Coo Coo Ka Chou, Marilou

It was my senior year in high school and I was but 18 years old. I was living in a garage apartment behind my parents’ house and I thought I was so hip. The window over my bed looked right into my neighbor’s house.

My neighbor was my best friend’s mom. The year was ’59 and she had been widowed for eight years. Her name was Marilou and she was a very attractive woman. I spent most of my spare time peeping in her windows, trying to get a look at her in her bathrobe.

One day, I was sitting outside the garage dribbling a basketball when her Buick pulled up in her driveway and Marilou got out and began to unload groceries from the trunk. I walked over and offered some assistance. She put two bags in my arms and said, “Follow me.”

I followed her into her kitchen and helped her put the things away. When she offered me a Coca Cola, I took the drink and followed her into the front room.

I watched as Marilou settled into a comfortable chair, and I made myself at home directly across from her right on the floor with my back against the long couch. Of course, I had a reason for sitting on the floor. Marilou had great legs, and I had only one thing on my mind: I was hoping to get a peek under her skirt, and, of course, hoping not to get caught.

Marilou had a great figure altogether. She had to be about 40 or so. She was just ten feet from me, and her stocking clad legs were crossed at the knee. What a beautiful sight! She sipped her coffee while I drank my Coke. Then she crossed her legs the other way! From where I was sitting, I could see all the way up. What turned me on the most was the soft skin above her dark brown stocking tops.

I was being careful not to get caught looking. I purposely looked elsewhere, except when she was crossing and uncrossing and, even then, only after checking to make sure she wasn’t looking at me. Only when she was looking away could I feast my eyes on the garter strap, long and white, that stretched tightly against her bare thigh, holding up her nylons.

Occasionally Marilou moved in her seat. Then I got to see a lot more. She had pink panties on that day— what a sight! I wanted to stare up her skirt all day long. I sure took my time drinking that Coke. I thought I was really getting by with something until she said calmly, “Well, do you like what you see?”

I couldn’t answer. I was too busy trying to swallow to keep the Coke bubbles from foaming up my nose.

“Want to see more?” she asked. “A lot more?”

I swallowed and watched Marilou get up. She disappeared into the kitchen. Then a few seconds later she returned. “I just locked the back door,” she said.

I remained on the floor and Marilou stood above me. “Relax,” she said. I thought I must be daydreaming. I was waiting for the part where I wake up and it’s all a dream. I was surprised to see Marilou reach up for her buttons and begin undoing her blouse. I could see the lacy top of a slip, and the straps of her bra beneath. She pulled her blouse completely off and tossed it on a chair. I watched as she removed her black pumps. Her skirt had an elastic band at the waist. Marilou simply pulled it right down to her feet. I was mesmerized.

Through the slip I could see her stockings, garter belt, panties, and bra. I watched as Marilou bent slightly at the waist and, grabbing the lacy hem of her slip, pulled it up to her waist and over her head.

I could not believe what I was seeing. She reached her hands behind her and loosened the hooks on her bra. I couldn’t believe the sight of her breasts— real live breasts, my first sight of any. Marilou was perfect. Her nipples were large and dark brown. I didn’t know what to do.

“Do you like?” she asked.

I don’t remember answering her. Maybe I nodded my head. I remember wishing for her to take her panties down. I got my wish. I watched as she pulled them all the way down her legs. At first I couldn’t see anything but her back and the back of her head, then she stood straight up like a goddess. The dark, thick brown hair up between her legs was a shock. Marilou just stood there, allowing me to look my fill. My eyes couldn’t move fast enough to take in her fabulous body. I wanted to commit it to memory. I wanted to relive this moment alone at night in my bed. My ambitions were limited.

“Stand up,” she said. I did so. With her index finger she motioned me over. I remember how wobbly my knees felt. I jerked when she touched me. She didn’t mess around, but went straight for my penis.

Of course, at this point, the only hands that had ever been on my penis were my own. I was overwhelmed. She rubbed me through my pants. We stood face to face and she unbuckled my belt and pulled down the zip with both her hands. Then she pulled my pants down around my knees and came back up to stare into my eyes. I couldn’t look her in the eye, so I closed mine. That’s when I felt her hands slip inside the elastic waistband of my boxer shorts, and my penis was in her grasp.

