Pretty Jogger Runs into Stud with a Passion for Female Asses

Three months ago, at the urging of my next door neighbor and best friend, Carolyn, I took up running. “It’ll do you a world of good,” said Carolyn. “Let’s face it, hon, you’re approaching the big three oh, and you’ve got to work at keeping your figure. Get down to the park every morning and do a few laps. It’ll make a new woman out of you.”

New woman? Those first few days of running were sheer hell, and more than once I thought of chucking it. I’d run or do a reasonable facsimile of same, then stagger back to my house and collapse, gasping, on my living room couch, vowing to burn my new jogging suit as soon as I had the strength to move. But with Carolyn at my side lending moral support, things gradually got better, and I started taking pride in my ability to run a little more each day. And I also started feeling better.

I was in my second month of running when I met Peter. For several days we did nothing more than exchange smiles when we passed each other on the running track at the park. Then one day he ran up alongside me and introduced himself, saying that he thought I was the prettiest jogger he’d ever seen. “I’ve been admiring your ass for days now,” he said, flashing me a grin.

I knew that at age 29, I was still in very nice shape, but it felt really good hearing it from a stranger, and such a good looking one, to boot.

Peter and I saw each other every day for about two weeks and grew to like each other more and more. He was tall and slim, with a full head of curly hair and a most engaging smile. He was easy to be with, and I felt as if I had known him for a very long time, which made our conversations casual and fun. He also had a very cute set of buns, which I had noticed early on but didn’t mention until he had complimented me on my bottom for the umpteenth time. After our run we would stop for some fruit juice at a stand and then spend an hour or so sitting on the grass talking before going our respective ways. It got to the point where I looked forward to seeing him in the mornings and dreaded the time when we would part.

By the time Peter invited me back to his apartment one morning, I was more than ready to sleep with him. I couldn’t remember ever wanting another man as much as I wanted Peter. What I couldn’t know at the time was that he would introduce me to a new world of pleasure, and that seat of pleasure would be my ass.

I should have known all along, I guess, that Peter was an ass man from the way he continuously complimented me on my bottom, but I wasn’t really prepared that first time when he suggested anal intercourse. We were in his bed, naked and stroking each other, when he said, “I want to fuck you in the ass, Eileen. I’ve wanted your ass for weeks now.” When I told Peter that I’d never been made love to that way, he couldn’t believe it. “You mean to say none of your boyfriends fucked your ass? That’s incredible.” I explained to him that my lovemaking consisted primarily of oral sex and intercourse in the missionary position. “Well, then, it’s certainly time you had a cock up your ass,” Peter said with determination.

The next thing I knew, I was on my stomach with Peter applying a lubricating jelly to my anus. “I don’t know about this,” I said nervously, clutching the pillow under my head. “It’ll be wonderful,” Peter assured me. “Just relax and open up for me.” After greasing his erection with some of the jelly, Peter bunched a pillow up under my hips to elevate my bottom, and then I felt the head of his cock pressing against my nether hole. I winced and then cried out when the head of his cock popped inside my behind. “Easy, baby, easy,” he said reassuringly.

Slowly but surely, as I kept my eyes screwed shut, Peter worked his cock into my uptilted ass, pushing deeper and deeper until finally all of his cock was ensconced in my rectum. The discomfort was brief, turning very quickly into a marvelous feeling of fullness, a feeling I had never before experienced. And then Peter was moving in me, his thrusts slow and steady as he sawed his cock in and out of my bottom.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Soon I was mewling with pleasure and urging him on with soft grunts and guttural moans of pleasure. “Do you like it, baby?” asked Peter. “More,” I whimpered happily. “Give me more.” In and out, in and out, Peter worked his cock, each deep, satisfying thrust of his hard cock into my back passage thrilling me like nothing had in a long, long time.

At his urging, I reached down under my body to my soaking pussy and started fingering my clit. Less than a minute later I was coming, moaning into the bedsheet as waves of pleasure washed over me. But this orgasm was nothing compared to the one that rocked me when, a moment later, Peter shot his creamy semen into my quivering ass. A groan of triumph and pleasure burst from his throat as he drenched my bowels with his seed.

My anal deflowering had been wonderfully successful and, of course, I wanted his cock in my ass again. And again. Anal sex became part of our morning regimen we’d meet in the park, run our laps together and then go to his apartment for fantastic sex, the highlight of which was always his stiff cock thrusting hard and deep into my upturned ass. I told Carolyn about my affair and she was ecstatic. “I figured it had to be more than the jogging that was giving you such a fantastic glow,” she grinned.

