Kiss and Don’t Tell

Rita and I were coworkers and good friends. Rita was a tall, sensuous brunette. Both of us were married, but my marriage was having troubles, and Rita never talked about hers.

Last October we were both sent by our company to attend an out of town conference. After checking into our hotel we went out to dinner, and afterwards stopped at the hotel bar and had a couple of drinks before going upstairs. Outside her room, Rita put her arms around my neck and we kissed.

“Do you think this will ruin our friendship?” I asked her when we broke the kiss.

“No,” Rita replied. “Do you?”

“No,” I said, and kissed her again. I ran my tongue lightly around her lips, then gently sucked on them, one lip at a time, and Rita followed suit. She then unlocked her door and invited me in, telling me to wait while she took a shower. I undressed and was sitting on her bed naked when she walked in wearing a robe, I was hard as a rock just from anticipation. Rita walked up to the bed and said, “I want to be very naughty with you.”

I stood up then, took her face in my hands and stared into her beautiful eyes, then kissed her again, more passionately than before. I grasped her butt in my hands and squeezed gently but firmly as I pulled her in close. I started kissing and nibbling on her neck, being careful not to suck too hard, so I wouldn’t leave any evidence of our encounter. I worked my way up to her ears, blowing lightly into them, then licking, then blowing again. Rita moaned softly.

I slipped off her robe then, and worked my way down to her breast, kissing the firm globe, then licking all around her areola and lightly nibbling her nipple. I kissed my way down to her belly button and licked around the edges, then sucked and tongued it as she moaned with pleasure. I kept moving downward, going to my knees as I paused briefly to kiss and lick her pelvic area, then moved down her outer thigh to her ankle, around to the inside of her leg and up again to her inner thigh. I heard her breathing get louder, and she spread her legs as I moved up.

Once I reached her pussy I gently licked the outer edges of her labia as she pushed her body forward. I smiled up at her. “Patience, my dear,” I said teasingly. I then kissed my way down her other leg and again back up, not stopping this time, regaining my feet as I moved up to her breast, and then her ear. I kissed her neck, then moved around and kissed the back of her neck, across her shoulders, then down her spine to her butt. I caressed and kissed her butt cheeks, then moved around again and kissed her panting mouth, our tongues probing.

Rita’s face was flushed, and I could see the desire in her eyes. “Now it’s my turn to tease you!” she told me. With that she kissed my neck and gave it a little bite, though not too hard. She opened the top of my robe and sucked and nibbled on my nipples, as I had done to hers. Then she pulled the robe off completely, reached down and took my dick in her hand. She stroked it briefly, then bent down and licked the full length of it. She sat on the edge of the bed then, holding my manhood in her hand, and kissed and licked around the head before pulling me onto the bed with her. We kissed and fondled each other for a while, then she kissed her way down and licked my dick all over before sliding the full length of it down her throat.

Her mouth felt terrific, and I hadn’t had a blowjob that good since before I was married. As she sucked me I worked my body around, spread her legs and started sucking on her labia. I sucked them in and out of my mouth, then spread her them apart and licked and sucked the entire inside of her pussy. Her hips gyrated slowly as I flicked my tongue over her clit, then took it between my lips, nibbling it softly and licking it at the same time. Her gyrations increased when I slid two fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out. I was kind of gyrating myself, trying to hold back from coming until she too was close to orgasm. Her stomach was rippling spasmodically. I removed my finger from her pussy and replaced it with my thumb, while I stuck one finger in her ass and started to rub her sphincter. She was really twisting and moaning now. Her sphincter opened a little, and I stuck my finger up her ass as far as I could. I heard her give a muffled cry around my cock, and I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I came like a rocket blasting off, and she swallowed every drop. A minute later she drenched my face as she too climaxed.

