I am one of those lucky men in the world whose girlfriend is interested in exploring her sexual boundaries. My fianc Colette was indifferent to sex before we met, but once we started going out she began to love the intimacy that we share. Recently we were discussing unusual places to have sex and it led to thinking about places here at school.

We are enrolled at a small Ohio college that is deservedly well known around the country as a party school. One of the prides of our campus is a big boulder at one end of the football field. We decided it would be great if we could have sex on The Rock.

So one evening after reading your magazine we determined to go and make our own story. The stadium is fenced in but we found a gap in the chain link that we managed to squeeze through. Then we made our way to the end zone. Once we got to The Rock, Colette was all over me.

She and I had thought of the different problems we might have from the police patrols that do rounds and the fact that we could be seen from the road running by the stadium. The danger turned me on and I could tell Colette was getting excited too.

After kissing for a while, I lifted Colette’s shirt off and removed her bra to release her 36DD breasts in to the crisp evening air. A breeze came along and quickly stiffened her nipples. Not wanting her to get the chills I started to warm her nipples with my mouth. I slowly took the right breast into my mouth and alternated flicking her nipple with my tongue and sucking on it. All the while I fondled her left breast with my hand. I blew my warm breath onto her tit and switched my mouth to her left nipple.

After giving both sides equal and ample attention I started to kiss my way down her stomach, moving lower and lower until I reached the waistband of her jeans. I undid the button and unzipped her, then kissed each bit of skin as soon as it was exposed. I started to pull her jeans down over her hips, still kissing her thighs and legs as the jeans came off. I lifted Colette up onto The Rock and put my mouth over the crotch of her panties and blew with my hot breath. This always turns her on.

I then started to tongue around the fabric of her panties to tease her, paying extra attention to the inside of her thighs. It wasn’t long before she was ready for more. I slowly removed her panties, kissing all along the way. Then I went back up and started kissing her mound, followed by my licking her outer lips as I felt her grow more and more excited. I then started to flick the tip of my tongue on her pussy lips, making sure to just tease her. She writhed in pleasure, wanting me to move up to her clit. I think she was just about to go crazy when I finally started to flick her love button with my tongue.

I continued to keep this up as Colette started bucking her crotch into my face and covering me with her juices. She then wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed as her whole body shuddered in a massive orgasm. By this time I was as hard as The Rock itself and ready to spew into my beautiful Colette.

I yanked down my pants and released my cock to the chilly air. Then I pulled her down to waist level and slowly entered her. I first put just the tip in and then the whole head. Each time I pumped a little more into her I would flex my member so she could feel it twitch inside her cunt. I would slide it in about another inch and make it twitch again. I kept doing this until I was almost completely sheathed inside her, then I pulled out almost all the way and rammed it in to the hilt. She gasped with pleasure.

We started to screw passionately for a while, then she sat up and pulled me into her as far as possible and started to writhe in another orgasm. This set me off and I blew my load into her. After leaning on The Rock for a little while, we put on our clothes and sneaked back out of the stadium. I get chuckles now at our home football games when I look at The Rock, especially when I see all the cheerleaders jumping up onto it right at the place where I rocked Colette.

J.D., Toledo, Ohio

Laura Wright

I’ve always been a big fan of Bill Clinton, but two things burn my ass about Zippergate.

One, I have read that Slick Willie doesn’t consider oral sex to be sex, which is bullshit! My baby and I decided a few years ago, for several reasons, not to have intercourse anymore until we’re married, but we’ve continued to have oral sex and have actually become more in tune with each other, at least sexually. When we were having intercourse with each other I didn’t have a clue how to make my baby come, but once I started to pay a lot more attention to her sexy cunt with my fingers and mouth, she was experiencing orgasms on a regular basis. Maybe Monica and those other ladies couldn’t make Bill come, but oral sex is indeed sex, Mr. President.