Unfortunately, my affair with Peter appears to be over. I haven’t seen him in the park for five days, and the times I’ve phoned his apartment there’s been no answer. I can’t bring myself to go to his place, for fear, I guess, of finding him with another woman. Meanwhile, my ass craves the feel of his thrusting cock, and late at night I masturbate to the mental picture of Peter greasing my asshole and stuffing my ass so beautifully with his turgid manhood.

I intend to keep running, and maybe Peter will show up one day. At least I have the memory of his cock in my ass to keep me content. And there’s always the possibility that I’ll meet another man who thinks my ass is special and deserving of penetration.

Eileen E., California

Amsterdam’s Red Light District Leads to White Hot Lovemaking

Gordy and I walked the streets of Amsterdam’s famed Red Light District, peering through windows at prostitutes in lingerie. We amused ourselves by going “toy” shopping in the many sex shops, and as we walked back to our hotel, we looked forward to the night to come.

Gordy took a shower while I tried on the leather strap on dildo I’d bought. I strutted around the room, looking at myself in the mirror, amazed at the appearance of a penis protruding from my body. I had it put away by the time Gordy emerged from the bathroom, and we began to kiss passionately. “Sit on my face,” I suggested huskily, and he eagerly complied. I began licking and sucking his cock. I’ve never actually measured Gordy’s erect penis, but it is very big— the biggest I’ve ever had the pleasure to feel inside me. Many guys have complimented me on my blowjobs, and Gordy assures me that mine are the best. I pride myself on bringing him to orgasm while he’s in my mouth. I love tasting and swallowing every last drop. That night, however, I wanted to prolong the fun.

As he leaned over me, I continued sucking and slurping, slowly pushing his cock in and out of my mouth, alternately sucking with all my might and licking the shaft from base to tip. I was getting hungry for some action, too, so we moved into a 69 position. Gordy started running his tongue up and down my lips and gradually began teasing my clit until he finally clamped his whole mouth on top of it and sucked gently, bringing me to an intense orgasm. He didn’t want to stop, but I managed to push him off. I had a long night planned for both of us.

I pushed him down on the bed and began sucking his big, hard cock again. I fondled his balls and gradually moved my fingers to his asshole. As I pushed the first finger in, Gordy moaned with pleasure. I spread lubricant over my fingers and began probing his asshole, massaging his prostate gland. All the while I was sucking his cock. I longed to feel him inside my cunt, but I restrained myself. Instead, I pulled out a double headed dildo, one of the many toys I’d purchased that evening. I slathered it with lubricant and aimed for his asshole.

Many men don’t take advantage of the pleasure their assholes can provide, but Gordy and I both know the erotic potential of the anus. Gordy calls it his pussy. I pushed the dildo in slowly, but not very far. It was too big to really fuck him with, but I knew that it would get him ready for my big surprise. I guided the other end of the dildo into my pussy. I was so horny and wet that it slid right into my hot, tight pussy. I rocked gently over Gordy. It was hard to get traction and motion going together with the dildo, but just by thrusting my pelvis slightly I actually had an orgasm! I was stunned— and pleasantly surprised!

I told Gordy to wait a moment while I slipped into the bathroom. I think he knew what was coming, as we’d often talked about my fucking him. He remained on the bed on his back, with his hard cock beckoning me. The dildo was still in his asshole, and he held it there until I came back with my strap on in place. I moved very gently, first removing the double headed dildo from his ass, then guiding my strap on into his waiting hole. I cannot describe how erotic it was for me to look down and see a penis protrude from my body and enter his! I only wish I could have felt the sensation as well.

A leather strap from the strap on ran through the lips of my pussy and rubbed against my clit. The strap on was much smaller than the double headed dildo, and I entered Gordy without trouble. I gently began to thrust my “cock” in and out of his asshole. I longed to kiss him and nibble on his nipples, but the angle wouldn’t accommodate this. Instead, I took in the intense pleasure conveyed by his guttural moans and groans. He began to jerk himself off while I continued thrusting into him.