After we finished, we agreed that this had been just a one time thing, and that nobody would ever know. Then I kissed her good bye and went back to my own room. J.W., Portland, Oregon

Payback Time

Sam and I are married. The only problem is that we’re not married to each other, so we only get to meet about once a month. I have always enjoyed giving him head, and I am quite good at it. I guess I am one of the few women who like giving head as much as the guy enjoys getting it. The feel of a big, hard, thick dick in my mouth, sliding against my wet tongue, is heaven for me. I love the taste of his hot come as it fills my mouth and glides down my throat. Since our meetings are usually quick, this is all we have generally have time for, which is just fine with me. But at our last meeting things went a little differently.

As soon as we were alone together Sam kissed me with his soft mouth, using his tongue to heat me up. He played with my nipples until they stood out, then slid my shirt off so he could pull them into his warm soft mouth. My clit began to swell as he sucked first one, then the other. I reached out to unzip his jeans, because I couldn’t wait to get him in my mouth.

“No,” Sam said, stopping me. “Today is your turn.” My pussy began to throb at just the thought of him fucking me. He slid my pants and panties off to reveal my smooth, waxed pussy. “Mmmm, nice,” he said, as he slid a finger over my swollen clit and into my wet hole. He eased me back on the bed, gave my hard nipples one last suck and trailed his tongue down over my stomach. Knowing what was coming, I felt my hips rise automatically from the bed as if of their own accord.

Sam slid his tongue around my clit, then down to my slit and back, twirling the little button in his mouth, running his tongue over it and making it swell. I moaned and rubbed my breasts. He then slid his finger into my wet pussy, moving it in and out and hitting my G spot with every thrust as he went on licking my clit.

“Oh my God!” I said. “That feels so good!” I love to be licked, but had never quite felt like this. It was like riding a huge wave that you knew was going to crash, and you were scared and excited at the same time. I felt my clit begin to throb and knew I was about to come. I squirmed and moaned as I had a wonderful, intense orgasm.

Moaning and gasping, I waited for Sam to stop, but he continued to lick and suck my wet pussy. “Stop, I can’t stand it,” I begged him.

“No,” he said, his voice muffled by my crotch. I could tell that I was about to come again, something that had only happened once before in my life. Sam was now fucking my dripping pussy with two fingers, and then, just as I was about to come, he slid another finger in my ass.

“Oh Christ!” I screamed, as I rocked with the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. The powerful surges felt as though they rose from my toes up to my clit, making my pussy and ass convulse.

Sam continued to assault my clit with his tongue while finger fucking my tight ass. “Stop! Oh please, stop,” I pleaded, but I no longer meant it. I couldn’t believe it would happen again, but a new wave of pure, raw pleasure was washing over me as my whole body began to quiver and my wet pussy clenched and unclenched repeatedly. My eyes rolled back into my head, and I was unable to even scream. Sam sucked my clit into his mouth as shock after shock of orgasm continued to explode inside me.

Finally his finger left my ass and his mouth left my dripping pussy. I lay on the bed, unable to move, wondering if I was the only woman who had ever had the privilege of seeing the back of her eye sockets.

Sam lay back, smiling at me smugly. His big swollen dick was sticking up, waiting for me, and I was not about to disappoint it. C.O., Irvine, California

Texas Is For Lovers

It was a warm Texas afternoon and I was minding my own business, hanging my wash out on the line. I had just hung up my king size blanket when my boyfriend Jeb snuck up behind me, grabbed my big tits and started dry humping me from behind. When he got tired of that he pulled me down on the ground and pulled the blanket down to cover us the nice, clean blanket I had just put up to dry.

The next thing I knew he was practically undressing me under this blanket, and I could feel his cock getting harder and harder as he sucked on my bare tits. I can never resist him when he does that, and soon my pussy was even wetter than the blanket. We started kissing intensely, and by now I was thinking of nothing but getting my lips around his throbbing dick. I unbuttoned his tight jeans and pulled out his huge cock. I took it in my mouth and started sucking on it, feeling it getting bigger and harder as it went in and out of my mouth. The whole time I could hear him saying “Oh yeah, suck my dick, baby girl, suck my dick!” That only made me suck him faster and harder, which he loves.