Even more infuriating to me was the fact that poor Monica has been labeled, in a negative way, as a soap fan. She isn’t trustworthy, because she can you believe it? watched Days of Our Lives. I grew up watching that show, and have since grown to love the soap genre as a whole. In fact, I went home this weekend from school just to watch the Soap Opera Digest Awards with my family. Besides the great sex scenes, which almost rival Forum in their ability to turn me on to some great fantasies, soaps are full of action, adventure, romance, intrigue and almost everything else a person could imagine.

I resent the fact that soaps and 69 have been reduced to such a level as a result of the scandals of the Clinton administration. As a busy college student who lives away from his baby, I have limited time for both activities, and it burns my asshole raw that they are taken for granted by Slick Willie and the press. Today, for instance, I have to settle for beating off to the latest issue of Soap Opera Weekly in my favorite campus bathroom stall.

As I start to stroke on old Peter, I open up my magazine to the centerfold and find a pin up of Guiding Light star Laura Wright (whom I used to enjoy regularly as Ally Bowman on ABC’s Loving and The City before the latter’s unfortunate demise). Holy shit, if I didn’t know better, I’d think she was a fucking mermaid! She’s wearing a long, slinky teal dress that goes all the way down past her feet. Her beautiful blonde hair has been teased and touches the shoulder straps of her sleeveless gown. It seems like this fucking babe is staring at me and teasing me with her good looks. I throw my magazine down on the floor, open to her picture of course, and start beating off like there’s just no tomorrow. My mind starts to drift.

My eyes are closed and my cock is really hard when I hear a voice outside my stall saying, “Oh shit, I broke a nail!”

I stand up and quietly walk over to look through the crack between the stall and the wall, and right there, in the flesh, is Laura Wright, standing by the sink in that beautiful fuck me gown.

I start to head quietly back to my potty to toss off Peter some more, when I hear the blonde beauty say, “It’s okay, you can come . . . out.”

What the hell. How often do you get to meet a real soap star?

“Uh, hi Ms., uh, Wright . . .” I manage to get out before she grabs me by my hard prick and pulls me to her.

“Oh, call me Laura,” she says, before kneeling down and taking Peter into her mouth. Nice name, I think to myself as she stops and says, “You know, this is just the perfect size for me. Not too big, not too small.” Without any further conversation she takes my cock into her throat until all that’s showing are my big, hairy balls, which she’s fondling with both hands.

Within seconds I feel like I’m gonna come, and before I can say, “Uh, Laura, I’m gonna . . .” I shoot my load down her throat. Except for a few drops, which peek out of the corners of her hot little mouth, she swallows it all.

“Yum! That was grrreat!” She wipes the corners of her mouth with my shirt and stands up. She kisses me full on the lips and I can taste the familiar taste of my love milk on the tip of her tongue.

“I’d love to stay, but I have to go tape tomorrow’s episode,” she says, and with a little wink and a shake of her little tush, starts to leave. “Oh, here’s a little something to look forward to,” she says, and pulls up her gown. She has on a pair of white satin undies, which she proceeds to pull off. She sticks her finger inside her wet cunt, smells it, and sticks it in her mouth. “You soaked my panties, big boy!” she announces as she tosses me her panties and walks out of the bathroom and out of my life.

Dumfounded, I just stand there with her white panties hanging on my still hard cock, not knowing what to think. I lock myself in my stall again to resume my beat off session, but it seems that now my Soap Opera Weekly is turned to a new page.

This time there are three pictures: Ingo Rademacher (hunky Jax on General Hospital) who I intend to introduce into a fantasy threesome some day so we can fill both my baby’s fuckholes Susan Lucci (Erica on All My Children) who I’d give to my little brother to fulfill his fantasy of fucking an older woman and, newcomer Julie Pinson (who plays the sexy Eve on Port Charles.) Sorry Susan and Ingo, but I’m gonna play Adam to Julie’s Eve, and six to her nine.

I close my eyes again and start to whack off, kind of hoping that it’ll have a similar effect, when once again I hear, “Oh shit, I broke a nail!” from outside my stall. This time, bolder than before, I step out of my clothes and swing the stall door open.