It was just like I had a cock! I began to fuck him fast and furiously, and I watched him writhe in pleasure. The leather strap rubbing my pussy and my clit was bringing me close to the edge. He continued stroking his shaft and moaning. I knew he was getting close and I quickened my pace. To my utter amazement, I came again! Between the leather strap rubbing against my clit and the excitement of watching him get fucked by my “penis,” I got off! Then Gordy spurted come all over himself. We were both exhausted and lay panting together.

After cleaning up, we held each other, and I thought of calling it a night. However, in a short while I began to feel passionate again. Gordy had already dozed off, so I started stroking my wet, aching pussy. Although I love to masturbate, I find it much more enjoyable when Gordy helps. I was glad when he began to stir and started fondling and kissing my breasts. He pulled out a vibrator— another one of our new toys— and pressed it to my clit. The vibrations were heavenly. He then began to nibble and suck on my pussy as he gradually pushed the vibrator inside me. He moved back and admired my shaved pussy as I masturbated myself with the vibrator. He was growing hard again as he watched me fuck myself. I still longed to feel him enter me, to fill me up with his hard, thick cock. And I didn’t have to wait very long!

He thrust his cock into me. We were like two animals in heat, sweating and grunting as we rutted. Yet at the same time, he seemed to be making the sweetest, gentlest, most affectionate love to me. I love to be fucked from behind, and as he was pumping his cock into me doggy style, he spanked my behind just the way I like best. I was right on the verge of one of my most intense orgasms to date when he shot his load into me— he came for a whole minute! He was in a state of exhaustion, I’m sure, but my orgasm would not stop. I’ve never experienced such intense orgasms, piled one on top of the other. I arched my back and pushed my ass back onto his cock, grinding my hips against him, trembling, screaming and panting.

We slept soundly, dreaming of other clever ways to utilize our new sex toys.

Gladys M., Wisconsin

Patience Pays Off as Horny Guy Gets Blown in Back Seat— of a Cab!

I’ve been a Forum reader for a few years now and always secretly wished that something as exciting as what I read in your magazine would happen to me. And last weekend, I finally got my wish.

I had just started seeing this incredibly hot babe named Sharon, and things were going really well. When she invited me to check out a party with her at her very close friend’s place.

I met her at her apartment and brought a big bunch of flowers from a deli on the corner. I could tell she was pretty happy that I’d thought of her. Actually, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I’d been jerking off just about every night trying to picture what she’d look like underneath me, with me pumping away inside her. You see, she was pulling that “Oh, let’s get to know each other” bit before we had sex. But I figured this one was worth the wait.

Anyway, we drank a couple beers at her apartment to get warmed up for the party, and then we caught a taxi uptown to her friend’s. Sharon sat nice and close to me, and I held her hand and we snuggled a bit, but I didn’t want to mess up her hair or anything. I definitely was getting the vibes that tonight might be the night, and I had to keep thinking about work to keep my cock from reaching for Sharon.

The party was great and all her friends were really nice. I even liked the music they were playing, and Sharon and I danced a lot. Every time I got close to her my cock would start to stretch, and I just hoped she wouldn’t be able to tell and freak out or anything. After one slow, sexy song I was almost sure Sharon had gotten a good feel of my hard on. We were hugging pretty tight, and I could smell her perfume and her particular scent. I wanted to throw her down right there in the middle of the party, but I don’t think her friends would’ve appreciated it. So, when the song was over, I suggested we go and refill our beers.

All I could think about was doing Sharon. When she pumped the keg, I imagined her pumping my cock. The beer spewing into our cups made me think of filling Sharon full of my pent up come. And in the background, I could hear a great bass line that was the perfect tempo to fuck to. I was going crazy!

When the crowd started to thin, Sharon whispered in my ear that she was ready to go home. She put special emphasis on the words “go home,” like they might have more meaning or something. I was just dying, hoping that what she meant was that she wanted me to “go home” with her. I told her I would get our coats while she said good bye to her friends. She gave me a quick kiss and said, “Cool!”

Going down in the elevator, I was still trying to concentrate on something besides my throbbing cock when Sharon gave me a big, long kiss and ran her hand over the bulge in my pants. Boy, she was lucky I didn’t press the emergency stop button and fuck her right on the floor of the elevator!

“Ooh,” she whispered, “it looks like you’re as hot as I am.” She kneaded my aching cock and kissed me again.

“Uh, yeah,” I gasped when I had a chance. “I mean, are you hot, too?”

“Totally,” she sighed, and moved my hand to her breast. “You’re gonna come home with me, aren’t you?”