Just as he was about to come, I slowed down and then stopped, slipping him out of my mouth and stroking him with my hands, with the idea of making him come all over my face. But before that could happen he started sucking on my hard nipples again and nibbling at my neck.

I began to shiver then, and I realized that it was only partially from passion it was also because that damn wet blanket was dripping all over me. “Fuck this,” I said. “Let’s go in the house.”

“We can’t,” Jeb panted. “Your husband’s in there watching TV. Let’s go to my truck. I got a mattress in the back.”

Well, it turned out that his damn pickup was parked so the bed of it, where the mattress was, was facing the street, with cars going by in both directions. But by this point who the hell cared? We got in the back and hunkered down as best we could, then practically ripped each other’s clothes off. Jeb started in on my tits again, at the same time reaching down between my legs to feel my tight wet pussy. The intense sucking of my breasts and his fingers massaging my clit was just too much to handle. The excitement came to a peak and I came all over that mattress, screaming in ecstasy as the cars passed by.

Now it was his turn. Without missing a beat I climbed on top of him and began riding him like a bull rider. I could feel his hard, throbbing cock sliding in and out of me as he continued to suck on my tits. I rode him harder and harder, making the truck rock back and forth, listening to him yell, “Fuck me, baby girl. Fuck me, honey. Fuck the shit out of me!” The intensity of it all caused both of us to come at the same time, climaxing in an explosion of sexual bliss.

Afterwards I had to wash that damn blanket all over again. J.A., San Antonio, Texas

The Right Touch

We were relaxing in the shade under a huge umbrella on a warm tropical beach. As the sun started to set, he rose and told me to wait for him. He left and returned a few moments later with two towels, two cotton robes and a basket. When I asked him what they were for he replied simply, “You’ll soon find out.”

He stretched a huge blanket out on the sand and called me to him. There was nobody within eyeshot or earshot. When I reached him he picked me up and lay me down gently on the blanket, my head resting on an oversized pillow. Where the pillow came from, or the blanket for that matter, I have no idea. Maybe this was a dream.

He sat me up just long enough to remove my top, then laid me back down. As he undid my pants, he placed a hand on the small of my back, lifting me just enough to pull down the pants, leaving me with just my panties on. He then rolled me over onto my stomach and opened the basket, bringing out a pre warmed bottle of jasmine scented oil, which he began to rub onto my back. I began to feel all my stresses and strains magically melting away.

He told me to keep my arms relaxed at my sides, adding that he would position me as needed. He started with the right side of my body, massaging my shoulder, then down my arm to my hand. He massaged my hand as well, each finger at a time, and my palm.

Once my hand and arm were completely relaxed, he moved down the right side of my body, his hands working laterally from my spine to my side and back, while also moving gradually downward to my waist. He then switched to my left side and repeated the process.

Once my upper half was covered with oil and relaxed, he returned his attention to the basket, pulling out a rose scented bottle of warm oil. Starting with my left foot, he massaged his way slowly up the outside of my leg to my hip, then did the same with my right leg.

He then asked me to roll over onto my back. After helping me do that, he turned his focus to the tops of my feet and the front of my calves and thighs. Then, switching back to the jasmine oil, he began to massage my lower abdomen up to the base of my chest.

The rose scented oil came into play again as he rubbed the valley between my breasts, and then around the breasts themselves. From there he massaged the tops of my shoulders, then my neck and up the sides of my face to my temples.

Now he returned to the basket, bringing out yet another bottle of oil, this one slightly chilled. Setting it down for a moment, he slid off my panties, leaving me naked. Then he picked up the bottle and gently applied some of the liquid to my warm, wet pussy. I jumped slightly at the sudden chill, but after a moment my entire pussy began to moisten and come alive with sensation.