“Hi Miss Pinson! Can I be of any service to you?” I see that she’s sitting on the floor trying to suck her left big toe. I can’t help noticing that underneath her black getup she’s wearing no undies. Too bad. I would have loved to have a pair for my new collection!

She stares at my throbbing cock and laughs. “Well, actually, I just stubbed my big toe and broke the toenail. I’m trying to suck on it to take away the pain. Could you lend me a . . . mouth?” I’m not really into foot fetishes, but I have to admit that’s one beautiful toe. What the hell!

As I start to suck on her toe, she jams two fingers into her wet cunt, and I can hear them sloshing around as she rubs her clit with her thumb. “Oooooh, big boy! Suck that toe! You’re gonna made this bitch come!” I suck harder, half expecting her to shoot vaginal juices from her toe, but instead she throws her black boa behind my neck and pulls me toward her hot snatch. “I’m sorry, but could you lend me a hand and that tongue of yours?” Of course I’m happy to oblige, and she adds, “Oh, and call me Eve. You know, as in those Adam and Eve sex toys you can order from those ads in Forum? Or maybe you’re familiar with the movie Eve’s Bayou, featuring my co star Debbi Morgan (Ellen in Port Charles) and Samuel L. Jackson?” How about just Adam and Eve? My serpent is already tempting me!

“You can call me Adam,” I mutter as I stick two of my fingers in her wet snatch and start licking that hard clit of hers. I don’t think I need to say anything else to this beauty.

She, on the other hand, chatters away. “Oooooh, Adam, I like that. Would you like to try my cherry? I know a serpent that couldn’t get enough of it,” she says as she grabs my cock and gives me a handjob. My impulse is to impale her with my dick right there on the bathroom floor, but I remember my no intercourse pledge, and laugh as I continue to suck on the sexy cunt of this lovely brunette babe. She doesn’t seem too offended as she screams out, “Ooooooh, Yeeeeeeesssss!!! I’m cooooommmmming!!!” She grabs onto my head and throws her legs up in the air. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m going to flood this place!” Finally, neither of us can take any more and both of us collapse in a heap.

My jaw is sore and my tongue has been given a workout. I feel as though I could floss my teeth with all the pussy hairs in my mouth. That cunt facial she gave me has dried all over my face and is dripping down my body and into my crotch, which reminds me how much I’d love her to suck on my family jewels.

I open my eyes to see that the lovely brown haired Eve is now on her hands and knees with her ass pointing toward me. I can see her dripping cunt peeking out at me between her legs. Again I’m tempted to release my load inside that cunt of hers, but I’d never forgive myself. I close my eyes for a second . . .

When I open them up again, she’s gone. I’m sitting on the pot again with the Soap Opera Weekly on my lap and my dick in my hand. It looks like I haven’t even come yet. Was it all a dream? I mean, I have been very tired lately. Could I have fallen asleep on the toilet?

I open up the magazine and start flipping through all the pictures of the “Fifty Most Beautiful People on Soaps,” and I realize that another one of my favorites, Vanessa Marcil (Brenda on General Hospital] didn’t make the list, but Kristian Alfonso (Hope, Days of Our Lives) did. What a crock! Hope hasn’t been a hottie with a body since her early years on the show, when she had a little meat on her. A foursome fantasy with GH’s Brenda, Jax, and Sonny would have been enough for me to shoot my load. Oh well, Brenda hasn’t been as hot since Sonny left her at the altar. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

All of a sudden, there’s a knock on my stall door. Could it be Vanessa Marcil? Did I make her appear without even looking at her picture?

“Larry, I know you’re in there. Let me in.” It’s not Vanessa it’s my baby! I open up the door and am shocked to see my beautiful baby standing there buck naked! She comes in quickly, slams the door shut, and locks it. She pushes me down onto the toilet and pulls my clothes off me. “You won’t be needing these, big boy,” she says before lowering her sexy cunt onto my rigid member.