I had played with myself plenty of times, but this feeling was entirely different. Marilou squeezed and fondled my swollen penis. I felt my foreskin being moved up and down. She was an expert at playing with penises and I had no intention of stopping her. She could play with my penis as long as she liked. With my eyes still closed, I felt her kiss me on the lips. I kissed back. I was afraid that if I opened my eyes I’d find out I was dreaming.

I really don’t remember the exact sequence of events, but somehow I was out of my pants and shorts and on the couch, on top of Marilou. She was soft, and it was pleasant to feel her body undulating under mine. Our arms and legs entwined. We kissed for a very long time.

Once again, I felt Marilou’s hand move between our bodies. I thought for sure I was going to get another good feel. But this time she did something different. With my swollen penis in her hands, she moved my meat to a place it had never been before: a warm hot love tunnel. It felt incredible. We both grew quiet, but not for long. Soon we began to move, up and down, slowly at first. I don’t think two minutes went by before I lost control. I had the most wonderful orgasm, you know the type— unlike anything you can give yourself with your own two hands. I was no longer a virgin. Marilou had taken care of that.

The very next day, Marilou gave me another new experience. She took my penis in her mouth. I spilled out on her tummy. By the following week, I’d had my mouth and tongue between her legs. Man, the way she moaned and shook! Thanks Marilou. I’ll never forget you.

K.H., Minnesota

Poolside Playhouse

My neighbor, Jackie, must have been a teen mom, because she couldn’t have been more than 35 at the time I knew her. Of course, this seemed ancient to me. By then I was sure her sex life was over (Do people over 30 even have sex, I thought). Okay, I was naive. That is, until that fateful weekend when I was 19 and a poorly drawn curtain revealed more of my neighbor than I could have imagined.

Jackie had already gone to bed for the evening. I was at home in my backyard, relaxing by the pool with a cool brew. The night was gorgeous and the only light was a dim glow from Jackie’s room that illuminated part of the patio. I heard the sound of a car out in the street, and I got up to see if it was one of my buddies coming to visit. I walked on bare feet across the patio to where the fence separated our house from Jackie’s. I walked right past her window, to get a look over the gate, and I immediately saw that she was entertaining herself in a way that had me glued to the window.

On the TV in a corner a porno flick showed a man and woman going through some serious sexual gymnastics. As Jackie watched, she pulled up the hem of her plain cotton nightie, revealing legs that were tanned and shapely from her daily workouts on the tennis courts. I thought to walk away, but she revealed her pubic mound and I was transfixed. The sight of her well trimmed bush, shaved around her vagina, froze my good intentions.

In seconds she was working on herself, seriously stroking her clitoris with one finger, then inserting another inside her vagina lips. It was clear she was getting turned on. Suddenly she closed her legs quickly. Afraid she had seen me at the window, I ducked down quickly and duck walked back to my house.

That night in my room, I pondered the sight of Jackie rubbing her clitoris. At moments it seemed totally inappropriate. At other moments it clearly turned me on: the thought of her spread legs and her revealed vagina. I was confused in my mind, but the erection in my hands knew what it wanted.

The next morning I tried to be casual when I waved to Jackie from the pool. It was clear at once that she had no idea what I had seen. That night, to my disappointment, Jackie’s light went out early in the evening, not even a flicker from her TV to let me know she was awake. Finally, Saturday night came. And instead of going out with the guys to the local bar, I hoisted a few Budweisers in my own backyard and sneaked around to Jackie’s window.

Once again, her light went on, softly illuminating the concrete. Inside stood Jackie, facing a man I now know as her husband, Ron. They weren’t married then, and I didn’t know him. Jackie was clad in a long pink nightie that had straps on the shoulders, white lace around the fringes, and was slightly see through, just enough to hint at her bush and nipples. I got comfortable and suspected that I would be in for a quick sight of some screwing, then the guy would depart. Wrong.

Ron positioned Jackie at the foot of the bed and gradually circled her. I knew he was talking to her, but I couldn’t make out the words. I could see the flush of her skin and how her nipples grew erect. She nodded her head in assent to something he said, then lay back on the bed.

Ron leaned over her and began stroking her legs and arms. With each stroke of her leg, he pushed her nightie up more. He was whispering to her the whole time. It was obvious by the arch in her back and the way she spread her legs that she was enjoying it. Ron eased her straps down and began kissing her breasts. He kissed and stroked each one as he pulled her nightie all the way up to her waist. Again I was staring at Jackie’s well trimmed vagina. Then he did something I had never even imagined: He spread her legs and began to lick feverishly at the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. His dark head moved up higher and higher until— surely not— he was licking her vagina. She bucked her hips up at him, wanting more and more of his tongue on her. She was just on the point of climax— she wanted it badly.

