Seducing My Wife

“Do you think your wife would ever be interested in a threesome?” That was the question my neighbor Zack asked me, while his wife Liz looked on, smiling. I was completely caught off guard and couldn’t answer immediately. “I’m serious,” Zack wet on. “Liz and I were wondering if maybe the two of us could have some fun with her.” I looked at Liz to see if this was a joke but from the serious look on her face, apparently it wasn’t.

Recovering from my surprise, I assured the two of them that there was no way that they could get my wife into a threesome. Absolutely not. Liz then asked, “Would you have any objections if we gave it a try?”

I couldn’t believe they were asking me these questions. “I guess not, but she’ll never do it,” I told them.

“I tell you what,” Zack said. “Next Saturday evening, you and Trina come over, and let us handle it. I have a feeling Liz and I can get her to cooperate.”

“Sure, I bet we can have a lot of fun with her,” Liz said. “And you can just sit back and enjoy. Or join in, if you want.”

I didn’t tell Trina what our neighbors were planning, as I was sure that nothing would come of it. On Saturday night she put on a low cut sundress and a pair of black pumps, and as always, she looked terrific. We got to Jack and Liz’s house around 8 o’clock, and were soon sitting around drinking and talking as usual.

The dinner was very pleasant, and the talk was general for most of the evening. As time went on I began to think that Zack and Liz had changed their minds about the threesome. But then something caught my eye: Liz, sitting next to Trina on the couch, reached out casually with her left hand and nonchalantly began to trace her fingers over my wife’s hand as it rested in her lap. Trina just looked at her curiously.

“Say, Trina, I’ve got something to show you,” Liz said then. “Follow me.” I watched Liz take my wife’s hand and lead her toward the bedroom. After a couple of seconds Zack got to his feet and, with a wink at me, he too headed for the bedroom. I didn’t know what to do, so I sat quietly, listening for any sounds from inside. A moment later I heard my wife’s voice saying, “Oh my goodness!’ A few seconds passed, and her voice came again. “Zack, what do you think you’re doing?”

I got to my feet and moved toward the bedroom, then peeked around the doorway. Trina was on her back on the bed. Zack was caressing one of her long shapely legs, and Liz was doing the same with the other one. Trina’s dress was well above her knees, and one of her shoes was off. To my surprise, she wasn’t struggling in fact, she seemed to be enjoying herself. As I watched, Liz lowered her head toward Trina’s and attempted to kiss my wife on the lips. Trina turned her head away at first, but didn’t protest when Liz nudged it back with her finger. “Well, I guess I could. . .” was all she said, but she never finished her sentence, as Liz’s mouth covered hers in a full kiss.

My eyes bugged as I saw my wife allowing herself to be kissed by another woman. But I had other things to think about. As the kiss continued, Zack’s hand went to Trina’s knee and slowly began to move up her thigh. Trina made no move to stop him. Her dress moved up further, until I could see her pink panties.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, and meanwhile Zack’s hand was at my wife’s crotch, rubbing her pussy through her panties. The women’s mouths finally parted, and I heard Trina say in a weak voice. “Oh my god, you know my husband is right in the next room!”

This reminder did not seem to impress the pair. Zack continued playing between my wife’s legs as Liz began to unbutton the top of Trina’s sundress. Trina just laid there on the bed, not resisting at all. Liz soon had the dress completely undone, and she pulled it open, revealing Trina’s bra and panties. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly, as was her bare tummy. Again Liz lowered her head, and this time, as Liz kissed her full on the mouth, I swear it looked as if my wife was kissing her back.

Zack’s hands now went to Trina’s panties and began to pull them down. Trina made a little whimpering sound. It might have been a protest, but I didn’t think so. Down came my wife’s panties, exposing her thick hairy bush. Zack now found the tiny clasp of my wife’s bra and unhooked it, freeing her perky 36C tits. At this Liz stopped kissing Trina’s mouth and began to suck on her hard, swollen nipples.

While Liz sucked away at my wife’s tits, Zack began to remove his clothing. His hard cock looked to be about eight inches long, and was standing at attention, ready for my wife.

Trina’s eyes went wide again as Zack spread her legs apart. “Oh, Zack. . .” she said weakly.

Zack straightened up. “Okay, Trina,” he told her. “If you really don’t want me to fuck you, go ahead and call your husband. If you don’t call him in here, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, and you’re going to love it. What will it be?”