Oh, it’s been years! We hump and pump, bump and grind, and just plain fuck till we come together on the potty. I suck on her lovely melons and grab onto her perfect ass to pull myself deeper inside her. She comes again and again! She can’t get enough, and neither can I, as I shoot another load into her. As I suck on her hard nipples, I close my eyes

Eve is still there on the bathroom floor with her sweet ass pointing in my general direction. Again I think just how much I’d love to slip my cock into that sweet ass.

“Hey, don’t worry, you don’t have to fuck me, if you don’t want to,” she says.

“Oh, it’s not that I don’t want to,” I explain. “It’s just that I have a pact with my baby, and she’s very important to me. I do hope that doesn’t piss you off.”

“Are you kidding? Your baby is lucky to have a guy like you. I’ve been with some slimeballs who’d fuck me and then throw me away like a used condom. You seem like a really nice guy.”

“Well, I’m not that nice. I mean, I did cross the line twice already today. How am I supposed to face my baby after that?”

“Hey, big boy, it’s just a fantasy. Don’t sweat it!”

“Well, in that case, if you don’t mind. . .” I start to say as I penetrate her little rosebud of an asshole from behind. “I’ve always wanted to try anal sex, but my baby don’t go for that.”

“Hey, that girl doesn’t know what she’s missing,” she says. “It feels grrreat!” That’s enough to make me shoot my creamy load deep into her anal chute. As I’m draining myself in her shithole, I reach around with one hand and finger her love button. We collapse again.

As we roll over, the door opens, and I notice two things. First, standing in the doorway is a very strung out, scantily clad Vanessa Marcil. Second, the sign on the bathroom door says Ladies. Oops! No wonder I got so lucky today!

The lovely Vanessa steps into the bathroom and begins to undress in front of us. She asks me, “Hey, big boy, how would you like to stick that big stiff cock into my twat from behind while I moan like a bitch in heat?”

“Well, Brenda I hope you don’t mind if I call you Brenda a year ago I would’ve, but since you hooked up with that other guy in real life, I’d rather stick with the new hot babe on Port Charles. Besides, these days there’s probably a better chance that Eve here can hook me up with Lucy ‘Legs’ Coe (formerly on General Hospital, now on Port Charles it’s hard to keep track of ‘em). Congratulations on your engagement! I hope there’s no hard feelings except the one between my legs, of course.”

With that, I gather my clothes and go back into my stall for more soap opera adventures. This time my Soap Opera Weekly is open to a picture of Timothy Adams and Sherri Sam (Casey and Vanessa on Sunset Beach. Hmmm… a little interracial intrigue? A threesome with Timothy and me as the bread in a Sherri sandwich? A foursome with my baby added to the delicious mix? The possibilities are endless. I miss my baby a lot, I realize as I shoot my load into the pot…

L.R., Yellow Springs, Ohio


My wife Lori and I have been enjoying your magazine for many years now. Just recently we had an experience that we felt was worthy of sharing with you. My wife has fantasized about being serviced by two men since we first started dating. However, every time I suggested making her fantasy a reality she said that it might ruin our relationship, and she did not want to risk that.

But when an old boyfriend of hers came to work at her office, I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling. Bart is a thin, quiet guy a little shorter than me. I like him because we have many of the same interests, including Lori. I also trust him. When I suggested to Lori that we have a threesome with Bart, she again expressed her reluctance to engage in a three way, but I could tell that the idea intrigued her.

Whenever we read the letters about threesomes I always get extremely excited, and I think Lori does too. We prefer reading about two guys with one girl. Lori says that she would never think of doing a threesome with another woman, because she would get really jealous. I don’t know why, because she has beauty unmatched by any other woman I have ever seen. She is a gorgeously tall, statuesque lady with perfect double D tits and beautiful black hair down to her tight ass. She has hazel eyes that would melt any guy she looks at. But she says she would be jealous because I am quite a prize. I have an athletic six foot four body, all American good looks, and an unusually large prick. For my part, I don’t get jealous at the thought of sharing her with the right guy, because I know I would get to take her home when we were done with our fun.