Ron rose then and stripped off his clothes. His penis was wrapped in a fringe of curly black hair. I was impressed— he was pretty big. He lay down beside her and fingered her, keeping her on the point of climax. Her hole must have been wet and wide open. Ron climbed up the bed and positioned himself between her thighs, then he threw back his head, and thrust his penis inside her.

Ron’s face was pure joy, and Jackie was over the edge, throwing her body back and forth. Ron thrust in and out several times, then pulled out and went down on her again. Then he rose above her again and began thrusting inside her. Then he withdrew and went down on her again.

This went on and on, until Jackie was writhing against the sheets and Ron had clearly worked up a sweat. Finally, Ron gave a few, short, jerky thrusts between her thighs, then withdrew and climaxed, shooting a milky white juice across Jackie’s nipples.

I would love to say that the evening stopped there. But, after watching a porno flick, they got horny again— and so did I— and an hour later were at it again, with Ron teasing her almost to the point of orgasm.

Since that night, I’ve never looked at Jackie, or any woman her age, in the same way again. I had the sexiest neighbor on the block, and my very own live porn show right in my own backyard!

Name and address withheld by request

Swing Me Higher!

I am writing in response to a letter I read in your new women’s section of Forum, December 1995. I applaud your new women’s section. I think that women will read it to share with other women, and men will read it to see what we girls are up to! But I hope that you don’t just publish letters like the one from Disappointed in Dallas that continue to confirm old stereotypes about men being the adventurous ones and women fainting away at the sight of a penis other than their husband’s. Swinging is not for everyone, I’ll admit. (Though I think the problem is that most people are running in the wrong circles!) But it isn’t just men who fantasize about sex with a new partner. Speaking for a lot of other women out there, and believe me I meet them all the time, let me just set the record straight: There are women who love to swing!

I’m one of them. I love that moment when you meet a couple for the first time and you can feel the sexual tension in the air. The four of you are bringing a lot of baggage to the meeting: past sexual experiences, fears, repressions. All of that gets worked out. I love to watch my partner act out a fantasy I’ve shared with him. I know what’s at stake and I feel his lust and his satisfaction. I like to watch him enjoy, and be enjoyed by, another woman while I’m getting it off with someone else. The experience is different every time. Some couples like to break away and get it on privately without the watchful eyes of their partner. But I love it when the sex turns into a free for all in one room, with everyone switching partners. I love threesomes, as well, when my lover and I can concentrate our talents on one other person. “Disappointed” certainly does not speak for every woman when she says monogamy is the only way to go. I wish that we could meet somehow. I’m sure that once she tried swinging our way, she’d never go back. We always say that one good experience is all it takes.

She should have been there last Friday night, for instance, when I met my lover at a hotel bar downtown, to have a drink and unwind after a long week. He had told me over the phone that he had a surprise in store for me, and since I love nice surprises, I didn’t even ask what it was. I could tell by the tone of his voice that it was something sexy: if a voice can be said to twinkle, his did.

I arrived early and looked for him at the bar. He was sitting there, looking sexy in his black jeans and t shirt. I was wearing a black miniskirt, high heels, and a tight spandex t shirt. I sat down on the bar stool and crossed my legs so he would see the ends of my stockings on my creamy white thighs. I know how much garter belts turn him on.

We kissed hello and I confirmed that mischievous glint in his eye that told me a surprise was definitely on the way. In the meantime, we ordered a round of drinks and I surreptitiously ran my hand down the inside of his thighs, giving Johnny an occasional flick with my fingertips. I was already dripping and the night hadn’t even started yet. I crossed and uncrossed my legs, giving him a view of my luscious thighs with just a hint of the steamy juncture between them. Suddenly he turned around on his bar stool and addressed a woman who had just come into the room. “Ah,” he said, “here’s the surprise.” I turned and smiled at the woman approaching us.

“Honey,” he said, “I’d like you to meet the ex lover I’ve told you so much about.”

I couldn’t believe it was her— our companion in so many fantasies. I automatically thought back to the many times we’d included her in our lovemaking, mutually fantasizing about a threesome with me acting out the roles of both women. I remember everything he’s ever told me about their sex life before he met me. Just thinking about it elevates my body temperature three degrees!