Trina did not call me.

In slow motion then, Zack lowered himself between her legs. Soon I was watching his ass moving up and down as he fucked my wife. And he was right Trina was loving it. She also loved it when, after he finished, Liz sucked her husband’s come out of her cunt, then continued to eat her. Trina came with both of them. I had never known her to have two orgasms in one night before.

Trina and I haven’t really discussed about what went on in that bedroom that night, but I kind of have the feeling that, now that Zack and Liz have opened the door for us, I may be finding out still more surprising things about my wife. H.E., Eugene, Oregon

Watching Her Fly Solo

Now, I am not a man who speaks ill of the fairer sex. However, I am the product of 25 years in the airline business, and during that time I have practically lived on a diet of gorgeous flight attendants. And I can tell you this: in my opinion, every flight attendant carries a vibrator in her flight bag, to keep her company on long layovers. In fact, I have seen so many of those little toys that I’ve almost come to believe that they’re company issued. One girl showed me hers one time it was big enough to have embarrassed a sperm whale and I swear it actually had the airline logo on it! The lady explained that, however. “No one ever screwed me like this fuckin’ company screwed me,” she told me. “And that’s why I had this put on there!”

That said, what I want to tell you about is what happened one rainy night in August, when this flight attendant named Ashley, who had what I can only describe as the ultimate ass, approached me after a flight and asked me if I could give her a ride home.

Of course I said I would be delighted hoping, naturally, that this might lead to some fun and games. I escorted her to my car in the employees’ parking lot and tossed both of our flight bags into the back seat. In another moment we were pulling out onto the road.

Ashley gave me the address of her apartment and I headed her way, steering my car through the rain that battered against the windshield. This sweet young girl was fairly new on the job, 21 at the most and fresh off the farm. But I knew something about farm girls, including the fact that most of them had shucked a hell of a lot more than corn before heading to the big city.

As I drove, Ashley picked up a racing magazine I had on the front seat. “Oh, wow,” she said, looking through it. “I’d like to go to the Grand Prix some day.” Only she didn’t pronounce it in the correct French manner she said it just like it looks to us benighted English speaking types.

“Well, Ashley honey,” I told her, “I think first you’d better learn how to pronounce that, or you just might find yourself in a different kind of race.”

She was still giggling when we pulled up in front of her apartment building.

I was hoping she would invite me in to dry off or even better, to get wetter but as I opened the car door for her she sprang out and darted toward the front door. Pushing it open, she glanced over her shoulder and hollered above a clap of thunder, “Thanks, Nick, I owe you one!”

I was about to say something in reply when she disappeared inside the doorway. Well okay, honey, I thought. Maybe another time. I climbed back into my car and headed slowly back onto the road. But I had only driven about a block when I glanced into the rear view mirror and noticed the two flight bags on the back seat.

Oh my god, I thought. Ashley forgot to take her flight bag. If she has a trip tomorrow, she’ll be going crazy looking for it.

Well, there was only one thing to do. I popped a U turn and headed back to her building. Parking outside, I grabbed her bag and made a run for the door. The outer door was unlocked, and so, surprisingly, was the inner door. They were evidently not much on security in this building. I went along the hall until I came to an apartment door with Ashley’s name over the buzzer. I pressed the button and waited. Nothing happened. I tried knocking. Still no answer.

Well, she had to be in there it was unlikely that she had gone out in the few minutes since I’d dropped her off. Tentatively, I tried the door, and, again to my surprise, it opened.

“Ashley?” I called in a low voice, sticking my head in. “Ashley, you there?” There was no answer. Concerned now, I opened the door wider and stepped in. It was dim, but about 10 feet away I could see another door, partially open, with light coming from behind it. Again, I called, “Ashley?”

The only reply was a deep, throaty moan. And then I also heard a low buzzing sound. Both were coming from behind the lighted door. I moved closer. I heard another moan, and more buzzing. I stepped up to the door and peered in.

It was a bedroom. And on the bed was Ashley, the gorgeous young flight attendant, lying naked, her knees pulled nearly back to her nose. And between her smooth white thighs was a very large vibrator, which, from what I could observe of her wildly glazed eyes and open, moaning, gasping mouth, had this perky little creamy assed sweetheart in a whole other area code.

