Man Thrills to Sight of His Wife Doing It with His Handsome Boss

My husband, Gary, had always been fascinated by his boss’s way with women and often said he’d love to watch him screw me. I had to admit the idea was appealing.

My name is Caroline and I’m 24, petite and very attractive. Gary’s boss. Bob, is a middle aged guy and handsome in a rough sort of way. Gary is a slender, nice looking man, and he’s very gentle, especially when it comes to making love. Some time back, Bob started coming over to the house. The night it all started I was in the kitchen making a snack when Bob came up behind me and worked his hands up under my top to my tits. Damn, his hands were so big and rough. They turned me on. I laughed and giggled, wondering whether Gary had put him up to it.

Soon Bob’s right hand was at my pussy. Gary came in and his eyes grew wide as he stood still and watched. After a while we all went back to the family room. I sat on the couch while they talked. Finally Bob got up and sat next to me. The room was dim except for the glare of the TV. Gary sat in the recliner across the way. Bob put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. Soon his hands were under my top and he was squeezing each tit and pinching each nipple. I squirmed and giggled. Now his right hand worked at my pussy and soon my pants were at my ankles. Gary was watching intently and rubbing his crotch. I opened my legs to allow Bob free access to my pussy. My juices started flowing.

After a while I knew that I was going to come and told Bob to finger fuck me faster. He quickened the pace until I was coming like crazy. Then Bob put my hand on the bulge in his pants. I thought he was going to take his cock out, but instead he said goodnight and left.

Gary was practically ready to explode and had me spread eagled on the bed in no time at all, treating me to the best screwing I could remember.

Bob came over unannounced about two weeks later. It was the same routine. Bob sat on the couch with me and Gary sat in his chair. The TV was on and it was sort of dark in the room. Bob took a position behind me and pulled me close to him. His hands were under my top. Bob told me how he had missed my tits and pussy. I didn’t resist him. In fact, I smiled right at Gary as Bob took off my pants and opened my legs so he could do what he wanted.

In no time my juices were flowing. Bob kept asking me if I wanted him to keep his hand going. I pleaded with him to keep it up. He turned me to him and as he did, I discovered his cock was out of his pants. “It’s your turn,” he said. “Make it good.”

I started stroking him and he kept asking if this was a turn on for Gary, too. Gary told him that he’d been fantasizing about watching this for years. Bob loved that. I kept beating his thick cock. After a while he wanted me on top.

Gary had pulled out his cock by this time. Bob fucked me good, saying how much he loved my pussy and how grateful he was to Gary for this outrageous sexual treat. I really enjoyed the fucking and soon Bob shot off. Gary was like a wild man watching his wife getting fucked by his boss.

After Bob left, Gary was thrilled to examine my sloppy, come soaked pussy. As he entered me, he kept mumbling about his boss fucking his wife. He was totally delirious.

You probably guessed it. Bob came back for more. He took up the same position behind me and went at my pussy while Gary watched from the recliner. He turned me toward him and kissed me, plunging his tongue into my mouth while his hand was still busy at my pussy.

Then he put me on my knees and guided my head down to his crotch. I sucked him hungrily, knowing Gary was rubbing himself across the room. After a short while, Bob pulled me up to impale me with his hot cock. He removed my top and now I was nude, riding my husband’s boss. Bob was nude from the waist down. He kept telling me to fuck and fuck. I did. Gary turned on more lamps so he could see better. There I was, taking “boss cock,” as Bob put it, with my husband jerking off while he watched. Then Bob came, shooting me full of his sticky stuff.

Bob said, “Take a turn, Gary.” Bob pulled me close to him and kissed me and I raised my ass so my husband could take me. As Gary fucked me from behind, Bob talked to me, saying nasty things like, “We’re going to do lots of fuck things. That young pussy is going to take lots of cock and come. I love fucking come soaked pussy. The two of us are going to double up on you and fuck you good.”

With that, my husband came, and the come started dripping out of my pussy. Gary licked it up as I sucked off Bob. It was great!

Bob comes over on a regular basis now. Gary sits in his favorite chair with his cock in his hand, watching Bob turn me on. When the real fucking starts, Gary is often on his feet so he can watch up close as his wife takes on his boss.

