I have been sexually attracted to Dennis for six of the longest years of my life. Day in and day out, I work with this man, barely concealing the evidence of my lustful desire. Every day is fraught with the overwhelming temptation to reach out and rub his cock until its swelling mass fills the folds of his neatly tailored trousers. He forms his words with soft, mauve lips and instead of listening I drift away, fascinated by my longing to kiss those lips and part them with my probing tongue.

Dennis is unbelievably gorgeous, a sensual garden of delights. He is tall with golden brown coloring, jet black hair and large, expressive eyes. His friendly, outgoing demeanor is punctuated with his brilliant smile and the distinctive laughter that characterizes his conversations. He is a very special man, and though I usually think I am the only woman responding so sexually to his presence, I sometimes hear comments that suggest I am just one of many in a crowd.

And so I have fantasized a myriad of seduction scenarios, each ending when I kneel at his feet and he slips his long, hard cock between my eager lips. At times I barely function as my attention is drawn to the tingling sensation between my legs where my pussy lips swell and my cream wets my panties.

Well, I finally decided to tell Dennis how I felt, and one evening I asked if we could meet privately. He agreed and although I had fantasized many times how this conversation would go, I hesitated and blushed with embarrassment. It was very difficult for me to explain my constant state of arousal. To my relief, he didn’t laugh or joke about it.

Then he rose and locked the door. “Come here,” he said softly, and moved to the back of the office. I followed silently, my mind racing with thoughts of the many times I had rehearsed for this moment.

We moved into each other’s arms again. Tentatively, I ran my hands across his broad back, then slid them down and massaged his lower back, pulling him closer. I reached for his firm asscheeks, pressing our hips together, feeling his rigid member with the soft flesh of my abdomen. Quickly, I moved my hand between our bodies and began to rub his cock with rapid strokes. He took a step back, pulled his zipper open and released his captive, bobbing part. I caressed it lovingly with trembling fingers.

“Do you know what I want to do?” I whispered hoarsely. “I want to suck your cock. Will you let me?”

Without a word, he turned and pulled up a chair, sat down and spread his legs. I could not take my eyes off his cock I was fascinated by its glistening head. I knelt, as I had done so often in my dreams, and positioned myself between his thighs. I began to lick his sweet pre come and then his shaft, concentrating on the throbbing vein. Finally, I took his whole sweet meat into my mouth, pulling and tugging with long, slow strokes. “You’re good,” he sighed. His breathing evened out, deep and regular, and I felt an enormous sense of satisfaction mingled with my own sexual arousal.

“Can you make it tighter?” he suddenly asked.

“If you really want tight, you can have my ass,” I replied.

I stood and pulled off my panties. Dennis got up and stepped aside, and I bent over the chair. I was quivering with anticipation as he moved into position. His moist hands gripped my waist and then, with amazing ease, he ran his cock up my ass. With long, smooth, rhythmic strokes he pummeled my puckered hole. I could barely catch my breath as I became overwhelmed with the extraordinary sensation. I wanted it to go on and on and on. After several minutes, he sank to his knees, pulling me down into his lap without disengaging our bodies. I leaned forward onto the chair and he rocked against me.

“Can I put it in your pussy?” he asked presently and smiled.

“Yes,” I moaned. Telling me that he’d be right back, Dennis hurried to the small bathroom in his office, returning a few minutes later with a well washed cock, and it was as erect as ever. I bent forward, resting my weight on my forearms, raising my ass high in the air. With a strong thrust, he drove into my pussy. I gasped from the sudden surge of arousal I felt. We fucked in unison, quietly, hearing only the rhythmic slapping of our flesh and an occasional groan as we moved relentlessly toward our climaxes.

He began to pump harder and faster. I concentrated on the exquisite turmoil rushing through my body as he careened toward his own orgasm. Suddenly, he was grinding and gasping and releasing his cream deep inside me.

Then we stopped moving and sought to regain our senses. We were breathing heavily, tired from the effort expended. After a few moments, he pulled back and his spent cock slipped out of my pussy. My legs were rubbery as I dressed.