Needless to say, I immediately got hard, and perspiration broke out all over me. As I stood there gasping she threw back her head and her throat muscles constricted as she released a throaty gurgle that unmistakably signaled the onset of orgasm. I watched her thighs tighten as her legs shot straight up and out. As her body spasmed, she turned herself onto her smooth, flat belly and buried her face in a pillow, stifling her cries. At the same time she pushed her luscious ass upward, as if offering it to some unseen lover.

My heart was hammering so hard that I was sure she could hear it pounding. But as much lust as I was feeling just then, I was also experiencing a less familiar sensation: guilt. I was violating this young woman’s privacy, spying on her, and I had no right to do that. So, as quickly and silently as I could, I turned and went out of the apartment, and returned to my car.

All this time I had been holding onto Ashley’s flight bag. I had forgotten all about it in the heat of what I had seen, and I still had it. So I sat there for several minutes, giving her time to get herself together, and then went back into the building and again pressed the buzzer at her apartment door.

This time, after a minute, the door swung open, and there stood Ashley, in a blue bathrobe, her face flushed a becoming deep pink.

“Nick, what ” she began, But then her eyes lowered to the flight bag I was holding. “Oh, thank you!” she said, with a shaky smile. “I guess I forgot that.”

My brain was still reeling with the sights, sounds, and scents of unbridled lust, but somehow I managed to croak out, “Yeah, you left it in my car. I figured you would need it for your flight tomorrow.”

She smiled again. “Well, I really don’t have a flight tomorrow. I’m actually off for the next three days, and I’m just going to curl up in bed with a good book!”

I cleared my throat. “Um, anything I might want to read?” I asked.

She shook her head slowly. “No, I don’t think so,” she said. “Mostly just girl stuff, you know?”

“Oh, yes,” I said. “I know.” And then I turned and slowly walked away.

Like I said, maybe some other time. N.L., Albany, New York

A Good First Impression

Her name was Paula, and I had met her in a chat room online. We had exchanged pictures, but this was our first in person meeting, and I was feeling excited, but nervous.

I rang the bell, and she opened the door, wearing the same outfit she had on in her picture. She looked even more gorgeous in person, and by the look on her face I suspected she felt the same about me. There was a moment of awkwardness as we stood there, both of us fighting the impulse to jump into each other’s arms and start stripping off our clothes right there on the spot. But somehow we kept our composure. We exchanged a soft friendly kiss and headed out to dinner.

In the restaurant we got a circular booth and sat close together, though not right next to each other. We started out making small talk, but we could barely keep our eyes off each other. She looked absolutely beautiful, and her sparkling eyes seemed to penetrate my soul and make my heart skip a beat.

We ordered some wine and continued to drink and talk. We shooed the waiter away every time he came to take our order, because we didn’t want to be bothered. Besides, with this girl in front of me I couldn’t concentrate on the menu long enough to decide what I wanted to eat. In fact, the only thing that I could think about eating at that moment was her sweet tasting pussy.

There was a longing inside me that I couldn’t fight, so finally I reached over, gently pulled her closer to me and kissed her, this time a little more aggressively than before. Her lips were wonderfully soft, and our tongues quivered with excitement at meeting each other for the first time. I had planned to make it a short kiss, but for some reason neither of us could let go of the other, and people around us were starting to take notice of our inability to stop.

Finally the waiter came back once more, clearing his throat to get our attention. Slightly embarrassed, we decided we’d better place our order. After the waiter went away, and we again tried to make conversation. But I still couldn’t keep my hands off her. I reached over and touched her leg, rubbing it softly. I started at the knee, but it seemed only natural to move higher. As I reached the edge of her skirt I hesitated, and to my surprise her hand moved down to grab mine. I expected her to pull it away, but she pulled it higher, until it was wedged tightly between her legs.

Encouraged, I gently rubbed her pussy through her thong panties, and they immediately started getting wet. I pulled the thong to one side and slid my fingers over her smooth pussy. It was so soft, warm and wet that I swiftly got hard. I saw that she was breathing harder as I pulled my hand back and licked her sweet nectar off of my fingers. With her lovely eyes on mine, she reached over and stroked my cock through my pants.

The tension was killing us, and I knew neither of us could take it anymore. I motioned to the waiter and asked him to give us our food to go. It seemed like forever before our orders finally arrived, and I gave the waiter much too big a tip, because I didn’t want to wait for change.