Placing another pillow under my hips so he could more easily reach the center of me, he rubbed some more of the chilled oil over the inside of my thighs and onto my clitoris, making it very sensitive. He applied dollops of the same oil to the tips of my breasts, causing my nipples to stand up stiffly. Taking them into his mouth one at a time, he warmed them deliciously with his lips and tongue, then pulled them into his mouth with a slight suction, teasing them with his tongue, while at the same time his hand went between my legs, his fingers teasing my clitoris. The slightly chilled oil quickly turned warm, almost hot, waking my pussy from its long sleep. Still pulling on my nipples with his lips, he now rubbed my entire vaginal area from my clit to my asshole.

I was in heaven, each sensation heightened by the oils and the tropical breeze on my sensitive body. The knowledge that somebody could come along at any time somehow added to the thrill and pleasure of the moment.

Just as I thought that it couldn’t get any better than this, his mouth moved from my nipples to my pussy, licking and sucking on my clitoris, pulling it into his mouth and teasing the tip with his tongue.

I was now very wet and hot, the oils getting warmer with each passing moment. I actually started to climax, but I was denied that pleasure as he teasingly pulled his mouth away at the crucial moment. He then pulled off his shirt and opened his pants, exposing his rock hard cock, which seemed to throb in time with his heartbeat.

Smiling at me, he asked me teasingly what I wanted next, and as he knew I would, I began to beg him to stick his cock into my now quivering pussy. Granting my wish, he brought it to my hole and slid just the tip of it inside me. Maddeningly, he began to fuck me with just that little bit, ignoring my efforts to pull him deeper as I thrust myself up at him. Then, just as I had almost resigned myself to the idea that that was all I was going to get, he slid the entire length of himself into my begging pussy with one smooth motion.

I cried out with joy as he buried himself inside me, then pulled all the way out, only to thrust back in again, letting me feel every inch of his cock pushing my lips open, then twitching as if with a life of its own when it was all the way inside me. My pussy was twitching too, flexing and twitching as though trying to pull him still deeper inside me with each thrust.

Finally I was allowed to orgasm, and with each wave of pleasure he flexed his cock inside me to intensify the sensation. When my climax subsided he pulled himself out of me, denying himself his own orgasm for the present.

His fingers and tongue busied themselves briefly on my clit and my nipples as I began to breathe normally again. Then he reached into the basket once more, this time pulling out a small bulb shaped device that vibrated at the push of a button, with straps attached to hold it in place. Strapping this device around my hips, he pushed the bulb inside me, then pressed the button. The thing started to vibrate very slowly, sending wave after wave of further pleasure coursing through me.

Kneeling at my side, he again rubbed my sensitive breasts and pulled at my nipples. His cock was close to my face now, and I opened my mouth, silently begging to be allowed to take him in. As he had with my pussy, he now teased my mouth with his dick, not allowing me to take it all at first, but then sliding it in, more and more, until I could feel the tip of it in my throat. I could feel him throbbing in my mouth as I sucked and licked that cock like a lollipop, until finally he pulled it out of my mouth and shot his jism all over my neck and chest.

With the bulb still vibrating just inside my pussy, he now began to lick and kiss my thighs, parting my legs so he could kiss my pussy lips, licking around the bulb and down to the area just above my anus. As he did this I took his spent cock in my hands, stroking and pulling at it and rubbing some of the left over oil into the hardening flesh. I put some on his balls too, and continued to play with him until I knew he was ready to come again. As I felt him start to ejaculate, I angled his cock so he would shoot on me once more, covering my neck and now my face with his juices of love.

His tongue now moved directly into my anus, and I moaned, pushing up with my hips to better expose the tiny opening to his ministrations. He continued to lick it and also to rub it with one oil covered finger.

Then he changed positions again, and removing the bulb from my now extremely wet pussy, he slid his dick deep inside it, holding up one leg and still fingering my anus as he pushed himself into my depths. When he was in all the way he waited for just the right moment, knowing I was on the brink of orgasm, and then slid his finger into my asshole, not only making me come but setting himself off again as well.

The fantastic pleasure was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Even as I screamed out in ecstasy I could feel his cock jumping and spurting inside me while his finger continued to massage my asshole. We clutched each other’s bodies as we came down to earth together.