One morning I woke up in a very horny mood. I went down between my wife’s gorgeous legs and began to feast on her heavily furred pussy. After eating her for about half an hour I rolled her over and slid my thick tool into her incredibly hot cunt from behind. I fucked her as hard as I could, but still didn’t bring her to her usual lengthy, earth shattering orgasm. It was getting late and I had to get to work, so I just concentrated on getting mine and stopped worrying about hers. I filled her pussy full of my hot come, then gave her a kiss and apologized for not letting her get hers. She said, “You had better be ready tonight, because I’m going to make you fuck me all night long!”

Later that day she called me and said she was really horny and that she wanted me to stop by her office after work and give it to her there. She said that her boss had left on a business trip, and that she would send Bart home early. I suggested jokingly that she just have Bart service her. “Very funny,” she said. “Just get your ass here after work.”

It occurred to me that this would be the perfect opportunity to initiate a threesome. When I got to the office Bart was gathering his things, getting ready to leave. I leaned over his desk and whispered, “Would you rather stay and help me fuck the daylights out of Lori?” With a bewildered look on his face he nodded yes. I told him to lock up the office, then stay at his desk until I called him. I walked to Lori’s office, where I was greeted with a very passionate kiss and a hand massaging my already stiff cock. She then told me to get undressed while she sent Bart home. I told her that if she wanted any dick she had to service us both. I said it like a joke, and if she had really objected I would have let it go but I didn’t think she would, and I was right. She put up a show of reluctance, but then in the same joking manner she said, “Oh, all right, if that’s the only way I can get some, what the hell.”

I called Bart in, and after an initial hesitation he quickly got into the spirit. The two of us began to nibble on Lori’s neck and ears. Then we massaged her hefty boobs and caressed her body. Any reluctance she might have had was now long gone. We continued caressing her body as the three of us quickly undressed ourselves. She was in ecstasy as we sucked at her tits and her rock hard nipples. I worked my way down to her steaming pussy while Bart continued to chew on her nipples. We laid her down on the floor so I could eat the come I had deposited that morning out of her pussy. She started to buck and squirm wildly, crying out as she came all over my face.

I told her to get on all fours and suck Bart’s dick while I fucked her. She complied without hesitation. I had been too busy with her to notice Bart’s cock before, but as I fucked her I could see he had about nine very slender inches of rock hard shaft. She took him all the way down to his nuts. She could never get much of my dick in her mouth because it was so fat. I also couldn’t ass fuck her, which I longed to do. Watching her suck his dick was an incredible experience. I was soon filling her hot box, emptying my balls in the most explosive orgasm I have ever had.

When I finished coming inside her hot cunt she told me to lie on my back, then straddled me in the 69 position and told Bart to fuck her doggie style. I began to lick her hard clit while Bart slid his skinny dick in and out of her juicy pussy. Being so close to his dick as it rammed my wife’s cunt was truly unusual. His balls were sliding across my face, and her juices were trickling down his sack onto my cheeks as I continued to eat her soaking wet pussy. She was having intense orgasms every few seconds, drenching Bart’s prick and my face with her sweet nectar. She wrapped her skillful lips around my shank and began to give me the best blowjob I have ever had. I could see Bart’s balls tighten up and I knew that soon he would be filling Lori up with his seed. Which he did.

When he had done that and gotten up, Lori sat up on my face and asked me to lick every drop of come out of her saturated cunt, which I gladly did. The taste of my come mixed with Lori’s and Bart’s was out of this world. While I continued to devour her delicious pussy she started to suck his rod again. When I was done eating all the juices out of her delectable pussy she spun around and impaled herself on my raging cock, begging Bart to fuck her up the ass. When he stuck his dick into her tight virgin asshole her cunt squeezed me so hard that my cock almost exploded. The feeling was overwhelming. Bart began to fuck her ass at a feverish pace, and she was soon riding the two of us as if she were on a bucking bronco. Bart finally blew his load into her ass. His pulsating cock, separated from mine only by that thin membrane between her ass and cunt, felt great as he came. Just as I was about to come myself, Lori jumped off my cock, gave me a passionate kiss and whispered into my ear, “Now it’s your turn.”

