I am writing to tell you about one of the most erotic experiences of my life. It took place last month and all because of a power failure.

I work in a high rise office building. On this particular day, I had to work late. As I sat at my desk, the worst storm of the year started. By the time I’d finished my work, it was nearly midnight and the storm was near its height. Thunder rattled the windows as I made my way to the elevator.

The elevator stopped two floors down from mine. The doors opened to reveal a very fine looking woman. Her blonde hair fell a few inches past her shoulders. The single piece blue dress she wore barely contained her wonderful figure. As if to hide her beauty, she was wearing a pair of prudish, wire rimmed granny glasses.

I smiled and said hello. She stepped into the elevator as if she hadn’t heard me. She seemed very preoccupied with something, so I decided not to bother her. Halfway down, and between floors, the power went out. In the darkness, I heard her gasp and then whimper.

“What’s wrong?” I quickly asked.

“I hate the dark,” she said, “and I especially hate thunderstorms.”

“It’ll be all right,” I said. “The power’ll come back on in a few minutes and we’ll be on our way.” I couldn’t see her in the darkened elevator. I heard her move around and felt her hands touch me. Before I knew it, she had her whole body pressed against mine.

“Hold me,” she said. I put my arms around her and stroked her back. I was really turned on by this gorgeous woman snuggling up against me for protection. She was really turned on, too, because even through the clothing, I could feel her stiff nipples as she rubbed her breasts against my chest. I let my hands drift down to her firm bottom and started kneading her asscheeks like mounds of bread dough. She wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me with a feverish intensity.

“Here,” she whispered between kisses. “Now. Please.”

I needed no further invitation. I grabbed the bottom of her dress and in one strong motion pulled it up well past her slender waist. She got to work on my clothing and in a matter of seconds we were naked on the elevator floor.

She sat astride me, rubbing her damp pussy up and down my stomach. The cold floor beneath me was soon warmed by my body heat as she continued to tease me. When she finally impaled herself on my straining erection, I moaned out loud. I bucked and pumped as she rode me, gasping each time I thrust into her deeply. In the relative silence of our coupling, we could hear the wind whistling in the elevator shaft, lending an eerie accompaniment to our passionate moans.

When all our grunting and grinding resulted in orgasms for us both, we caught our breath for a brief few minutes and she suggested we try a new position. I held her up against the handrail, my left hand holding her right thigh up and open, as I lined up my still hard cock with her pussy in the semi darkness. When I slid into her, she gasped. This time I lasted far longer, but her orgasms punctuated our union.

I have never had better sex. I swear I came at least three times. In the lulls between orgasms, I kept us amused by exploring her firm body with my lips and tongue.

Finally, the power came back on. As the elevator resumed its slow descent, we hurried to get dressed before the doors opened again. We barely made it.

The security guard on duty at the front desk smiled wryly as we stepped out of the elevator. We had our clothes on, but the man would have had to be brain dead not to realize what we’d been up to. Embarrassed, my mystery lover slipped away before I could say anything or ask her name.

Now, every time I ride the elevator I’m on the lookout for the beautiful woman hiding behind the granny glasses.

Bart K., North Carolina


I moved into my apartment complex on a weekend, so all my new neighbors were around to introduce themselves. I was especially happy to shake hands with Lila, a tall brunette built like a national monument. When she was walking away, I tripped over the curb and almost lost an entire box of dishes as I leered after her long, luscious legs. She’d been in white shorts and a white polo shirt, my favorite color on a woman, and I wondered if I would have to take up tennis to get to know her. Fortunately, we eventually wound up playing a much more physical game.

I saw her again, finally, a week later when she was getting her mail. If the white short set had impressed me, it was nothing compared to her work outfit. Lila was a nurse, and as she stood flipping through a handful of envelopes, I was completely unable to contain my excitement at seeing her in her uniform. It was a dress, and its modest length could not conceal Lila’s beautiful legs. What I estimated to be 36Bs were comfortably encased in the white polyester, peeking out just the slightest little bit at the casually unbuttoned neckline.

I fumbled with my keys trying to unlock my mailbox while staring at Lila. She smiled patiently and made small talk as I tried to regain my composure. Glancing at her name tag, I asked some ridiculous question about her last name, but I think she knew it was just a cheap excuse to stare at her breasts. When she stopped at what I assumed was her door, I sputtered an invitation to meet for drinks in an hour at the corner bar. She accepted.