We made room for her between us at the bar. We loosened up quickly with easy conversation and booze. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the surreptitious glances they shared. He wanted her! I could almost see him mentally licking his lips at the thought of licking her lips. After a while he said, “Sweetheart, M. and I haven’t seen each other in a while and we decided to take a room.”

I felt a lot of emotions all at once: jealousy, envy, lust, and understanding. He wanted her and I could understand that. They shared something very special, a unique intimacy different than our own. I decided not to be small minded. Letting them go off together, I knew I would get to hear all about it later— and we would heighten our passion for each other sharing the memory of her. I stifled the wish that I could go too. “Whatever makes you happy, Sweetie,” I said. “I’m all for it.”

“Good,” he laughed, “because you’re coming too.”

Unbelieving, I stumbled along with him to the elevator that took us to our new experience. As soon as the door closed, he drew M. close and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. Then he turned to me and did the same. He whispered, “This is going to be a night you’ll never forget.”

When we reached the room, the first thing I noticed was the video camera lying on the table. “Who wants to be cameraman first?” he asked. I volunteered. I wanted to keep a memory of this night. I picked up the camera and turned it on the two of them. “Ready?” I asked. “Action.”

With a wicked smile he started the show. They fell into each other’s arms and kissed hungrily, deeply. I could see the movements of their tongues, dancing in and out each other’s mouth, snaking between their teeth. Their bodies pressed close together and I could almost feel the heat emanating from them from where I was standing. He lowered his hands to M.’s bum and grabbed her firm cheeks in both hands, while she ran her hands up and down his back, making circles with her fingertips. He reached up to her breasts, cupping them in his palms, then he started to undress her. He opened the buttons of her blouse, seeking more of her deliciously tanned skin.

It was getting hot in the room. I set the camera on auto and put it down for a minute so I could take off my t shirt. I was wearing my black lace bra— the one with the slits for my nipples, which at that point were standing erect and poking out between the material. Under my mini I had on crotchless black lace panties and a black garter belt and stockings. M. was wearing only a red garter belt, white stockings, a tiny G string, and no bra. We both looked like we stepped out of the pages of a lingerie catalog— or a wet dream! As though we were sleepwalking, we moved toward one another and began touching each other’s clothing, noting the feel of the satin and lace, and the small details of the workmanship. Our touches became caresses. Soon, we were embracing passionately. We edged toward the bed and lay down together.

Our hands continued to explore each other’s body as we peeled off the remaining clothing. My lover— our lover— picked up the videocamera where I had positioned it. He said that the sight of us, skin to skin, was making the blood rush to his head. M. took a bottle of scented oil from the nightstand and playfully dripped it on me, letting it flow from the nape of my neck, down the space between my breasts, to my navel, and finally, down to my vagina! She lovingly spread it around with her hands, taking special care to tarry on those spots she knew were so receptive to her touch. She kneaded my breasts like they were dough. I couldn’t hold back a moan.

She covered my mouth with hers and straddled my body, her vagina rubbing wetly against my stomach. Then she leaned over me and reached under the pillow and brought out a penis shaped vibrator. “I want to do you,” she said.

She propped a pillow beneath my hips and I spread my legs wide and brought my knees up. She oiled the dildo up well, then slowly pushed it inside my vagina, fingering my clitoris as she slid it in and out. Our cameraman moved in for a close up and I gave him a look of raw emotion— pleasure, desire, and naked lust. He panned my body and moved in for a close up of the dildo sliding in and out of me.

I reached down to M.’s vagina and fingered her. Panting, she looked me in the face and said, “Please lick me.” I pulled her down on top of me and kissed her hard, my tongue invading her mouth. Then I rolled us over so that I was on top. Placing my body full length on hers, I rubbed my breasts against hers. My clean shaven vagina kissed hers. She couldn’t take it anymore and squirmed away into a 69 with me and I sank my vagina on her face. She ate me hungrily and I lapped up her juices.