I was shocked. She had often told me that she thought I would never be able to get my huge dick up her tight ass. Now she climbed on top of me and began to skewer that sweet little anus onto my thick tool. Her ass was even hotter than her pussy. It felt great, and soon I was filling that narrow passage with so much come that it was squirting out of her spasming asshole.

After resting a while, Lori asked me to fuck her ass doggie style. Bart had gone to the bathroom to clean up, and when he returned she demanded that he fuck her mouth while I filled her ass with my huge dick. The sight of his dick in her mouth again made me come. I pulled out and lay down next to her, then told her to lie down on her back so I could watch Bart fuck her again. She quickly complied, and Bart fucked her for about twenty more minutes while I watched. He filled her pussy again and collapsed.

We gathered up our clothes and went home exhausted.

B.I., San Bernardino, California


I have a story to share. The other night I was invited to visit Earl, my best friend, for a night of adult films and some beer.

When I’m invited over for a night of porn, his horny wife Molly usually winds up checking me out, and I end up getting laid quicker than you can say Sean Michaels.

It starts out as some casual conversation and some beers, then later on it always turns to sex, and by midnight I’m eating Molly’s pussy or banging the hell out of that cute little snatch.

Earl likes to stand back, watch and jack off as his wife moans and groans on my dick.

This particular night well, I’m not sure if it was prearranged, but everything was different.

By midnight Earl and Molly were ready for bed. When I asked if I could join them they said no, but that I could stay up and watch the rest of the porn videos if I wanted to.

I looked at them like, dang! you know? Is this any way to treat a houseguest? But I kept my mouth shut, pulled out my limp dick and watched the movies by my lonesome.

There I was in the living room, with no one around but me. The house was stone silent, just like the night before Christmas. Suddenly I noticed a dark shadow in the hallway watching me. I decided to start stroking my cock. I thought it might be Molly stopping by for a midnight fuck.

I love jerking off. As an uncircumcised man, I like to watch my foreskin cover my swollen head and pull back to reveal a generous load of pre come.

The pre come glistened in the light from the TV as it oozed down the shaft of my fully erect cock. But as I jerked off it dawned on me that the woman watching me wasn’t Molly. I noticed that her hair was much longer, and I could make out the glow of a see through silk nightie. I looked out of the corner of my eye, and noticed she had no panties on I could see the little dark V shape between her thighs.

I decided to turn my head and let her know I noticed her. It was then I realized that her hand was stroking her clit wildly.

She suddenly turned and walked away down the hall when she realized I was looking at her.

I waited a minute, then went to investigate. I slowly opened the door to Earl and Molly’s bedroom. They both appeared to be sound asleep. I went to the next room, which belonged to Jill, their eighteen year old daughter.

Lo and behold, there she was licking her lips and stroking her clit. I watched for a minute or two, then couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled on my hard cock and stroked it as I slowly walked into her bedroom. My heart was racing. If I got caught now I was in big shit. But as I reached the edge of her bed she continued to rub her pussy.

I leaned forward, and ever so softly started to run my tongue along her furry little slit. She removed her hand and welcomed my tongue. She placed one hand on the back of my head, massaging my earlobes and stroking my hair as I sucked and licked.

I decided to slip one finger into her sweet, juicy love tunnel as she started to buck and thrust her hips against my busy, thrusting finger. After about two minutes of this she reached down and grabbed my stiff dick. She stroked and slid back and forth on the shaft like a girl who knew what she was doing.

The pre come was oozing again from the tip of my hard, velvety cock. I slowly stood up and swung my legs over her. She spread her thighs, welcoming me as I mounted her sweet, soft, juicy little cunt with my big, bad, hard and horny cock.

I penetrated her all the way to the hilt. I could see her arch her back as she welcomed me deep inside her. The second thrust came even easier and juicer, and she let out a moan. I withdrew slightly and banged her pussy again. She held me fast and thrust her tongue into my ear as I bottomed out against her cervix. I was on my third and most masterful thrust when she whispered in my ear, “I’m coming! Oh, my God, I’m coming! Give it to me! All of it! Bury your dick in my pussy now! Now! Oh! Oh yeah! Oooh! Now stick it to me! Now here it comes! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!”