I got to know her better over a few cocktails, all the while trying to devise a way to get her alone in her uniform. By the time I kissed Lila an early good night at her door, I thought I had a plan that would work. The next day I called in sick. I got Lila’s phone number and, knowing she would be at work, called her machine. I left her a message that I wasn’t feeling very well and wondering if she could come by when she got home from the hospital and try to diagnose my ailment. Nothing serious, I added, sounding weak.

She called me even before she left the hospital, and she sounded concerned. I gave a rundown of unspecific complaints and she asked if there was anything I thought she should bring over. I croaked that a stethoscope might be in order.

When my little Florence Nightingale appeared at my door, the only thing causing me any pain was my cock as it sprang to life at an uncomfortable angle. Squirming on the couch, I told Lila to come in. As she bent over me, feeling my forehead and looking down my throat, I asked her to sit beside me. Then, summoning all my courage, I told her that I was fine, my only real complaint being a feverish need for her.

“There is something you can take care of for me,” I told Lila, guiding her hand to my cock. She didn’t resist, and I almost came when her hand touched my hard on.

When Lila asked why I hadn’t tried anything the night we met for drinks, I blushed and admitted my slight fetish for nurse’s uniforms. She was still kneading my throbbing cock as she told me she understood, and soon she showed me just how well. Lila got up off the couch, turned her back to me and bent over, slowly rolling down her thick white tights to reveal her shapely legs. I also had a mouth watering view of her dark triangle. Reaching behind her neck, she pulled down the plastic zipper and it made a little noise as it glided along her strong back.

She stepped out of the dress, and I couldn’t wait for her to turn around and expose those tasty looking breasts of hers. She faced me, naked now except for her bra, which she unhooked as soon as I stopped staring at her pussy. Two pale, fleshy tits jiggled out of her bra, and I reached up for them. Lila leaned over and let me lap at her hardening nipples. She pulled the stethoscope from her bag and applied the cold metal to my bare chest.

“Sounds like your heart is in an excited condition,” she smiled, and from there she proceeded to give me a complete once over, paying extra special attention to my engorged cock. When she pronounced me a 100 percent healthy specimen, she added, “But I believe a cardiovascular test might be a good idea.”

With that, she climbed on top of me, positioned my stiff cock at her pussy and slowly slid down, taking me deep inside her. The tight grip of her cunt on my cock made me moan out loud, and when she started rising up, then sliding down again, my hips moved in unison with hers and I moaned again.

Soon we were pumping like mad, with Lila’s stethoscope bouncing between her breasts. I grabbed at them eagerly and tweaked her stiff nipples, and then she was the one who was moaning.

I was pinching her nipples gently as Lila rode out her climax, crying out “Yes! Oh, yes!” and grinding her hips down on mine. My cock was so hard I knew it would be a long fuck before I could come, so I led her around to the back of the couch. She draped her lanky body over it and I entered her from behind, my cock discovering exquisite new angles into her cunt.

We fucked in what seemed like a dozen other inventive positions before I was finally relaxed enough to come. Then I filled Lila’s puffy little cunt with my sticky load, coming after one last bellowing moan. Nurse Lila had indeed taken very good care of me.

Andrew S., Florida


While wild sex with a hot guy has always been one of my favorite things, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to make it with another woman. I never really had the chance to find out until recently, when I decided to join the new health club that opened up in town.

In the soothingly moist heat of the steam room I breathed deeply, sinking into a state of total relaxation. When the mist cleared, I noticed a woman on the bench across from me, the only other occupant of the steam room at that moment. She was staring at me unabashedly. I’m what you would call voluptuous, a blonde with fair skin that was rosy from the heat of the steam my breasts are large and very white, my nipples pink. She was olive skinned, almost skinny, with shortish dark hair and round little breasts with heavy dark nipples that stiffened as she gazed with frank desire at the fine blonde hairs covering my vagina.

She started a conversation and I learned that her name was Sally. When fresh steam seethed on again, engulfing us in the sting of its heat, Sally suggested we step under the shower. Groping in the swirling mist, we made our way to the corner of the steam room and stood under the shower head. Sally pulled the cord and our bodies gave a simultaneous shudder as the cold water sprayed over our inflamed skin. Under the spray Sally pressed her body against mine. I thrilled to the touch of her hard, dark nipples on my rosy ones, her flat abdomen pushing against my fleshy one and her thick black bush grazing my fine blonde one.