We shared a long, loving moment of passion and bliss, lying in the warm tropical breeze, entwined in each other’s arms. Then we drifted off to sleep as the sun set over the calm blue water. Name and address withheld

Playhouse Playtime

My husband Phil and I have been volunteers at our local community theater for over five years, and during that time we have served in every capacity, on stage and off. Most recently we were in charge of the technical effects for the annual children’s production. I operated the light board, while Phil controlled the sound effects. For the most part it was a pretty boring job. The tech booth is a dark, cramped area, with large tinted windows looking out onto the stage. The tinted Plexiglas keeps the audience oblivious to the existence of the room behind them. The tech booth has no actual door, only an opening into a long hallway that leads to the microphone operator’s corner. In this hot, uncomfortable enclosure I spent two and a half hours each night moving sliders from 10 to zero, and vice versa, while my husband double clicked sound icons on a notebook computer. Now and then I was able to chat with the stage manager backstage via my headset, but more often than not she was too busy doing her own job to indulge in conversation.

One night during the second weekend of the three week run, the weather was very warm and the heat of the tech booth was even more oppressive than usual. I stripped my sweater off, my breasts straining against my black camisole in the dim room. Seeing this, Phil leaned over and began laying light kisses along my neck, sliding his hands into my camisole and caressing my breasts with a feather touch. After a deliciously agonizing minute of this, he stopped abruptly, turning back to his computer screen and leaving me trembling in my seat.

Shaking my head, I returned to the task at hand, sliding through the next four cues without missing a beat. During a particularly complicated dance scene I stood up from my chair so that I could see the stage more easily. While I ran through the scene, as I had hundreds of times before, I reached out to trail my hand over Phil’s stiffening cock, massaging it through his pants. I gradually increased the pressure until the end of the scene, when he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap. I rubbed my ass hard against his crotch until I felt his penis throbbing through our clothes. We were both breathing heavily, and I felt the familiar warmth of arousal spread through my hungry pussy, making me weak in the knees.

His lips traced the sensitive line from my collarbone to my earlobe as he licked and gently nibbled my skin. His hands roamed my body, pulling my top down and exposing my breasts. I had to bite my lip to prevent a moan from escaping as he began to swirl his tongue around my nipples, sucking them to long hard points. How the microphone operator didn’t hear my heart pounding from where he sat, I’ll never know. Or maybe he did hear it.

Glancing through the windows to the stage, I realized that I finally had a lengthy break between cues. I climbed off my husband’s lap, clicked the button on my headset and informed the stage manager that I would be offline for a few minutes. It was time to take advantage of the dark, semi private enclosure we were stuck in.

I unzipped Phil’s pants and reached inside, pulling out his long, silky smooth cock. He leaned back in his chair as I stroked it with my fingers, enjoying the softness of his skin, which contrasted with the firmness of his erection. Eventually his eyes closed and his hands moved up to curl themselves into my hair. Finally I had a cue that I would gladly follow. Slowly I slid down to my knees and lowered my mouth onto his waiting cock, which was already slick with moisture. Wrapping my lips around his erection, I started licking the underside of his shaft and swirling my tongue around his sensitive head. When I began applying suction, he gasped and his fingers tightened in my hair.

Before long he was the one who had to bite his lip to hold back his moans. I ran my fingers up and down his shaft as I held the head of his cock in my mouth, tracing my tongue over the purple mushroom tip. His hips began to buck in his seat, and I knew he was going to come soon. I slid my hands under his ass and took him as deeply into my mouth as I could, until his pubic hair brushed the tip of my nose. A few more long strokes of my tongue and his entire body stiffened. A soft grunt escaped his lips as he spurted his seed into the back of my throat. Greedily, I sucked his throbbing cock until I had milked out every last drop of come and swallowed it down.

His body was trembling as he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. Our tongues danced while his erection faded, and once his heartbeat had returned to normal, I slipped back into my seat and turned my headset on. I hadn’t missed a single cue. S.D., Minneapolis, Minnesota