Damn, that was hot! I pulled my cock out and finished jacking off. My arm was a blur. She watched as I got ready to come.

“Shoot it on my belly,” she hissed. “I want to feel your hot spunk on me! Do it! Do it! Now!”

And I squirted one, two, three, finally four long shots of jism on her belly.

After I blew my wad, she whispered, “Don’t be a stranger, stop by more often.”

I told her I might, but I was afraid her dad and mom might get suspicious.

She smiled in the dim moonlight coming through the window. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I think they will be glad to have you over more often.”

It was about two weeks later that Earl and Molly got on the subject of letting their daughter date some older, experienced guy they knew, rather than one that comes along on the street. Earl said since I fucked Molly so good they knew Jill would be in good hands with me. Thanks to my neighbors I now have a beautiful, young girlfriend who loves sex. I owe them big time.

J.G., San Antonio, Texas


The first time I met David it was at my bank, where he was the loan officer. If my checking account wasn’t messed up I would never have met him, so thank goodness for my sloppy checkbook balancing. When I went to the bank I had no intention of meeting anyone. I wasn’t wearing a bra. My jiggly 38D tits were barely contained by the tank top I wore. I entered the bank, and a teller pointed out the man who would help me and become my most fabulous lover.

As I turned and looked at him, my nipples got erect. I could see him checking me out. As he stood up, asking what he could help me with, I couldn’t help but notice the tent his hard on had pitched in his pants. I licked my lips, thinking, I need to fuck this guy. While he worked at fixing my checking account I leaned over, so he could see my generous cleavage. He was sweating I was getting wet.

Afterward, he handed me his card and told me if I needed any more assistance not to hesitate to call. On the way home I was so horny I had to pull into a parking lot and masturbate. I pretended that my fingers were that big cock I saw outlined in his pants.

But I wanted the real thing. I fished out his card and called him, but he had left for the day. The next day I called him again, explaining who I was and that I needed to have a deposit made.

In a very husky groan he said the bank was closing, that he would be the only one there and that he couldn’t help me because he was up to his ass in paperwork.

He asked me to call back on Monday. My brain went into overtime, remembering him saying how he was the only one there. I took a quick shower and threw on a large white men’s shirt over my wet body. I ran to my car, hoping he was still there. When I got to the bank only one car was in the lot. It was his I knew it was. I walked up to the bank and banged on the window. He finally came to the door. As he opened the inner door I decided to unbutton my shirt. The open shirt barely covered my huge boobs. He just stared. I knew he wanted to fuck me just as much as I wanted to fuck him. He opened the outer door and pulled me in. As he locked the two doors I took off my shirt and sat down on his desk.

He walked over to me. “You know, I could lose my job, letting you into the bank like this,” he said, a massive hard on straining against his pants. “But I’ve been so horny since you came in yesterday with those succulent tits of yours. You gave me a real boner.”

I knelt by his feet and slowly unharnessed his throbbing cock. It stuck straight out of his zipper.

“I gave you a boner yesterday. Now you’re giving me your boner today,” I said.

Very slowly he pulled me up to him and laid me on his desk. After taking off my panties, he shoved his tongue deep into my vagina.

I gasped as his tongue did its magic dance on my clit. I was still feeling the intense waves of my orgasm when he put his cock in me and began slowly fucking. The intensity built for a long time, and at last we crashed together over into orgasm.

When we had finished our uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy, he moved away. “Was that enough of a deposit?” he asked.

I smiled. “No,” I said. “One more deposit is needed.”

I placed my hand around his cock, massaging it gently back to full erection, then I put his big cock into my mouth and sucked greedily. He groaned with intense pleasure as his come shot into my mouth and slowly dripped down onto my tits. I stood up, rubbing his come all over my breasts, saying, “Now I feel like my account is full.” We smiled at each other as he led me toward the bank door. I left purring like a cat.

H.S., Lorain, Ohio