After we left the club, there was an unspoken understanding between us that we would be together that night. Silently, hand in hand, we walked through the icy streets to the warmth of Sally’s cheerful little apartment. She made a tasty meal out of some leftovers, which was accompanied by a bottle of wine. Then there was music on the stereo and, before I knew it, we were both naked on Sally’s big double bed.

Her tongue played around my nipples, deftly, gently then her lips suckled them until they were taut and stinging with desire. Her hand wandered down my body, over my muff. Her slender fingers, their nails filed down to the ends, found their way into the folds of my pussy. She stroked and caressed around my clit while my love juices started to flow as they never had before.

When I was moaning from pleasure at the touch of her fingers, Sally dove her head between my thighs and let her tongue play on my clit until I was one writhing mass of passion. Then the torrents broke loose and I came against her face on trembling waves of orgasmic bliss. When my tremors subsided, Sally held me in her arms, stroking and petting me with more tenderness than I had ever known from a man.

Slowly, her tenderness turned to passion and she rolled on top of me, her firm, taut body pressing down on my soft and pliant flesh, her vulva grinding into mine. Her mouth covered my mouth as her tongue made mine melt with its warmth, and the thrusting of her vulva grew more urgent as her pussy juices flowed freely. She was rubbing her clit against my fuzzy mound and soon I felt her whole body tremble then stiffen as she came on top of me.

My life has changed since that chance meeting with Sally in the steam room. I still go out with men, but now I have affairs with women, too.

Doreen E., New Jersey


I have been married for almost 14 years to Mandy, a wonderful, sexy brunette. About a year ago my wife’s best friend, Tess, who lives in a large city some 50 miles away, got a divorce. Part of Tess’s problem was that her husband didn’t believe in doing his share of the chores.

I have always found Tess sexy, and Mandy was aware of the attraction between her best friend and me. Since my wife and I share our sexual fantasies, she is also aware of my exhibitionistic tendencies. I like going around the house naked, and often do the vacuuming in the nude on Saturday mornings.

On this particular Saturday I was doing just that, when the doorbell rang. It seems that Tess had gone out the night before on a blind date which apparently had not gone well at all, leaving her frustrated and needing a friendly shoulder to cry on. Mandy quickly seized the opportunity to give me a thrill, motioning for Tess to follow her into the den, where I was busy cleaning house in my birthday suit.

How long they were standing there watching, I don’t know, but I was puzzled when the vacuum suddenly stopped. Turning around, I saw my wife holding the plug in her hand, smiling, with Tess standing next to her, her eyes fixed on my crotch. Bewildered, I instinctively tried to cover myself with my hand, as I heard Mandy telling Tess, “You just have to know how to treat them, and you have to train them right from the start. Of course, part of the training includes giving rewards for a job well done.”

“You mean to tell me he does everything you tell him to, including the housework?” Tess asked.

“Well, just about everything, but housework is definitely on the list. And if I want him to vacuum in the nude or jerk off, he’ll vacuum in the nude or jerk off.”

“Now that I’d like to see,” Tess said enthusiastically.

“Well, you heard her, big boy,” my wife said. “Start jerking off. And if you make me look bad, you’ll be paying for it for a long time.”

I had begun to suspect my wife was playing this game for my benefit and I was eager to go along. Consequently, I grabbed my stiffening member with my hand as my wife and her best friend looked on. It did not take long for my cock to stiffen to its full length. Positioning myself on my back over the ottoman, I continued massaging my rigid organ with one hand while cupping my balls with the other. The girls were looking on with growing interest and I was hoping they were getting as hot and horny as I was.

Tess decided she wanted to get a better look and positioned herself on the couch next to the ottoman. Even with my eyes closed, I could sense her nearness and smell the muskiness of her perfume. I was very close to coming, and groaning with pleasure. I was just about to shoot my load when Mandy commanded me to stop. I reluctantly complied and slowly withdrew my hand from my cock. I felt a warm breeze caress the head of my cock as Tess leaned forward and, pursing her full lips, blew her hot breath across it.

