Fast Forward to Lust! Blue Movie Turns Pals into Red Hot Lovers

I had just stepped out of the shower and was gazing at my naked body in the full length mirror. “Not bad for a 32 year old,” I said to myself, as I saw the reflection of my tanned, firm limbs. My breasts are full and firm, the hair on my pussy is neatly trimmed and waxed, and my bottom is what men call “a perfect bubble ass,” round and full. I began putting after shower lotion all over my skin and watched my hands meander over my ass, sliding between my cheeks. I massaged my nipples and found myself getting very turned on. My hand slipped between my legs, sending a shudder through my body. My juices were beginning to flow and my clit tingled.

Just then the doorbell rang, wrenching me from my reverie. I quickly threw on a t shirt and some shorts, brushed my hair and ran to the door. There stood Sam, a sweet, six foot guy who lives downstairs. He wore a big smile, faded denims and a loose fitting denim shirt. He was carrying a six pack.

“Hi,” he said, “I saw your car downstairs and though I’d stop by and keep you company. Maybe we could watch a video.” Sam is a boyish, handsome guy who likes to ride motorcycles, jog and do yoga in his spare time.

“Sure,” I said, feeling a little flush from my bathroom activities. “I could use some company. It’s been a long week and a couple of beers and a movie might be just what I need.” And a nice hard cock in my already wet pussy wouldn’t be so bad either, I thought to myself.

Sam went into the living room to set up the VCR and went into the kitchen to get some pretzels. By the time I returned, Sam had the VCR ready and his bare feet up on the coffee table and was lying back on the couch, looking very inviting. I placed the pretzels on the table and glanced at Sam’s crotch. I could see the outline of his cock through his jeans, leading me to think that he was not wearing any underwear. Just the thought of it made my pussy throb even more. I opened the beers and handed one to Sam.

“To friendship,” he said, tipping the can toward me.

I smiled and took a swallow. “What movie did you bring?” I asked.

“Die Hard. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure,” I replied.

He pressed the play button on the remote and the movie started. But instead of the opening credits, there appeared on the screen two men and a woman fucking.

“What the hell!” said Sam, as he fumbled with the stop button. He was obviously embarrassed. “I don’t know what happened. They must have mixed up the tapes and put the wrong one in this box.”

He said he would take the video back and get another one. I smiled and said, “It might be fun to watch this one. I’ve never seen a porno flick.”

Sam flushed and said, “Sure, if you want to.”

I took the remote from his hand and pressed the play button. I picked up my beer and plopped down on the couch. I was getting excited at the thought of watching the movie. Sam came over and sat down. He picked up his beer, took a long swallow and emptied the can.

The trio on the screen came to life. One man was behind the woman, holding her tits in his hands as she ground her ass into his cock. The guy in front of her was slouched in a chair, rubbing his cock as she licked the tip. I glanced over at Sam’s crotch. No doubt about it, he was enjoying what he was seeing— and so was I.

The woman in the movie was really getting into sucking the guy’s cock. The man behind her began smacking her ass with his big dick. Then he gave her round ass a smack with his open hand. The woman seemed to get even more fired up. The man smacked her again. You could see his handprint on her white globes. Then he plunged his cock into her from behind and began alternating slaps with thrusts. The three of them built to a crescendo as guy number one came in her mouth and all over her face. She let out a scream as she came after the final thrust from guy number two. Then they all collapsed on the floor.

I was so engrossed in the tape I had forgotten that Sam was with me. Unconsciously, I had slipped my hand down my opened shorts and was fingering my hot, wet pussy, oblivious to my surroundings. All I wanted to do was come. Sam slid over next to me and put his hand over mine to help me. He leaned down and nibbled on my tits, then gave a little bite. With that, I exploded with a shuddering orgasm. It left me breathless.

Sam smiled and said, “I guess the movie got to you, too.” I looked over and there he was with his beautiful erect cock in hand, caressing it as it turned a deep red. I could see the wetness at the tip. I wanted that cock. I leaned over pushing him back on the couch, and took his cock into my mouth. I motioned that he should continue what he was doing. Watching a man stroke himself while I suck his cockhead is a big turn on for me. As I sucked, I slipped out of my shorts, exposing my round ass and wet pussy. I could feel Sam’s cock stiffen after he caught sight of my ass. I thought he was going to explode in my mouth, and I wanted that cock in my pussy. But I wanted it the way the woman in the movie got it.