I kept my cool and said, “If you want me to, sure.”

By then the elevator had stopped. I hailed us a taxi and, once we were inside, tried to find a position that wouldn’t fold my cock in half. Not five blocks later, Sharon’s hand was back in my crotch. “Here, let me make you more comfortable,” she whispered. I looked in the rearview mirror at the cab driver and hoped he wasn’t paying attention. When Sharon quietly unzipped my jeans, I thought for sure the guy was gonna know exactly what was going on. I could barely believe it myself. She’d made me wait this long now it looked like she couldn’t wait a minute longer. I was nervous and excited and totally surprised. And I just sat there without saying a word when Sharon leaned over into my lap and started sucking on my dick.

She was trying to be quiet, I guess, but the sound of her slurping and licking was enough to make me come all by itself. This was just about the wildest thing I’d ever done, though, and I wanted it to last. As the blocks blew past, Sharon blew me. Her tongue danced up and down my dick and her fingers felt around inside my pants, gripping and grabbing at my balls. Every time I thought I was about to lose it, I’d hold my breath and count to 10, just to make it last.

But I couldn’t hold out for too long. Practically without any warning, my balls contracted and I blew what felt like a bucket of come into Sharon’s warm, slurping mouth. She gobbled down every drop like a real trooper and then proceeded to suck me dry. When I was able to actually think again, I congratulated myself for being patient with her. Any chick who can give head that great is definitely worth the wait.

Once we got back to her apartment, Sharon didn’t disappoint— and neither did I. I made sure she knew how grateful I was— for the fantastic blowjob and for finally letting me have at her incredible bod. I’ll just say it was one draining night. And, with any luck, there’ll be many more to come!

Kevin M., New York

Teasing Wife Gets All Tangled Up in Husband’s Bondage Fantasies

My wife, Kim, and I had been talking about trying some light bondage for a while when she finally agreed to try it. I had some pretty elaborate fantasies about tying her up, so we quickly decided that the next Friday would be the night. Just to make the buildup that much greater, we agreed to abstain from sex during the week. However, that didn’t keep my wife from teasing me mercilessly. Whenever she got the chance she would slide a hand across my crotch and kiss me passionately just to get me going, then walk away and say, “Not until Friday.”

On Thursday night when I got into bed, Kim was stretched out already, completely nude. She said that since I wasn’t allowed to touch her, I would have to watch her touch herself. I gazed on in agony as she pinched her hardening nipples and ran one hand down to her bush and started running her fingers up and down her slit. She moaned lightly and continued this for a while. She then started rubbing her clit and began breathing heavily as she brought herself closer to orgasm. She moaned with each breath as she furiously rubbed faster and harder on her sopping clit. I watched while my throbbing, swollen cock ached for release, as my wife raised her hips and brought herself to a shuddering orgasm. I had completely changed my mind about waiting until Friday, but Kim simply gave me a long kiss, said “Good night,” rolled over and went to sleep. I tossed and turned all night, knowing that I would soon have total control.

The next day was the day I had been waiting for. Since I work at home, I would have all day to prepare for my love slave. I started by having my wife go to work that day wearing only a merry widow that left her beautiful tits completely uncovered under her conservative blouse. Under her skirt she wore thigh high stockings attached to the merry widow by garters, and no underwear. I told her that I wanted her to think about what she would be doing that night throughout the day. If the people at her job only knew that while she was sitting at her desk, she was slipping a finger up her skirt and fantasizing about being blindfolded and tied spread eagled to our bed.

When Kim called to let me know that she was on her way home, I told her to check out all the men on the train and imagine how hard all their cocks would be if they knew what she was wearing and thinking.

When she arrived home, I quickly blindfolded her and undressed her in front of our full length mirror. I left her merry widow and stockings on, since I find the sight of my wife’s gorgeous body highlighted by sexy lingerie to be very erotic. I tied her hands behind her back and pushed her to her knees. I undressed right next to her so she could hear what I was doing. The sight of her on her knees, blindfolded and bound, gave me a raging erection. I poured a shot of her favorite vodka down her throat. Next, I dipped my hard cock into more vodka and had her lick me clean. After she sucked me for a while, I laid her on the bed and strapped her down spread eagled on her back.

Kim looked totally helpless and seductive as her blonde hair flowed down over the black blindfold. Her fair skin looked beautiful contrasted with her black lingerie and the leather restraints, her cunt and tits exposed for my enjoyment.