In spite of my aroused condition, and the aching of my balls, I began to regain my composure. This was to be short lived, however, as I heard my wife ask her friend if she wanted me to continue or if she wanted to “lend me a hand.” Tess was quick to reply that she would be more than happy to help out. So she brought her fingers to her mouth and, wetting them, wrapped them around my hard shaft. She began to rhythmically pump me, working her fingers from the base of my balls to the top of my cock. Instantly my balls began to rise in their sack as I moaned my approval of her efforts.

Suddenly her hand stopped moving, but she maintained her grip on my cock. At first I thought this was just another delaying tactic calculated to keep every fiber of my body begging for more, but instead she looked at me with a wicked smile on her face and said, “If you want to come, you’re going to have to do all the work and fuck my hand.”

I was too worked up to care how I got off, as long as I did, so without further delay I started moving my hips, forcing my cock through the “pussy” Tess was shaping with her fingers. It wasn’t long before I was bucking like a bronco, my long awaited explosion close at hand. My whole body stiffened as the first spurts of semen shot out from the top of Tess’s hand, flew into the air and landed on my chest. I kept fucking Tess’s hand until the last spasm passed. She released her hold on my organ only after she had milked the last remaining drops of come from it. As I was savoring the moment, she began massaging my load into my chest. I tried to regain my composure as my wife took Tess into the bathroom to clean up.

After Tess left, I thanked Mandy for one of the wildest times of my life, and we fucked like a couple of newlyweds that night. I’m now planning something similar for my wife, because I know she’ll have as much fun as I did.

Matthew D., Oregon


I don’t know what it is, but there is something about firemen that just makes me so darn hot. I work near a firehouse, and the navy pants, blue shirts and red suspenders these rugged looking men wear have me blazing with a horny desire that’s totally out of control. I need their sex!

The guys wash or polish their fire truck every day, and this one particular fireman would give me a sly smile as I walked by on my way to lunch. He then added a nod to his lady killer smile. Finally, after a few days of me buying sandwiches from the deli next door to the station, Tim introduced himself. My hot pussy needed to be cooled down and I knew he was the one to do it.

Tim’s thighs filled the baggy pant legs and the material stretched taut across his round ass. I could only imagine what was between his legs. We made small talk and he asked me about myself. I told him I wear nothing but red teddies, stockings and underwear during intimate moments, because it intensifies the heat of passion. After that admission, Tim was as hooked on me as I was on him.

On a night we planned to go out, Tim showed up an hour early dressed in his fireman raincoat and high rubber boots. Stuck in the outside band of his helmet were packets of condoms. I was getting dressed and still in my panties and bra as I opened the door, but the instant I saw him suited up for duty, my nipples swelled to fleshy points under the red lace of my bra.

Underneath his flame retardant coat, Tim wore only navy blue boxers and red suspenders. His sculpted chest and thick thighs set off alarms in my head and started an inferno that could have singed my pubic hair.

“I heard there’s a fire here that needs to be put out,” Tim said. My flame red panties and bra could have melted off my body, I wanted him so bad.

I grabbed my fireman, feeling his sturdy coat and smelling his spicy cologne as I wrapped my arms around him. Rubbing his cock through his shorts, I ran my tongue down his chest, using his suspenders as a guide. His powerful arms closed around me and I had the sensation of being consumed from his body heat. When his large, thick hands touched my back I was like a match tossed into gasoline.

Pulling him by his coat, I fell back on the couch. I pulled his hard cock through the fly of his boxers. He yanked off my panties, which looked like a scrap of red cloth in his massive hands. He lowered his head as I plucked a condom from his helmet. I tore open the packet with my teeth and grabbed Tim’s hard cock.

He sighed with anticipation as I rolled the condom down the length of his member. I rubbed his balls through the boxers and found them tightly held by his scrotum. Then, with two hands, I guided him into my pussy. He drove his cock home by jamming his hips down into me.

I sunk deep into the couch cushions beneath Tim’s hard fucking. I grabbed his firm ass under his coat and pulled him deeper into me. He braced himself with one hand on the back of the couch and with the other he flicked my clit back and forth. I arched my back to meet his thrusts, biting on my hand to control my screams. As I climaxed, it felt as if my body collapsed under Tim. Then he came with a hot blast of come.

I pulled the used condom off him and rubbed his soft cock. Soon he was hard again, and with another handy condom on his fire fighting hose, Tim and I fought our raging fire of lust.

Janet M., New Jersey