I moved away from Sam and suggested that we try out what we just saw on the video. He asked whether he should get a friend. I said, no, that wasn’t the part I wanted. I left the room for a minute and came back with a bar stool from the kitchen. Then I stripped off my t shirt and stood before Sam in my birthday suit. His cock was throbbing and so was my cunt. I turned my back to him, looked over my shoulder and down at his dick. I bent over, looking at him between my legs. The cheeks of my ass parted and he could see the wetness of my pussy. Then I leaned over the stool invitingly.

Sam got the hint. He quickly stripped and placed his hard cock on the crack of my ass. Then he smacked me with it, first one cheek and then the other. My pussy was gushing. I held my tits, which were hanging over the other side of the stool. Then Sam placed his hands on my ass and rubbed the cheeks vigorously. He pinched them and I moaned. He kissed my ass and then bit the cheeks. I moaned louder.

He stood up and gave one cheek a smack with his hand. I could feel it warming up. Then he hit the other one. I moaned. I told him to do it again. He did, a little harder. I wiggled my ass and he did it again. I was going wild. I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled, “Please fuck me!”

Sam, quick to oblige, spread my cheeks wide and positioned his cockhead at the entrance to my engorged pussy. He slowly slid into my drenched cunt as he held the cheeks of my ass apart so he could watch his entire cock disappear inside my pussy.

Once inside me, he began a slow, rhythmic motion. He increased the speed, gradually plunging deeper. I knew he was about to explode. Suddenly he gave me a whack on my ass as he plunged forcefully into my pussy. It was too much. I exploded again with an intensity I had never felt. And as I arched my back in pleasure, Sam let go a load that rattled my entire body and seemed to go on forever. He collapsed on top of me in exhaustion and we slid off the stool.

Anne D., Florida

Band Members Show a Gorgeous Groupie Their Instruments

I was sent by my company to solve a problem that a popular rock group was having with the computer they use to create the special lighting effects they’re famous for. After spending nearly two hours waiting to meet with the lead singer, it was suggested that I go with the band’s crew foreman, Luke, and some of his “boys” to get a drink in the hotel bar. The singer would send for us later, he said.

The place was almost empty and the lighting was so low key as to be almost completely dark. I bought the first round, which instantly made me “one of the crew.” Conversation quickly turned to the reason most of the guys put up with this strange, hectic lifestyle: the women!

Luke kicked things off with his favorite groupie story. Everybody roared their approval. A couple of the other guys told about the strangest groupie fuck they’d gotten. We were all starting to feel tight in the crotch when we were pleasantly interrupted. “Hi, I’m looking for Luke,” said the voluptuous beauty.

I probably looked stupid with my jaw hanging down the way it did, but you just don’t see women like this every day. Except in your wildest, sex crazed fantasy, that is. A mane of shocking red hair topped an hourglass figure that supported tits I couldn’t cover if I used both hands. The short skirt she wore gave us all a great view of a pair of shapely legs that almost reached to the second floor. And still she wore high heeled boots to give her an added lift.

Luke introduced himself and motioned for the woman to sit down next to him. As she did, her skirt slid up, stopping just short of her navel. “I’m Cindy,” she said. “I’ve been waiting ever so long to have the chance to spend some time with the band. Especially with, well, the singer. I was hoping that you might know a good time when I could go up and see him. You know, slip into his schedule.” Lips pouting, Cindy took a deep breath that threatened the existence of her small blouse. “And I do want to meet him so bad. I sure hope I can convince you to help me.” The promise in her deep, sultry voice sent a shiver down my spine and through my cock.

Luke just leaned back and smiled. “I’m sure that something could be worked out— oh, look.” Luke pointed toward a nonexistent spot on my lap. “My friend seems to have spilled something. Would you be a dear and check?”