I welcome Bob at the door. In fact, Gary insists that I answer the door without my jeans on. He wants my ass nude for the boss, ready to take “boss cock.” Sometimes Bob takes me over one of the arms of the couch or right on the throw rug in front of Gary’s recliner. One time I went to Bob’s house and he had me call Gary and tell him what he was doing to me. Gary beat off while I was taking his boss on.

Once, at a party Gary and I were giving, Bob took me upstairs to a guest room and gave it to me. I was leaning over Bob’s lap, sucking his cock, when I felt hands on my ass and heard Gary’s voice hotly saying, “Well, would you look at my wife’s beautiful ass! I’m going to enjoy fucking this ass!” Bob just smiled.

My mouth was full of Bob so I couldn’t speak, but Bob told me to hold still because he wanted me to “take on another stud.” Gary rubbed my wet cunt and I came and came and came. Bob kept telling Gary he knew how much he loved come soaked pussy. Gary groaned and rammed his cock inside me.

Bob asked me to move my head up and down really slow and lick and suck his cock as he beat it faster and faster. I knew he’d come soon. My husband pounded at my ass and kept telling me how wonderful I was for taking them both on. He groaned, “Take my boss. Give me your sloppy seconds. Suck that boss cock.”

Suck and fuck I did. Bob left, totally satisfied, but not before telling Gary that he’d be back for some more of his wife’s fine pussy real soon.

Caroline S., Georgia

Newlyweds Enjoy Sex & Windswept Seclusion at Oceanfront Hideaway

My husband and I got married last fall, and the following Christmas was our first as husband and wife. After years of family celebrations, I was anxious to spend my holiday alone, just the two of us. Cliff agreed that he would enjoy an intimate holiday and said he’d take care of the plans.

As Christmas drew closer, I began asking Cliff what our celebration held in store, but he wasn’t talking. “I want it to be a surprise,” he told me mysteriously. Of course, that only made me more curious! I tried every trick imaginable to get him to slip me a hint. Finally I said I would need to know what to pack, thinking he would have to give me some clue, hut he only replied that he would be taking care of my packing as well. I was going crazy with anticipation!

We had both taken the week after Christmas off, but we worked right up until the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Cliff was to pick me up at work and we’d start on our secret holiday from there. I was completely in the dark he hadn’t let even the slightest little hint slip. When he pulled up at the curb, he leaned out the car window and said, “Hop in!” From there we got onto the highway and I noticed we were headed for the coast. It seemed a bit wintry to be at the beach, but it was Cliff’s surprise, so I didn’t say a word.

Eventually, we did end up on the coast, in a rather deserted resort on the Outer Banks. All the stores were closed up for the winter, and there weren’t any lights on in any of the houses. It was looking dark and stormy, and I wondered why Cliff had chosen such a desolate spot. But when we pulled into the carport of a beautiful beachfront Victorian house, I smiled. While Cliff brought our bags into the inviting house, I ran around to the front of the wraparound porch. The ocean was a smoky green color and the waves were being whipped into a frenzy by the strong winds. The salt on my face felt fantastic.

Cliff startled me when he opened a door right behind me, saying, “Come into my parlor before you get swept away!”

Inside, the house was even more beautiful. There was a huge stone fireplace and, while I toured the cozy rooms, Cliff lit a fire. I opened my suitcase and found nothing but books, magazines and crossword puzzles. “Cliff,” I called out, “where are my clothes?” He met me in the hallway and hugged me tightly. “You won’t be needing any clothes, honey, he whispered. “Everything you’ll need is under the tree.” I saw that Cliff had placed a small tree, decorated with seashells and silvery icicles, right beside the fireplace. Beneath it were a few small packages. Not much of a wardrobe, I thought, but I was anxious to see what was inside.

“First, let’s eat,” Cliff suggested. Ooh! He was building the tension!

He produced a wonderful meal from the stocked pantry and, as we sat before the fire, sipping the last of our second bottle of wine, I asked if it was time to open the gifts. “Go ahead,” he said, pointing at the packages. I went for the biggest one first. It was a huge, floor length, fluffy terrycloth robe. “That’s all you’ll need clothes wise,” Cliff said, as he began to unbutton my chambray shirt. Then he stopped himself and told me to open some more presents. I could barely stand the suspense! I wanted him, not gifts! But I reached for another package. Then another. Massage oils, edible underwear, scented bath salts, all the necessary ingredients, Cliff said, for a week of erotic sensory overload, which sounded just super to me.