We said hardly a word as we put ourselves together. There were so many things I wanted to say, but talking seemed dangerous, as if words would somehow break the spell. Silently, I picked up my things and we walked to the door. He unlocked it and we left the office.

We still work together, but we don’t discuss our sweet secret. I often glance his way. My fantasies continue, fueled by my memory of our lust and the desire to be with Dennis again.

Sarah A., Indiana


I am a bisexual soldier who has been recently reassigned to Germany. Upon arrival at Frankfurt I was greeted by my administrative assistant, a very handsome master sergeant named Ned, who is fairly young for his rank. I also must admit to thinking that if Ned represented my welcome to Germany, then I was going to enjoy this tour. He assisted me in locating my baggage and we pulled out of the airport parking lot headed for Pirmasens.

During the one hour ride, we chatted as we listened to his stereo. He played a tape by a rap singer named Dr. Dre and I took note of one song. It was titled “These Nuts,” and was about sucking dick. It was difficult for me to keep my eyes off Ned, especially the bulge in his lap. I kept glancing at it, but I didn’t want him to catch me checking him out. Eventually we made it to the post where he dropped me off at billeting and I got settled in.

A week or so later, I was in my office and I heard the song again. I went to check it out, which led to a group discussion of how overtly sexual music lyrics have become in the past few years. This eventually turned into a discussion about sexual expression, sexual freedom and gays in the military.

I said that I thought gays could be in the service as long as it did not affect their professional ability. I went on to say that although it didn’t matter to me, I was not in favor of seeing same sex personnel intimately involved on a daily basis. I didn’t want the military to turn into a vision of Castro Street in San Francisco. The conversation went on way past duty hours, and eventually Ned and I were the only ones left. I explained that I had some work to do and excused myself.

About a half hour later Ned knocked on my office door, leaned in to say that he was about to leave and asked if I needed anything. I smiled and asked if he would mind letting me listen to his tape player while I worked at my desk. He said that would be fine and asked what I wanted to hear. I told him anything to break the silence. The first thing I heard was a voice chanting “Me So Horny,” the song by 2 Live Crew. Ned appeared at my door again, leaning against the jam with his thumbs in the pockets of his pants and his fingers tracing the length of his manhood. I looked straight into his inviting eyes.

I said, “You look like a man in need of something.” Ned’s reply was, “I am. I need a nice pair of juicy chinnuts. You know, walnuts, chestnuts, chinnuts.” It was a reference from the song I’d heard on the way from Frankfurt. All I could do was smile. Ned cocked his head and asked, “Well?”

I just sat back in my chair and watched this young man as he removed his shirt. He was built, with a well defined upper body. I didn’t believe I was being aroused by the sight of him and the prospect of his offer. He began to instinctively move toward me and said, “What about these chinnuts?” and reached for my bulging crotch. I answered, “Maybe you should make a closer inspection.”

He began to unbuckle my belt and undo my pants, yanking them down around my knees. He knelt on the floor before me and I slid closer to him. He gently caressed my balls. My cock was as hard as a rock and getting harder as he performed his inspection. He pushed my dick up toward my stomach and inhaled the smell of my masculinity. Then he began to stroke my balls with his tongue, sucking them one at a time into his mouth, and I moaned.

“Mmm,” he mumbled. He started to stroke my dick as he continued to suck on my balls. Every once in a while he licked from my balls up the entire length of my cock and around the head. This made me moan even more, so he started to play with my balls as he devoured my cock. I enjoyed the way it felt with my dick deep in his throat.

He reached under my butt and raised my ass as my dick slid deeper into his throat. I held his head in place with my hand as I pumped in and out of his mouth. It felt great! My nuts were grazing his chin and my cock was sloshing in his warm, wet mouth. I continued to gyrate slowly, rubbing my balls against his face. Then he began to play with my asshole, after quickly sliding a finger into his mouth for lubrication.