Cindy moved over and kneeled down next to me. Slowly her fingers ran up and down my thigh until I thought every drop of blood in my body had been pumped into my crotch. “I think this is something I can take care of real quick,” she said, smiling. And with that, she gave the room a quick glance to make sure no one was watching and in a second disappeared under our table. Her black, lacquered nails reached out to open my fly, and from her cramped position she started to suck my cock.

I could feel the pressure from the heavy globes of her firm tits resting on each side of my left thigh as she took three practice swallows at my erection. Then, opening those puffy, sweet, bee stung lips wide, she gulped down the entire length of the shaft. I don’t know how she did it, but she stayed there for quite a while with her nose buried in my pubic hair, never once moving. Then she started to swallow.

Cindy came up for a quick gasp of air before setting back down on the base of my cock. The sensitive crown of my cock nestled in the warm walls of her slender throat, well past her tonsils. And when she swallowed, I thought I’d go crazy. Each time she did swallow, her neck muscles massaged my cock in a way I had never felt before.

Once more she came up for air, but it didn’t last long, especially with my hands urgently pushing her head back down. Like drinking cold water after a workout on a hot day, Cindy swallowed and gulped rapidly. She reached down and began to use her long nails on my balls, and that was all I could stand. I started pumping my nuts empty, and I’m sure that with my cock so far down her throat, she never even got a taste of my come.

Cindy zipped me up, and a moment later she was back in her chair with only a devilish smile on her beautiful face to suggest that anything had happened.

Luke made some comment as to how he thought he just might have a copy of the band’s schedule up in his room. A few head nods from the guys was all it took before we paid our bill, everyone moving toward the elevator. Once in his room, Luke lifted Cindy up onto a small table. Instantly she started doing a slow striptease. Cindy knew how best to bump and grind her beautiful body so that it quickly received full attention from six hungry cocks.

Most of the guys had kicked back and grabbed a beer, but it was tough to relax while this sexy little bundle was strutting her stuff. The moment she noticed the faintest sign of life in anybody’s crotch, there she was, pulling down the guy’s pants to suck down another load or ride him to paradise. The sight of that creamy smooth ass bouncing around, or one quick fondle of those massive tits, was more than enough to get everybody into the mood. Cindy must have gotten fucked on top of every piece of furniture in the place. When we called down for some snacks, she gave the bellboy a real thrill by grabbing his crotch and asking him if he played bass.

I never found out if Cindy ever got to “meet” the lead singer, but my night with her was enough to make me want to join a band or at least the road crew.

Frank O., California

Lingerie Lover Takes the Good with the Bad and Stays Happy

From the letters you publish it would seem that all of the crossdressers readily pass as female. There must also be many like me, however, who are tall, with large builds, and who could never fool anyone in public. Nevertheless, when I am wearing pantyhose and a bra or panties, stockings and a garter belt, I feel just as sexy and sensuous as any other crossdresser.

It was last January when my wife, Chris, discovered my lovely stash of panties and pantyhose. When I got home from work one day, they were all spread out on the bed. I couldn’t deny the evidence, so I simply explained how good it felt to wear soft and silky nylon. Fortunately, Chris accepted my explanation and was soon buying lingerie for me on special occasions. For my birthday she got me a wonderful nylon nightgown in a soft shade of pink. Our sex that night was absolutely fantastic, and afterward Chris said she was sorry I had kept my crossdressing a secret for so long.

The next few months were just great. I wore panties, stockings and a garter belt when I was at work, and at nights and on weekends I usually wore pantyhose plus a bra and slip. I finally had what I had always desired— the freedom to wear lingerie. The only problem came last summer.

I discovered how uncomfortable it was to wear stockings on a hot day and realized why Chris went bare legged all through July and August. When Chris noticed that I was not washing out my nylons each night, she asked me why the change in habit. I told her I had found out that nylon lingerie could be very uncomfortable in hot weather. Well, did I catch hell!

Chris said that it had been my idea to wear lingerie and if I found it uncomfortable in hot weather, that was simply the price I would have to pay. I could either wear lingerie all the time or give it up completely. I argued strenuously, but to no avail, so I finally gave in and agreed to continue wearing stockings and panties. I didn’t want to give up the pleasure of wearing lingerie the rest of the year.