I propped her head up, fed her my cock and fucked her face. She sucked and licked my rod with her warm tongue, and soon I let out a moan. My aching balls swelled up and I shot spurt after spurt of hot come down her throat in one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Kim continued sucking me until I was completely drained.

Now it was her turn. She let out moans of pleasure and pain as I chewed her nipples. I moved down her body and began tonguing her clit, making slow circles around it that drove her into a frenzy. Each time she came close to climaxing, I would back off and make her wait a little longer. Finally I began to alternately lick and suck her clit. She was straining at the leather straps that held her down and begging me to make her come. After letting her beg for a while longer, I clamped down over her cunt and sucked her clit while she howled with pleasure and bucked her hips against my face.

As she came down from her orgasm I was hard again, so I climbed on top of her and began to rub my cock over her tits. She has always enjoyed the feeling when I smear my pre come over her hard nipples. Then I pushed her tits together and started fucking her beautiful cleavage. She moaned with delight when she felt me spurting all over her tits and squealed when I rubbed it into her skin.

I hovered over her mouth and had her suck me to full hardness before I moved down to finally stuff her cunt with my cock. She begged me to fuck her hard and let out a gasp as I plunged the full length of my rod into her. I fucked her long and hard and she came several times, pulling at her restraints. My hard on seemed to last forever— I’d already come twice— so Kim had no choice but to lie back and take everything I gave her. When I finally exploded inside her, she shrieked and I collapsed atop her sweaty body.

That evening we enjoyed the wildest sex we’d ever experienced. We are looking forward to having more bondage and domination games in the future.

Frank T., Illinois

A “Nasty” Girl Experiences Something New and Very Exciting

I recently had an experience that opened me up to the joys of anal sex. I am 21 and have been sexually active for about three years. The first time I went out with my current boyfriend, he jokingly called me “just a kid”— 15 minutes later we were parked and naked, and I had his cock in my mouth. From then on, no matter what we did or where we went on dates, we always had sex.

One afternoon we were getting buzzed and Greg wanted to take some pictures, so I got undressed and started spreading. He had just recently given me my first “total” orgasm, so I was eager to do anything he wanted. He started urging me to be “nasty,” so I grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled them up to my tits, spreading my knees wide apart so that my wet pussy and asshole were totally exposed. Did that ever turn him on!

He said that he’d love to see me with a shaved pussy. I not only agreed to shave, I let Greg do it. We had a lot of fun, and he even shaved my asshole. As soon as he was finished, I resumed my sexy pose and he put body oil all over my pussy lips and asshole. I was in heaven. He started licking my cunt and nibbling on my clit. Soon I started coming and spurting cream into my boyfriend’s mouth. It was the most satisfying climax I’d ever had.

By now my pussy was soaking wet, and a lot of my love juice had dripped down to my anus. My boyfriend pushed my legs back and started fingering my hot cunt and running his fingers over my asshole. He knew that I was inexperienced with anal sex, so he took it slow. Soon, he was finger fucking my ass, which felt a lot better than I had thought it would. He hadn’t yet come, and I saw that his cock was bigger and harder than I had ever seen it. The head was covered with pre come fluid. Greg asked me if he could fuck my ass. He assured me that if it hurt too much, he would stop. Since I wanted to make him as happy as he had made me, I said okay and tried to prepare myself.

I knew the best way to let him in my back door was to relax my anus, so I closed my eyes and did just that. He was so slow and gentle that I felt only the slightest little stretch when the head of his dick popped into my ass. Once the head was in, he very slowly pushed in the rest. It felt strange, kind of nice in a wicked way. Finally I felt his balls on my asscheeks, and I knew he was all the way in. I looked down to see his cock all the way inside my ass!

Greg started fucking my ass, slowly at first and then a little faster. He kept telling me how good it felt and thanking me for letting him do it. I said, “Oh, baby, are you going to come in my ass?” I could tell he enjoyed that. Soon he was ready to come. I pushed aside all inhibitions and spread my bare pussy lips with my fingers and urged him to come. “Come on, shoot that hot come up my ass,” I said passionately. And he did! I could actually feel him come inside my ass. What a sensation!

Greg told me later that fucking my ass was the hottest experience of his life. I’d rather have his dick in my pussy, and I get it there most of the time, but now my asshole is open to him too.

Luanne H., Iowa