My lover couldn’t take it anymore. The sight of the two of us licking each other was more than he could bear. He removed the rest of his clothing and approached us, the camera hanging down now near his penis, which was bobbing upright, the head purple. I could have broken bricks against that hard on. He moved in for a close up of my tongue licking her lips, then went down for a look at M. sucking my clitoris. She really knew what she was doing! With my free hand I reached out and pumped his penis, feeling waves of pleasure emanate from him. M. was gently pulling on my lips with her teeth and running her tongue down my crevice. Then I felt her push one, then two fingers inside me. I gasped, and came like a volcano, gushing ejaculatory come— as I only do when I’m really hot. I pushed my face deeper into her groin, wanting to bring her to climax too. Her moans were muffled by my vagina grinding down on her.

We change positions, with her on top. I lie face up and she straddles my head, coming down on my face. I stick out my tongue like a penis and she rides me. Then she raises up slightly so I can get my tongue at her clitoris. Her lips separate like a flower and I tongue at her little pearl inside. Her eyes are closed and her skin is flushed. Her breath comes in short, ragged gasps. She opens her eyes and looks down at me with a glazed expression that tells me she’s about to come. She grinds her vagina down. The wetness makes my tongue slick. Her thighs tighten around my head— and she comes.

When we both recover and come back to earth, it’s to find my lover standing over us, the camera down by his side and his erection held out in front of him like a big sore thumb! “Poor baby,” M. and I say together. “I guess we’ll have to take care of that,” I tell her and she nods conspiratorially.

But for the purposes of this letter, I won’t go into that. The point is, when you close your mind to new experiences, you also close the door on pleasure. For the women out there, give multiple partners a try. For “Disappointed,” sorry you didn’t like it— more sorry than I can say. But as they tell you when you’re learning to ride a bike, get back on as soon as possible!

Name and address withheld

You Never Forget Your First Time

First experiences is a subject I find endlessly fascinating. I hope more readers will write in to tell theirs. I’d be happy to share mine, if you think others will find it interesting. I relive it in my fantasies. The old adage is true, I think, you can never forget your first.

Mine was ten years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was just getting ready to go into the service, and it seemed like sex was everywhere. My virginity was weighing heavily on my mind. I knew once I was in, all the guys would be talking about their experiences, and I very much wanted to be one of the guys who’d have something to talk about.

I grew up living in my grandmother’s house. I never knew my father and had always lived with my mother in her mother’s house. It was a small house, and my room was a dormer room that we had renovated from what used to be the attic. I was boxing all my stuff up the week before I got ready to ship out. My grandmother had offered my room to the daughter of a friend. Her name was Kelly and she was going to live with my mom and grandma while she went to college.

Kelly started moving in about the same time I was boxing stuff and moving out. She was a very pretty girl, with long reddish brown hair and big brown eyes. She wore her jeans low on her hips and tight t shirts that molded her breasts. When I was around her my palms started sweating and I could feel myself blush. But she always seemed cool and remote.

She was unpacking her stuff and finding places to put everything, when I remembered my stash of X rated books and porn magazines. Some I had bought off guys at school, others I had found at a garbage dump. I had read them all, not once but many times, and had jacked off with each reading. Of course she had already found them.

“Hey,” she said, “look what I found.” I couldn’t bring myself to be so childish as to try and pry it from her hands, so I played it cool.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “I forgot about those. I haven’t thought about them for a few years.”

“Good,” she said, “then you won’t mind if I keep them.”

“You read porn?”

“Sure. Look, here’s one of my favorites. I love these letters from people about their sex lives.”

She started to read out loud. I lay back on my old bed and looked at the ceiling. Soon she was lying down beside me— there wasn’t anywhere else in the small room to sit.

It turned out we both knew everything there was to know about sex, but neither of us had tried it. All that last week that I was there, we spent together. We went swimming at the lake, or rode our bikes half a mile up to the creek. At the creek we could swim nude, since we seldom saw another person. We would take off our clothes as soon as we got there and swim, then we would lay in the grass and pretend we weren’t looking at each other.

Kelly’s pubic hair was reddish too, just like her hair. I was beginning to get some real hair on my chest and I was proud of it. But I had no control over the raging erection that seemed to come on me with little notice. I didn’t know if Kelly would be embarrassed when I got one, or insulted if I didn’t. Either way, she didn’t seem to notice much. Once in a while, I would see her glancing at me from the corner of her eye. When she noticed me noticing, she always looked away.

We talked about sex, boyfriends, girlfriends. Finally, one day she told me about this guy she dated, always trying to feel her up, touch her tits and feel between her legs. That got me hard and, without even thinking about it, I started masturbating. She pretended not to notice and just kept talking and I kept stroking my penis. It wasn’t long before I started coming. I just let it rip, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. My come spurted out the tip of my penis, arched and splattered on my stomach.