But before we had time to try out any of the gifts, Cliff was kissing me, unbuttoning the last buttons of my shirt and helping me out of my pants. He spread me out on the luxurious rug, right in front of the crackling fire, and spent a wildly frustrating amount of time kissing, caressing, licking and nibbling every inch of my body. I couldn’t remember ever having felt so sexy— and so turned on. Each time his attentions took him anywhere near my pussy, I raised up off the floor, nudging my pelvis in the direction of his mouth. But he made me wait. And wait.

When he finally began nuzzling my pubic hair, I thought I would climax merely from his proximity to my awaiting clitoris. When he slid his tongue, slowly, patiently, into my hot, wet folds, I almost wept. Soon, he was working my clit, licking furiously, and after such an unbelievable build up, it certainly didn’t take me long to come. I was arching up, meeting Cliff’s hungry mouth, the waves of orgasm crashing through me with the force of the sea. Once, then again, and again, until each climax blended into the next. Then, as I lay in a breathless heap on the floor, he entered me, smoothly and quickly, all in one motion, and began to slide his stiff cock slowly in and out of my swollen cunt.

We rolled on the floor, fucking like we’d been celibate for centuries, changing positions as though our bodies were one. We made love all night, dozing off while wrapped in each other’s arms, then waking and picking up where we’d left off. When the first rays of sun were clawing their way through the swift storm clouds, we were exhausted. Pulling an afghan off the couch, we snuggled together and slept till noon.

The entire week was like that, an occasional crossword puzzle punctuating extended lovemaking sessions, long massages and bath after romantic bath. It was heavenly. It was the merriest Christmas I have ever had!

Kim L., North Carolina

Returning Home for the State Fair and a Fantasy Fulfilled

I am five feet ten inches and wear a size 16 dress. I have five or six outfits, loads of lingerie and a closet full of shoes. Yes, I am a TV and have been ever since I can remember. I am 41 years old and my wife, Carrie, is 29 she wears a size seven. She is a truly beautiful woman with great legs, a nice ass and firm tits. Throughout college and my 20s, I thought I was heterosexual, but in my later years I realized that I was actually bisexual. However, I am only bi when I am dressed in drag.

On occasion, Carrie will let me indulge my fantasies. Carrie and I did my best friend, Keith, one night while I was in drag. It was the fulfillment of a fantasy for me. Keith and I have been friends for about 20 years. He was always straight while we were hanging around together.

After I got married, Carrie and I moved away but Keith remained a friend to us both. When Carrie and I went back to our hometown last year for the state fair, we fooled around with Keith. Anticipating what might happen, since we were staying at his place, I had packed an extra suitcase. We went to the fair late that afternoon and stayed for a few hours, drinking and having fun. We left around 8:00 and went to a neighborhood bar and then told Keith that we were going back to his place. I told him to wait about 30 minutes and then come get his “surprise.” He didn’t know what to expect.

While Carrie was getting changed into what I had picked out for her— a cut out lace bra, garter belt, ruffled crotchless panties, stockings and pumps, all in black— I was shaving as close as I could. After I finished doing my makeup, I put on earrings and my strawberry blonde wig. When we heard Keith come in, Carrie went downstairs while I finished dressing. I put on a black bustier, rolled black hose up my legs and fastened them to the garters, wiggled into a pair of black bikini panties and put on black three inch pumps. I felt beautiful.

As I descended the staircase, I could see that Keith and Carrie had already gotten started. Carrie was on the couch and Keith was kneeling on the floor in front of her, eating her pussy. I sat down next to Carrie and started licking and sucking her tits. After a few minutes we decided it was Keith’s turn. Carrie and I fondled his dick and then we took turns sucking him. Carrie slipped a condom on his stiff dick and pulled him down on top of her. As they fucked, I knelt down in front of Carrie’s face and put my cock in her mouth. She was out of control. She loves a dick in her mouth and one in her pussy at the same time.