We practically ran to the car, and when we got there Paula backed me up against it and we started making out again. Her hand reached down my pants, and my throbbing stiffness told her how badly I wanted to be inside her. We didn’t even care about the fact that we were in the public parking lot of a very fancy restaurant, with people all around. As a matter of fact, we could even hear people pointing us out and talking about us, but we were so hot that they were probably getting pretty turned on themselves.

Finally we disentangled ourselves and got into the car. I started it up, and not more than 10 seconds after we hit the road, Paula unzipped my pants. She then got on her knees on the passenger seat and started sucking my cock. She teased it at first, but then she took me all the way inside her mouth, rolling her tongue around my cockhead. I felt as though I was about to explode!

As she went on sucking my dick, I took one hand off the wheel to pull her skirt up over her waist and finger her soaking pussy. I was swerving all over the road, because I couldn’t concentrate on anything but her head in my lap and the feeling of her wet pussy all over my hand. God, I couldn’t wait to stick my tongue where my hand was right then! I was dying to have her and she knew it.

We hit a red light at one of the intersections, and I cursed at the delay. Another car pulled up beside us, and the woman driving looked over to see Paula’s sexy ass, with her skirt over her waist and my hand buried deep between her legs. The sight apparently turned her on, because she started rubbing her chest. Then the light changed and we sped off, but I figure we made her night.

Back at Paula’s house we could hardly get inside fast enough. We were in such a hurry that we forgot all about the take out dinner, leaving it in the car. She barely managed to get the door shut before I had thrown her down on the carpet and pulled her skirt up and her panties off.

I had waited for what seemed like an eternity to taste that sweet pussy, and I had to have it right then and there. She smelled so good as I licked the insides of her legs, working my way to the prize that I so longed to taste. I gently licked her pussy lips, and she seemed to quiver uncontrollably. She tasted even better than I had imagined. I buried my face deep between her legs, licking from her clit to her ass, stopping from time to time to get my tongue as deep inside her as I could.

Paula was evidently as crazy to taste my dick again as I had been to eat her pussy. She now pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, riding my whole face as she bent over to open my pants and take me inside her mouth. Our movements got more and more intense, and I felt I was on the verge of coming, with her sweet ass and pussy rubbing against my face. Paula came first, however, pulling her mouth from my cock and convulsing over and over, crying out with pleasure and shaking violently with the intensity of her orgasm.

She climbed off me then, hastily pulling off her shirt, as well as the rest of her clothes. Though I could barely take my eyes off her, I managed to get rid of my clothes as well. Paula then got on her hands and knees, and I crouched behind her as she backed up against me, grabbing my cock and putting it inside her. Her warm pussy around my dick brought me to the edge again, but somehow I keep myself from blowing.

We fucked like that for another 20 minutes, starting slow and gradually moving faster and faster, harder and harder. All the time she had her hand between my legs, teasing my balls and my ass. When she knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, she pulled away and told me to get on my back, gasping out that she wanted to taste her pussy on my cock, and wanted me to come in her mouth.

The very thought of that made me squirt a little precome on her face as she took me into her mouth. Stroking my cock with her hand and sucking it at the same time, she grabbed my balls in her other hand, and I started to blow. Oh my God I nearly passed out from coming so hard! She took my jism in her mouth, but there was so much that some of it leaked back out onto my cock as she continued to stroke it, milking out every last drop.

When I was completely drained she stopped, and her gorgeous body slumped over me, exhausted. It was absolutely the most amazing experience I have ever had.

When we recovered a bit we realized that we were not only tired but starving, since we hadn’t had any dinner. It was then that we remembered the delicious food we had left in the car. The trouble was that neither of us had the energy right then to get dressed and go out to get it. So we just laughed and went to sleep. What the hell, we could warm it up for breakfast. C.L., Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hot Shots, Hotter Sex

When I first moved to New York I joined an online swingers’ website. Not long after, I was contacted by a man in his 40s named Jordan, who told me that his wife, Olivia, wanted some new photos taken to post on the website, something more professional looking than the snapshots of her that Jordan had taken. Having seen in my profile that I was a professional photographer, he had decided to contact me.