He slipped a finger into my asshole. I tightened up at first, but began relaxing as he pushed it in deeper. All the time I was telling him how great it felt to have him sucking me. I was talking real dirty to him, saying things like, “Suck that big dick, it feels so good,” and “I like fucking your face.” My dirty talk must’ve turned him on even more because he sucked all the harder.

Ned started to lick my nuts again, still finger fucking me in the ass, and I sensed I was about to come. I was sprawled in my chair, my legs straight out. I kept talking dirty to him and told him I was going to shoot my hot load down his greedy throat. Then I pushed my rock hard tool deep into his mouth and spurted my hot man juice into him. He just about gagged, and my come dribbled down my shaft and over his chin. Then he licked me clean.

After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I pushed him back against the desk and unbuttoned his uniform pants. His dick was hard and straining for relief. I swallowed his entire dick in one swoop. As his cock danced in my throat, he ran his hands across my broad shoulders and down my chest till he located my nipples. By then he was begging to be fucked and I was more than ready to ram my cock into his ass.

We moved over to the couch. I laid him on the couch and got on my knees before him. Slowly, I worked a finger into his ass. The sight of him yielding to me drove me wild and his eyes were filled with lust. I gently sucked on his nipples as I placed my dick at the opening of his ass. Slowly, I applied pressure as I forced his sphincter to open.

We continued to fuck and suck each other for the next three hours. I could barely get the strength to get back to barracks. What an experience!

Name and address withheld


My boyfriend and I read Forum all the time. We especially enjoy reading the letters aloud to each other before making love. It really helps to turn us on. Stan is the kind of man who loves the excitement of having people watch us while we are having sex. I found this peculiar at first, but now have gotten into exhibitionism myself. There have been numerous occasions when we have been driving down the road and I suddenly have an urge to fellate him.

I like to put my mouth around his rather large cock and slowly lick the pulsating head. Then I work my tongue down the shaft, easing my tongue around the whole thing, sucking each spot for a moment until I reach the head again. Many people have seen my head bobbing up and down while we are driving along the highway. It must really shock the hell out of them.

One time while we were driving on the highway, a large Mack truck approached us. I lifted my shirt (I wasn’t wearing a bra) and let the driver of the truck catch a glimpse of my erect nipples. I knew this would excite my boyfriend, and it did. The face of the man in the truck lit up with sexual hunger.

I then started licking Stan’s cock. With his pants hanging down around his ankles near the gas pedal, I hopped right onto his cock, facing the rear window. Leaning toward the passenger side so Stan could see through the windshield to drive, we started pumping.

My pussy was dripping wet and I was hopping up and down on his lap. All my clothes were off and my breasts were bouncing up and down for all the truckers behind us to see. It was a real thrill!

Another time I went into a convenience store while my boyfriend waited in the car. I was wearing a long denim coat with nothing on underneath. I bought some cigarettes and unsnapped the coat so that the man behind the counter could get a look at my tits. Boy, was he surprised! He opened his eyes wide and told me to keep my money, and then he went out back. I don’t know where he went maybe to relieve himself. I was so excited that I had to relieve myself, too.

Then there was the time we were driving through our home town and I saw Stan eyeing some other women. Determined to get his attention back to me, I unbuttoned my dress and exposed myself in the car right in the center of town.

I love being an exhibitionist, and I’m glad that I hooked up with someone who appreciates my special pleasure.

Audrey A., New Jersey


I have enjoyed cross dressing for several years now. I love wearing panties, stockings and other sexy undergarments under my work clothes. My favorite feminine items, however, are high heels. I absolutely love them. I have great legs and they look even better while clad in thigh high stockings and high heeled “fuck me” pumps. Over the years I have collected several pairs of heels in assorted styles and colors, but none over three and a half inches high. Well, all that changed the other night at the local mall.

About a week before, I had been shopping with my girlfriend. She needed a gown for a formal event, so we went to a shop that specialized in such fashions. To my delight, they also carried “glamour” heels. All were at least three and a half inches high and several pairs were over four and a half inches. I could not take my eyes off them, especially a pair of five inch black pumps. The display pair was even in my size. I couldn’t wait to try them on.