After a while I pulled out and sat back to watch them fuck. They fucked for about 20 minutes and then both of them lay back, spent. Keith still had not come, though, and neither had I. When I started playing with Carrie’s tits, sucking on them, I felt Keith’s hands on my ass. He started playing with my “pussy,” then reached for the KY jelly I had brought downstairs with me. He put a condom on his cock and I sat on top of him, working his dick into my “pussy.”

After I buried him to the hilt, I started pumping on his cock. Carrie came over and started playing with my dick. In a few minutes I was coming like I had never come before.

Afterward, Carrie and I went into the spare bedroom and, still in drag, I fucked her one last time before we went to sleep. I thank my wife for letting me fulfill this exquisite fantasy and I would like her to know that I love her a lot.

Stan K., Missour

Sexy Housewife Adds “Making It with Two Men at Once” to Video

Joe and I have been together now for six years. We are happily married and the best of friends. Our sex life is outstanding, but recently it got even more exciting. I have always wanted to videotape making it with two men at once, and my fantasy came true, thanks to my wonderful husband.

In August of last year, Joe surprised me by bringing home an old friend of ours. Dave is 23, about six feet tall and incredibly handsome. He has one ear pierced, the most beautiful deep brown eyes— the kind you can lose yourself in— and a gorgeous body.

Well, to get right to it, we all sat in the living room for a while and talked of things to come. We smoked some pot and drank wine. I found myself staring at Dave, who sat across from me. I couldn’t help but drink in his good looks. I felt the anticipation growing and heating up inside me.

After a while Dave got up and took his clothes off. Oh, how good he looked! He went down the hall to jump in the shower while Joe and I set up the video camera. Dave warmed up the water and I warmed up Joe, who was trying to check out the camera.

I stood outside the shower stall, and when Dave started to lather his body, I began fantasizing about him. As he ran his hands over his body, I could almost feel his hands on me. I fantasized about him caressing my breasts as he touched his own. I could feel the water streaming over me. His hands roamed lower until at last they reached his glorious organ of love and pleasure.

So firm and large was his manhood! Thoughts of having my lips wrapped around it, caressing, licking, sucking, stroking, simply making love to his cock with my mouth, filled my mind, almost overwhelming me. Finally, he rinsed off and stepped out. With a grin he asked, “How’s that?”

We moved to the living room, and Dave got comfortable on the sofa while Joe continued setting up the camera in the corner. We drank more wine and I watched Dave on the sofa stroking his lovely cock. I played with the camera, getting some great shots. After a while Joe instructed me to come lie down on the floor. He held me close and kissed my neck. He then took each of my nipples in his mouth and nibbled and sucked them gently, working his way down to my womanhood.

Ever so lightly he kissed, licked and nibbled my clitoris, then inserted a finger in my aching pussy, then another one, and another one, until I was sopping wet with lust. Joe then told me to get on my hands and knees with my ass high in the air so Dave could see me. My pussy was aching to be fucked.

This time Joe inserted one, two, three fingers in my vagina and start ed fucking me, working his fingers in and out and from side to side. It felt so wonderful. Then he put my small dildo in my ass and fucked me with it as Dave watched and pumped his dick. This made it even better, knowing Dave was watching us and enjoying himself, too. My excitement intensified as I climbed to orgasm. Dave came moments before I did.

Now Joe reminded Dave of my fantasy. With the video camera still running, my husband got down on the floor under me, his cock firm and standing at attention, while Dave knelt behind me, ready to give my asshole pleasure. Joe slid his manhood inside my hot pussy while Dave caressed my ass. Then Dave bent over and started kissing and licking my ass, getting me even hotter. Slowly he worked his finger into my anus and began finger fucking me. Both of my hot holes were filled.

Joe, meanwhile, was pumping away in my pussy. Dave removed his fingers and slid his cock inside me. Simultaneously the two men fucked me. Every so often I would glance at the TV monitor and see myself getting fucked by two handsome lovers. There I was, sandwiched between Joe and Dave, one cock in my pussy and the other stuffed deep inside my hot bottom. Waves of pleasure washed over my body. I felt totally filled up and was almost delirious with lust. I was being given so much pleasure, I felt as if I might actually explode. My orgasm seemed to go on forever.

