that she was out of town or something, but after a few weeks of her not showing up I started to think that now was the time to make her fantasy come true. Instead of going into the coffee shop one day I waited in an alley between two buildings just around the corner from the shop. I was hiding behind a brick wall, trying not to breathe heavily, and that’s when I heard her walk up slowly. I turned and reached for the blonde, one hand cupping her breast, and the other hand rubbing through my pants.

I had her follow me into the alley, and held her body against mine. She reached back to squeeze my hand in a quick gesture of consent. Her clothes were off in a flash, and with a fast thrust I pulled her even closer to me. All she sensed was my hot breath lightly touching the back of her neck. She didn’t know who I was, and I got the feeling that she really wanted to turn and look, but she never did. She let my hand follow her body down, and up her thighs.

Her skin turned to goose bumps, and started to get hot. I moved her underwear aside, and I buried my fingers deep inside her, faster and faster, then really slow, so she felt every bit of my fingers. I saw her biting her lip so she didn’t moan. I leaned her up against the wall, still not letting her see who I am. I held her waist so I could position her where I wanted her. Then I entered. With every inch I slid my way in, she moaned in pleasure. At my own speed and strength I had my way with her, making her scream with delight before I released inside her. I’m sure all she could feel was my hot rich love running from within her. I got up and left her in that alley. I didn’t even turn to look back.

The next day I took my usual spot at the coffee shop, in hopes that I could see her, but she never came that day, or the next. But the day after that she started to show up again. I noticed that she was staring at me now when I was having coffee, and she even had a little smirk on her face while doing it. So I decided that I would follow her home one day, while we were walking down a dark path. She must have heard a footstep, or my heavy breathing from behind her. She started to walk slowly, and the slower she walked the more I got turned on. I walked behind her until all of a sudden she stopped, and started to smile. I took that as my cue that our game would continue.

It was dark enough that I’m sure she didn’t see my face I also knew she didn’t want to. That’s when I reached for her and led her to lie on the ground. I peeled off her shirt and placed it behind her head. I then gently took off her pants, but not her underwear. I could tell from her breathing that she was really turned on, and it was driving me crazy. I started to rub her pussy, her juices were soaking through her tiny G string. I could see how aroused she had become. I unsnapped her bra, licked my fingertips and started to lightly tickle her nipples. I would rub her with my fingers, and then blow on the very spot I had just rubbed. She started to quiver with every hot breath that I blew onto her body. Her nipples were as hard as my cock, not from the cold, but from the anticipation of what was to happen next.

Goose bumps began to spring up all over her body. She could feel me start to enter her, slowly at first, then more quickly. She once again started to bite her lip. Soon she started to moan in pleasure. She couldn’t help it. “It just feels so good,” she told me, still trying to hold her excitement back, She began to come. She loved it. I pulled the shirt from under her head, pulled out my cock, and put my dick in her mouth. She never even tried to stop me, all she wanted was to taste my come. And come I did. After I was done I got up and left once again, but this time I looked back, and she was still lying there, as if she was waiting for someone else.

We do this at least twice a week now she’ll take a different way home, and she’ll walk ever so slowly. I know now she meant for this to happen with me, she meant me to hear her fantasies at the coffee shop that day. This relationship might seem weird, but what relationship doesn’t? Name and address withheld

And Away She Goes!

My husband Logan and I have taken an unusual stance in our love life over the last few years and it has helped our marriage a lot. Here’s what happened last Friday.

Logan and I were supposed to go to a party for our friend’s anniversary but Logan got sick so I went alone. The outfit I wore was somewhat sexy with a sleeveless button down gray blouse, a short black skirt, and heels. Matching black bra and panties were under it. My short brown hair was styled and I wore modest make up, my normal accepted attire.

Our friends were all there and all went well. My friend Ellie and I left around eleven o’clock and went to another party across town for a friend of hers from work. I didn’t know that woman but went anyhow, since Ellie didn’t want to go alone.

There were maybe 20 or 30 people there and Ellie and I mingled with everyone. I was talking to a guy there and after a while I saw him checking out my legs and this turned me on to know I was still attractive to guys not even half my age.

He told me he thought I was very sexy and when I blushed and thanked him, he asked if I liked sex. “Oh yes,” I responded.