After a few e mail exchanges, Jordan and I talked on the phone. He then admitted that while it was true that Olivia wanted new photos, what he really wanted was to see his wife baring it all for the camera, with another man shooting the pics. In fact, he really wanted to see his wife with another man, and thought this might be a way to ease her into it.

I asked him if Olivia wanted the same thing he did, or if it was just his fantasy. He told me they’d talked about it many times and she’d expressed excitement about being with another man, but she was unsure if she could go through with it and didn’t know how they’d get it started.

In any case, he told me, they definitely wanted to have the photo shoot, but he wasn’t sure it would go beyond that. I told him that was no problem I would be happy to take the pictures, and would be fine with whatever else happened, or didn’t.

We set up a meeting at a local restaurant so Olivia could meet me and see if she felt comfortable with me shooting pictures of her. When we met I could tell she’d already had a couple of drinks and was feeling relaxed. We all hit it off right away, and by the time we were halfway through the meal Olivia was really flirting with me, and Jordan was encouraging her. When I asked her when she would like to do the photo shoot, Olivia smiled at me and said, “How soon can you finish your dinner?”

We quickly finished eating, and I followed them to their house. They had obviously anticipated this, because their bedroom was arranged very romantically, with a few sexy outfits laid out on the bed. Olivia chose one and went into the bathroom to change, while I set up my photo equipment. When she returned she was wearing a very seductive negligee with matching panties. The outfit was very tantalizing, although not all that revealing. I could tell that Olivia was feeling slightly nervous, but she did not seem overly uncomfortable in front of me, and she was certainly sexy.

I started by posing her in various positions that were suggestive, but not sexually blatant. Olivia seemed to enjoy the attention I was giving her, as well as my touch as I moved her arms and legs into the positions I wanted. It wasn’t long before I was moving the negligee aside to reveal a portion of her firm, round breasts, and after that I progressed to baring one of her nipples, and then both.

At this point Jordan suggested teasingly that his wife’s nipples could get much harder than they appeared to be, and that we should do something to make them look better in the photos. Although the sweet pink nubbins looked pretty damned hard to me and very sexy I went along with his suggestion and took some lubricant from my camera bag. (Yes, I had more in there than just photographic equipment!) I put a little on my finger and very softly rubbed it over each of Olivia’s nipples. They felt quite rigid under my finger, but, with a wink at Jordan, I told her that I thought they should be even harder.

“This is usually more effective,” I said, and with that I leaned over and began to circle her nipple with the tip of my tongue. After doing this for a few seconds I moved to her other nipple and did the same, Then I gently sucked it into my mouth and licked the tip. I could hear her breathing speed up a little. Her nipples were rock hard but then they had been that way all along. I gently licked them both and then backed away from her, deliberately leaving her wanting more.

“Okay,” I said. “I think we’re ready to shoot more pictures.”

I shot several more photos with her breasts barely covered, then began shooting her topless, pausing now and then to ensure that her nipples remained hard by licking and sucking them. She obviously loved posing for the camera, and made no objection to any position I suggested. I soon had her down to just her loose, lacy panties, and I manipulated them in such a way that I could get some shots of her sexy, shaved pussy lips peeking out of their lacy covering.

After a few of these teasing shots, I told Olivia that she needed to “glisten” a little more for the camera, and of course I offered to help. Again I put a little dab of lubricant on my finger, and ran it ever so lightly up and down her soft pussy lips, pausing for a couple of moments to gently rub a little on her very hard clit. I took a few more shots with her now glistening lips just peeking out of her panties, then told her that there wasn’t quite enough “sparkle” for the camera, and that I knew a better way to achieve that. I reached between her legs, moved her panties a little further aside and gently licked up and down her slit, then flicked my tongue back and forth across her softly throbbing clit. Olivia was moaning, and seemed about ready to come, so I gave her clit one quick little suck and went back to the camera.

I could tell that Olivia was really excited now. I could have taken her right then, but instead I continued to tease her by taking more pictures, meanwhile telling her how hot she looked, and how terrific her sweet pussy had tasted as I clicked away. I continued shooting as I directed her to slip her panties off, sliding them slowly and down over her hips, thighs and legs. I then began photographing her completely nude, but I had only taken a few more photos before she told me in a breathless voice that she thought she needed more “glisten” on her pussy.