Joe and Dave were great together. It was a sexual experience I shall never, ever forget. And maybe, just maybe, if the time is right, we’ll do it again. Meanwhile, I have the video tape of that memorable threesome to keep me warm and horny. Joe and I look at it frequently, and we always wind up fucking like crazy before it’s over!

Alice B., Missouri

Sexy Wife Surprises Her Man with Special Present on Christmas

Thank you for a wonderful magazine. I started reading Forum back in the mid 70′s and enjoy it just as much today. Without your magazine, I seriously doubt I would have any erotic adventures to write about and certainly would never have had the courage to discuss them. My wife and I still find the stories helpful and educational, and we would like to share one of our experienes.

Each year on Christmas Eve my wife and I like to spend some romantic time under the tree. Last year was particularly special, and just talking about it gets us both hot. I took a shower and then waited downstairs for Karen to join me. My cock was already aching with desire and my mind raced with the possibilities. It seemed to be taking her forever to get finished.

I went downstairs to wait for her and, at long last, she appeared at the top of the staircase. Karen was wearing a red and black bustier, red G string, garter belt and heels. She looked sexy as hell, and as she came down the stairs her tits almost popped out of the top of her outfit. She smiled her approval at the sight of my swollen cock rising above the waistband of my bikini underwear. I thought my balls would explode just watching her enter the living room.

As I lay on the floor, my wife began to model her outfit for me, dancing like a girl in some strip show. She bent over and slowly ran her fingers up the insides of her long legs, giving me a fantastic view of her firm ass. She moaned softly as she traced a finger between her legs and across her clit. I thought about jerking off while I watched her little teasing act, but what I really wanted was to bury my big cock up to my balls in her hot, wet cunt.

Karen lay down beside me and as we kissed deeply, I ran my hands down her back and across her bare asscheeks. I wanted to slide a finger inside her G string, coating it with her love juice, and then let her lick my finger clean. We have always loved the taste of her sweet pussy, whether it is shared in a kiss or when she cleans my cock off after we have been fucking. My wife whispered “Not yet” as I tried to part her legs for my probing finger. Then she rolled me over and sat on op of me.

Her nipples were as hard as could be and almost bursting through the top of her bustier. As I worked her firm tits free, Karen began to grind her clit harder and harder on the head of my cock. I could feel her juices seeping through the crotch of her G string and begged her to sit on my face and let me fuck her with my tongue. She was determined to tease me to the limit, and instead of giving me a taste of that hot nest, she slid down my body and lowered her mouth to my cock. As Karen’s tongue snaked its way around the tip, drops of pre come oozed out and she promptly lapped them up.

Slowly, she lowered her head until her mouth was stuffed full of lust swollen prick. Just as I was ready to flood her mouth with scalding come, she sat up and ran her fingers across the now clearly soaked crotch of her G string. She licked each of her fingers clean, teasing me some more, but then she simply could not hold back any longer. Karen has always loved the feel of my cock deep inside her hot cunt, and this is just what she aimed to get. She slid her body back up next to mine, and this time as we kissed she spread her legs apart, giving my probing fingers access to her prize.

I always enjoy the feel of her curly cunt hairs on the palm of my hand as I finger fuck her, but right away I realized there was something different. While she was in the shower, Karen had shaved her cunt completely, something she had not done in years. We both moaned in pleasure as my finger stroked her lust swollen clit. I couldn’t wait to bury my face in that hairless slit and tugged at her G string. Karen wanted to cover my face with her juice as much as I wanted her to, and she raised her ass up to help reveal her surprise” for me.

Her clit was standing out like I had never seen before, and I buried my face between her wide spread legs. She put her hands on my head to make sure I wouldn’t tease her and stop sucking on her cunt. She began to raise her ass off the floor, fucking my tongue as if it were a stiff prick. As her moans grew louder, she got wetter and wetter and covered my face with a mind blowing orgasm. No sooner had she come than she begged me to fuck her.

As I got between Karen’s firm thighs, she reached for my cock and rubbed the head across her clit. I lowered my face to kiss her and she ran her tongue across my face, tasting her own sweet juices. We kissed as she guided my aching cock between her pussy lips. I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. In no time I was pumping come deep inside her tight cunt. She came again from the feel of come gushing against the walls of her pussy, and we collapsed on the floor under the Christmas tree. It was a night neither of us will forget

Stanley M., Ohio