Kelly sat up quickly and watched in amazement. “Oh my God!” she said. “I didn’t know it would be like that.”

It was the first time she had seen a guy masturbate and come. It was the first time anyone had watched me come. We both got up and jumped in the creek, me to clean up, her to cool off. Then we went back home to the little room we shared in the attic. I slept on a sleeping bag on the floor and she got the bed. That night it was hard for both of us to sleep. Thinking about masturbating and coming in front of her had me hot.

It was a few days later that we went back to the creek and started talking about sex again. Kelly said it was the greatest thing she’d ever seen— me coming all over the place. She asked me to do it again for her. I said I would, if she undressed and sat in front of me and read some porn. I took a book out of my backpack and handed it to her. It was one of the books from my collection in the attic. She started reading and I started getting hard. I didn’t feel at all shy around her anymore. I started stroking my penis nice and slow while she read to me. Just hearing the words “pussy,” “cock,” “penis,” “asshole,” and “fuck” trip lightly off her sexy tongue was enough for me. I stroked myself faster and faster, and in no time, I started coming all over myself.

Kelly was breathing pretty hard. She reached out and touched where my come had landed on my belly. I pulled her on top of me and started kissing her. I stroked her breasts and belly, and pulled one of her nipples into my mouth. Her breasts were so sweet, I could have sucked them all day. She asked me if I wanted to eat her vagina like they were doing in the book. I didn’t have to be asked twice.

I kissed my way down to her vagina. It was like nothing I had thought it would be. She tasted great and she felt even better. Her sex organ was so delicate. I still remember the sweet smell and taste of her. I haven’t had a vagina to date that tasted like that. My head was between her thighs for what seemed a very short time to me, before she started to come. She squeezed her thighs against my ears and came on my lips and tongue— so sweet. She was moaning and crying, “I’m coming, oh God I’m coming!” I could have licked her forever, but she sat up and stopped me.

“I can’t take any more,” she said.

But I moved my face deeper in her crotch and gave her a few more licks. She started shuddering all over and cried out my name.

That night we ate barbecue with my mom and grandma, and we shared secret knowing looks over the picnic table.

“What are you guys up to all day?” my mom asked.

“Swimming,” I said.

“Riding bikes,” said Kelly.

We laughed. “Swimming and riding bikes,” I told Grandma.

“Well, you both have good color,” Grandma said.

I only had two more days, so we made the most of them. We biked up the creek early in the morning, and didn’t come home until it got dark. We didn’t even have to say anything to each other. As soon as we got to the creek we both started stripping off our clothes. First we would jump in the water to cool off, then we would lie in the sun to dry.

That’s how it was my last day. We had just laid down in the grass and I closed my eyes against the sun when I felt Kelly’s hand reach over my belly to stroke my penis. It was the first time anyone but me had touched my penis. Kelly started masturbating and my penis got hard as a rock real quick. “Slow,” I told her. It felt so great that I didn’t want it to end too fast.

“Lie back and enjoy it,” she said.

I did. And it wasn’t long before I felt her lips on the head of my penis. I couldn’t believe it— my first blowjob. I was going out of my mind while she sucked me. I leaned up a little and looked down. I wanted to watch her suck my penis. “Ahh, I’m going to come,” I warned. But she just kept sucking. “I’m coming. I feel it coming. Here it comes, ahh!” I fell back in the grass while she sucked my spasming penis and swallowed the come. She sucked me dry, then she fell into the crook of my arm and snuggled up to me. When she kissed me, her lips were musky tasting.

Back in those days, I could get it up every hour. With the help of Kelly’s playful, searching fingers, I was up again in no time. She went down on me again, sucking me to full hardness. When I was hard again she knelt up between my thighs and reached over for her shorts. For a minute, I thought she was abandoning me, but she pulled a little foil packet out of the pocket and tossed it on my stomach. It was a condom. I had one in my wallet— we all did in those days it was considered the manly thing to do. But I had never used one. I wasn’t sure how to put it on, but together we figured it out.

“This will be my first time,” she said. “I want it to be with you.”

She laid back in the fragrant grass and spread her thighs. I pulled myself up on my elbows, touching my chest down to her hard little nipples. “I want you to be my first,” I told her. She was surprised.

“You seem to know so much,” she said.