A couple of days later I had a free evening and was in one of my girlish moods. I slipped on a pair of black lace top thigh highs and a sexy pair of black lace thong panties. I got into a t shirt, jeans and sneakers and headed for the mall. I strolled around for a while, enjoying the silky feel of my undergarments.

Finally, I walked into the shop that had my fantasy pumps. I almost left immediately because the only salesperson in the shop was the girl who had waited on my girlfriend. But as soon as she saw me, she said, “So, are you back to make a purchase?” I told her that I was just looking around, but the shop was small and she stayed with me the entire time. Finally, I held up the five inch display pump and said, “I know this may sound strange, but I would like to try these on in size 10.”

She smiled and said, “Sure. You can use the dressing room. I’ll get you a pair of peds to try them on with.” The girl seemed to be enjoying the situation, so I took a chance and told her that wouldn’t be necessary as I was wearing stockings. She said, “Oh, really. Well, what else do you have on under there?”

I said, “Why? Would you like to see?” She simply nodded.

A few minutes later, she walked into the dressing room and there I stood in my black stockings and panties and the sexiest “fuck me” pumps I’d ever seen. My cock was rock hard and peeking out of the top of the panties. She looked me over and said, “You’ve got great legs and those heels look incredible. We’ve got a great minidress that would look delicious on you.” I told her my size and the next thing I know I’m wearing a sexy red jeweled minidress with a choker collar that fit like a glove. She told me it was a reproduction of a Princess Di original and that I looked very sexy.

By now she was rubbing my cock through the dress. Slowly she sank to her knees, pushed the dress up and pulled my cock out of my panties. I was in heaven as she began licking and sucking my cock, all while I was dressed like a diva. To make the situation even better, there was a full length mirror in the dressing room so I could watch the entire scene in the reflection.

The pace of her sucking and licking increased with every stroke. Her long brown hair was bobbing up and down as she reached behind me and pulled my asscheeks toward her face, making each stroke even more forceful. I could hardly remain standing when I finally came and shot load after load of come into her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop.

She told me later that she had noticed me looking at the spike heels when I was in with my girlfriend. I bought the pumps, of course. She sold them to me for half price on the condition that I would shop there more often. I could definitely get used to being treated like a princess.

Wayne A., Mississippi


The musky taste of Chad’s come lingered on my tongue long after he had fed me his steely penis. If I exhaled softly through my nose, I could both smell and taste the sweet salty essence. The sensation made me smile wickedly.

I had crossed the corporate line by snaring the heart and loins of the head of Litigation Law. For a new paralegal like myself, this could be professional suicide. I didn’t care. Lust was an anesthetic that dulled the guilt. Although it was one in the morning, there was little thought of sleep not while this wonderful specimen of man could still drive me crazy with pleasure.

We walked to the bedroom and at the doorway he lifted me up. His strong arms held my spine and supported the back of my knees. My slick pussy lips rubbed together and my clit reacted with pulsing excitement as he carried me to the bed.

“Are you ready to cross examine me, counselor?” I asked with feigned innocence.

“Only if I can ask a few probing questions,” Chad replied roguishly.

His cock had regained its former hardness and swayed majestically like a pendulum as he laid me on the bedspread. Tugging on his cock to pull him down to me, I spread my lips and guided him to the entrance of my hungry sex. He grunted his satisfaction and filled my cunt with the entire length of his long cock.

At first I was shocked by the fullness, but Chad lovingly waited for me to become accustomed to his size. Then his slow, shallow movements became more deliberate until the entire length of his determined prick was sliding easily in my lubrication. My cunt muscles tightened around him with each thrust, not wanting him to ever leave the confines of my cunt again. I wanted to bake his cock in the fires of my lust.

I torqued my pelvis forward with each one of his cock stabs. Still wanting more, I wrapped my legs around him. I ached for him like no other man I had ever known and I wanted him to feel the same desire for me. But now I gently pushed him off and then quickly swiveled to my knees. I gave him a perfect view of my buttocks and arched my spine so that my pussy and asshole were totally exposed to him.