Our talk got more suggestive until he asked if I’d like to go upstairs with him. Taking a chance I said, “Yes,” and away we went. When we got upstairs we entered a master bedroom where several of his friends were involved with some women from the party already. I got even more excited when I saw this. One of the guys noticed us enter and my friend from downstairs, Everett, slowly ran his hand up my shirt and onto my ass. One of the men unbuttoned my blouse while Everett’s hands were busy under my skirt. My bra followed and the guy on the bed pulled me forward to kiss my breasts. Everett took advantage of me being bent over and pushed up my skirt, then pulled my panty crotch to one side and began fingering my pussy from behind.

It wasn’t long after that that I felt Everett’s cock entering my pussy. Just then one of the girls, a cute blonde in her 20s, rolled over and saw me. I heard Everett tell her to move over my way, then he told me to eat her pussy. In 48 years I’ve never touched another woman sexually but due to the hard fucking I was now getting, I was so hot that I was ready to say yes to anything so I began to eat her pussy as I was fucked. Just as the blonde began to climax, I felt Everett shooting his sperm into me. I came too, it was great! But this was just the beginning.

After seeing this happen the guys were so turned on that they crowded around us and between the two of us girls we must have fucked and sucked at least five guys the next two hours, some of them two or three times. I was so horny by all of this that for only the second time in my life I let somebody fuck my ass.

After the first one, I was fucked at least a few more times more that night. My ass was soaked and both my holes were leaking sperm.

The blonde, Jenny, got me to lay on my side and hold my lips open so she could eat the come from my asshole and pussy. This made me climax yet again and I ate the come from both her holes next as the guys stood around us and cheered.

Ellie, in the meantime, had her own little gang bang going on across the room with three guys she hooked up with. In the early morning we left, weak kneed but happy.

I slept most of Saturday but told my husband everything when I woke up. He got so excited he took me right in our living room.

Now he insists on me doing a repeat with him present and I said, “Of course!” M.F., Waco, Texas

My Boyfriend’s Back

My husband is always hounding me for stories about my sexual history but this one actually took place in the not so distant past.

Three months ago on a Saturday afternoon I was out shopping when at a local gas station I ran into an old boyfriend in the parking lot. He was actually my first love. We were both glad to see each other and visited and talked a while, then I agreed to follow him somewhere more private away from the traffic of the parking lot.

I got into his truck and we talked and caught up on each other’s lives. One thing led to another and we began kissing. His warm tongue danced in my mouth as our lips pressed together.

I could feel my pussy tingle under my skirt. He began to unsnap my shirt, and then undid my bra, freeing my tits. He said they had grown since he last saw them so long ago. Gently, he began sucking my very sensitive nipples and it felt wonderful. My wet pussy had already soaked my panties long before I felt his touch. I put a hand on his crotch and felt his warm, hard cock. I knew already where this was all headed. I nearly lost my breath when he undid his pants and pushed them, along with his underwear, all the way down to his ankles.

His cock was as beautiful as I remembered it. I took it in my hand and began to stroke it slowly. I lay on my stomach and put my head in his lap. As I took his cockhead to my lips, I squeezed his ball sac lovingly. It tasted musky, and good, so I began to suck it. As he got more excited he began to pump me harder, while he raised my skirt and put his hands in my panties so he could stroke my ass. When I spread my legs a little, he began to rub and finger my wet pussy. My moans signaled my approval as he stroked my pussy and clit at the same time. Several minutes later he pushed my panties down my thighs and I helped him remove them totally. He started to pull me off his cock, telling me to straddle him. I told him I would fuck him but he couldn’t come in me since I wasn’t on birth control. He said okay, so I climbed on him and felt him penetrate me fully as I sank down on him.

To me this was all so sexy and nasty, fucking my old boyfriend in the middle of the day, just like we were teenagers again.

He felt so wickedly good as I rode him. He sucked wildly on my nipples, biting and chewing them while he squeezed and gripped my ass the whole time. I felt him start to slide a finger into my ass and this triggered a very strong climax that contracted my pussy muscles and that set off his climax. He told me he was coming just as he began to spurt. I actually felt his first spurt shoot inside me before I could get off and catch the rest in my mouth.

As we calmed down and dressed he apologized but I told him not to worry since it was so wonderful. He laughed a little, then we had one long passionate kiss before parting, promising that if we ever had the chance meeting come up again, we’d go for a repeat.

So my wonderful husband, there you have it. I hope that this little story I told excites you! L.B., Janesville, Wisconsin