“I just wanted you to think I’m cool,” I admitted, glad that I was finally being honest with her.

“I do think you’re cool,” she said. She pulled a strand of hair from the corner of her mouth.

“Well, I feel pretty hot now,” I told her, and we both laughed. I leaned down and kissed her breasts and worked my hand between her legs.

“This what your date was trying to do to you?” I asked.

She laughed. “Yeah, but when he did it, it didn’t make me feel like this.”

“Like what?”

“Like I want to feel you inside of me.”

I slid down between her legs and started licking her vagina. I wanted her to be ready for me so it wouldn’t hurt her. I licked her until she was moaning for me. “Now,” she repeated, over and over. “I’m ready now.”

I moved up and rose above her, priming myself to enter her. She reached down and guided my penis to her vagina. “Go slow,” she said. “I think you may be too big for me.”

She gasped when I entered her, but I didn’t feel her resisting. I had to wiggle a bit to get it all in. Finally, I gave a thrust and I felt her give inside, then my penis was covered on all sides by her hot, pulsing vagina. I worked my penis out again and it slid easily back into her. I raised up so we could both look down on the sight of my penis slipping in and out of her bushy mound.

“It feels so good,” she said, and traced her fingers over my ass. She grasped my cheeks in both hands and moved me deeper inside her. The tight warmth of her was like heaven. The deeper I thrust, the better it felt. Soon I told her I was coming and she said, “Slow down I’m coming too.” It was hard for me to go slow just then, when I felt like pounding away. I looked at the way the sun glinted off the red in her hair and slowed my pace, waiting for her to catch up to me. Soon she was groaning and throwing her head back. Her eyes sparkled and sweat dripped down her neck to her breasts. I could feel inside her as her vagina ballooned out, then sucked back in, tightening around my penis as she climaxed.

She panted while she recovered, and came back down to earth. I waited patiently, not moving, my penis held in the vise of her orgasm. Soon, I felt her give a little, and relax, so I took it as my cue to resume my thrusts. Now that she was taken care of, I went for my own climax, thrusting, thrusting— humping her. She tightened her legs around me and reached around to cup my balls. I couldn’t believe the feeling of her fingers on my balls. I was about to explode. I went deeper and deeper and soon I was coming. I was coming inside her— and it felt like heaven. I heaved myself inside her one last time, then collapsed, spent, on top of her quivering breasts.

We lay together, sweating and panting, until we felt we could stand up. Then we went for a swim in the creek to clean off. We went to bed early that night after barely touching our dinner.

“Too much sun,” said Grandma.

Of course we had sex all night like little bunnies. We did everything we’d ever read about: I licked her vagina and she sucked my penis. We explored each other’s body like it was the greatest discovery of man. And, hey, maybe it is.

I got shipped overseas and we stayed in touch that summer. But Kelly transferred to a state college soon after that— on an academic scholarship— and we lost touch. So we never made love again. But I still recall that first time like it was yesterday. It was one very special time.

W.P., Iowa

Not Tonight, Dear

I have a problem that I haven’t seen addressed in any sexual health publication. Immediately upon orgasming, I get a crushing headache. My girlfriend teases me. “If you didn’t want to have sex tonight, all you had to do is say so,” she says. But it isn’t funny and it’s happening a lot lately.

The night begins just like any other. Maybe we’re eating out at a restaurant or seeing a movie, and I’m feeling fine. Then we get home and start getting a little romantic, still feeling great. Things progress, we’re right in the middle of the act. I feel a climax coming on, and boom! instant migraine. The headaches sometimes go away within an hour, but more often they hang over to the next day. I know it isn’t psychosomatic. This is real physical pain. But I’m totally at sea as to what might be causing it. Could it be that I’m allergic to sex?

A.K., Oregon

Editor’s Note: What you are experiencing is an orgasmic headache, a migraine type ailment that strikes at climax.

The good news is that you are probably not allergic to sex! And believe it or not, it was probably something you ate.

Researchers at the San Francisco Headache Clinic report that these kinds of reactions are often set off by particular foods including: Chinese takeout (with MSG) certain soft cheeses, like Brie and Camembert chocolate onions sour cream or yogurt processed meats that are high in sodium and a range of exotic fruits including papayas, avocados, and bananas. And if you’ve ruled out all of these, it could have been those last two cups of coffee you had after dinner or those pre dinner cocktails! But it wasn’t sex.