Chris said that each evening she would determine what I would wear the following day and I could go to sleep thinking about the panties and control top, support pantyhose that I’d be wearing to work. I wished that I had never complained. The support hose were even heavier and hotter than the pantyhose I had worn the day before— and my troubles didn’t stop there. That weekend we went shopping at the mall and Chris bought several nylon camisoles for me. For the next two weeks, I had to wear a camisole under my t shirt, shirt and tie. Since it was between 85 and 90 degrees those two weeks and my office is not air conditioned, I would come home with damp, clingy lingerie.

There were still more problems to come, and I’ll just say that eventually I was wearing a boned and zippered high waisted panty girdle over the panties and pantyhose that Chris has chosen for me.

I’m learning to live with the inconveniences and discomforts of women’s garments. The past five months have been difficult at times, but the pleasures still outweigh the problems. Truth is, I would not change a thing

Joseph W., Connecticut

Bride to Be Reveals Secret Passions on Camera

Before my wife, Valerie, and I were married, we would often spend our evenings watching an x rated video as a prelude to lovemaking. It was two months before our wedding when she arrived at my apartment one Saturday night with what she called a hot homemade video.

We settled down on the sofa and began watching a young woman in bed arouse herself with a rather large dildo. She was stark naked and visible only from the neck down. My cock was beginning to grow in my pants when a second woman appeared on the screen. She, too, was naked and visible only from the rear. What caught my eye about this second woman was the color of her hair. It was the most vivid orange color I had ever seen. This orange haired queen immediately began eating the pussy of the woman on the bed. The action was quite hot and my hard on wouldn’t quit.

Val noticed my arousal, but instead of relieving my discomfort, she began to ask me questions such as, “Do you enjoy watching women make love?” and “Would you like to be with the two girls on screen as an observer or as a participant?” My response was that I would love to do both— watch and then participate.

Finally, as the woman being eaten reached orgasm, the video camera panned back far enough so that her face was visible. At that point I remarked to Val that the woman looked quite a bit like her girlfriend Mandy. You can imagine my surprise when Val told me it was Mandy. Then came the second surprise. Thirty seconds later the orange haired woman turned to the camera and removed her wig. It was none other than my bride to be!

Val told me that before we got married, she had to know how I felt about her bisexuality. She wanted me to be able to share her with Mandy.

Needless to say, the past six and a half months of married life have been fantastic.

Walter K., Arizona

Getting It Right the Second Time Around

My husband and I recently got remarried after being divorced for two years. One of the problems with our first marriage was a lackluster sex life, so one of the conditions of our remarriage was that we make solving that problem our number one priority. As a first step, we both agreed to be completely honest about our kinkiest desires and to explore them together.

Since my husband is an ass man, it was only natural that spanking, anal penetration and enemas would figure high on his list of things for us to try. At first I was hesitant, but under his skillful tutelage, I have become an enthusiastic recipient of his “anal attention.” In fact, I can’t get enough of it!

We started out with anal sex because my husband was always eager that I take dildos, anal plugs, his fingers and his cock up my ass. Once he made sure my ass was always open and accessible to him, he got me hooked on spanking.

One of our favorite games is to have me roll dice to determine the number of swats I’m going to get beyond my usual 20. (I get 10 additional swats if I roll a number lower than eight.) Between swats he fingers my ass and cunt while I use a vibrator on my clit, and the end result is that I now regularly beg him to spank me.

Our newest addition is enemas. I was initially nervous about getting into this, but I needn’t have worried. As I love pleasing my husband and having my ass filled up, enemas were the perfect next step. And I can now look forward to more enema training, which includes spanking and enemas combined.

Of course, just because my ass is the star attraction doesn’t mean the rest of me gets neglected. My tits regularly get a full workout (including nipple clips) and my cunt is rarely empty. My pubes are trimmed into a revealing design and, next month, when I have to be on the road for two weeks, my husband has promised me a “bon voyage” from which I’ll “stay fucked for two weeks.” I can’t wait.

In short, our biggest problem these days is finding the time for all the new things we want to try. Whoever said love is lovelier the second time around was certainly right!

Valerie C., Rhode Island