Well, that was the end of the photo shoot. I laid the camera aside and started kissing her legs as she lay on the bed, my mouth moving upward until I reached her inner thighs. I could see little streams of her juices flowing down the folds of her labia, leaving a damp spot on the satin sheet below. After softly nibbling and kissing her all over her body except the spot where she most wanted to be kissed I returned to her crotch and started to lick the outside of her pussy lips, progressing slowly to her inner lips and on to her very hard and sensitive clit.

It took only a few gentle swipes of my tongue before her back arched, her pelvis thrust forward and she started yelling. As she grabbed my head and rubbed herself back and forth against my face, I thrust my tongue deep into her wet pussy. Her sweet juices flooded my entire face and neck, and she bucked several more times before falling back onto the bed, totally spent.

I moved up to kiss her then, so she could taste her juices on my face, and she lapped them up eagerly. It wasn’t until she started unbuttoning my shirt that it occurred to me to wonder where Jordan was, and what he was doing.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out, for at that moment a now totally naked Jordan joined us on the bed. I moved off Olivia to allow him to settle between her legs, but I continued to kiss her and play with her nipples as he guided his rigid cock into her sopping pussy.

Pretty soon I was totally naked too, and Olivia pulled me up to her and sucked my rampant phallus as her husband pounded her very wet, hot twat. Before long he was coming hard inside her, and she released her mouth from my cock to express her pleasure in moans, groans and yells of ecstasy.

Jordan rolled off her then, and she lay between the two of us, facing her husband and kissing him, while I cuddled her from behind, with my hard cock pressed against her ass. It looked like that was going to be it for the night, but suddenly Olivia turned toward me with a devilish look on her face, then rolled over and straddled me, slowly guiding my rigid cock inside her. God, it felt so good! She was really wet from all that had transpired, but still very tight as she rode me. I was soon close to coming, so I rolled her onto her side to slow things down a little, wanting to savor the moment. After several positions and several minutes of near orgasmic fucking, I could no longer hold out and started to pull out of her so I could come.

Olivia, however, had other ideas. As my whole body started to stiffen she wrapped her legs tightly around me and held me where I was, so I had no chance of escape not that I really wanted to. Several deep and intense thrusts put me totally over the edge, and I shot all I had inside her as she met every thrust of mine with one of her own.

I spent the rest of the night with Jordan and Olivia, sucking and fucking until we were totally wasted. In the morning I loaded up my photo equipment and went home. The pictures came out fine, and some are on the website to this day. After that I had other sessions with them, though I no longer needed the camera to get Olivia into the mood. M.P., New York, New York

My Favorite Fuck Buddy

I met Emily at the bowling center, and the first time I laid eyes on her I became obsessed with getting in her pants. She is simply drop dead gorgeous: five feet five and 130 pounds, with a body to die for and long luscious legs.

We started going out to get something to eat after bowling, which quickly led to friendship, then romance, then sex. We were both married she still is but my wife found out about us going out of town one weekend and divorced me.

Emily and I would meet at local motels and have the greatest sex. This went on for months, until I rented an apartment two blocks from her house. Then she came over just about every day after work, and often during the weekends when her husband was away.

We’ve been doing this for over eight years now, and no matter how often we have sex it never gets old. Sometimes Emily will be working in her yard and get a sudden urge to jump on her bike and come over so I can fuck her beautiful pussy. Sometimes she’ll go back home with her pussy filled with my juices, and her husband never suspects a thing.

This woman is truly every man’s dream come true. She will fuck me or suck me anytime I ask, and never refuses me anything I want to do to her. We have recently started using sex toys to add to our fun and games, and she really gets off on that.

Since I am a contractor, I have done a lot of work at her house, which usually leads to us having sex in her bed, or on the bedroom floor, or in the garage or wherever, when her husband is gone. Her husband John thinks I’m his friend. Little does he know that I have fucked his wife more than 1,000 times over the past eight years.

Emily and I have had sex in restaurants, in parking lots, in my van, in her son’s bed and every other place you can name. Sometimes she goes out of town on business trips, and I either go with her or meet her there for some wild fun away from home. She is the best at covering her ass of anyone I have ever known.

So all you married women who think you can’t have your cake and eat it too, you’re wrong. As for you men, let me tell you what a great deal it is to have someone you can fuck three or four times a week, then have them go home and put on the perfect wife act, while you have no hassles. What a wonderful arrangement it is! Having a fuck buddy who loves you is simply great! Name and address withheld