My lube had matted my rich, dark pubic hair and he had no trouble getting in. This time he did not hesitate and slid deeply into me without resistance. Again, I was startled, but this time from the sheer joy of fucking. Again and again, Chad pulled back until just the head of his cock parted the opening of my cunt. This gave him the opportunity to lustily piston his whole length into me. My ass rocked backward, forcing my pussy to take ever greater lengths of Chad’s white hot organ.

I turned my head to watch him fucking me. “Do I excite you?” I purred to him. “I feel how hard you are in me. Tell me how your cock feels deep in my pussy.”

“Your cunt is setting my cock on fire,” was Chad’s reply. Lust had contorted his face and sweat was running from his body as he thrust mercilessly into me. And my pussy wanted no mercy.

I reached back between my legs and stroked his balls. Inebriated by our passion, I wanted him to remember our night together for a long time. And I wanted him to share something with me to sear our memories forever.

Instead of rocking backward, I slid forward on my elbows, raising my ass higher and bringing my virgin anus to the level of his cock.

“Chad, make love to my ass,” I pleaded. “I want to give you my last virginity.”

Chad looked deep into my eyes with the kind of soul searching passion of a man completely committed to pleasure. Then, dipping his finger into my pussy, he painted the rim of my tight anus with my love oils, being careful not to startle the muscle. He pressed gently, and my tense sphincter relaxed just enough to permit the intrusion of one finger. Just the tip entered my ass before the muscles started to rebel. He waited patiently until I relaxed again and then advanced slowly until his entire digit fit comfortably in my ass.

Once he realized I had accepted the invader, he moved his finger in and out, turning it slightly with each entry. Initially, my ass had felt uncomfortably distended, but with his patience I relaxed into a new sensuality. Once my ass became familiar with his finger, he introduced a second one with similar success. I began to slide back on his fingers and at the same time massaged my clit with my free hand.

Finally, Chad removed his fingers and nuzzled the head of his cock against the most intimate and private part of my body. I turned around to see the bloated head of his cock and thought that this was going to be impossible. The tip of his shaft probed my protesting anal muscles until, finally, my body yielded and permitted entry of the swollen head. I whimpered as his long, thick cock inched into my ass.

Moving deliberately, he stretched my willing anus until his belly was flat against the half moons of my ass. He gave me time to adjust to the powerful cock now deeply embedded in my ass. Within a few minutes, my muscles relaxed completely and there was a golden, erotic glow that filled my ass. I experimented by rocking backward to impale myself on his cock and found the sensation to be a delicious one I could not resist.

Chad’s fingers found my pussy and he massaged my clit and cunt lips as he increased the tempo of the ass fucking. I knew that neither of us could hold out long. With increasing speed, his cock plundered my ass and our passion became volcanic. His legs were twitching and I knew that he was almost at the brink. He jammed his fingers deep into my pussy and I moved backward to fill my bottom with as much of his cock as possible. I could feel it almost double in size. His breathing stopped for what seemed like an eternity, and then he grunted long and hard with insane desire. His balls trembled and sent streaks of semen high into my ass.

At the same time, I came with an intensity that froze time. My pussy and ass muscles began relentless pulsations around his fingers and cock. I gyrated my buttocks to milk all the lust lava that Chad had to give. At last, his penis grew flaccid and slipped out of my no longer virgin anus, leaving a thin trail of semen dripping from my ravished rear hole. His grip on my waist weakened but remained tight enough to bring him down upon my back as I slid flat onto the bed. We lay frozen, the only sound being that of two exhausted lovers sucking in great lungfuls of air.

“Some closing argument, counselor,” I said weakly, after catching my breath. We lay like spoons, with Chad’s slick penis resting on the inside of my thigh.

Chad licked the hairline of my neck while his hand toyed with my nipple. “The defense rests,” he said contentedly, just before we drifted into sleep.

Myra F., Massachusetts